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Glorious Excess (Dies) - Mike Shinoda- 08.30.09

gloriousexcess00.jpg Just checked out the preview of Mike Shinoda’s Glorious Excess (Dies) show at the Japanese American National Museum, the follow up to his Glorious Excess (Born) show last year. It’s stunning ~ a definite must see ~ and what’s nice is that besides the fact that the work is technically beautiful and a fun mix of skulls, urban art, “vanitas”, mixed media wallpapering with gossip rags, a casket and silver skeleton, video and more… the way it all comes together as a thought provoking look at the life (and death) of celebrity through paparazzi and the consumption engine behind it all is fascinating ~ especially coming from Shinoda who is most known for Linkin Park and Fort Minor, and he is also an Art Center trained graphic artist and illustrator. Take a look at the images on the next page to get a feel for the flow from excessive living to implosion to death to ascension… and if you make it to the actual show, the video that ties the whole show together is definitely worth sitting in on! (Love that he actually filmed what it was like being on the “star home” bus tours - and captured the world of the paparazzi from the red carpet perspective) - Take a look at the pics on the next page! Some really stunning pieces!






























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I do have to agree with the last two comments.
This work is rather sophomoric.
It is disappointing to see a major museum support such bland, predictable, “art.”

----- Courtney 01.09.09 12:33

Sorry to rain on this… but if you removed Mike from the band - no one would pay attention. The work is ok - but simply ok is not enough to warrant a show in a major museum. This is sad to say the least. Considering his formal education - you would think he would personally want his work to properly represent art center. Actually - way to go Mike!! shame on the museum curators.

----- The HUN 31.08.09 11:02

I don’t mean to be a wet blanket here, but there was nothing interesting, new, or thought provoking about this show. It was the same, graffiti-esque, pop art melange that is apparently the LA art scene right now. I can’t say I was surprised - the work matches to his bands music perfectly in its easily digestible, perfectly marketable banality. Which, of course, has its place. That place should not, however, be the Japanese American Museum. I sincerely hope they got enough money from it to fund better, genuinely thought provoking exhibits in the future.

----- Adrian 31.08.09 10:16

I could say a lot of things here. I’ll say five words, though. Mike Shinoda is a GENIUS.

Thanks for the great pictures!

----- michael2g 31.08.09 03:14

I love the Glorious Excess exhibit!! Living in LA, we are absolutely BOMBARDED with celebrity culture and excess!! It’s in the water it seems!! it’s thoroughly disgusting! I never watch reality TV or celebrity news, never purchase media promoting celebrity life. I try to be careful not to have any part of the pathological worship that most people give to celebrity. I was stoked to know that Mike Shinoda had similar views on this “culture” … and was expressing it in unique art form. The show was amazing!!

This is really a great representation of the show too!! It’s quite grand, I had thought it would be difficult to capture in photos… but you did an amazing job. Everyone who can should check out the show through October 4th. I went last night, but I’m fairly certain I will see it again before it ends!!

Excellent work… Many Thanks!!!


----- Antonia 30.08.09 23:46

Fantastic photo’s it’s great to see this was more than just an art exhibition, its a real thought provoking event. Challenging people to think about celebrity/gossip/tabloids and how much it encroaches on our lives. However, we do have a choice what we feed our brains.

We can sit comatosed in front of the TV watching whatever we’re fed or buy the magazines and papers who churn this stuff our OR we can tune into to something else ignore the crap and choose things which are good for our brains and our health. Like your website : )

We interviewed Mike and found him a really inspiring, smart and talented guy. Thanks for posting these photos awesome!!

----- Angel 30.08.09 09:21

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