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Holiday Giveaway #3: Branch- 11.27.10

5-branch.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Sam in Smethwick, England!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #3 is here ~ and today our friends from Branch are giving one lucky reader: A large Bunny Foundling, a Cork Trivet, a Ceramic Birdhouse, and a Japanese Elm Bonsai Tree Kit. The whole bundle can be yours to keep, or split it up to share with friends ~ no matter how you do it, each of the items has been hand picked to make your home a little more NOTCOT! A bunny for fun, the cork trivet is amazing in the kitchen, the birdhouse is perhaps more a gift for the birds in the yard, and the Japanese Elm Bonsai will take time to grow with you over the years! Branch is all about sustainable design for living, and this is only a tiny selection of what they are all about! Coupon on the next page as well…

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 1st (PST) ~ sharing how you go green creatively at home.

Here’s a coupon to help with your shopping! branch.jpg

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going green is about recycling everything you can : paper, metal, plastic, etc. and what about clothing? How about donating that shirt, jeans, coat that you haven’t worn in over a year! It’s about buying only the stuff you really need. Do you really need that new-improv-lash-extra-volume-expendable-super-strenght mascara??? c’mon!

----- Patrick L'Aristocrate 01.12.10 23:57

i bring a box of recycled paper home every other week from work because our neighbor hood recycles but my work does not…..paper is heavY!

----- whitney 01.12.10 21:02

I recently turned an old bathrobe into a bunch of rags … and two drawstring rag bags from the sleeves, one for clean and one for dirty. Beats paper towels, and I felt pretty clever.

----- Sam 01.12.10 19:18

I go green everyday by consciously composting all of my food remains, as well as recycling. I also use all eco friendly light bulbs, as well as ride a Vespa daily, which is less gas emissions. I have a plethora of different plants in my home that flourish in sunlight. I don’t use plastic or paper bags. I reuse as much as I can, and I buy used clothing.

----- Mei 01.12.10 18:16

Since my neighborhood only recycles #1 and #2 plastic, I bring all my other stuff to work, where I can recycle #1 - #7. Shhhh. Don’t tell.

----- bb 01.12.10 17:12

I have this habit of driving to a near by farmhouse to buy fresh milk. Feels good to see the cows on the field! The milk tastes great (a lot better than the one from the store) and you can up-cycle it too into yogurt or even cheese… mmm!

----- Tuuli 01.12.10 16:37

I let my dog play with the empty bottles before I recycle them or return them for a deposit. This includes: juice containers and pop cans/bottles. She loves them!

----- Anita C 01.12.10 15:35

I make all my own cleaning products by hand! Its cheaper and good for the environment! No chemicals in my household!

----- Maia 01.12.10 15:22

I like to use containers from products in a multitude of around the house stuff.

----- Nathan 01.12.10 14:56

We have a radiator in every room; come laundry day every inch of every radiator is covered in socks and unmentionables. No need to waste energy (or loose change) using our apartment’s communal clothes dryers.

----- John 01.12.10 14:33

This set looks fantastic! I’m trying to be a less of a consumer and this really motivates me! something intelligent…. hmm.. Argentina is the most foggiest country in the world, having more than 200 foggy days per year.

----- Hannah Kay 01.12.10 14:08

I love bunnies!

----- Pamela 01.12.10 14:08

I re-use many things in my household!
I use newspaper and magazine clippings for wrapping paper.
I make jewelry out of pop tabs.
I use wine bottles as flower vases.

----- Martine 01.12.10 14:06

I go green by being too lazy to shop in the first place.

----- Krista 01.12.10 14:02

We go green creatively at home by making our own cloth diapers, by recycling, and by reducing our impact through local and organic shopping. ;)

----- .tif 01.12.10 13:52

Things, which we don not need any more are getting “UPCYCLED”, means for example an old picture frame gets painted and will be a beautiful memory board, an old cutlery tray covered with fun gift wrap will store sewing stuff… See things from different angles and you will find an awesome use for it!

----- Sarah 01.12.10 13:50

We love to make toys + instruments with and for our daughter using recycled materials - corks, milk cartons, metal-bottomed cardboard “cans” - and organic materials. It’s fun for all of us, both in the process of making and playing, and when the “magic is gone”, it’s all compostable and recyclable!

----- jennifer 01.12.10 13:12

All the standard stuff - I recycle and bicycle and freecycle. Best tip for green and fun is saving water by showering with my husband!

----- Sophie 01.12.10 10:03

I have found the best way around my house is to repurpose items. We use jars from sauces for storage or as pots for small plants, various bottles are being used as candle holders, and recently turned a small dresser into the storage for all of our home theater stuff instead of buying a new unit.

----- Charlie Price 01.12.10 09:18

I recycle laptops for a living- and sure don’t make a profit! I could use presents. ;)

----- Caroline Mills 01.12.10 07:37

I do re-use yoghurt glass pots to make some super cute mini-vases or i re-use them to contain my marvellous pannacottas :D

----- Marieke 01.12.10 07:27

We reuse yougurt containers (the big ones) as tupperware, grow our own herbs, and don’t turn on the heat unless we REALLY need to.

----- David 01.12.10 06:18

We use recycled cardboard to build furniture for our cat.

----- Claudette 01.12.10 05:45

We compost, never use our dryer, and have single stream recycling.

----- Molly Quaid 01.12.10 03:17

When showering, all excess water from the spout is collected in buckets and used to water plants.

----- Mike 01.12.10 02:46

such a sweet giveaway! i have a huge compost! i also breed plants :)

----- jennifer 01.12.10 02:34

What a lovely bunny!

----- Roberta 01.12.10 01:48

we make vases for plants from old jars.fill them with eggshells,compost,dirt.

----- ami 30.11.10 23:33

I live in my apartment with an egg-laying chicken, I sew my own clothes, I bicycle everywhere, and I compost.

----- John C. 30.11.10 22:41

My cousin recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! I’ve been looking for a way to introduce sustainable design to their family for a while, and with the addition of Ian, I think it would be a great time to start. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to continue spreading sustainable joy. I wish for more of my family members to appreciate the beauty of loving the environment! It would be much much appreciated and would make the sun shine happier!

----- Ubin 30.11.10 22:38

I eat and drink out of jars and keep tie wraps to reuse instead of throwing them in the waste bin. I also keep things unplugged unless they are being used.

----- Gabriel G 30.11.10 19:37

My mother is the biggest green person in the house. She takes great care of our backyard and, ever since we moved here when I was but a wee young girl, she has grown many many fruits! In order to grow such amazing fruits such as oranges, persimmons, Asian pears, figs, and more, she uses our scraps of food to create her very own compost in the backyard.

We also make sure to always recycle paper, and being a design student, I constantly have to print out projects and have extra scraps all over the place and I make sure to recycle all of it.

----- Florence Yuen 30.11.10 19:29

Benjamin (from 11:13), I’m glad I’m not the only one who washes ziplock bags. My friends sometimes mock me for it. Aluminum foil also gets reused frequently before being recycled. I’m trying to train myself to use tupperware more often because it lasts longer.

