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Holiday Giveaway #5: Ultimate Ears- 11.29.10

7-UE.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Claudette who won the Customs, and Hao in Pittsburgh, PA, AJ in NY, Tran in Fountain Valley, CA, Yiorgos in Valencia, Spain, and Martins in Latvia who won the UE 700s!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #5 is here ~ and today our friends from Ultimate Ears are giving one lucky reader: a pair of custom UE 18 Pro In-Ear Monitors, and 5 twitter followers a pair of Ultimate Ears 700 Noise-Isolating Earphones. Please note that the UE 18 Pros are restricted to US winners, but i can ship the 700s internationally! So please enter accordingly. You’ve seen my reviews of the UE 18 Pros and the UE 700s - both sets are awesome, and both have updated packaging! See some close up pics on the next page…

Giveaway 1: For a chance to win, the UE 18 Pro In-Ear Monitors, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 3rd (PST) ~ sharing your best live music experience. Winner will be contacted by email.

Giveaway 2: To win one of the Ultimate Ears 700 Noise-Isolating Earphones follow us and tweet @notcot, @notcouture, @tasteologie, @notventures, or @liqurious and @ultimateEars with your favorite song today and #UEgiveaway! (i.e. “Hey @NOTCOT + @UltimateEars i’m loving ___ #UEgiveaway”) I’ll pick one winner from each account and you need to follow us so i can D you if you win!. You can enter the twitter contest until tomorrow (11/30) at noon PST.

Now check out some close ups of the new packaging on the next page!








Giveaway 1: For a chance to win, the UE 18 Pro In-Ear Monitors, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 3rd (PST) ~ sharing your best live music experience.

Giveaway 2: To win one of the Ultimate Ears 700 Noise-Isolating Earphones follow us and tweet @notcot, @notcouture, @tasteologie, @notventures, @liqurious and @ultimateEars with your favorite song today and #UEgiveaway! (i.e. “Hey @NOTCOT + @UltimateEars i’m loving ___ #UEgiveaway”) I’ll pick one winner from each account and you need to follow us so i can D you if you win!. You can enter the twitter contest until tomorrow (11/30) at noon PST.

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

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I remember the Coldplay concert like it was just last weekend. The sky was perfectly clear over the amphitheater, and the band entered the stage just as twilight was setting. The music was perfect - the atmosphere was pure euphoria.

I’ll never forget the sound of 30,000 fans singing the soaring “ohhh’s” during Viva la Vida in perfect unison and harmony. Music is my escape from reality - it lets me get away from the real world to experience something that is truly pure. That evening was an unforgettable escape into a sensational night of music. Nothing moves me quite like music.

----- Jon Moore 03.12.10 23:23

The best music experience i had was when i bought my superfi 5., I NEVER KNEW THAT MUSIC COULD MAKE THAT EFFECT IN PEOPLE. I mean, when i could heard EVERYTHING FROM A SONG, A CONCERT, IT WAS LIKE BEEN HERE. ITS HARD DO EXPLAIN… but, just… perfection in all ways. I THANK GOD FOR MY HEARS! and Thanks a lot UE, you change completely my music experience.

----- David E. Arriaga M 03.12.10 22:21

That’s easy, my favorite musical experience was seeing Interpol for the first time 4 years ago. I have seen them play a few times but I will always remember the first.

----- Mike 03.12.10 22:00

carnival rides+simian mobile disco at edc a few years back tops my list. i was lucky enough to be on the drop-zone-esque attraction as hustler broke. had never herd of them before, but what an introduction! been a fan ever since.

----- theo 03.12.10 21:39

My best musical experience was a show my band played last October. I’ve been to more shows and concerts than I can count. Warped Tour is my absolute favorite time of the year. But nothing can compare to the benefit show we set up for our very close friend who had passed away one year earlier. After his passing, his family set up a scholarship fund for the local high school in his name. Donations poured in for the first couple weeks after his passing, and continued to grow through the next few months. Last October marked one year since his passing, so we decided to set up an event for our friends and family to gather and support each other. We set up a benefit show with bands our our friends to raise additional money for the scholarship fund. The show was the most emotional show I have ever played. The amount of support and emotion given off by friends and family was truly amazing. To this day, I have never played or attended a show with as much a passion as I experienced last October. It was truly, my best muscial experience.

----- Roland Jenkins 03.12.10 20:17

My best music experience was in hong kong with maximillain hecker with his depressed voice. He is emotional, he dont know how to express himself in reality but in Music. His music can lead you to his world.What a moody concert~

----- Tin Cheung 03.12.10 20:10

By two best music experiences happened on the same day: one playing and one listening.

I am a musician, playing fiddle, guitar and banjo in an old-time string band. In the summer of 2007, I learned that Tom Waits, MY favorite musician, was playing a handful of shows at small theaters around the country, including the Akron Civic Theater in Akron, Ohio, a four-hour drive west of where I live. It turned out, however, that MY band was playing an afternoon show on the same day that Waits was playing, but three-hours drive in the opposite direction.

Our show was a unique one - playing a noon set at a folk festival at a nudist colony. We met up at 7 am, drove the three hours to the venue, and set up our gear. After debating for a few moments as to whether we should play nude ourselves, we took the stage, playing a one-hour set for 500+ naked people in the bright West Virginia sunshine.

As soon as our show was over, we packed up the gear, sold some CDs (no t-shirts, though) and piled back into the van, and drove the six-hour hypotenuse to a very flat highway triangle, making it to Akron just in time for the Tom Waits show.

As soon as Waits walked onto the stage, dressed in his signature slouch jacket and pork-pie hat, time ceased to be meaningful. The show happened quickly and slowly at the same time, unspooling casually while at the same time being over in an instant. The music, and the day, was transcendent. I had risen at 5 AM, spent 9 hours in the car, played my own weird show, and shared the room with one of my musical heroes.

I can’t imagine any set of musical experiences passing these.

----- Doug 03.12.10 19:34

I NEEEEED these. I want to hear the truth of the music I listen to.

----- James 03.12.10 19:24

my girlfriend fainting before and during a conor oberst concert.

----- cassidy 03.12.10 17:34

seeing ben folds at radio city music hall.

----- daniel 03.12.10 16:56

Los Angeles, CA 2000 @ The Palladium - Weezer had been on hiatus for years and was just about to release their Green album… i was 16 years old and just started to grow my hair back after 6 months of chemotherapy, i had an awesome lisa simpson-esque spikey hair-do and was SO ready for my first ever LIVE show. I went with my two cousins and sister. The Get Up Kids opened a fantastic show, then came OZMA. and FINALLYYYY Weezer came up on stage and opened with My Name is Jonas… All of a sudden every body in the entire venue rushed to the stage. Immediately, I was separated from my group and i was completely squished among Weezer fans. I then realized I could no longer touch the ground! I had been lifted by my shoulders, off the ground, and vertically squished and moved towards the stage!

It was an amazing night and amazing memory. Best part of it all was that I got to watch Weezer play the Blue Album & Pinkerton in its entirety ten years later just after this past Thanksgiving. :)

----- Minnow 03.12.10 15:49

When I think of an awesome experience, I think of something that changes your life. Mine was Fall of 2004, I was in the military and in Iraq, nearly halfway through my tour there. Toby Keith came over on a USO trip to perform for the troops on a base in Baghdad. I wasn’t into country music at all, and actually thought it was twangy and boring, but when you’re somewhere for that long, and away from everything you have ever known, you’re willing to give things a chance…

So I hitched a ride through the Baghdad streets on a convoy to get to the other camp (with my commander’s permission) and I trekked out to see him perform. The experience was awe-inspiring. It was amazing to see and hear music that seemed like it spoke to me. The words that he was speaking were everything to me at that time in my life, and ever since them, I’ve actually been hooked on country music tried different music that I’ve found wince then. It was also amazing that people like him came over to support us while we were there (no matter your opinion on the war…)

Thanks for letting me share my story. (I’m so glad I got in before the deadline!)

SGT Call

----- Chris 03.12.10 15:45

Say Anything in Cincinnati last month! They posted a wrong venue address too so it was a trick to find but totally worth it.

----- Jessi 03.12.10 15:36

Let’s Go Surfing - by The Drums = you can never go wrong.

----- jay 03.12.10 15:28

When I was a child, I was able to travel to the original Woodstock festival held in 1969. The most memorable experience was listening to Jimi Hendrix play the Star Spangled Banner. It was absolutely riveting.

----- Dan H. 03.12.10 14:17

George Michael FAITH Tour at Shoreline. My dad took me and two friends. We stuffed our bras with toilet paper and wore the shortest/tightest mini skirts we could find and way too much makeup. I remember when George Michael came out on stage my friends and I were screaming and weeping with joy. On our way home my dad put the seat down in his hatch back Honda civic, he’d brought sleeping bags for us, and the three of us climbed in, took the toilet paper out of our bras and basked in the memory of the night. We were 12. At the time I had NO idea what a HUGE favor my dad was doing me. Thanks Dad!

----- Danica 03.12.10 14:12

Best live music experience ever was watching Horse Feathers sing their version of Orphan Girl by Gillian Welch. It was the first time I have ever been in a Seattle club, or anywhere for that matter, where all you could hear was the music and the fan in the airduct blowing. Seattle crowds are not known for being quiet, but the Horse feathers shut them all right up! I weeped.

----- Daimian Lix 03.12.10 13:37

I came home exhausted from a camping trip to find that JAMES BROWN would be performing just minutes from my house. So I went. Had to. It was raining so hard the opening act decided not to play, but The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, at 73 years of age, wasn’t about to cancel the show. Good thing, too, because the rain stopped the minute he stepped on stage. And we danced like crazy. Best music experience ever.

----- Matt 03.12.10 13:35

The best live experience for me was a Jonas brothers concert in Pittsburgh PA.

----- Josh Zak 03.12.10 13:25

My best concert experience was seeing Jay-z back in march. Everyone there almost died of excitement when Alicia Keys jumped on stage during Empire state of mind!

----- Randall Davis 03.12.10 12:59

hope i win

----- jackie wong 03.12.10 12:53

I’ve seen Skillet live several times now and each time it gets better and better. Just sayin’

----- Aaron 03.12.10 12:39

Love ultimate ears hope to get some UE18’s soon

----- Kris Jones 03.12.10 12:14

A few years back, Kings of Convenience and Feist performed in a cozy little downtown Dallas venue. The music was wonderful, naturally, but the artists’ ability to draw in the audience and transform the concert into an interactive, friendly experience was the real charm.

----- S. Kim 03.12.10 11:26

my best music experience was the diversidad festival in vienna 2years ago, it was soo cool and special that the bands were actually hanging out with the audience after the concert, we talked with promoe from the looptroop rockers :)

----- zsofia ginter 03.12.10 11:07

I attended a Miike Snow concert back in October and I was totally amazed at how creatively they mixed their songs live. They pushed tempos, pulled them back, and kept their appearance pretty simple except for the blinding white lights that occasionally popped out to the drum beat. I also never realized how big of a group Miike Snow is…and that the lead singer is not named Mike.

----- Grace.L 03.12.10 11:04

Best experience Sigur Ros, I want to see Jonsi’s solo tour…

----- Jim 03.12.10 10:51

Hard to pick just one, but I saw Josh Ritter a few years ago at the El Rey in Los Angeles. He puts on such a great show, amazing energy AND he had a horn section from the USC marching band which was so fun.

----- Lauren 03.12.10 10:46

When I was a sophomore in high school, my good friend and I went to see Esbjorn Svensson Trio, a Swedish Jazz trio, at the Jazz Standard in NYC. We were still learning to navigate the city, so we got lost several times, but we were still very early when we arrived. We got seats right at the foot of the stage, and when they began to play, we could almost reach out and touch the musicians. It was one of the most stunning shows we had seen. After the show, we felt a little brave, and knocked on the door of the green room. The band opened the door, and happily chatted with us for a few minutes. They were thrilled that young people like us were so interested in their music. I feel lucky to have seen them perform— unfortunately Esbjorn Svensson passed away a few years later before I was able to see them again.

----- Vaughn 03.12.10 10:46

My best live music experience happened at a smallish bar with a house band playing and ending with the band calling me a “cheap ass bastard” over the microphone, haha. Oh, and Coachella 2010 was pretty cool too.

----- Chris B 03.12.10 09:47

I guess I’m still a newbie when it comes to live listening but my best live musical experience has to be seeing Marie Digby performing live at the Hotel Cafe last year!!! I was already in love with her music from the first time I heard her acoustic cover of Umbrella on STAR, and then discovered her youtube channel, so it was a big dream come true for me to see her performing live. So I hear these UE18s are the best thing ever when it comes to portable audio… it’d be really awesome if they can recreate the live concert experience! :)

----- Mark Ilagan 03.12.10 08:47

My favorite concert experience was in 2002 because I was backstage watching my father play bass with Warren Haynes. This was part of the Christmas Jam held every year in Asheville North Carolina. I got to meet some incredible musicians that night, and listening to some great music as well!

----- Grady Wiley 03.12.10 08:00

A couple months ago I went to a Sufjan Stevens concert in Kansas City. The venue was COMPLETELY packed! Somehow my friends and I ended up in the very center of the standing-only orchestra seating, and sure enough, I began to feel dizzy and very hot. I shook the feeling off. Sufjan was dancing, the lights were flashing, and the music was EPIC. After about an hour of the concert, I began having trouble standing and asked my boyfriend if he could help me weave my way through the crowd. He grabbed my hand and pushed through the masses, and as were were walking I completely blacked out! After a few moments, I was fine, and when we returned to the auditorium we were able to get a better (and much cooler) spot to stand. BEST CONCERT EVER!

----- Kaylee 03.12.10 07:41

My best live musical experience? There have been many, but the one that has stuck with me the most was seeing Fleet Foxes live at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada. It’s a legendary, magnificent old venue that’s been painstakingly restored; there’s no other place like it as far as acoustics go. It was the Foxes’ first time playing there, and you could tell they were just as excited as the audience. The experience was something akin to what I would imagine seeing CSN&Y in their prime to be like. Robin’s solo rendition of “Oliver James”, sans instruments and microphone, was but one of many high points of the evening. No other band before or since has come close to matching the experience of that night.

----- Chris Allen 03.12.10 07:38

My best live music experience was seeing Muse at Gibson Amphitheater amongst several artists. At that point, I did not know any Muse songs but the show was so good that I tried to sing along anyway, even not knowing any of the music.

----- Thomas Heavey 03.12.10 07:23

Best live music experience ever was Ben Haprer at the Royal Oak music theatre. He wanted to do a small live performance for only 500 people. This was about 8 years ago and I still think about it all the time!

----- Joe Rickard 03.12.10 07:07

The best live concert I’ve ever heard was at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago. The LA Symphony played French Impressionism music—like Debussey. It was a flawless and wonderful performance!

----- Jacqueline 03.12.10 06:46

This is a cool one…. it delivers high quality sound and really makes music more wonderful in your ears!!

----- James 03.12.10 06:27

My best live performance was going to see The Books at the 9:30 club this fall. They were phenomenal!

----- Yitzy Paul 03.12.10 05:42

running bonnie prince billy on my way out of the bathroom at the old ottobar in baltimore.

----- rob dobry 03.12.10 05:35

It’s a chance to hear the world.

Everyday, I experience new music.
When I listen to music, it is new experience that reveals me my memory.
Everyday it change.

----- James Park 03.12.10 05:25

Best live music experience:

A warm September night in 2009 inside the Atrium in London. A very cosy, intimate setting, perfect for this Prince’s Trust charity event. The stage is in front of a large glass dome. Outside, behind the dome the wind moves the leaves of a large up lit tree. There is a sense of anxiety in the crowd, a select group of fans waiting for Mark Knopfler to get on the small stage.

Spontaneous applause erupts when the lights glow a little brighter - on walks the distinguished gentleman giving a gentle wave to the crowd.
The room goes silent for a split second when he sits down, and while picking up his Fireburst ‘58 Gibson Les Paul he says with a relaxed voice: “Nice to see you all, how are you?”
The crowd responds enthusiastically with some “whoo’s” and “whistles”. The lights dim a little and he gently moves his fingers over the strings; the oh-so familiar soft notes of ‘Brothers in Arms’ flood lovingly over me like a soothing shower. The drummer gently sets the rhythm by brushing the snare and the standing bass picks up the warm tone. The first words are brought with such sensitivity making it impossible not do be completely drawn in.

Throughout the concert every note is perfect, not ‘studio recording’ perfect but music instilled with a combination of sheer passion and decades of being in a loving relationship with the instrument. The acoustic guitar in the background, the gentle synthesiser tones spanning the music, the occasional violin, the perfectly controlled drums and of course each of Mark’s amazing vintage guitars - all applied in perfect unison, topped of with the soothing vocals…

There is no rush, there is no stress… the world is standing still for a while.

… After the last notes fade I slowly open my eyes and take a sip of the glass of red wine sitting on the little table next to my lounge chair…. absolute perfection after a hard days’ work. And this was using a set of Bose headphones - I can only wonder how fantastic it would be with a set of Ultimate Ears…

----- B. 03.12.10 04:16

This is a tough call with music being such a large part of my life as far back as I can remember. One of my most memorable moments was seeing Tool on the Lateralus tour. It was just a few days after 9/11 and the show had a very different vibe to it. Being in MA, no concert of that time period was complete without a rousing “Yankees Suck” chant but this was the first time that didn’t happen. It was replaced with “U.S.A.”. The band proceeded to put on the best performance I have seen from them.

----- Adam 03.12.10 03:55

Best live? Toss up between Switchfoot at the House of Blues (Orlando) and the live full band sound of Owl City at the same venue several years later.

----- Jared Decker 03.12.10 03:36

Goldfrapp at Gastonbury was just dreamy.

----- Rosie 03.12.10 02:38

When closing my eyes, I see nothing. Just concentrate on what I hear even feeling the silence. Unbelievable the BEST live music are playing

no need to have a ticket
no need to have a singer
no need to have an instrument
no need to have sound
no need to have an ear

The music that I always hear is playing in my mind but MUCH MORE beautiful and the most pleasant to hear because it gives what I want to hear at that time and can skip the part that I don’t like. VERY PERSONALLY? It’s only you know what you want and only you can do.

Although you get the best live music performance that you love, someday, it could be the most boring thing.

----- SATEIN SRISANG 03.12.10 02:20

Jake Shimabukuro live at Anthology… just wow!

----- Jim Hu 03.12.10 01:55


I actually cannot decide which was the better experience…. was it the Madonna concert I was listening to in Munich last year (unfortunately as I am a ppor student not from inside the Olympiastadion but from a hill nearby, the view was good nevertheless) or is it the annually Hoehner concert (the Höhner are a local band in Cologne that rocks the Karneval every year) in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne.
I think I like the Höhner more…. Viva Colonia!



----- Andreas Ochs 03.12.10 01:41

I saw Suede at the Metro in Sydney Australia years ago and jumped up and down so much a couldn’t walk the next day, I think I compacted my spine but it was worth it.

----- Gregobro 03.12.10 01:29

best live music experience has got to be watching Muse live at Gibson ampitheatre. Absolutely rocked the place!

