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Holiday Giveaway #4: Kidrobot- 11.28.10

6-kidrobot1a.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Evan in Dallas, TX!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #4 is here ~ and today our friends from kidrobot are giving one lucky reader: a super Labbit Prize Pack containing: a 24-Inch ‘Stache Labbit, a 5-Inch Series 1 Happy Labbit, a 5-Inch Corpsam Labbit, a Series 2 5-Inch Happy Labbit, a XMas Wonderland Super Fun Pack 1.5-Inch, and a Series 4 Mini Smorkin’ Labbit! The bundle is pretty unbelievable, it blew my mind when the box arrived at my house, and that HUGE mustached labbit popped out. It’s far bigger than i imagined, and so soft and adorable! You can see more pics of the prize on the next page - as well as a kidrobot coupon!

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 2nd (PST) ~ telling us why you’re a good home for this herd of labbits. Please note, winners will be contacted by email!

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679 Notes

I would love to give them a home for the holidays. Plus I’m allergic to most animals…

----- Eddy 02.12.10 23:26

I just moved from London and my room is bare. These little guys would brighten up the flat and I will take extra care of them! Cheerios!

----- Darrin 02.12.10 23:17

Hello and Happy Holidays! My name is Bryan and I’m a student currently attending UCI. I would love to give these labbits a home! My girlfriend and I are hitting our 6th month anniversary on the 13th and these would be a great present to her. She loves collecting Kidrobot vinyl toys even though she can’t really afford them. The last one I was able to get her was a DIY Munny. But since we’re starving college students, we have to pay for other expenses like food and rent! Having money to buy these collectibles doesn’t come by very easily. So these labbits would be a great surprise if I would be able to give them to her. I hope all goes well with the contest! (:

----- Bryan M. 02.12.10 22:43

My rabbit died long ago.

----- Sundeep 02.12.10 22:40

I need these labbits because someone has to stand up for the rights of real rabbits in my household. Lately, I’ve been coming home from work to find all my other vinyls, even my little armless and legless O No Sushi guys gathered together and watching my old copy of Watership Down. Hut, here’s the thing… they are laughing at it! Can you believe that? I am positive that only a strong stable group of labbits like the batch you are offering will have the combined strength to turn hearts and minds in my vinyl collection.

----- Eric 02.12.10 22:38

I don’t have any cats.

----- Lisa Pan 02.12.10 21:53

I have the BEST home for them because my Labbit Moose would just love to see himself my our christmas tree!!

----- Elise 02.12.10 21:32

My home would be the BEST home for this bunch of bunnies because my last name is Pigg and my maiden name was Estridge. I had rather large front teeth when I was younger so I got the nickname Easterbunny. This started a huge collection of bunnies. My husband says that he cannot even go to the toilet without a bunny staring at him.. Since I am now a Pigg I have a lot of piggies too. these adorable bunnies would feel right at home at my house with mama, papa and the 3 little Piggs. We just love bunnies!!! and there is no big bad wolf around here.

----- Cindy Pigg 02.12.10 18:59

Those Labbits would love me and and the rest of my collection of vinyl toys, they would feel right at home here. Plus+ I sport a number of different mustaches. So the big guy and I can converse of mustaches…

----- Jaden 02.12.10 17:59

Labbits would be the bees knees in my office cube. Right now all I have is a squeeze toy of Curly from the Three Stooges as a decoration, and he could definitely use some friends.

----- Vince 02.12.10 17:37

Got the big ears, the black glasses and a fag in lips all the time but i could never EVER grow a moustache like that!

----- Vangelis 02.12.10 15:09

Well I must say that stache makes you look so dashing Mr. Labbit. The rest of you guys are just too cool to pass up. Call me an animal hoarder, but I just can’t get enough labbits! I’ll give you a nice place to call home. So…are there any adoption papers to fill out? Where do I start?!

----- Dory M. Tomaselli 02.12.10 14:59

Me want Labbits! Me love Labbits!!

----- Michael Franke 02.12.10 14:40

I am a labbit. Come to momma wittle babies!!

----- Ekat 02.12.10 14:32

I am very sad about this I need a new dunny freind and kidrobot is my biggest fan and I love labbits but I can never afford one please do me please

----- evan harnois 02.12.10 14:17

OH my, I recently stopped smorkin’ they’ll join me now!

----- Petra 02.12.10 13:52

my home is full of cabinets and adventures for this wonderful herd of labbits.


they could be a part of our stories!

----- Joy 02.12.10 13:12

This would be an awesome addition to my already growing collection of kozik items!!! This would be the greatest christmas present ever!

----- Sid C. 02.12.10 11:10

Labbits make me happy.

----- Alison 02.12.10 11:08

I worked with a woman who was an animal hoarder—-of rabbits. Collecting Labbits is much more humane.

----- Chen 02.12.10 10:54

Dear Kidrobot,

I HOPE I’M NOT TOO LATE!!! My boyfriend and I have decided to make our ENTIRE BEDROOM Kidrobot. (We are somewhat adults.) We are dedicated to making it perfect and are trying like crazy to get as much as we can to do it right so we can do Kidrobot justice. (We don’t want some lame, kinda-Kidrobot kids room - we’re going more for a real deal gallery style getaway.)LABBITS happen to be my favorite…I named my cat Labbit! (True story) We call him Smork for short.I know that these Labbits would be happy on display in our Kidrobot bedroom, they will be comfy amongst the many Dunnys, Yummies, Mongers, Fatcaps, and the giant plush Sarge that we salute every night before we go to sleep. We would be glad to send pictures once the room is complete. As of now…it is a work in progress (and no easy feat). ALL Labbits are welcome!

Lauren Grondski and Blake Feldman.

----- Lauren 02.12.10 10:04

Nuttin’ more smorkin’ than a xmas-bot n’ notcot!

----- a haywood 02.12.10 09:49

My home would be great, because I’ve got a small collection of vinyl and only one Labbit, and he would love to have a few buddies. Plus I work in a store selling urban vinyl and other art, but I don’t make enough money to actually buy anything in the store with how much I spend on gas, food, and other expenses.

----- Hunter 02.12.10 08:48

I’ve somehow managed to amass a collection of vinyl toys without a single Labbit of any description. These would find a loving home on top of the speakers, believe me!

----- Phil 02.12.10 08:20

My home is the perfect home for this herd of labbits due to my insane amounts of shelf space that must be filled. And what better to fill that space with than a ‘Stache Labbit and a Smorkin’ Labbit with a monocle. Xmas Labbits for the win!

----- Elizabeth 02.12.10 08:13

These Labbits would accompany me in my lonely college dorm- they would be acquiring an education! Or just partying it up.

----- Kayla 02.12.10 07:37

We would quit smorkin’ while homebrewing and studying for BJCP (need a clear palate, hence the quitting)…I will wear my mustache socks, of course!

----- Gemma 02.12.10 07:36

I’m in college, so pets are not allowed. Our policy says that we can have ‘naturally caged animals’ which is, of course ridiculous. With the love and companionship of these Labbits, I get the joy of a pet and the awesomeness of a mustached pet. Where’s the downside?

----- Arielle 02.12.10 07:12

Please give me one….I love kid and robots in equal measure

----- David B 02.12.10 06:50

1.) these make rabbits everywhere jealous that they do not have mustaches and monocles….
2.) they make me giggle

----- whitney 01.12.10 21:08

I have a very special love for Frank Kozik’s work and have been following him and vinyl toys in general for about ever since 05. I can distinctly remember my 11 year old eyes as they were graced to see one of his Smorkin’ Labbits sitting in the display case of the much smaller Kidrobot NYC at the time. However, my mom would never let me buy toys with cigarettes in their mouths… :( I absolutely LOVE Kozik’s work and he has even helped inspire me to become a vinyl toy designer myself. I would LOVE beyond most anything to be the owner of this giant, wonderful conglomeration of smorkin’ hot toys. I promise that they will have a prominent place on my bed, shelf with some Dunny friends as well as my heart forever.

----- Ian Privett 01.12.10 21:00

I trudge into the same horrible, dank, depressing cubicle every stinking day! A whole set of labbits would bring a much needed grin to my face every morning. And that grin would very likely creep put anybody passing by - double win!

----- The Slapster 01.12.10 20:44

I want them babies!!!

----- Rachel Simon 01.12.10 20:35

I will be a good home to these babies because…I just will! =D

Labbits to me are just like Pokemon. Gotta catch em all

----- L.J. 01.12.10 20:30

Final exams are about to strike the earth like a lightning bolt of terrible and I’m already feeling more stressed out than an octopus on a carnival ride in the Sahara dessert, so I really need somebunny(ies) to help me through with some dark humor.

----- Megan Bohan 01.12.10 20:19

labbit is my friend.

----- Marry Nguyen 01.12.10 20:09

My solitary lonely little Labbit would sure appreciate having these guys around for the Holidays. Nothing like family to cheer a little Labbit up.

----- Jessie 01.12.10 19:28

I’ll bake them some carrot cake!

----- kt 01.12.10 19:21

well hello NOTCOT. what you are doing is pretty unbelievable.you must be crazy. or just extremely nice. which one do you think you are? ;) hahaha… but im pretty flabbergasted right now. i have been a big fan of kidrobot toys over the past 2 years. the thing for me and my friends to do when the kidrobot store used to open here was to go buy blind boxes and see who got the rarest one. but who cares about that. this is great! so many labbits. and they’re all being give away to one luck person. well then..i hope that person is me.

----- Tung Dinh 01.12.10 19:19

I love Labbits so much that I let my friends love them too.. It’s unfortunate that my plush Labbit received too much love, so now I have to resort to vinyl toys so that they don’t get ruined by jizz. They’re so much easier to clean and now my friends can have one of their own, as I will distribute them to deserving homes that include free HD Cable TV and plenty of houseplants to taunt.
Yours Truely,
Stiffie: The Mini Pony

----- boogietothemusic@gmail.com 01.12.10 18:45

they’ll be surrounded by some others of their own kind
they’ll be loved and well taken care off
they’ll enjoy my green room
they’ll become bilingual
they’ll see good movies
they’ll learn a lot of geek stuff
they’ll meet a lot of people
I’ll try my best to make the happy

----- aurelio 01.12.10 17:54

I have many a plushie to keep the mustachio’d one company. And I love most any toy that incorporates supposed ‘bad habits’ into the design; so the little smoking buggers would be displayed on my fireplace.

----- Jennifer 01.12.10 17:47

Oh, what can i say about Labbits?
You can’t really describe Labbits in one word. But if you could, it would be a jumble of a ton of positive words, like cuddly and ferocious. Cudfocious. I am an emotional creature. My mood swings up and down and side to side. So who better to comfort me than a Labbit? All cuddly and sweet. Who can resist that loveliness? I can bury my face into its fluffiness! My dad says, “oh, in a month it’ll be going to goodwill.” Well, daddy, that is surely not the case. First of all, I would be crazy not to save all of my Labbits to pass down from generation to generation (so, yes, Labbits will still be frolicking around in 2300). Second, I can’t risk the chance of my Labbits getting into the hands of the wrong caretaker. Like a 2 year old baby.Don’t get me wrong- I love babies. But i’m pretty sure that my Labbit would not be happy getting baby drool on it’s perfectly combed ‘Stauche. With me as a Labbit mommy, I can protect it from events such as that, pass on the Labbit loving tradition, and also give them alot- and i mean ALOT, of love.

----- Annelise A. 01.12.10 16:59

because i’ll keep them forever! :D smoking labbits r really amazing art work pieces and they deserve to be kept in a special place! :))

----- Amaris 01.12.10 16:57

My office space could use some labbit love!!

----- Kathryn Elyse 01.12.10 16:55

i can’t see anywhere suits to be their house except mine. I have a house of carrots awaits them and i am waiting the rabbit to get some of them!

----- Ac24 01.12.10 16:42

who wouldn’t want a butt disguised as a mans face?

----- john 01.12.10 15:43

I would tuck these babies in every night and force them to quit smoking. Smoking is a bad habit!

----- Elaine 01.12.10 15:41

My apartment would be a great home for this herd of labbits because my custom Munny speakers would help them fit right in. http://www.flickr.com/photos/charispoon/5225087438/sizes/z/

----- Charis Poon 01.12.10 15:30

labbits have a ass-kicking attitude no matter how happy a labbit can be. so i’m adopting that attitude and guess what.. i dont feel like telling you why labbits should be in my home! so THERE! lol! hehehe
but they would make me very happy..

----- Anita C 01.12.10 15:28

Both me and my boyfriend have tons of cute toys for all of those labbits to play with! Soft ones will have caves of blankets to explore when we are off to school.

----- Maia 01.12.10 15:24

I love labbits, especially Amanda Visell’s!

----- Nathan 01.12.10 14:57

Perfect sunlight, refreshing breezes, a well-kept carrot patch, and over 15 other vinyl buddies —What’s a better home than this Labbit-friendly place of mine? :)

----- Joanne Chau 01.12.10 14:44

I should take these Labbits home because we’ve both been smorkin’ this year and now my parents say Santa isn’t going to visit me :(

----- Nate 01.12.10 14:15

Rabbits, Monkeys and Wallabies, OH MY! All available for frolicking and play dates. Come play w/ us Labbit!

----- Zoooodie 01.12.10 14:12

Aww, these little guys would fit right in with my Rainicorn and Curious George

----- Martine 01.12.10 14:08

rap/poem.. (try to rap/sing it in your head lol :p)

with us…
mr ‘stache will be sleepin on cash
as he sips on a glass too fast.
So much class.
and uh.
with us
corpsman will be number 1 commander and chief
as he eats popcorn with only his briefs
Got beef?
and uh.
with us
Happy lappy lucky Labbit wont feel as crappy
as he watches me play xbox on my lappy.
So snappy.
and uh
finally, smorkin hot labbit will meet my fist,
for smoking in this house is not on the list.
But dont worry he’ll be fine, theyll all be fine,
in this winter wonderland I call mine. ;)
merry christmas and happy holidays!

----- Jewelyn 01.12.10 14:08

These rabbits are just my style!

I work for a certain “Mouse” themed company in burbank, so there is animal art in spades.
I would love to have these rabbits over take my cubicle and give a certain mouse a run for his money.

plus as a Member of Mustache Movember i feel a Fatherly bond to this little guy.

BTW. I’ll totally photograph the bunny takeover, If i win.

----- Nike Chapman 01.12.10 14:05

I believe the labbits would be great in my home because my kitties love labbits.

----- Raven 01.12.10 13:54

I know a special someone who has too many vinyl toys, I thought why not add to her collection since she still loves each one more than one could know.

----- Andrew 01.12.10 13:34

I just want a friend to talk to when I get home from work.

----- Jorge 01.12.10 13:26

My home is being slowly taken over by cats and dogs.
I need to amass an army of Labbits to show my pet’s who’s boss!

----- Jan 01.12.10 13:24

i need them to join and mingle with my dunny family for christmas

----- George Yoo 01.12.10 13:12

I have the perfect home for this family of adorable Labbits! They will be encouraged to multiply and roam free among our other playful critters. We offer a flea-free home.

----- Loren Hall 01.12.10 13:07

I will use the labbits as my own personal army against North Korea.

----- George 01.12.10 13:01

LABBITS are my RIFE!!!

----- Jai 01.12.10 12:34

I would like these labbits to add to my mass toy collection currently growing in my room. As a self-confessed toy hoarder, i feel these little babies would inspire me to achieve my ultimate goal of making toys and throwing them at people.

Also, i think my mum walking in on an army of labbits, sharing a bowl of maltesers with a giant pikachu and gangsta Tako would actually make my day and prevent her from tidying my room


----- Siobhan Alcaide 01.12.10 12:08

They should come to me because I have a delicious recipe for labbit stew.

----- RobTsou 01.12.10 11:58

I am definitely the best home for these rabbits! They’ll fit in nicely with my coffee table books and other designer plastic toys! Looooove KidRobot.

----- Lauren 01.12.10 11:04

I believe that I would provide the perfect home for these Labbits. & by I, I mean the entire creative team in my office.

The Labbits would live in the creative department. Where we are always scheming, gaming, brain storming, laughing, yelling, thinking, singing, dreaming & living.

I truly believe that the Labbits would thrive best in this environment above all others.

No shelf could ever compare!

----- Jackie Saik 01.12.10 10:15

i’d give this set a home because i would wrap them all up and give them to my brother (whos a small labbit collecter) and the massive labbit shape with a bow would look awesome under our tree!

----- bill goddard 01.12.10 09:40

My boyfriend is huge fan of kidrobot and I would love to see the smile on his face if I won this for him. This would be an awesome addition to his collection.

----- Joy 01.12.10 09:37

my reasons:
one, labbits have always been my favorite toysm so i’d be a good mother to them! my first vinyl toy was a 5 inch labbit, and i even designed packaging for two of them for a graphic design studio last year.
(you can see my boxes here http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y64/PigSaysOink/toys/1-1.jpg?t=1291224491
& here http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y64/PigSaysOink/toys/2-1.jpg?t=1291224479)
two, my labbits need more friends! i even have a big shelf ready to go for these guys in a safe glass case, next to my others.

thank you for this giveaway!

