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Gift Guide: Holiday Traveling + TV!- 11.30.10

xfinityxmasmain.jpg Click Here This post is the first of three gift guides sponsored by Xfinity. Focused on themes of gifts and gadgets that help us push the boundaries of how and where we watch TV! As usual ~ content is all me, and they’re sponsoring me to do it! And for the official bit: “This post brought to you by Xfinity from Comcast. The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Comcast or its partners.”

Partial Operation Window Seat post ~ that view is from today’s flight from LAX-JFK ~ as i worked all 5 hours on my Mac Book Air ~ even streaming TV shows in the background since this flight had no mini entertainment screen all of my own! It’s pretty amazing how a 5 hour flight felt more like a 1 hour flight when i had internet the whole way to work/chat my way through it! I guess we are pretty spoiled these days with the ability to get entertainment of all kinds in so many different ways! But it’s situations like this that inspired this gift guide which is filled with products that change and accessorize the way we interact and consume TV when outside of the living room… like while traveling! Take a peek at all my picks on the next page!

SO what else can help you watch tv while jetsetting and roadtripping for the holidays?

It’s become so easy to watch TV shows online now… but when that doesn’t work (or you’re out of the country!) I love my slingbox and having something to connect to my TV box at home to be able to watch shows on almost any device wherever in the world i am - over 3G/Wifi/etc! xfin1.jpg Slingbox HD - Plug it in to your TV at home. Then you can watch it from your various phones (iphone, blackberry, android) Now even available for your iPad! iphone/(ipad)/computer

As far as travel friendly devices to watch on - in the laptop division these are both beautifully light and versatile! xfin2.jpg Macbook Air - i still can’t get over how light this is!
Dell Inspiron Duo - Flips from laptop to tablet!

Headphones are key if you’re trying to escape the family thing for a little bit… xfin3.jpg Ultimate Ears 700 Noise Isolating Earphones - awesome sound out of some adorably tiny earbuds
AIAIAI and Slam X Hype Edition Tracks Headset - gorgeous!
Klipsch Image S5i Rugged headphones - features a mic and oversized moisture-resistant three-button remote!

And if you want to share… either with headphones - or a wireless speaker! xfin4.jpg Belkin Rockstar 5 way 3.5mm jack splitter - you can share with 4 friends!
Jawbone Jambox - portable speaker/mic and more bluetoothed!

Another option on amplifying the sound… and don’t forget to bring cables if you want to hook up your devices to other tvs, projectors, chargers, etc! xfin5.jpg Horn iPhone Stand/Amplifier
Flexicords - from iphone cables to hdmi cables, they are bendable and posable.

Xfinity TV’s Holiday section, filled with tv shows, movies, and more to inspire your holidays, was the starting point for where this gift guide evolved. The big question being ~ what ELSE do you need and use while watching TV when away from home? Sites like Xfinity TV let you watch most of your favorite shows from just about anywhere with internet connection - from basic cable to HBO/Showtime goodness, and now even let you program your DVRs online… xfinityxmas.jpg

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