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Baxter Finley, Barber & Shop- 06.10.10

baxtermain.jpg Baxter of California has opened an impressively adorable little retro barbershop in Los Angeles - the Baxter Finley, Barber & Shop at 515 N. La Cienega Blvd. (Already soft opened, the official launch party is next week!) Seems like the natural extension of their men’s skincare/shaving line ~ and what better way to learn about the products than actually experience the lifestyle of the brand as Jason or Shane treat you to the shave or haircut of your life? The incredibly carefully collected/restored vintage chairs are such a beautiful work of art in and of themselves… but even though i couldn’t get a shave, i couldn’t resist sinking into one while my friend offered himself up (and a few days of unshaveness) as my shave model!

A few fun facts - “The shop was designed and built with old world charm and is adorned with chairs from the early 1900’s (restored ultra-rare Koken “White King” models), reclaimed Douglas Fir flooring, and custom made oak & marble bars. All Baxter Finley barbers will don custom made gingham check shirts by Steven Alan. At the service‐ helm, Jason Simao (of Freeman’s Sporting Club fame) is the lead barber and manager for the shop.”

I want to drag all my guy friends in to experience a shave here! And Ladies, don’t be shy, grab a man in need of a shave and head on over for an excuse to check it out! I had way too many pics i loved, so take a tour through the amazing details of the Baxter Finley, Barber & Shop on the next page.


It’s easy to miss on such a busy street, but just look for the black and white classic spinning barber shop sign! baxtershop2.jpg


















If you were to get your hair washed ~ this is the view from laying back into the ridiculously comfy chair… baxtershop20.jpg


Stunning register! baxtershop23.jpg





The vintage playboys are an adorable touch. baxtershop28.jpg



Walk in ~ sign in ~ pick Shave/Haircut (or both!) and who you’d prefer. baxtershop31.jpg


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6 Notes

HI! It’s so cool to take a man to such a height. Your shop is a real experience, it’s such an inspiration to me as a barber.

Mombasa, Kenya

----- Sam Gichaga 06.03.13 00:33

Love this, just need it to be in the south bay. Would make it a few pts cooler. Great photos, makes me want to drop the gillette for a *real* razor.

----- josh 24.06.10 17:02

I actually got a haircut here several weeks back, and it’s one of the best I’ve ever gotten. Place looks amazing, smells amazing, and is just about the only place where dropping $40 for beautification actually makes you feel MORE masculine (as opposed to the opposite). Ask for Jason if he’s there.

----- Andrew 23.06.10 14:03

Nice shop. I’ve always gone to a taditional barber for a haircut and shave. Difference is I still pay $14 for the cut and $10 for the shave.

----- Louis 13.06.10 15:22

Too bad the bar doesn’t serve a nice selection of cocktails. I could hang out in there all day. All the pieces are in place and for $75 bucks it better deliver. Another fine example of men reclaiming the lost art of manliness.

----- Lincoln 10.06.10 15:10

Nice, they have Derby blades. I need to get one of those biohazard sharp object container for all my used DE blades…

----- gene 10.06.10 14:45

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