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Porsche Slices: Design Process- 04.26.10

porscheslice0.jpg While it seems almost sacrilegious ~ this is in fact, a post all about a sliced up Porsche. Or a few. Or a few in various stages, demonstrating the design process of a Porsche in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. “How very Damien Hirst!” ~ is the first reaction i got showing the pics to a friend… it’s also one of the most beautiful and concise ways i’ve seen car design summarized! Mixed with videos at each station about the process as well of course too! And fun that they managed to fit in 3 stages of clay refining in one slice even… absolutely mesmerizing to see even the seats and first aid kit all sliced straight through… and even more fascinating to look at the way it made people of all ages stare in wonder… see images of the installation on the next page!

porscheslice1.jpg Honestly, every time i look back at this pics, i just adore the utter simplicity of the design of the exhibit!




porscheslice5.jpg These are close ups of the four stages all represented in that first slice of the Porsche!

porscheslice6.jpg Really, doesn’t it look like a peanut butter cup???






porscheslice13.jpg Amazing detail… sliced clear through even down to the first aid kit!



UPDATED…. so you wanted more close ups of the sliced up porsche? here you go! moreporsche.jpg


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5 Notes

man, these are cool. kind of a waste to cut them up, but cool to see that way. and yes, that one looks like a peanut butter cup.

----- David 19.12.10 12:29

i just love cars someday i will own one.

----- vicente b. agaloos 28.06.10 22:09

Great post! I’ve seen a lot of photos taken at the Porsche Museum, but I have never seen any of these. Amazing the way they utilize the minimal amounts of space available in these vehicles.

----- Kevin 28.05.10 08:26

nice pics.. but next time, take more pics of the inside sliced view. we all know what these cars look like on the outside, many people dont know what it would look like if the car was cut in half. the inside views would be more interesting then the outside that we already know because of the hundreds of other pics on the internet.

----- No One 26.04.10 13:06

I’ve been waiting for this one…

----- Dave 26.04.10 07:46

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