----- Marissaurus 01.12.10 09:30

Due to my horrible luck since that fun house of mirrors incidient, i have not been able to win anything, and i hear a labbit’s foot is way luckier than a rabbit’s.

----- Josh Phillips 01.12.10 09:24

My house is constantly inhabbited by friends who raise rugrats…err kids….I have been told I am the perfect caretaker for such objects and feel these labbits would be a nice addition to the cages where I keep the rugrats.

----- Charlie Price 01.12.10 09:21

These labbits wont be lonely in my house. The weather in the Philippines will make sure that they’ll be cool.

They’ll be well protected (glass cabinet), well fed (carrots and some cigs) and well loved (oh yeah!!! cuz everyone here love them labbits!)

Fine, I’ll even place them in special rooms when they want to make a butch of little labbits :p

----- Marwin 01.12.10 09:19

I’d make a good home for these rabbits since I haven’t killed any, at least this year. ;-)

----- Seth 01.12.10 09:14

A haiku for you-

Labbits on a shelf.
Am I immature and weird?
Virgin forever.

----- Caroline Mills 01.12.10 07:46

My home would be a good home for this Labbit collection because my home doesn’t have any dolls or figurines anymore. If I was to win this, I’d take the best care of it & treasure it, especially since there’s nothing else for me to treasure :p

----- babytigerr 01.12.10 07:34

Bunnies and mustaches!!! Two of my favorite things!!

----- jb 01.12.10 07:21

I would provide them with a great home & they could have blast with the other toys, when I’m not around.

They would also be able to enjoy all the four seasons at their fullest here in Finland: Spring, when the sunshine starts to bring the nature back from sleep after winter; Summer, when the nature blooms at its best; Autumn, when nature presents its autumn colors (called “ruska” in here) and winter, when they could enjoy playing in LOTS of snow!

Also, Finland being the home of Santa Claus, especially Xmas Wonderland - Smorkers would fit in perfectly here and all of them would be able to see the real Santa Claus at Christmas! And maybe get their own wishes fulfilled, if they’ve been just kind enough during the year ;)

Ps. I would daily groom those great mustaches of the ‘Stache Labbit to keep them at their best and keep him happy. The whole bunch would get a lot of loving and great care.


----- Joonas 01.12.10 06:51

I’d be a good home for these wonderful kidrobot labbits, as I am a classy dame that best friends are all mustache enthusiasts. Do you know how heartbreaking it is to hang out with these hairy men that spend a large amount of time waffling on about how amazing their handlebars and mutton chops look today when I’ve no hair on my upper lip, but only on my legs and armpits? I have so much love to give to the stache labbit, and i’d have much more leftover for the other labbits, too!

----- Sarah Graley 01.12.10 06:50

i eat rabbits this would be a good feast

----- Spencer Schell 01.12.10 06:26

tis the season for our reason
we love notcot, we love holidays, we love kozik,
loving the holiday love, happy holidays everyone!!!

----- benginati513 01.12.10 06:11

Both my fiancee and i love all kid robot toys. We have a collection of all different characters, even some custom work done for a charity silent auction. sadly, our collection is short the wonderful labbit, who i have quite the soft spot for. they have a welcome spot among the dunnys,munnys,and thumper we have

----- Darien 01.12.10 04:27

i adore rabbits! i would also share some with my friends :)

----- jennifer 01.12.10 02:35

I just got a new desk and need these guys to keep watch over it!

----- Mike 01.12.10 02:18

Rabbits happen to be my family’s passion. We’ve had em rather than cats and dogs, hamsters, frogs. Passin em on from dads and moms to sons and daughters, uncles, aunts, and cousins all. I started off when I was a toddler, wanted something small and calm, for my parents not to be bothered. They bought a pair of hares and thought it wouldn’t matter if we had em share a small area so they wouldn’t be hard to handle. But not long after, we realized that rabbits like to love like valentines, and soon enough we had a pile of tiny bunnies, light and fuzzy, around the house all day and night running and lovin and lovin. We found it funny, stunningly proud to be surrounded by thousands of bunnies and rabbits. But something happened, we had to pack up our family and leave our happy gathering because of our daddy’s company. Wondering what was to come of our lovely bunch of bunnies, we stuck with what was best for em and left em in the country, the sun setting west of em. I never let go of my memory, knowin that some time, I might be reunited, but no, a decade rolled by and still I could only own one rabbit at a time. So that is why it goes to show that I should be granted one last chance with this fantastic Labbit family.

----- Sam 01.12.10 01:46

Why would I make a good home for the labbits?

FIRST of all, Christmas is coming so they should deserve the best of course!
So why not let them come home to me, I provide enough (Or in this case - MORE THAN ENOUGH) food, shelter, and all the love and attention these little AND huge lovable labbits!

SECONDLY, I’ll have enough vinyl to keep them occupied while I’m away at work, trying to make more income to increase the amount of friends they’ll be spending most of their time with. C’mon, don’t you want my toys to have a big 24” labbit to protect them from scary monsters that creep throughout the day and night ;)

LASTLY, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LABBITS, so make my dream come true this Christmas and provide me with the love of a cuddly and soft 24” labbit ;)

Thanks for reading!

----- Kevin 01.12.10 01:09

I have a Labbit tattoo on my forearm, I think I deserve it more then anyone else lol. Also I’m a massive collector and I’m missing the Stache Labbit.

----- Kevin Jeffery 01.12.10 00:23

many long-eared toys
stare through cellophane windows
my mailbox awaits

----- eab 01.12.10 00:22

I need them all to surround me with their stare and that cigarette that i want but let them enjoy because they can live forever.

does the giant labbit have a black dot on his backside too?

----- Kathy 30.11.10 23:20

My home is the best for the Labbit gang coz I already got 2 rabbits & they can hang around together all day & dig holes, smoke & grow moustaches!

----- Sonia 30.11.10 23:19

My home is a good home for these rabbits because I already keep a flock of chichens and a dog. And they need company, even if only stuffed company.

----- John C. 30.11.10 22:54

Too many flat surfaces just waiting to be the new home for a herd of labbits!

----- Joe Wasserman 30.11.10 22:45

You know, mustaches are hard to take care of. Few truly appreciate the art behind grooming those delicate fine strands of filaments to a perfect harmonious shape. It’s nearly impossible to achieve a good balance! Lately I’ve noticed that the Labbit, a fairly newcomer to the mustache scene, seems to have done a pretty decent job in polishing its assets. Truth be told…I’m rather jealous. Thus, I wish to invite the Labbit to my home to pass on its knowledge and skills in the art of mustachay bonsai. Yes, please!

----- Ubin Li 30.11.10 22:35

Errr….because rabbits with moustaches are awesome!

----- Amanda 30.11.10 21:22

labbits need love and attention. my home is filled with that! these would be perfect for my 9 year old bro

----- Julia suh 30.11.10 21:06

labbits make me feel all fuzzy inside

----- Julia Suh 30.11.10 21:04

i need some new bed friends :P

----- Julia Suh 30.11.10 21:03

Those labbits looked alittle caged in by those boxes. I would set them free to roam around my house.

----- ZeroBaBo 30.11.10 21:03

Theyre so cute! Well, I wanna start collecting them but I also wanna save money and give these as gifts cause theyre simply cute to giveaway. They’ll make others happy even if they’re seperated :D

----- Jackie 30.11.10 20:10

I have started a collection of Dunny’s and Munny’s mostly along with a few others, no Labbits so far as they are never in stock, but all my toys are vinyl and I would LOVE to expand to include plush toys as well. My fiancee has wanted anything Labbit related for soooo long and I would love to be able to surprise him Christmas morning with this beyond amazing collection which would make this the best Christmas ever! We would take amazing care of these wonderful Labbits and want to continue to grow our collection so this would be an amazing contribution to out love of toys!

----- Tory Reynolds 30.11.10 19:53

I would be a good home for the labbits because they would have other labbits to be friends with! If I won, I would name the 24 inch labbit Barton, which I think is the best reason. :)

----- Catie 30.11.10 19:46

I live on a carrot farm!

----- Gabriel G 30.11.10 19:45

With my sisters gone and out into their own world, the home I live in is only occupied by my mother and me. With the labbits, they would be able to chill out wherever they want without us bothering their chill lives. Also, as of the past few years, I got into the world of vinyl toys and have begun collecting a large collection of my own and I have begun to create my own plushies! As a design student, these labbits will also be under my design research and take part into helping me become a great designer in which I hope to be soon!

----- Florence Yuen 30.11.10 19:26

I have a niece and nephew who would be very dedicated to the care and taming of these wild rabbits!

----- John 30.11.10 19:06

I would make a good home for these labbits because, then my lonely labbit would have new brothers to keep him company. The more the merrier.

----- Mitchell 30.11.10 18:51

These labbits would be joining a huge family of kidrobot toys. Its quite costly for me to adopted some of them because i have to pay huge shipping costs. i already have a open glass shelf waiting to accommodate them. A vinyl toy collection just isn’t a collection without a Labbit in it.

----- Kevin 30.11.10 18:32

I live on a labbits farm and they look like they need some new friends!!

----- Ian Brennan 30.11.10 18:32

I would make a wonderful home for these wonderful guys. :)

----- Diane Palumbo 30.11.10 18:31

I’d make the bestest home for these fellas cause they’d be displayed uber proudly and proper. And I have 19 turtles. Cause I rescue them. And they’re hungry. But they don’t eat Labbits. Thanks!

----- Aimee 30.11.10 18:29

I had a rabbit when I was a kid and have missed him ever since….fill my void.

----- Taylor Ahlmark 30.11.10 18:28

I’ve been dying to get a Labbit for quite some time. Every time I do, they’re always sold out on Kidrobot’s website, unfortunately :( I’d be a good home for these amazing Labbits because they’ll never be lonely with my other small collection of Dunnys and Munnys :)

----- Trisha 30.11.10 18:20

I should get the Labbits because I will give them a nice home and lots of yummy snacks. I will let them watch as much television as they want. The Labbits will also have caring Dunny friends to play with. PLEASE SEND ME THEM!

----- Luka 30.11.10 17:34

Dear NotCot & Leader of the Labbit herd,

Here are my Leasons why I can provide a good home for this herd of unique Labbits:
1. I have just changed my name from Gary to Lary.
2. I just redecorated and refurnished my bedLoom to make it Labbit-proof and certified.
3. I have a constant supply of Larrots and other freshly grown Legetables for the Labbits to nibble on.
4. I will spread and share the Lappiness and joy of having them around.
5. I will Love the Labbits and treat them not as toys but as my dear Lamily members.
6. I will be there for them when they needed me the most, their Lonfidant.
7. I will remember to take them on Lolidays and Lacations.
8. I promise to protect them from the Lonsters under the bed and in the closet.
9. And did I mention that I just changed my name to Lary?

Signed with lots of Love (and Larrots),

----- Gary 30.11.10 17:22

I’m convinced I am the labbits are the kidrobot incarnations of myself. I look at a labbit and it’s as if I’m looking into a mirror!

----- Dee 30.11.10 17:17

unleash the labbit horde ! in my house of course. i have plenty of friends for them to play with- or kill!

----- Manoleto 30.11.10 17:01

Everyone else thinks they have the best home for these Labbits, but I believe I do, I mean that’s a lot of cigarettes to go through. I can definitely supply the smorkers what they need to give them a happy home! Only the best for these little mongers :)

----- Johnny Duncan 30.11.10 17:00

I’m a great home because my friend’s bunny can come visit it any time and I always stock tons of carrots and other vegetables.

----- craig clark 30.11.10 16:37

They just make me smile..and Kozik lives in my backyard so having them signed is going to be E-Z-P-Z!

----- Jarid 30.11.10 16:13

Because i am vewy vewy quiet when hunting labbits.

----- Rowan 30.11.10 16:12

Because the T.Rex doesn’t want to be fed, he wants to hunt. Can’t just suppress sixty five million years of gut instinct. Therefore: Smorkin Labbits. They’re gonna die from their bad habits anyway, might as well go out with style. T.Rex just loooooves Labbits…

----- Amanda O 30.11.10 15:44

us serious business types LIVE for this uber cute rigidly cuddly stuff. must have!!

----- danyelle 30.11.10 15:41

ill make a good home for these labbits because i have some 10” labbits that need some love from that giant stuffed labbit!

----- joshua 30.11.10 15:27

The dunny’s are over-running my house, I need some Labbits to keep em in line.

----- Ben 30.11.10 15:14

My home would be great home for these masterpieces! I would bath them weekly, feed them three times a day on a balanced and nutritious diet. I would get them all their shots and annual vaccines, and they would add a great touch of inspiration to my home! Another great reason is, im a long time fan of kidrobot and notcot, and ive yet to ever get one, prolly due to limited funds :S Happy holidays form Taste to Notcot and everyone else, Goodluck!

----- Taste 30.11.10 15:13

every vinyl toy needs a labbit friend! i have a lot of lonely toys right now :(

----- grant 30.11.10 14:55

My first pet was a white rabbit named milky. It would continually remind me of my childhood. It’s already bringing back memories.

----- En Dav 30.11.10 14:54

Ahh, awesome! Why? Because no one can resist the cuteness that is the Labbit:D

----- Rossi 30.11.10 14:22

Labbits are starting to get harder and harder to find down here and I am trying to keep their culture ALIVE. I have always been a fan of labbits from the start but when the economy crashed my family lost a most all of our money so I havent gotten a labbit in a least two years. If I won this my holiday season would be perfect because it would be my only present

----- Joe Wallace 30.11.10 14:21

I would love to win this for my girlfriend, she loves Kidrobot:)

----- davengo 30.11.10 14:21

My home will provide these labbits with 5 star luxury alon with the company of different Munnys and dunnys :p

----- Elvis Salado 30.11.10 14:13

Just got into toy customizing and collecting about a year ago, so I need to grow my collection! Like the labbits and need more examples of customizing ideas, too ^_^.

----- Michal 30.11.10 14:12

Because I already collect Dunnies. So I might as well collect more rabbit shaped vinyl. :D

----- DIB 30.11.10 13:56

The smorkin labbit army is not big and strong enough yet to fight off the wrong doings of Mow-Mow the love Gremlin (as seen in this photo here: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lcktygfAej1qa57jqo1_500.jpg).

If you could kindly recruit the rest of your labbits to create a Smorkin army of 300 strong, we can fight the PERSIAN [cat].

----- Tanya 30.11.10 13:52

My best lady friend had a beautiful bunny that passed away last week. I want to fill her home full of bunnies that can never get sick!

----- Jenny! 30.11.10 13:49

Litter box - daily cleaned.

----- Angela 30.11.10 13:42

Because this just may get me the notoriety needed to let Kozik know that he has been misspelling things for a while now.

----- Matthias 30.11.10 13:32

Good home. Large yard. Plenty of exercise, freedom, and sunshine. All the carrots and cigarettes they can handle. Need I say more?

----- EmCee 30.11.10 13:28

Labbits are the cutest creatures alive. I possess a conglomeration of cute things and it would only be fitting if I own the precious things! I already have the small plush Labbit and he could use a few friends to make days less lonely when I’m in classes :]

----- Holly 30.11.10 13:25

These guys would fit in perfectly in my home! They would have lots of other labbit friends to frolick with. In fact, 3 of these labbits are actually the last ones in my collection I need meaning they could all relish in the fact they were the last to join and complete our labbit family. (Labbit treats handed out regularly to all as well, with no discrimination ;) ).

----- Brittany 30.11.10 13:19

I think I would make a good home for these Labbits because I currently own a family of them (around 10 Plush, 5 inch smorkin, 10 inch and 2 inch blindbox) and they would love more company. Labbits love to hang around other Labbits. If they were to reproduce the numbers would be staggering! I will definitely return the favor and place the baby Labbits up for adoption if that does happen!

Feel free to check out my art website which shows my love for Kidrobot and Graffiti!


Good luck to all who wish to adopt these adorable Labbits and thanks for the chance!


----- Mike H 30.11.10 13:08

I’d give these guys an excellent home. The big fluffy one might even get to come to work with me (I teach preschool).

----- Katie 30.11.10 12:58

I’d encourage the labbits to make more labbits by setting the mood with red lights and sexy music.

----- BaconIsGood4You 30.11.10 12:48

I have a good home for these Labbits because I will feed them snacks and let them watch as much TV as they want. Plus they will have lots of other Kidrobot friends to play with them.

----- Luka 30.11.10 12:47

I have never had them kidrobot rules and I collect alot of kidrobots stuff so please choose me and I will be your biggest fan ever!!!!!!!!!

----- evan harnois 30.11.10 12:46


----- Eric 30.11.10 12:42

I hope to win this Super Happy Rucky Labbit pack because my two labbits would love to have some more playmates. I make stop motion animation films with my labbits, and take them out with me on my travels. I’d love to have a nice big happy warren of labbits.

