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Holiday Giveaway #6: Supermarket- 11.30.10

supermarket0.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Mark in Portland, OR!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #6 is here ~ and today our friends from Supermarket are giving a lucky reader a bundle of goodies including: a large Snapshot Pin by Amy B. Designs in Philly, a Extroverted Necklace by Aroha Silhouettes in Vancouver, a Blaue Blume Tea Cup by our friends, Undergrowth Design, in London, Spot Bowl in white by perch! in brooklyn, and a green Moka Express silkscreen print by mengsel. As you can see, the whole bundle comes from designers around the globe ~ Supermarket is dedicated to great design, straight from designers, and this week i am their Guest Curator! All of the products in the giveaway are part of the selection i’ve curated after going through nearly ALL of their tons of products! See bigger pics of each of the giveaway items on the next page!

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 4th (PST) ~ sharing one of your favorite local indie designers/stores.



For a chance to win the bundle including: a large Snapshot Pin by Amy B. Designs in Philly, a Extroverted Necklace by Aroha Silhouettes in Vancouver, a Blaue Blume Tea Cup by our friends, Undergrowth Design, in London, Spot Bowl in white by perch! in brooklyn, and a green Moka Express silkscreen print by mengsel from Supermarket, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 4th (PST) ~ sharing one of your favorite local indie designers/stores!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

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yep. my wirst hurts pretty bad. lets hope i can golf tomorrow

----- twilight trailer 15.12.10 12:43

Thanks, I couldn’t figure how to get it right. I did this and it worked fine for me. Thanks again!

----- Aldo Lucci 12.12.10 20:03

This is a really awesome article. Can I use this on my site? :) Also, while I’m here I’d like to see if you want to check out my site on portable xm radio. I’m sure there’s a few pointers on there that you’d like. Thanks!

----- Green Tea 10.12.10 13:03

Saddle Creek Records in Omaha!

----- Jess 09.12.10 10:48

My favorite indie store is a record store a few blocks from me. Rocket Records is small but a cool place to shop & visit. They even have a great selection of local artists on indie labels.

----- Scott Yates 08.12.10 10:02

Giving is the right thing to do this season. Holliday gift giving hardly matters this season with the amount of suffering going on and State cut backs. The Church of Friends has a mission for over a hundred years to tending to the needs of the poorest in society. Here’s my chapter. http://ask-god.me/chapter/MissouriStateCharityFundUSA/churchoffriends.html

----- Robin Stong 07.12.10 22:52

Provo, Utah is full of sad, conservative politicians that knock down and drive out all of our cool indie stores and build offices in their stead…take pity on me?

----- Clementine 04.12.10 23:32

I love supermarket. I especially love these cut out necklaces!

----- Valerie 04.12.10 18:48

Dwelling Spaces is my favorite local indie store in Tulsa. They sell all sorts of cool things from local craftsmen, artisans & artists. And you’re likely to find folks like Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips hanging around.

Thanks for yet another great giveaway!

----- April Brooks 04.12.10 15:33

I have this little shop in my town that makes chairs, and other furniture from dead wood that they find in the forest. And I’m not talking sticks, no these things are made from one piece. Tis quite badass really. These massive blocks of wood turned into chairs and tables. Is quite bad.

----- Matt Hoving 04.12.10 13:40

I love Kobo in Seattle!

----- Hoister 04.12.10 13:33

Jen Hill out of Boston is the bomb dot com!

----- Anna 04.12.10 12:47

South Willard in Los Angeles

----- Michael Carranza 04.12.10 10:13

The new Lola star pop up store in Soho (NYC) is amazing! They have great prints from artists representing the coney island vibe, and are one of the few (if not the only) places in NYC that carries the super cute line of roller-skates by the LA based company Moxi.

----- Amy 04.12.10 10:10

Raygun been there a couple times

----- sindy 04.12.10 10:07

I am from London, Ontario and my FAVOURITE local designer has to be Weezi fashion! She makes lovely up-cycled clothing with a retro feel, along with things like aprons, notebooks and even some silly lamps! Check her out at www.weezi.com or her blog at http://www.weezi.com/blog/updates/updates.html

She is seriously awesome!!! P.S. this was sent from my phone so I apologize if this post is a bit ridiculous! Thanks NotCot for having this great contest!

----- Hannah B 04.12.10 09:59

I would really love to win one of the prizes~ they all look cool!

----- John 04.12.10 09:53

My fav indie store is Magic Pony here in Toronto Canada! It’s tons of fun and full of the newest designer toys!

----- Selina Wong 04.12.10 09:48

Kobo in Seattle

----- Sonya 04.12.10 09:42

IF+D in Austin, TX is the coolest store your mom ever saw.

----- Adam Edwards 04.12.10 09:11

I love to shop on etsy for stuff made by REAL PEOPLE! One of my favorite shops is http://www.etsy.com/shop/AudraJean. You can find the most beautiful belts, harnesses, and hats there, all made by Audi and her boyfriend!

----- Erin 04.12.10 08:53

I’ve actually never been to an indie store… I’m so sheltered. I live in an utterly suburban town, and currently I’m living in Davis for university.

----- Victor 04.12.10 00:07

park life in sf…great store!

----- cc williams 03.12.10 22:10

everytime i do my street photography, i’d always pop by http://www.droog.com/ and check if they have new stuff for me to drool at. oh what the hell DROOG and DROOL. haha!

