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The Inception Top Totem- 08.02.10

inception_top0.jpg Have you been as mesmerized with the Spinning Top Totem in Inception as i have? Separate the object from any meaning the movie may have added to it… and don’t think about the plot frustrations (though the movie was incredibly stunning!)… bottom line, its a gorgeous object! Incredibly iconic ~ and beautiful! (Ok, so in the recent year, i’ve also been a bit spinning top obsessed - see here and here) So in a little random research burst ~ i was surprised (though in retrospect it’s SO obvious) ~ to find so many replica tops popping up on the internet/ebay, that the cast and crew all received special ones, keychains, totem kits, shirts, animated gif icons, and more are all popping up all over… even guesses that future DVD releases may include one… And then of course, there’s also the college humor video mocking the top spinning finale… see it all on the next page!

p.s. So curious who actually designed this… any ideas?

p.p.s. looking at all the images together ~ it looks like the one in the film is the prettiest ~ with a nice sleek, slimmer top and better proportions? ~ all the replicas look… bloated?

Here’s the animated gif on the official Inception site:

First stop was to google “inception top” ~ someone making replica’s in a sketchy looking site already has google ads going for it… inception_top1.jpg

Then to ebay… SO many promotional tops, replicas, and more popping up… inception_top2.jpg

Most noteworthy? The Movie Promo Tin ~ with top and usb key… inception_top6.jpg

Amongst the Inception branded swag given out at the Cinenema Inception Merchandise Giveaway ~ here are some of the Top related pieces… inception_top3.jpg


inception_top5.jpg (this shirt design is starting to look a bit UFO like?)

Over at the Replica Prop Forum ~ there’s a bit of info on the making of… inception_top7.jpg

And… for those who love to watch it spin… here’s a great College Humor Spoof video on the ending… i suppose it could be a spoiler ~ not that it would make any sense if you haven’t seen it?

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Your question: “So curious who actually designed this [Inception top]… any ideas?”

It seems this is one of the most antique archeological top design, found in the ruins of Troy. So imagine a trojan kid (or a woman… spinning tops was not a warrior´s dignified activity) playing one of these trojan tops some 5 thousand years ago!

----- Eduardo 17.05.12 07:46

sweet collection!

They have the whole set of 5 totems at www.inceptiontops.com as well as some other pretty awesome things. You can even get the dark version of the top, which I think is more accurate

----- Todd 12.01.11 15:38

Great site, I also got back into Top’s since seeing this movie last night. I work alot in metals making knives, mostly Titanium but I did not have any round stock big enough for a top so I made my first couple out of aircraft grade aluminum, there awesome! Cant stop playing with it. Cant wait until my Ti rod stock gets here, I want to make some really fancy decorated ones soon.Thanks for the info on the movie totems.

----- Matt Cucchi 19.12.10 17:44

I like these ones at www.inceptiontops.com

they have bishops too

----- todd 21.09.10 09:33

I ran across this page as I searched “Inception Tops” - now I have to learn more about “Notcot” - but in the meantime I wanted to say I love your tops. Not like that! I’m a top collector (and was before this movie made it cool) and more important a Spin Top Artist. No, I don’t spin them artistically, I make fancy wood tops. After my dad found out I had a small collection of plastic comic based toy tops, he found me some real nice hand made wood ones in Italy. I was in cool toy heaven. About a year later I was buying some used wood working tools and found a lathe and chisels for $25 and thought I would make my dad a couple tops for Father’s Day. That was 2005. I never made kid’s furniture as the plan had started, but instead began turning wood. I make all sorts of bowls, vases and pots, but my teleidoscopes and tops are my favorite items. Tops more so because I love making them, collecting them and distributing them to people all over the world. I have dreamed of being able to make a business where all I did was make and sell spin-tops. But the market has been restricted to collectors (although it has been growing with our tactile-deprived, video game addicted generation) and grandparents buying for themselves and their grandchildren. This movie is changing that and I want to ride this wave of popularity - no I want promote and strengthen this fad into a lasting hobby for future generations.

I sell my wood at a local art show. I usually sell MAYBE a dozen tops on a good sale day - I sold at least 20 today, almost half my customers mentioning this movie. I’m very excited, so much that I ramble on to you, some stranger on some strange web-blog. (Although I will be using this on my promo page).

Ok here’s my FaceBook Tops page. I don’t care to make a sale, but I wanted to share what I do with another top collector.

----- Dan Dutra 14.08.10 18:57

Jean, if you still have your ticket stubs to the movie (you need 2 for this so hopefully you went with a friend), you can mail them in for a free totem + usb drive.

Here’s the info from Saito’s facebook:

I got mine a few weeks ago. :)

----- Stephanie 12.08.10 17:37

It feels like a Georg Jenson! But since the whole movie is architecture inspired and all I bet they took queues from Gehry.

This movie was a total mindbender! Next in the category I can’t wait for: TRON

----- Jodie 06.08.10 06:46

Lovely object…no wonder it is copied.

----- steph 05.08.10 18:48

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