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Jimmyjane Little Afterglow Sampler- 11.28.10

Jimmy1.jpg Surprise holiday gift arrivals: Jimmyjane’s Little Afterglow Sampler - a beautiful box set of 6 playful minis (that are not so mini!) of their Afterglow massage oil candles. They smell absolutely divine, and come in the prettiest little porcelain containers with perfect pouring spouts. On a side note, does anyone else ever wonder how fun it would be if Jimmyjane went into dinnerware? or vases and votives? It really is so tempting to use these porcelain dishes for dressing on the side or sauces… honey perhaps? Their designs are so subtle yet edgy, and the porcelain is so delicately beautiful in the modern shapes! Ok but back to the unboxing at hand, “this collection provides six enticing scents that explore the essential elements of attraction - WIT, CHARM and KINK. Included Scents: Cucumber Water, Grapefruit, Pink Lotus, Dark Vanilla, Bourbon, Truffle + Gardenia.” And best of all ~ as a gift to encourage experimenting, it even comes with a Experience Guide to help lead you through some of their favorite scent combinations to get you started! Take a peek at all the little design details on the next page!










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2 Notes

How tastefully kinky. Love the spouted edge.

----- Melanie Tedder 30.11.10 10:26

I like the curved corner which light up the whole feeling. Bad thing about these candles, what if they are used up? I wish there is a melting device coming with the package so we can dump all leftover into the device and melt down to liquid and pour back to different shaped porcelains.

----- Liam 28.11.10 22:28

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