----- jay 03.12.10 15:35

Michelle Sorenson.

----- Jessi 03.12.10 15:34

Norwegian Wood makes amazing accessories, amongst other things. I love the stuff they make! You can see her stuff at http://www.etsy.com/shop/iheartnorwegianwood

The woman behind it is Angie Johnson and she has an amazingly eclectic sense of style, as can be seen in her participation at The Uniform Project. Check her out as November at http://theuniformproject.com/#!pilotmonth?FTC

----- Sharon 03.12.10 15:19

Reform School in silverlake! GREAT store!

----- janete 03.12.10 14:39

Gotta love the creativity and fun you can find at Raygun is Des Moines, IA. Hit it up Dsm style.

----- Mama BAM aka Beth 03.12.10 11:00

This giveaway is great! I’d want to recommend a local boutique called Studio Opal (www.studioopal.com) that feature the paintings of Amy Glase and jewelry work of Elfstones (by Kathy Nelson).

----- Stacy B. 03.12.10 10:48

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the greatest store in the universe!

----- Noel 03.12.10 10:08

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the greatest store in the universe!”

----- Mickey Davis 03.12.10 09:55

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the greatest store in the universe! AND… Des Moines, IA is the greatest CITY in the UNIVERSE!

----- Mickey Davis 03.12.10 09:55

Raygun! I wish I had enough money to clothe myself in raygun everyday :)

----- Betsy 03.12.10 09:46

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the most awesomest(love that grammar) store in the world !!! They are the bomb!

----- Todd Scott 03.12.10 08:45

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the greatest store in the universe!

----- Lucas 03.12.10 08:39

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the greatest store in the universe!
They are active in their community involvement, and clever as hell.

----- Kipp Paulsen 03.12.10 08:30

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is pretty sweet!

----- Tasha Wells 03.12.10 08:19

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the greatest store in the universe! No, seriously, I love them.

----- Carrie 03.12.10 08:13

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the greatest store in the universe!

----- Katie 03.12.10 08:04

GO RAYGUN in Des Moines!!

----- Sue 03.12.10 08:02

RAYGUN rocks my world. it’s my fave store in des moines… they have the coolest stuff and the staff is great. it’s worth going in there just to have a laugh at all the the creative and hilarious stuff they have! go raygun. keep the good stuff coming!

----- jane 03.12.10 07:48

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the greatest store in the universe!

----- Celeste Jones 03.12.10 07:44

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the greatest store in the universe! Beautiful stuff, better people.

----- Erika Rae Owen 03.12.10 07:38

I LOVE RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA! Great sense of humor and fabulous teeshirts!

----- Mandy 03.12.10 07:36

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA, is the greatest store in the universe!

----- Barb 03.12.10 07:35

RAYGUN in Des Moines, Iowa is the BEST and they are not holding a gun to my head forcing me to say this! Bottom line is that this wicked awesome store not only fights for the rights of artists and small business, but has been able to make a city in Iowa hip! Yes…I said it…HIP! Check out their website and I bet you will be dying to move here or at least wear one of their shirts like all the cool kids - be a cool kid - just sayin! www.raygunsite.com
What are you waiting for…you know you want to go check it out…I dare ya! Double Dog Dare YA!

----- Amy Keiderling 03.12.10 07:35

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the greatest store in the universe!

----- Tyler C 03.12.10 07:31

my favorite business is RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA!!!!!!!!!!!

----- Joshua T. 03.12.10 07:31

RAYGUN in Des Moines, IA is the greatest store in the universe!

----- E Waite 03.12.10 07:29

‘De Klare Lijn’ in Leiden, Holland (http://www.deklarelijn.eu/) totally outside my budget range/totally inspirational colelction!

----- Grace 03.12.10 01:06

yes, more goodies! want all of them

----- dima 02.12.10 23:34

My favorite local shop is a multi-brand place that just opened up in bklyn. merciB

----- Chris 02.12.10 22:11

Bell Jar, San Francisco…a store named after a great novel? OF course I love it!

----- Genevieve 02.12.10 20:39

I second Treehouse in Berkeley & add ACCI Gallery.

----- eab 02.12.10 18:06

For local flair, I’d definitely give my recommendation for Grand in Union Square, Somerville Mass. Local artists and very community driven. Amazing stuff

----- Ryan 02.12.10 15:45

i want i want i want…n ps i want

----- keith messina 02.12.10 14:58

My fav local place is the Treehouse in Berkeley. http://www.treehousegreengifts.com/index.htm

Even better are that most (if not all) are made from recycled/reused materials, and look stellar!

----- Emily E 02.12.10 14:27

these things are fantastic! my favourite local artist/designer is anna bond of rifle paper co. www.riflepaperco.com
this lovely lady did our wedding invitations as well as our baby shower cards, she’s so talented!

----- shawn joy 02.12.10 12:44

my favourite local store is odd clothing in new hampshire. i visited a small port town for my cousin’s wedding and came home with a huge bag of clothes…the owner modifies and sells vintage clothes for a great price, and all of the bags are handmade from the scraps. i hope i’ll get to go back!

----- Jess 02.12.10 12:24

Fuzzy Ink based in the DC area. Silly t-shirts and mustache paraphernalia. Catch them in Eastern Market

----- ZachZZ 02.12.10 12:21

My favorite indie store would have to be “Produce” here in Corpus Christi, Texas. Sweet threads, awesome gifts and an amazing chill vibe from those dudes.