----- Jessica D 30.11.10 12:37

I am an orphan child who was abandoned on the streets when I was 7, left on my own to scrape out an existence on the cold, unforgiving streets. I was strong, though, and I did just that mentioned above. One day, as I went behind a store looking for scraps, I saw an adorable little labbit digging through the trashcans. I approached him cautiously, and he stopped his search to look at me, and I knew right there we would be friends forever. We had so much fun together, just two buddys out on the streets, but then everything changed: he started smoking. He became so addicted that he contracted lung cancer and died. It was the worst day of my life. He just collapsed right there in the alley. I never forgot him, though, even when I grew up and found a job working for a grocer who found me begging for work. Not even after I had enough money to rent an old, smelly, damp, and dingy apartment. These labbits look just like him. I would be so happy to take them on. I need some company at my place, you know. (I have cleaned the place up since I moved in. Its sanitary.) Please, they remind me so much of my old friend. And I could use some new ones, too. Please…

----- Brent Zirkel 30.11.10 12:25

I want these because I’m:

Thirsty and miserable
always wanting more
Thirsty and miserable
Thats what I want the labbits for
Thirsty and miserable
it’s because I’m a vinyl whore…

----- jackie 30.11.10 12:15

These lovely labbits would be good with me because I have a great big vinyl garden for them to run around, and lots and lots of moustache wax for their ‘staches! :D

----- Rigo 30.11.10 12:14

I’ve been a fan of kidrobot for so long. I couldn’t purchase anything because i didnt have the money to at the time because i had no job as kid. my very first purchase was a set of RUN DMC toys. and that’s what started the madness of labbits and mongers (as wells as dunny’s and munny’s). With the collection i have i plan on handing down to my future child (when it does come around) and hopes he/she continues on with collecting. I never really collected and invested soo much money into anything in my life as a kid and as an adult (baseball cards, pogs, pokemon, bottle caps, stamps, shoes, jordans etc.) until i discovered kidrobot. Hopefully these labbits make its way to my home. Oh and my last reason why is because the last day to comment is on my birthday, DEC 2!!! what a great birthday gift this would be.

----- Dave F (aka dav3ydave) 30.11.10 12:10

I think my place would make an excellent home for this herd of labbits because my cat Bunny (yes, I have a cat named Bunny) is an expert labbit herder. She’ll make sure they’re the happiest, best cared for labbits on the planet!

----- Kitty 30.11.10 12:08

My other labbits are lonely :( Help give them some friends! :)

----- Richard Goddard 30.11.10 12:07

I must win these rabbits! I don’t smoke, and I won’t feel American until someone in my dwelling does!

----- Brad 30.11.10 12:05

These labbits would have so many good friends if they came into my home. They would watch television with my mini bub and raffy. Frolick inthe yard with my Shiba inu and dick for snakes (I’m sure the labbits would be more violent). I’d evenet them play some xbox 360 with my robot monkey coin pouch and spiderman mini mighty mugg. Oh, I travel a lot so I could have them come with me to japan and explore the city. They can even kick it with the King tofu head I got from there, a d perhaps assist mee in finding a bearbrick.

----- Kenny 30.11.10 11:56

I am not your average labbit lover, being a middle age professional woman, BUT I love them nuts! I lost my job about a year ago and when found a new one – had to re-locate to NYC. I left most of my possessions behind, but I did bring 5 baby labbits with me. Four are keeping me company at work, but only one is left in my new apartment. Both him and me will appreciate company in our new life. And the main reason – I JUST WANT IT SO BAD!!!

----- Olga 30.11.10 11:53

For most people the love of a small pet completes their daily life. However for my daughter and wife this is not possiable. We live in a small apartment with no abilty to have pets. So the love my 3 years old daughter can give is only possiable to her stuffed labot. She sleeps with her labot and calls it her baby. However last week she lost her stuffed labot at the mall. I know deep down both her and my wife would love their new labbot family as if it was a real bunny. Please bring the joy back to my daughters eyes.

----- Toney Meredith 30.11.10 11:52

I forgot to say, to train them for world abomination!

----- Trami T. 30.11.10 11:49


----- Trami T. 30.11.10 11:44

I’m a good home for these labbits because I ADORE stuffed animals and they are just too damn cute.

----- Esther 30.11.10 11:43

I have a labbit in my living room. He’s pretty grumpy and could use the company.
He just stands there and stares at me , doesn’t say a word and won’t put his cigarette down for even a moment.
Me thinks it’s cause he’s lonely.
Not sure what to do when I begin entertaining this holiday season, my guests might think him rude. So you see, he needs company and a plushy hug to put him in the Christmas sprit.
Please help me, I mean Mr. Grumpy out with some labbit love.

----- Joaquim 30.11.10 11:33

Ode to Series 4 Smorkin’ Labbits (to the tune of Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You”)

If the blind box refused to yield, I would still be
loving you. When I have 10 red series 4 labbits and no Stabby,
there will still be you and me.

Kind Labbit, I give you my all, kind Labbit, nothing

Little ball and chain, I hope you’re not in pain, top hat lost in the days gone by. My love is strong,
with dupes there is no wrong, together we shall go
until I get that airplane. My, my, my. Incomplete is what
you are to me, incomplete, look… see.

And so today, eBay it smiled, bubblegum & 80s workout, they’re in the mail, Thanks to you there’s only two, yet to join the 15 of you.

Happiness, no more be sad, happiness….I’ll be glad.

If the blind box refused to yield, I would still be
loving you. When I have 10 red series 4 labbits and no Stabby,
there will still be you and me.

----- Davey Wavey 30.11.10 11:29

I have a couple of very lonely Kosik pieces in my home already—a smorkin grenade and a smorkin’ bone. THEY’D LOVE A BIG BROTHER (or several!) (I also have a STACK of other urban toys including several customs of my own design but have been lusting after those plush Labbits for far too long!!)

----- thepete 30.11.10 11:22

Hello notcot!

My name is Steph and I work in a Kidrobot-friendly store out of Pittsburgh, called Kawaii Gifts.

I’ve spent countess hours staring at big Moustache Labbit, hedging the merits of his awesomeness against his cost. As a recent college grad, I have two minimum-wage jobs and, you guessed it, very little money.

I’d love to send Labbit to the best home I know. This home is located waaay down and deep on the Florida Peninsula.

I grew up there with a very special human named David, my brother-in-arms. David is in high school and works one day a week at a zoo. David is autistic. David loves rabbits, and his favorite species is Kozik’s Moustache Labbit. Unfortunately, Labbit exists mostly in the imagination, and certainly not at the Dreher Park Zoo. I believe this needs to change.

I hope Labbit will be in David’s hands this holiday season.

I hope you will help me in realizing this hope.

Thank you, notcot and Kidrobot, for your generosity.


Stephanie Connors

----- StephCon 30.11.10 11:13

My fiancé has been taking in and raising Labbits for the past two years. She has been hard at work building a Labbit farm (A.K.A. The Big Desk). A place where they can smoke, chew on stuff and run free! She gladly takes in any and all of those little guys, and provides a good safe home. Even to those who are lost or unwanted.

----- Eric_Glowy 30.11.10 11:11

I believe that my home would be a great place for these guys because they would be at home with the other Kid Robot and stuff used to be animals at my house. Also, I believe that they would appreciate the fact I have a bar in my bedroom. Also they are allowed to play my guitar if they promise to play searing guitar licks.

----- Mark Marvel 30.11.10 11:02

my 2 month olds would be delite to ride with his new sleepin buddy!

----- david z 30.11.10 10:59

I believe these Labbits would love my house for all the collections I have of toys. Plush, vinyl, etc. So they would never be alone. :]

Plus I appreciate the art or any art in general :]


----- Nikki 30.11.10 10:58

I deserve these labbits because I have been a kid robot fan from the beginning, unfortunately I happen to be poor so I havent been able to support kidrobot the way I would like to. I would cherish these items more than anyone else. These would be my prize possession and they would have the best, warmest, loving home, even if it is not furnished in the most extravagant way. I have never won anything in my life, I would love for once to feel like a winner and finally have something to call my own, and be proud of. To have these kidrobot items would make me the happiest girl ever. I hope that this even gets read. I dont ever enter contest because I know I how slim my chances are.I have been pretty unlucky in my life so far, But for something like kidrobot I have to try even though I know this probably won’t even be read. Happy Holidays to all at NOTCOT and KIDROBOT. Keep up the AMAZING work.

----- Christine Young 30.11.10 10:57

I live in a non-smoking household, but we’re down with smorking! We’ve also got plenty of vegetables, plus a collection of Dunnies and other assorted vinyl creatures for the Labbits to hang out with. They’ll have to live in an extremely smoggy city, but most Labbit experts agree that their kind are best suited to urban lifestyles anyway :)

----- Zen 30.11.10 10:53

I will not make him shave for the holidays

----- terry kraft 30.11.10 10:52

these guys would be right at home amidst my ever growing labbit collection (which potentially doesn’t include any of these yet!) so they would have lots of friends :D

----- stephanie 30.11.10 10:50

Because I need some pets for my dorm room :(

----- Charley 30.11.10 10:45

I would raise this plush labbit like its my own kid (not that I have one, too young for that) with all aspects of my caring and loving nature. This herd would be very pleased to have me as their owner and care-taker.

----- Joel De Vera 30.11.10 10:43

I am building an army of cute fuzzy demented labbits. These are perfect recruits. Let them join and together we will conquer the the world. I can taste the nicotine and triumph….

----- K Buck 30.11.10 10:35

Labbits rule and my kid will buy a real cage for them!

----- christian 30.11.10 10:33

I always have room in my house for more animals, especially some mischievous Labbits to make it all interesting!

----- Stephanie K 30.11.10 10:31

Labbits should stay at my place. I have a lot of spaced out labbits in my “Animal Testing Refuge”. Even speaking about it now will draw the evil forces closer to my location but labbit lives are at stake so I have bounced my signal around the world so my exact location remains unknown.
Please be kind and hand over these little wonders of nature to the proper authorities, namely: me!

----- Luuk Langenhoff 30.11.10 10:30

Well… With this many labbits runnin around the house for the holidays… I know atleast something would be having sex…
( -.-) Damn Sexy Baby!!

----- Jason.. 30.11.10 10:28

I would like to own these labbits because they would keep my five little labbits. They will be in a perfect home with me. :D

----- Brian Robles 30.11.10 10:27

With the labbit you can’t compete
His moustache status is so elite
He’s awesome from his ears to feet
A super friend that can’t be beat

Labbit loves to smoke and eat
A popsicle his favorite treat
He can be feisty but also sweet
The coolest rabbit you’ll ever meet

To own these labbits would be so neat
A truely accompolished, amazing feat
I promise I would never mistreat
I need labbits to make my life complete!

----- Katie 30.11.10 10:22

I collect anything with a butt hole, so I must have them!

----- Matt Livengood 30.11.10 10:22

We’d give all these Labbits a good and fun life
When I say we, I mean me and my wife.
We’d hug them and squeeze them and play with them a lot
Pack them away in the loft we would not!
So send them this way, to give our Christmas some cheer
And the first thing we’d do? Give the big one a beer.

----- James 30.11.10 10:21

I would make a good home for these Labbits because i am already experienced in providing medical attention in response to dog attacks. I have also learned to keep Labbits out of my dogs’ reach.

Additionally, i have found severagl good homes for labbits with my friends and family.

----- Ben Jablonski 30.11.10 10:20

I would be a great host to these labbit’s because I’m not making the same joke that everyone else is making in this spool of comments! :)

----- Jacquelyn Taylor 30.11.10 10:20

The labbit needs a good home as I neeed something to hug at night to fall a sleep!

----- Nick Ma 30.11.10 10:16

Because i LOVE all Labbits! they’re the most amazing creatures EVER, i must collect them alllllll…please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

----- Billy 30.11.10 10:15

I’d like to win these Labbits because I am just starting to collect toys and this would be a great starter for my collection. Also, they’re adorable and I could totally score some babes with them.

Guys, I need this…

----- Paden Wyatt 30.11.10 10:14

I would be a great parent to these labbits. I promise I would never lead them into combat, no matter how combat ready they tell me they are…I know I know, they are masters of disguise,one may even wear the fatigues…It’s just… If they ever went out without me I would be so afraid they would never come back. Instead I will provide them with the warm atmosphere and family that they need. My daughter will have a place on her window seal for each of the smaller labbits. They will day dream together. She will sketch beneath them as they look out for her, making sure no one comes to disturb her. That big ole stuffed labbit? I think he’d love having his mustache primped as he sat beside my new fiance’ and I during our movie..
I know I sound half ridic…..wait no..full blown ridiculous in this, but you have NO idea how much I absolutely love designer toys.

----- Jacob Snider 30.11.10 10:11

They would have a good home because I am Rascally…just like them Rabbits.

----- Adam 30.11.10 10:11

I would make a good home because:
a) i have a lonely little pink labbit sitting here
b) my friend doest like them so i can annoy him with a giant labbit
c) third and most importantly, I is the shiz niz!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Merry Christmas all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

----- Katy 30.11.10 10:07

Lots of space - good music for breeding.

----- Laurita 30.11.10 10:00

My home would be PERFECT for these lovely Labbits, because my 178 Dunnys and 9 custom Munnys would welcome them with open arms! They would be well loved and in very good company with my bf and my collection of over 300 toys and action figures too. Since I have yet to own any Labbits, they would make a unique and adorable addition to our family!

----- Genni B 30.11.10 09:58

I need the smorkin rabbits out of necessity. You see, I have anti-cancer. The only way to keep me alive is to absorb as many carcinogens as humanly possibles. I’m all out of sweet n low, and I feel like that process is making me diabetic.
These smorkers need to come into my smork free household. Not because they are really freaking awesome, because my life depends on it.
Have a heart.

----- Dave P 30.11.10 09:56

these labbits would be right at home with our ever-growing collection of kr dunnies!

----- Tim 30.11.10 09:56

my home would be perfect for these labbits cause i currently have corpsman labbit who has a little man’s complexion and picks on the 1984 labbit. :[ def not good! someone’s gotta show him who’s boss. :]

----- ariana 30.11.10 09:56

I DESERVE these Labbits because my soon to be ex-husband (we’re getting divorced) took all my labbits collection!! What a jerk! :(

----- Jaquelyn 30.11.10 09:55

These Labbit friends really need to socialize with others of similar ilk, but not exactly more Labbits…you know, for culture and diversity sake. I am currently the proud roommate of The Sarge (mustachioed grenade), Smokey (the smoking cigarette), and an assortment of other Kidrobot awesomeness. My place would be the perfect hang out for these bad ass little guys!

----- Chris Connors 30.11.10 09:54

We are 5 mini labbits struggling to take control of this one-bedroom apartment. We’re ambitious, but lack the sheer numbers to effectively overrun the humans. Please send reinforcements~

----- Rachel L 30.11.10 09:54

Because I like all things subversive and LOVE all things bunny!

----- jennifer lew 30.11.10 09:52

I’ve got a wonderful place on the mantle for these! :)

----- Steve M. 30.11.10 09:51

I live in Vermont where there are vast tracks of land, an abundance of clover, and a budding vinyl collection. This would be an ideal home for labbit retirement. That and I’m a big labbit fan :)

----- Calvin 30.11.10 09:48

I would be a good home for these labbits because I have many friends they can play with. :D

----- ~OZ 30.11.10 09:48

My house would be a good home for them. I don’t have enough to buy designer toys, but for me toy collecting is a passion. I really wanted to have these Kozik Labbits so bad but they’re expensive. It would be a great Christmas for me if I win this because I believe, like me, you could really set apart the true toy collectors from the rich people who just buy stuff without any reason.

----- Edgar Gonda 30.11.10 09:44

These labbits are the perfect gift for my 15years old goddaughter. She`s collecting rabbits, she had tons of but these are missing. Give them to me to make a girl very happy ;D

----- Constanze 30.11.10 09:42

I would give these labbits a loving home and treat raise them as my own children. I would teach them important skills such as riding a bike and educate them about the dangers of smoking.

----- August Grahn 30.11.10 09:41

My home would be great for these labbits. I’ve been collecting Labbits and other vinyl toys for my baby since before she was born. She is six months old now and has a few labbits on shelves decorating her room already!

----- Lindsay 30.11.10 09:41

I already have some labbit friends for them to join and have a nice habitat set up for labbits to live out their days happy and content.

----- Chad 30.11.10 09:40

I live in a non-smoking house so I need a good dose of vitamin-S.

----- CleveRoh 30.11.10 09:38

must have. i dont have enough and need more.

----- rima 30.11.10 09:38

In the green Switzerland they will live in the easyest way of life: in the summer they will jump around the whole day in the wide green fields under the warm son, eating chocolate and drinking milk while chattin with the lovely cows (and some of them will sit down and smoke a cigarette). And in the winter they are going to play in the snow, i will teach them skiing, and after a challenging day they will come home, eat some good ol’ cheese fondue, and then drink a hot chocolate in front of the chimney (and some of them will smoke a cigarette too)
They will love it, if they don’t, i’ll send them back to you!

