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Kuhn Rikon Mortar & Pestle- 05.05.09

mp0.jpg This beautiful Kuhn Rikon Mortar & Pestle showed up amidst the kitchen construction ~ and it is STUNNING! Also, swiss made, designed by Swiss Designer/Chef Philipp Beyeler, multipurpose and made of porcelain and bamboo! Not only does the porcelain bowl (for grinding) fit beautifully into the bamboo base (for crushing nuts and harder foods) ~ but i’m just such a sucker for porcelain/woody-bamboo combinations! And on brilliant details… the tear drop shaped hole in the handle isn’t merely for aesthetic purposes, it also doubles as a tool for “defoliating stems”.

See the many pics of the beautiful details up close on the next page!










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I’m with Gassam here, it sure it pretty, but it’s not for heavy duty use. You’re better off buying the traditional ones cut from a block of granite.

----- Nicholas.C 07.05.09 21:01

The fatal flaw in every M&P I’ve ever owned is the roundness of the pestle. Invariably, I end up setting it on the counter where it promptly rolls off and shatters on the floor. I saw one once with a small knob on the side that would have prevented this. Why I didn’t buy it immediately I can not tell you.

----- Ryan O. 07.05.09 03:49

Beautiful but quite useless IMO. Ceramic is a poor material for this, it will absord, same for the wood. Most serious cook would never prepare a masala in such a fraile looking mortar. Looks great, probably last for a year for anyone who really grinds things. Granted you want to squash a few garlic, make some pesto, maybe, but that’s it. My mortar and pestle comes from india, ways a ton and breaks down the toughest herbs, that thing would not. I would also argue that the lava marble rough shape of my unit is way prettier than this sterile clincal object that looks like it should never get abuse… Next !

It’s like a kitchen without counter tops, you just know that the cooking is gonna be very minor in that set up…

----- gassam 06.05.09 15:42

Beautiful. I’ve been looking for a well designed mortar & pestle…

----- Lisa 05.05.09 10:19

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