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CM Summit and Golden Xylophones- 06.02.09

xly0.jpg I don’t do conferences often, but i do get curious how marketers and advertisers view sites like this ~ and its always fun to hang out with my Federated Media friends! Anyhow, while checking out the FM Conversational Marketing Summit i felt determined to find something visually amusing/inspiring while here ~ and it ended up being in the form of the Golden Xylophone that the Millenium Broadway hotel guys walk through breaks and lunch playing as they tell you that you should basically… go away! Ok, so less go away, more go back to your talks… So i brought the camera to lunch and waited for them to chase us out, and this guy was fast! and zig zagging! But i tracked him down and got some pics of his instrument for you… really i think it should either be the gold one with a guy dressed in gold on rollerskates with wings or something… or they should let a little kid run through playing a colorful one… but none the less, it was bizarre and amusing, and i’m curious… is this a common occurrence? I suppose its far nicer than a loudspeaker… Oh! And it looks like he used a wine cork on a stick, but he moved too much for me to get a good pic of it…

Also the Hudson Theater is gorgeous! Bizarre to have tech talks amidst the lush red velvet curtains and incredibly ornate ceilings! More pics of both on the next page…




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They do this in hotels in Hong Kong also, like at the end of a cocktail reception for a wedding, to alert guests to sit down for dinner.

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