----- Jan 30.11.10 09:35

My house is a great home for these Labbits because it’s a nice cozy atmosphere for vinyl toys and designer plush! I have one 10” labbit who could use some more friends. He gets lonely sometimes.

----- Bo 30.11.10 09:33

i’ll make a good parent to them labbits because i love kidrobot, i love rabbits, i love labbits, i love dunnies and i’m a rabbit myself born on the 25th december 1987! … rabbits are not allowed as pets here in queensland, australia and they’re the closest to the real thing only funkier - so i’ll make sure they get all the love they need and i promise i won’t let them near the rabbit proof fence!

----- John Ezekiel Cubian 30.11.10 09:32

I’d give these labbits an excellent home! they belong with my other labbits (i’ve been collecting since 04/05) and i’d love to be able to build labbit pyramids in my room with my 5-inch labbits to go with my 10-inch labbit pyramid. it’d necessity.

----- Amanda 30.11.10 09:32

My Batman action figure needs some new sidekicks

----- Marlowe 30.11.10 09:32

My place would be a good home for the Labbits as I already house many Labbits and they would feel right at home with their own kind. Plus I have many supplies to get them through day to day life and to live quite comfortably.

----- Crystal Friess 30.11.10 09:31

I have tons of Kozik’s work in my collection, but not a single labbit. HELP ME REMEDY THIS!

----- Cuong 30.11.10 09:31

I have a good home for these labbits because they would be accompanied by my two smorkin’ labbits that I already have in display. I always went to the kidrobot store in soho every week but ever since I moved out of New York, I haven’t had a chance to expand my collection! This giveaway would be the best present I could get this Christmas :)

----- Tiffany V 30.11.10 09:31

I would give these labbits a good home because they could be friends with all my dunnies :)

----- Paul 30.11.10 09:30

My home would be a PERFECT home for these little guys because it’s a warm little place where the labbits can run free and smork whenever they please!

----- Heather 30.11.10 09:30

I would love those Labbits in my house because I’ve been collecting Kidrobot Dunnys ever since they opened up a store in Miami. Those Labbits would just complete my collection :)

----- Simon Huang 30.11.10 09:29

My home would be exceptional for this herd of labbits. I already take care of two on my own both smokers so they have to go outside a lot one fuzzy from the old school series and one blue… my friend takes care of my stash labbit. I have no other pets @ the moment so they would get my full attention:)

----- benderbot 30.11.10 09:28

Here at Shady Acres Vinyl Retirement Home, we provide the perfect environment for ANY vinyls looking for a new home. We provide an ample amount of underground Hip-Hop and plenty of comedy stand-up for any and everyone! For the Smorkin Labbits, we have a large open area where the can smork freely, and as much as they want, without complaints from any dunny’s. We also have a place for Happy Labbits right in front of the t.v., because everyone knows a mass media influenced, rotten brain Labbit, is a Happy Labbit. And dont think we forgot about the Stache Labbits out there! He’ll be made right at home on a bed surrounded by others of interest, like Wilson and Sarge! We love to welcome new faces here at Shady Acres Vinyl Retirement Home, and we’re sure your Vinyls will love it too!

----- Jordan 30.11.10 09:27

i just remodeled my house..my wife nixed labbits in the house…but she said the office is my kingdom (it’s good to be king!)…so i built new shelves and cabinets (aka homes) and now they’re ready for some lucky labbits to move in!

----- Johnny 30.11.10 09:27

I’ll be a good home because I LOVE eating rabbits, but just the ones made of meat. So the plush and vinyl ones will be safe!

----- Igor Ventura 30.11.10 09:26

My little apartment would make a good home for Labbits because the smorkin’ ones can take cigarette breaks with us, the ‘stache ones will feel right at home with our hirsute inhabitants after No-Shave November, and all the others can make friends with the kittens and Dunnies that are draped over every surface in my hoppin’ bachelor pad. Plus, it’s graduate school paper-writing season and baby carrots are my go-to stress-eating food, so we have carrots for days.

----- Arielle 30.11.10 09:25


----- Mike Horvath 30.11.10 09:23

It has always been my dream to be a labbit herder. My little home in the mountains would be perfect! Plenty of space to roam safely, and lots of love to spare!

----- Sara C. 30.11.10 09:22

Because I am going to love these labbits, and there’s no better reason than that. ♥

----- Klarisse 30.11.10 09:18

Because they need a home to play with all their friends! My room: (http://twitpic.com/37mofk)

----- Tracy 30.11.10 08:58

because they’ll sure be buddies with my dunnies :)

----- Rolando Gonzalez 30.11.10 08:41

Hello, I just started a new creative job out in California about 5 months ago. Everyone around me has desks filled with toys and gadgets but nothing they had really interested me. Since I joined a few people have left our department and gave me a couple of their ugly hand-me-down action figures which I put in weird positions. Recently I have been actively looking for something to replace them. I looked at mech toys, action figures, plushies, but Labbits were on the top of my wishlist. I have an empty desk now but I would love the company of some Labbits to help spark my creative spirits each day.

----- Kevin 30.11.10 08:29

Labbits would love our apartment - it’s full of interesting creatures like Lego S&P shakers, inflatable moose heads, dog, cat, avenging unicorns and more.

----- Veronica 30.11.10 08:17

My freezer is stocked with more popsicles than Dora the Explorer would know what to do with. Slow melt, chocolate fudge, rocket pops….you name it, we’ve got it. These magical gifts would not only alleviate some of the popsicle induced madness, they would also provide an incetive to end the popsicle insanity and make room for………icecubes :-)

----- Matt P 30.11.10 07:40

I am a giant carrot. I need these little guys to help fake my death to ward off any further attacks from giant rabid rabbits. These Labbits could be my only hope!

----- Rob 30.11.10 07:29

The holidays are about spending time with family, These labbits should come home with me and meet thier long lost labbits series 1 family, spread the cheer and get to know their roots!

----- tony f 30.11.10 06:47

I was born in the year of the rabbit and the coming year is also a year of the rabbit. I love rabbits. I own like three kozyndan posters with rabbits and even a sumi-e painting of a rabbit from a zen master.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any three dimensional representations of rabbits to complement all my lapin decor. These kidrobot rabbits would let me ring in the new rabbit year in style.

----- Yoon Lee 30.11.10 06:38

I think I’d be a good home for the labbits because I have a mini army of kidrobot dunnys to keep them company. I’m also very tidy, have a boyfriend who smokes and can keep them in steady supply of cigarettes for smorkin’ and I shower regularly.

----- Lena 30.11.10 06:26

My toy party would be all the more perfect with the AWESOME LABBITS joining the fun! Get this party started my way!!! :))))

----- Alisa 30.11.10 06:17

I have no money, a gift would make my year or three.

----- Ken 30.11.10 06:05

I’m a vegetarian so I won’t eat them. On top of that, I’ll take good care of them! …I also have trouble growing a ‘stache so this would really help me out!

----- Jasper 30.11.10 05:51

lab-ly labbits will have a new home here in the desert. they’l be able to easily fit in together with hairy men on this side of the world. i will get them to ride camels, get friends with scorpions, shake the bodies with belly dancers and gobble on shawarma and kebabs. they will sure have fun in here!

----- choi 30.11.10 05:23

My first born may or may not be named Labbit

----- Chris Saavedra 30.11.10 04:45

I have a great home for these labbits since i own a pet rabbit. His name is ‘Oortjes’ which means ‘Ears’. And i do not have a christmas present for him yet. With the labbits he can make some new friends to do naughty rabbitylabitty things with. So he does not have to chew on my cables or jump on the couch and watch soccer alone anymore.
And since he likes ripping paper, i promise to package these labbits in pretty giftpaper.
(And of course i have all sorts of stuff to feed and entertain these guys, and a nice liqour cabinet!)

----- Krista 30.11.10 04:24

Hi! I always wanted to grow a mustache and be a rabbit… but it’s unfortunately impossible, because, u see, I’m a girl. I think that a mustache rabbit is the perfect companion for me, and in order to create a peeeerrfeeect setting to greet him, I executed all my cats!!! hahahaaaaaa, grrrr….

----- maja 30.11.10 04:22

they can run around my rabbit farm.

----- dima 30.11.10 03:45

they will be lovely next to my other toys

----- Marcos Paulo 30.11.10 01:56

The Labbits would sit on a shelf of bunny fuzzies that’s across from a shelf of Dunnies and Gloomy Bears who can only look threateningly/longingly at the fuzzy prey. I’m sure the Labbits would love to be in a position of smug superiority over their Gloomy kindred.

----- Hannah 30.11.10 01:54

If they were real rabbits, yeah… no… I probably wouldn’t be the best home. Real rabbits have a way of “sleeping” cause of a neighbor’s dog that is loose throughout the day and like to “put them to bed”. BUT!!! Labbits on the other hand will all be safe from said bad loose doggies… well, unless they stroll to close to my dog. Or after playing with them I leave them on a edge of a table or something. BUT!!! surely I won’t do that, really, honest. I’ll take great care of them all… =)

----- Larry. 30.11.10 01:13

If won, these handsomes are going to multiple homes, not one… In the spirit of Christmas, I think they’ll bring more joy when shared with friends (as cute little ones as they are). They will make a family member smile, and a coworker squeel with joy, and generate some seriously happy jumps from friends, as everyone would love some bunny joy from Kidrobot…and of course, I’ll keep 24 inch one for myself :P

----- Tet 30.11.10 01:02

Shame what happened to my little white rabbit when I was four. Eating too many roses in the backyard, it lost its tail to a mad uncle who wore a bowie knife in his sock. Perhaps this little clutch of artful rabbit art can assuage my traumatic childhood experience.

----- Melanie 30.11.10 00:51

A good home will be provided to these lably (lovely) Labbits because I lab (love) labbits, vinyl or not vinyl. :)

----- Raph Matawaran 30.11.10 00:45

I think they are “labbitainment” and will put a smile on each of my happy and funny guests.

----- YK 29.11.10 22:57

I am unable to grow facial hair. Thus, I can live vicariously through these labbits at my final chance at having my own hipster ‘stache.

----- J 29.11.10 22:46

since i was born the year of the rabbit, i’ve always had a fond affection for them—who can resist those flop earred ones?!? my dad, my grandma, my future grandmother in-law are all rabbits as well…and we’re all hoping that i’ll have a bunny in the oven next year (year of the rabbit 2011) to complete three generations of rabbits! i’d love to join the Labbits with my rabbit family.

----- Kim 29.11.10 21:53

my home is good for these labbits because I have very nice display carbinets to house them, to showcase these beautiful labbits to my friends and relatives.

----- bobby 29.11.10 21:48

My daughter loves these

----- mike 29.11.10 21:00

They would be in good company with my Star Wars and Futurama figures. And they need not worry about dust. They would receive the best care.

----- Dee 29.11.10 20:27

I have a real labbit named wasabi.
He would enjoy a friend.
My father likes a cigarette from time to time.
He also would enjoy a friend.
My roommate josh has recently grown a mustache.
He would most certainly enjoy a friend.
My girlfriend is obsessed with things of the orient.
She needs a friend.

----- Shera 29.11.10 20:10

i’m good for all those labbits so that i could finally call my fiances labbit with good intentions and her not thinking i’m making things up and to cuddle with that mustache.

----- ted 29.11.10 19:51


----- joy 29.11.10 19:41

We already have a small troop of labbits guarding the top of our Technics turntable, but are looking for some more reinforcements!

----- Land 29.11.10 19:37

i want them so much because i had a rabbit as a pet when i was a kid..but it died few years back,kinda sad..hope this would be the perfect replacement for it. plus, my house has tons of carrots!! ;)

----- idzwan 29.11.10 19:34

The ones with mustaches are perfect for my 3 year old daughter and the ones with the cigarettes are perfect for my 30 year old wife!

----- Eric 29.11.10 19:06

My home would be perfect, because there is no doubt that ginormous labbit would stand out beside my tiny Dunny’s and Fatcap’s! They need some plush security!

----- Santos 29.11.10 18:59

I am 9 years old and love stuffed animals and labbits.(especially Labbits)
I have many other stuffies so they would never get lonely.
I play a game with my friend where all the animals go on adventures.
They would be very happy and have the best home!


----- Phineas Horowitz 29.11.10 18:50

One of the little labbits has a popsicle? Oh my! My home would be a good home for them because they’d always have plenty of popsicles :)

----- Sam 29.11.10 18:36

Hhmmm why should I win these adorable labbits? Because Im moving out soon and that could get pretty lonely. Plus thatd help me make things start to feel homely. Have you seen those donut and pizza shaped stuffed pillows? If you havent you should since that huge labbit would look so nifty with them and it could you know be friends or something. (Eat them haha jk) :) thanks.

----- SeeJay 29.11.10 18:18

I make my own luck rather than needing a “lucky rabbit’s foot.”
They’ll be safe with me

----- Birdfeed 29.11.10 17:56

I’ve got a lot of Labbit love to give this holiday season.

----- Matt 29.11.10 17:19

sadly the beautiful caribbean lands of venezuela lack of gorgeous vinyl toys, my home would be perfect for these babies because they would enjoy a radiant summer-like weather all year around and an infinite stash of carrots, plus they would look gorgeous next to my design books. Viva le moustache!

----- Andrea Finol 29.11.10 17:19

We would be an amazing home for these labbits since my boyfriend is a huge fan of mustache (He has a hard time growing one himself) and would be very envious of the fabulous mustache that the labbit has, and take very good care of it :)

----- Danny G 29.11.10 17:18

Labbits were my first and favourite blind box toys, and I’ve come a long way since then. The Labbit family would certainly have a happy home with me, and perhaps one or two would sneak run away to one of my friends, who all love Labbit as well. And, of course, I live in a smork-free home.

----- Jess 29.11.10 17:12

I don’t have mustache nor am I a rabbit, so living with me would keep the universe in balance!

----- Lisa G 29.11.10 17:08

i would give these labbits a good home where they can listen to amazing music all the time, and inspire me with new art.

----- Dhruv Patel 29.11.10 17:00

I want the bunny with the Popsicle D:

----- whitney 29.11.10 16:29

Great giveaway!! I think my home will be great for these cute labbits because i will take very special care of them and my house is a fun place to live in!! There are many other toys that will live with them and they won’t be lonely!! I also love bunnies and the labbits will be great friends with my other bunnies and rabbits toys!! Thanks,
Leslie S.(:

----- Leslie S. 29.11.10 15:58

Well, despite what logic tells me, I’m pretty sure my mustached T-Rex and Weight Lifting Lego man are in need of some new company.

----- Gideon 29.11.10 15:51

I think my cat would love to torment these little bunnies. I guess it prepares them for the real world, catching real bunnies! :D

----- Edward Wong 29.11.10 15:36

As a bearded man myself, a rabbit with the same characteristics would be the perfect companion. Also, I kind of collect vinyl toys….

----- Michael 29.11.10 15:16

Like labbits, I don’t eat other labbits…which is exactly why I would provide for the best most comfortable labbitvironment…I wouldn’t eat them. I also wear mustaches and enjoy popsicles, but not cigs!

----- Sean 29.11.10 15:08

My best friend is growing a stache just like Labbit! It would be an awesome to take a picture of both of their staches together on Christmas! :)

----- Tina B. 29.11.10 15:08

The rabbits will be perfect for my collection!!I already have Quatchi & Mukmuk sitting by my bed!

----- nolita*wanders 29.11.10 14:50

i have one labbit and it’s loney :( i would like to give it some friends

----- eileen 29.11.10 14:34

This Stache Labbit and it’s friends need a good home. A good home like mine!

----- Mimi 29.11.10 14:24

Awesome possum…. er… bunny.
I wanna win you!

----- Andrew 29.11.10 14:18

labbits, like narwhals and boston terriers, LOVE my house. it’s just a fact.

----- cevd 29.11.10 14:13

I am a breeder of toys and another Labbit in breeding will get a warm welcome place to eat carrots and it will be good to play with friends and even to find

----- szym 29.11.10 13:58

My Dog would have a great time playing dress up with the labbits, she could dress up in her sunday best & have a tea party. http://bit.ly/hMQUfh

----- keith 29.11.10 13:57

I love rabbits… I used to own a cute all white albino bunny! I also love kidrobot! :)

----- Chunmei Mck 29.11.10 13:47

These Labbits would have their own personal paradise in my home. They would be pampered and treated like the treasures they are! They would have treats whenever they liked, and be loved as one of our own!

----- Brooke T 29.11.10 13:41

I’m an industrial design / architecture grad student. Who better to keep me and my sleep deprived friends (both human peers and caffeine-induced hallucinations) company in studio than some sassy Labbits?

----- Kathleen 29.11.10 13:33

Gotta have more stache. Gotta have it.

----- Hamza 29.11.10 13:17

I have been given my first labbit as a gift and now feel I need to mutate the labbit family in my home, frankie (my labbit) is feeling extremely lonely Archie moment and would definatly appreciate some mates to chill out with! ;0)

----- Elaine kemp 29.11.10 13:09

wow, perfect pets for my family, who can’t seem to keep fish alive.