----- Roxanne 02.12.10 11:52

My favorite indie store is WE ARE 1976 in Dallas— it’s like walking into a design blog with their unique artsy items! They also showcase local artists’ work, which is super cool. Weare1976.com

----- alliehill 02.12.10 11:37

Love these gifts. I’m a big fan of Ork Posters - they have a pop-up shop in Chicago every year

----- Amanda 02.12.10 09:28

Domy Books in Houston, TX is a rad little indies comic store/gallery that helps support local creatives by showcasing their work (be it illustrative or crafty or whatever) in their gallery and store. :P

----- Cill 02.12.10 09:10


----- jb 02.12.10 07:42

when I was living in Bennington VT there were a ton of tiny, local art galleries and stores that I loved. it’s probably not considered indie anymore but the Bennington Potter’s is always worth a visit.

----- Allie 02.12.10 04:44

Caravan in East London - this place rocks

----- Raztus 02.12.10 02:51

THere are so many great sites & stores out there. In scotland - one of my favourites is Papastour’s - www.papastour.com who stock some beautiful locally made designed objects.

OH - to win this collection would be amazing!!!!!!!! What a Christmas it would be.
Thank you!

----- Sue 02.12.10 01:10

it’s bagaboo!

----- Dobrovolszki Laszlo 02.12.10 00:27

I love PurposeDesign, their spice racks designs are flawless!

----- Kate Lecours 01.12.10 23:39

So lovely

----- Faith 01.12.10 22:02

I would love to give this necklace to my wife for chistmas this year

----- Ryan 01.12.10 21:57

there is this great place that opened around the corner that has local art… I love going in there!

----- Ginny 01.12.10 21:37

jeni’s ice cream, naturally.

----- james 01.12.10 19:57

Webster’s is the first place that comes to mind in State College, PA. Now temporarily housed inside a cupcake shop.

----- Sam 01.12.10 19:14

Merch sf

----- yoshio 01.12.10 18:34

My wife just turned me onto this local jewelry designer. Very cool metalwork!



----- Aaron 01.12.10 18:25

Buffalo exchange in Brooklyn, NY. For sure!

----- Elena 01.12.10 17:12

I like Blackbird.com

----- Tom Freeland 01.12.10 16:07

I love Blue Banana! It’s full of super adorable gift ideas and delicious goodies!

----- Elaine 01.12.10 15:36

I live in a teeny tiny college town south of Erie, PA. Where we dont have many indie designers except for the students at my school, we do have this indie business that just popped up! The Singing Bowl cafe is run by a young married couple who specialize in vegan food. For the conservative area its a nice change from Perkins and Fast food and they have amazing sweet potato fries!

----- Maia 01.12.10 15:31

I’m from Vancouver, BC Canada and my favorite local designer is KOVE handmade. She makes cowls, scarves, jewelerry dsigned after the westcoast weather, mountains and waters!

----- Anita C 01.12.10 15:05

with miami’ lack of anything indie… your recommendations are my favorite

----- maggie 01.12.10 15:03

My favorite Mississippi local designer/artist is Bill Abel.His work is unique and his pottery is above other styles I have seen

----- Rachel Crisman 01.12.10 14:36

I like the brand new Spun Sustainable Collective shop in Seattle: http://spuncollective.blogspot.com/
If I win, I will give the Moka print to my sister and will always keep an orange in the Spot Bowl.

----- Thea 01.12.10 13:41

When I was living in Hong Kong, my favorite local indie designers were my friends at HK Honey who support locally produced honey and local beekeepers through design: http://www.facebook.com/pages/HK-Honey/133440746672081

----- Diana 01.12.10 13:39

One of my very favorite local indie shops in San Francisco is ARIA, on Grant St. in North Beach. The owner, Bill, is amazing and more a curator of fantastic (and mysterious) things than a shop owner. He has vintage European prints + scientific charts + map, colored Dutch metal breadboxes, religious ephemera, and original art. I also scored an amazing pocket-size wooden drawing mannequin and mid-century lamp. Truly a place in which to get lost…

----- jennifer 01.12.10 13:38

My favorite designer here in DC is Solupine - a great designer and an even better friend! :) http://www.etsy.com/shop/figdotments

----- Lilly 01.12.10 13:23

Also chiming in for Gallery Nucleus.

----- George 01.12.10 13:03

This teacup is pure delight!!! My favorite local/indie artist here in Detroit is Regina Pruss! She makes the most wonderful jewelry!! You can see her stuff here http://www.chainchainchained.com/

----- jb 01.12.10 12:39

Oh Squeep to your lovely gifts!

----- Jessica 01.12.10 12:27

Wow! This collection is amazing! I love Topsy! http://www.topsydesign.com/
They have a vintage clothing boutique. They are fabulous!

----- tam 01.12.10 12:06

Love to shop at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra. They have some original T-shirts from local LA artists and also a gallery at the back of the store.

----- Anthony Flores 01.12.10 11:50

I think this is such an amazing assortment of items. Love all of them. My friend sells his grandmother’s hand knit scarfs here… http://www.etsy.com/shop/NonniScarves!