----- Sarah 30.11.10 18:27

we just moved from brooklyn to maine so we now have to haul our recyclables ourselves. it’s a little step but well worth it. Also aluminum water bottles! best purchase ever!

----- jen 30.11.10 15:50


i have a 3.5 years old son and a 6 month old daughter - so our household is full with organic fertilizer. (Sorry for that)
We learned to live with bio-food and everything you can make out of spelt - and you can make a lot out of spelt, believe me!

Best regards

----- Jens 30.11.10 14:23

I have a ton of plants, some that have been propagated from 7 to 10 year old plants. I use those to purify the air in our rental and only water with rain water.

I also am a hard core recycler, compost-ing re-using nutcase! We have motion sensors in the common areas of the house and only use biodegradable cleaning products.

----- JohnG 30.11.10 13:04

Currently my girlfriend and i are making terrariums for xmas gifts. we are also selling them at a crafts fair in alameda soon.

----- George 30.11.10 12:34

As winter approaches, I have to say our best effort at being green is not turning on our furnace until we absolutely have to. We live on the second floor of a low-rise so we get a lot of rising heat. Plastic on the window goes a long way too. We didn’t turn on the heat until mid-January last year. Not bad for Chicago.

----- Graham 30.11.10 11:51

my friends all laugh at me because im always finding new uses for things and all their presents are home made from whatever i can find! I use old materials from clothes etc to make stuffed toys for them and old scarves as wrapping as well as old maps and newspaper. I use old books as sketch books and cardboard as canvases!
I get the most laugs from the train tickets i use when i get a blister on my heel and dont have a plaster! I always have a ton in my purse and they work wonders wedged down the back of my shoe!

----- Becca 30.11.10 11:27

Couple of things (all passed on from my parents):
> I diligently (take quite a ribbing from friends) reuse (wash, air dry) zip-lock bags
> I save all the newer plastic resealable takeout containers (make great travel dog food containers and plant water reservoirs)
> (Collective family effort) Reuse any packaging that resembles a bag (bread bags to frozen fruit pouches) for doggy bags (ie poop bags)

----- Benjamin 30.11.10 11:13

In the summer: cuddle with ice packs to keep cool, in the winter: cuddle with kitties to keep warm.

----- Jessica 30.11.10 10:34

I feed all my produce scraps to my worms, which make some nutritious plant food.

----- Zach 30.11.10 10:23

I never throw away food. I always eat everything I buy and that sounds a lot easier than it is. All the small pieces I cannot eat I feed to the birds, fishes or pigs.

----- Luuk Langenhoff 30.11.10 10:08

I make my dog cuddle w/ me so I don’t have to turn up the heat too much.

----- CleveRoh 30.11.10 10:00

we recycle/compost/reuse. my gf uses a lot post-consumer materials in her metal work as well.

----- Tim 30.11.10 09:54

Happy holidays!
My mom starts reusing plastic bags during her grocery shopping ever since stores started to offer them for free in China. Now we use shopping totes.
I try not to turn on air conditioning at home (in NC) as long as I can deal with the heat/coldness by physical adjustments like wearing more/less, drinking hot/cold water, and etc etc.
Use energy saving light bulbs and energy-star electronic equipments.
I take care of myself so that I won’t waste extra resources in medicines, personal care, …
I am happy so I don’t indulge on eating, drinking, and stuffs…
I grow plants.

----- Alice 30.11.10 09:41

Hi! I go green in my apartment by making my own cleaning products, unplugging electronics when not using them, and line drying my clothes. I once talked to a woman at the electric company who didn’t believe I could get the average bill down from the previous owners 60+ monthly bill by unplugging equipment and being conscious. I asked her if she read her own companies pamphlets and told her to try it herself at her home. My lowest Electric bill last year was $17.00 and my highest in the dead of summer in South Florida was 35.00.

----- tracy 30.11.10 08:45

We compost and grow our own garden!

----- Marie 30.11.10 08:13

I line dry my clothes. And I turn off my heat in the winter and use my cat to warm me up =^..^=

----- Anna 30.11.10 07:14

This year I’m going green by hand making all of my holiday gifts from recycled goods!

----- Kat 30.11.10 06:29

We installed a pellet stove in the house and no longer use the oil heating system. Pellets are made of recycled wood scraps and burn efficiently and do not add carbon emissions. We also used green recycled paper insulation in the walls of the house.

----- Mong 30.11.10 06:13

I’m a vegetarian and recycle as much as possible. I also use left over food for my compose pile in the backyard. It makes the rest of my grass in my yard look wonderful and green.

----- Jasper 30.11.10 06:10

I save all my old design paper at work (textile patterns) for wrapping paper for me and my friends througout the year!

----- jb 30.11.10 06:00

Like many of the commenters, I recycle, line dry my clothes, use a water filter, don’t use a dishwasher, and reuse- all my glasses are old Pom tea containers, my change jar is an old vase with a pretty dish towel to cushion the plinking, plastic bags go toward storing CSA veggies or as trash liners, and old newspapers serve as a mat to cover the floor during dinner instead of a dining table. I also don’t have a heater or AC in San Francisco- I’m so cold that I could use a bunny to hug! =D

----- Hannah 30.11.10 01:46

I try to find a way to use every plastic/glass bottle or container I use, since I know the plastic bottles are one of the major issues with recycling, at the moment. I also have in mind the their caps aren’t recycled normally and save them all separately so I can ship them off to the proper entities.

----- Beatriz 29.11.10 23:50

We use the plastic bags for a second time, as well we don’t throw away glass objects we use them for storing syrup or pickles.

----- Ervyn 29.11.10 23:24

We use motion sensor lights in the public dining areas of my living group at college and we save hundreds on our electricity bill each year because of it.

----- J 29.11.10 22:47

i reuse different sized glass jars to store spices, beans, rices, flour, etc.; to grow herbs for cooking; to store baked goods for home or gifting.

----- Kim 29.11.10 21:45

I always used the left over water after laundry washing to wash the toliet floors. I also used the laundry water to flush toilet and to water the plants as well.

----- bobby 29.11.10 21:43

The greenest materials are those that are already made - purchase used goods from non profits and give them new life in your home. thanks Notcot!

----- Darcy Lynn Parrish 29.11.10 21:24

I go green creatively by drying all our baby clothes out in the sun during the summer and in the garage next to the water heater during the winter.

----- Roger Penguino 29.11.10 21:20

well.. let’s see..
the green things i do:
- using my laptop at the lowest brightness/contrast level, hope i can save electricity a little..
- i have a full daylighted house, so no AC or lighting needed..
- a perforated paving block so the water still can run through into the ground.

the creative things i think i do:
- i love to drink pocari,coke,etc..now i have a vase, a mobilephone holder, a pen holder, all made from the can and used fabric cloth… :)
- cute animal sculpture made from packaging styrofoam bubbles
- a trivet from used cardboard.
- an orchid hanging garden—the garden structure made from used hollowed iron.
- a futon from the old chair (the legs are broken,but the seat is still very good! just add a comfy pillow… :))

last…happy holiday everyone!!