----- rich 29.11.10 13:02

One of my labbits ran away to the circus ): I left for boarding school and he’s all alone at home. Every weekend I go home and I love their moustaches! They always bring a smile to my face. Hopefully this Labbit will love my home in London!

----- Vivian 29.11.10 13:01

my house will be a great home for labbits because i have two shelves that are dedicated to kid robot toys. i have two deph fat caps a collection of little fat caps and other assorted toys. my kids are finally at the age (7 yrs old) to understand they are not toys but collectables and they enjoy when i come home with new ones. the labbits will be a perfect addition to this wonderful family.

----- david selezniov 29.11.10 12:58

My home would be perfect for these Labbits because I won’t eat them. Rabbits? Definitely. But these are spelled with a ‘T’…so I won’t.

----- Patrick 29.11.10 12:52

My home is perfect for these rabbits because i’d eat them if they were edible…but they’re not edible, so i won’t.

----- Patrick 29.11.10 12:49

My home would be perfect cos we have plenty of lands for grazing and smorkin’!

----- Jessica ♥ 29.11.10 12:48

Why? Because I am mortally afraid of Labbits. I am 87.3% certain that I will die at the hand of a disgruntled Labbit. But I must embrace my fear and raise them as if they were my own. It’s the only way to fight the fear.

----- Emma 29.11.10 12:48

I would give these labbits a good home where they could play with other labbits and the big one could be my dog’s new boyfriend!

----- marcwilliam 29.11.10 12:31

I’ve made a pretty good home for my cat, Scott, so far… so there’s that.

Also, they would keep my A.L.F. doll company.

----- Whitney Whitworth 29.11.10 12:30

These bunnies could not find a better place to socialize with other vinyl and plush friends between Futurama characters, oversized Genevieve Gaukler customized bearbrick, Rocky Horror Picture Show statue, etc…

----- Baptiste 29.11.10 12:09

my mom always calls me her “little bunny” so we collect bunny items for each other, these would be great as a christmas present for her (I might have to save a few for myself!)

----- somerset 29.11.10 12:01

I already have one stached labbit living with me who goes by the name Bluffy J. Wellington. He’s been more than a pet, he’s family now. And he videotapes every dumb mistake, goof, and moronic action I make. Mocks me, makes moves on my wife, and eats our hummus.
And I can’t imagine a whole labbit family around my place in every room or corner I turn.

----- Walter Parenton 29.11.10 11:58

Nobody will comb the labbits mustache like a big time mustache wearer, we will be mustache brothers form another mother!

We shall sit around the room in a mustache circle, looking at our sweet sweet ‘staches. Smorkin’.

----- Jerry S. 29.11.10 11:43

i like things with fake moustache!

----- pappviki 29.11.10 11:42

These Labbits would fit wonderfully in my new flat. I’ve got lots of empty shelves to fill!

----- Ashley 29.11.10 11:40

mustaches and smokes are a rabits best friend

----- James R 29.11.10 11:40

I believe you should hand over those Labbits because I’m a huge Frank Kozik fan and I have just the right place in mind to display them correctly.

----- Naysa 29.11.10 11:38

These labbits would have plenty of buddies to chill with at my girlfriend’s who already cares for several smorkins

----- Ryan Neuffer 29.11.10 11:33

here at work we have a communal labbit farm with ‘smorkes’ and other friends.

----- Brian 29.11.10 11:26

1. Because the dust bunnies scurrying around my apartment need company.
2. I’ve liked Peter Rabbit and Pat the Bunny since I was a child.
3. My drawers contain an endless supply of carrots and mustaches.

Thanks NOTCOT, for holding these giveaways!

----- Andrea 29.11.10 11:23

I deserve the labbits because all my friends live far away and i have to ditribute the labbits by them and then we can just have to do labbit mettings for our labbits to be happy!
Also my neighbors have a carrot plantation.
And because im trying to convince my family to stop eating rabbits and if i put the labbits on the christmas table they will not be able to eat rabbits again.
hm, that’s about it.

----- Sandra Ricardo 29.11.10 11:21

My home is a great rabbit home with our animal sheds and bountiful garden for them to enjoy… in the winter season they will enjoy spending time on the shelf above my desk in my home office!

----- Mikell Johnson 29.11.10 11:20

because i live on the moon. according to chinese folklore labbits live on the moon. or was it rabbits? anyway labbits are much much better. and its gonna be a blast jumping up and down on the moon.

----- Ricah 29.11.10 11:19

I live in a white apartment and unfortunately no pets are allowed.
Perfect house for a Labbit!
plus, I’m a design student at Design Academy Eindhoven, I’ll appreciate Labbit even more!

----- Bili regev 29.11.10 11:17

I would love to add labbits to my munny, qee and trikky family. I would love them and place them in their own glass house :)

----- Carrie 29.11.10 11:08

My home is 80% delight, 20% disaster. It keeps things exciting and perfectly suited for a herd of labbits.

----- Jennifer 29.11.10 11:04

My French bulldog will mate and breed with the labbits .we will have a super race of Frenchlabs. They will bexraised indoors and feed only a diet of organic home grown veggies and farm raised bison. I will also teach them can control and how to out smart authority when bombing streets and subways.

----- Scott Epstein 29.11.10 10:57


----- Vivian 29.11.10 10:57

any home is a good home but mine is especially wonderful. I’ll have to share with the kids but would love to have these guys home for the holidays!

----- Erastos Leiloglou 29.11.10 10:56

My home is a place where labbits dreams to live, theres a lot of studies than indicate by the MBADS and the SPCO that all the places of my house are been created by dreams of the labbits, the problem was when kidrobot take away from home, that why I believe its time that these species come home now.

----- Gust 29.11.10 10:56

We have dogs, cats, and squirrels, so the labbits are guaranteed to never get lonely.

----- Matt 29.11.10 10:55

As the proud owner of many vinyl marsupials, I should be delighted to accept these fine specimens on behalf of my fellow subjects of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Parts of Ireland, and several strange Atlantic islands no-one really knows about (and a secret fairytale republic in-between Switzerland and Italy that ABSOLUTELY no-one knows about). They shall have a splendid home gallivanting among the fine fields and well-made car parks of South London, and I personally guarantee that they will meet the Queen at least once. Good day!

----- Fin Dennis 29.11.10 10:49

because i love kid robot i even made a vacuform one for a art project i love it and made it my own i collect alot of kid robot simply because theyre epic
so to win one would mean alot as ive spent tones on these bad boys of the animal world

----- christi-anne 29.11.10 10:48

These Labbits would be devastated if they werent able to come home to me… How could you possibly break their hearts like that at holiday time?! Please send these little buddies home to me for the holidays!

----- Kristian 29.11.10 10:44

I have several dunnys that they would get along quite well with :)

----- samara calcano 29.11.10 10:36

I’m a good home for them because I already have a bucket of toy soldiers, a few lego men, dinosaur action figures and a bunch of rubber animal toys in my dorm room, and these actually cool toys will look even cooler by hanging around my lame toys.

----- Matt 29.11.10 10:28

They want to live in Costa Rica!!!

----- Maria Lara 29.11.10 10:28

I certainly deserve this. Especially with all the free advertising your vinyl stickers provide on my car. Your eye patched dinosaur gets tons of love.

----- Conrad 29.11.10 10:21

There once was this toy called a Labbit
That looked a lot like a nice rabbit
But I’m afraid its likeness ends there
Besides loving porn and having no hair
It has developed a bad smorkin’ habit!

KozikXxx 4eva

----- PAFFORD 29.11.10 10:19

Them bunnies need a haus, I got plenty of cigs and carrots to munch on!

----- Kenny L. 29.11.10 10:19

I will provide a good home because I have several Alice Dolls here that need more Labbits to run after and play with! *crossing fingers*

----- Maribel 29.11.10 10:15

I live in The Ntherlands and it’s cold and snowing. I bet those labbits would like to play in the snow. As an added bonus those labbits can smoke something different then normal sigaretes here in The Netherlands. They can ask my Sketchbot for details, he really likes it here.

----- Edwin Smouter 29.11.10 10:12

The future depends on it.

----- Sam 29.11.10 10:12

My boyfriend and I just recently adopted a puppy. Her name is Elly. We got her from a shelter that had tons and tons of rabbits! She sometimes gets lonely at night and a tiny labbit friend would snuggle up with her nicely. She would not chomp him or stomp him! They would be best of friends!!

----- Drew 29.11.10 10:11

I promisse they will survive the christmas dinner…

----- Floor Schiphorst 29.11.10 10:08

My home would be a good home for the Labbits! My family went to Rotofugi in Chicago Thanksgiving week and my 5 year old daughter walked behind the large fuzzy Labbit on display, poked her finger in it’s anus (a recessed black dot) and exclaimed loudly “This is where it poops. And my finger is in it!”

----- Shelby 29.11.10 10:07

Cause I’ve never owned a labbit! I’d love to welcome them into my home for the holiday season

----- dan antoniello 29.11.10 10:05

The labbits will come to a welcome experienced environment, I currently have two labbits in my care. I have been raising labbits for 2 years and have plenty of extra room for these additional labbits. My plans for the future include a labbit farm and being a labbit show competitor

----- nelson phu 29.11.10 10:02

Secretly labbits rule the world, and we all know that their favorite food is Yummy Donuts!

----- Kandice 29.11.10 10:02

I’m a good home for these Labbits because I will keep them safe. Also, my home has dunnies and munnies that the Labbits can play with.

----- Tina 29.11.10 09:57

i run a labbit sanctuary (a non-profit organization called love labbit, seattle division) but i have only one labbit to care for. :(

----- cristina 29.11.10 09:56

Did I see a dunny for sale on the latest Urban Outfitter’s catalog? Not that I subscribe or anything….

----- Hans Huang 29.11.10 09:56

I will be a good home for these lil’ dudes because I will feed and water them every day, keep them away from tiny hands and vacuum cleaners, dust them when needed, and give them a good spot by the window.

Oh yeah and I fucking love Kidrobot so.

There’s that.

----- kate 29.11.10 09:56

Because labbits secretly rule the world! And we all know that their favorite thing to eat is Yummy Donuts!

----- Kandice 29.11.10 09:56

Because labbits secretly rule the world, and we all know they eat Yummy Donuts.

----- Kandice 29.11.10 09:54

I have two little stache labbits who need a daddy to complete their family. I got them from Mr. Kozik himself when he threw them out in front of the Kidrobot booth at SDCC 2010! Don’t leave my baby labbits fatherless!!

----- Jackie D 29.11.10 09:53

Cuz the rats underneath my cardboard box home need some fellas to play with!!!

----- Todd Larsen 29.11.10 09:53

i’ll give those friendly labbits a safe, warm home here in chile (yes, they should travel all the way down to a happy new world)
they will be loved and taken care by the vinyl toy family that lives here.
plus, we dont smork.

can i get those? can i, can i, can i? =D

----- ricardo caceres 29.11.10 09:53

My house would be a great place for them, cuz my plushies, The PWARK!, need to hug animals, and I’m not allowed to have a dog….But what about those rabbits!? They would be great friends for all those plushies slowly invading my living room….And they will be with my munny, he feels a little lonely these days….

----- TiWi 29.11.10 09:51

I would be the perfect home for these little bunnies, because I am vegetarian so they need not fear for their lives!

----- Lucas Lund 29.11.10 09:50

When we brought our newborn daughter home from the hospital, the first gift we gave her was a stache labbit. Winning this prize pack would ensure labbits for each stage in her life.

----- Fally Afani 29.11.10 09:50

I must have them to add to my mighty labbit army so we can take over the world.

----- Ted McIntyre 29.11.10 09:50

My girlfriend has recently grown a love for mustaches and I’m unable to grow one, if I had these I’d gift them to her for Christmas in the abstinence of my own stache.

----- Steven Yuen 29.11.10 09:49

Fred the sock monkey needs some friends.

----- Wei 29.11.10 09:41

Because I’ve given up smoking after 20 years and I’m still alive. These little blighters will do all the smoking for me. NICE.

----- Lucy Munro 29.11.10 09:38

These should go to me because Mr. Kozik called me and said so. He said he’d call you guys, but he couldn’t remember your name and would feel super awkward calling you “guy” and “buddy” for the whole conversation.

----- Paul Shore 29.11.10 09:36

I would provide a good (and creative) home for this herd of labbits here at the art department. We have many other munnies and toys that would keep them entertained and happy, from a bobble head Darth Vader to a collection of Sponge Bob Square Pants Happy Meal toys. All of us are designers/creatives and always appreciate a well designed labbit. =D

----- Jorge Inchaurregui 29.11.10 09:32

I am a good home for this herd of labbits cause I LOVE THEM, plain and simple~

----- Andy 29.11.10 09:20

Need labbits to breed labbits…

----- paul w 29.11.10 09:18

My 3 year old bamboo plant just died… I could really use some new lucky charms for my desk! And I heard Labbit feet are even more lucky then rabbit feet. Good thoughts, good vibes, good LUCK! Bring on the Labbits!

----- Brooksie Shelton 29.11.10 09:10

I will feed it carrots. The End.

----- Roy Lee 29.11.10 09:01

The Labbits will be safe once and for all. Everyone knows Labbits are tasty creatures full of life sustaining vitality and some even possess the sustenance full living forever. Unfortunately I’m allergic to their meat, so none shall die in my keeping, unlike most of humanity’s desire to have them too. Considering their position on the endangered species list, I’d only expect NOTCOT to get alongside this important cause and help provide a safe nurturing environment for them to reside in.

----- Kevin 29.11.10 08:52

they will be well taken care of as i will let them graze in the yard and herd them with my dogs.

----- steven 29.11.10 08:50

They would be one of the family. My last name is Hare.

----- Justin 29.11.10 08:34

This giveaway is awesome.. I don’t own any Labbits right now.. which would be good reason for me to WIN!!! my home is in need of some labbits.

----- Tran 29.11.10 08:22

Coz we have the stache, the top hat, the smorkin and the glasses+big fake nose in common. Just as that argument wasn’t enough, my girlfriend would faint of happiness if I gave her a coupple of them for christmas. (she really wants a little labbit) That is a loving home if u ever saw one!

----- Viktor 29.11.10 08:20

Because my munnys are lonely :(

----- Kristina 29.11.10 08:17

I think I’d provide a great home for the Labbits. Especially the moustachioed one. He’d take pride of place while the other ones could hand out iwth my other vinyl figures and have a rockin tea party or sorts with some whiskey.

----- Danasaurus 29.11.10 08:09

Well, in short my sister would LOVE these!
and I think they would look awesome next to her other kidrobot figures and her domo collection!
i couldnt afford this for her on my own—but maybe i’ll win them….’tis the season after all—-right?
besides—who doesnt love mustaches!? lol i could even make a mustache for her domo so they can be moustache friends.

----- Hallie 29.11.10 08:04

These Labbits would live lavishly on my desk at work. They would be the center of attention throughout the office full of post-menopausal bitter women.

----- jillian 29.11.10 07:58

french people need to know about the labbit, and they will with me!

----- han 29.11.10 07:50

AAAH don’t be fooled by their cute appearance. That’s merely a rabbit you say? I say those Rabbits are PURE EVIL. And since I’m destined to battle these fierce creatures I figure it’d be in everyone’s best interest if a couple of those come my way :D

I guarantee you all that I’ll do my absolute best to contain them so the world will be safe again.

----- Kevin Strat. 29.11.10 07:48

I’ve got a nice windowsill where they could sit out and look at the Chicago city skyline! And a desk at work that definitely needs some character.

----- Byron 29.11.10 07:47

My home would make a great home for some labbits because my rabbit would totally dig some new friends (even if they don’t talk).

----- Selina Wong 29.11.10 07:43

Other people would probably have better homes for them but I like stuff.

----- Mark 29.11.10 07:37

My stainless steel and sterile workspace requires much needed organic labbit love.

----- Chau 29.11.10 07:11

I need them as a moral support because I am 30 YO and smooth as a SONY baby… it will help fill the void in my life and the need to have a “Pedro Infante” stache :(

----- Walter 29.11.10 06:58

My wife and new Doxie would take them in and take great care of them!

----- Mike Hua 29.11.10 06:58


----- Greg 29.11.10 06:56

1. what Labbit doesn’t want to go to MIT
2. my dorm doesn’t let us have cats…but rabbits and hamsters are okay, so why not Labbits.
3. Labbits > Rabbits
4. I hear Labbits love that dirty water.

----- Grace 29.11.10 06:51

Love this rabbit mustache !!
My child & i, must have it in México!!!!

----- Chebo Campos 29.11.10 06:47

My GF loves rabbits, but I’m allergic.
The best solution? I adopt a Labbit or two for her this Xmas!

----- Thomas Lees 29.11.10 06:42

My ex girlfriend got custody of our 24” stashe Labbit and she also has the keychain. I miss him dearly and my dunny’s would like some much needed company from the pack. I always have baby carrots in the fridge, so they’d surely dig the convenience. Each one of those lil buggers will surely have a caring home where there well respected and cared for.