----- Timothy Grindle 01.12.10 11:45

necessityisthemother on etsy.. her custom items are the best! (I’ve purchased 3 things already)

----- Drew 01.12.10 10:57

I have found I really enjoy Miyamo. It’s a local consignment shop, which would be a turn off in this area, but they have some fantastic fashion choices, and it had a nice vibe to it when you walk in.

----- Gideon 01.12.10 10:37

Got to be Suss Design on Beverly Blvd. in LA. I have been wearing Suss’s sweaters for about 10 years now, and still can’t get enough of her comfortably chic designs!

----- Nicole 01.12.10 09:58

potipoti.com is a pretty cool place near Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin.

----- Thomas Lees 01.12.10 09:52

Buffalo exchange in Williamsberg Brooklyn, NY. Best second hand clothes ever!

----- Stav 01.12.10 09:26

My FAVORITE local designer here in Salt Lake City, UT is a boutique called Frosty Darling (www.frostydarling.com) that designs a lot of their own wares. They are so unique and fun and lovely.

----- Marie D. 01.12.10 08:47

I really like Reform School here in the Sliver Lake area of LA.

----- Lorenzo 01.12.10 08:10

One of my favorite design stores is Vertigo in Mexico city, it’s a gallery too, so you can just walk around the place and see new things, amazing illustrations and instalations, they also give workshops with important artist and designers worldwide, and that’s not it, they offer free concerts every once in a while and they give away pretty tickets. It’s also owned by one of my favorite illustrators, Jorge Alderete. What’s not to love!

----- Karen 01.12.10 08:10

I love Cat Socrates in Singapore! When I step in I get so excited at all the beautiful things!

----- Pei 01.12.10 08:01

Da From shop in Padova, Italy. It has really nice things you can’t find anywhere else in the city, and it is not so well-known so this definitely makes a plus for it! http://www.dafrom.it/

----- Marieke 01.12.10 07:24

I love this bundle, especially the pin! I love Oasis in my college town of Harrisonburg virginia :)

----- Natalie 01.12.10 06:03

My favourite local indie store is Novo Desenho (http://www.novodesenho.com.br). Tons of great design items and a good selection of artists!

----- Camila F. 01.12.10 03:39

there aren’t that many where i live but the one i enjoyed the most was called therapy! sadly, it closed down recently!

----- jennifer 01.12.10 02:38

Do etsy stores count? My favorite is my friend Keiko and Anna at http://www.etsy.com/shop/smalladventure. They have such great creativity!

----- Mike 01.12.10 02:15

It is a wonderfull giveaway !!!!
Expecially, the tea cup is amazing!

----- Roberta 01.12.10 02:14

I just moved to San Francisco, so I haven’t done much exploring yet, but I hear Urban Bazaar is a pretty cool store showcasing local indie designers. I’m looking forward to going to craft fairs like Bazaar Bizarre and Renegade Craft Fair when they roll around as well.

Oh wait, I take that back. My favorite store is New People in Japantown: http://store.newpeopleworld.com/ It’s an awesome multi-use theater/cafe/gallery/gift shop/clothes place that sells cool home design stuff and clothes ranging from Threadless tees to goth loli dresses (and terrariums!)

And it may not be what you meant by designer, but I’ve also fallen in love with Fat Rabbit Farm since I met the designers in person: http://fatrabbitfarm.com/

----- Hannah 01.12.10 01:37

I would love to win. I just moved into a new apartment=alone. i need wings. I love Noun….and alsO Canoe in Portland, Oregon. I also adore Queen Bee and glisten. oh my. please. it would make this year seem worth the pain.
that is all.

----- Chelsea Schmidt 01.12.10 00:45

Oh wow that all looks fabulous!
I split my time between Ottawa and Kingston, and while Ottawa has the absolutely fabulously hipster Glebe section, I have to say my most favourite indie store is one in Kingston: Minotaur! It is a “games store” in the boardgames sense, but they’ve expanded to feature a lot of odds and ends. I love their paper section, they often carry postcard booklets by artists, as well as cards and artwork by local artists. They’ve somewhat recently included a section with crafts like yarn, which is made even more fabulous that in addition to their free “games nights” twice a week they also feature “crafternoons” on sundays! How cute is that? What draws people in though are their window displays, which are huge and detailed; they’ve had a venetian masquerade theme once that I practically plastered myself to the window oohing over. Okay, this kind of ran away from me, but I just couldn’t stop myself! Love this store.

----- Ayla 01.12.10 00:39

My fav Portland shop is Alder & Co. Great for unique Japanese gifts:

----- becky 01.12.10 00:16

OOhhh specially love the awesome Aroha Silhouettes!!Two awesome local (NZ + Aussie) online hideouts for goods with a difference would be:

Thanks for the great comp!

----- Julia A 30.11.10 23:52

Su kara in Seoul…best soy chai lattes ever!

----- Kristen 30.11.10 23:28

My favorite place used to be workmens on melrose

----- Amir 30.11.10 23:23

My favorite local indie designer in Washington DC is Jeffrey Everett, of is El Jefe Design.

----- John C. 30.11.10 22:52

I’m pretty into Archival Clothing at the moment.