----- Jeffrey Lin 03.12.10 00:46

I use the tripple UE 10, but i liked the Bass-Sound of the UE5 a bit more, 2 Pairs were broken in at least 3 Years of hard using.
Now i have to try out something else. But it have to be Ultimate´s.
Cheers from Berlin/Germany,

----- der Diak 03.12.10 00:37

It will have to be a Hillsong United concert on August 7, 2007 during which I also attended a Youth Conference hosted by Champions Centre located in the state Washington. It was very memorable because I sat on a bleacher where I was too far to see any dripping sweat. However I chose to sit far and not run with my brother to be in the pit because I wanted a clear and well balance listening experience.

----- David J. Del Rosario 03.12.10 00:23

Bar none, the best live musical experience I have ever experienced was the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall. James Levine (the current conductor) energetically mashed both classic and contemporary music to provide a truly unique and delightful performance. Every note from Mozart was crystal clear, reverberating along the tall walls of the 100 year old hall. The delightful combination of history and melody made that night lively and unforgettable.

----- James 03.12.10 00:02

Love ultimate ears! best customer service in the industry! Nothing but great things to say about em!!

----- Ryan B. 02.12.10 23:14

Best music experience was getting a crowd of strangers to hold hands and raise them up high during a Springsteen concert as he sang “come on up for the rising”.

----- Sundeep 02.12.10 23:03

Hello all!

My best live music experience was actually my first. I was visiting my brother in Phoenix, AZ and he surprised me with tickets to a band that many people hold dear to their hearts, Rush.

This was a recent event, being only a few years ago, and Rush was on their Snakes and Arrows tour. We fought though traffic on the way to the concert for what felt like an eternity and finally parked the car. I thought, “Hey, we are making good time. We are an hour and a half early, sweet!” We walked towards the entrance and ran into a very long line, good thing we came early. After I was now two eternities older, we were inside. We walked to our spot which was in a fielded area about half way from the stage to the back wall. Rush didn’t have any pre-show band, they didn’t need one. They are Rush, any pre-show would be a disappointment. Boy did they really prove their prowess that night.

The show started with an amusing intro movie, as most Rush concerts do, and then there was a pause. Applause rippled throughout the stadium, then slowly died out. Suddenly a torrent of beautiful music spurned forth and the crowd erupted, utterly dwarfing the magnitude of their previous cheer. That is where the concert began.

I stood slack-jawed for three straight hours. I barely moved and barely clapped, I was dumbfounded by the experience. I say BARELY moved and BARELY clapped because of two items that coerced me to take action.

In my spot half-way between the stage and the back wall I had a man standing in front of me. This man was very drunk. He also thought he was Hulk Hogan. This man was the causation of my movement. When in my dazed state, I would occasionally see a blur heading towards my face. This was “Mr. Hogan’s” signature elbow pose in action. He was placed perfectly as to where his elbow would have hit me right between the eyes had I not moved. I realised that he had a pattern. After every two or three songs he would let out a drunken “YEEEEAAAHHHHHHH!” and send his elbow in my direction. This occurred for about half of the concert.

“Mr. Hogan” was getting quite obnoxious and others were taking notice. A bit further in front of me was a man who very well could have been the Hulk, the green “you won’t like me when I’m angry” one, because he was very large. The Hulk was not pleased with “Mr. Hogan” and threatened to injure him if he did not leave. “Mr. Hogan” was rejecting this threat until he saw who was threatening him. He promptly left and did not return. This was what coerced me to clap. After the Hulk got angry and “Mr. Hogan” didn’t like him when he was angry, I was able to stand in peaceful awe for the remainder of the concert.

We battled traffic on the way home and went to sleep after a long and exciting night. The concert was phenomenal and hilarious, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I got to see an amazing performance, practice my elbow-dodging reaction time, and see a human incarnation of the Hulk. I know that this story probably wasn’t as exciting for you as it was for me, but I loved it and I’m glad I could share with you all. I hope that maybe some day everyone gets three hours of dazed glorious ear-massage from a band that they truly love.

Thank you for reading,

----- Dan Daigle 02.12.10 22:37

The music experience I always remember is seeing Pantera at the Gorge in Washington sometime around 97 or 98, and I always remember when the big screen dropped in front of the stage, after the recorded version of “Suicide Note Part I” ended, and the band started “Suicide Note Part II.” Red Confederate Flag guitar, pink beard, bright, and probably the loudest thing I ever heard. My pants moved.
I’ve worked with almost every other rock band out there, and nothing was like that night at the Gorge.

----- Courtney 02.12.10 22:24

My best music experience was Muse last September. I had pit tickets for three out of the four Southern California dates, and it was unreal.

----- Jamie 02.12.10 22:22

I got a pair of UEs earlier this year. I will never go back! The sound quality is awesome!

----- Shawn 02.12.10 22:11

Awesome :)

----- Kevin Dammen 02.12.10 21:53

Explosions in the Sky at Lupos in Providence, April 5, 2008. Their set list was so perfect. At the end they didn’t do an encore. After about 3 minutes of the crowd screaming for them to come back they returned to the stage to let everyone know that the way the designed their set, an encore would ruin it. And I completely agree with them. The songs flowed together so perfectly. The speed with which their fingers flew across the strings of their guitar was awe inspiring. The only live performance that has actually moved me to tears.

----- Lisa Pan 02.12.10 21:52

My very best live musical experience was seeing my favorite band, Static-X, for my birthday. They came the day after my birthday, so it was meant to be lol It was one of the best experiences of my life, I was 5 feet from the stage at a tiny little venue. It was so loud, and they were screaming so hard and I was headbanging so hard I almost passed out! At the end of it I just kept saying to myself “wow, wow, wow. I cant believe that just happened!”

----- Elise 02.12.10 21:40

Favoritewould be an early elton john concert.oh yeah

----- Sara 02.12.10 21:35

My best live experience was in the summer of 2009 with Hillsong in NYC. I drove down with a bunch of friends and although the weather was crappy that day and a 3 hour drive ended up being 6 the trip was definitely worth it. Their performances were great and it was my first live concert and definitely a night to remember.

----- Paulo 02.12.10 21:32

The best live music experience I had was in April/10 on my birthday. I flew out with my boyfriend to see The Kills and The Horrors perform. They’re both my favourite bands by far. The crowd was wild and Noel Fielding was there as well!!! The Kills played an encore (A new song and Pale Blue Eyes by Lou Reed. Also couple feet away from me were The Horrors, they were just standing up top with us just enjoying The Kills perform. I got to meet Joshua Hayward personally and he even wished me a Happy Birthday!! :)
Best live music experience by far!!

----- amanda 02.12.10 21:12

First time I saw Streetlight Manifesto. It was a small venue back home. The crowd was excited and when the band came on and started playing there was not one person who did not know every word and every note to each song. I don’t think I’ve danced harder or yelled louder in my life.

But seeing Ozzy on stage with Cat Stevens at the Rally to Restore Sanity was pretty entertaining as well.

----- ah 02.12.10 20:58

mine was when i took my daughter to her first concert. i’m an avid concert goer and she kept asking me when she could go to one. when she turned eleven i took her to her first concert to see Blink 182 play back in 2003. she loved it. she was the youngest attendee and i had her against the barricade. she was holding their latest CD and after the show Mark, Travis and Tom sighed it for her. they didn’t sign anything else for any one else and it made my daughter’s first show really special.

----- shelly mawhorter 02.12.10 20:56

My best one is surely the past ACL in Austin, there were a lot of people, the music was great and the atmosphere was just perfect. Being a graduate student at UT Austin has grant me the advantage to take part in these wonderful festivals! They are mind blowing every time. I love Austin.

----- Yingwu Zhao 02.12.10 20:53

My best experience would be the concert of black eyed peas in DSM.
Have never heard a UE earphone before, hope to give them a try.
Good luck everyone~

----- Dong Zhang 02.12.10 20:52

My best live musical experience was last summer in my town. There’s outdoor concerts in a park every Thursday and this particular Thursday my friend and coworker performed with his band, Laarks. I love their music and their energy is great. Little kids were dancing on the pavement (including a little boy that somehow learned to pelvic thrust- hilarious) and the weather was great. Better than that, I was at the park with my friends I recently made (I was brand-spanking new to the town) and I just remember feeling so lucky and grateful for everything. It was one of those moments that you want to relive forever. Perfect.

----- Laura 02.12.10 20:50

I have to say that my best live music experience was at the GMA’s Immerse conference. Seeing new friends share the same stage with some of the top bands in that genre really ignited my passion for music. The energy in the room just went up and up. I had been to larger concerts previously (KISS/Aerosmith), but nothing quite matched the feeling you got being surrounded by like-minded passionate people, listening to like-minded artists who were once in the same position you were. Great experience all around.

----- Matt Breithaupt 02.12.10 20:44

The absolute best experience I’ve had was discovering Janelle Monae when she opened for Of Montreal this summer. The show started with an other-worldly video played from a darkened stage, as the audience was instructed that oppressed androids from the future are fighting a battle for all humanity, and here, now, we must band together in revolution and DANCE OR DIE. The sound, performance, and mood were all breathtakingly well done, and the audience (and myself) was enthralled.
Next, Of Montreal put on the most visually entertaining performance I’ve ever witnessed: costumed performers with pig masks, giant paper-mache skeleton masks, fire masks, an 8-person dragon which the lead singer rode while performing, and on and on. It was an amazing night.

----- Casey 02.12.10 20:42

I don’t know if I could pick my best live experience: ranging from my first concert being Dream Theater or being backstage for a Casualties show. I have seen Between The Buried and Me eight times and Opeth five times and they always put on amazing shows. For a single event being the “best” it would probably be seeing GWAR for the first time, I really think everyone should experience a GWAR concert.

----- Ryan 02.12.10 20:40

just saw an amazing show tonight. damion suomi and the minor prophets. i want to hear their upcoming record on those UEs!

----- reid 02.12.10 20:39

That’s like asking who your favorite child is? Maybe that’s why I’m not a parent. My favorite live show was the New Pornographers at the Warfield. Despite being inebriated, Dan Behar delivered an amazing performance. Neko Case did not have a diva fit and AC Newman sang beautifully.

----- Genevieve 02.12.10 20:32

Seeing Sigur Ros live in concert in Portland with my audiophile husband (who would LOVE these headphones).

----- Kate Miller 02.12.10 20:24

My best live musical experience was a concert of Linkin Park, Okinawa, 2009 It was fantastic. world cannot just describe how excited I was that night. Me and my friends were literally creaming like 16 years old all night and we all could not able able to speak in a normal voice the next day. I love rock and roll and I love linkin Park and UE :)

----- Shane Zang 02.12.10 20:13

Jimmy Eat World at a bar in San Deigo before they got big. The place was dirty and it was probably a too loud, but it was still awesome.

----- Kenny Luk 02.12.10 20:11

I will forever have Ultimate Ears!

----- Nick Adams 02.12.10 20:03

My best live musical experience was watching my father sing to my mother on their 50th wedding anniversary. He passed away four months later. A couple years after that my sister was married and when a family member played the tape of my dad’s song there was not a dry eye in the house.

As far as concert goes I’d say U2 on the Zoo Tour. That would be hard to top.

----- halhiker 02.12.10 19:55


My Ultimate or the best musical experience was at the Iron Maiden Concert held at Bangalore India in 2007..It was their first time here ..we were at the gates at 12:00 PM in the afternoon the show was to start at 6:00 PM ..We managed to get in the front row..Though we were exhausted standing in the heat…When the show started we were in for awesome experience..We were going nuts or should i say bonkers to see the band we had idolized or grown up listening in college that too audio Cassettes…One of the Best..Coming on to music , it has no boundary and Ultimate Ears helps us to make it even greater..I don’t think any company has come close what these guys at UE do….Keep Rocking ..Send me one If u can ..

Sachin Kumar

----- Sachin Kumar 02.12.10 19:55

My best live music experience was seeing PARAMORE and RELIENTK and FUN in concert in Knoxville Tennessee. It was the best show I have ever been to and I have been to a lot. The sound was perfect the lights were amazing and having three of the hottest bands under the same roof proved to be the best line-up to date. We got our RELIENTK vinyls signed by the band. It was my favorite concert experience to date. It was actually because of that concert that I started looking up in-ear options for the band I am in. We have been looking to purchase Ultimate Ears for a while now but haven’t had the money. This contest rocks! Good Luck Everybody!

----- Joshua Collins 02.12.10 19:50

I can’t say it was the best, but it was the most unforgettable experience I’ve ever had in my life. In 1968, I was in China and the country was undergoing the Culture Revolution which was a catastrophy in the history of China. My neighbor was a violinist and professor in a university. When the Red Guards arrived his house, he started to play the fifth symphony. The Red Guards were shouting and abusing and the music stopped in a sudden when they breached the door. They broke his violin and burnt all his scores. That was the best because it perfectly interpreted the soul of the symphony. Sadly, he committed suicide three months later….

----- Louis Deng 02.12.10 19:47

Easily mine had to be this live jazz group in SD26 in NYC. Unlike other people, I don’t remember their name, but I do remember that their music made my girlfriend smile a lot. I was lost in the sax. My eyes were closed so my ears could pay full attention to the piano and bass as the raindrops hit the streets around Madison Square Park.

So unlike other people, I’ll never know the name of the band that gave me the best live music experience, I’ll just remember the experience itself.

----- Alain 02.12.10 19:34

My best live music experience was going to my first country music concert a few months ago. I was never been fan until that night. I took a chance that night (mostly because I was bored and got free tickets) but I ended up falling in love with it. Growing up I mostly listen to hip-hop but living in Texas, you couldn’t stay far from country music. I never gave it a chance until that night. I’m glad I went.

----- Ricky Delgado 02.12.10 19:24

My best live music experience happened shortly after the Police broke up in the 80’s. Andy Summers put together a solo project and was touring the country in support of a single that was getting radio play time. I think it was on his XYZ album. We caught his show at The Billiard Barn in a small town suburb of Omaha Nebraska. It was a real treat for us and Andy put on a great show with his band. We had a chance to meet him after the show and BS for a while. Overall a great night with good friends we didn’t expect to happen.

----- Dan Horton 02.12.10 19:07

My best live musical experience was a concert of MANA, the latin american band, it was amazing and a unique experience because it was the day of my birthday, so the gift was a surprise, the best show tickets and a backstage meet and greet! It is my favourite band so it was my best live experience! Im a drummer and MANA’s drummer has always been an inspiration since the beginning of my career, i think He was my first inspiration, after watching him on TV I knew I wanted to do this for living! Watching the quality of the show was a once in a live opportunity! Fromm the beginning it was amazing! All the lights, the screens, the backlights, the stage, the equipment and everything! The sound was amazing 2! They flight with their sound so it was the best of the best! I think its the best Bday gift ive ever had! MANA uses Ultimate Ears so it hve always been my dream to have a pair of UE custom monitors, as a professional musician I need them ASAP! But there is no money @ the time! It wouuld be a dream come true! I love this page cause its cool and original, and when I saw the UE reviews I fell in love! You have the best pics and reviews of UE out there seriously! Please let me win these! Its one of my dreams! I will use them not only for fun, but for my work, my living, i wnt to preserve and safe my hearing and this will protect my ears and make my playing and life easier! Thanks for taking the time to write my history! Hope you like it! My best wishes! God bless!

----- Jimmy Rodriguez 02.12.10 18:57

My best live music experience was at Woodstock, yes Woodstock and I was only 10 years old but it has given me a life long love of music especially the older rock and roll and I cannot think of a better way to listen to it than through a pair of Ultimate Ears. They are simply tons better than anything else out there and I have yearned for a pair for as long as I have known about them. The only thing better than Ultimate Ears is hearing it live.

----- Cindy Pigg 02.12.10 18:49

My best live music experience was at Woodstock, yes Woodstock and I was only 10 years old but it has given me a life

----- Cindy Pigg 02.12.10 18:47

my best live experience was seeing band of horses play a small venue in norfolk, va. it was a highly intimate show and with a very relaxed atmosphere. The crowd was small, but full of loyal listeners and the band was very grateful and social with us. being able to have short conversations between songs really brought a lot of respect and the friendliness made the experience unforgettable.

----- curtis 02.12.10 18:43

I am using a pair of UE SF5pro, it has been awesome. But I would like to upgrade to one of these HOT IN-EARS that keeps the music as ALIVE as possible!

----- Siu Lam 02.12.10 18:36

I want that one too…

----- Kevin 02.12.10 18:35

My ultimate live experience was seeing My Bloody Valentine in ‘91 at the West Ballroom at the student union on OSU campus. Small venue, great sound, amazing band… An oh yeah, Dinosaur Jr. was the opening act.

----- Oren S. 02.12.10 18:30

Every night playing on the fabulous Las Vegas strip with my incredible UE11 pros! A stunning stereo mix that feels like sitting in the worlds finest control room. It’s so easy and blissful to make music with these beauties! Thank You, Ultimate Ears!!!

----- Craig Keyes 02.12.10 18:24

I dont have a life altering memory like some people here do lol but I still feel great inside to re live some of my memories about concerts. I think the best would have to be my first but that was so long ago. I was really fortunate to see Led Zeppelin, see i told you I was old LOL, my parents almost never let me back then. I learned guitar and played with friends after that. We weren’t awesome but it inspired me a bunch I think. I felt so crappy about how I sounded with the guitar but I kept trying and we were finally able to do some good covers just for fun lol. One guy I played with is still my best bud today even though we don’t see each other. He could recollect the live a lot better than me if he were able to come talk about it here. This is just an old mans tale about his gift from music or a live but I hope a lot of people have something they can be happy about when they think of what concert or live they loved the most

----- Michael Ringer 02.12.10 18:17

Garth Brooks. Private Concert at the Venetian.

----- Khay Taing 02.12.10 18:13

My best live music experience was this past July when my wife and I were fortunate enough to see KISS at Riverben d Music Center inCincinatti,Ohio. It was the third time for both of us tha twe had seen them inconcert but it was the first time we had seen them together.It was an awesome summer night,and KISS rocked the house as usual

----- Brian Keele 02.12.10 18:10

I live near Portland,ME in a fairly small town, but popular main-stream bands seem to like it up here in New England. Many new venues have opened recently and I had the chance to go see a favorite band of mine called NeedtoBreathe. The band has been slowly but very steadily growing in popularity via hard touring work and multiple singles playing on TV shows and movies. I saw them at a very small venue in Portland. Though they can sell out fairly large places, this place probably only had about 150 people in it. At the end of the concert, they turned off the sound system, dimmed the lights, and brought out the acoustic guitars. No microphones, no amps….just pure music and vocal harmonies. The crowd was silent and it was an awesome moment in time. Pure musical magic.

----- Jarred B. 02.12.10 18:08

I would have to choose seeing MUSE live!!! I was taken away with them from cd for the longest time and finally saw them live (my first ever at the time). They were out of this world and went the extra mile to do more songs then they had to. I was simply blown away by the difference of live and cd. My daughter was so surprised and thought it was cool so now we get to go to concerts together sometimes lol so my finally going to one just let me be able to do something with my daughter now too!!!

OH yeah! The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s were also playing. I had never heard them before (give me a break!) and was wowed. I might be a little old but I really love finding new music ever since. If I didn’t go to that live I wouldn’t be so active about music now. It was a super cool experience.

----- Lisa Kay 02.12.10 18:04

Jimmy Buffett at Jones Beach summer of 06. On of the best live shows I’ve ever seen.

----- Marc Wisniewski 02.12.10 18:03

Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. Oh yeah, did I say how I felt yet?

