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bestmade.jpg Working on upcoming gift guides, i was checking out what was new at Best Made Co. with the axes and axe slings and it seems they have expanded their store quite a bit! And in it - i was smitten by the Best Made All Purpose First Aid Kit, the image of all the contents laid out especially. And the case itself is quite lovely in that minimalist designer way… As they say “OSHA certified. Approved by the US Forest Service. Made in the USA. An all-purpose first aid kit specifically designed for woodsmen, loggers,and Best Made customers. Comes securely packed in a sturdy metal dust and moisture resistant box with hanging brackets. Not only makes for a indispensable life saving tool,but will also look great hanging on your wall.”

The first question of course that came to mind when i saw this was… why did the Axe company need to suddenly go into the First Aid business? I wonder if there were any incidents? Then again, i guess it is a pretty awesome looking accessory to have around the studio/house. See a close up of the box on the next page.

Contents include:certi-strip (16), certi-gauze (2), certi-gauze roll (2), triangular bandage with pins (3),wire splint, adhesive certi-tape (2), antiseptic BZK towlette (10),silver mylar rescue blanket, CPRotector mouth barrier, elastic bandageforceps, nitrile gloves, bandage scissors, trauma pad, and afirst aid wall chart.

Box measures 6.5”w x 9.5”h x 2.5”d


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omg. this is so effing cool! It’ll be awesome if it was one of the holiday giveaway:D

----- S. 29.11.10 06:34

I want this. So badly.

----- Craig 28.11.10 06:07

Is it wrong that I really just want a poster of that contents shot? Probably.

----- The Slapster 27.11.10 17:05

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