----- Matthew K 29.11.10 06:34

My sister killed my rabbit. I cried for weeks. I started to smoke because she killed my rabbit. My rabbit didn’t say that much, but he was nice.

----- Anders 29.11.10 06:25

I love Labbits!

----- Paul 29.11.10 06:06

I just recently got a new job at a marketing & PR firm and need to spruce up my bare desk with some RAD labbits

----- bob ewing 29.11.10 05:47

I am going to apply to college soon and the application process is harrowing and stressful. Because of that, I tend to hug my toys and pretend that they’re little people who got accepted into their dream college. If I get them, I would make sure they get into Oxford, Yale, and MIT and become whatever it is they want to become. Who else can offer them such a deal?

----- Sele 29.11.10 05:07

I need cheering up this Xmas as I just lost my job and what better way than Labbit’s to get my cheer on so I can go out there and conquer the world again!!

----- KizMagiz 29.11.10 05:00

They would be a good company for my real rabbit. I’d smear them with bunnyscent, that would guarantee a good party.

----- Domjan Kati 29.11.10 04:46

There is a distinct lack of moustaches and rabbits in my pitiful excuse of a life. Winning this prize could help me out.

----- Will 29.11.10 04:31

Let’s just say I have a truck full of carrots waiting for them to arrive!

----- Camila F. 29.11.10 04:21

I want a herd of labbits to take a different one to work on the ambulance car each day! - plus one to hang on my bike!

----- Erika 29.11.10 04:12

Because rabbits are such animals of concentrated world-peace-ism that in a small apartment they would surely bring a Christmas where we would simply vomit of overdosed joy! Man, I want a labbit Christmas!

----- Linda 29.11.10 04:08

Queen Labbit ‘Holly’ (My missus’s REAL in-door rabbit!) is attempting to overthrow my Evil Kidrobot Half-tone Series Dunny and needs recruitments in the form of other labbits… labbits will be rewarded with unlimited amount of hay, carrots and the odd chocolate biscuit… ‘The Queen Labbit needs you! - For Queen & Country!’

----- Aaron Humphreys 29.11.10 03:37

I would be a good labbit keeper because I live in Brazil, and everyone knows that cigarettes are really cheap here, so I would be able to keep them happy and feed them loads of cigarettes!

----- Joao Mendonca 29.11.10 03:15

my home is the best cuz i love rabbits (that’s #1). When i was a child, i always imagined myself living free (and naked) with my prefered animal, running with my hair in the wind, hugging them to death as i love them so much (that’s #2 and #2 and a half).Now i’m a grown up, i suppose i would just let them on a nice rack upon my desk so i could look at them and take care of them. (that was my #3) I wish i’ll get them, i know you understand.

----- 3h30 29.11.10 02:58

My little dog would love some company.

----- Ashley 29.11.10 02:57

I live in a pub, my head is a carrot and I’m on fire … Come into the house of love and smoke !

----- Julien T. 29.11.10 02:55

They’ll find many other kidrobot at home. Hope so…

----- Pierre 29.11.10 02:50

Jean, if I show restraint and do not enter every contest, does it make me seem like a more attractive candidate for the ones I do enter? If so, then I will abstain from begging for Labbits and restrict my begging to things like trivets.

----- Leona 29.11.10 02:47

i love rabbits, but i can’t have any because i’m allergic!

----- james 29.11.10 01:57

Because I love every creature! I don’t eat animals…so the labbits and I would enjoy long afternoons eating carrots in the back yard.

----- Iamcrteaure 29.11.10 01:42

well its a kinda things my son would gladly test on his new tooth ;)

----- martins 29.11.10 01:37

I would make room next to my Marvel Mighty Muggs for these little guys so that the likes of Wolverine and Iron Man could protect them :)

----- Benjamin D. 29.11.10 01:24

Why the Labbit? Because i would simply love it…love it…love it! Love eeet.

----- Marian 29.11.10 01:10

I would love the labbits because I need mustachioed friends to hang out with when I wear my fake mustache. I’m tired of being the only one around my house wearing giant mustaches! Being a lonely mustache lover is sad.

----- Leslie 29.11.10 00:51

Because my work station is in desperate need of some livelihood and creativity. And as a designer, it’s blasphemous NOT to have designer toys! I MUST HAVE THEM!

----- Joey 29.11.10 00:46

Happy MO-VEMBER! My rescued greyhound would LOVE these beauties to chase around the living room!!

----- Kelly 29.11.10 00:19

My home is just too normal… these would give it a real spin!

----- Laszlo Dobrovolszki 28.11.10 23:56

These rabbits should be mine because I am secretly a rabbit and they should live among their people.

----- Rose 28.11.10 23:16

because I have a beautiful midcentury modern (labbit) hutch to keep them in.

----- Lauren 28.11.10 23:13

all my dunnys and munnys collection looks really lonely without you! so if i get it! it’ll be awesome =] definitely an awesome home for all labbits!

----- Tim Ma 28.11.10 22:56

I would make a good home because I have a new home and have all the room for these guys to roam around. They will help fill up the 2500 sq. ft. of living space.

----- Raymond 28.11.10 22:38

I am a good home for the herd of labbits because I WILL NOT FEED THEM WATER!!!

----- Mark - Occupation Human 28.11.10 22:34


----- Michael 28.11.10 22:12

me have happy home for you.

----- j pham 28.11.10 22:06

Because I NEED them…for FUEL.

----- Clint 28.11.10 21:53

Our pipe smorkin labbit needs the company and has plenty of shelf space to share!

----- Ryan 28.11.10 21:51

I’m a HUGE Kozik fan! Buying all the labbit series is one of my weaknesses, never can get enough!

----- Desiree G 28.11.10 21:44

I’m hunting for labbits.

----- contempt 28.11.10 21:41

Rabbit is good … and better roasted.

----- Pierre 28.11.10 21:40

This would be great in my collection, I don’t have many labbits and a great way to start my collectiion of them. My girlfriend has been eyeing the plush for so long it would be a great christmas gift for her.

----- Chris 28.11.10 21:36

Because I want to send all of them to other friends,
ones that I haven’t seen in forever (a couple years),
friends I’ve never met,
and people I never sent thank you letters to.

----- Martin F. 28.11.10 21:30

Labbit should stay with me over x-mas so I can introduce them to some of the rabbits in my backyard :)

----- Sarah Cin 28.11.10 21:11

I plan to begin a club in which I rehabilitate abandoned hunting dogs as pets for children/old people. The labbits could play a key role as a medium to the dog’s instinct of game retrieval (rabbits) and training to retrieve toys/household items (labbits). Do it for the puppies!

----- Laura 28.11.10 21:05

I must have that mustached labbit for my home. he’ll get lots of love from my 2 kids. They need a bit of spunk to liven up their boring collection of mustache-less plushes.

----- caroline 28.11.10 20:59

We have two rather eccentric herding dogs that would love to find a few labbits in the house. They like friends. And, being the good herding dogs that they are, they’d keep a good eye on them until they were well adjusted to our neighborhood

----- Derek 28.11.10 20:58

Well, to be honest, My home has been severely infested by a sneak of weasels for the last few years now, and while they were initially quite welcome, they are beginning to be a bit tiresome. It is my sincere hope that, through your generous gift of a Labbit colony, I will succeed in driving out the majority of the weasels, or at least lessening their impact on my sanity. After all, everyone knows that weasels are terrified of mustaches.

----- Tessa 28.11.10 20:51

The labbits are so cute!!! i been reader since i was 16!! all the stuff on notcot is so awesome and as i browse notcot i find myself wanting nearly everything…

----- helen long 28.11.10 20:39

how do you say labbit paradise in japanese?

my house

----- Sydney 28.11.10 20:30

I’d love to give the Labbits a good home, they’ll be safe and free from predators. Except for my cat, who will mercilessly thin the herd of the weak and infirm!

----- Joshua 28.11.10 20:24

I’d be the perfect home for these! I am moving from FL to a brand new apartment in Queens, NY and I have plenty of new space for these guys! Can’t wait to give them a new home!

----- Danielle 28.11.10 20:18

labbits! labbits! oh my! =)

i would love to open my home to these wonderful labbits.

----- fanny 28.11.10 20:09

need that giant plush labbit with mustache…what a conversation piece for holiday parties!

----- Bethany 28.11.10 20:06

I love me some Labbits! But they can’t smoke in the house :)

----- Laura Martin 28.11.10 19:31

I’m a HUGE fan of KidRobot, and would be sure these are adequately displayed with their friends.

----- Katie WD 28.11.10 19:30

can i feed the labbits, george… ? prease?

----- eban 28.11.10 19:29

I Love it when a plan comes together, or wait is it when an experiment goes terribly wrong?

----- Tom Freeland 28.11.10 19:29

because I’m smorkin~! but my house needs some smorkin. *^^*

----- Doran 28.11.10 19:27


I know this family of Labbits would be a great addition to my home and make great friends with the other toys that inhabit my place!

Here are 3 reasons why:
1.) Because toys love to get played with, and lots of play they will get!
2.) I have 1 lonely Labbit here waiting for others of his own kind (cheer him up?) :)
3.) All the toys in my collection have vowed to be vegan upon the Labbits joining us.
Bonus: Would a great holiday gift to me? ;)

A few friends that live in my collection are; the Tokidoki Cactus Pups, Various Dunnys, Marvel figures, Pikachu, Kidrobot figures & more than a few Mighty Muggs. I love collecting and have a true love for Kidrobot and the Labbit series in specific! The Labbits will be given lots of love and a welcome party when they arrive!



----- JUSTIN 28.11.10 19:18

My circus punks need some roomies!

----- Jason 28.11.10 18:49

As a college student, I have no money to decorate my house. Therefore I will treasure any additions to my bare room.

----- Allison 28.11.10 18:43

As a freelance graphic artist I clock a lot of time behind the computer by myself, so a bit of company would be nice :)

----- Robert 28.11.10 18:35

I would ruv a new bunch of labbits^^

----- Kristen 28.11.10 18:30

i too sport a mustache and cigarette, with this enormous charming rodent i could justify my terrible life decisions.

----- Jake 28.11.10 18:20

because i can’t grow mustaches, fashion awesome plastic noses and smoke cigarettes, i would love the company of some labbits that can.

----- Vivian 28.11.10 18:20

I’ll hug them real tight, but not how those China girls do it.

----- Alex Kwa 28.11.10 18:17

My house would be so perfect for these smorkin’ labbits! I can keep them well stocked in smigarettes and carrlots!

----- Jess K 28.11.10 17:37

There is always beer in my fridge.

----- Yoshio 28.11.10 17:33

Because I make creatures. The Labbits would have fun amongst the Chupacabras, Bigfoots and Hodags!

----- Christina Ward 28.11.10 17:25

I just moved into my new home and its quite obvious I need me some labbitness in here to keep me company. Also, I am an excellent moustache groomer and smoke friendly!

----- JLAM 28.11.10 17:20

oh man, I’ve been wanting one of these babies… My house would be perfect for this group of labbits because I have a little (well actually he’s very chubby) rabbit of my own and he has been looking for some friends. His name is Fitzgerald Winterhaven and he is quite the party animal. Fitzy would roll out the welcome wagon for the labbits and I’m sure within no time they all will be whooping it up at all hours of the night.

----- Kortni 28.11.10 17:19

i wish i could leave photos but i have an entire shelf that is in the works of being filled with these little guys. frank kozik’s story is my dream, i’m so envious and I hope that one day i too can order something from a website and be called upon as “the” kristina dutton.

----- Kristina 28.11.10 17:12

2011 will be the year of Labbits in the Zodiac cycle, and I was born in 1987, the year of Labbits too! Let me be the labbit mommy and keep them! =)

----- Lee Yue Yun 28.11.10 17:11

The little labbits would be well cared for if I were the person to receive them it would be my honor.

----- Stephen 28.11.10 17:04

because im a rabbit monger

----- levi montez 28.11.10 16:50

I would provide a warm and loving home for them. They would never belonely on my toy filled shelves.

----- Danielle 28.11.10 16:46

Why the Labbits would love my apartment:
Labbits obviously love baked goods, that why some of them have mustaches: to savor the flavor for lat-or. Some of them smoke after having one, just to dwell further on the fact that the sugary goodness is in their bellies. The Smorkin’ Grenade Labbit actually acts as a timer, to let me know that the belly-bombs are ready to come out of my oven.
The Labbits would be treated like gold (as one Labbit already knows the feeling of), and find they have a good set of friends waiting for them here, such as two little ninjas, a gorilla, two tokidoki characters and a bagel; all vinyl-tastic, just like them.
These Labbits are clearly lobbyists for “Casa de Pepe,” my humble abode’s code name, and will gladly ship out for an early holiday bonanza here.

----- Rhiannon 28.11.10 16:45

Because no home can have too many moustaches.

----- Mike Rogers 28.11.10 16:34

I would have an awesome home for these labbits because I already own and care for one labbit and he would be the most wonderful mate for this herd. Plus I live in North Dakota plenty of grass and fields for them to all play in. ((hugs for the labbits))

----- Alison 28.11.10 16:26

cuz they will feel welcomed in my mexican mustached family

----- marcela 28.11.10 16:26

I’m already constructing a scale pen and field on my desk for them to roam on.

----- Kaeo 28.11.10 16:25

We’re two designers in the most boring and corporate looking office ever. And we’re not allowed by our property manager to decorate the walls. But we can put anything we like on our desks. So we would be so happy if our desks were covered in labbits. This is your chance to help us show all these boring and grey corporate people that designers will make any office look good and we will have fun at work even if they try to stop us! And you’ll make two designers ecstatic in the process. =)

----- andreas 28.11.10 16:24

These Labbits would fill the void in my heart created by my landlord giving me this ultimatum a couple weeks ago: “Either the rabbit goes or you.”

----- Jori Krenzel 28.11.10 16:16

My husband and I would make great parents for the many Labbits wanting a great home. and it would make a great surprise Christmas present for my husband as well. Please consider us as the greatest adoptive parents ever!

----- Yummy 28.11.10 16:13

I am a wonderful home for the labbits because as a vegetarian, I am incredibly good at supplying them with carrots. I understand their need for fun and adventure and I will take them with me where ever I go because my back needs lots of watching and they can do it. I live in the middle of nowhere and as such there are lots of rabbits around as well, and I think that lots of rabbits means the place must be beneficial for labbits as well. They just seem like they would get me and my splendidly unprickly cactus collection, they are one in the same, wonderfully round and non threatening. Also, I am a fantastic namer. seeing as my plants are named things like ophelia, ariadne, and olivia… along with the high and mighty cactuszilla. thank you for reading my entry and have a great day!

----- Danielle 28.11.10 16:11

What can I say? This would bring a smile to my recently sadified face. I’m constantly exposing new people to kidrobot and all of it’s glorious designs, and would genuinely appreciate having these art pieces in my home. Mustached lab bits put a genuine smile on my face and I need that!

----- Alais 28.11.10 15:53

I’ve got a nice big empty house for them to roam around freely, like all free labbits.

----- Andrew Chau 28.11.10 15:51

a family of labbits would be best for my little niece! even though she is the same size as the 24 inch one:DDDD

----- Peter Tran 28.11.10 15:39

My home would be perfect for these babies since I already own a few of Kozik’s creations suck as an anarchist hippo and a smoking hot-dog. Plus, they’d get to meet the rest of my designer toy family ! Oh and did I mention I live in Paris which is without a doubt the classiest destination :)

----- Fouapa 28.11.10 15:32

I’m moving to a new flat just before Christmas, and this warren of Labbits would make great moving companions, and even better house warming guests.

----- Tom Graham 28.11.10 15:26

my vinyltoy collection is pretty small but theyll be warmly welcomed into the household and wont spend all their time on a shelf, especially when my younger cousins come over.

----- winnie lam 28.11.10 15:21

I feel like my Beanie Baby collection should be replaced with these wonderful little fellows.

----- Erik G 28.11.10 15:17

I already have 2 real rabbits (Clyde and Ruffles) and these fellows would be perfect companions!

----- Jeremy B 28.11.10 15:11

Because the big labbits stache matches mine perfectly :)

----- Theo 28.11.10 15:11

I’ll whip up a whole range of delish carrot-y goodies if they come to my house: carrot cake, carrot juice, labbit stew… oh no! I’ve said too much!

----- McGinty 28.11.10 14:58

I’d like to (finally) have some Wabbits in my house that I won’t eat :)

----- Kantrow 28.11.10 14:58

I am a magician and have only been able to pull a Labbit out of a hat. But my magic Labbit has been stolen and what’s better than magically receiving Labbits.

----- Mr. SOB 28.11.10 14:57

OMG., The reason I am the best for this is because I’ve been collecting Koz!k stuff for 2 years now!!!! I don’t have every single one and I don’t have the plush ., I have so many Kidrobot figures I don’t have anymore room for them all!!!! BUT I will surely find room for them., build another shelf if I have to!!!! I would be so grateful!!!! I don’t know how else to streessss my need for this!!!., BUT whoever else wins WOO and you’re so luccckkkyy!!!

