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Holiday Giveaway #1: Tegu- 11.24.10

3-tegu.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Benji in Chicago, IL and Larry in Rockville, MD

So for our first NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway of 2010 ~ i’m excited to announce that we’re the first to share this new Jungle themed Tegu set to the world! It’s the latest to join their Natural, Mahogany, and Tints sets… a mix of the greens in the Tints as well as both woods! Our friends from Tegu are giving two lucky readers: A bundle of the new Jungle 52 Piece Set, the Mahogany 26 piece set, and two Mini Felt Travel Totes!

For a chance to win leave a comment by midnight on Nov 28th (PST) ~ sharing what the first thing you’d build would be to make use of these awesome magnetic woody blocks!

And don’t forget ~ there is always Tegu Live! If you can’t think of ideas, or need some inspiration, you can hop online and tweet/message their master builder who will build whatever you wish LIVE! (Psssst, they did something super special to announce the jungle set - dedicated to us! with music! See the video!) … and take a peek at some of their Jungle colored creations on the next page!




And here’s a peek at the cute little felt cased Travel sets! tegu4.jpg

For a chance to win, a bundle of the new Jungle 52 Piece Set, the Mahogany 26 piece set, and two Mini Felt Travel Totes from Tegu, leave a comment by midnight on Nov 28th (PST) ~ sharing what the first thing you’d build would be to make use of these awesome magnetic woody blocks!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons, and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

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I bet my son, Paolo, will try to make a solar system out of these blocks! My second guess would be Hiro, “the great strong engine” from Thomas and Friends! I am so excited to see what he can come up with! Oh boy, if only I can get this for free!

----- Ellen 28.11.10 23:23

Love These! I would build a blocky magnetic Holiday Centerpiece :)

----- Natalia 28.11.10 22:38

I would build an Italian Greyhound bc that is my Fav dog!

----- Miguel 28.11.10 22:03

I would build a fabulous temple to the god of stinkbugs, so that maybe, just maybe, They will leave me ALONE!!!!!!!!!! Please?

----- Tessa 28.11.10 20:56

I would try and build a self-portrait sculpture. I am curious to see how cubist it would appear and if it would even be recognizable!

----- Megs 28.11.10 20:52

pandas with moustaches riding an owl past the moon…or a house

----- Sydney 28.11.10 20:25

Knowing me, the first thing I’d build would be a perfectly symmetrical object of simple beauty. It would sit on my desk and inspire me to contemplate my next steps … and avoid real work.

----- Derek 28.11.10 20:20

a moose. if i can get the antlers right.

----- Yooney 28.11.10 20:12

I would build a display pedestal for my bucky ball art.

----- Jeff 28.11.10 19:51

The first thing my son and I would build is a dinosaur.

----- Korie 28.11.10 19:23

Wooden eye like to win this!

----- eab 28.11.10 19:19

I’d build a peacock. Why not?

----- Laura Martin 28.11.10 19:19

I’d give them to my god daughter so we could build something together!

----- Robert 28.11.10 18:45

Would definitely build a stegosaurus!!!

----- Jason 28.11.10 18:45

A step stool. So I can change this darn lightbulb.

----- Yoshio 28.11.10 17:32


----- christina 28.11.10 17:19

Definitely a Delorean! Now to find a wooden/magnetic flux capacitor…

----- Brian 28.11.10 16:34

I would build a bridge to test the magnets strength. Awesome giveaway!

----- Daniel Thibault 28.11.10 16:31

I would build a cubist version of an Arcimboldo painting. Each Tegu block is organic in color and shape such as the work of Arcimboldo who used fruits, vegetables, and plants to create human-like forms in his work.

----- Cesar 28.11.10 15:17

What every modern kid needs, technoblocks.

----- Pat 28.11.10 14:58

I would build a deer. maybe try a nativity set

----- sindy 28.11.10 13:24


----- Kyle 28.11.10 12:57

I’m an architecture freshman, I’m broke from buying material all the time and I need these wooden blocks to help me through tough times of soldering and gluing. I just need them. I do, I really do.

Thank you.

----- Rae 28.11.10 12:52

I would build a replica of the Guggenheim museum…then i would give the blocks to my 5 year old nephew for christmas.

----- James D 28.11.10 12:32

WOW, what a great gift! My 4-year old niece and I would love the Tegu blocks. She’s currently obsessed with lemurs after seeing them at the zoo. The first thing we would build together will be a ring-tailed lemur with the alternating block colors. She also says we also need to build a tree so the lemur can hang from it!

----- Diana 28.11.10 12:30

A modern home.

----- Forsythia Hopkins 28.11.10 12:28

definitely YODA.

----- sarah 28.11.10 12:13

I would build a replica of one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s house!

----- Kate Lecours 28.11.10 12:05

Tiny. Wooden. Gundam.

----- Jason 28.11.10 11:58

a tiny rectilinear forest, with a nice stump for reading :)

----- scott w 28.11.10 11:56


----- Gabriel G 28.11.10 11:56

I would build a little crib and then give it to my friends, who just had a baby, as a gift!

----- Erica 28.11.10 11:55

These are gorgeous! I think i’d build people or maybe make a body part out of it, like a hand.
Thanks for the giveaway!

