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How do i watch a smart TV?- 10.29.10

smartv1.jpg Second in my series of posts about my adventures with smart TVs ~ sponsored by the fun folks at Intel’s smart TVs! As usual ~ content and pics and all that fun is all me and they are supporting me to do it!

Since the Logitech Revue unbox post - the question i’ve been getting non stop since i’ve started playing with the Logitech Revue GoogleTV is ~ “Really? How are you using it?” ~ and then i have to tell some silly story as if walking someone through how i watch tv… and how surprised i am to have found the Google TV integrating itself so easily in my day to day life. Unlike the way my Wii and PS3 never did… or the way an Apple TV/Roku/Boxee never did… Even with the limited number of apps on the Google TV platform, i’m surprised how much i’ve used it since plugging it in. The key? Perhaps HOW it fits into my media center ecosystem. I have a tendency to leave the TV on in the background when home, leave the DVR doing its thing collecting shows up while i travel/etc… and Slinboxing shows when i have downtime abroad and have a homesick moment… The key difference seems to be… it sticks itself right in between my DirecTV box and my TV… sure, i can play with the internet on my Wii and PS3 and such as well, but i have to switch sources, and boot them up… this just stays on, and is already connected when watching TV… so the transition is seamless to multitask while doing what i was already doing. SO since i got sick of trying to explain it ~ i’ve tried to make sense of it for you on the next page all in pictures! It’ll make more sense when you head there!

Follow this visual stream of consciousness ~ it’s as if you’re watching tv WITH me… smartv1a.jpg

So as you can see, it’s the ability to bounce back and forth and multitask while TV watching that’s most intriguing to me. I appreciate that the design of both the physical box and the system integrate and disappear into my already existing use case, it’s not trying to change my habits right off the bat. Really, i love it as something you can leave in the hands of house guests hanging out… random squabble? Someone can just pull it up on wikipedia on the tv… and its easy for anyone to see. Minimal personal files/etc accessible…

Also ~ you can video chat on it (yes, i crystallized my friend i was talking to!)… WHILE watching tv even!?!?! Though ~ who ever you are talking to can still hear the TV going, so better find a way to mute just the TV feed if you’re going to pretend you’re giving them your undivided attention… smartv2.jpg

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When I was young I used to pray for a bike, then I realized that God doesn’t work that way, so I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness.

----- Videochat 10.12.10 09:58

Thanks! Cute example of how GoogleTV works, I’m sharing with my friends who don’t get it yet…

----- Shawn Hall 03.11.10 10:17

I am in an apple store reading your post and I love it. Just saying.

----- jeremiah andrick 30.10.10 20:34

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