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Oakley B-1B Guidance System BMX Grips- 08.31.10

b1b-0.jpg Retro designs keep coming back lately! And remember the fun fact that Oakley started in 1975 with BIKE GRIPS? Well, their initial product was made of a special material, Unobtainium ~ and this also crossed over into their eventual eyewear lines, but it started first with the B-1B ~ and they’ve brought the design back in an extremely limited edition run, with an updated newer, softer rubber compound - and a 2010 stamp is embossed on the ends of the grips ~ they will be available in 5 colors, here’s a peek at blue and white and the black and grey… and more to come! In fact they even used fun retro inspired packaging! They gifted me a few pairs when i popped by their HQ today ~ and it was such a gorgeous day out, and we were joking around that “B-1B Guidance System” sounded like it could be for missiles… so naturally, had to take some pics of them in front of their huge missile before i left! See closeups of the packaging, the grips, and a peek at vintage models on the next page!

p.s. UPDATE! Check out the super limited edition NOTCOT black and white grips here.

The first time i showed you a peek into the Oakley HQ ~ i saw the first product that they started with in the mid 70s… their bike grips! oakleyhq6.jpg


Here’s a peek at the new revamped ones they’ve brought back in a limited edition run! b1b-2.jpg













The details:

From HighSnobiety - When Oakley started in 1975, eyewear was not the initial offering; it was an MX grip made of a special material known as Unobtainium. The revolutionary material crossed over into components of Oakley’s eyewear pieces, but also into its BMX grips as featured in the B-1B model.

The B-1B is one of the more sophisticated grips ever engineered. Highlighted by a special tread found within and on the surface of the grip, it enabled a high level of adhesion to the handlebars and the rider’s hands. Other elements found on the B-1B, such as the neoprene/lycra flange, aid with blister prevention making it one of the most complete grips in the world of BMX.

This special and extremely limited edition remake is comprised of a newer, softer rubber compound and in order to maintain integrity of original pieces for collectors, a 2010 stamp is embossed on the end of the grips. The packaging also has seen a slight makeover in terms of the actual shape and while the original B-1B box was red and white, this one has been color matched with the grip in a blue and white.

From HypeBeast - This is the first release of 5 colors, which will be dropping approximately every month, with 500 sets of each color being made. These grips are not being sold by Oakley, but they will be distributed to select retailers and friends, so be on the lookout!

For a comparison to the originals ~ there are some nice pics over at The Yon’s Life!


Ooooh for more retro packaging goodness check out Helix BMX b1b-16.jpg

UPDATE! Here is the super limited edition NOTCOT black and white Oakley B-1B reissued grip!



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7 Notes

----- Morgan Parker 02.09.12 12:56

James - 1? I made the black and white by mix and matching the others…

----- Jean/NOTCOT 23.09.11 01:11

How limited are the Black and White set? 500?

----- James 22.09.11 22:32

PLEASE please, Guide me to where I can buy a set of these grips for my Skyway rider. PLEASE!!!!

----- wally 03.09.10 09:26

How can I get a pair of these? I would love a set, but can’t find anything on Oakley’s website. The NOTCOT black/whites are perfect. Want them, need them.

----- Bo 01.09.10 07:50

Best grips ever! I just need the gloves to go with them now?

----- Lincoln 01.09.10 07:40

Some people smell a scent and it reminds them of their childhood. Seeing these grips from my BMX just did that to me. Mine were grey too. Makes me feel like I was a ‘stylish’ BMX kiddo back in the day. Cool to see the Oakley building again, it’s been a while since I’ve been there too, still stunning.

----- Fabian 31.08.10 22:56

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