----- Ashley Brooks 28.11.10 10:29

A “Transformers” fort in the form of a Satanic leaf-tailed gecko. To protect my Amazonian adventurers from the spying eyes of remote-controlled copters. And then I’ll pass them on (on loan) to my best friends. They’ll definitely build cars.

----- Khanh 28.11.10 09:36

I always wanted blocks since i was a kid. i would love to re-live my childhood w/ such elegant blocks.

----- jay P 28.11.10 09:28

my brother would built a robot-like dino duck from it
ut he can do it with almost all surrounding stuff))

that tengu is nice touchable and visually great thing by the way

----- Anna P 28.11.10 08:56

I would build a small haydron minor collider, or a square tree.

----- Bryan 28.11.10 08:47

I’d build a maze for my lab rats.

----- Brian 28.11.10 08:05

I’d try to make some sort of animal. Maybe an elephant.

----- Kelsey J 28.11.10 07:46

I would create a kangaroo first for sure

----- Dana Galbraith 28.11.10 07:23

I would build the Eiffel Tower!

----- Lilly 28.11.10 06:41

We have two kids, age 8 and 10 and are always looking for creative toys for them. These are great and I bet a NOTCOT logo made out of them would look amazing! (of course that would be the first thing we build)

----- Jerry 28.11.10 06:20

Very cool. My son loves magna tiles, and I know he would love these if he could pry them away from me.

----- Erik 28.11.10 06:11

I would build a mini dog house!

----- Nikki 28.11.10 05:49

I think I wouldn’t build anything. I would probably admire them as they are and imagine them to be biscuits (original, chocolate, green tea and lemon flavoured!). Hehe :D

----- RyanYX 28.11.10 05:38

I’d make an escape

----- Martin 28.11.10 03:23

A 1:1 scale of the magnetic North Pole. Happy Holidays o

----- Terrance 28.11.10 03:08

I would write the name of the person I would give this fantastic woody set, that surely would be amazed.

----- enrica 28.11.10 02:17


----- becky 28.11.10 02:12

I’d build a little craftsman bungalow replica house- yeah there’s a backstory to that…

----- Ryan 27.11.10 23:21

I would try to build my daughter a block princess and my son a block train.

----- Jim 27.11.10 22:11

My Eichler home!

----- Hoister 27.11.10 21:12

I would definitely build a monster robot.

----- Bianca 27.11.10 20:35

There is no doubt that I’d keep these at my office to occupy me during the long, slow winter months!

----- Anissa 27.11.10 19:46

As an adult playing with the blocks, I’d build a fortress to keep out the little ones!

----- Yenn 27.11.10 19:21

I would build a pair of underwear. It would be an awkward day at work indeed.

----- lkieh 27.11.10 19:17

I’d build a picture frame or two.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

----- April Brooks 27.11.10 19:17

I would build a race car track for my son to use with his matchbox cars.

----- neonsocks 27.11.10 18:46

I would just ‘build’, where my son would want to create a battling tool.

----- tane 27.11.10 18:14

Oh man, I would love that. I mean, my kids would love that!

----- contempt 27.11.10 17:58

My brother would go nuts for tegu. He’s a mathematician and would probably find a way to construct his favorite: a mandelbrot set.

----- Taryn 27.11.10 17:07

I would build a boat.

----- Stephen 27.11.10 16:40

I’d build Toothless :) And maybe Hiccup if I had enough left … and then maybe afterwards I’d attempt a hammerhead yak riding a hammerhead whale attacking the boneknapper!

----- Colby 27.11.10 16:32

I would build a suspension bridge, they look cool.

----- Allen 27.11.10 16:26

The first thing I would build is a pendant lamp, definitely. Then a table lamp. Don’t worry, I have the hardware covered. Then I’d let my son have a chance and he’ll make monsters, I imagine. The monsters will end up super cool, better than my lamps, which is great but…

----- Antonia 27.11.10 16:11

will attempt to build a puma penguin…

----- dima 27.11.10 15:55

I would definitely start by making a tea set!
A tea pot, maybe some cups. The little square blocks remind me of sugar cubes! XD
Thanks notcot! This toy looks awesome.

----- Jan 27.11.10 14:58

I would make a functioning godzilla to terrorize my little brother’s GI Joe’s.

----- brian 27.11.10 14:55

My nephew has said he would love to create a lion and then a rollercoaster. He is very into building with anything. He spends hours upon hours just building and creating.

----- Cameo Herrin 27.11.10 14:44

I would assemble a helicopter first thing, then work my way through other air vehicles.

----- Jennifer 27.11.10 14:15

i would build a family of ducks and arrange them on a pond on my desk!

----- Grace 27.11.10 13:48

I’d build a bird of paradise to bring some thoughts of sunshine to my desk :)

----- Maryanna 27.11.10 13:47

i would build a battleship! i wonder if they float?

----- curtis 27.11.10 13:28

Me want please

----- Tyesha 27.11.10 12:55

I would make a Pygmy Slow Loris to hold my wacom stylus

----- Robert 27.11.10 12:15

I’d build a storage box for my non-magnetic blocks.

----- Jamie Sachs 27.11.10 12:08

I would build a very abstract representation of the battle of hoth. I think i could get atleast an at-at and an at-st out of this set.