----- Eric Jarrell 02.12.10 17:57

My best live music experience was seeing Anberlin live in early 2010 at the Houston house of Blues. My friends and I got there 2 hours early and had amazing spots right up front. Fantastic performance

----- Hayden Brown 02.12.10 17:53

Mine would have to be seeing Paul Van Dyk. It may not be like a lot of other live’s that other people talk about, but it is the most important to me! I met my fiance there purely by accident (an elbow! hahaha).
We enjoyed the show and talked about it after that. We just clicked and we’re together today, engaged to be married next year where I grew up. Now we’re hoping to see him again someday :)

----- Neesa Costello 02.12.10 17:47

My best live experience was back in 2002 when I saw the band Tragedy in a garage in east LA. The show was originally booked at a downtown LA venue, but at the last minute was cancelled and moved to a random kid’s garage. There were 100 or so people crammed into and just outside of this garage. A friend and I climbed on top of a refrigerator and got the best view in the place. The most peculiar thing about the show was how segregated the fans were and by subculture nonetheless. On the right side of the garage were all the crust punks, in the middle were all the street punks, and on the left were all the hipsters. None of the groups seemed to like each other, but they all loved Tragedy, and the band did not disappoint. They managed to make a garage sound good. I’ve seen and played a lot of shows over the years and that show always stands out as the best and most memorable.

----- Jon Weisberg 02.12.10 17:46

When I was working for my dad one summer, I saw Smashmouth live in a Tower. It was when their first album was about to come out and it they were only a few years older than me. It was amazing to see a band that close and intimate.

----- Tryg Koren 02.12.10 17:44


----- aaron A. 02.12.10 17:44

My best live music experience is nearly a tie - Muse blew the roof off of Columbus a few months ago, and I was incredibly tempted to herald them as the best I’ve ever heard. But as stellar as they were that night, I have to give the edge to Jason Mraz. Drove up to Cleveland with my wife expecting to see a great show - in an age where some bands throw 45 minutes out as headliners, Mr. Mraz played for nearly 2 hours. I’m not sure if it was the venue (outdoors), the sound system or the perfect mixture of temperature and humidity, but I’ve not been to a concert where each instrument had such clarity and expressiveness. And Jason’s voice shined brightest of all. It was such a great show from start to finish, one of his opening bands (K’Naan) got practically everyone in the crowd to sing one of his songs which most had likely never heard before.

----- Brad 02.12.10 17:35

My best live music experience was a local Augustana show in my small hometown. Very intimate and laid back feel, and they worked the room perfectly. It was really nice having a known artist make a pit stop in our town on their way to Atlanta.

----- Brendan 02.12.10 17:21

My favorite live experience has been getting the opportunity to play on the stages that so many of my favorite bands have walked on - like Emo’s in Austin, TX. It feels great to follow in their footsteps! I use a pair of cheap Ultimate Ears, but the UE18s would be of unbelievable benefit.

----- Colin Hemphill 02.12.10 17:21

Music has become my life as of the last few years. When everything can turn it’s back on you, your friends, your family, even at times, your own mind, it reminds you of something to keep living for. I am in a band, and every time I go out on that stage it’s like a breath of fresh air, yet as much as I love being out on that stage, I’ve tried my hardest to give opportunities to others to succeed as well. I recently organized and ran a 2 round battle of the bands that had a series of 3 preliminaries and a final round before awarding the winning band with about $1,200 with me taking nothing besides the happiness that another band may be able to develop themselves further and do great things with that little help I gave them. As it came close to the end of the battle, the competition became extremely close with 2 of the bands nearly tied. I was judging with a series of 7 judges in 5 different categories, yet by the end of the night 2 of the bands were separated by nearly nothing even with that many judges and that many categories for scoring. It had come down to 1 category that would only be determined by the fans the bands brought, with one brand bringing a decent amount more people for their performance, yet by that time a lot of their fans had left. The band that technically should not have won that judging did an eruption of screaming and cheering from the audience, and everyone reacted with rejoicing and congratulating the winning band. Although I hadn’t won anything myself, or gained much of anything for the amount of work I had put into this undertaking, between renting the venue, acquiring a PA system,gathering the bands for the battle, and putting together a judging panel, it was worth it to see the happiness from the winning band, knowing that they’ll be able to do things they’d wished to do for a long time, yet lacked the money for it. Since then the band has purchased merchandise with that money, may potentially get a few more recordings with the remaining money, and will be opening for Apocalyptica in March at Starland Ballroom. It makes me proud that I’ve helped them in their pursuit to make music their life career, and hopefully that will be where I am to end up one day too. Winning a pair of UE 18’s will greatly help me in furthering my career as a musician, and I hope that somehow I am chosen. Thank you.

----- Alan Rogozin 02.12.10 17:21

Usually, I go to 60 or more concerts per year since I like a wide variety of genres. Most of the shows I go to are of small bands, couple of big ones through the year. It’s hard to pick one, but I’ll go with when I got to be on stage next to one of my favorite bands, blessthefall. I crowd surfed and the singer pulled me up on the stage. I couldn’t believe it, and all I remember is seeing a lot of blue lights and the singer’s hand around me. Then, out of nervousness of being on the stage or maybe instinct, I stage dove.

----- Daniel C 02.12.10 17:20

awesome headphones!

----- Josh 02.12.10 17:18

My best live music experience is hard to pick but i would have to say seeing Paramore play at the original Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. The acoustics were amazing in the room and the band sounded great with their UE’s.

----- Megan 02.12.10 17:17

The best live musical experience for me has to be seeing Face to Face. I got into them about two years before they broke up and never got a chance to see them before they called it quits. Then, when they did a couple reunion dates, I got to see them at their first show at the Glass House and it was a smaller venue and they rocked it. It was so awesome to see them for the first time, being their reunion show. The energy they put out added to the energy the audience had… it was amazing.

----- James 02.12.10 17:17

I’d have to say that my best live music experience was my first time playing drums in front of a live audience. Nothing beats the experience of using the gifts that God has blessed you with to lead people in worship! I now have the privilege in doing to a couple times a week!!

----- Ryan Balas 02.12.10 17:16

Ultimate Ears makes awesome products! Thanks for reviewing them!

----- James 02.12.10 17:13

My favorite and most amazing show was the Foo Fighters back in 2007 at the Key Arena. The show’s sound was absolutely the loudest yet clearest show I have ever been to in my life. After the show I was able to meet the Foos and have them autograph some vinyl for me. I have seen the Foos every show they have done in Seattle since 94 and will never miss them until they die or I die. This being said it would be equally amazing to be able to listen to the foos on my ipod through a pair of Ultimate Ears in between shows.

----- Nicholas 02.12.10 17:09

Whoa. Free stuff? Count me in.

----- Rob 02.12.10 17:05

My best musical experience would have to be when i went to see Mutemath at la Zona rosa in austin texas. I dont think my mouth closed the entire time i was there. those guys are such showman, amazing concert

----- Zack Morrison 02.12.10 17:05

My best live music experience was when my band opened for Blake Shelton this summer. Great crowd and a great show by Blake after we got the crowd warmed up for him ;-)

----- Ray 02.12.10 17:05

Best live performance: Miike Snow.
It was AMAZING. They completely fogged out the stage, I waited three hours, standing in crowd. When they came out, they were in masks, barely visible, and a strobe light went off accordingly to their beats. The crowd was screaming wildly and everyone was pushing up the front. They eventually took of their masks but wore matching outfits. Their instruments had antlers, which was part of the album theme. When they played the encore, they came out with flashing chest pieces and had random men standing still on stage. It was great, I had a mini seizure there.

----- Michelle 02.12.10 17:01

Hands down, road trip to Kansas City with best friend to see Nine Inch Nails Wave Goodbye tour with Jane’s Addiction. Ended up staying at the same hotel as the band and saw most of the crew in the lobby, drummer, Ilan Rubin, in the elevator, guitarist, Robin Finck, in the parking lot. Meet and greet before the show where we got a photo taken with the band then enjoyed an awesome show with a set list ranging from popular favorites, old and new, to kick ass covers. A night to remember for sure.

----- M. Raftery 02.12.10 17:00

my best live music experience was at anaheim convention center w/ Hillsong~~!!

----- Jeffrey Lee 02.12.10 16:58

I think the show I enjoyed the most was the band “Low” when they played the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis a few years back. The house was absolutely full and yet this oh so quiet band would bring it down to the point where Mimi Parker could just gently slap her pant legs softly and that would provide the percussion. At one point Alan Sparhawk caught the attention of a nearby security person and told him “You’re in for a rough one tonight”. Low was anything but rough. I am sad we don’t yet have time machines cause I want to be there again. Perfect sound in an intimate theater with a room full of people who didn’t make a peep, they were so focused on the band.

----- Al 02.12.10 16:56

My best live music experience was definitey the Police reunion tour stop in St. Louis a few years back. I was too young to fully appreciate them back in their prime but have always loved their tunes. Seeing them together again was amazing for sure!!!

----- Kyle Stauffer 02.12.10 16:54

BEST concert ever was Rise Against at the Hollywood Palladium for my 21st birthday. WOW, what a way to turn 21!

----- Jeff 02.12.10 16:49

Best concert in my life was death cab for cutie’s narrow stairs. Amazing band live :)

----- Aldo 02.12.10 16:46

I’m a huge Switchfoot fan and have seen them close to a dozen times. Hands down the best Switchfoot show for me was this last January at Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR where I got to play drums on the last chorus of “Stars” with the band. I’ll never forget the roar of the crowd after I started playing. I’ll probably never be a famous touring musician, but I got to experience what it was like, if only for a couple minutes. Plus I’ve got the sticks and a video to remember it by!

----- Lee Clarkson 02.12.10 16:45

I have to say, my best live music experience had to be seeing Sing It Loud open for Motion City Soundtrack in April 2010. I had an all-access pass as SIL’s street team photographer for the night, so I got to see what goes on before, during, and after a show as a part of the crew rather than as a fan. Plus I got stand on the other side of the barricade during SIL’s set and got to be backstage with them for their pre-show rituals. It was really a TON of fun!

----- Emily 02.12.10 16:44

My best live music experience. Nine Inch Nails, Wave Goodbye at Terminal 5. As the room got dark, it was one of the loudest roars from such a small venue. For such an intimate show you would have thought that we were in the Olympic Stadium. They opened with Pinion into Somewhat damaged and as soon as the first note was struck everyone looked at each other knowing they were about to experience one of the most memorable live events of all time. The band hit the stage for 2.5 hours playing every song you would ever have wanted to hear without playing the entire catalog. Needless to say, it was an awe inspiring performance and changed my life forever. For the bands final encore Peter Murphy was lowered to the stage and sang “Reptile” while suspended upside down the entire song. Whoever is reading this should look into the show and check out some of the pictures because it was unreal. Once the show was over walking outside catching fans crying, screaming with lost voices from singing at the top of their lungs every word to every song, and soaking wet there was an energy that carried into the streets. I have been to so many concerts and live performances but this truly was an experience. It was so uplifting I decided to fly to La to see them the next week. Sadly Trent had strained his voice and the show I was lucky enough to get tickets to got moved to a few days after I had to fly back to NYC. Knowing I was lucky enough to see one of the greatest live spectacles in history I was satisfied and not angry. Thanks for allowing me to relive this experience though the memories of writing about it.

----- Anthony 02.12.10 16:43

Seeing Ozzy Osbourne live with my younger sister. I had been to many concerts before seeing him but my sister on the other hand had never been to a single concert yet. Sharing the experience with her and taking her to see Ozzy for her very first was a priceless memory we now share together. Today it is still the one I enjoyed the most.

To talk about Ozzy… the fact that despite his age, ignoring his financial value (extremely wealthy), health problems, he got up and performed because he simply loves music. It made me appreciate him and his talent all that much more in person. If a person has never heard Ozzy before, only glanced at him, I doubt they could ever guess that the man possesses such great talent and an absolutely amazing vocal range.

Needless to say it was spectacular and a cherished memory with my little sis. :D

----- Nathan 02.12.10 16:38

My favorite live music experience is playing drums every week with my church’s worship band. Nothing compares to ushering in the presence of God thru music and touching peoples’ lives, all while doing something I love to do anyway.

----- Travis 02.12.10 16:38

Best live music experience was a concert by the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl.

----- Sam 02.12.10 16:37

My best concert experience so far was my first concert seeing Skillet. Awesome venue and I went with all of my friends.

----- Mitch 02.12.10 16:37

Wow this give away has a lot of items! I’ve never really been to a live show. I have been to my friend’s house while they were jamming/covering. I definitely sounds a lot better in person than it being recorded and then played in mp3 though! Id like to see if the UE18 will make it seem like the music im listening to is being played right in front of me. A model that expensive should do that! right? Haha. I’d love to win anything listed here.

----- Allen L 02.12.10 16:33

There are so many great live experiences that I would love to share but I think the best is the 1st. The Rush “Presto” tour. I had never experienced anything like that…a stadium tour. It’s shaped my life both personally and professionally.

----- Brian Ristine 02.12.10 16:32

Best live music experience by far was Social Distortion. It was a small, intimate venue, the opening band (Lost City Angels) was great, and Social Distortion was absolutely amazing.

----- Becki 02.12.10 16:32

My best live concert was seeing my favorite band Texas In July. They put on an amazing show and their drummer is just insanely good!

----- Mike Fasano 02.12.10 16:31

Lydia. Played to a crowd of 30 people. so intimate and amazing. Leighton and Mindy. enough said.

----- Sean A 02.12.10 16:27

Seeing everyone at Warped ‘10 was probably the coolest thing that’s ever happened in my life. I didn’t think live music could be anywhere near that much fun, especially since the only thing I’d been to before was small local shows.

----- Alden 02.12.10 16:23

In 2003 I went to a festival where Newsboys, Relient K, Toby Mac, and various other christian rock bands where playing and me and my friend went up right next to the stage while Toby Mac was playing and it was great. But the Relient K came out and me and my friend didn’t know who they were so we just didn’t bother to watch/listen to them and instead talk to the girls next to us. It was such a laid back scene that we could literally reach out and untie Matt Thiessen’s shoes. Anyways, to years later my friend give me one of there records and I completely forgot who they were and soon after they became mine and my friends favorite band. We regret our arrogance at the time would give anything to go back and relive that evening….woe is me.

----- Frankie Santana 02.12.10 16:22

Best live experience was U2, last year. I got home so energized that couldn’t fall asleep until 5am and was very tempted to get another pair of tickets for the following day. BTW, I bet not a lot of people noticed when the drummer was handed his UE’s as he sat down to start playing.

Second best, Queen, in 1981.

Third, Police’s latest last concert ;-)

----- Alex Wieder 02.12.10 16:20

My favorite live music experience was definitely the Blink 182/Weezer concert I went to a last April. Even though we had tickets, we ended up sneaking in and getting all the way from the grass at Cricket Ampitheater in San Diego area to the pit right in front. Nothing makes you feel like a kid again more than some classic Blink. Also, seeing Travis Barker play the drums floating in the sky is completely unreal. One of the greater ways to wrap college up.

----- Matt 02.12.10 16:18

The Best Concert ever was the Less than Jake, Pepper, Reel Big Fish playing at the University of Florida a few years back, Tons of Drunk people and Lots of Good Live Music, What more could one ask for? Oh and It was free as well:D

----- Joseph S 02.12.10 16:17

Best concert experience has to be my first show, Reel Big Fish. So much electricity from the band and throughout the crowd, just made for an incredible show. I have been back to see Reel Big Fish more than any other band for that reason. Awesome!

----- BRIAN 02.12.10 16:16

Best concert is still Emerson, Lake and Palmer 1975 in Baltimore, MD. Nothing else has ever come close. I am sure listening to the live concert through a pair of Ultimate Ears will bring back the magic!

----- Alan Pototsky 02.12.10 16:15

My best live music experience was Ozzfest 2001. It was on my birthday, some of my favorite bands played, I was with some great friends and I even got my face put on all of the giant screens that were everywhere. I had someone recognize me from it a few weeks later. It was a truly amazing day.

----- Kimberly 02.12.10 16:15

My best experience was seeing John Mayer at Summerfest ‘07 in Milwaukee, WI. After his amazing set, we walked down the midway and stopped to catch the last few songs of Buddy Guy’s set. About 3 minutes after we arrived, John Mayer popped out from backstage with his Fender and tore it up with Buddy Guy for another 40 minutes! Totally unplanned and spontaneous jam session we witnessed from 20 rows back! I managed to snap a few pics and videos if you guys are interested in seeing. -Eric

----- Eric 02.12.10 16:14

wow!! UE18~~guess who the lucky winner is~~

I love to see professional musicians play in a band~~high energy, groove, and simply awesome!!

----- Jeffrey Lee 02.12.10 16:14

Morning Musume in concert.

----- Daniel C 02.12.10 16:14

My best musical experience was Bassnectar on New Years Eve (after midnight) 2009 at Sea of Dreams in SF. The venue was packed to see the huge lineup and after new years, the party just continued to grow and get more insane. When Bassnectar got on stage around 2, the entire section of the concourse was packed. We were lucky enough to be up in the VIP area looking down on the sea of bassheads. The entire floor was bouncing and the sound was incredible! Bassnectar knows how to work a crowd! He ended his set with “Fly Like an Eagle” (Time keeps on slipping slipping slipping into the future…..)
It was AWESOME!!!

----- BeGlitched 02.12.10 16:13

My Best Musical Experience.

I had spent the time from Christmas ‘09 until the late Spring saving up for my first pair of UE custom-headphones. When I got them in June I was ecstatic and beyond words. It was a sunny afternoon and Spring was in full swing. The FedEx guy has just dropped them off in the morning at my job and I ripped through the box as fast as possible. I carefully opened the UE box and read through all the instructional papers. Finally, I opened my silver UE case and lo’ and behold- my very own pair of UE 11 Pro’s. Months of saving and planning with the UE team finally coming to fruition in front of me. I grabbed my ITouch and had at it… The musical clarity, the high’s-the low’s…. Music had never sounded so beautiful and I had the means to HEAR it all!

You see, I was born deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other. I’ve grown up always missing alot of the conversation and alot of the music. I would jumble the lyrics, nay, mumble them in fact. I would have crappy headphones whose clarity pales in comparison to the 11’s throughout my life. Because of my hearing loss the music wasn’t getting through to me and I would be damaging my ears, losing more hearing, by turning up the volume. With my 11’s, I was able to have them tuned to my hearing frequencies so that I wouldn’t miss a beat! Even if you could put them in your ears the music would sound different because they’re tuned to my specific hearing problems. I listen to music the way it’s supposed to be heard and I listen to the music on my Itouch with the volume on Bar #1. No longer do I need to compete with other noises or damage what hearing I have left because I HEAR IT ALL.

Yet, that is the second musical experience I had- Honestly, there is one in specific that stands out even greater. I went many years without a hearing aid and finally decided to have this corrected. I went to my old doctor and we had me fitted for a brand-new digital hearing aid. You barely notice it and I hardly feel that its there. It was two years ago in the summer of 2008 that I finally got my hearing aid. Again, it is tuned to my hearing frequencies to address my issues. I left work and raced two towns over to pick it up and like my 11’s it came in a neat package. I ripped through it as fast as my hands could go and put it on! I drove home into the sunset listening to music and conversations without missing a sound. Finally, I came home to an empty house and decided to go out onto the deck we have in the back. I took my hearing aid off just before I stepped outside. It was a quite summer night with a cool air coming off the ocean (I live by the beach) and I was out on my deck under a starry nights’ sky. I took my hearing aid, turned it on and put it in my ear. Suddenly, the night around me came ALIVE with the sounds of nature. I smiled deeply, closed my eyes and heard the sounds of world around me that I’ve been missing out on for significant part of my life. I teared and finally heard what I was missing. The world around me has finally come alive and I’ve not looked back. To hear the chirping crickets, summer breeze and mating cicadas that night was the BEST musical experience of my life.