----- Joe Wasserman 30.11.10 22:44

I have to recommend Aroha Lamour - this gorgeous store in Napier, New Zealand is super, wicked, cool and packed with some of the best fashion, art and design I have seen. Napier only has about 55000 people so these guys do a great job for provincial NZ. My 12 year old stepdaughter got one of their tiki t-shirts specially printed for her when we were there last. they treated her like she was the biggest customer they had ever had she felt like a million bucks and it is now her #1 favourite item of clothing. Aroha Lamour - worth a look next time your in New Zealand. http://www.houseofaroha.co.nz/about/

----- Emma Bettle 30.11.10 22:36

alvin tjitrowirjo [http://www.alvin-t.com/] has ALWAYS been my most favourite local furniture/product designer! he presents modern touch in his designs while using local materials and motifs as the significant identities that makes them distinctive. simply brilliant, bold, and beautiful! :)

----- genoveva hega 30.11.10 22:27

Bureau of Urban Living and City Bird, both in Detroit.

----- Spencer 30.11.10 21:31

Tatty Devine boutique.
Schminky Sweet Things with a bit of Snark.

----- Mary 30.11.10 21:27

I love Hot Rod in Westwood

----- Jeremy B 30.11.10 21:07

I like up to you in toronto. So many cute little things . http://uptoyoutoronto.com/

----- Danielle 30.11.10 20:37

my favorite indie store is just down the street from me - yolk on silver lake. love it for the unique selection!

----- kim 30.11.10 20:33

My fave local indie shop is Time Warp. They have the best selection of vintage clothes and accessories

----- Tanya 30.11.10 19:48

I like going to the Flying Dog in Fayetteville, AR. Always a lot of (good) random junk and furniture. :)

----- Tooky 30.11.10 19:43

Check out Bear and Bird Boutique+Gallery in Lauderhill, FL.

----- Erik G 30.11.10 19:35

Goldmakers in Lawrence, Kansas is a quaint jewelry shop that features beautiful pieces created either by their in house designers or from area artists. If you ever have the misfortune of venturing to Kansas, downtown Lawrence is worth a visit!

----- Jori Krenzel 30.11.10 19:22

Revival Wear, a new vintage shop in my small college town.

----- Dacia 30.11.10 19:09

We have this wonderful indie shop downtown called the yellow button. they have wonderful unique finds.

----- alison 30.11.10 19:07

B. Son, San Francisco

----- Wesley H 30.11.10 19:04

Anyone at Emphasis Gallery.com/ in Railroad Square in Tallahassee.

----- Sandra 30.11.10 18:35

I love Tender Loving Empire out here in Portland, OR. All handmade local goods.

----- Taylor Ahlmark 30.11.10 18:26

My favorite local indie designer is my good friend fiskandfern who makes the cutest cards, the funniest aprons, and the most gorgeous towels and napkins!

----- Audrey R 30.11.10 18:25

I love to win a Blaue Blume Tea Cup. Trés sexy for my afternoon tea. My favourite indie store in Singapore is The Little Drøm Store at Ang Siang Hill. Must come to Singapore for the store.

----- Lilian Lee 30.11.10 18:04

Gentlemen’s Breakfast - Los Angeles
doesnt the name already sound interesting

----- Steven 30.11.10 18:00

GoXo - a couple of my friends who upcycle on Etsy… they have mad style.

----- sarah 30.11.10 17:57

twenty20 in Seattle great screen printing, and upcycling of vintage ties

----- Dante Olivia 30.11.10 17:00

My favorite store is Quimby’s books here in Chicago!

----- craig! 30.11.10 16:34

My favorite local shop is Sally Loo’s. Such cute stuff from around the Central Coast!

----- Meagan 30.11.10 16:16

I love Elwood Thompson’s in Richmond, VA!

----- Mundy Hackett 30.11.10 16:13

hands down….woodlands supply co. in portland OR….its a pacific northwest mans man shop for when ever you want to look good hiking the cascadia or pretend you like you just hiked the cascadia… beard optional.


----- kacy 30.11.10 15:55

My favorite indie type shop is a bookstore that is walking distance to my house. Jazz and other classy music is played, and most of the books are old psychology text books or used in general. The same day, I bought a cheap Linear Algebra textbook, a guide to Japanese Cuisine, a book about Faeries, and a story book.

----- Sele 30.11.10 15:51

Oh wow! My fave local indie designer is catrabbit (http://catrabbit.com.au/)

----- Steph H 30.11.10 15:46

Not so much a shop than a cavern of all wonders, this place is like a cezanne compression of camera equipment. Lens on the ceiling, lens on the floor, polaroid on the wall, tripod behind the counter, you name it, you have it. The man behind the counter is the gogo gadget of cameras. A 8 mm fisheye with pentax mount, poop pop po pop here it is!!!!! This shop is called PhotoEure, and is an oasis in the desert.

----- Gerald 30.11.10 15:15

favorite local store is “Random” they have a little of everything from furniture, to sculpture, to little things you’d find in a dollar store.

----- somerset 30.11.10 15:14

ooo ooo ooo … for the stationary lovers! (http://www.assemblyoftext.com/) this little store on main st. in vancouver, bc is called the REGIONAL ASSEMBLY OF TEXT. they are quite simply rad.

peas n carrots

----- lish 30.11.10 15:12

Ah these things are so lovely! My favorite local store is Eureka Crafts in Syracuse NY. The carry a ton of beautiful locally made jewelery, ceramics, photographs, ect. And the whole outer wall of the store is one huge mosaic. =)

----- stephanie 30.11.10 14:54

The Waldron Arts Center in Bloomington, Indiana has a fantastic gift shop filled with affordable works from local artists.