----- maria yoanita 29.11.10 20:17

We use vinegar to clean just about everything.

----- Sara 29.11.10 20:10

I sew worn clothing into throw pillow covers if the print is cute. I also keep reusable totes in the car so I’m never caught without when I impulse shop.

----- Kay 29.11.10 19:58

Me and my roommates are designing a structural concrete wall and an interior wall partition out of recycled plastic bottles. We also recycle the hell out of everything and use our old papers to heat our house.

----- Will 29.11.10 19:36

I’d solar panel my heater so I can finally turn it on without guilt of wasting electricity for this cold winter…

----- Eric 29.11.10 19:04

The trick is knowing when to stop producing red and yellow pigments to take advantage of the season’s more abundant quantity of sunlight. Done right and you’ll never go hungry, trust me!

----- Kristopher Bonefont 29.11.10 19:03

I reuse packaging!

----- amanda 29.11.10 18:36

We’ve put up a beehouse to try and encourage bees to live in our yard, and pollinate our flowers. This is also trying to encourage the growth of endangered bees. We use vinegar and water as cleaning products, and we have energy efficient bulbs in all of our lamps/lights. I take the bus to reduce my carbon footprint :)

----- Danny G 29.11.10 17:16

we keep plastic bottles, glass jars, plastic bags, wrapping paper, plastic containers in a cupboard. very useful!
if we have too many plastic bags we drop them off at the supermarket where they have a special bin.
we never use the dryer… always leave our clothes outside to dry

----- Leanne 29.11.10 16:48

As much as I can’t stand giving my ex-fiance credit she taught me to use brown shopping bags as holiday wrapping paper. It takes a bit longer, but is rewarding to do for obvious environmental reasons. Also a pile of brown boxes does look pretty good.

----- Trevor S. 29.11.10 16:03

I am lucky to live in a very green-friendly city (Halifax, Nova Scotia). At home I use all natural cleaning products (baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, Castile soap) which is healthier for me and my furry friends. I hang my clothes to dry, recycle and compost and try to eat as sustainably as possible. My sole mode of transportation is 2 feet and a heart beat! Halifax is small enough to walk everywhere I need to be and when I need to get somewhere further away, I hop on a bus. I also try to drink sustainably by supporting our great local breweries and wineries!

----- Mel Hennigar 29.11.10 15:18

In addition to cutting back on electricity (lights off if nobodys in the room!) and heat use (turn if off while we’re out for the day, bundle up until you cant take it!) my house of 7 people gets weekly free donations of food that is about to go bad from the local grocery store and cooks it for both ourselves and to serve to local homeless folks in the area!

----- Mel 29.11.10 15:14

I save trash at home and bring it into work for my kids at school to use. Egg cartons for paint palettes, plastic tubs for water buckets, and paper towel tubes for printmaking…Biodegradable packing peanuts into sculptures…Old t-shirts to weave with….Magazines for bead making…Old, broken crayons recycled into encaustic paint…etc. etc.

----- Annette 29.11.10 15:12

I save alll cardboard boxes and glass/plastic containers and use them in my art projects, or make them into sculptures themselves! FYI - paper towel rolls make great antlers!

----- Sean 29.11.10 15:10

Our family is disconnected from the town water supply, relying on two large tanks in the yard. Thus all water requirements are thought out before use. We monitor the energy in the house, making sure to turn of all electronics at the wall when not in use and we separate all recyclable goods refusing plastic bags grocery shopping (instead using canvas bags from home).

----- Carly 29.11.10 15:06

I’ve made my own solar panel light bulb for my room so it’ll soak up all the energy in the morning and release them when I need them at night :)

----- nolita*wanders 29.11.10 14:49

We are raising a little green baby to carry the green message on down through the generations. He doesn’t like noisy plastic toys but loves to play with cardboard boxes, home made blocks, clean found objects and the slightly odd looking felted animals mummy makes for him. He is the happiest most chilled out baby I know :)

----- Verity 29.11.10 14:26

My roommate and I find keep all lights off except for the fish tank during daylight hours. We also use freecycle for many of our furnishings. I also ride my bike almost everywhere I need to go or use public transit when it is raining. There are also old liquor bottles filled with water on my shelves as book ends.

----- Max 29.11.10 13:51

I’ve never really understood the whole going green idea, it has just always been the truth. We do what we can for the environment through the ways we choose to live. Growing our own vegetables, farmers markets over bigbox grocers, reusing or upcycling before recycling and conscious efforts to consume as little as possible while still leading a comfortable life in an urban environment. We build our own bikes and ride them year ‘round. This is just the way we live, nothing special, but nothing wasted.

As a side note, I have been planning for the last year to start a bonsai, but have been looking for reputable kits and starter plants. That is for sure the item that I am most interested in. I’ve been reading bunches of books and I already have the shape planned out. Bonsai trees have such wild personality, and what a feast for the imagination!

I hope to train the roots upwards over the years, similar to this idea:

Thanks for keeping these giveaways alive.

----- Matthew 29.11.10 13:47

I follow the sun around the house.

----- Anders 29.11.10 13:34

I made a Christmas tree out of old cardboard. I hope it’ll bring some holiday cheer to the house :D

----- Alice 29.11.10 13:26

We have worms for composting, and do regular recycling.

----- Karin 29.11.10 13:08

I’m an avid recycler, even taking things out of the bin when my roommates forget. A reusable bag doesn’t hurt when shopping. But I’d say my biggest green activity is designing some eco products for my cause. I’m one for brown card.

----- Peter W 29.11.10 12:57

I’m always on the recycling path, even taking things out of the bin after my roommates forget to recycle it. A reusable bag doesn’t hurt as well when shopping. However I guess my biggest green activity is starting to design eco products during my cause. I’m one for brown card products.

----- Peter W 29.11.10 12:55

It’s the simplest thing but we switched from plastic-bottled water to a water filtering dispenser.

----- Baptiste 29.11.10 12:06

reuse: most recent example, my cats knocked over my chirtmas cactus, breaking the ceraminc pot. i replanted it in a wooden salad bowl, which they had also previously knocked over, breaking one side. i held on to the bowl, knowing it would become handy once again, after serving as my Halloween candy bowl.

----- somerset 29.11.10 12:04

I make my own giftwrap and tags out of recycled paper for the holidays

----- Diana 29.11.10 11:37

Well, I do believe in second chances. I do not condone what Chris Brown did but he has paid the sacrifice for his actions. Essentially, no one can ever forget what happened and that is worse than being punished.

----- Janel Welsch 29.11.10 11:23

We use services like freecyclers to find new homes for things we are getting rid of instead of just throwing them out.

----- Mikell Johnson 29.11.10 11:23

Hmmmm. At home… I’m a letterpress printer, book artist and paper maker so all our old t-shirts and jeans are made into paper that I use in my projects or rags for cleaning my press! I also save odds and ends (plastic mesh, disposable chopsticks, etc.) for use in my hand bound books and children’s projects.