----- Quinn 27.11.10 12:06

I’d probably build a car. You know, with square wheels - it’s all about imagination.

----- Dia 27.11.10 11:54

I would try my hand at words. NotCot and Thanks perhaps first. Then who knows.

----- Speck 27.11.10 11:53

A monkey!

----- Liz Schwartz 27.11.10 11:48

After Tegu Genius built me an octopus and an ice cream sundae, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at crafting a MINI.

----- Courtney 27.11.10 11:13

I’d build a fancy little house… or perhaps a castle. I love tegu blocks! I’ve been trying to figure out who I can buy a set of blocks for Christmas - huzzah!

----- mary 27.11.10 10:48

My son and I would make a sculpture informed by his imagination! Neat!

----- Max 27.11.10 10:48

Car or bike… something with wheels! That would be a nice challenge.

----- Nystrom 27.11.10 10:25


----- Deirdre 27.11.10 10:10

I’d build a coffee shop located in the urban jungle :)

----- Maciej Warchal 27.11.10 04:54

my son likes fishes in all sizes and colors. so let us build our own aquarium.

----- Tobi 27.11.10 04:24

I would build a mini chair.

----- Jessica Wong 27.11.10 03:25

I would build whatever my nephew and niece would like. They would go crazy with these!

----- Lucas Diaz 27.11.10 02:33

I would build a marble run, but not a normal one, i would take advantage of the magnetic properties and build one on the side of my frige with big jumps and long drops. Maybe glass marbles would weight to much, if thats the case i would use plastic ball bearings, the kind you find in BB guns.
Thank you

----- Ross Harrison 27.11.10 00:56

A tower just to see how high it could go before it would collapse, though I expect I’d run out of tiles before it does.

----- David 26.11.10 22:35

I’m going to build a wooden tree

----- Michael 26.11.10 21:52

What would I build? let’s see…
a = Tegu
b = Me
Solve for x

a~ they are beautiful
b~ is in love with them
beautiful + love = x

x = The Taj Mahal.

----- Sue Ross 26.11.10 21:49

I’d probably build a litle elephant for my baby girl Elle to destroy …

----- Aaron 26.11.10 19:55

I would build a zero gravity chamber. Floating bricks for all.

----- Taylor Ahlmark 26.11.10 19:53

i would build a miniature city so my demented bloodthirsty toddler daughter could fulfill her godzilla-like fantasies, while inflicting no permanent damage.

----- rich 26.11.10 19:49

I’d build an iPhone stand. I think everything needs to be made into one at some point. Although, I’m not sure how my iPhone would feel about the magnets. Guess we’d have to see.

----- Adrien 26.11.10 16:55

I want to build a comfortable and warm house to hide in in snowy days like today,i think i will enjoy to play with this genial blocks every day!!!

----- Gaia 26.11.10 16:27

❤ ► ► ►I wouldn’t build anything in particular, I would just start having fun stacking and layering, and combining all the tegu pieces I have available, and see what interesting abstract construction happens!◄ ◄ ◄ ❤

----- T Curtis 26.11.10 16:26

An army of robots. Lots and lots of robots.

----- Karin 26.11.10 15:42

Definitely something death-defying, like a person climbing a wall, to take advantage of the magnetism.

----- Thomas 26.11.10 14:28

I would build an AMAZING Frame to put my Degree in! Whenever I look at it, it would remind me of what an amazing creation this was, and what an amazing job I did graduating from college!

----- Sara 26.11.10 14:11

These are awesome! I’d build a dinosaur.

----- Melissa 26.11.10 13:10

I would build a palm tree to help me escape the reality of living in the rainy Pacific Northwest. :)

----- Tom Novak 26.11.10 12:49

These things are way cool. I would build a statue of my cat!

----- Colby 26.11.10 12:04

I would build a tree

----- kari 26.11.10 11:50

I would build a castle.

----- domestic diva 26.11.10 11:48

What an awesome idea!!! These should be in every kindergarten classroom across the country! I’d donate them to the Waldorf school here in Austin so they could be played with for years and years!

----- Jacqueline 26.11.10 11:31

I would recreate Angry Birds levels, all that would be missing are mini plastic angry birds toys to complete it!

----- Mikki 26.11.10 11:05

I would love to donate these to my little grandson’s Waldorf Kindergarten classroom-they would be loved and used year after year!

----- Jacqueline 26.11.10 11:03

I would make a giant apple. To give to my teacher and get an A!

----- Lucas lund. 26.11.10 11:01

Gimmie!!!! I think I’d have as much fun if not more than my boys! For them the first thing we would build is an E-vil Robot and a Super Bot and then let them battle them out!!!

----- Parakh 26.11.10 10:17

I love building blocks!!! great for conceptual modelling, I would build the auditorium I’m designing right now! Great ideas may result!

----- Celeste Aguirre 26.11.10 10:16

I have my one year old baby sister who’d love to play with these blocks so much! The thing is… She’ll have to fight me for them because they’re so cool!

----- Edward Wong 26.11.10 10:16

The first thing I would make is a French Bulldog!

----- Charlie 26.11.10 09:44

i’d make a robot chicken! :) this set is beautiful!

----- bonnie 26.11.10 09:38

I would build a castle with a moat and watch tower.