----- Gianfranco Pagliara 02.12.10 16:13

The best concert experience for me was LMFAO in the Comcast Center this year. I have never seen a more energetic crowd; creating party trains 200 people long while dancing to “shots”. I literally was LMFAO!!

----- Alex 02.12.10 16:11

Those look awesome! My last pair of in-ears broke a couple months ago…it would be amazing to get some of these as a gift for Christmas!

----- Lee F. 02.12.10 16:09

I was 15, it was my very first concert, I remember my sister getting me the tickets as an early birthday gift to Godsmack. At the time it was one of my favorite bands and Staind was headlining for them, right before they got really big. I remember when Staind did an acoustic song and it gave me goosebumps, I have been in love with music ever since. Every time I hear the song I still can be taken back to that exact moment I heard the song and everything else disappears. Music always gives me the ability to get away for a bit…

----- Chris Pacowski 02.12.10 16:09

My best live music experience was seeing Skillet in Salem OR. we filled up a van of 15 people and drove down from Vancouver WA to Salem. They played for almost 2 hours straight. Has to be the best performance Ive ever been to.

----- Andrey Grebyonkin 02.12.10 16:09

My Best Live Music Experience would have to be hands down”Breakfeast with Weezer”.It was an intimate Live Concert followed by a meet & greet with the band.The band sounded incredible Live.And I even got a hug from Guitarist frontman, Rivers.

----- jamie 02.12.10 16:09

The best live concert experience I ever had was seeing Nine Inch Nails at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Not only was the music amazing, but seeing NIN at a smaller venue was unbelievable, the light show was insane, and the venue itself is just a great looking place on the inside. A HUGE plus for the show was that Mew opened for them. I had not heard their music yet, but when they closed with their song “Comforting Sounds” I knew i had just discovered a band that I would be a fan of for a long time.

----- Phil Battaglia 02.12.10 16:08

Would love some 18’s to put inside my ears

----- Randy Charlson 02.12.10 16:08

My favorite live show has to be watching the XX at Central Park for FREE!, What an amazing live show and the atmosphere was terrific!

----- Jamil Oquendo 02.12.10 16:08

First live concert I went to was in High School. A buddy and I camped outside of Meyer’s, the local version of walmart, in the winter for a pair of Bush tickets. We had such a good time that we couldn’t sleep afterwards.

----- Jason 02.12.10 16:06

My best music experience is every live show I’ve been too! I love music and everything about it, especially what the live experience brings!

----- Stephen Schriner 02.12.10 16:06

My best live experience was when my band was asked to open for another regional bands CD release party. We rocked straight for 45 minutes. Everyone was up and groov’n! We ended the headliner came up and played…after the show everyone stated ” Man, glad you guys led off because they were horrible! They should have opened for you!” This was from nearly everyone: the venue owners, booking agents, local industry reps and all the locals! Needless to say….we have never been asked again to open for another group..lol… I have used UE’s for years. My last pairs cable broke and I have not had time to get another pair. I would love a new set!! I play drums, and run sound, and love being able to hear after playing..

----- Jerry Bailey 02.12.10 16:06

My best live musical experience is NOT attending concerts. For me, the best live music is being up on stage, whether in front of 20 in a coffee shop or 2000 in a concert hall, getting to use my passion (music) for the delight of others is something I can’t put into words. I’m a drummer, pianist, and synth/computer nerd who loves performing.

…and by golly, some UE18s would help me out alot. :D

----- Kevin 02.12.10 16:05

they’re so ultimate :d

----- Joseph S 02.12.10 16:05

Well I guess my favorite live experience was heading with a friend of mine up to Atlanta from Florida to a big show the day before Thanksgiving. The show was 9 bands and then one last headliner. The headlining band was Manchester Orchestra (never heard of them? check them out). They are starting an annual thing were they have 2 venues and 9 bands some playing at the same time, then the last band (Manchester Orchestra) plays. Then at midnight the band would get off stage and then a DJ came up and it was a huge dance party the rest of the night. To sum it up i guess only one word could. EPIC!

----- Tim 02.12.10 16:04

Best live experience was last month watching Soulive in Charlotte NC at the neighborhood theather! I need these bad! I sing on the praise n worship team @ my church! Our entire needs them because the wedges are set for our bishop n the sound guys will not adjust them so we can hear!

----- Craig L. Morgan 02.12.10 16:03

U2 concert at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA. I had a summer gig helping with audio setup and got to watch the concert from back stage. I was afraid I’d be in the way so wedged myself into a corner and just enjoyed the show.

----- John Carroz 02.12.10 16:02

A warm September night in 2009 inside the Atrium in London. A very cosy, intimate setting, perfect for this Prince’s Trust charity event. The stage is in front of a large glass dome. Outside the wind moves the leaves of a large up lit tree. There is a sense of anxiety in the crowd, a select group of fans waiting for Mark Knopfler to get on the small stage.

Spontaneous applause erupts when the lights glow a little brighter - on walks the distinguished gentleman giving a gentle wave to the crowd.
The room goes silent for a split second when he sits down, and while picking up his Fireburst ‘58 Gibson Les Paul he says with a relaxed voice: “Nice to see you all, how are you?”
The crowd responds enthusiastically with some “whoo’s” and “whistles”. The lights dim a little and he gently moves his fingers over the strings; the oh-so familiar soft notes of ‘Brothers in Arms’ flood lovingly over me like a soothing shower. The drummer gently sets the rhythm by brushing the snare and the standing bass picks up the warm tone of Mark’s voice.

Throughout the concert every note is perfect, not ‘studio recording’ perfect but music instilled with sheer passion, the result of being in a loving relationship with the instrument for decades. There is no rush, there is no stress… the world is standing still for a while.

After the last notes fade I slowly open my eyes and take a sip of the glass of red wine sitting on the little table next to my lounge chair…. absolute perfection after a hard days’ work… just using a set of Bose headphones - I can only wonder how fantastic it would be with a set of Ultimate Ears…

----- B. 02.12.10 16:02

I saw Switchfoot in Richmond Va. a few years ago. It started sprinkling and so they temporarily stopped the concert. Rather than just sit in their van or whatever for it to pass, Jon Foreman came out into the audience, stood on a chair and played the song “24” on his acoustic about three seats away from me. He was truly talented, and super nice.

----- Scott 02.12.10 16:02

My best live musical experience was at a large christian conference. I realize most people have distain for the faith and christian worship music in general but this was beyond belief. In the large concrete conference hall 10,000 people gathered in front of a huge stage with a very good worship band but it wasn’t the band that made the difference it was the crowd. When it was an up-beat song you could physically feel the floor moving up and down as people jumped up and down to the music. Though the best part was during the chorus when the entire band dropped out and it was the audience left singing. While many voices weren’t beautiful the sum of 10,000 voices joined together singing with such passion in their faith pored over to just about anyone listining as they were not just enjoying the music but sing from deep within their souls.

----- Evan Yarbrough 02.12.10 16:02

I love music , that why i want UE18. Music with UE18 is the best thing in the world :)

----- chiyin cheung 02.12.10 16:01

My favorite live musical experience would have to be seeing Billy Joel at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. I have listened to him my while life growing up and my parents bought me tickets to see him for my birthday a few years ago. I took my older cousin with me who is also a big fan. I never knew he was so funny and he was even a lil dirty with his jokes which is right up my alley. Lol. It was an unforgettable experience. I’ve seen Elton John at Madison Square Garden when I was younger which was incredible but I enjoyed Billy Joel’s concert much more.

----- Mario 02.12.10 16:01

Too many to name, but Love Parade @ 1999 was the most eargasmly awesome event that I’ll always remember.

----- TIM 02.12.10 16:00

my best experience was a relient k concert last year. RK is my favorite band ever and they were just dynamite live. i got to meet the lead singer, matt thiessen, afterward. that was amazing. he’s such an awesome guy.

----- daniel shafer 02.12.10 15:59

Hey, UE are my favorite type of headphones. I have had a pair of universal fit (Superfi 3 Studios and now Superfi 5 pros) for the last three years or so. They are one of the best products that you could ever get.

----- Trent 02.12.10 15:59

I’m a drummer and can’t count how many times when in ear monitors would have been a huge plus! Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford some custom fit monitors, it would be a blast to play with some!

----- Luke 02.12.10 15:59

Can’t escape that feeling when the bands starts to get into it, and you can almost see the wave of energetic fans respond.

----- Edward Hernandez 02.12.10 15:59

WOW!!! those in ears look awesome
hope to have a pair of my own
thank you

----- Matteo Salazar 02.12.10 15:58

My best live music experience was when I went to a 4 day festival in Atlanta, I camped there right next to the main stage and could hear the bands sound checking every morning, there were great bands there.

----- Josh Gross 02.12.10 15:57

Hey, everyone!!!! I have to say as a drummer for over 18 years now and a serious musician, the best live show I have gone too so far with crowd, sound and musicians was Justin Timberlake, however, the madonna tour wasnt bad at all either!!! So i guess a tie really.

----- ERICK 02.12.10 15:57

ultimate ears are the best, i bought a triple fi 10 and now enjoying it like crazy….
I would really love to change to custom made… but they are so expensive… sigh.

----- Anson Leung 02.12.10 15:57

Seeing Anberlin in Vancouver this fall tour. Solid lineup and it was nice to see them work in intros

----- Vic 02.12.10 15:57

By far, Linkin park. I love their energy and passion.

----- Emmanuel 02.12.10 15:56

OOPS! Forgot to mention my best live concert event!

I would have to say seeing the Rolling Stones perform live was quite a thrill! Back in ‘04… Magnetic Hill!

----- Remi 02.12.10 15:56

My best concert was Doc Severson’s last tour, the guy is a legend

----- Andrew 02.12.10 15:55

I have been to many shows in my day but nothing has compared to Dread Zeppelin at the Ranch Bowl in Omaha, Ne. The show was awesome plus seeing them in a bowling alley was quite an experience.

----- Dave Marshall 02.12.10 15:55

best live experience would have to be The Swellers at Warped Tour 2010

while they were setting up their gear i yelled to them, and they responded. I was right in the middle and in the front (SOOOOOO AWESOME). At the end of the set I caught one of the drumsticks and I got it signed along with a poster. Jono, Nick, Anto, and Ryan were such cool guys.

----- gerry 02.12.10 15:55

Alright! Made my comment for a chance to win some sweet earphones!! Let’s hope for the best!

----- Remi 02.12.10 15:54

I want to make this simple. Ultimate Ears are the only way I ever listen to music. I recommend anyone with an extra few hundred dollars to invest in true sound. The triple fi’s are the best sound so far, but I know that the higher end headsets should be better.

----- Hugo Amezaga 02.12.10 15:53

I would say my best live musical moment would have to be when i went and saw Tool live this summer in st louis, its was the most amazing show ever, and i wont miss them on tour again.

----- Chase Emory 02.12.10 15:52

My best concert experience was my first concert: Thrice, The Dear Hunter, and Polar Bear Club in November 2009. It was such an amazing experience seeing such talented bands in a live setting. Having seen other bands perform live, I now realize how privileged i was to see Thrice and the Dear Hunter as my first show!

----- Anthony Brooks 02.12.10 15:52

I have a pair of UE SuperFi 5 earbuds, and they are AWESOME! They replaced my skullcandy earbuds on my wireless monitors in my practice studio, and I haven’t looked back since!

----- Steven Cockayne 02.12.10 15:52

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I saw Pendulum in concerti. It blew my mind how great of a performance they put on.

----- Zack L 02.12.10 15:50

gahhh I want my own pair of UE’s so bad :)

----- Josh Roa-Martinez 02.12.10 15:50

This stuff looks pretty sick…

----- Daniel 02.12.10 15:50

Best looking ear buds ive ever seen!

----- Ruben 02.12.10 15:49

Absolutely and positively gorgeous!

----- Andy Gergen 02.12.10 15:49

Best was probably my first concert ever, seeing Ozomatli at the Hollywood Bowl. Great summer day, great venue and they just had an amazing way to get the entire crowd into their music and you found yourself up and dancing without even knowing their music. Live music is magical when it can affect you so instantly.

----- Emily E 02.12.10 14:33

Coldplay with my mom a couple years ago, a gift from a cancer foundation to her. Best show I’ve ever seen live. I was glad I went with her.

----- Alec 02.12.10 14:30

I was only 12…. and on a summer vacation in Dublin, Ireland…. Bob Marely’s concert… my first concert…. still vibrating in my head….

----- Piergiorgio 02.12.10 14:15

Well, the best music experience is anytime I hear music I don’t know yet.

----- Petra 02.12.10 13:56

fiery furnaces… truly incredible show. they played some great blues-ish versions of their songs.

----- Christina 02.12.10 13:51

one of my most memorable live act experiences in junior boys gig in cdq in warsaw, poland. ever since i first heard ‘last exit’ i have been in love with jb sound and vibe. the gig was on june 22nd 2007 - i still remember the date. i had been on last.fm for years when an unknown canadian guy suddenly appeared in my ‘neighbours’ section. i left him a comment, he left me one, we started mailing, then chatting, then we discovered we shared a lot of stuff in common, and then he asked if i had any plans for the upcoming summer cause he actually wouldn’t mind at all visiting me in warsaw. i didn’t have any plans (obviously). he arrived on june 22nd, and completely jet-lagged went with me and my friends to see junior boys in this overcrowded indie-club. it was his, and junior boys’ first time in poland. i can hear myself singing along to the songs on the bootleg we got from the gig; i even lost my voice. briefly, we had a blast. after the gig he offered to buy me a jb t-shirt; the guys from the band were there by the cd stand, sipping a beer; he asked if they accepted canadian dollars; ‘why, the guys asked, do you have any?’ ‘i actually do’, he said. ‘how come?’ they asked. ‘i am canadian’. ‘oh, so how long have you been here?’ they asked. he had a glace on his watch and said ‘uhm, 8 hours’. they started laughing and eventualy sold us a second t-shirt for a dollar or so. it was a great gig. and a beginning of a month-long and ridiculously great visit of the canadian friend in poland.

----- agata 02.12.10 13:49

this is very hard, but one that immediately comes to mind is seeing Old Crow Medicine Show for free at an outdoor concert before they got big. Such fun, toe-tapping music!

----- jenni o 02.12.10 11:48

I could really use these. The standard iPod ones don’t fit my left ear—the bud keeps falling out.

----- Bruce 02.12.10 10:26

The BEST live concert I have ever been to had to be Dr. Dog at Alfred university at teh oldest indoor track in america. We have this really old gym that had insulation reflective panels in the ceiling and Dr. Dog brought in so many lights and a fog machine. When it really got going I was dancing with probably 100-200 of my closest friends and loving every minute of it. I will always remember it as the exact moment I identify with being twenty one. The night seemed endless and everyone was blue, green, and orange. And at the end, we got them to do a rendition of the monster mash. perfect.

----- Danielle 02.12.10 09:59

Swag supreme! Need wejetset to muffle basckseat puppy cries on road trip south!

----- a haywood 02.12.10 09:58

I have been lucky enough to see 1000s of shows over the years. One of my favorite performances ever was the Arcade Fire - they are just a feast for the eyes and ears.

----- Amanda 02.12.10 09:30

The best live music concert I experienced was when I saw the New York Philharmonic play in Central Park. My family and I were celebrating my sister’s 12 birthday in the city and it was raining in the morning but the weather cleared up right before the concert. No tickets were needed and sitting on the lawn was very relaxing. I play the clarinet so I’ve always wanted to see the New York Philharmonic. They played some of my favorite pieces like Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, Ravel’s Bolero, West Side Story, and Tchaikovsky. On that day the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and the pianist Lang Lang played, so my mom also enjoyed the concert very much. It was a beautiful concert that combined east and west.

----- Laura 02.12.10 08:29

Daft Punk Live is just a big ball of wow.

----- David B 02.12.10 07:04

i need to listen to more music on my way to work to drown everyone out!

----- leyla 02.12.10 06:38

Torun Eriksen live in Dresden. Slow jazz with a groove you can not resist! Hopefully again soon.

----- Raphael 02.12.10 06:16

Best musical experience was Los Lobos in Central Park. They hung out after the show and signed everything and anything. The music was great as well.

----- Peter D 02.12.10 04:24

Best live music experience this year - no question about it - was Jónsi in Paradiso, who managed to actually silence the dutch crowd and bring very real tears to my eyes with a wall of sound that was so beautiful and tender I won’t ever forget about it.

----- Patricia 02.12.10 01:39

So by far every show I have seen at the Twilight Concert Series in the Gallivan Center Down Town Salt Lake City has been amazing. In 2010 they moved it to Pioneer park in Salt Lake City for a remodel of the Gallivan Center. ( Boo! ) But should be back at Gallivan in 2011. But If I had to pick the best and most memorable time it would have been the Black Keys. Small venue great crowd and Free. Can’t get better then that. Her is a link to a page I found a picture from that night it should be the second article down give it a look see. http://tomsheaart.com/page/16/?s In 2010 had the sound at the Twilight Concert series been better at Pioneer Park then the Modest Mouse show would have been a good 2end place for me.

----- Cassidy Rapier 02.12.10 00:16

Best live concert experience was actually my first concert, where I saw David Bowie with my dad. Was completely blown away.

----- Isaac 01.12.10 23:34

Can these be fitted for a hobits ears as well?

----- Ryan 01.12.10 22:01

The best live music experience I’ve had wasn’t a big artist, but one of my close friends getting a slot in a club for the first time. we picked him up, got in free, and met the organizer. you see the whole thing from a different perspective when its so close to you

----- Darien 01.12.10 18:26

My best live music experience was seeing cirque eloise’s iD, the music paired with the acts and dancing and choreography just brought it all to life.

----- Jane Burger 01.12.10 17:53

I once got to see Jonathon Coulton live with Paul and Storm as the opening act. It was amazing.

----- Jennifer 01.12.10 17:43

My best live music experience was a free Vampire Weekend show in Central Park. I had moved across the country, away from my friends and family, to go to law school in NY. I had just finished my first grueling year, and with no tv, radio, or time, I had lost touch with pop culture. My best friend flew out to visit me and insisted we had to hear this new band I had never heard of in the park. I was skeptical, but they were great; they had energy but were somewhat mellow at the same time, and they sang about grammar! They were still great several songs in as it began to drizzle and I took semi-shelter under a garbage can lid, and they continued to be great as it began pouring, causing most people to run out of the park looking for shelter.

It could have been a nightmare for me; I am normally pretty tense and dislike most situations with loud music and crowds, not to mention that getting wet in public is a crazy phobia of mine. But somehow, it was fun. I am forever grateful that my friend helped me let loose (and that she still likes me even when I go back to being crazy).

To this day, when it’s warm and raining, Vampire Weekend plays in my head and I feel somewhat free.