----- A. Nishidera 29.11.10 11:09

in time for gifting season, i have saved up different boxes from the products we use and paste giftwrap on the surfaces so it’s less likely they will be torn apart by the gift recipient and the box, along with the giftwrap, has a bigger chance of being reused. We sometimes also wrap our gifts with square cloths like hankies and scarves, furoshiki-style.

----- Ricah 29.11.10 11:02

We go green by upcycling. Lately with been on a big kick, taking all the stuff we’ve over-accumulated and looking for creative inspiration among the junk. It’s fun and incredibly rewarding!

----- Erastos Leiloglou 29.11.10 10:58

My husband and I recycle everything that is possible from our houselhold trash. He makes furniture from leftover wood from work or other pieces from upcycling/reclaiming wood from small barns, etc. We try not to drive if possible, and I only live 2 miles from my office. We are both designers and try to incorporate recycled or at least sustainable ideas into all of our projects.

----- Juliann 29.11.10 10:40

We go to the farmer’s market any time we can and we unplug everything from our house before we leave! We use our old paper bags for recycling and the plastic ones for picking up puppy poos ;)

----- Drew 29.11.10 10:12

Besides recycling in the traditional ways, we use newspapers as part of our “mulch lasagna” in the yard. Newspapers, coffee grounds, leaves, and other stuff is layered to create a rich environment for garden growth.

----- Bruce 29.11.10 09:50

I repurpose old/damaged clothes into new clothes or potholders, etc. wrapping paper is usually taken off carefully for future reuse

----- Wei 29.11.10 09:48

After I rinse my rice, I use the water to rinse my veggie and fruit then I use the water to water my plant and the rest to flush my toilet.

----- Andy 29.11.10 09:28

I have to give the all the green accolades to my wife who has planted a vegetable garden, uses compost to grow that garden, rides her bike when she can to errands and work, has recently installed solar panels on our home and is an avid user of g-diapers for our daughter.

----- Kyle 29.11.10 09:23

we re-purposed an old airstream trailer using only used wood and interiors to fashion into a guest room for our tiny 750 square foot house! that and the garden, recycling, fruit trees and compost are what we do to try to make a small impact-

----- Lia F 29.11.10 09:23

We make a conscience effort to reduce our consumption of electricity, products, water, gas, etc. Reduce, Reuse, THEN Recycle!

----- Nicole 29.11.10 08:44

We use a metal hair trap in our shower; this way we don’t have to use Dran-o or other nasty chemicals every month (baking powder-vinegar doesn’t do it either). It works suprisingly well, just clean it off once a week or so.

----- Nick 29.11.10 08:11

I use recycled materials to make rayguns for the impending apocalypse.

----- Kevin 29.11.10 07:16

Recycle and conserve water as much as possible & don´t waste any food at home.

----- Chebo Campos 29.11.10 06:53

we re-use sweaters in our house to make felted soap and fabulous scarves :)

----- Jenn 29.11.10 05:36

Having a double lot is great, but it gets quite expensive when doing landscaping. I have dubbed myself the lord of Craigslist, as I am known to snatch up others unused trees, shrubs, bushes, bricks/pavers, birdbaths, etc. in order to adequately meet my landscaping needs. Best part is, I only get them from the free listings. As well as using a cistern system to water the lawn.

----- brado1977 29.11.10 05:06

Going LED does miracles to your electricity bill and to the environment!

----- Domjan Kati 29.11.10 04:48

I pretty much reuse everything, from glass jars to water, and I recycle. I also made a herb garden using old and abandoned material from a construction site!

----- Camila F. 29.11.10 04:17

Whenever going to trade fairs and exhibitions, I collect a bundle of gorgeous-looking cotton shopping bags, and share them with my family. I can’t remember when I last used a plastic bag for my groceries!

----- Linda 29.11.10 04:16

I reuse de wash machine water for other things like clean the floor; i separate the garbage and reuse the glass package to store condiments; I use reusable bags and furoshiki to go shopping; and I buy clothes on flea markets.
I love this bunny!

----- Carine 29.11.10 04:10


----- martins 29.11.10 01:41

I have made a shelf out of an old bed. It looks really nice.

----- Laszlo Dobrovolszki 29.11.10 00:02

Lets see:
-all glass jars from almond butter hold homemade hot chocolate for Christmas gifts
-all broccoli rubber bands become chip keepers
-I use the boxes from my tangerine cuties as gift boxes at Christmas
And more i can’t recall at the moment!

----- A.G. Hellings 28.11.10 23:52

Our house is one step ahead of LA. We’ve had a ban on plastic bags for years.

----- Lauren 28.11.10 23:16

I go green by reusing the take-off boxes from restaurants as containers and shopping bags as garbage bags. Also left over tea is use to fertilize the plants in the house.

----- Raymond 28.11.10 22:41

be mine bonsai tree!!!!!!

----- j pham 28.11.10 22:07

I do many things to be green. These are just some examples:
- I use a Sigg water bottle so that i can refill and reuse it without buying plastic. I also convinced my family to do this =)
- I use several canvas bags when I go grocery shopping
- My family grows herbs and vegetables in the backyard during the spring and summer seasons
- We maximize light and heat in the house by opening our blinds so natural sunlight can come in!

----- Darrell 28.11.10 21:00

We grow a tremendous amount of our own food on our small city lot. We eat, can, and share the food. We compost the scraps. We save the seeds. We grow even more the next year by humbly asking for advice and learning from our mistakes.

We have several back yard birds that would love that bird house.

----- Derek 28.11.10 20:53

my boyfriend and i shower together to save on water and instead of buying coursepacks i download all the readings off the internet

----- Sydney 28.11.10 20:38

RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYCLE! I recycle E-VER-Y-THING! Its hard but if you just pay attention you would be surprised how much more you can recycle than throw away.

----- Danielle 28.11.10 20:21

We are composting to get ready for next summer’s garden. thanks!

----- TZel 28.11.10 20:10

I am always thinking of new ways to reinvent old things into new things. giving them a second life and keeping them from a landfill.

----- Laura Martin 28.11.10 19:24

I need to replace my bonsai elm that croaked, my backyard birds need a house, and who couldn’t use a trivet and a bunny?

----- eab 28.11.10 19:24

We placed moss on our wall fence, added some orchid, that compliments well our ever growing bushy garden. We also plant our own vegetables.

----- Calvin 28.11.10 19:00

I unplug any electrical devices I’m not immediately using. I also reuse paper bags and towels as much as possible.

----- Robert 28.11.10 18:40

When something breaks, I always attempt to repair it instead of throwing it out and buying something new. I also save various nuts and bolts to use instead of buying them at the hardware store. We recycle everything and use reusable water bottles instead of buying bottled water.

Sustainable design should be incorporated into a lot more of every day life. This package is awesome and whoever wins is very lucky!

Happy Holidays everyone!

