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Old Spice Continued…- 07.13.10

foam1.jpg You’d think it’d be hard to top the “I’m on a horse” he’s the man our man could smell like ad. You’d think most wouldn’t even try. But leave it to Weiden + Kennedy to take it above and beyond and still have us in stitches laughing so hard. Who doesn’t love a bubble bath foam axe and birds? From t-shirts, to new ads, to hilarious online ad takeovers (that even make me a little jealous we’re not running them here!), and fun graphic design we’re loving on the sites too… See the new ads and more on the next page.

Firstly, here are the two newest ads:

This is the background of their Twitter page… you know you kind of want it for your background… foam2.jpg

The page takeover that caught my attention at College Humor foam3.jpg

hehehe ~ as if foam/lather axe man with birds flying overhead wasn’t enough… foamorcycle? On the Old Spice site. foam3a.jpg

Fun text styling (and copy) on the nav roll overs… foam3b.jpg


Deck Scrubber… not a loofa… a deck scrubber? too funny… foam3d.jpg

And of course… t-shirts. foam3e.jpg


And the foam closeups, don’t they make you want to hop in a bubble bath and sculpt something up? I still think he needs a foamhawk… foam4.jpg


and just for thoroughness… here’s the original!

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The follow-up vids on YouTube replying directly to Twitter comments are BRILLIANT also! This campaign has legs, great stuff al around.

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