----- Sarah 30.11.10 14:52

I’m a big fan of the Youngblood Gallery in Atlanta, GA.

----- JD 30.11.10 14:51

An awesome independently owned artistic cake shop in Ann Arbor MI, Cake Nouveau! Beautiful and delicious! http://www.cakenouveau.com/home.html

----- Ian 30.11.10 14:31

Omoi in Philadelphia.

----- Robert 30.11.10 14:22

Blue Skies right next to the Association for the Visual Arts on Chattanooga’s North Shore. Just lots of indie crafts from local and regional artists. It’s like walking into a local Etsy!

----- Roger Penguino 30.11.10 14:14

I love this store in SF, very unique, with finds and designs from many local artists and resources.

I hope I win!!!

----- Mika Benkert 30.11.10 13:58

I would like to introduce you to Maya Yogev and her line GRAI www.graiscale.com. She is a Los Angeles bases designer.

----- William M. 30.11.10 13:53

Has to be my local 99cents store! People- you are totally missing out if you think high design has to be expensive and couture. 99cent stores are out of control amazing for great finds, tools, and especially supplies for making your own housewares/furniture/drapery/anything! Check it out!

----- Sean 30.11.10 13:51

Moxy in Portland, Or.

mox • ie \ mo˘k’se¯\ n. 1: skill; know-how. 2: intuitive. energy 3: ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. 4: your new favorite store in Portland

----- Mark 30.11.10 13:46

My Favorite clothing designer in SF!!

I hope I win this contest!!!

----- Emily Benkert 30.11.10 13:42

I love Magic Pony! www.magic-pony.com

----- Jenny! 30.11.10 13:41

Love, love, love Wrecords By Monkey!

----- Bianca 30.11.10 13:41

My favorite has to be Paxton Gate here in San Francisco! http://www.paxtongate.com/

I took a bug pinning class there! They have plants, artifacts, bones, skulls and a bunch of other great finds. You spend way more time in there than it feels. So much fun.

A close second would be TAD Gear that Notcot has reviewed before. Love that place too!

----- JohnG 30.11.10 13:08

Dwelling Spaces in Tulsa, OK!

----- Alisa 30.11.10 13:06

———-I am so in love with that little snapshot! My favorite local store isn’t technically a store of designed wares by the owner, but more of a museum of mid-century and neighboring decade furniture and goods that happen to be on sale. It’s called Futures and the owner Ronn Ives is one of the most interesting and genuine people I’ve ever met. He meticulously writes out the price tags for each piece in his store and you can TELL and FEEL that he loves what he does because every price tag has a little quip about the item and sometimes a little sarcastic smart-aleky remark. When you walk in the store you can just feel the warmth, and then you meet the man behind it and it’s like a fondue of nostalgia and fun. ————-

----- Chelsey Barnes 30.11.10 13:02

My wife loves a local bag maker who shows at several of the farmers markets here in town, B-Bags. She makes all her bags from up-cycled fabrics- old dress shirts, skirts, etc. http://www.etsy.com/shop/bbags22

----- tony f 30.11.10 13:02

Holy moly, what a beautiful teacup.

One of my favorites here in the bay area is Tail of the Yak, which gets local goods from all over the world (think Mexican folded paper earrings, Italian party streamers, and French dolls) into a tiny shop in Berkeley. No website of their own, but their Yelp page is here: http://bit.ly/h284Mv, and here’s a picture: http://bit.ly/fDtZl1.

----- Daisy 30.11.10 12:45

a local jewelery shop in the NY area: The Shape of Lies.

----- jay Poon 30.11.10 12:41

One of my wife’s favorites is Mimi in Red in San Diego.

----- rich 30.11.10 12:39

Good share for them within the want cheers.

----- Tim Cumby 30.11.10 12:39

my favorite place to get great gifts for my family and friend is a microscopic boutique called “Dalibaba” on St-Jean street in the old Québec city. they sell jewels, craft, bags, plushies of Québec city artist. they have so much beautiful stuff and at an affordable price too. plus it’s in the old Québec city so it’s so nice to wander in those streets. if you happen to visit québec I recommend you to go see that store.

----- christine 30.11.10 12:38

i love the curiosity shoppe in SF. always well curated.

----- George 30.11.10 12:35

Wow, i would really love to win this collection…please!actually my only store of design is www.viagaribaldi12.it in Genoa

----- Gaia 30.11.10 12:29

I LOVE Kiosk, in Soho! http://kioskkiosk.com/ So many great little finds, simply presented and with arresting back-stories as well.

----- Mack 30.11.10 12:21

Also, in addition to the above, because my ears are really small and nothing ever fits them! (except for when I was a kid and had that molded wax stuff in my ears during swimming).

----- Charlotte 30.11.10 12:18

I only admire from afar, but I do love Curiosity Shop in San Francisco!

----- Rachel 30.11.10 12:16

Mr. Hammy Havoc is my favourite!

----- Craig 30.11.10 11:41

My favourite is an awesome little place down a small alley in my hometown..Electrik Sheep is a small independent store set up in 2004 by design studio, Reluctant Hero.
Not only does the shop sell AMAZING one off peices and other really cool stuff but they also put on exhibitions now and again where you can go down and see the stuff in a fantastic setting, get free drink and usually MEET THE ARTIST! its where i met Jon Burgerman and got a custom doodle and signiture in my book! here’s a link:


----- Becca 30.11.10 11:38

This is a true Boston gem:
absolutely wonderful, colorful, wearable and soft knit masterpieces!

