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Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic- 05.30.09

vcmain.jpg It was a gorgeous day in NY to take the VIP ferry out to Governor’s Island for my first official polo match/picnic. Granted this was no ordinary day in the park ~ since there was much buzz with Prince Harry playing, Marc Jacobs and Madonna wandering around, and never ending Veuve Clicquot flowing at the second annual Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic. The views were absolutely stunning ~ the manhattan skyline peeking out from behind the game, endless smatterings Pantone 137c between the lush green grass and perfectly clouded blue skies, and amusing people watching with lots of “daring hats” as requested. Take a peek at the experience on the next page…

Coming in to Governor’s Island on the VIP ferry…

Waiting for the adorable island trolleys to bring us to the fields…

The table section was tented and had fun outdoor furniture for closer viewing…

SO CUTE - the kids yellow picnic tables and ice cream truck. Unfortunately adults were rushing the ice cream too, so it ran out quickly!

For picnicking ~ chairs and blankets were quickly being laid out to claim areas…




As they got ready for the match ~ here is a look down the pitch…



Here’s a peek at prince harry getting ready ~ with his security looking serious as usual…







When it came time to stomp the divots in, there was quite a rush on to the field!

A peek at the ever growing glass collection between our large group as the day progressed…

there was even a little VC store of goodies ~ everything from tshirts to bags to purse hooks…


And for those who are curious, everywhere Prince Harry went was a mad rush of people with cameras and cellphones…

And for a peek at the history and layout of the intriguing Governor’s Island…

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I’ve never been a screaming Madonna fan however i do admire the way she has raised her children. Additionally the way that she takes her adoptive kids back to their homeland and started an education center there.

----- Adria Rubenfield 28.11.10 17:00

I enjoyed your pics of the Polo match, or shall I say extravaganza! I live in Texas, just outside of Dallas. I am on the Ladies Polo Auxilary Club here, for Prestonwood Polo,and Country Club. I would have loved to seen that event. Polo is an exciting sport. We have a VERY active, quickly growing Polo community here in horse (polo) country.LOL. It was nice to see your pictures,with captions…makes it more personal. Veuve Clicquot is sponsoring for us starting in Oct for our Women’s Polo. Pretty exciting! Thanks again. Wendy

----- Wendy 17.08.09 00:11

As someone from the UK I didn’t realise Polo was a big deal in the States! We quite enjoy it over here :)


----- Marc 24.06.09 08:29

Can we get video of the match? We’ve heard about Harry’s late winner, but we haven’t seen it.

----- 433 05.06.09 08:35

hey jean,

it was nice meeting you finally! fun day chillin’, see u soon!


----- wendy nitro 31.05.09 10:56

I love polo matches….but what did you notice about your pictures? Im sure it hit you…

…There was sooo much diversity there! Ive never seen so many different shades of white before lmao. The irony is of the picture of the child on the charity handout pamphlet. What recession?! lol

It did look really fun though, I have to say Im jealous. Ive been to official polo matches before, but not ones where a prince is playing.The towers and the chairs, its all very cute. And the gift bags look very luxe and special. Question, did you wear a hat?

----- hrhkat 31.05.09 00:15

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