----- Rebecca 01.12.10 16:31

My best experience is not exactly the “best” but it is THE most memorable. Later on, it became the best memory.
It was when Muse came to Singapore. The crowd was extremely rowdy that night, so pack I couldn’t move around. And when the band finally came on the stage (after 40mins) the crowd went crazy and started to push each other. I fell and I remembered my pants falling and I got stampede by a bunch of guys. A nice guy lifted me up and asked if I was ok. So throughout the show we took care of each other. When he passed out, chin hanging on my shoulder, I started slapping him to wake him up. It was all about survival that night. Muse played an amazing set and I still couldn’t believe that’s Muse in front of me. It was an intense show. Me and that fella became friends. Oh and I’m a girl.

----- Mai R 01.12.10 16:18

Best live show I’ve ever seen was Weird Al. Amazing performance, great changeups and all that jazz.

----- Joshua 01.12.10 16:01

I am a tall person. My ears share my tallness, and I have had very little luck in finding earbuds that fit my ears. Yes, I can use speakers or over the ear headphones, but these can just get in the way when you are trying to be quiet and respectful or are trying to do physical activity, respectively. I would love these ultimate ears and would cherish them always. Thank you NOTEMPIRE for considering me.

----- David Rieman 01.12.10 15:37

Best musical experience was a local philharmonic doing the themes from old television shows! Outrageously endearing but done with so much craft!

----- Maia 01.12.10 15:26

The best live musical performance I went to was to see the Faint a few years ago. Their light show was amazing, and I got to stand front stage and got to touch Depose’s hand after the show. It was amazing.

----- Elaine 01.12.10 15:19

My best-est live music event would be Medeski, Martin, and Wood w/ DJ Logic at the Roseland in ‘99. ‘Cause it was the moment that my father and I got to share our love of music, across our preferred genres.

----- Jeremy 01.12.10 14:25

My best live music experience has to be my first official concert — somehow my Mom talked some hip, 20 somethings she worked with to take along a dweeby 13 year old to see George Michael’s Faith concert at was then Irvine Meadows! Sitting in the grass, singing every word to every song — it was the best!

----- Britt 01.12.10 14:05

Best live music experience was being 15 years old at Woodstock 99. Hippies and people that weren’t there criticized it to no end. The people that were there knew how awesome it was. Metallica, RHCP, RATM at the same show, no need to say more. Not to mention the nightly quasi-rave parties and bon fires all over the camp grounds. Epic win. 15 years old, I didn’t know anything or even what I was getting into, I would give anything to go back now.

----- Nelson 01.12.10 14:00

Best live performance ive been fortunate to witness was a musical rendition of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds played entirely by an deep sea orchestra comprised of sea slugs, cuttle fish, giant squids, octopi, marlin, and a blue whale on bass. Lighting provided by 700 angler fish. Magic.

----- xanderpants 01.12.10 13:59

I once saw Justin McRoberts in a tiny little venue and he just unplugged his guitar got off the stage and did the show from within the audience. Best show ever.

----- Gabe 01.12.10 13:58

The best live music experience for me has to be Live 8 in Philadelphia. I showed up very early and made it to the end. I spent 12 hours in one spot with temperatures reaching high 90’s, I saw so many people faint that day. It was very touching to see a bunch of great artists and fans come together for a great cause.

----- Kannica 01.12.10 13:42

Taking Back Sunday (RI’s Dunkin Center) for when my whole section decided to charge the floor. some people got caught but we were in the center of the action…great time! Sara Bareilles (RI’s Lupos) for her voice and her great connection to the audience.

----- Christina D. 01.12.10 13:31

The Jackson 5 early 80s in Shreveport, LA!!!!

----- Forsythia Hopkins 01.12.10 13:30

With a special friend I’ve started to listen a lot of indie and emo music.
So since then I saw really a lot of concerts.
The most live music experience was, without doubt, Death Cab For Cutie in Bruxelles. We flown from Milan, exactly two years ago in this period, to see the first band I’ve started to listen since I known him.
And when we got there, it also started to snow.

----- enrica 01.12.10 13:23

Deadmau5 @ Coachella with LED madness and heavy bass!

----- George Yoo 01.12.10 13:10

Elvis Costello at the Orpheum Theatre in Saint Louis. He did five encores and then shushed everyone in the theatre to do an acapella number with limited piano. He had heard about the acoustics of the venue and I was blown away with the way the audience was mesmerized by the sound. I could not imagine another artist commanding that much respect.

----- Brian 01.12.10 12:14

My best live music experience? I have two recent ones and both were great but completely different. I’ll go with seeing Julia Nunes at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC. I decided at the last minute to drive the 30 miles and got there just as it was starting. Amazingly fun show, with lots of humor thrown in and a really great second act in Ben Kweller. I highly recommend catching Julia and Ben if you can.

----- RobTsou 01.12.10 11:52

When I was 17, I had what I believe is the most exhilarating experience possible at a live show.

I went to see Taking Back Sunday just as they were getting huge. I took my best friend at the time, a girl whom I drove to school everyday. We used to drive and sing their songs as loud as we could. This show was like a segue into a new period of life, sealing the moments we had before listening to those songs in the car.

We arrived early and stayed in the front of the crowd through the bands we didn’t like. By the time TBS played we were already exhausted, dehydrated and covered in sweat (our own and other’s).

Near the end of the show, as the band played track #6 off their debut album, “Ghost Man on Third”, the lead singer Adam Lazzara jumped onto the crowd directly over my friend and I, slightly crushing us. He was suspended directly over us as he sang the final lines, repeating “This is what living like this does, this is what living like this does…”

Suddenly he pushed the mic into my hands, letting me finish the song, singing with him as he was held above us by the crowd.

Although my taste in music has changed in the many years since then, I will remember that event as a most dynamic articulation of music as a tangible sensory experience.

----- Tyson 01.12.10 11:48

It’s hard to pick a best experience, so here’s the most recent: Blackstar with Dave Chappelle as the opening act. Hard to beat that. Mos Def killed, as expected.

----- Anon Poster 01.12.10 11:13

Seeing Frank Black in Seattle in 2003… I met a great boyfriend there. :)

----- Monica 01.12.10 10:38

My best live music experience was actually in April of this year. I hadn’t saved up enough money to buy tickets to the Boston concert for Florence + the Machine before it sold out so I saved up even more and traveled down to DC for cherry blossom season and got to see them at the 9:30 club! Even though they were switched from headliner to opening act (the popularity at the time of the song Sweet Disposition caused Temper Trap to be headliners at the last minute) they were so fantastic. It was even better when I ran into my old college roommate at the concertn who unforunately was there for Temper Trap, but after the amazing concert became a big fan of Florence too.

----- Erica 01.12.10 10:03

THE BLACK KEYS, they are my favorite band, and they played at my favorite LA venue the Wiltern. The stars aligned and the venue was a rockin’. I have seen the Black Keys before, but this particular time, everything just vibed!

----- Nicole 01.12.10 09:53

Being in bands and touring much of my teens and early twenties I saw many amazing live experiences.

The most memorable would have had to be jimmy eat world on the Static Previals tour. this was before they blew up and was in a small room in houston, maybe 200 or so people. At the drive in opened the show and blew me away, but the Jimmy Eat Wrold set was like an out of body experience.

----- Charlie Price 01.12.10 09:23

The Flaming Lips in Portland, 2008! They give the best concert experience.

----- natasha 01.12.10 08:35

My best live music experience was Alice Donut, at a dirty punk-ish bar in connecticut. It was my first live show, and they became one of my favorite bands. I saw them live 5 or 6 times after that.

----- Adam 01.12.10 07:59

My elderly feline friends have chewed the wires apart on ALL pairs of headphones in the house. Tragic. These are LOVELY - please send!

----- Caroline Mills 01.12.10 07:51

There are actually two… by myself at the Stevie Wonder, Natural Wonders Tour in Atlanta and with my wife Bella at the Maxwell concert here in Austin, TX. Very romantic event.

----- Steve Guzman 01.12.10 07:37

My ex-bf concert last year was my best live musical experience ever! I even took part of their band making myself a fake bass-player because they needed a female presence on the stage! so much fun!
And Royksopp concert, of course, in an open field near Venice, Italy, where I live!

----- Marieke 01.12.10 07:21

Hello?? Gwar!!!!!

----- JB 01.12.10 07:16

In 1984 I saw The Ramones at Traxx in Detroit. The club was half empty and the stage was only a foot above the main floor. I was eye to eye with and inches away from Joey (may he rest well on his throne in Rock and Roll Heaven) for the entire show.

----- Kevin 01.12.10 06:42

My best live music experience would have to be a B.B. King concert I attended when I was younger. I went with my parents to the show and after it was over we waited around a bit to let the traffic die down. We walked up by the stage (it was an outdoor venue) and here comes B.B King, asking us and the few other people still around if we would mind if he and the other performers just messed around a bit on stage for a while. Of course nobody minded and we were treated to what was basically a private jam session with B.B. King. The one moment that I remember best is my dad talking with B.B. King, saying that he (my dad) wasn’t a very good guitar player because of his thick fingers and B.B. showing us his hands (he’s got thick, short fingers, too) and telling us that he can’t play guitar and sing at the same time.

----- Aaron 01.12.10 06:36

Best live music was Diana Ross in central park

----- Michael abernethy 01.12.10 06:26

The best live music experience has to be seeing The Cat Empire in Birmingham. Their music makes you so happy and you just want to dance (even if you hate and can’t dance like me!)

----- Ollie 01.12.10 06:12

Josh Ritter at the Double Door in Chicago, holding hands with my husband at our first concert together.

----- Claudette 01.12.10 05:42

The best live musical experience for me was the month I played in the pit orchestra for a production of Porgy and Bess at the Opera Comique in Paris. We only played every other night, so I had tons of free time to explore the city, and the opera itself is just an incredible piece of American music!

----- Jason 01.12.10 05:27

Best live show was Tori Amos in 2001. There is an unnatural quality to her live performance that reminds you just what makes her and her music so in the flesh.

----- Audrey R 01.12.10 04:59

it was a while back but i really enjoyed seeing lauryn hill play live when she produced her unplugged album. so rich and full of soul!

----- jennifer 01.12.10 02:36

My favorite live music experience was my first time karaoke with a group of friends near the end of high school.

----- Lisa 30.11.10 23:32

best show was the beastie boys in san diego. the best night ever. the music the visuals the crowd was great. even getting smashed in the pit was awesome. good times!

----- Amir 30.11.10 23:27

I had an amazing time seeing my favorite band, The Used, for the firs time with my friend Raj and Rina. We went all the way out to New Jersey to see them and waited in line for no less than 7 hours and these sweet audio lovin’ ears o’ mine have never been more grateful. I worked up a sweat and can’t wait for my next experience with The Used whenever I get the chance. In the mean time I hope I can get my fix of music with a pair of those dope UEs!!!

----- Kevin Portundo 30.11.10 23:06

Chicago 2007: Frog Eyes and Wolf Parade

----- Joe Wasserman 30.11.10 22:45

I saw Clap Your Hands Say Yeah live in Baltimore about five years ago. Best live musical experience I ever had.

----- John C. 30.11.10 22:43

My ex has a pair of UE. They are pretty awesome. I’m going to say my best live music experience was Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s 2 years ago. They had their whole line-up, complete with all their wacky instruments. Saw them back in October and they were a disappointment. :(

----- Lara 30.11.10 22:01

Has to be Nine Inch Nails: Lights in the Sky, NIN’s last big budget tour. So grateful that I got to go, seeing as they have stopped touring indefinitely.

----- Jordan Salazar 30.11.10 21:55

I am from the Yukon and every year we have this fantastic music festival in Dawson City. It is always amazing but I remember when I was 16 I went with my parents and my sister. My sister and I were at the mainstage, in the tent watching The Constantines. It was getting close to midnight, the sun was still blazing bright in the sky and the band broke into Shine a Light. I was in love. The music was loud and powerful and the crowd was dancing and swaying and singing along. I found myself screaming along with what ever lyrics I could figure out. To fully cement the surreal wonderfulness of the moment was Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi, sitting on the low bench directly in front of me. I met him through my mother, as she works at the local newspaper and for some strange reason he had come to the Yukon because he knew the paper’s owner. As the crowd exploded around him Yann sat, as he had all weekend, still, nose in a note-book. His girlfriend, I assume, kept writhing around him, seeming to hope that he would join in, to no avail. The amazing music in such an intimate setting, the blazing midnight sun and the strange company made for my absolutely most memorable musical experience.

----- Stacey 30.11.10 21:46

Best Live experience EVER was this summer at CROSSROADS 2010 in CHICAGO! Got to see my guitar heros Eric Clapton, BB King, Buddy Guy, Keb’ Mo, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, the list goes on!! Flew all the way from Singapore just to catch them, and it was and probably will be one of the best experiences of my life EVER!

----- Christopher Eu 30.11.10 21:46

The verve.

----- Yoshio 30.11.10 21:45

If you get a chance to see the Born Ruffians live, do it. Their call-and-response-yelpy-shouty style makes for an awesome show.

----- Bea 30.11.10 21:37

My BEST live experience was seeing the ALWAYS AMAZING ROBYN perform in a private iHeart radio show in NYC. Her energy, voice, and style was unbelievable. She performed from her heart and you could feel it, and for her small size she delivered an intoxicating amount of energy. So far its the GREATEST occurrence of my life!!

----- Damoy 30.11.10 21:23

Best live music experience would have to be a show about the various music genres of the world at the Washington DC Kennedy center. They even have a guy demonstrate beatboxing which was absolutely incredible since he could emulate so many instruments and do so many at once. The entire thing was pretty neat.

----- Shawn H 30.11.10 21:23

MGMT at SXSW 2008
This was their free SXSW day show performance right before “Kids” or “Electric Feel” hit the radio waves. The venue was the backlot of an Urban Outfitters and the crowd was small. The sun was out in Austin, TX and it was spring break. They rocked the show. It was exhilarating to feel the entire crowd move together as we all jumped to the beat. Since the backlot was small, we were all crowded in so when the crowd jumped, it would pick you up with it. They came into the audience and my friend and I danced with Andrew Vanwyngarden. Amazing show.

----- Kristina 30.11.10 21:18

The first free show I had ever gone to was one by You Say Party!, this ended up being one of the best live performances I have seen to date. Goes to show you don’t need a huge stadium full of people and fancy lighting/props to totally wow a crowd.

----- Michael 30.11.10 20:53

The best live music experience had to be the best DJ and mixmaster Armin Van Buuren. Amazing. It was in a real small venue here in the states probably about 100 max, and the venue had this incredible sound setup. Armin himself was spectacular and kept the beats going one after another. I will never forget how intimate the show was due to the limit amount of people. It left me in absolute awe and with a ring in my ears for 3 days, no joke.

----- AARON 30.11.10 20:47

My best live music experience has to have been Blues Traveler at a tiny hole-in-the-wall pub in Scotland back in 1995. The band walked in behind me and went straight to the bar between sets.

----- Derek 30.11.10 20:39

The best live show I’ve ever seen was Nickel Creek. They played an all acoustic set that was amazing and beautiful.

----- neonsocks 30.11.10 20:35

I saw the band at-the-drive-in with about 14 people in a small room at a local college. Was literally the most amazing musical experience.

----- Ed 30.11.10 20:23

Ultra Music Festival in Miami last year was the best by far. Dubstep!

I’m quite bummed that I missed the deadline on entering the Twitter giveaway, I really want to know what being kissed by dozens of tiny sound angels is like!

----- Gabriel G 30.11.10 19:51

My favorite show is the Octopus Project at the Bottom of the Hill - any of the times they have played there.

----- Wesley H 30.11.10 19:19

My favorite show is the Octopus Project at the Bottom of the Hill - any of the times they have played there.

----- Wesley H 30.11.10 19:12

Best musical experience was ten years ago seeing Underworld in Las Vegas, then driving to LA to see them again the next night. 3 hour show in Vegas, 3 hour show in LA, even ran into the band in the parking lot the afternoon before the LA show. Their visuals are amazing, the music is great for head and feet, and Karl Hyde is like a gigantic happy face on stage.

----- Phillip Anderson 30.11.10 19:04

Although I love seeing musicals and live concerts of famous bands and singers, my favorite live music experience of all time was when I was with my friends in downtown seattle and these two street singers made us a song!

----- Josh Lanager 30.11.10 18:33

My best live music experience has to be !!! (chk chk chk) about 4 years back at The Opera House concert hall in Toronto, Canada.
I wasn’t sure what crowd to expect while waiting in line to get in. We shuffled in and stood in the crowd. I could not believe how many different people attended the show. The band came out blaring music and kept the energy going strong till the very bitter end of the night.
If you were hipster, indie, goth, jock, rocker, gangsta, raver, stoner, you danced that night. It was so inclusive and the music made everyone happy. No fights, no attitudes, everyone danced to the beat of “Me and Giuliani down by the schoolyard a true story” and “Must be the moon”.
I left bathed in the sweat of 200 or so people and a multiple eargasm.
Would not trade that experience for anything in the world.

----- Shaan Singha 30.11.10 18:11

Wow… last show I saw… hard to pick one, but probably Flogging Molly - total blast.

----- sarah 30.11.10 17:54

Hearing Steve Earle threaten and berate one of his own fans after the guy continually heckled the opening spoken word artist at the Showbox in Seattle.
Or any of the greats I have been lucky to see live: Luciano Pavarotti, Bad Brains, The Police, Fugazi, Tom Waits, Arturo Sandoval, Avail,… who can list just one? or even a top 50?

----- Itamimasu 30.11.10 17:54

My best live music experience was at during new years eve watching Wave perform in Niagara Falls. Good times

----- Michael H. 30.11.10 17:42

My favorite live experience has been seeing MuteMath in Memphis. Getting to see Paul flip over his keyboard and watching Darren crowd dive off of that bass drum was pretty epic.

----- Scotty Polston 30.11.10 17:40

no doubt at irving plaza, nyc.

----- ww 30.11.10 17:25

Best musical experience was a Minneapolis band called Greazy Meal. Great musicians, great club (Cabooze), great vibe

----- Ryan S 30.11.10 16:49

Best live concert experience - The Tallest Man on Earth @ the Somerville Theatre, in Somerville, MA. Theatre environment allowed for a chance to sit, enjoy the music and the company, and have a more intimate feel with the show. Also having a pretty gal take me as a gift “just because” was a plus.

----- EPIC! Stratton 30.11.10 16:22

Albeit 8 years ago, front row at No Doubt. Gwen spotted my homemade Rock Steady t-shirt and pants and pulled me on stage. She eventually hopped on my back for a brief moment and continued to sing it! I’ll never wash that shirt and pants, EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

----- Cesar 30.11.10 16:04

Best live show…can i say Bonnaroo, as a whole? Seeing Stevie Wonder, Flaming Lips, Weezer, and Jay Z, not to mention Aziz Ansari, and Conan O’Brien, ALL IN ONE WEEKEND!? and that’s just in the summer of ‘10; it’s been crazier, and i expect, WILL get crazier next year for the tenth anniversary.

----- Marshall Cox 30.11.10 15:40

The incomparable Yann Tiersen @ Manchester (UK) Cathedral last month… will take some beating

----- Martin 30.11.10 15:37

Some free jazz band that I don’t remember the name of. They set up offstage in the middle of the floor. Super loud and visceral, I hated it at first but by the end I was crying and I didn’t know why.

----- TED 30.11.10 15:15

My best live musical experience was last year at Reed College. I saw Kronos Quartet perform some newer pieces. Five rows back in the center. Worth every cent.

----- Jake Sepulveda 30.11.10 15:13

Without a doubt Woodstock ‘99. Aside from being complete sensory overload it was actually my first major concert and coincided with a great time in my life. The media’s portrayal of fire and chaos was far from the actual experience of being there. The best performances were from Bush, Rage Against the Machine, and James Brown.