----- Magdalena 30.11.10 11:34

Manor in Portland, OR.

----- Morgan 30.11.10 11:31

There is a store here in Vancouver that carries things from local designers, its called Cocoon. I adore a lot of the things in there! Thanks for the opportunity to win

----- Becky 30.11.10 11:17

I recently went to Patchworks in Santa Ana, CA, and it was jam-packed with local indie designers. Loved them all!

----- Tran 30.11.10 11:10

+++ wonderlandsf.com in the san francisco mish district with irene of chillin productions for years promoting local design/art talents - sf being known for their boutique and creative culture. props for her not shying away from the border between rival gangs or perhaps just a smart business woman keeping her overhead low. i myself would shop there if WL had an online store preferring the comfort of my couch and sweat shorts and bunny slippers. i just don’t look hipster enough to walk through the mission. +++

----- dan 30.11.10 11:03

Local shop that I love is POD in Brookline Village !!
( http://shop-pod.blogspot.com/ )

----- nobu 30.11.10 11:00

The Frame Factory, Belsize Park, LDN.

----- Willy J 30.11.10 10:47

I like P45 in Chicago

----- Ming 30.11.10 10:46

Hey there. Christmas would be so wonderful with that beautiful stuff… I like to introduce to you Bobsmade. Custome made clothes, shoes, phones… All you can think about: www.bobsmade.com

----- Adrian Leeder 30.11.10 10:44

In Dallas, I love We Are 1976! And it’s right next door to The Shining! Double Whammy!

----- Stephanie F 30.11.10 10:39

Holy Buckets, I would love love love ANY of these things. My current fave is n God We Trust on Ludlow in NYC.

----- Marni 30.11.10 10:36

The SubWalk in Arnhem, the Netherlands [Yes we have more cities than Amsterdam ;-)]

----- Luuk Langenhoff 30.11.10 10:34

I’m located in Chicago, and we have the blessing Half Acre Brewing Company. Not a designer, you say? Hogwash! They have designed beautiful labels, packaging and dare I say it, beer!

----- Brian 30.11.10 10:27

Rare Device, San Francisco

----- Brian 30.11.10 10:27

The Pirate Shop in SF, definitely.

----- Allison 30.11.10 10:12

A Local Artist/Designer I love is Dave cosgrove, he has done quite a few commissioned drawings for me at very fair prices, he has actually even done a few pieces for me for free, he just really loves to draw and loves when people appreciate his work.

----- cassie alley 30.11.10 10:04

I’m a huge fan of Domy books in Austin. Tons of great graphic design books and a good selection of vinyl figures.

----- CleveRoh 30.11.10 09:58

Oooo what a beautiful collection! I would like to share www.grossanatomy.co.uk - really interesting site and jewelry!

----- kaleigh 30.11.10 09:54

Pops Resale: Lexington, KY

----- TaylorG 30.11.10 09:52

tigertree in columbus, ohio :)

----- matcha 30.11.10 09:51

I LOVE Supermarket! If I must shop in person, I also love the Curiosity Shoppe in San Francisco.

----- Yenn 30.11.10 09:45

Smoking Lilly on Main St. in Vancouver does amazing things with screen printing on women’s clothing. I have a great hooded wool sweater with sea grass on the back from them.

----- Lauren 30.11.10 09:41

I live in Manila, but I’d still like to share one of my favorite indie stores all the way from the Philippines. They’re called Heima— http://www.heimastore.com/

I love everything about the store! They also support a lot of independent artists (music or other!) so going inside is always a treat for all the senses. :)

----- Klarisse 30.11.10 09:33

I love our one and only design store in Fargo, North Dakota called Ecce! You betcha!

----- Chelsea Raine 30.11.10 09:29

omg that teacup is adorable. and I don’t know any indie stores in Riga, except gallery “istaba.”

----- Ervyn 30.11.10 09:28

In your ear records in Boston is my favorite local independent store!

----- Jordan 30.11.10 09:21

I would have to say it’s too hard to decide on one store or designer. My favorite place to shop would be at any of the craft/indie fairs when I can just go crazy and want to buy everything in sight.

----- jennifer 30.11.10 09:21

Raygun in Des Moines, IA is my favorite local store!

----- Diane 30.11.10 09:18

Gotta love Con Artist in the LES. Follow them on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/conartistnyc

----- Jamie 30.11.10 09:09

I’ve really enjoy the work of Linda Asaf Design since moving to austin. She puts really interesting spins on gowns that don’t seem east coast or west coast but quintessentially Austin. She also has a great website where poor grad students like myself can enjoy her looks

----- Daphne 30.11.10 08:57

Well, i’m not sure if it qualifies as a local designer, but the gals a Pussycat Vintage http://www.etsy.com/shop/pussycatvintage do a great job of scouring the midwestern garage sales to find neat stuff for their etsy shop. Coming out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, they do a great job! plus, i’m rather close to one of the girls, and I think she’d love these for an xmas gift!

----- grayblue 30.11.10 08:47

I found out about The Junk Gypsy Co. not long after I got to my college town.
They’ve got a little bit of everything and the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure, all while trying to keep the southern flair alive.
I’ll admit though, it’s hard to find a more minimalistic designer (what I prefer) in this area.

