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Penguin Makeover- 02.26.10

postcardFront_penguin.jpg While i’m a bit swamped in the UK ~ Linhchi has been playing with the penguins at my house in LA… and put together our second “Dear NOTCOT,” postcard! The first part of the evolution of this particular magenta penguin started here. See the details of her latest adventures with the penguin on the next page!

Ever since the Puma penguin army arrived, the question of what to do with them has been in our minds. We need more fun and silly projects in our lives so we decided to customize one of them. Their bright colors are cool, but really, we do like our shiny black objects around here. After a bit of discussion, the purple one seemed to be the least favorite of the ones that were still intact so it became our guinea pig (guinea penguin?).

So one cold evening I found myself in Jean’s garage, sanding down a purple plastic penguin… 3M’s sanding sponges made it so much easier!


A couple days later the spray painting began. The matte spray paint took to the sanded surface really well.


I also wanted to play with stenciling/masking so here’s the broken penguin with a coat of spray paint, and the Puma logo pulled off. The paint got scratched a bit when I was trying to pull the sticker off. The sticker was stuck on a little too well for masking purposes!

The black penguin is waiting for the next steps so stay tuned for his official debut!


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I love Penguins and these are the cutest peices of art I have seen in such a long time. I love the bright colors, and would love to own one someday…signs

I actually contacted Puma, and they told me that they only have these penguins available in one of thier LA stores, and couldnt provide it.

Anyways I would love to know more how they painted it, the colors are vibrant, and amazing!!!

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