----- Christi W. 26.11.10 09:35

I would build an inukshuk!Go Canada! :)
thank you!!

----- Charmiley 26.11.10 09:30

I would build Escher’s Infinite Staircase.

----- Iva 26.11.10 09:28

i would make some toys for my little kitten to play with (aka chew on)

----- e.v. 26.11.10 08:52

Something fun to play with on my desk I would build a bunny

----- Alexis 26.11.10 07:55

a windmill :)

----- Yiorgos 26.11.10 06:54

I will build utopia!!

----- BB 26.11.10 05:45

A plated breakfast.

Long strips for bacon, triangle with a cube in the middle for a fried egg, cubes for home fries…

----- Rebecca Hasenauer 26.11.10 04:46

A robot. Always a robot.

----- Juan 26.11.10 03:53

I would spell NOTCOT and post it on my friends, so they could be jelous of my cool bricks :)

----- Ervyn 26.11.10 02:23

Some piece of jewelry ha love wood acessories

----- Marcos Paulo 26.11.10 02:11

★ ☆ ✿ ❤ ➽ I would build a ZOO, and as many tegu animals I could come up with to fill it! ♥ ♣ ♥ ☆

----- Todd Curtis 25.11.10 22:55

The first thing to be built with the magnetic woody blocks would probably not be by me, but by Lulu, my 1.5 year old kick ass kid! I’d bust these out for our 12 hour non-stop flight to Paris and predict that she would accidentally build JABBA THE HUTT!

----- Souris 25.11.10 21:59

A horse. I’d make a wooden horse for imaginary Trojans to hide in.

----- kelly 25.11.10 21:56

I would build a peacock, or a mini android!

----- amanda 25.11.10 21:22

I would make a little wooden llama.

----- Jess 25.11.10 20:35

Id make a new name plate for my desk since the green matches my logo :) these are so so cool!

----- Natalie 25.11.10 20:23

A robot!!!

----- Laurita 25.11.10 20:04

i would build a woodblock playground

----- germaine 25.11.10 19:56

I would build my tortoise a girlfriend. Igor is fond of the color green.

----- Annette 25.11.10 19:37

I’d build myself a new car :)

----- Theo 25.11.10 19:15

I would build a ship! Not a boat, but a ship! :) Then perhaps a Christmas Tree to jazz things up a bit.

----- Carly 25.11.10 19:09

I’d lay them on my desk and appreciate their tasteful design, then simply piece them together depending on my mood, level of listlessness, and particular interests at that moment. Any one thing? I’d be constantly messing with them.

----- korey 25.11.10 18:48

hmm… I would build a helicopter! No, a spiral staircase, or maybe a robot army! Or uhhhh.. Tell you what, if I win a set of these awesome blocks I will build anything and everything I can think of!

----- Sydney 25.11.10 18:19

i most definitely will be building a miniature house replete with furniture and an biplane in the backyard.

----- anastasia 25.11.10 17:37

I’d probably make a tree since the blocks are made of wood. When I first saw the blocks I got a funny little image in my head of a square tree. that may sound stupid, but it sure made me laugh.

----- Nic 25.11.10 17:04

I’d build a giraffe.

----- Nick 25.11.10 16:15

a mini universe of organization for my stacks n piles. or mini dream homes:)

----- lish 25.11.10 15:32

i’d build a cityscape of either los angeles or san francisco.

----- kim 25.11.10 14:32

I would build a little house ;)

----- TZel 25.11.10 14:15

maybe a llama or a smurf.

----- marieke 25.11.10 14:05

I’d start with some robots and dinosaurs!! : )

----- Les 25.11.10 14:03

I’d make a castle, a freakin sweet castle

----- D Diack 25.11.10 12:57

I would build a replica of myself for my gf so she won’t have to miss me so much when im away

----- Steven 25.11.10 12:55

I’d build a submarine!

----- Agnieszka 25.11.10 12:24

a jungle skyscraper

----- ed 25.11.10 11:56

Oh, I’d definitely build a hippopotamus. They are insanely cool! Although they look goofy, they’re killing machines.

Although building a robot would be awesome as well… Well, perhaps a robot hippo!

----- Sele 25.11.10 11:11

A sea monster!

----- Megan 25.11.10 11:06

These blocks are just screaming to be turned into a dancing robot. I would oblige with glee.

----- Ela 25.11.10 11:06

My lil brother needs this

----- Neema Sadeghi 25.11.10 10:58

Christmas tree for the holidays.

----- Melanie 25.11.10 10:43

I would build the tallest possible tower I could.

----- matthew harrison smith 25.11.10 10:23


----- Jason 25.11.10 09:58

I would built all my study models for my projects: refuges, houses,buildings,furniture,anything.
this kind of elements, helps your imagination, and you don´t have limits! It would help me to work on the initials ideas of my projects!

----- gabi. 25.11.10 09:51

Would try to build some sort of dragon :)

----- Benjamin D. 25.11.10 09:22

I-I-I want to build a-a-a

----- Colin Davis 25.11.10 09:07

the largest possible tree, testing the magnetic powers to their limit!

----- Grace 25.11.10 08:57

I’d want to build all kinds of animals, but starting with a T-rex.