----- Chris Wilkinson 28.11.10 18:35

Beautiful giveaway! Our family loves to use cardboard egg cartons to start seedlings for our spring and fall gardens.

----- Sandra 28.11.10 18:15

We compost, recyle, and use natural insect repellants (bay leaves, boric acid, rubbing alcohol) instead of toxic bug spray.

----- Tim D. 28.11.10 17:48

I save water by showering with the boyfriend [right?], save every jar to reuse, recycle religiously, have stopped buying plastic water bottles and invest in water filters / a canteen instead!

I also bike everywhere I go. I don’t own a car. :]

----- Jess K 28.11.10 17:40

I trade my labor for gleaning rights with an organic farm. When the harvest is officially “in”; I pick through the fields and can the goods!

----- Christina Ward 28.11.10 17:31

I never flush the toilet???

----- Yoshio 28.11.10 17:29

I love doing crafts that use recycled materials.

----- Danielle 28.11.10 16:48

We’ve just started a compost pile to help our veggie garden along next year.

----- Caitlin 28.11.10 16:36

oooh!! as for being green, my partner and I planted a veggie patch a few months ago, and we’re just starting to use fresh corn, capsicum, cucumber and lettuce!! MMMM…

----- Clayton Fletcher 28.11.10 16:35

all our organic waste goes to feed the 1000+ mouths in our worm farm and then we harvest the goodness from that in our ege patch

----- maz 28.11.10 16:33

I recycle beer bottles by re-bottling my own beer in them! I’ve used the same 50 bottles over 5 times——that’s over 200 bottles saved!

----- Brian 28.11.10 16:31

I live green in ways that a college student can. I buy shampoos and conditioners that are not tested on animals and as full of natural ingredients as possible, I mix up only as much glaze as I need. instead of turning up the heat, I pile on more blankets, and I walk everywhere I possibly can. I only use my car once a week to go get groceries. I eat as many organic items as possible and buy from local food stands. thats how i go green.

----- Danielle 28.11.10 16:04

we order an organic CSA box of veggies every other week, and use mesh veggie bags at the store along with our reuseable bags.

----- Lori 28.11.10 15:42

the bunny is too cute!!!

----- peter tran 28.11.10 15:41

We created a compost heap in an old planter outside our apartment

----- Jeremy 28.11.10 15:09

Making ALL my own simple, biodegradable cleaning products… laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, countertop cleaner, etc.

----- sarah 28.11.10 14:52

Instead of using a humidifier I utilize the radiator heat with a ceramic box filled with water that I had a friend make after being inspired by a notcot post.

----- Kelsey J 28.11.10 14:47

I’m a creative recycler. Whenever my mom would cut my hair as a little kid we would do it outside, so the trimmings could blow off of the deck and into the grass: where the birds would grab the locks to use in their nests. When I was 13 and I adopted a Shetland Sheepdog I would groom her outside and let the tufts of fluff float off into the yard. We’d see the orange and white fluffballs up in the trees the next day. It’s too cold now, but in the spring, summer, and fall I still groom my dogs outside.

----- Jen Mussari 28.11.10 14:15

I sew my own clothing, and I’m only 16!

----- Edward Wong 28.11.10 14:09

Wake up early and make use of all the day’s light!

----- Nat G 28.11.10 14:08

just got some cute glass bottles so we dont drink plastic bottled water anymore!

----- devin 28.11.10 13:32

We recycle a lot. Trade unused clothes, turn off the heather when we are not home.

----- sindy 28.11.10 13:30

+++ I try to not fart as much to reduce the carbon emissions off set - I use a bucket to save water while waiting for the shower water to get hot and water my plants so they can battle with the evils from deep within +++

----- Nadnart 28.11.10 13:28

We ride Ponies to work…

----- Pierre 28.11.10 13:15

Recycle and conserve water as much as possible. We also reuse most containers for miscellaneous things.

----- Iris 28.11.10 13:09

I think I’d probably train up the rabbit to locate small birds, it would then tell them about the free accommodation in my garden. Hopefully they would move in to the beautiful bird house and have more little birds. By doing this maybe then I could, with the rabbits help, begin to train the army of birds to collect nuts and berries for us. This would eventually become so efficient that I wouldn’t need to go to the shop, in turn saving energy via lack of packaging and trips to the shop.

In the mean time I would tend the Bonsai tree and hatch the next plan for green living with my new pals.


----- Steve 28.11.10 12:56

I reuse old clothing and fabric scraps in the quilts and pillows I sew.

----- Jared 28.11.10 12:39

i found an old window by the side of the road and picked it up, carried it home, cleaned it and added some hanging hardware. It’s now up on my walls as a see-through white board where I write my shopping lists and to-do’s for the week. Very handy!

----- cindy 28.11.10 12:07

This time of year, I reuse boxes, bags and bubble wrap. I reuse the colorful paper and ribbons that I’ve ben collecting all year as festive gift wrap.

----- Lori 28.11.10 12:07

Dumpster diving is one of my favorite past times! Would love some brand new green stuff to compliment my finds!

----- Megan 28.11.10 11:14

It’s amazing how a few changes can make a huge difference— moving from paper napkins to cloth, stopping using paper towels, and switching to wash clothes from sponges. Plus, we’ve started using glass for food storage or washing and reusing ziploc baggies. I’m hoping to switch away from those soon— they’re just SO easy.

----- Ashley B. 28.11.10 10:42

I recycle everything and have miniature gardens on all my windowsills.

----- Ilir Ramadani 28.11.10 10:32

I try in almost all everyday instances to consume less, use less, and re-use more. Power, water, paper, air, use just what you need.

----- Itamimasu 28.11.10 10:09

We recently moved and decided to give up our car in favor of walking and utilizing public transportation. We also added a compost bin and large recycling bins, reducing our garbage significantly.

----- Amy 28.11.10 09:51

I am a graphic design student and I use recycled paper for all my projects along with recycling my paper after use.

----- Kristin 28.11.10 09:49

I try to recycle everything that’s possibly can be recycle. From paper to CD to computers by either making creative arts from waste to simply giving them away to those that may find it useful.

----- jay P 28.11.10 09:25

I’ve made mulching a hobby.

----- Darrel 28.11.10 09:24

I have an inspiration wall made of renewable cork! I pin up images that inspire me and things that remind me of what I’ve accomplished. It’s like renewable inspiration!

----- Mark 28.11.10 09:17

i make collages and notebooks from ad postcards and packages, grow mint and basil by my window, ride bicycle (it’s not popular here at all), give away or renew old stuff like clothes and furniture, taking self made tote bag and net to the shop))

it’s so good to read here what people do
you’re cool))

----- Anna P 28.11.10 08:52

I use my dirty fishbowl water to water my plants, saves water and has extra fertilizer ^_-

----- Jane 28.11.10 08:46

I recycle every week, and keep of dining set at work so I don’t use the plastic and paper plates. I think may get that bird feeder no matter what.

----- Dana Galbraith 28.11.10 07:32

I sold my car and now LOVE my bicycle!

