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The Federation for the Advancement of Time- 08.23.09

826la0.jpg Latest from the 826 LA - Echo Park Time Travel Mart… a second set of posters designed by Amy Martin! I think i’m loving this series even more than the last! Its the details that really get you… take a look at them up close on the next page!

And on a side note - on completely amazing things that have actually left me baffled as to how to properly share it with you… the ESSENTIALLY ODD BOOK ~ basically a design catalog of all the products produced for all of the 826 stores/tutoring centers, is just incredible. A definitely MUST own/gift/read. Hardest part has been trying to figure out what pages to share with you, when every one is so fascinating… but post to come soon perhaps. Or maybe i’ll have to show you stuff from each section bit by bit… (ideas? thoughts?)

Anyhow ~ go see the fun new posters in their entirety on the next page!






Oh ~ and as for the ESSENTIALLY ODD BOOK that everyone needs… (well, it’s endless inspiration for me anyhow!)

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Thanks so much for covering these - we’re really hoping they do well for 826!

----- amy martin 23.08.09 20:21

Wow, these are great and thanks for the link for the Essentially Odd Book, purchasing today, such a great program.

----- idkirk 23.08.09 11:38

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