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Carlos Ramos “India”- 08.04.09

india1.jpg On stunning art shows coming up ~ just got a sneak peek at Carlos Ramos’ upcoming show “India” at the Corey Helford Gallery - this LA artist had the solo show “Natural History Museum Part 1” last year ~ and this one looks to be just as promising! From the press release: “Corey Helford Gallery is proud to present “India”, a solo exhibition of new works by Los Angeles artist Carlos Ramos. In 2008, Ramos transformed the gallery into an epicenter of flora and fauna with his stunning “Natural History Museum Part 1” exhibition, and for “India”, he continues to dazzle audiences with a unique collection of works celebrating this enchanting South Asian republic. Ramos weaves his fascination with Indian music, culture and history into a magnificent display of narratives that span from the Ganges River and the statue of Bahubali to the Mahaparinirvana Temple. His characters come to life in more contextualized environments than before, and the addition of gold leaf adds opulence and splendor to his vibrant cel-vinyl works. Open to the public, the reception for “India” will take place on Saturday, August 15 from 7 to 10pm, and the show will be on view until September 3, 2009.” Check out a peek at the works on the next page!





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Love these paintings. Very colorful as if depicted in a children’s book. I don’t get all the negative comments. But then again, I’m not Hindu. I’m Christian and have seen Jesus depicted in all kinds of ways. Some flattering, some not so. Did it effect my feeling for Jesus in my heart? Not at all. No one else’s idea of my God can change the feeling in my heart.

----- readycarlos 10.08.12 15:23

Hi Carlos, I’m hindu vedic from brahman cast and I consider you have right to show your love for God with your art. All other considerations are just racism, nationalism (in an historically and mutiracial/multicasts country which is our golden heritage) or ununderstanding (too emotional). To other indians, I say “we usually have God representations painting,music,dance,… but most important for God is too act with Love, i like these unusual paints and i like carlos for its interest for our culture so be correct plzz”. Thanks for this new experience. Namaste. Shiva

----- Shiva D 21.08.11 15:16

Hi, i read all the comments but being an artist, I really liked your style and the colors that you have worked with. Good work overall. Art can be expressed in many ways and this is one of them so i would appreciate this form of art as it is. :)

----- K 15.04.10 11:10

Hi, You may have received nonsensical advice from ‘so called’ hindus. They have no idea of their religion at all. As a deep lover of the God Krishna I felt enervated on seeing your depiction of him as well as your takeout on Kali and the beautiful Rama hugging Hanuman. I wish you all the very best. Keep up with this lovely work.

----- Deepika 13.03.10 20:24

It is really disheartening to see such cruelty done time and again. Lord Ram and Krishna are our historic icons and are in our hearts, they are not myths as some stupids might think.
In your future paintings STOP denigration of HINDU gods. Also create awareness through your paintings to stop denigration of gods of all religion as HINDUTVA never tells to denigrate any other religion.
Mere apology will not do.

----- Suhas Vaman Sane 28.08.09 01:25


how dare you paint my krishna like this. will you paint your mother like this??? stop this exhibition immediately or you will face serious consequences legally.

----- Suresh 24.08.09 21:51

Namaste Mr.Carlos Ramos,

It is very humiliating to see the pictures of Lord SriKrishna and Durga
Mata as drawn by you. Please understood and respect the rich culture and heritage of Bharat before doing any such nonsenses. If you heard even a little about our culture and rich heritage, I am sure you wouldn’t have done such a horrible denigration thereby earning the wrath and sin.

Hidhu dharma always teach to respect other religeion and Gods, all religeon preaches about God and to reach his Holy Feet. Like we respect
Jesus or Alla we do expect the same from the others. Don’t humiliate us and there by humiliate yourself.

We strongly urge you to not only refrain from doing such paintings, but also to destroy whatever you had done so far. Otherwise, you will have to face the consequences of the total wrath of millions of devotees .

----- Arulmani RS 24.08.09 02:43

you western minds can never contemplate the Hindu divinity, instead of it you try to imagine it into the realms of your mental perversions, call it artistic imagination, without even trying to realise whether your mind could grasp what the oriental divine god heads represent! And not feeling enough for what you have done, you want to exhibit that stupidity in this sacred land!! If you cannot realise the Truth, that is nobodies problem, but you are hurting others sentiments, so i would suggest you to stop exhibiting such paintings denigrating Hindu gods.

----- shyam 21.08.09 07:09

Hi.. by now you must’ve received numerous mails up roaring the disappointment and anguish on painting the Hindu Gods and Goddess the above way. Am sure you wouldn’t dare to picture any other religious gods this way because of the repercussions. Please understand the seriousness of ours feelings and STOP this exhibition NOW.
Rajesh Kota.

----- Rajesh Kota 21.08.09 03:20

What is this crap? Lord Krusna depicted as a woman! Who the hell are you to do this? This is simply not funny! This is a gross violation of the sentiments of Hindus around the world. Take this stuff off line and destroy it!

I expect the site owner is going to reject this. Lets wait and see…

----- Gautam Satpathy 20.08.09 23:14

Hi your paintings are quite colourful. But here’s a suggestion. Please refrain from painting images of Hindu Gods in a distorted way. Religion is very personal and touchy topic. Not many appreciate this approach towards their Gods. Good luck!

----- dragonzx 20.08.09 14:29

What would you call your style of painting? The Srirama-Hanuman is beautifully expressive - but why does Srikrishna have pronounced breasts?

----- Krishen 19.08.09 20:28

how dare u bloddy carlos ramos to paint such worst pics ..

u will die of such dangerous ill that its incurable….

----- vrm 19.08.09 10:21

Stop This inhuman art about painting Hindu gods so badly. Mr. Carlos u have denigrated our respect centres, our gods. Stop this immediatly and ask regretion.
We hindus will seek legal help for
this offence.

----- kiran kapoor 19.08.09 08:52

what kind of people you are? Dont you have some basic common sense to respect other poeple. Will you accept if i publish jesus picture in the way you have shown my load krshna. I am sure you people will be punised for your mistake.

----- srikumar 19.08.09 06:01

I love how colorful these works of art are. Especially the blue people. They are very vibrant and they just jump out at you.

----- Nikki 04.08.09 14:09

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