----- Erika 25.11.10 08:30

I’d sure want to find out the highest possible construction that can be built from a set!

----- Linda D. 25.11.10 08:29

I’d totally build a mythical creature sorts. Something super playful and imaginative! Like a Unicorn with the body of a giraffe.

----- Selina Wong 25.11.10 08:20

I would build a magnetic vortex so powerful that it would suck in other magnets. Like Magneto meets Katamari Damacy. Yeah.

----- Vincent 25.11.10 08:17

wow!!! love it!! i want these!! so many possibilities. i don’t know what i would make but i know i would be playing with them for hours!!!

----- Katelynn 25.11.10 08:16

I would make a bear. ‘Cause I like bears!

----- Collin Banko 25.11.10 07:57

I would build a pair of legs and stick them to my fridge door so it looks like a tegu man has crashed into it and got the top half of his body stuck inside.

----- Ollie 25.11.10 07:57

I would FIRST build a quetzal!!! my favourite bird!
then I would build a giant igloo and put little plasticine eskimos inside and entertain myself allllll day at work…:( My Bf is obsessed with magnet toys, I would definitely eventually give him a go, and his creations would be endless.

----- CANDICE G 25.11.10 06:20

Ooh! How cool are these?! I’d love to make a biplane or a sheep out of these cool blocks.

----- becca 25.11.10 05:46

I would give this to my 17 month old son.
He loves magnets and wooden blocks and this would combine the two perfectly.
He would build a tower with it and either topple it over or take it down piece by piece, then start all over again. How he would enjoy this!

----- Pawel 25.11.10 05:33

Hmm, maybe something ambitious, like Frank Llyod Wright’s Fallingwater?

----- Corey 25.11.10 05:26

I would an irrational imaginative superb building!

----- icha 25.11.10 04:59

It’s beautiful, man!

----- Steve 25.11.10 04:45

I would build a magnetic marionette

----- Dries 25.11.10 04:02

Sooooo cool! I’d love to build a big scary dinosaur!

----- Camila F. 25.11.10 03:49

no gluing any more!
all my models at architecture university will be tegu :)

----- Katja 25.11.10 03:34

I would build a friend-ship…

----- Penny 25.11.10 01:59

I’d build a tower for my 2 year old nephew to knock down (the magnetic element would intrigue him!)

----- EOin 25.11.10 01:58

I’ll make a ssssnake for my 9 months daughter who is fassscinated with sssnakessss…

----- Olga 25.11.10 01:52

spaceship. what else?

----- makemisteaks 25.11.10 01:51


----- Spencer 25.11.10 01:04

Love these! I would give them to my kids, I am guessing the first thing they would build would be a house.

----- Shannon 25.11.10 00:52

I’m going to build a working hydrogen engine!

----- Derek Miller 25.11.10 00:44

I would build models of houses that I would like to build for real.

----- Pete Hinchcliffe 25.11.10 00:27

a camel … just because it’s funny :)

----- Ana 25.11.10 00:24

a city…naturally :-)

----- james 25.11.10 00:16

I would build a steam engine to go with my Christmas train set!

----- Christina 24.11.10 23:17

I’d build a house for my lego mini figures - the plastic can be so cold in winter ;)

----- Jonathan 24.11.10 23:05

I’m not sure what I would build. I would try not to think about it until I got them and then see what comes to mind with them in hand.

----- Justin 24.11.10 22:42

I would use them to play a game of “pictionary”, make people guess what I’m building

----- Majken 24.11.10 22:33

I’d build a chess set.
And then use it to play a game.

----- Katie Polenick 24.11.10 22:25

As christmas is just around the corner i’d build a christmas tree with santa and reindeers :)

----- Jennifer 24.11.10 21:58

Furniture for my daughters dollhouse.

----- Cody Taggart 24.11.10 21:55

i would make a squirrel and then post it on my blog, daily squirrel!

----- rachel 24.11.10 21:55

i would make a squirrel and then post it on my blog, daily squirrel!

----- rachel 24.11.10 21:54

Well, the jungle name would inspire me to attempt to make a monkey and jungle tree habitat. If it ended up looking more like an anteater though, it would still make me happy. Thanks for the lovely giveaway and wonderful website!

----- Tanya M. 24.11.10 21:44

I would loooove to use these to build some amazing dimensional typographic forms

----- Kseniya 24.11.10 21:39

I would love these, rather my daughter would love these! They look like a great travelling activity to bring on road trips with the kids.

----- Samantha 24.11.10 21:31

It sounds silly, but this would be a great Christmas present for my boyfriend. The first thing he would make with it? A robot.

----- Sara 24.11.10 21:23

I would give these to my daughter who has developmental delays and let her build whatever she imagines.

----- Chris B 24.11.10 21:07

Thanks for the fun giveaway.. I would build a little wooden guy to keep me company at my work space. These would be fun for passing boredom

----- Tanya 24.11.10 20:54

I would build a turkey and a Christmas tree.



----- Christina 24.11.10 20:45

For my son, I would use the green Tegu pieces to make a green sheep as that is his favourite book…with leftover pieces I would see how many of the other sheep I could build (thin sheep, wide sheep, swing sheep, slide sheep….)…or maybe a shearing shed to see if the green sheep is actually green underneath!