----- Amber Justine 28.11.10 14:45

I would be a AWESOMAZING home for theses littles ones because I love those little creatures and my 12 year old brother and I are huge fan of kidrobot merchandise so it would be a awesome gift for him this christmas. they would be loved and cherish.

----- christine 28.11.10 14:43

My home is perfect because I would cuddle withe them and stuff. OK, I can’t live a lie, I need them to fight the monster under my bed. Please help

----- bojan 28.11.10 14:40

Espcially designed for labbits by the one and only cosmic honey bunny (that would be me), the exotic shelves of my humble appartment have everything a family of labbits could want : space, protection from dust, no direct sunlight and above all, normal gravity to keep them safely stuck to their cigarettes.
No labbit would be want to be caught dead floating around in zero gravity.

----- Sugarbunny 28.11.10 14:33

Because the big labbits stache matches mine perfectly :)

----- Theo 28.11.10 14:30

A world-known fact is that Labbits really help you to give a new look to those old gray, plain, boring cubicles. I want to make mine shine and with these Labbits I’m pretty sure I’ll accomplish that task.

For a better cubicle!!!

----- Rinaldo 28.11.10 14:26

I am a Labbit farmer and my entire herd was rustled by notorious Labbit bandit Mad Jack McMad.
Now I am destitute and need a new Labbit herd to brand.
Labbit me.

----- Matt Mattyboombatty Walls 28.11.10 14:25

These labbits would be welcomed to their new home by the hoard of other awesome vinyl art toys I have :)

----- Ryan 28.11.10 14:20

I would bring some of their culture into our world, you know lots of carrots, hopping around naked, and lots and lots of procreating.


----- Aaron 28.11.10 14:19

there is a small labbit army in my home
just small so these additions would definitely help their needs
btw, they are well taken care so don’t worry :)

----- richard g 28.11.10 14:17

I have a big shelf for the Labbits to live on, plenty of space to roam around

----- Chris 28.11.10 14:12

I’m a great home for labbits because they’ll already have labbit friends waiting for them!

----- Ashley B 28.11.10 14:09

I am i good home for labbits bcuz my labbit itself is lonely and he needs friend :[

----- Emily.C 28.11.10 14:08

I believe that my home is a good home for this heard of labbits because our apartment doesn’t allow pets other than fish. An apartment of 4 animal loving girls with nothing to cuddle (fish are not good for that) is sad and can only be cured by labbits!

----- alison 28.11.10 14:06

My fiancee really wants a rabbit and we can’t afford/have time to take of them so what better alternative than a family of labbits prancing, smokin’ and moustaching all over our apartment!

Plus they’re great artistic inspiration!

----- Antonio 28.11.10 13:58

i am a design student who just started creating my very own toys! additions to my collection would be stellar!

----- Brian C 28.11.10 13:56

I just moved from SF to NY. My new apartment needs some awesome Kidrobot company! :D

----- Justin R 28.11.10 13:51

nice! these are great

----- jb 28.11.10 13:47

because I like rabbits and my husband not so crazy about them but with the labbits he may change his mind. They are so cute!

----- sindy 28.11.10 13:35

I’d love to give these dudes a happy home in our living room!

----- devin 28.11.10 13:31

I promise to buy them lots of plush carrots and give them daily walks in the park!

----- kerri 28.11.10 13:30

+++ I would stuff’em with coco puffs and have breakfast with them very morning and imagine them telling me to eat shit as coco puffs come out of their ass +++

----- Nadnart 28.11.10 13:17

I’d be a great home for them because i need more cute asian vibe around my home AND I’d love to give one to my sister who will be returning from korea this christmas!

----- Laura T 28.11.10 13:16

My queen sized bed would be a perfect spot for these labbits!

----- Iris 28.11.10 13:11

Laura, lucky mother of little Luca, (less than one), would love to love, lodge and lavish little Labbits.
Little Luca’s longing to learn Lullyabys with large Labbit, lingering in our lofty loft. Little Luca being little lonely, Labbits would lighten long late days.
Lots of luv, Laura & little Luca

----- Laura & Luca 28.11.10 13:10

I would be an excellent home for these labbits because because i have an empty display shelf waiting for their arrival.

----- Bianca 28.11.10 13:04

These labbits will feel right at home with my collection of other rabbits. Ranging from locally-made mini rabbits from Thailand (in their own cute carrot pouch), a vintage stuffed rabbit from 1953, and even a super long rabbit that I named Penelope, I’m hoping these labbits will find their way to my room for some lovin’!

----- Jessica Elle 28.11.10 12:55

I wrote a terrible poem to express the future events if I were to win these spectacular items.

Labbits are cute and they smoke,
They make me smile but not choke,
As they have not got thumbs to make a spark,
So their cigarettes stay out and the room dark,
The soft glow of LEDs that lights their stand,
Will reflect upon my pale hand,
As i dust them for the hundredth time today,
Clean and neat they will stay,
In their case Forever.

----- Kyle 28.11.10 12:53

I showed Penny, my pet chinchilla, the photo of the Stache Labbit, and Penny’s in love! Please help out my infatuated chinchilla, she’ll take good care of Stache! Here’s a photo of Penny: http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5202/5215709350_596463be0a.jpg

----- Diana 28.11.10 12:52

I would love to add these to my collection and override some of that boring Burl Ives-esque crap that currently “decorates” my house. Please help me unleash these on my wife’s holiday spirit. Quellish!

----- Steven Millar 28.11.10 12:50

I live in a neighborhood with sprawling grass meadows all around and plenty, plenty of space to roam and burrow. My boyfriend lives in Cornwall, England, and has acres and acres of farmland for these lovely little Labbits to make a second home for themselves!

----- Rebecca 28.11.10 12:41

Because my Labbit is lonely, and bored with his limited stable of props. He’s had that hot dog in his mouth-hole for aaages.

----- Meghan 28.11.10 12:38

Those Labbits would have a perfect home right on some cube shelves I have in my living room. They could join their little Munny friends :)

----- Twiggy 28.11.10 12:34

Because my Labbit is lonely, and is bored with his limited stable of props. He’s had that hot dog in his mouth-hole for aaages.

----- Meghan 28.11.10 12:33

I love and have owned real rabbits. And these cute plastic rabbits that like to smoke was just ingenious. Plus, my Dunny 2010, Fatale, and Two-Tone collections need some new friends. :-)

----- Carla 28.11.10 12:29

These doods would love my home. We have Munny’s runnin around like crazy and a few of them could help me do design work at my desk. Also there is some great graphic design literature on my bookshelf which they can chill at.

----- JoJo 28.11.10 12:24

Most of my decorating is done with toys, and I’m sure my munnys could use a little company while I’m at school/work.

----- Marshall Cox 28.11.10 12:24

I hate labbit stew, so these labbits would be age at my place!

----- qwux 28.11.10 12:12

I would makes sure all the Labbits in my care have been spayed and neutered as the joined the other vinyl toys in the home. Would love to have these and promised to give them a great home life experience!!!!

----- Forsythia Hopkins 28.11.10 12:09

I want to see these labbits frollick in the fake snow drifts under my tree.

----- Sirfig 28.11.10 12:09

My house would be perfect for them, they could look at the snow falling down on the city through the gigantic windows… I would even let them smoke inside!

----- Kate Lecours 28.11.10 12:01

I make the best cigarette and carrot salad.

----- Peter 28.11.10 12:00

Ever since I saw my first Labbit a few years back I began naming random toys that belong to my muppet (Goldendoodle Enzo) “labbit”; I think it’d be adorable to have the actual objects that inspired the monikers of so many long-destroyed fuzzy and/or rubber friends. Enzo would be so confused and think I was referring to one of his toys each time I walked into the room and cooed “AWWW, LABBITS!” at the sight of these cuddly beasties sitting on my desk.

----- Evie 28.11.10 11:58

On Thanksgiving, my baby cousin vomited all over my giant Labbit plushie. It was messy, stinky, and I’m not proud of how I reacted. Needless to say, I am now Labbit-less and very, very lonely.

In the spirit of giving, if I win this giveaway, I’d give him a set of vinyl Labbits. Not only would it symbolize no hard feelings, but vinyl is significantly easier to wipe clean than a plush! Puke-proof!

----- Laura 28.11.10 11:49

My Dunnys need some new friends, please come join us!

----- edgar 28.11.10 11:44

Cause I’m so lonely and they make me smile!

----- Jeff Black 28.11.10 11:37

I would feed them plastic carrots everyday and let them interact with my two real bunnies. Talk about real experience ;)

----- KEN 28.11.10 11:29

They should come to me and my munnys for christmas :)

----- Lukas 28.11.10 11:28

Exhausted. I’ve spent the last seventy two hours of my holiday weekend building custom shelves for my dunnies and labbits, plus their tiny zipper-pull effegies. I’ve alotted them a prime view with northern exposure and cross-ventilation. Some valuable framed photographs have been moved into the kitchen to accomodate. My neighbor called the fire department because of the paint fumes. It’s possible that I’ve strained my relationship with another neighbor, though I did stop drilling by two. AM. I cannot get the paint off my hands. My terrier—though very fond of 18” Smorkin—is pissed. To see this giveaway at the end of such an effort makes me feel that someone understands me after all, and is watching over. Please send gift pack today; I have more lumber.

----- William 28.11.10 11:24

they would have a good home here with me, with all the other vinyl toys and ugly dolls

----- robyn 28.11.10 11:22

I’m a vegetarian so I don’t even eat really rabbits! But I do enjoy a carrot from time to time…

----- Daphne 28.11.10 11:17

I have a lot of plants and cool vegetation in my house - it would create the perfect environment for the labbits to discretely play while also blending in. :)

----- Stacy B. 28.11.10 11:10

All the labbits would feel at home at my apartment when place in various crevices. “iSpy with my little eye…a labbit!”

----- Emily Kerns 28.11.10 11:10

I am a strong advocate of keeping Labbits cage free!

----- Megan 28.11.10 11:08

These Labbits will have a good home to come to if I were chosen. Their neighbors will be a Munny, a Tachikoma and several furry Monstars I have made myself. They will be given everything they have ever wanted in their Labbit brains. The ‘shache Labbits will be warmly welcomed by their human owner who also proudly wears a mustache. The happy Labbit will also be happy with the constant supply of Popsicles in the household. Strawberry and lime are the owners favorites! The Corpsam Labbit will be in awe of how many airsoft rilfes, clothing and gear the humans have. He will watch over and guard the large amount of airsoft supplies the humans have. The X-Mas Labbits will be hung proudly on the homemade Charlie Brown’s X-mas tree. All of the humans friends will giggle with joy when seeing the Labbits on the tree. Last but of course no least, the Smorkin’ Labbit will be right at home sitting on the window sill making sure that all the human smokers put out their butts in the ashtray. These Labbits will be right at home and they will have loads of attention.

----- Lily R. Hoddinott 28.11.10 11:07

When I was a kid I always wanted a rabbit, now I live in a tiny apartment in London so it’s still a no go :( Kidrobot is just what I need to fulfill all my rabbity desires.

----- Anneke Short 28.11.10 11:06

I would make a good home for these labbits because I would spread the labbit love to all my friends! There’s no way I could keep all these cute little guys to myself, they deserve to be shared so I can spread the holiday cheer to others.

----- Kendra 28.11.10 11:04

I have lots of awesome random places that all of these guys could be like “oh hai!” in.

----- Jason 28.11.10 11:04

Labbits are adorable! These can join my stuffed animal/toy collection, and the big one can sleep in my bed. I’m very loving towards labbits, and I’ve heard love makes a great home.

----- Jen 28.11.10 10:59

They would be at home here with my munny and bastardino! I also need something to cuddle with and plush labbit looks just right.

----- Becky 28.11.10 10:59

i have a great home for them :) its friendly towards rabbits and staches alike!

----- Natalie 28.11.10 10:57

I’m a good home for this! i’ve just moved back to indiana after 6 years in NYC. before i had moved out there even, i was a huge Kozik fan. I’ve got a small collection of labbits & mongers… and i have a labbit tattoo from when the character first started showing up in kozik’s poster work. i don’t really have the money to spend on adding to my collection any more, unfortunately, and haven’t gotten any new ones in two years. this would be awesome!

----- grayblue 28.11.10 10:56

i should win because i will make sure i tke care off them and treat them like antiques i wont throw them all over the place and forget about them a few day later
: ) so hopefully i win

----- eureka 28.11.10 10:53

i have some lonely labbits who could use some more friends. i.e. moar toys!! yayayayayay!

----- jennifer 28.11.10 10:51

I need them so I can make a dunny themed christmas tree this year!

----- Kyle 28.11.10 10:50

My small apartment would be a good home for the labbits because I have lots of love, good heating to keep them warm, and nice windows for them to look outside.

----- Sherry 28.11.10 10:47

Please, I own a Fluffy bunny Suit, so that should make them feel at home.

----- Keno Leon 28.11.10 10:43

I have large fields of astroturf for these lovely Labbits to frolick in!

----- Stephanie 28.11.10 10:41

we would let them sit on the window silsl so they could watch the things happening out side and read them bed time stories.

----- pete hinchcliffe 28.11.10 10:40

The only thing missing from my amazing apartment is an amazing Labbit! He and the fat cat would be homies: http://basiik.net/DSC03381.JPG

----- Susan Nguyen 28.11.10 10:38

We’ve been doing similar for ages now, would you advise going long term?

----- Edmund Funez 28.11.10 10:36

I need new toys to play with while posing in the window…

----- Homer Witkov 28.11.10 10:36

I am a good home for them because I’m excited to build them individual Lego dwellings (ranging from camouflaged fort to personal library.) Perhaps some communal play spaces as well. All in a room with no smoke alarms, of course.

Or just ‘cause I think they are absolutely awesome.

----- Khanh 28.11.10 10:36

I would be a good host to a pack of labbits because i would give them their own room in the house! let them hop around all they want, and install a labbit door so they can go out side when ever they want!

----- Evan Duvall 28.11.10 10:33

My intergalactic spaceship needs a homely touch to it, I feel like these Labbits would totally take it to the next level.

----- Robert 28.11.10 10:28

I have a free-range toy reserve on my property. The labbits would be free to roam wherever they please.

----- Alex 28.11.10 10:26

Two words: Labbit spa.

----- Meg 28.11.10 10:25

Because you can never have too many friends!

----- Nina 28.11.10 10:20

What is not to like about Labbits? They are by far the coolest rabbit hybrids on this planet, not to mention they come in such a variety! Like Wood Labbits, and Smorkin Labbits

----- Alexis 28.11.10 10:19

I live in New York, where people still smoke. Labbits would certainly be happy here :X

----- Molly 28.11.10 10:16

My intergalactic spaceship needs a homely touch to it, I feel like these Labbits would totally take it to the next level.

----- Robert 28.11.10 10:14

cause i live in manhattan! close to the natural history museum!

----- daniel 28.11.10 10:13

I need a lettuce eating buddy.

----- John K 28.11.10 10:11

I could use these Labbits because my pet bunny needs a rolemodel.

----- Meagan 28.11.10 09:59

I can’t grow a moustache. This would compensate. Thanks!

----- Quang Minh 28.11.10 09:58

I am excited to build them individual Lego dwellings (ranging from camouflaged fort to personal library.) Maybe some communal play spaces as well. (Plus, I’ve already uninstalled the smoke alarm in my room.)

----- Khanh 28.11.10 09:57

These Labbits would be a great start to decorating my studio. I’m so excited that I finally have a space of my own but it’s awfully empty and needs some creative inspiration bad.

----- Amy 28.11.10 09:56

Because I will give them good alfalfa hay and a hearty bushel of carrots.

----- Sarah 28.11.10 09:53

Send them this way so they can run around the field behind my garden, although the fox may eat them…

----- Gentlemen Ben 28.11.10 09:46

Im a good home because I live in the country where they can roam free.

----- Kristin Tate 28.11.10 09:45

i dislike kozik, so if i got these i’d probably give them out as gifts

----- sammi 28.11.10 09:45

I love labbits! I’ll give them a good home and love them forever!

----- franciscoali 28.11.10 09:44

As a mustache officionado, I promise to take as good care of these labbits as I do my impeccable mustache.

----- ROn 28.11.10 09:44

These babies would be right at home with me because I’m vegetarian and I looove my carrots.

----- Melissa 28.11.10 09:41

My be@rbricks need some good rabbit food at my home =)

----- Tab 28.11.10 09:26

I was born in the year of the rabbit myself and i love anything rabbit or rabbit like. And this seems like a lovely addition to my collection.

----- jay P 28.11.10 09:21

These labbits will keep my rabbit company

----- Anna Hinojosa 28.11.10 09:20

These labbits will keep my Rabbit company =)

----- Anna Hinojosa 28.11.10 09:19

I only have 1 Labbit and he’s lonely. He wants some friends.