----- JD 30.11.10 14:56

Probably seeing Saves the Day and The Early November in Dallas back in the day before Saves the Day’s lead singer’s voice got messed up because of a throat cyst or something. Nearly dying in weird Indie mosh-pits usually makes a show more memorable.

----- Adam 30.11.10 14:53

I saw The Turtles at a State Fair (a few years ago, ahem). Worst sound ever (it was on a race track)—but it was the first concert I ever attended. Live music is the best!

----- eab 30.11.10 13:49

As a regular reader of NotCot, I was excited to learn of a new give-away contest!

My most memorable live music experience took place in the fall of 2008. My friends and i drive 4 hours to go see a band known as Dragon Force. This would be my first time to see them live in concert.

The concert was held near Oaklahoma city in a skating rink. what i expected to be a small crowd felt like an arena with the power of Dragon Force taking the stage. Some Friends of mine came from Lincoln Nebraska - an even longer drive than mine from DFW. I knew the night was going to be epic.

Dressed in our best 80’s metal outfits we thrashed and chalace’d our hands held high to the metal glam gods of Germany. We snaked our way to the front rail less than 1 meter away from our entertainers. I gave my friend the signal during the finale’ song “Through The Fire and The Flames”, and he knew what to do. His 6’6 frame crouched down with his hands cupped for my foot to perform a seemingly simple acrobatic move. He lifted, I jumped, and just as the singer echoed into the halls of Val Halla, performing the signature line of the final chorus of the song, i leaped a full body’s length above the crowd. His hand reached out towards mine and with a holy flash of a strobe light our hands matched the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

I landed in a crowd surf position on my back. Safely i decended back to mere mortal status having become one with the rock gods for a split second was like living 6 lifetimes and still being thirsty for more rock. It was definitely a night to remember - FOREVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

----- Luke Westbrook 30.11.10 13:32

Best Live show was Richie Hawtin, Magda and Svan Vath in Detroit at a little club in the middle of know where. If you’ve seen ANY of them, you would know why that show was the best! I will never forget how bad ass that was! Great music with great friends and a night to remember.

----- John G 30.11.10 13:00

Ricardo Villalobos - Rex Club, Paris

----- Matthew Bowers 30.11.10 12:59

My best live music experience was one I performed. In 1990, the California Youth Symphony traveled to Europe for 17 days to perform in England and France. Our performance, with me as Principal Oboist, at the Festival de Sullyin the lovely Loire Valley of France coincided with our conductor’s birthday on July 4th. Our first standing ovation of the day came after playing Happy Birthday for our beloved Dr. Lauren Jakey. He had been expecting the opening of Beethoven’s Fifth and we received a friendly and smiling talking-to after the performance.

----- Jason Alcock 30.11.10 12:50

Hmm… while I should say that one of my favorite live music adventures was seeing the Van Cliburn competition winners perform one year with my parents (2000, 2001?) because of the amazing tonal ranges and the gorgeous sounds that come from a grand piano accompanied by an orchestra…. But I am going to go with seeing Flogging Molly for the second time. There was so much energy in the crowd and the band, and so much spirit flowing throughout the venue. Definitely the Flogging Molly experience. (even my grandparents like them!)

----- Charlotte 30.11.10 12:17

My best live experience was in 2002, watching Paul McCartney as he performed at the Colosseum in Rome, they had shut down the Foro Romano street, and half a million people sang ‘Volare, Cantare’ with McCartney.

----- Meghan 30.11.10 11:52

My favorite musical event was:
When I was 15 years old I went to see Def Leppard here in Northern Virginia. I will always remember this concert not only because it was my first ever concert experience but because I got to see that I wasn’t the only Def Leppard fan. You have to understand that a 15 year old kid growing up in High school at a time when anything from the 80’s was considered uncool was torture. I felt like I was the only one who liked them. I got teased for liking their music but I couldn’t help not to like their music. It taught me that it’s better to stay true to yourself and not follow what other people deem is cool. Have you’re own taste you’re own mind. They are still one of my favorite rock groups and I will never forget seeing them perform for the very first time. So surreal to watch them in person then to watch them on TV! ^_^

----- James Smith 30.11.10 11:49

Björk at the Riverside Church in Harlem in 2007. Unexpectedly intimate and crushingly beautiful.

----- Anthony 30.11.10 11:46

Fishbone at St. Andrew’s Hall, Detroit, 1989-ish. I was 14 years old and when I saw the band chumming around the lobby chatting with concert-goers I realized that I would never happily go to a stadium show again. As a young music fan, learning that your heroes are no different from you solidified my path into underground music.

----- Harlo 30.11.10 11:32

My most memorable live music experience was probably 12 years ago on my 13th birthday. I was at the legendary First Avenue in Minneapolis seeing the band Belly and the staff would always let me go backstage since I was so little. Well, someone told Tanya Donelly it was my birthday and she sang happy birthday to me in front of a sold out crowd. Pretty epic way to enter your teens.

----- Chase 30.11.10 11:29

Me on the concert, soaking wet, crowd was so big I couldn’t move an inch, but jumping and singing with others in one voice made it go away. Just the experience that I expect from these earphones, to take me to better place

----- bojan 30.11.10 11:27

Gogol Bordello at the HOB in Boston. They are ridiculous live. Definitely the most fun show I’ve been to. Concert experiences have so much to do with the mood, the venue, and the energy. An added plus if the band is amazing.

----- Ryan 30.11.10 11:14

Best live music experience was definitely Bad Veins. They were so fun on stage, and definitely fascinating to watch. They have this funny recorder thing where they sing into the telephone. Cute show. Great Music

----- William Alexander 30.11.10 11:05

Best live concert was Mumford & Sons at Webster Hall this summer when they dropped the mics out

----- Grant 30.11.10 11:05

Stan kenton big band playing the peanut vendor! when i was little It was totally mind blowing for a kid that didn’t know music could be so versatile and make you so happy.
the trumpet solo, to this day makes me jump up from my seat. big bands and this show was what made me try to be a sound engineer.(unfortunately money gets in the way) The look in the ensembles eyes really made me realize how someone could live breath and love music.
Plus it makes me want to dance and pretend I was born in a different era.

----- sergio 30.11.10 10:58

It would have to be the Skatalites in NYC. They were the last band to play at 3 Floors of Ska at the Knitting Factory 4 or 5 years ago. The rest of the bands were somewhat mediocre, but having them play at the end of the night was unreal. They were all pushing 80 and did a 30 minute version of the James Bond theme song. Unreal.

----- Matt 30.11.10 10:54

Phoenix at the Fillmore in SF. Towards the end of their set Thomas left the stage to perform through the crowd. On his way back up he literally took the crowd with him. It was quite the experience to go from hearing what the crowd hears as compared to what the band hears behind the amplifiers and sound systems. It was almost worse. I guess it’s great to know that they do what they can to give the audience/crowd the better audio experience.

----- Christopher 30.11.10 10:38

Billy Joel is best heard live. That is all.

----- Allison 30.11.10 10:36

my best musical experience was hearing my own songs played by one of my heroes mary anne hobbs on her radio show on bbc radio1.

----- Eric Ulvog 30.11.10 10:34

The concert of Nizlopi, hands down the best thing (in live music) that ever happened to me. Inviting people from the audience to participate, awesomeness.
Also listening to Fleet Foxes (non-live music) on my trip to the French Alps for a few days of skiing.. Falling asleep in the bus with the album on repeat and than waking up in the morning, still listening, with snow, sun and beautiful landscapes. I got quite emotional, but that could have been causes by my awake/asleep-style of sleeping that night.

----- Luuk Langenhoff 30.11.10 10:29

I’d have to say Phoenix in Columbus, OH. Drove 4 hrs round trip to go see a beautiful show and some of the most on-point sound and tight playing I’ve ever seen live. Lending the singer a helping hand to get him up into the crowd didn’t hurt the experience, either.

----- Brian 30.11.10 10:24

One of the best concerts I have ever attended was Kraftwerk in Chicago at the Riviera. They can electrify an audience in a way no one else can.

----- Noah Phonaut 30.11.10 10:21

best music experience had to be sitting in the back of a small, intimate vanessa carlton concert with my best friend at the time. the music wasn’t spectacular, but the mood and the company were.

----- Linda 30.11.10 10:21

The best live music experience I had was when I went to go see Taking Back Sunday, with Jimmy Eat World and The Format my senior year in high school. The show itself was absolutely incredible, but what made it stick forever in my memory was what happened at the show.

I had recently had a terrible breakup with a guy I was dating for 4 years, and my good friend Tony had been there for me through the whole thing. Him & I shared a love for Jimmy Eat world, and during their set, the song “Work” was playing, one of my absolute favorites. I was running to the bathroom when it was playing, and I was the only person outside the arena and was running down the hallway so i could get back asap. As i neared the bathroom, i ran directly into Tony, who had also come to the show, and i had no idea. It was like something out of the movies, and both of us knew that this was kismet. We started dating that night, and that song meant so much to us, and to this day, listening to Jimmy Eat World brings back that flood of emotions and all those memories.

----- Genni 30.11.10 10:18

I was waiting for the Roots to come on at DARS Constitution hall in DC. It is taking a while and the whole crowd is starting to get a little antsy. The music that they are playing b/w acts begins taking on a marching band vibe. This continues for a few minutes. As It turns out, this is actually the Roots playing live which we realize as they bust through the doors at the back of the hall and begin marching and playing down the center isle. Luckily for me I was sitting along this isle and got to see Black Thought (with megaphone in hang), Questlove, and the rest of the band march past me while getting the whole crowd hyped up. It was amazing.

----- Jamison Hibbard 30.11.10 10:13

i saw robyn live at the troubador way back when she was resurrecting her career - there were maybe 40 people there and it totally blew my mind. she has the best live show i’ve ever seen, hands down - saw her four times after that.

----- Nic Leggett 30.11.10 10:10

Best recent live experience was seeing Gogol Bordello at the Congress Theater in Chicago. It was the most energetic I’ve seen an audience in a long time, maybe ever. It was intoxicating and infectious. Looking down from the balcony, the entire floor was pulsating with energy…we couldn’t resist and went down to join the throng. People were even swinging from the lighting rigs! Dangerous for sure, but exhilarating! I’d go see them again anytime just to feel that alive again, what a band!

----- Valery 30.11.10 10:09

Pixies @ the Greek, SF Symphony playing Ravel’s Bolero, Bjork @ the Wang, Prince @ Oak-land coliseum, Jenny Lewis & the Watson twins @ Bimbo’s, Mum @ GAMH, Mary J Blige @ Shoreline, Hall & Oates @ the Mt. Winery, The Cure @ Shoreline, Camera Obscura @ Bimbo’s, Interpol @ the Avalon, Bat For Lashes @ du Nord, SF Opera in the park @ Stern Grove, Jesus & Mary Chain @ the Fillmore, My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, Neon Indian, Bhangra collective, Gary Numan, The Clientele, Dee-lite, Morrissey, Journey…can’t.pick.just.one.

----- Jas 30.11.10 10:07

Coolest - Pixies Nov 09
Most fun - Aquabats Dec 07

Both were incredible shows, can’t choose between the two of them. Both “best,” albeit for different reasons.

----- Meghan 30.11.10 10:05

Best show was St. Louis ~1998 Incubus opening for 311. Early Incubus was a great pairing with 311. Good crowd. Probably my first contact high.

----- Jim S 30.11.10 10:01

As a teenager, driving down to Boston to see The Orb on a school night. “Do you wanna see funny tonight at the Orb show?”

----- matt 30.11.10 10:00

Has to still be Coachella.

Desert, sunset, saturday + Death Cab For Cutie, Kraftwerk, Portishead, Prince.

No-one moved for about 5 hours straight! Here’s hoping to those earplugs to protect my ears as we play out. Happy holidays to Notcot.

----- philcollis 30.11.10 09:57

I remember when I was seriously considering spending $900 on the ue10 pros a few years ago. I decided to go with some Etys instead and couldn’t have been happier. Now I think I am due for a new pair and these would be sweet.

----- Joshua Pereira 30.11.10 09:54


----- Pete 30.11.10 09:54

Daft Punk ‘07 @ KeySpan Park, BK
This show changed my life, as well as my perspectives on music. Besides putting on an amazing show (visually as well as audibly), DP was my first live experience of electronically influenced music (pretty good intro I’d say). Good thing I live in NYC, commuting time = listening time…except now, since my last pair of headphones broke :( ~ wink, wink

----- Benjamin 30.11.10 09:53

Something corporate, way back in 2004 or so.

----- Matt H 30.11.10 09:53

Lykke Li in Williamsburg. she put on a true performance rather than just playing her songs. improvising and mixing along the way. used her necklaces as percussion and her drummer climbed and played the scaffolding until they made him come down!

----- lkieh 30.11.10 09:45

My overall best music experience was this past October. I entered and received FREE tickets to a secret Taylor Swift performance. We were not told right away where the performance would be held or what it was for. Then we found out it was in Central Park. My best friend and I waited on line for three hours before we crosses the street and finally made our way to the park. We were seated on blankets on the ground five feet away from Taylor’s band. When she arrived my heart was beating out of my chest. SHE WAS SO CLOSE! We were told that the performance was to be filmed for the Thanksgiving Special: Taylor Swift Speak Now. She sang five songs and it was truly magical with all the leaves fluttering in the background. The stage was set up under the Central Park Bridge. It was truly an incredible experience. The fact that this experience was free made it even more incredible! Then we got to rewatch it on Thanksgiving night! Nothing will be able to top this musical experience.

----- Heather 30.11.10 09:37

When I waited on line to see Lupe Fiasco for 4 hours, we were 6th in line. It was general admission so when they collected our tickets we sprinted to get front row! Lupe puts on a fantastic concert!

----- Paul 30.11.10 09:35

Guster!! They are great performers!!

----- Diane 30.11.10 09:20

Best Live Music Experience -
I flew down to Dallas Texas with three other friends to see what was the very last tour performance of our favorite group called Particle People. It was the last weekend of their 2007 tour, so we saw them in Dallas and then Austin Texas the following night. We didn’t know it at the time but these were the last official tour shows of Particle People before they broke up.

The energy at the Dallas show was exactly what anyone would expect from Particle People, intense danceable jams infused with an electronic flair. The Pied Piper couldn’t get get mice to move as well as Particle does for people!

What made this night truly memorable was that following the performance we were rather hungry yet 4am food options were scarce enough that it took us an hour to find anywhere open… then found was a lovely little diner near our hotel.

At 4:30am we ordered some seriously craved breakfast and low and behold guess who was seated directly next to our table? The entire Particle People band!!! We couldn’t believe our luck, not only did they have the munchies at the same time we did, not only did they find their way to the same diner, at the same time, but out of the entire restaurant they were magically seated right next to us! I can’t imagine many fans fly to Texas to see Particle, and they were genuinely humbled by our commitment…. we spent the rest of the evening/morning chatting up a storm with our favorite band who then offered us free tickets to the Austin TX show which was our next stop that evening.

The musical gods were with us that night, and they rewarded me and my friend with not only a killer show but breakfast with the band. Amazing how life just hands you these experiences!

----- Aaron Rosenthal 30.11.10 09:15

It’s tough to choose, but one of the best live experiences was Tori Amos on the Little Earthquakes tour at the Berkeley Center in Boston. Just Tori and a piano, it was amazing.

----- matt 30.11.10 09:00

Best live experience was one that, like the best type of music, I’ve come to appreciate more and more over time - it was the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley in 1992, a concert of dozens of highlights. I was a teenage fan of Queen at the time, thanks to my parents’ extensive Queen LP collection (and later CD collection that I played to skipping death), so I was there primarily as a Queen fan. I hadn’t really had much exposure to David Bowie, but after hearing him perform ‘Heroes’ I was hooked on not only that song, but came to appreciate just how creative Bowie was and musicians could be. Looking back now and knowing that that concert was Spiders of Mars’ legendary guitarist Mick Ronson’s final major live performance and the last time that John Deacon played as a member of the band, it will always make me proud to have been part of something quite momentous.

----- James 30.11.10 08:42

I could really use another pair of earphones! :)

----- ritu maghera 30.11.10 08:32

1995. Medeski Martin & Wood open up for The Roots (Illadelph Halflife tour) open up for Tribe Called Quest (Midnight Marauders tour). Capital Ballroom. Rahzel blew my mind. Whole show was sick.

----- Alex 30.11.10 08:31

After a long day at work and a hard climb to get to the venue, I saw The Flaming Lips at EEC in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was the best concert I have ever been to and it was the only concert that has ever made me feel so happy. I really needed it after having such a shitty day at work.

I can explain what a Flaming Lips show is like but its not the same, not when you’re there and you experience it all. Confetti. Lasers. Space bubble! The obligatory warning about seizures given by Wayne Coyne himself!

I bought their concert t-shirt, I wear it with pride especially since it says “I am a better human being after experiencing a Flaming Lips show”. Best musical experience ever!

----- Sylvia 30.11.10 08:17

Best concert ever? Jeff Tweedy solo at the University Of Illinois in January 2009.

----- Jon 30.11.10 08:17

WOMAD at Fort Canning Park, Singapore :)

----- Pei 30.11.10 08:12

One of my fav live music experiences was blink 182 & weezer @ jones beach a year or two ago, when Travis Barker did his drum solo - the stage he was sitting on and the drums raised and rotated as he was playing! what an awesome sight!

----- Jeff 30.11.10 08:08

pavement played the pritzker pavilion in chicago on september 13th, 2010. it was my final night in chicago — the end to both a fantastic summer and the beginning of a year-long hiatus that i’m currently taking away from my favorite city in the states. a kind couple left early and passed on their front row tickets to me and my friend. my favorite band of all time just a few feet away, playing under the stars, surrounded by some of my favorite buildings of all time. SURREAL.

----- Kate 30.11.10 08:06

My best live musical experience was seeing Prince’s Musicology tour at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA in 2004. Morris Day and the Times opened (which the crowd didn’t know was going to happen) and Prince rocked the house down. The setting was theater in the round and during the intermission, Prince came out and did an acoustic version of Little Red Corvette and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard! I’ve never seen anyone put on a more moving and inspired show. I’ll love Prince forever, and that show changed my musical life.

----- Ms. T 30.11.10 08:00

The first real concert I ever went to was the Stone Temple Piolets @ the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach SC. at the time it was going to be their “last club/ small venue” performance. I will never forget it, mostly due to the twins in the mosh pit that had matching braided beards and mohawks. Good stuff.

----- justin 30.11.10 07:54

My best live music experience was Cake at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA in October of 2004. I’ve never seen a band like Cake that can bring a crowd of people together, but they were just holding us in the palm of their hands! I sang, danced and laughed my ass off with one of the greatest bands ever!

----- Tacola Mae 30.11.10 07:52

Jimmy Eat World in a small club in Cleveland on the Clarity Tour.

----- James D. LaCroix 30.11.10 07:46

ALO - animal liberation orchestra singing “Girl I want to lay you down” and Jack johnson comes out to sing it with them.

----- Spencer Buchanan 30.11.10 07:44

My greatest live show, was seeing Amos Lee live at the Largo in LA. His amps were getting terrible feedback, so he just unplugged and played a semi-solo show. A night to remember.