----- Campbell 24.11.10 20:38

Wouldn’t it be great if I could build a scaled replica of myself? I’d have to dye my hair green though to suit the color scheme. Mine is currently dark. Finally, I’d have an imaginary friend even others can get to know. Ahhh… Relieving childhood memories. Oh and the best part is, knock on wood, my mini-replica can be a good luck charm! Wheeee… Hello to the cuter and luckier Tegu Me!

----- Gary 24.11.10 20:36

I would try to build a palm tree and a sailboat.

----- Hannah 24.11.10 20:12

very first thing would be a Inukshuk eh?

----- almost albertan 24.11.10 20:09

Being a grandmother of 3 with many more on the way there is an infinite amount of things I could build. I would start with a train station with trains since that is the most exciting thing for my grand kids now.

----- Maeve Starkey 24.11.10 19:59

i would build whatever my nephew and niece first wanted, since they would be the real recipients of the gift.

being that they are 4 and 3, respectively, and a bit less creative, i would build them an octopus and tell them a story about a wild octopus that found his way into a jungle and swung from branch to branch until all his eight legs fell off, one by one. then he’d just be a regular pus, and i would turn that into a cat. a jungle cat, naturally.

maybe by then, they could think of something. i think my niece might pick up on the cat part and ask for hello kitty, a true challenge.

----- jacob r starkey 24.11.10 19:53

An elephant!

----- Joe Wasserman 24.11.10 19:49

I would build an in the round, changeable display for my family’s collection of little found objects from our travels!

----- Akemi 24.11.10 19:38

Wow. The possibilities… I’d happily spend hours and hours… Really.

----- SteveB 24.11.10 19:28

I’d try to build a replica skull. Just for funsies.

----- John 24.11.10 19:27

a refrigerator spider

----- eli 24.11.10 19:26

Paul says he would build a house for the turtle he built with bristle blocks.

----- Franklin 24.11.10 19:11

I would build a space ship

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

----- Raven In A Blue Room 24.11.10 19:09

I am moving from FL to NYC right after Thanksgiving, I’m so scared but so excited! The first thing I would build with these would be the building I am moving into! Quite a change from FL!

----- Danielle 24.11.10 19:05

I would build an awesome key holder for my apartment!

----- Justin R 24.11.10 19:01

A moose head! I’ve always wanted one for my mantel…

----- Christina 24.11.10 18:56

I would definitely build a camera.

----- arlene 24.11.10 18:54

a robot monkey riding on the handlebars of a segway as if it were a unicycle

----- Larry 24.11.10 18:38

As a dad I would be forced to sculpt two racecars, one for my son and the other for me. Both cars would be level in terms of speed, but I would equip one with rotator blades allowing for flight and the other with lasers. This way it becomes a game of chase ~ which would drive his mom nuts.
Happy Holidays…

----- James Eitzen 24.11.10 18:29

I’d hand them to my adorable soon to be 2 year old niece and sit down and build whatever her imagination would tell us too.

----- KMehta 24.11.10 17:58

I would build a mouse maze.

----- Eric 24.11.10 17:40

A renaissance style village complete with jousting area and turkey leg stand which would subsequently be attacked by a dragon who wants revenge since the villagers took his brother’s life last spring.

----- Will 24.11.10 17:20

army of penguins!

----- Ling 24.11.10 17:19

I think I would build a cool bridge from my couch to my coffee table.

----- Kristin 24.11.10 17:12

The first thing I would build would be a magnetic wooden robot.

----- Diana 24.11.10 17:06

I’d build letterforms and use them to spell out ‘happy holidays’ in an animated holiday video card.

----- april starr 24.11.10 16:35

If I had these blocks… I’d build a big house where, we both could live.

----- Robyn 24.11.10 16:30

I would pretend it’s a crazy new Jenga set, and mess someone up with it’s amazing magnetic powers! :)

----- Danny G 24.11.10 16:22

I’d build a fortress for the collection of little robots on my desk :-)

----- Sophia 24.11.10 16:21

WOW! these are AMAZING! my little boy will go BUCK WILD with them. Keep up the great work…C

----- cory monteiro 24.11.10 16:19

i’d build bridges to my daughter’s imagination…

----- momo 24.11.10 16:12

8-bit art. Mario perhaps.

----- Brian 24.11.10 16:11

a pinhole camera!

----- panelomo 24.11.10 15:58

I would see precariously I could stack them.

----- Christina 24.11.10 15:51

I’d build a bridge from my home in Georgia to my aunt’s place in Boston.

----- Max 24.11.10 15:38

Love the Tegu blocks, they are awesome!

----- Jason Sadler 24.11.10 15:33

A fixie. Stir some hipster envy.

----- eric 24.11.10 15:25

My 4 year old son, Sean, and I would build a spaceship to the moon. Then stop at Panda Express on the way home…

----- Jason Waks 24.11.10 15:07

Hey! I really REALLY would use these at least 5 days a week! I am a therapist that works with kids who have autism. I mean I am sure everyone on here has their reasons for wanting this amazing giveaway.. but come’on.. it’s for the kids!! Make the right choice! I would LOVE to document the different creations they come up with.



----- jonathan 24.11.10 15:05

I would build a Tegu turkey in celebration of the holiday!