----- Mikaela 30.11.10 08:40

The Butterslip in Kilkenny, Ireland

----- Eoin 30.11.10 08:37

Great giveaway! I love Grande in Somerville MA.

----- abby n 30.11.10 08:31

Rare Device!!!

----- Justin R 30.11.10 08:29

Love the goodies! Especially the tea cup! My favourite little gift/interiors boutique has got to be the Magma gift store in Covent Gardne, London. Makes me want to buy everything!

----- alicja mccarthy 30.11.10 08:27

The last city I lived in had a wonderful shop called Matrix Gallery. They had all sorts of crafts, art, and handmade gifts from artisans all around the area. It was definitely the place to go to get awesome and unique gifts for people!

----- Ashley 30.11.10 08:26

My favorite FAVORITE local indie designer is Jessica Mehlman: http://www.sketchbook365.com/store.php

Her posters are so cute! & I love supporting her talent!!

—-The array of goods from Supermarket are all so exquisite!! Thank you for sharing this!

----- MICHELLE MCCURDY 30.11.10 08:11

I would very much like this teacup

----- Alicia 30.11.10 08:11

My favorite local indie store has to be THE MUSE in Frederick, MD. Check them out, when you get the opportunity! Thanks for the contest, notcot!

----- Deanna 30.11.10 08:10

One of my favorite indie stores is Spoonbill & Sugartown, the alternative to the chain bookstore. There is always a kitty to pet and tons of amazing design and art books to peruse.

----- meglaz 30.11.10 08:05

My favorite local indie store is Red Hot Robot in Phoenix Arizona. It is a designer toy store and has tons of customs and toys made by local artists.

----- Max 30.11.10 08:04

Toots & Magoo in Chapel Hill is a shop full of interesting items and lovely baubles.

----- Nick 30.11.10 08:02

That teacup is something else; my sister would go crazy for it.
One of my favorite indie designers is Erica of Species by the Thousand. I bought the bearded man sweatshirt off Supermarket about 2 years ago— I wear the dude just about every week and everyone loves him, he’s my buddy.
I also like WOWCH a lot— sad that Pineapple Express ripped them off.

----- Shauna Biggs 30.11.10 07:56

Sadly, I live in a very small college town with no cool indie stores.

----- Allison 30.11.10 07:49

What wonderful xmas presents all of these would make!

----- Nick C. 30.11.10 07:48

Not too much to choose from up here in Ottawa, but as they start to get into their own cut and sew line, Reap and Sew (Menswear) is on their way to some good stuff. http://reapandsew.wordpress.com/

----- Anders 30.11.10 07:47

last year i bought one of the analog nights pillows from Aimee Wilder and it is great! Get compliments all the time.

----- devin 30.11.10 07:44

My all time favorite grocery store, is Lund’s in Minnesota. Their name is just so catchy! :)

----- Lucas Lund 30.11.10 07:44

I would say a group of designers at the print shop YEE-HAW INDUSTRIES here in Knoxville TN, they are a very talented group and I get most of my seasonal cards from them.

----- justin 30.11.10 07:43

My favorite local designer is R. Land in the Atlanta area, his work is very big all over the Atlanta streets. My favorite store is Young Blood, it’s a hub for creatives to have exhibits and sell local crafts.

----- Linda 30.11.10 07:40

Awesome bundle! I love the store Red Maple in Hampden in Baltimore City. They feature a lot of local and handmade items that you can’t find anywhere else! I know I can always find something unique when I shop there.

----- Alex 30.11.10 07:16

These are all amazing!

----- Paul 30.11.10 07:02

wrong weather in oporto, portugal is pretty slick.

----- inoffensive 30.11.10 06:53

Fly pop-up store in Tacoma, WA

----- Brian 30.11.10 06:51

my fav! local shop has to be toy joy Austin Texas my wife, my daughter, and i absolutely love it best toy store ive ever been to if anyone visits austin fit toy joy into your plans. incredible

----- Levi Montez 30.11.10 06:49

I absolutely adore Garrison Brewery (http://www.garrisonbrewing.com/) from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Not necessarily a local “designer” per say, but they sure do create some wonderful craft brews!!

----- Mel 30.11.10 06:37

My FAVORITE local designer is a guy with a label called FUZZY ink. All of his t Shirts have a moustache or an imposter in them. They are terribly cute, and very cool. The most ironic thing about his t shirt designs is that when i met him, he was lacking in a moustache himself, though he does have stick on moustaches you can buy as well. A great store for a funny conversation and a cool T shirt. I think his work is available on etsy.

----- Danielle P 30.11.10 06:34

Hi Jean,

juhu - your holiday giveaway rocks! Would looove to win especially because I just moved to a new place and could use some exciting new things ;-) My favorite design/indie store here in Berlin, Germany is this one: http://erfinderladen-berlin.de/


----- Petra 30.11.10 06:33

Wow, I’d love to win this!

My favourite local designer makes things from old paper. I have a lovely piece of her jewellery, some hooks and eyes on their antique paper packaging set in resin. Really lovely. http://www.jennifercollier.co.uk/JCGALL27.HTM


----- Tamsin Wilson 30.11.10 06:28

Hi! I would love to win this collection and I’d like to recommend a local jewelry company that makes amazing stuff right in the basement of theit brooklyn, new york loft. check it out: http://www.ladygreyjewelry.com/

----- sarah 30.11.10 06:27

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