----- Lucas Lund 30.11.10 07:43

Nothing in my opinion beats a live classical concert,

----- lawrence 30.11.10 07:35

I have been a big fan of The National for awhile and when they came to the Fillmore in Denver it was great to finally see them live. We were somehow lucky enough to score VIP seats and sat next to the mother of one of the band members who told us all kinds of great things about her son and the band. Needless to say it was an amazing show!

----- dvdkey 30.11.10 07:34

Definitely Yeasayer in Orlando. During “Ambling Alp” I felt the urge to get completely naked and jump on stage. Band members just kept playing and didn’t even mind. Best day EVER.

----- Robert 30.11.10 07:32

This past May, I took a small trek from my house in Northeast Ohio up to the Grog Shop in Cleveland to see a very talented up-and-coming performer named Diane Birch. A beautiful singer, brilliant songwriter and shredding pianist, Miss Birch fronted a five-piece band of stellar composition. For an audience of about maybe fifty?, Birch and her band put on a show with such passion and unity that I couldn’t help but stand, mouth ajar, at their performance. Nobody plays live like that anymore. No light show, no costumes, no frills. I was extremely impressed; she has my vote for concert of the year. I also had the chance to meet her after the show - such a sweetheart!

----- Daniel Lumpp 30.11.10 06:56

Best musical experence: Murder City Devils, 2nd album tour, El Paso in a converted mechanic shop, 1 foot stage, front row. I’d love to be able to expernce that feeling though headphones!

----- tony f 30.11.10 06:50

Bob Dylan just a few weeks ago in Manhattan. Those harmonica solos, at age 69, oh my god.

----- Namwen 30.11.10 06:26

One of my favorite live music experiences was when I saw Metallica a few years ago. I got to hear a lot of their old music and when they played the song One, the pyrotechnics were unbelievable.

----- Chris Wilkinson 30.11.10 06:25

Freshman year college…1989…4 new friends (that are still great friends)…pile into GTI and drive to Philly to see REM. 5th row…great concert.

----- Scott B 30.11.10 06:06

best by far has to be Rodrigo e Gabriella

----- phil 30.11.10 06:02

I saw Silverstein rock out at Ram’s Head! Not only did they give an epic performance, but there was a great vibe coming from the crowd too so everything was just so perfect. Since it was a small venue, they also did an encore!

----- Jasper 30.11.10 05:54

best live experience was seeing Regina Spektor in brooklyn

----- Ostar 30.11.10 05:48

On my way to see Antony and the Johnsons in 2009, I hit a patch of ice in my car and lost control. My car spun twice before hitting a parked car. No one was hurt, but this is not the type of thing that you walk away from easily. I had a front row seat and had been eagerly anticipating the show, so after I handled all of the details I hurried to the show. Completely shaken and one song into the set I arrived only to be told I would not be able to get to the front row because it would disturb the performance. I pleaded my case and eventually was ushered down to my seat. Once I sat down I think the adrenaline and being so close to the arrangement on stage made for one of the most memorable emotional states I have ever experienced at a performance.

----- Nick 30.11.10 05:43

One of my best live music experiences was seeing the misfits at the Diamond Ballroom in OKC, it was my first med venue experience.

----- Xaq Fixx 30.11.10 05:41

The best concert I saw was Sigur Ros. They’re Icelandic, so they don’t speak too much English, but they rocked out, and they rocked out hard.

----- Jgarfink 30.11.10 05:33

My best live music experience was seeing Jason Mraz because I simply adore him.

----- Iris 30.11.10 03:33

My Best Music experience was RAMMSTEIN on the Greenfield Festival last year. Awesome Show!

----- Roman 30.11.10 03:10

Do want!

----- Jordan 30.11.10 02:41

Best music experience would probably have to be the xx; minimalist music at its finest. Not to mention that they have stunning visuals in their live performance. Saw them at the Music Box and Palladium in LA, and they were great each time.

----- Quinn 30.11.10 02:27

My best would be seeing Neil Young live in Kent. He still has it.
Closely followed by a performance by LAU at Cambridge folk festival a few years of go.

----- Aleks James 30.11.10 02:10

My favorite live music performance happened back in college at a free concert (because free is always the best as a broke college kid). My boyfriend then/husband now stood in awe as I pushed my way through to get stuff signed, then I felt admiration when the lead singer of a band asked me about myself and seemed genuinely interested in me as a fan. The experience left an indelible impression on my heart.

----- Hannah 30.11.10 02:06

best live music exp…..so many in the last years but i’m always impressed about moonbootica when they perform live, absolute killer exp!!!

----- kaison 30.11.10 02:04

Best live performance I’ve been to…hands down it is Weezer and Foo Fighters. The other live performances I have been too don’t even come close to the level of awesomeness Weezer and Foo Fighters brought that night!

----- Benjamin D. 30.11.10 01:56

Definitely Yann Tiersen @ Paradiso, Amsterdam.
Brilliant music, nice atmosphere and intimate venue. Love that memory!

----- Jasper Wilbers 30.11.10 01:46

Britney Spears Circus Tour at the Staples Center. I had grown up “Team Christina Aguilera,” but this concert thoroughly made me understand why no words are more synonymous than Britney and diva. It was apparent that she was lip syncing throughout the show, but she KNOWS how to perform. I had stayed up for about forty hours beforehand to finish an architecture project (which may have added to the wow factor), but there is no way someone can leave a Britney concert tired. The excitement lasts for hours after.

----- Julia 30.11.10 01:30

Without silence music would be nothing. It is the silent pauses that define the structure of the beat and time without music gives its embrace renewed value. In between, may the music of life surround you from subtitle to the sublime.

----- George Caruso 30.11.10 01:04

it was some years ago when sigur ros visited riga - great show and unforgettable night. hurray

----- martins 30.11.10 01:03

There’s a up-and-coming band called “The Head And The Heart” based out of Seattle. My friends there had been telling me that hearing them live is a MUST before they become ridiculously famous. They finally came to LA and played a free show in a small bar downtown. They were incredible and to be able to stand 5 feet away and get the whole affect was amazing. What makes it more incredible is that a few weekends before, they opened for Vampire Weekend, and a few weekends after, Dave Matthews went to hear them open for another band. Just makes the concert I went to that much more special knowing that they are already dabbling in such musical genius.

----- Mike 30.11.10 00:44

Rammstein in Paris ! That was just huge ! I saw Muse a couple of times and they were great every single time.
On a other scale, My Chemimal Romance in Paris last month, it was at The Cigale which is a theater, it was really small and packed but it felt cozy and crazy at the same time. And the band just took to whole experience to another level.

----- Sugarbunny 30.11.10 00:27

Roger Waters at the Hollywood Bowl a few years back. The music, the visual, & the crowd were all phenomenal. Still gives me chills thinking about it.

----- Melissa 30.11.10 00:08

Best live music experience, hands down, Radiohead at the Hollywood Bowl.

----- Jin Wong 29.11.10 23:59

One of my favorite live performances was when I was lucky enough to sit up close and personal to one of India Arie’s performances in NYC and for the grand finale, she brought her own mother on stage to sing with her. It was probably one of thee most beautiful things I’ve seen, mother and child with voices just as beautiful as one another. Amazing.

----- Lanciple 29.11.10 23:48

Joanna Newsom and Yeasayer are tied for 1st.
I watched Newsom enthrall the audience for three hours then leave them literally begging to play more and Yeasayer puts on one hell of a light show.

----- Sarah 29.11.10 23:46

Best personal experience with live music would be seeing the Flaming Lips in Seattle, WA. We had arrived a bit early and were hanging out looking for some friends. Finally catch a glimpse of them as the show starts so my brother and I make our way over to the far right of the stage. Just as some sounds start to emit from the speakers a guy in an orange jumpsuit comes into the crowd and asks if we want to be in inflatable costumes… what?! I was a confused but my brother grabbed my by the arm and off we went. Next thing I know, I’m on stage with the Flaming Lips, and I get to be the Catfish Sea Captain for the song Jelly! Definitely made the 10hr drive overnight from Pullman, WA worth it.

----- Shawn 29.11.10 23:44

My improvisation class performing our own a capella concerts. With songs and harmonies we make up as we go.

----- Khanh 29.11.10 23:39

My best live experience was playing contrabassoon for Holst’s “The Planets.” Those few little notes at the end of the Mercury movement are what every contrabassoonist lives for.

----- Jeffery 29.11.10 23:24

The best MUSE, they really are the best LIVE performance band, rock the hell out the arena in Riga.

----- Ervyn 29.11.10 23:22

Best experience had to be going to a sudden show announced one day in advance for my all time favorite local band (and all around favorite) and having their opening act become my second favorite band. When i saw the bill i knew none of the bands on the list but had to go. i managed to get the time off from work and barely got there in time to be totally blown away by the opening act. i pray that the two will do a show together again soon so my mind can melt into a musical coma again.

----- Paul 29.11.10 23:18

Diana Krall at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco!!!

----- Justin R 29.11.10 23:08

One of my best musical experiences was listening to Steve Meckfessel play live at the Secret Garden at the Northwest Hostel in Portland, Oregon. It was an amazing night of music, beer, and new friends from distant shores. Seriously, if you ever travel, find a nice hostel to stay at, it is an experience to treasure.

----- Tom 29.11.10 23:05

My best live music experience would have to go to either the Matt & Kim Concert or the K’naan concert I have gone to. The Matt & Kim concert just had incredible energy on that night, they had the whole concert venue jumping up and down and dancing and was just an incredible experience. The K’naan concert was just a wonderful experience to see this passionate artist upon the stage spitting his story to all of the listening ears and to see everything that he had gone through and where he was now. Both wonderful concerts!

----- Ben Mouch 29.11.10 23:05

Jack’s Mannequin concert in the middle of nowhere. Awesome.

----- james 29.11.10 23:03

Cold War Kids at the Silverlake lounge… it was dark and small and intimate, and great for music fans

----- Michelle 29.11.10 22:58

Seeing Nas and Damian Marley at Stubb’s in Austin was synesthetic. I could really feel the music traveling through my body and see the emotions of the performers as they gave their all. This is how music is supposed to be experienced!

----- james Lewis 29.11.10 22:57

BEST SHOW EVER. Passion Pit at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland. With a huge group of friends all singing along. It was a religious experience.

----- Mark 29.11.10 22:41

My best live music experience has to be Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. The amount of talent and authenticity in that bunch is unreal. I could listen to any of them on their own for hours.


----- Aaron 29.11.10 22:27

I would have to say my greatest was listening to my grandpa play the fiddle. Most of the time growing up he would just pull the violin out when family get-togethers were slow. However, I remember one time around the age of 11 or 12 when he played furiously for hours. It was incredible to see him play the same song over and have him change the tempo and flow just enough so that you could barely recognize it from the previous time. I later also learned this was the only memory of my grandfather when he was inebriated, so go figure.

----- Ryan 29.11.10 22:09

erasure at irving plaza/nyc even though it was standing crowd only. everyone was dancing and singing and by the end of the night, your neighbors beame instant friends—it was AWESOME!

----- Kim 29.11.10 21:49

Best live music experience I’ve ever had was at a NYC Subway Station at 59th Street - Columbus Circle. There was an elderly man with a beard jamming on a yellow Fender Telecaster and playing some jazz. It was great! I dropped a 5 dollar bill into the guitar case, which is a world of money to me since I’m a broke college student.

----- Darrell 29.11.10 21:46

It was over 20 years ago (I’m really not that old) in Chicago I saw The Blue Nile - the experience was a landscape of vividness. They have never toured here since.

----- Todd 29.11.10 21:46

I think one of my favorites has to be from earlier this year seeing mumford and sons at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland. It was the ultimate combination of venue & artist.

----- Josh W 29.11.10 21:40

it’s a tough call, but I think the best experience I had was when I saw Peaches about four years ago. most of my favorite bands are low-key, so seeing them in a crowded venue with a bunch of other people isn’t in the spirit of the music, but for Peaches it was perfect. it was like a giant, sweaty dance party. everyone was just out to have a good time and dance, no pretentions and no shame. runner up would be when I saw the Decemberists a few years ago with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. they played all of The Crane Wife as well as some of their older stuff and, after hearing that album with a full orchestra, other live versions have just never quite held up.

----- Allie 29.11.10 21:38

Wow…I have so many great live music memories, so it’s hard to pick just one! Seeing Lush during their last US tour at the Trocadero in Philadelphia and drinking with them at McGlinchey’s afterwards will always be up there :)

----- Robert 29.11.10 21:25

It’s gotta be A State of Trance 400 with Armin Van Buuren. Fireworks and lightshow all on the dancefloor.

----- Alain 29.11.10 21:24

my best live music experience was Brooke Fraser in 2008 in Vancouver. She was amazing! -tys

----- tyson faa 29.11.10 21:22

This summer I saw Grizzly Bear/Phoenix at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a great show at a fantastic venue.

----- Christina 29.11.10 21:17

Perhaps my best live music experience was U2 concert with Muse opening with me arms length away from the stage.

----- Roger Penguino 29.11.10 21:13

My best live music experience was when visiting Prague a few summers ago. My family and I stumbled upon an outdoor concert in Old Town Square. There were food and drink stands lining the square, and there were tons of people around listening to The Tap Tap. We had never heard of them and could not understand the language, but they were good and the festive atmosphere was so much fun!

----- Megan 29.11.10 21:04

My uncle singing karaoke. Not the technically the best vocalist, but undoutedly the best performer.

----- Kat 29.11.10 21:04

My favorite live concert experience was seeing RATATAT the day after I had my appendix removed!
I arrived at the show VERY heavily *medicated* and danced the whole time, despite the fact that I had emergency appendix surgery the night before. I begged the doctors to let me go home and rest, but I went straight to see RATATAT at Terminal 5 in NYC. Ill never forget, as soon as the show started, the crowd started jumping and moving - and I got elbowed right where my scar was! It took a while to heal, but It was WORTH IT!!!!!

----- BRIAN S. FROM BROOKLYN!!! 29.11.10 20:57

I saw U2 play last week in Auckland, NZ, right after it was announced that 29 miners had died on New Zealand’s west coast. Bono said about grief “In Ireland, we sing.” and dedicated the song ‘One Tree Hill’ to their memory, complete with the miners names listed on the screen of the 360degree stage. It was the most moving song I’v ever heard live.

----- William 29.11.10 20:53

My most memorable experience was my first. I was 14 and saw Saves the Day in New York. I was in the front and it was so densely packed that I was often lifted off my feet by the crowd.

----- Nat G 29.11.10 20:46

Best live music experience was at BAMBOOZLE in NJ!
I finally had the wrath of working to see my fav artists, and I also dealt with losing my camera, after being caught in a moshpit by hyper Ke$ha Fans.
Such a fabulous hot and sunny May Day!

----- Sara 29.11.10 20:44

My best live music experience has to be Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. The amount of talent and authenticity in that bunch is unreal. I could listen to any of them on their own for hours.


----- Aaron 29.11.10 20:43

i don’t know about best but armin van buuren live is definitely one of the most memorable

----- Kye 29.11.10 20:41

I saw Arcade Fire at the Judson Memorial Church in NYC in Feb 2007. It was right before Neon Bible was released, and turned out to be their last major gig at a small venue. It was so cold, and we were standing outside for hours, but when we finally got in, we were right in front of the stage. I’ve seen a lot of live music, but to be up close as Win, Regine & company played in an actual church was, indeed, a religious experience.

2007 turned out to be quite a year of live music for me. By the summer, not even crutches and a busted kneecap could keep me away from Chicago for Lollapalooza. But the Judson Church will be my favorite for a long time to come.

----- Shelby 29.11.10 20:39

My best live experience: Live and Loud 7.

----- jay P 29.11.10 20:33

P-Funk live was a non stop booty shakin party.

----- Kat 29.11.10 20:32

tool live in alabama at the oak mountain amphitheater. sounded like aliens were landing. o.O

----- Rachel Hendrix 29.11.10 20:29

Best concert experience I ever had was Daft Punk at Lollapalooza. The music, stage, lighting and crowd was perfect.

----- Paul 29.11.10 20:29

best experience has to be seeing st vincent in a small venue. amazing songs + intimacy.

----- jennifer 29.11.10 20:12

Definitely my first concert ever. He was simply the pianoman. I was a tiny dancer at the ripe old age of 7. I did the crocodile rock while this rocketman sang about his brother Daniel. I know I could feel the love that night as Bennie and the Jets poured their hearts out while the sun went down on all of us. As I walked out of the auditorium, gazing at my glowing neon candle in the wind… I realized someone saved my life tonight.

----- Shera 29.11.10 20:06

We were at a Godsmack concert where Drowning Pool was also playing. All afternoon we had been waiting for this band and the headliner Godsmack of course. Then right as drowning pool starts to blow the freaking speakers up with Let the bodies hit the floor it starts pouring rain right in the middle of it all. Everyone rocks out with an awesome song rain pouring…best part of the concert that night.

----- Anna 29.11.10 19:56

I love these monitors. I had a set about 2 years ago and they were confiscated by the airport on my way home from Australia. F CUSTOMS!!!

----- Jose 29.11.10 19:55

Radiohead. Lollapalooza. Fireworks over the lake.

----- Spencer 29.11.10 19:45

Saw Slash the other day rocking a Godfather guitar solo. Rad

----- Ryan 29.11.10 19:42

The most recent and best live show was the Life is Good Fest in Canton. OK GO performed “What to do” on handbells. It was beyond epic. Also, the lead, Damian Kulash Jr came out and performed “Last Leaf” out in the crowd with us. Someone nearby caught this footage, amazing.


----- Sean Matthew Leary 29.11.10 19:40

My favorite live music experience isn’t about the band I was seeing at all. It was summer 2009, I had finished college and was going to the first annual Virgin Mobile Free Fest at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. The line up included Taking Back Sunday, Weezer, The Bravery, Jet, Franz Ferdinand, Girl Talk, Public Enemy, and the reunion of Blink 182. Probably a once in a lifetime line up of music across 2 stages, in a sea of over 500,000 people.

But it wasn’t the music on stage or the music at all that made this my best live music experience. As I sat on the hill during a set changeover, I flipped through the program to read about the history of the Merriweather Pavilion. I discovered that not only was it designed and built by one of my favorite architects, Frank Gehry, that exactly 18 years before my birthday on May 25th, my mom was sitting on this same hill watching The Who and Led Zeppelin perform. I was in awe at that moment that my mom and I were at the same place, watching our favorite bands at the same age.

I lost my mom to cancer in January of this year, and now any time I go to a show at the Merriweather, I sit on the hill and think of her and the concerts we shared both together and years apart.

----- Amy Willard 29.11.10 19:26

Definitly a Brad Paisley/Darius Rucker Tour. It was called H20 World Tour and the name couldn’t have been more fitting. It rained halfway through the show and it only made the experience better. Brad sang some favorites and Darius played some Hootie and the Blowfish songs that really took me back. Great time!

----- Matthew Scher 29.11.10 19:22

I have seen some amazing concerts over the years, but perhaps my most memorable was back in Melbourne, Australia. I got to see the Beastie Boys play an all ages show for the Check Your Head tour. Possibly no more than 200 kids in a 1000+ capacity club. Unbelievable energy and they gave one the best shows ever!

----- Ben K-B 29.11.10 19:11

me and a few friends + a basement full of instruments + a year of spare time =

hands down the best musical experience.

----- casey 29.11.10 19:00

Went back to my college football stadium and had floor seats for a Muse concert and it was amazing.