----- Andy 28.11.10 09:18

My home would be a good home since it is an equal opportunity labbit loving environment. They would join the other ninja and star war themed mr. potato heads who I’m sure would be more than happy to show them the ropes.

----- HOPE 28.11.10 09:18

I would be a good home for the Labbits because my Gir plush needs some friends. I think they’d get along swimmingly.

----- Tom 28.11.10 09:18

well these babies would be super comfy in here. I would have a carrot plantation just for them and if what they say about labbit’s reproduction is true, I would make sure they invade Venezuela haha, merry x-mas

----- Andrea 28.11.10 09:17

I just starting to recolor my work room, these would fit in nicely!

----- Ervyn 28.11.10 09:14

I promise I will find good homes for each and every one of these Labbits under many of my friends’ Christmas trees this holiday season!

----- Gary 28.11.10 09:14

These adorable labbits would join my menagerie of Feathers Mcgraw and Pikachu.

----- neonsocks 28.11.10 09:04

I think my home is perfect for the labbits, because we are a care taking family, with the perfect amount of crazyness

----- Mont Valdés 28.11.10 09:03

My desk would look so much better covered in these little guys.

----- Matt Carney 28.11.10 08:58

It’s a well-known fact that Labbits (labitrius bituminae) thrive in dry, temperate environments. I happen to live in said environment and am happy to share. Coincidence? Doubt it.

----- Brian 28.11.10 08:52

because we like with smoking, moustachioed animals

----- jusbus 28.11.10 08:49

It’s cold and snowy in our neighbourhood but those rabbits would be toasty warm in our house, watching the white rabbits outside.

----- Ed 28.11.10 08:48

I have a young little stache labbit who misses his mom! The family could be together! Plus I’m sure my hedgehog would enjoy new friends too!

----- Alex 28.11.10 08:47

I have a few little labbits who would loved to welcome a few big brother/sister labbits into the family.

----- Nicola 28.11.10 08:44

The Labbits need to come and help my single solitary lonely Labbit occupy and defend the depths of my horrifically Glyos heavy toy display!

----- Nocturin 28.11.10 08:43

They would be a quirky addition to my stuffed chicken, Android, T-rex, and octopus!

----- Johnny 28.11.10 08:43

Amazing giveaway! This Labbit collection would fit perfectly amongst all the rest of my Kidrobot shwag!

----- Pete Molick 28.11.10 08:39

I have a Munny with no flock to shepherd, these labbits would make a fine herd.

----- bryan 28.11.10 08:38

Hi, me and my newly married wife are avid readers. We think that would would be the most deserving because of our undying love for art and creativity. What more creative than kidrobot. Their styles and ideas from the artists that they collect are just as broad and amazing as the posts from readers and the cool things we find on here on a daily basis. Right now me and my wife are graphic illustrators always getting inspiration from the world around us, including our slowly growing kidrobot collection. I personally don’t think that we are more deserving than anyone else, but All I know is if we were to receive this over abundant gift it would be a blessing on so many levels not only because we love frank kozik’s creations and kidrobot, but it just keeps two artsy people content knowing that they can wake up to a huge mustached labit every morning. :D


----- Paul 28.11.10 08:38

You don’t understand how well I will take care of these bunnies. I promise not to take my chef’s knife to them, to shower them with carrots (sewn with care) and to dust their shelf in a timely manner. I will never knock them over in a drunken rage and I have no other pets that will mess with them. Smorkin and I will share a cigar, I’ll holler at hipster boys with the Stache’ and the Labbits will keep me company as I play Pokemon on my DSi (and they’ll revel in the fact that they, as Labbits, are real and Pokemnon are not). I’ll also make sure my roommates don’t use them as hacky sacks, seat cushions or lunch.

----- Jenn dlv 28.11.10 08:36

I’m sick *cough-cough* (not true) and this family of Labbits could really help me during my final exams this month. They’d be also great with Mr.Invincible and Mr.Munny-Calavera (^_____^). Thanks!

----- Etienne Richard 28.11.10 08:36

Those cuties need to live with me because, even with 3 kiddos in the house, I need just a little more ass-kickin’ cuteness!

----- Sandra 28.11.10 08:36

I would treasure these lovely, fluffy critters with every ounce of my being!

----- George 28.11.10 08:35

Because I only have 1 labbit and need more to add and compliment the rest of my vinyl collection. I am a bit obsessed about vinyl and even my dog has a collection. I will photograph, video, blog them if I am lucky enough to win. Of course it HAS T O B E KIDROBOT every time. Would make me smile a very big smile if I won.

----- claire 28.11.10 08:28

It’s warm and I’ve got carrots, what else?

----- Vinh 28.11.10 08:28

My house is already a sanctuary for several Munnies, Dunnies, Tokidoki cats and dogs of all different colors and sizes. A few rare and endangered species of vinyl figures have also called my studio their home. They all get along with each other and a herd of Labbits would be most welcome.

----- Enoch Morishima 28.11.10 08:24

Labbits would make good friends for my hello kitty vinyls :D

----- Klarika 28.11.10 08:11

Labbits would make good friends for my hello kitty vinyls :D

----- Klarika 28.11.10 08:11

I have an actual bunny so they could be friends.

----- Chase Turner 28.11.10 08:08

Unfortunately, my wife and I are unable to have Labbits. We have been trying for years and once it even took, but alas, it was not to be. These Labbits would help us start the family we always wanted and fill our home with love.

----- Brian 28.11.10 08:00

I’m a carrot. So when I cuddle the labbits, they can munch on my arm too

----- Mark Jenkins 28.11.10 07:56

I’ll feed them every day, I’ll clean their cages just like a good little girl. I’ll even give them my extra halloween candy :’D

----- Krystal 28.11.10 07:50

I still have space for one more toy in my cabinet,a labbit would be perfect.

----- Carla 28.11.10 07:49

My time on this earth is short. My doctor says I need a healthy dose of love each day or I won’t make. These labbits love right?

----- Kunaal Mohan 28.11.10 07:43

I have a huge fascination for bunnies ever since I was little and it shows now as even in vinyl form there are a good amount of bunnies in my toy collection.

----- Rosanna 28.11.10 07:41

When I was little I carried a stuff animal rabbit around everywhere, I now keep it on my dresser, I think a few labbits could feel at home there.

----- Dana Galbraith 28.11.10 07:37

I have two daughters who need to experience something other than disney stuff. Of course, I might find myself enjoying these more than them.

----- Spencer Buchanan 28.11.10 07:36

I am a free range labbit fur farmer. I raise labbits in th open fields of Ohio and once a year in the spring I shave the labbits to make beautiful labbit fur socks.

----- Tryg Koren 28.11.10 07:33

I am going to college. Dorm rooms are the saddest and most boring living structures ever created and paying to live there has eliminated anything resembling a toy budget. I just hope these little fellows can help me spruce up the place a bit.

----- Ian 28.11.10 07:31

This gang must come to me! our cat Suki (his name means love in Japanese) is a bit lonely lately. He says that we all act like grownups around him, and that he really need some friends to play with. So, if they’ll come here, they will have a great friend waiting for them, and I promise to give that the best home. They can play all day, jump on the bed- everything goes. They’ll have the great time (and Suki will be happy of course. and so do we).

----- Stav 28.11.10 07:23

These would be a wonderful addition to my many collections: one of designer toys, and one of my rabbit obsession. I have already picked out a place in my apartment where they would be lovingly displayed.

----- Kim Johnson 28.11.10 07:21

I have a 5-year-old daughter who desperately wants a pet rabbit. A 7-year-old son who desperately wants a mustache. A 38-year-old wife who desperately wants to quit smoking. I’m addicted to popsicles (one every night before bed!) And not a single one of these statements is fabricated in an effort to win fabulous prize packages. It’s just who we are.

----- Damian 28.11.10 07:20

I’m the BEST home for them for sure! cause my soul as free as a child eventhough I’m 20 now.

----- icha 28.11.10 07:19

My shelves are lime green, and need cool objects. Please complete me.

----- Adrian Harris 28.11.10 07:15

Oh My Gosh! I am the best home for these because my wife would probably poop her pants with joy at that mustachioed rabbit, while my kids danced around chanting Labbit Labbit Labbit!

----- Thomas 28.11.10 07:14

we’ve got no children in our danish modern styled abode. these would add some quirky flavor to our otherwise minimalist approach!

----- melissa 28.11.10 07:14

‘Cause we have a lot of dogs, and now it’s time to add new kinds of puppies…

----- Vilson 28.11.10 07:11

I’ve got an office FULL of Carrots :) Would love to make add some labbits to the array of desk toys our staff has collected to help our creative process!

----- Chris Petescia 28.11.10 07:04

Mr. & Mrs. Munny would love take them in and start a wonderful family. Tender Loving Care!

----- Monica 28.11.10 06:51

My Nabaztag died… last Christmas…please Santa, give my silent plastic shiny bunny a buch of new friends!

----- Anja 28.11.10 06:47

My empty shelves need some awesome stuff like this to display :)

----- Jeff 28.11.10 06:31

I don’t need these rabbits— they need me. With my time-tested methods, I will cure these poor creatures of their dirty tobacco habits. Please, for the good of the rabbits— send them to me.

----- Cole 28.11.10 06:30

We love labbits! The kids each have one now and are pining for a whole herd…

----- Mark Eidsness 28.11.10 06:21

These little guys work be great lined up in my studio to keep me company while I slave over a hot blowtorch :)

----- ariane 28.11.10 06:12

I have a little smorkin labbit (a gift from a buddy who was visiting the USA) and he is feeling very lonely here in europe. Especially with the short days and the snow.

----- Leo 28.11.10 06:10

Who wouldn’t be a good home for these little guys. They would look great anywhere!

----- Erik 28.11.10 06:05

I’m a good home for these lil’ cuties because I have a shelf waiting for them & My kitten, Timmy would love to have some friends to sleep beside!

----- Craig 28.11.10 06:01

I’m a good home for these lil’ cuties because I have a shelf waiting for them & My kitten, Timmy would love to have some friends to sleep beside!

----- Craig 28.11.10 06:01

I’m a good home for these fluffy labbits because I will love them and name each and every one of them,take them out for fresh air and kiss them goodnight and they will have their personal little space to chill with little carrot snacks, but no smoking aloud as I don’t want them to die young!
Find your way home honey buns!

----- Alexandra 28.11.10 05:58

bunnies!!! gimme! gimme! gimme!

----- inoffensive 28.11.10 05:55

i would totaly like to host kidrobot’s labbits,because my owner didn’t get me designer toys yet.he spends all his money on paint and fines, so i guess i deserve some new bling.thank you.
the angry home of D.137

----- die137 28.11.10 05:51

my little labbit feels alone here in jerusalem. i think giving me a new one will make them both a new warm home fore this winter. and me happy,ofcourse. i just had a birthday and i didnt get even one kiddrobot for this year (im known as thier fan..).. well, its only because its hard to get them here..

----- shira haran 28.11.10 05:50

Oh my gosh, my Dunny collection would love new Labbit friends :D I love designer toys, but forced myself to focus on ONE series because all my money would go out the window haha.

----- Zach 28.11.10 05:49

I don`t think you can miss here, being a dunny myself; visit http://hamadgera.com/watermelonbunny and see, I go around the world, I have my myspace page, facebook account and i tweet like a songbird ( @watermelonbunny ) and much more.
I bet the lunnies are gonna have a blast with me

----- watermelonbunny 28.11.10 05:48

Ours is one of the finest, Labbit-friendly households there are. Just ask some of our other guests, The Dunnys, Sandy, Bastardino and the Cactus Pups, Pullip Rita, Be@rbrick, Coraline, The Sandman and Death, and the Kokeshis.

----- Audrey 28.11.10 05:44

I just added a brand new shelf in my toy display case. I would love to have cute, funky and fierce wabbits join the crew :)

----- Pei 28.11.10 05:43

They will be given as a gift to my sweet girlfriend, which basically just loves bunnies. I’ve been looking non stop for something to give her for Christmas and every time I’ve come close to obtaining the perfect gift; it is stricken away from my grasp and allass I am left once again desperate to find her that perfect something. If I could show up at her home with this amazing bundle her eyes would light up and she would be the happiest girl in the world. And I will assure you she will feed them plushy carrots everyday guaranteed.

----- Jan Bigas 28.11.10 05:39

My pig rosa would fall in love with these. She likes carrots, potatoes and designer art-toys. However she is a pig and does not have opposable thumbs to purchase any of these items.

----- Rasim 28.11.10 05:33

My figure collection has yet to see any Labbits added to the collection :( This would make a great addition to the team :)

----- Ian 28.11.10 05:31

I could really use some labbits in my life… I’m trying to quit smorkin’ myself, so maybe the labbits and I can support each other cold turkey.

----- Lindsey 28.11.10 05:19

Those mustaches would certainly make up for my nonexistent facial hair..

----- Andy 28.11.10 05:07

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh giveaways :-P

----- marc 28.11.10 04:47

We are an ecclectic household and would welcome more lagamorphs to join those we already have from Japan and the UK (“Look at the BONES!”) We recently moved into a new place and have lots of room for new toys to show off and play with.

----- Keith 28.11.10 04:43

Because I’m 24 and I’ve still got a little kidrobit in me. (Woah, that came out wrong.)

----- Lelia 28.11.10 04:32

labbits would never be lonely or unloved in my home! no sad labbits allowed.

----- vinylsquirl 28.11.10 04:18

It has been written that these little boogers are the chosen ones to inspire me to new depths and heights of creativity, so please fight the good fight, and help fulfill their destiny.

----- EddieBasgetti 28.11.10 04:12


The labbit is indigenous creature to the isles of the UK and is now becoming closer to extinction. I have set up a small sanctuarty for design animals including a collection on Alessi Monkeys, a Toothpick bird and a Eero Aarnio Florescent Dog.

The labbits would have plenty of room to eat carrots and grow mustaches here so i think it would be in there best interest to get over to the UK and settle !

Please Help Them ! x

----- Dom Mernock 28.11.10 04:09

Im perfect to have them because I am crazy for popsicles and I smoke.. We have everything in common!

----- Fez 28.11.10 03:52

Sqeezed for space? Labbit family growing at a remarkable pace? ‘Lil Labbits unite! Upsize to a storefront window in Niagara Falls, NY

----- Michelle 28.11.10 03:37

I’ve already cleared out little spots for them all !

----- Melanie 28.11.10 03:26

duh! because they’re RAD! i love kidrobot and would display them properly with pride and joy.

peas n carrots

----- lish 28.11.10 03:25

I have a small collection of other vinyls that have their own shelf that need friends, also I have a red smorkin labbit that needs some others to be friends with.

----- Max 28.11.10 03:20

as the proud mommy of a real live rabbit, I know exactly what small, adorable, floppy-eared rodents want… which is more small, adorable, floppy-eared rodents.

----- Allie 28.11.10 03:09

I love this labbit stache !! Must have it !!!!

----- maxime 28.11.10 03:03

now that my boyfriend’s gone, there is no-one around with a mustache :(((

----- Yiorgos 28.11.10 03:01

We would so get along: Sis and dad- born in the chinese year of the labbit. L’s are way cooler than R’s (I know) Get called Tellan by the mature folk quite often.

----- Terrance 28.11.10 02:53

Omgah so many labbits and though my vinyl toy collection is on the small side
These labbits will fit in great and won’t be spending all their time on a shelf, especially when my younger cousins come over

----- Winnie 28.11.10 02:33

My house is a better home for bunnies than the Playboy mansion! They’ll love it!

----- Mara Sampaio 28.11.10 02:31

Would love to bring these cuties home to add to our collection of vinyl pets with bunny ears. How fun is this collection!

----- Hoister 28.11.10 02:25

I would like to be a proud owner of a KidRobot labbit!!
One of my nicknames is labbit, due to asians unable to roll their tongues to pronounce their r’s… so Luby Labbit I am.
Let the labbits come home.

----- Ruby Huang 28.11.10 02:23

For Movember,I grew a ‘stache. Its almost the end of Movember. My moustache is going to be lonely on Dec. 2nd.
Maybe these labbit can give my stache company, lots of it!

Make face for happy



----- Karan 28.11.10 02:22

My home was given an “A+” by the Labbit Domestic Sanitation and Living Association (LDSLA). Such a rating signifies that my home is more than perfect fot the Labbit community.

----- Collin 28.11.10 02:20

i’m 36 but i feel like 15 when i see these beautiful monsters. make me young again.

----- jaypanelo 28.11.10 02:14

They would be best friends with my collection of Japanese Frog Style Frogs…

----- becky 28.11.10 02:14

I’m starting a collection and my Dunny and Fatcap are looking lonely. A family of Labbits will be very welcome.

----- george 28.11.10 02:13

My Mr. Potato and Sponge Bob eight ball would be very pleased to have new company.

----- enrica 28.11.10 02:08

I’m a good home for these babies cuz of the CARROTS! I have them carrots in SPADES.

----- Beatriz 28.11.10 01:51

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