----- Lilly 28.11.10 06:43

To keep warm when it gets cold (like today, for example), instead of turning on the heater for a couple of hours we put on a movie, turn out the lights and pull the duvet from the bed to the sofa.

----- James 28.11.10 06:18

We salvage and repurpose what we can instead of throwing away and buying new.

----- Erik 28.11.10 06:17

My wife is an interior deisgner and is always looking for sustainable accesories for our house and for customers. These are perfect!

----- Jerry 28.11.10 06:16

I try to live by this motto: use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

----- Kate 28.11.10 05:57

i didn’t think sustainable design was cool before. i am ashamed of how wrong i was.

----- inoffensive 28.11.10 05:53

I give new life to my recyclables in my art classroom as storage containers and collage materials.

----- Nikki 28.11.10 05:41

I love BRANCH!

We line dry our laundry - Always! We dont even own a dryer.
We sort our garbage - paper, organic waste, glass, metal, and plastic.
We dont have AC, we just open the windows.
And more, but we have room for improvement!

----- Fonda LaShay 28.11.10 03:40

By not wasting any food !

----- Melanie 28.11.10 03:28

I take my bike almost everywhere, I grow sprouts and microgreens in my tiny studio. I’ve cut out almost all animal products out of my diet. I try to help other people live a greener life. I always buy organic and try to buy locally, almost never use plastic bags at the produce section. And I try to consume in a responsible way…Love, Jules

----- Jules 28.11.10 03:04

When it’s cold, instead of turning up the heater I cuddle with my love and pet my cat and my dog. It keeps our hearts warmed up and gives energy !

(And recycling as much as possible, use of green energy as sources for our electricity, public transports, compost)

----- Celine 28.11.10 02:50

i re-use before i recycle.

----- jaypanelo 28.11.10 02:20

I use vinegar instead of bleach for laundry + cleaning

----- becky 28.11.10 02:11

using solar lamps and charger, trying to re-use things: with a paper pack i make box for storage things and with paper in genral I try to do things like origami to decorate the house.
And I use a bicycle to generate electricity.

----- en 28.11.10 02:07

i try to be greener by eating less meat and carpooling

----- maggie 28.11.10 01:34

I try to make my own gifts, cards, and packaging out of recycled/reused/upcycled items that I save throughout the year. The best is when I find a nice sturdy container of some sort that I can save and use again instead of tossing it right after I open the package.

----- Tanya M. 28.11.10 01:34

I micro generate electricity

----- pete hinchcliffe 28.11.10 01:06

I try my best to smash everything before putting it in the garbage can. Uses far fewer trash-bags that way!

----- james 28.11.10 00:51

I use jam jars to store a variety of things, I also use them as little vases for flowers from the garden. =)

----- Becky 28.11.10 00:28

We do not use dryers or dishwashing machines. We save plastic bags to line bins. We recycle old newspapers. We use the water that we wash rice with to water the plants. And we try to read, do our chores in the day to make use of natural daylight.

----- Pei 28.11.10 00:27

Use a fan to distribute heat instead of more heaters!

----- Joe Wasserman 27.11.10 23:53

i use leftover plastic shopping bags to make plastic bag “yarn” for art projects. i’m working on making a plastic bag yarn-based rug, as well.

----- christina 27.11.10 23:49

I try to not get overwhelmed by being all green all the time. I add a new enviro friendly habit every few weeks and now I am way kinder to the earth than I ever thought I could be only one year ago. Baby steps

----- Leanna 27.11.10 23:49

We knit plastic grocery bags in to sturdy, reusable totes. Great Christmas gifts!

----- Jason 27.11.10 23:39

Gonna DIY myself a holiday weather — to share some cheer in the apartment hallway

----- Melanie 27.11.10 23:37

I keep a bucket in my bathtub to catch the cold water each morning before I take a shower. I then take the bucket of water and water the plants on my balcony or will carry it downstairs and water some of the plants around my building.

----- Ryan 27.11.10 23:31

I shower with others to conserve h20.

----- Lucas 27.11.10 23:10

we garden and it is lovely

----- Christina 27.11.10 23:07

stuff we grow in the yard goes to my aunt the florist

----- Winnie 27.11.10 22:43

I reuse condoms, and bust out on the tire patch kit when they get holes.

----- Valerie 27.11.10 22:16

I reused some of my recycling and found objects for a design project for my artistic portfolio that I’m submitting for graduate school.

----- Justin 27.11.10 22:15

We line dry all of our clothes.

----- Jim 27.11.10 22:14

I try & do the little things like reduce shower times & water use. Use reusable shopping bags & grow my own veggies.

----- Josh W 27.11.10 21:59

Shower together to save water

----- Spencer 27.11.10 21:47

I buy things for longevity. Simple as that.

----- Ms. Elise 27.11.10 20:58

We decorate our house with found objects from nature — branches, leaves, features, bones, you name it. It’s a fun “collector’s cabinet” aesthetic.

----- June 27.11.10 20:57

reusing the water we use to rinse dishes. clean your car, etc…

----- jennifer 27.11.10 20:22

ooo… I love Branch… at home, I try to be creative but can’t think of anything in particular.

----- Ginny 27.11.10 20:13

I just moved into a new studio apartment. The love of my life separated from me. I have redesigned my life. I have e tree outide my window that LIGHTS up with BIRDS. I would love to have a supporting hand to hold them



----- Chelsea Schmidt 27.11.10 20:12

My creative green thing? Probably keeping a dish beneath the spigot in my sink so that overspill water goes to the kitchen plants. Either that, or recycling junk mail into toys for my cat and my parrot.

----- Anissa 27.11.10 19:41

old light bulbs as hanging terrariums, discarded color resin samples moasic our kitchen wall, dumpster found door functions as a dining table. and hopefully more soon!

----- lkieh 27.11.10 19:32

i recycled plastic bottles to make a window garden. growing herbs.

----- daniel 27.11.10 19:23

We keep a our landscaping interplanted with fresh greens and herbs. It keeps us supplied with fresh seasonal offerings year round.

----- Diane 27.11.10 19:11

almost every piece of furniture we have was found at the curb or hand-me downs from family members. I can’t bear to see real wood furniture thrown in the garbage to be crushed up. I cringe at the thought.

----- lindsey k 27.11.10 19:01

My wife is a recycling and re-purposing maniac. Our dish rack floats above pod of herbs to catch the water drain-off. We keep the temperature moderate, more of a reason to put on a sweater or get under a blanket for a movie, and showering together helps save a bit of water. :)

----- Brian B 27.11.10 18:52

I try and use candle light as much as possible for all my ambient lighting at home.

----- neonsocks 27.11.10 18:48

My green venture involves a conveyer belt that I poor all our garbage on and have hundreds of little genetically modified mice who eat garbage take care of our trash.

----- Collin Banko 27.11.10 18:31

We repurpose objects to make furniture, a door became a table and old tripods became lamps!

----- Meg 27.11.10 18:28

I use my own basket at the grocery store, packing my groceries in while shopping, getting funny looks as if I’m stealing.

