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Aston Martin in Half- 06.03.09

cutaston0.jpg Have you ever seen the inside of an Aston Martin? Like REALLY seen the inside? Well i stopped by the NY presentation of the new DBS Volante at the Cooper Square Hotel last night, and out front was an aston martin literally cut in half… well stripped down and with half its shell? It was fascinating! Take a peek at the pics on the next page!





Ok so even when they cut it in half, they took care to paint the edge…

I was also told to take note of the weight distribution… the engine sitting nicely over the wheel base…

LOVE seeing all the details perfectly polished as well!

Carbon fiber shaft runs through the car…



Anyhow, must run, but more to come from the event later perhaps!

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That is bad ass! Can I get it for half price? ;)

----- Boresha Sanchez 06.05.11 13:54

ha ha ha its so weard to see it like that

----- roby 01.03.11 14:43

This was really awesome to see, but—why was it split in half to begin with?

----- David 13.12.10 01:58

great blog and superb photography - personally I think Aston have gone ‘fashionista’ in that they design something like the one-7 to show what they are capable of, but is it really a car for their traditional market ? no different to the Paris catwalk where the skinny models wear clothes that your girl could never wear in the real world - but it gets them huge publicity and gives an ‘edge’ to the brand - clever of Aston ! however I’ll stick to the DB9 thanks very much.

----- Peterm 11.03.10 15:24

OH very cool

----- oyunju 15.06.09 00:05

That’s so great to see, very cool! Thanks for sharing :)

----- Cool Cars 12.06.09 03:06

Someone else apparently has the same idea. From the classicdriver weekly editorial

“…reported elsewhere in the motoring press, of a prospective Aston Martin One–77 customer considering not one, but two £1m+ supercars.

The reason? So he (or she) can have one as a walking, talking driver — with the other for display only. Its magnificent carbonfibre chassis open to the world…”

----- JW 05.06.09 03:56

Oooh. That’s *awesome*. I should have gone and checked that out.

----- Mike Masnick 03.06.09 21:09

Really, Jonathan? Sliced up cars don’t fascinate you? I was mesmerized

And i write about what inspired and amuses me that i run into in my everyday life ~ just happens that i’ve been traveling a bit, and for some reason your “robb report” type stuff seems to be what’s in my path in NY? I’m not here forever, so don’t fret ~ will get back to LA and have some more down time soon!

----- jean/NOTCOT 03.06.09 21:05

Hey Jean,

I thoroughly enjoy your blog, but it lately it seems like an online version of the Robb Report. What happened to all the quirky posts about cleverly designed knick knacks?

----- Jonathan 03.06.09 15:59

Yeah so cool, i biked by last night and saw it, its just so cool !

----- Trendland 03.06.09 10:34

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