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The Mercer - Soho, NYC- 01.14.10

mercer00.jpg Mmmmm. Doing that bicoastal commmute again, this time thanks to the Macallan folks who have brought me out to NY for an event tomorrow night, more to come on that later though. Long day of travel ~ popped over on JetBlue (i miss Virgin America, they spoil me with wifi. I thought i might be happier without it when flying, but i was wrong) ~ luckily i feel like i’m at home away from home as i slipped in to The Mercer Hotel ~ another Andre Balazs property, this one in the heart of Soho… and i absolutely adore it. Got in, got room service, and got to work! Well, after taking a bunch of pics of all the little design details that grabbed my eye. Also bonus points to them for super fast room service and bringing me some benadryl at midnight. They’ve been so kind and taking such good care of me here already! And so many details of this room make me want to go home and remodel already… Ready to take a peek?

mercer0.jpg With so many mag stripe key cards these days, it’s kind of fun to slip your room key on your keychain as if you’re going home…

mercer1.jpg Love the entry hallway to the room with lit closets…



mercer4.jpg I can’t tell you how badly i want a row of benches like this in one of my rooms! The interior design is by Christian Liaigre, and all furnishings are original and exclusive to the hotel.

mercer5.jpg I have a thing for bathtubs that open into the main room… keeps things spacious and really opens up a space. Also fun to have a bubble bath while that special someone is hanging out with you in the room…


mercer8.jpg Lush specially design robes…






mercer14.jpg How appropriate to find the mini Macallan when here for a Macallan event? SO adorable!


mercer16.jpg Mmmm ~ there’s that lovely bathtub again…

mercer17.jpg I must say i’m mixed on the cart ~ in one sense, its intriguing ~ in another sense it feels kind of cafeteria/hospital like…

mercer18.jpg All the amenities are made exclusively for the Mercer by FACE Stockholm

mercer19.jpg This jar of DETAILS are so lovely ~

mercer20.jpg Great packaging! The number of bubbles is my favorite… is it bad the TSA has trained me such that when i see 4oz, first thought is, not carry-on-able!

mercer21.jpg Hehe. Press.

mercer22.jpg In the shower, in addition to the showerhead you can also spray yourself from this rotatable bar… but beware is is painfully strong! (And i might be a bit short for it… or if i were in heels in there for some reason, it may have aligned a bit better with my body!)

mercer24.jpg Like the Ace NY ~ big steel doors, and magnetic “another time”/”yes please” magnets!

mercer25.jpg Super speedy delicious room service…

mercer26.jpg THANK YOU, Mercer ~ for the lovely bottle of wine and welcome note. It really is so so nice to arrive and feel like i just got home. Perhaps a new NY favorite in the making?

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7 Notes

The design is outdated and clunky. They did a bad job of renovating and are trying to cover it up with accessories. psha

----- Stranger 15.01.10 21:00

While you’re there, check out the Ace hotel. I spent a few months there this summer, very nice.

----- Tom Kirkby 14.01.10 22:05

I have those window shades! I recognize the remote. I love all the details that (The Mercer) included in their rooms, really shows they care.

----- Christa 14.01.10 09:25

oh looks lovely! very similar to the Standard though in its own way — so many similar ideas just executed a bit differently.

----- meg 14.01.10 08:32

The numbers on the bubbles would tempt me to pour the whole bottle in, just to see what 1,740,191 bubbles look like! Have fun in NYC! XOXO

----- sarah 14.01.10 07:45

i LOVE this!!!

have u ever been to the TIME hotel? its a couple blocks from rockefeller but i FELL IN LOVE WITH the room design. it was tiny but so functional and a perfect use of space ^^ absolutely loved it ~ and it reminded me of living in korea

----- sahar 14.01.10 07:26

The Mercer is amazing, specially The Kitchen, their delicious restaurant.
Last time I was in NY I stayed at the Thompson LES, it was beyond. Great service and amazing design. Also got many ideias for remodeling!

----- Felipe Meres 14.01.10 05:59

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