----- Dacia 27.11.10 18:24

When my clothes are no longer fashionable, I use the fabric to make something new (most recently a bag and yoga headbands).

----- Kate 27.11.10 18:23

I recycle, but I also just moved, so I put wrapping paper over a bunch of cardboard boxes (to make them cute!) then used them as shelves. I’ve also been saving old wine bottles for the past few months to make a recycled bottle Christmas tree. :)

----- Allie 27.11.10 18:16

These are great for helping my kids who are into their recycled art classes.

----- contempt 27.11.10 18:06

I try not to consume unless necessary. When you think hard enough about something you “need to buy”, chances are, you can come up with a perfectly good solution with what’s around you. My back alley has been very good to us this past year, and with a baby on the way, I’m hoping to save money by reusing what others consider trash!

----- Jane 27.11.10 17:57

A lot of grocery stores around Portland don’t use plastic bags, but paper instead, and when you forget your reusable bags (as I often do) you can collect quite a few. So I’ve taken to using those paper bags for recycling. They’re free, and you never what to wash them out because you just toss them in with the recycling.

----- Tom 27.11.10 17:43

Well, for one thing my degree is in Environmental Science. Creatively, I have furnished and decorated our home with 90% used furniture, diningware, and decor from craigslist, thrift shops, and yard sales. More generically, we use energy-saving lightbulbs, compost, recycle, grow some veggies/herbs, use green household and beauty products, line-dry clothing, turn off lights in rooms we’re not occupying, and more.

----- Audrey R 27.11.10 17:33

We love these sustainable and beautiful products. Our belief is to do good for the environment, and for our community. Our last project was designing and leading the installation of a community garden. Now, a formerly vacant lot is filled with plants and laughter.

----- Laura l 27.11.10 17:33

My brother and I make cardboard furniture. Bookshelves, shoe racks, spice racks, and coffee tables. All out of cardboard we have lying around.

----- Allison 27.11.10 17:21

I love to repurpose things.Using something for other then it was made is satisfying in a way.

----- Stephen 27.11.10 16:51

We take showers together. It’s easy on the fishes and our wallets.

----- Taylor Ahlmark 27.11.10 16:46

I have plants all over to help keep it fresh in my apt when I can’t always open the windows. I also save my glass jars for gifts later on in the year or for leftover storage. Recycling, green products, donate old clothes. I try in little ways.

----- Emma 27.11.10 16:38

i inspect every item before throwing it away. create a new use, discover life where there was none.

----- Grecia Martinez 27.11.10 16:29

Shop crags-list and goodwill, hang dry laundry and live in a small apartment.

----- Owen 27.11.10 16:24

turning off the lights, often and always. though my two dream green projects are:
-worm composting
-painting the top of our apartment white (this is one of the easiest ways to save energy! better than driving a hybrid!)

----- Rachel 27.11.10 16:05

In my city, we compost, recycle and landfill… I like to draw symbols on paper bags for the three different types. :)

----- Justin R 27.11.10 16:03

a rabbit would be great!

----- dima 27.11.10 15:52

i have bonsai trees as i rent my home, and i make the pots out of old vinyl albums and the foam and plastic containers that steak comes in.

----- Tim Nolan 27.11.10 15:50

We carpool to work now and recycle as much as we can.

----- Jacqueline 27.11.10 15:36

I recycle some of my old clothes by sewing them into new looks.

----- Megan 27.11.10 15:23

With the holiday season upon us we reuse our Christmas Decorations over and over again and have for more than 40 years. We have a large family and due to our recycling everything we can we have reduced ourselves to 1 bag of garbage a week for 5 people. We only buy what we can use and make sure it is a necessity. We have very few chemicals in the house for cleaning opting for vinegar and baking soda and peppermint oil. We donate old clothes and items we no longer use. Did you know that Clothes for kids will take old shoes (wore out) and sell them to people who recycle the shoes and will pay by the pound so this charity can purchase homeless children new underwear and socks? We use a swap shop to get paint and other products to decorate the house.

----- Cameo Herrin 27.11.10 15:09

we built our own composting bin in our backyard and don’t use a garbage disposal so we reuse our produce waste :)

----- melissa 27.11.10 15:08

using the backs of envelopes as notepaper (the used envelopes sent to us, of course)

and hugs, lots and lots of hugs so we don’t need so much heating

----- Hazel 27.11.10 14:58

I want one. Please

----- geiko 27.11.10 14:54

At home, I always use recycled shopping bags for other uses, always have efficient light bulbs, always reuse any plastic (and avoid buying items in plastic when possible), compost, have a garden and use it whenever possible, eat seasonally and locally. Also I use my treadmill as electricity to stay in shape.

----- brian 27.11.10 14:52

on a creative note: i use some of my recycled items to work into my art … i’ll take cloth and use it as canvas, or cardboard to paint on or stencil with, anything goes really.

old scarves make great wrapping paper that can be reused over and over.

old belts can be salvaged into great cuffs and the buckles make unique necklace charms.

boxes are painted to make reusable gift boxes too. … i could go on:)

peas n carrots

----- lish 27.11.10 14:52

I’m not sure how creative it is but we recycle, try to cut down on waste, etc. However since I am also a teacher “trash” takes on new meanings with us. Many boxes, cardboard, tubes, etc become our class projects!

----- Anna 27.11.10 14:49

We separate and recycle everything, run our own composter and, as of last spring, our entire house lights with either LED or CFL lightbulbs.

----- Tuzo 27.11.10 14:46

We re-use glass jars for everything from storage to gift wrap.

----- Michelle 27.11.10 14:46

I go green around the house by re-using old sweaters to make my dog coats/sweaters for the winter time.

----- Stacy B. 27.11.10 14:45

I recycle every thursday morning!

----- Dan Yoon 27.11.10 14:35

We have a compost heap in our backyard, and buy the Sunchip bags that decompose far faster than regular plastic bags.

----- Jennifer 27.11.10 14:13

I use an old potato salad container for my change.

----- Kelvin 27.11.10 14:10

I try my best to conserve water, always carry a reusable tote, bring my own containers to restaurants for leftovers, limit the use of heat/AC, turn off electronics, shop at thrift stores and donate old clothes…small steps, but I’m working on it!

----- Jen 27.11.10 13:54

hulk smash the electric company

----- steven 27.11.10 13:47

I re-use crappy old vinyl albums as birthday cards, forging the signature from the artist to the celebrant. Who’s to say Hall and Oates can’t wish you a happy birthday?

----- Cole 27.11.10 13:33

How do I live green? Let me count the ways.
1-All cute jars get turned into mini terrariums, storage receptacles and also gift-able baking mix containers for friends
2-All edible scraps add to my homemade rabbit dropping enriched fertilizer
not my only green living, but most creative and time consuming!

----- Emily 27.11.10 13:32

I hack things instead of replacing them, sugru’s great stuff

----- Eoin 27.11.10 13:31

cool stuff… keep up the good work

----- jb 27.11.10 13:21

We save our baby food jars and I use them to mix and store paint.