----- Geek in Heels 24.11.10 15:04

I’d build some skyscrapers, I just moved out of New York for grad school and I miss the tall buildings. I’m guessing these would be the most eco friendly skyscrapers ever built!

----- Daphne 24.11.10 15:03

I’d build a miniature sewing machine!

----- The Green Cat 24.11.10 14:43

Oh…I’d probably give these to my niece; after I played with them first of course.

----- Elena 24.11.10 14:40

I would build a chunky Buddha…

----- Dr Tech 24.11.10 14:40

miniature city!

----- Kelvin 24.11.10 14:37

I’d make an owl or other bird because my son is fascinated with them.

----- Matt 24.11.10 14:31

Love these! The first thing I’m building is a castle. One can always use a castle.

----- Amy 24.11.10 14:18

I’d build a roller derby girl; everything in my life is either derby or library and both make me happy!

----- Jessica Z 24.11.10 14:16


I’d build a wee village.

----- Jenica 24.11.10 14:13

I would build a DeLorean, then go back in time and do it all again.

----- Cole 24.11.10 14:10

Definitely a flamingo. I would love to see it perched on one leg, with a little blocky head. These are fabulous.

----- Kim D 24.11.10 14:10

I’d probably make the Notcot logo and take a picture, Then I’d make a sneezing panda

----- Craig 24.11.10 14:07

I would Build a face. It would have moving parts like the mouth and eyes.

----- zhen 24.11.10 14:07

I would build a 57’ Chevy

----- Mundy Hackett 24.11.10 13:59

I’d build a dollhouse for my daughters tiny baby dolls. She’d promptly knock it over and insist it be built again.

----- jb 24.11.10 13:51

A Christmas tree, small enough to take travelling

----- Manu 24.11.10 13:50

An octopus. Most definitely.

----- Kaeo 24.11.10 13:49

I’d build a rocket to take me to the moon. Maybe if I got together with the other winner and combined our sets, the rocket would be big enough.

----- Jen 24.11.10 13:48

These would be awesome in my classroom. Finding different objects and animals to create would be fun but just the process of play would be the best to help them create their own problem solving skills!

----- Anna 24.11.10 13:45

I would build a dinousaur. I bet these blocks sound so cool when you play with them. And they look like they would feel awesome in your hands!

----- jb 24.11.10 13:35

My nephews are moving back into the country in about a month…so it would be the three of use making a happy little monster that morphs into a happy little snake that morphs into a happy little house where a mouse lives. How fun! ♥

----- Tiffany Patterson 24.11.10 13:34

I would like to build a little castle like i used to out of blocks or legos.

----- Chris 24.11.10 13:33

I’d build two cats to replace the ones I have to give away because I’m allergic :.(

----- Mark 24.11.10 13:27

I’d build two cats to replace the ones I have to give away because I’m allergic. :/

----- Mark 24.11.10 13:26

I’d build a gargoyle and use the magnets in Tegu to stick it on top of my refrigerator!

----- Alison 24.11.10 13:26

oh cool! i would make a robot! oh the possibilities though!!

----- Fonda LaShay 24.11.10 13:25

I’d give them to the new baby in my family! The first think I’d do is create animals for him :)

----- Deanna 24.11.10 13:24

Oh man, what wouldn’t I build? My kid’s been doing all sorts of rube goldberg contraptions around the house and this would send him over the moon with how he could enhance what he’s already building.

----- Gladys 24.11.10 13:23

So lovely!

----- Molly Quaid 24.11.10 13:23

i would build a mosque and then send it to all the places that say “you can’t build that here”.

----- scott 24.11.10 13:21

A step pyramid. In the jungle, of course.

----- Tom 24.11.10 13:21

a Parachuting Llama! to make me laugh.

----- nikki 24.11.10 13:19

I would use these to rapidly prototype product ideas - and then tear it all down and play with my young nieces and nephews. Most of their toys are of the branded, built-in story type…I’d love to see what they could come up with on their own with Tegu!

----- Vashte 24.11.10 13:18

I would build a shoe! I’m designing shoes for ECCO as a school project right now so my mind if filled with shoe-designing! This could be so much fun for that actually!

----- Anne 24.11.10 13:18

I am 99% sure that I would incorporate these into an elaborate marble run I have going in my office right now.

----- Brian 24.11.10 13:16

This is AWESOME!! I would make a little giraffe and a little hut for the giraffe to live in.. ;-)

ncnguyen514 [at] gmail [dot] com

----- Tran 24.11.10 13:11

Oh!! These are so cool! My one year old would definitely want to share…I’d make a human portrait, one showing how happy I’d be if I won!

----- Amanda Ferris 24.11.10 13:11

I would build a monkey sitting on a giraffe (Or as my wife and I call it, “a giraffimal.”) to match by soon-to-be daughter’s nursery.

----- Nick 24.11.10 13:03

I would build something that would finally make my mom proud of me.

----- Mark 24.11.10 13:02

a fortress, complete with drawbridge!

----- kat.s. 24.11.10 12:57

I would make one awesome sculpture that looks like it is on the brink of falling apart but of course it wont. After that, would probably make it into a creature of some sort that goes along with all my vinyl toys.

