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Logitech Loft LA: Ultimate Ears + Anberlin - 10.08.10

logitechloft0.jpg When right in the center of downtown Los Angeles, and up on a tiny balcony of the 35th floor penthouse Logitech Loft ~ the city really sparkles at night! During the day ~ there was some secret TV show being filmed, with people repelling right past our windows down from the roof to the pool on the 7th floor… and helicopters buzzing the building from the half dozen helipads on nearby rooftops. Even got a chance to play around with the GoogleTV Logitech Revue early ~ as well as the Logitech peripherals - from the keyboard, mini clamshell keyboard, and video camera. But the occasion of the night? Logitech’s Ultimate Ears sponsored an intimate concert with Anberlin, as hosted by the winner of the Logitech Loft LA Contest - Rob Blasko (@roblahblah). Really the views blew my mind ~ and looking straight down was not for the vertigo afflicted… see more on the next page!





Here’s Anberlin playing against the stunning backdrop of the city… logitechloft6.jpg

If you look closely ~ you can even see them wearing their Ultimate Ears customs! logitechloft7.jpg

@roblahblah sitting front and center Ustreaming ~ for such an intimate gathering, i must admit it was a little awkward to have him there on a chair glued to im on his laptop during! What is technology doing to us? Then again most who were watching were watching through the screens of their phones and cameras as they taped the performance! logitechloft9a.jpg

View from the top of the stairs of the loft living room! logitechloft10.jpg

The always stunning Ultimate Ears customs! Remember when i got my ears injected with goo for these at NAMM? There is something gorgeous about the smoky grey! logitechloft16.jpg

Here’s a peek at the updated packaging on those UEs i reviewed a while back as well logitechloft17.jpg

They were also giving out some of the Ultimate Ears 100s ~ which now come in a few different colours with varying artwork! logitechloft18.jpg

A peek at the media set up against the city lights… logitechloft11.jpg

Earlier in the day i was playing with the GoogleTV Logitech Revue and love the Logitech Alert app where they have the lofts hooked up so you can stream whats going on at the LA, SF, NYC lofts! logitechloft11a.jpg

And though the views are certainly most stunning at night ~ here’s a peek at what it looked like in the day! logitechloft12.jpg




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I was there!!! That view was amazing.. I love the pictures.

----- Tony Pamaran 11.10.10 10:49

I love the pictures!

----- Jeremiah andrick 08.10.10 19:19

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