----- Aston 27.11.10 13:14

I make my own cleaning products. I’ve switched to coconut oil for skin lotion instead of chemical laden beauty products. We compost and recycle. We’ve switched to glass for food storage, and try to avoid plastic bags as much as possible. We have reusable water bottles, and if we buy plastic ones we repurpose them.

----- Katalia WD 27.11.10 12:59

I love to use reusable bags to store items and grocery bags for trash cans and lunch bags.

----- Christi W. 27.11.10 12:56

For me, being green is all about being mindful of the flow of stuff in and out of our home. We can never throw anything “away”. So I try to buy only what we really need and love, from local and sustainable sources, and savor everything that comes into my life!

----- Lindsay 27.11.10 12:39

Green through laziness (not showering much)

----- Jason 27.11.10 12:33

use and reuse paper, conserve water, keep electricity low.

----- kate 27.11.10 12:32

all of our furnitures are made of old ones taken from the street, and we have reshaped them. for example we build our bookshelf out of an old bed and an armchair out of an old desk:)

----- pappviki 27.11.10 12:27

Aw, man. I got so excited about the trivet that I didn’t even see that you wanted to know how I go green creatively at home. How about this? I live in a recycled home— it used to be a factory in the garment district, and now I live in it. We’ve furnished it exclusively from swap meets so far for both taste and conservation, and our new kitchen includes energy efficient lighting and green (meaning the eco friendliness, not the color) counter tops. Also: we are a one-car household!

----- Leona 27.11.10 12:20

PS- Everything else looks awesome, too. I just got really excited about the trivet. :)

----- Leona 27.11.10 12:17

Jean, did you know that I collect trivets? I do! Also: I used one last night when I cooked the first meal ever in my new kitchen. If you give me this trivet, it will go to a trivet-loving home, and I will cook you dinner and use the trivet in the presentation of said dinner.

----- Leona 27.11.10 12:16

I use marble samples from home improvement stores as trivets and shallow shelving.

----- Raymond 27.11.10 12:08

We recycle everything of course. Also, we don’t own a dryer and line dry only. Plants galore which is green at least in color and we walk or PT only. No car for us which I think is probably the best thing anyone can do it it’s at all possible.

----- Jamie Sachs 27.11.10 12:05

I use old pill bottles to sort and store odds and ends. Thanks notcot.

----- Mundy Hackett 27.11.10 11:59

We’ve just braved sub-zero temperatures to dig out and re-design my back garden using reclaimed timber and railway sleepers to construct raised veggie beds and a compost heap. Home grown produce ftw!

----- Sam smith 27.11.10 11:55

I wish we did more to go green in our home, but the most we do is recycle and reuse. Hopefully we’ll start doing more.

----- Tran 27.11.10 11:55

we recycle everything, compost, use wind generated energy, and try to reuse everything possible. The birdhouse sure is cute, although not very green- we do love feeding our local birds too.

----- rori zendek 27.11.10 11:49

I try to live green by riding my bike to work, using my coffee/tea waste as fertilizer and remaking old clothes into quilts and trivets.

----- Christina 27.11.10 11:47

I’m green at home by repurposing leftovers, reusing glass jars for food storage, and recycling everything.

----- Susan Kelley 27.11.10 11:47

For the holidays, I’m reusing old jars as decorations with candles inside. I’m also making homemade cards and using magazines and butcher paper for wrapping paper. I also use reusable bags whenever I can when shopping. Since it’s winter, I try not to turn on the heat too much or just set it low and wear warmer clothing.

----- Ming 27.11.10 11:45

We have a balcony garden. You can’t get any more local than that.

----- Adrien 27.11.10 11:45

water conservation is very important to me and i do my best to teach my son that so, in the nicest way to say this, we live by the motto “if it’s yellow it’s mellow if it’s brown flush it down”

----- Katie 27.11.10 11:42

We grow most of our food, line dry our laundry almost all year round, and compost quite a bit.

----- Michael 27.11.10 11:42

I reuse the water I use to wash veggies to soak dirty dishes and to water plants.

----- Angela Lind 27.11.10 11:36

Green ? I share showers to conserve water whenever possible.

----- Keno Leon 27.11.10 11:18

We recycle compostables, glass, plastic, metal like crazy. We also never buy premade meals to limit waste, buy secondhand, and make whatever we can instead of buying new.

----- Quinn 27.11.10 11:15

we take old clothes to make quilts and old zippers to make cute brooches accessories to share family and friends.

----- bonnie 27.11.10 11:13

I grow herbs in a window box! Delicious and environmentally friendly.

----- Marie 27.11.10 11:10

I’ve always wanted a rabbit!

----- enrica 27.11.10 11:07

We try not to buy stuff. This is easy cause we don’t have any money anyway

----- max 27.11.10 10:56

I do a few things to be green!
-I save all my pickle jars and use them to store trail mix, flour, sugar, etc. They make really cute storage containers!
-I save old magazines and newspapers and use them for wrapping paper!
-I save my wine bottles and use them as candle holders and vases (sometimes I paint them and get fun and creative with the bottles).
-I unplug everything when I am not using them (cell phone charges, coffee maker, etc)
-I always bring my own bags to the grocery store.
-During cold seasons (as cold as it gets in LA), instead of turning on the heat I turn on a fire and wear my very comfy robe and slippers!

----- Tam 27.11.10 10:46

We rarely use the AC in the summer, but we use ceiling fans and natural ventilation whenever it’s warm. In the winter, the thermostat is set on a timer so we never accidentally leave it on when we’re at work. We also have a monitor in the living room that tells us exactly how many kilowatts we’re using in real time. This helps us know what appliances use a lot of energy, and encourages us to use them sparingly.

----- rich 27.11.10 10:37

We leave glass containers in the car in case we grab take-out or have leftovers.

----- Tab 27.11.10 10:33

so soo many ways. well as many ways as possible. I think it is simply about living as simple as possible and do your best to not only reduce waste and reuse anything you can but get out in the community and educate those around us. SPEAK UPP

----- jonathan 27.11.10 10:30

We compost, recycle and use green cleaning products. We have solar water, buy large packs and decant down to smaller ones. Crucially for this time of year last years cards are transformed into new ones on recycled card and sent back to original senders.

----- Grethic 27.11.10 09:04

i save pickle/jam/mayo jars to use as emergency glasses, and also to decorate with votives and sand/pebbles/etc.

----- Alexis 27.11.10 09:03

reuse is still underrated, buying goods secondhand and giving away unwanted items through schemes like freecycle help stop landfill

----- caroline 27.11.10 08:59

We line dry our laundry year round.

----- MGuy 27.11.10 08:30

We use plants to filter air the nursery. It makes a clean and cheery environment for our son.

----- Rochelle 27.11.10 08:29

I try to recycle items and give them a new life. For example, I built a small bookshelf using old boards from a barn (cut to size) and bricks. It looks great! Thanks for the contest, notcot!

----- Deanna 27.11.10 07:58

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