----- Rosanna 24.11.10 12:49

I’d model the mid-century modern home that I am planning to create out of gingerbread this season. So love the discovery of these blocks— my go to gift this season (and for children’s birthdays)

----- Emily 24.11.10 12:46

I would build a tall ship!

----- Jacob Wells 24.11.10 12:41

I would build a landscape model of what not to do in a grading exercise!! We all need 3-D visual aid when designing. :)

----- Roberta 24.11.10 12:41

A pen holder would be amazing! But I’d build a tree. Don’t know why the the lovely green and brown wood would look amazing put into a tree form. I’d attempt to use all block an possibly make a small forest. Could use the branches to hold small photos off.

----- Peter W 24.11.10 12:40

I’d make the king of the swingers! :D

----- Steve 24.11.10 12:39

I would build a safari car and animals. Elephants and giraffes are pretty awesome to play with.

----- Amanda 24.11.10 12:39

These blocks were made to be configured into the always classy always stylish 1990 Honda CRX - then i would put it as the center piece of my table since i just moved in and there is nothing in my apartment. CRX on the table, and one in the carport

----- dakota 24.11.10 12:34

Trojan horse. What’s inside? Army men or my room mate’s cell phone.

----- Dante 24.11.10 12:33

Fallingwater, noduh.

----- Jordan 24.11.10 12:32

That turkey is so cute! A bird, definitely.

----- Juila 24.11.10 12:29

I’d build a garage for my LEGO car.

----- Darrel 24.11.10 12:29

I’d probably build the tallest tower I could possibly get before they all topple to the floor and I go on to my next build!

----- Caitlin 24.11.10 12:25

I’d try to make an exotic looking bird! haha

----- Becky 24.11.10 12:19

I’d probably give it to my nephew, but then I’d secretly play with it myself to build an igloo.

----- matt 24.11.10 12:13

Alligator… with 6-legs. Replicating the sculpture I made in 3rd grade which is also when I learned that they only had 4 legs.

----- Nancy 24.11.10 11:54

Would love to build with Tegu blocks with my granddaughter!

----- Karen W. 24.11.10 11:47

These are like lincoln logs from the future! In a throw back to my former lego/tinkertoy/anyBuildingToy younger self, I would build a spaceship with these. Too cool!

----- Tony S 24.11.10 11:43

Oh man, I can’t stop watching Tegu LIVE now. That Jungle version of Falling Water is amazing. I think the first thing I’d do is make whatever the Tegu Genius asks ME to make. Let him take a break for a bit!

----- Jeremy Stern 24.11.10 11:42

I am obsessed with these blocks, been wanting them for my 1 year old we will def be building race cars and robots and back hoes vrroommmmm!

----- Liza 24.11.10 11:34

My son said he would build a house!

----- Ashley Larish 24.11.10 11:30

I’d for sure build a Tegu Liger. If I had enough Tegu left, maybe build a Napolean Dynamite next to his pet Liger, petting him.


----- Joe Miragliotta 24.11.10 11:27

oh boy. The possiblities are endless. I own a lawn care company, so probably a lawn mower!

----- Todd wallace 24.11.10 11:11

I would def try to build an elephant! But my kids would be the expert builders in minutes for sure!

----- stacey wallace 24.11.10 11:10

The little felt Tegu traveler’s sets are adorable! I would build a Tegu hedgehog!

----- Amy 24.11.10 11:08

I’d build a marble run (since that’s the girls favorite thing to build with blocks) or maybe a castle

----- lace 24.11.10 11:07

These blocks look stylish and fun for me and the kids!

----- Dave Mah 24.11.10 11:07

These are great! My son and I will probably build a T-rex, stegosaurus, spinosaurus first.

----- Benji Damron 24.11.10 11:07

If I won the holiday giveaway set of jungle themed Tegu blocks I would do my best to create my own king of the jungle, Tarzan!

----- KC Rooney 24.11.10 11:06

Love Tegu AND their turkey. I would build a crazy tower (a la Vasco Mourao) as high as I can go without making the whole thing fall over.

----- Anna | Sub-Studio 24.11.10 11:05

I would experiment forms to create spaces as i’m a student majoring in interior architecture. by merely a block we create space. with blocks. more spaces are created hence sketches come easy and ideas come flowing. by playing we learn. by experimenting we create.

----- KentNgiam 24.11.10 11:04

A pterodactyl!!

----- Mark 24.11.10 11:04

A giraffe. My son loves them!!

----- Rochelle 24.11.10 11:02

Sooooo, what a fantastic set to play with at the beach house :). Perhaps the 1st thing i’d build would be a little wooden family with a mom, dad, baby…and our little surprise. What a fun way to break the news ey?

----- Rachel 24.11.10 11:01

I’ll build a replica of my Eichler mid-century house!

----- edgar 24.11.10 11:01

To go along with the jungle theme, I’d love to make some jungle animals. A Tegu Ape could be very cool.

These blocks are an awesome idea.
The guy who is the master builder had the coolest job.

----- Chris Wilkinson 24.11.10 11:00

So in love!!!

----- runwithjo 24.11.10 10:59

i’d love to build a cupholder for my pens at work since they keep disappearing from my desk!

----- melissa 24.11.10 10:58

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