----- Jen 29.11.10 18:57

My best live performance was Lupe Fiasco’s 2008 Chicago halloween show. Limited tickets were sold making it a small up close and personal show. The sound was dope and of course Lupe really knows how to work the stage. He played a great set and he even made that show part of some documentary they were filming. Kanye’s glow in the dark tour could of topped it, but he couldn’t compete with Lupe’s up-close & personal show!

----- Santos 29.11.10 18:56

My favorite music experience was seeing the Afghan Whigs play their hearts out to 20 people (there was a blizzard, so most stayed home).

----- Colby 29.11.10 18:52

My best music experience was seeing Florence and The Machine live in Berlin - stelar performance, amazing show, true artist.

----- assya 29.11.10 18:48

Joanna Newsom at Sixth and I synagogue in DC. Gorgeous venue with great acoustics and an absolutely incredible performance by the band.

----- Jason 29.11.10 18:45

I’ve been hearing good things about the Ultimate Ears ever since Leo Laporte first mentioned them on TWiT. I would love to win a pair.

----- Ivan Kowalenko 29.11.10 18:41

I’ve been blessed to see many outstanding live music performances - but seeing Zooey Deschanel sing I put a spell on you…chills.

----- Diana Roberts 29.11.10 18:25

So by far every show I have seen at the Twilight Concert Series in the Gallivan Center Down Town Salt Lake City has been amazing. In 2010 they moved it to Pioneer park in Salt Lake City for a remodel of the Gallivan Center. ( Boo! ) But it should be back at Gallivan in 2011. But If I had to pick the best and most memorable time it would have been the Black Keys. Small venue great crowd and Free. Can’t get better then that. Her is a link to a page I found a picture from that night it should be the second article down give it a look see. http://tomsheaart.com/page/16/?s In 2010 had the sound at the Twilight Concert series been better at Pioneer Park then the Modest Mouse show would have been a good 2end place for me.
If you are ever in the Salt Lake City Area in July August I think checking out the Twilight Concert Series is a must.

----- Cassidy Rapier 29.11.10 18:20

My very favorite live show was the first show I attended with my now fiance—a Metric concert in New Orleans just after Thanksgiving a year ago. I think he is still surprised at the amount of wiggling I can do in a very small space. :)

----- Amy W. 29.11.10 18:19

the best live music experience ive had was seeing coldplay a few years ago they had an accoustic song and played right nest to me and my wife out of all the places to play in the entire stadium they played by us! it was incredible best live performance ever!!!!!

----- levi montez 29.11.10 18:19

I’ve been to a total one one concert. It was loud and disturbing. I’d much rather listen to music on my iPod and enjoy it — hear each word and line of lyrics. Too bad, I’m just using these lame iPod earbuds, practically ripping.

----- Ray 29.11.10 18:18

My very first live concert as a teen, Depeche Mode + Nitzer Ebb!

----- becky 29.11.10 18:15

Tough choice, but probably seeing Plant and Page playing Led Zep songs together is the most memorable.

----- Michael 29.11.10 18:09

Best live music experience: Trans Siberian Orchestra

----- Caitlin 29.11.10 18:08

It was the first week I’d been living in NYC and scored a ticket to see Bjork. It was her, her full wardrobe, the new york philharmonic, and the Icelandic choirs. It was a great way to start of my NYC stay, as a starving artist.

----- taciturnforsale 29.11.10 18:06

My first time seeing Sleater-Kinney at the highlands in Hollywood. I had listened for years and when the curtains opened and the opening riff of dig me out came on.. wow. It was awesome.

----- aldo 29.11.10 18:04

A few years ago two friends of a friend put up a small show where they played flamenco on guitars. It was fantastic—a quiet, small audience, and such close proximity to the musicians that you could hear they fingers sliding on their strings.
I haven’t seen many of my favorite artists live but even they would have a hard time matching the intimacy of such a performance.

----- Hadi Jalali 29.11.10 17:57

WILCO, Solid Sound Festival at Mass MoCA. Unbelievable.

----- April 29.11.10 17:55

The best music experience I had was seeing City and Colour and William Elliot Whitmore at the Bowery. During Whitmore’s set Dallas and his band came out and played One Man’s Shame.

----- Max 29.11.10 17:50

I recently moved and have not been able to see as many live shows as I want due to financial reasons, even though there is a huge music scene here! Anyway, I use my UE SuperFi 5vi’s for nearly 8 hours a day at my desk job, in an effort to try and relive all of my incredible past experiences and can only imagine how much better a set of Customs would make the day. Please pick me and help me maintain my sanity until I can see another live show!

----- Steven Millar 29.11.10 17:47

The best live music performance I’ve seen was by Switchfoot! Jon Foreman was running through the audience while singing the song!!

----- Dan Yoon 29.11.10 17:40

I had a great live music experience when I saw Gogol Bordello at Webster Hall. I never really listened to their music before I went but both of my brothers were going so I thought “Why not?”. I followed them into the mosh pit and was scared half to death but the atmosphere was so lively that the floor was actually bouncing up and down like a trampoline. It was pretty awesome and not something that I will easily forget.

----- Emily Kerns 29.11.10 17:39

I haven’t been to a lot of concerts, but they’ve all been fantastic. This was my most memorable was this:

I was in highschool and Coldplay was finally coming down to South Florida (no one ever goes that far south) so my friends and I bought some tickets. We couldn’t afford great seats, so we ended up in the nosebleed section. We had been anticipating the concert for months, got there hours early, and were so disappointed to see how far away we were. A man approached us and asked us to follow him. We thought we were in trouble.

He says “Alright let me see your tickets.” We handed them to him. “Okay, so these tickets? They’re pretty terrible. You can’t see much. You’re in high school right? Have your teachers ever had you play the trust game before? You close your eyes, fall back and someone is supposed to catch you. Well we’re going to play a little game of trust, but you don’t have to fall backwards. I want you to hold out your hands and close your eyes. No peeking. I’ll tell you when to open them… alright. Open your eyes.”

In our hands there were brand new tickets. “You’ve been upgraded to the floor. Those are good tickets. Courtesy of Coldplay.” Not only were they floor tickets, but they were front row floor tickets. Each one of them was worth over a thousand dollars. The show was great and it was an experience that will probably never happen again in my life.

----- Allison 29.11.10 17:36

When I was unemployeed, I had a great friend by the name of Wade that not only let me stay at his place for free until I got a job and got back on my feet, but even took me to see my first Jimmy Buffett concert in Chicago. The tail gating and partying was a blast.

He’s always wanted a pair of custom head phones and I’d love to be able to give these to him as a small token of thanks for the kindness and generosity he’s given me.

----- Brian 29.11.10 17:36


----- pravin 29.11.10 17:34

The BEST? That’s hard! Just got back from a drum concert here in Buenos Aires, great mix of beats! hmm…best…great memories of Cat Power and Radiohead in Atlanta…

----- Bethany 29.11.10 17:29

Last summer, I went to a small local concert at the Griggstown Pavilion in Princeton, NJ. My boyfriend’s band was playing there, and I was only there for them. However, the venue, atmosphere, and music that night were all beyond any of my expectations. To begin with, the building itself was open-air with large shutters that weren’t attached to windows, essentially creating huge holes of outdoors within the small space. I arrived before sundown, and the woods around Princeton were beautiful and sunlit as always. There was an abandoned set of playground equipment behind the barn, and a creaky house straight from a fairytale stood off in the distance. His band played first, and the folksy, mythical music combined with the woods and summer and happiness made for a concert better than I had ever heard. There were subtle charms around the venue, like hand drawn pin-ups of typical Swedish girls encircling the audience. The next act was an Ingrid Michaelson sort of girl, another style I enjoy immensely. As her set drew to a close, it was nearly dark, and christmas lights provided the only illumination. Summertime christmas lights are magical. Two brothers with amazing percussion played another set, and I remember sitting on the lawn, just outside the building and drinking in summer. All the music was beautiful regardless of its sound, making it more wonderful than anything I’d ever seen.

----- Jess 29.11.10 17:28

there was a Jazz combo at Wayne State University that played the most twisted rendition of “caravan”. I’ve looked for years and I still can’t track down a recording.
but I’m still looking :-)

----- RJ 29.11.10 17:27

I’ve seen a lot of great bands, but my favorite live music experiences are actually tied to a venue, the Garage in Charlottesville, VA. It’s a single car garage across the street from a park. Bands play in the garage, the interior usually decorated with the works of a local artist, and people sit across the street on the hill to listen. There are couches in the parking spaces immediately outside the garage for those who want to be closer to the music, and cars drive through the middle of everything somewhat regularly, very confused. It’s a blast.

----- Jeremy 29.11.10 17:22

My best live music experience was a concert titled “Clean Air Concert” that was put together by Randy Bachman, and featured Tahl Bachman, Randy Bachman, Neil Young and the Barenaked Ladies. It seemed an odd assortment at first, but the music was incredible! To see so many legends play in concert was amazing!

----- Danny G 29.11.10 17:22

I just saw Bonobo in Austin, TX. The concert was amazing! I’ve never actually felt the music like that at any concert before.

----- Payton 29.11.10 17:21

EDC 2010. 200,000 in attendance.

----- Kelvin 29.11.10 17:18

Metro Chicago - Hanging out backstage where legends have played, drank, and who knows what else. Seeing Kurt Cobain’s autograph from the night he stole Courtney away from Billy (Corgan).

----- Aaron 29.11.10 17:10

I want those ear buds!

----- BJ 29.11.10 17:09

In 2004 I attended my first concert held by my favorite radio station. It was called HFStival having built quite the reputation since 1990 I was curious to see how this. I soon found out that it wasn’t just a concert, but a MASSIVE MUSICAL BLOWOUT. I was lucky enough to see the likes of Papa Roach, New Found Glory, The Living End, Modest Mouse, The cure, The Offspring, Cypress Hill, POD, OAR, and mother f’n Jay-Z to name a few. Being in high school at the time I listened to just about anything, so it was the perfect blend of music for me and some 80,000 friends that shared the same musical taste. I moshed, I jumped, I crowd surfed, I lost my favorite hat, saw some boobage, I was even able to hang out next to the stage and got autographs from Dexter Holland of the Offspring, Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, and two members of POD. It was an experience that I looked forward to having every year for many years to come.

Early 2005 on the way home from school I found out the radio station had switched to a full time latin channel midday without prior notice to DJs and fans. Crushed, I was certain WHFS was gone for good and there would be no more epic festivals. But the switch sparked a wave of outrage and support, protest, and an online petition that gained thousands of signatures in a matter of hours. The story began to gain national recognition and the corporate owners managed to resurrect the station in Baltimore. I was not able to receive the station but I got word there would be an HFStival once again.

HFStival 2005. Sum 41, Good Charlotte, They Might Be Giants, Social Distortion, Interpol, Echo & The Bunnymen, Cold Play, Foo Fighters, and BILLY F’N IDOL (to name a few). The festival and the station were back. DJs came out constantly between performances and thanked the die hard fans for the huge support and giving them a new home. What a show it was. Ten times better than before. It was like seeing a loved one after thinking you would never see them again. Truly Magic.

Most memorable moment: Bam Margera and Don Vito come out to introduce Billy Idol and have mic problems. Looking at the jumbotron for a better view of what’s happening, Bam flags Vito and exposes his ass to 70,00 people. It was horrifyingly awesome.

Long live HFStival!

----- Chris 29.11.10 17:03

So many choices! Iggy Pop at the Black Cat. Tom Waits at the Brady Theater. Flaming Lips in Detroit. Lucinda Williams, Elvis Costello, Wilco, N.E.R.D. & so many more at the best venue, The Cain’s Ballroom!

Thanks for the giveaway!

----- April Brooks 29.11.10 17:02

my best live music performance was Rage Against the Machine at the Hollywood Palladium on july 23rd over the summer. I cant even describe how much energy was in the performance and the room. it was an experience i will remember till the end of time.

----- Dhruv Patel 29.11.10 16:58

I want these bad boys…

----- ethan 29.11.10 16:56

Caught Kanye West’s performance for the Glow in the Dark tour at the United Center (Chicago) a few years back. Rihanna & N.E.R.D plus Kanye singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” was well worth the money!

----- Robert Zeman 29.11.10 16:50

My best experience is seein Flogging Molly live on New Years Eve!

----- Jeremy 29.11.10 16:50

my best live music experience was watching arcade fire at acl in austin,tx. I’ve gone to acl every year since then.

----- taylor 29.11.10 16:40

I had just found out about Trampled By Turtles from a friend of mine and found out they would be playing locally (Ann Arbor MI) in about a week. I almost missed the tickets, but my friends and I got some at the last minute. We showed up an hour before doors and were right at the front, 3 feet from the band. I had only ever heard one of their songs, since I had just found put about them and decided to just wait for the show to hear them all live. It was a hundred times better than I ever could have imagined (just compare their live to studio on YouTube). In addition to their own awesome work, they played the best cover of “Where is my Mind” that I have ever heard and did an AWESOME five minute improvisation when the guitarist had to change his string since he went through all of his backup guitars. After the show, I asked for the set list, got it, and got signatures on it from the whole band in addition to talking to and shaking hands with all five guys. Best. night. ever.

----- Ian 29.11.10 16:37

My favourite show was when I saw Beirut play in Ottawa at Zaphods. The bar is really small and it was packed, but that didn’t stop Zach Condon from wandering through the crowd as he sang. Other band members got people from the audience to drum for them and then someone bought the band a pitcher, which Zach offered to people in the audience (so yeah, he gave me beer). The music was excellent and the band was just breaking through and had really high energy. Also, I got free beer. Best. Show. Ever.

----- Ryan 29.11.10 16:28

The best musical experience I’ve ever had was sitting in the back of a small recording studio in the hills outside Bloomington, Indiana. Surrounded by some of the most amazing people (and, for that matter, folk musicians) I watched my baby sister cut her first album. Watching the skinny kid I had played dress up with as a little girl in the sound bppth, turning the lyrics she wrote and the melodies she created into full, beautiful and phenomenally soulful songs was almost heartbreaking, but not quite. She had grown up, sure (and that always wrenches a big sister’s heartstrings) but the young woman she had become was beyond my wildest dreams.

----- maiajane 29.11.10 16:27

The best live show I’ve been to has to be Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 tour. I saw them in Los Angeles. Ratatat and I believe Sebastian opened for them. The light show was amazing and the music glorious! Every time I hear the live album I wish I can see the venue light up with a rainbow of color to the track “Around The World / Harder Better Faster Stronger”.

----- Anthony Flored 29.11.10 16:25

I saw OneRepublic this year!!! So freaking amazing! They are just as good live as they are in the studio! I would love to be able to listen to them on my iphone with these amazing headphones! Thanks :)

----- Derek 29.11.10 16:23

Hearing Spoon play while I was right up front next to the stage in the rain. :)

----- Tooky 29.11.10 16:22

I saw Metric at the Kool Haus for the first time 4 years ago. I had been a big fan for a long time. Getting to see my favourite band at such an intimate venue was amazing. Being so close that you can interact with the band is one of the best feelings ever. Music is my passion.

----- Huck 29.11.10 16:22

Best live music experience would have to be Maps and Atlases in San Francisco this past summer or Sufjan Stevens in Berkeley right after Illinoise came out

----- Jeremy B 29.11.10 16:22

Tommy Emmanuel at the Brit Festival in Jacksonville, OR last year. Fourth row, center stage seats, which is a bit like being twenty feet from a nuclear power plant going into meltdown. I was blown away by his talent and energy.

----- Steven 29.11.10 16:18

I’d love to win this.

----- Gaetan 29.11.10 16:16

Jamie culum’s delightful cover of singin’ in the rain and umbrella in a little cafe is San Fran; I have a image of Rihana and I dancing

----- charlesd0 29.11.10 16:16

The best concert I ever attended was in August of 2009. It was for the Avett Brothers and it was supposed to be the Album release concert. It turned out that the CD wasnt ready but instead of that they gave the best performance I have ever been too. As a college student I make a point to go to a lot of different shows but this one was above them all. They were so passionate because it was a homecoming show for them and they felt like they let us down not releasing the CD. It was incredible. It turned out that they also recorded their next live album at the show so that might have had a lot to do with it too, but you could really feel that they were putting their hearts into it. I recently bought the album and it really brings me back to that show when I listen to it.

----- Tyler 29.11.10 16:13

R.E.M. in the pouring rain at Jones Beach, lightning stalled the concert but they played despite the downpour!

----- Emma 29.11.10 16:10

My best memory of an experience would have to be the free show I saw while I was at Great America one year. It was some local rapper, who, in an effort to be supporting of, I screamed at with all my might. The gentlemen in front of me were understanding, but cleaning out their ears for the next ten minutes.

----- Gideon 29.11.10 16:00

Tough choice…any of the 3 mindless self indulgence concerts are right up there…linkin park three times…2000 and 2001 edgefest in the rain…aerosmith and steve tyler falling off stage in T.O. …but i’d have to go with attack in black and cancer bats opening for my two favourite bands Every Time I Die and Alexisonfire playing a 5 star conference center in ottawa..fully carpeted, fancy chandeliers..and a big circle pit….the free tickets were a bonus

----- Maisan 29.11.10 15:53

Rats were running along the subway tracks, grease and oil where dripping down the walls from the street above. At this hour, homeless were no longer begging, but sleeping along the walls. The weak fluorescent lighting seemed to only bring out the ugliest features of the subway. Three drably dressed people carrying a guitar, cello and a flute began to set up along the wall. They began playing as the subway cars were passing through, as the train disappeared noise transitioned to music that filled the station wall to wall. I think the guitarist, who was also the vocalist could see the impact that she was having on me, and she put everything she had into this one song. The subway had transformed from one of the ugliest places I’ve seen, to one of the most beautiful. The next train was mine, and as it came it once again brought the noise. The music disappeared into the chaos as it began. It was a song i’d never really cared for; it is now one of my favorites only because it reminds me of that night.

----- Ben Horton 29.11.10 15:53

My best music experience has to be between the first Ipod I got, being amazed by how you move by turning around the clickwheel, and the Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival. It was a legendary lineup (Incubus, Atmosphere, Living Legends, Deadmau5, and so many others) and the best concert I’ve been to so far hands down!

----- Ariel 29.11.10 15:51

The best concert experience was at the end of a Roots concert. ?uestlove would sign and throw drum sticks into the crowd. Being the legendary drummer and music composer that he his, these sticks are highly sought after. So much that the patrons that stayed behind to acquire one of these drumsticks, were fighting each other like ravenous hounds.

I was just enjoying watching the frenzy, until ?uest threw a stick my way. Being a former high school athlete, I jumped into the air and grabbed the stick, but once I came down there were 4 girls waiting to take my coveted prize. I found myself not hitting on these women, but fighting them off one by one for my prize.

Finally, there was just me and this woman. Locked in a test of wills. Wondering who will give up first. In the 8 minute struggle, which seemed liked 30, i got the idea to wedge my thumb underneath her hand in hope to pry her hand off the drumstick. And it worked!!! I took the prize that was mine. And to my surprise this woman worked at the college i was going to. I saw her about 2 months later and I was glad that she forgotten my face. 4 years later, I still have the ?uestlove stick in my possession.

----- Clove_art 29.11.10 15:49

The best live music experience I have ever had is a real toss up. The first time I saw Bon Iver at Bonnaroo was an unforgettable experience. The crowd was so engaged and the performance was so emotional and real. A close second but very different experience was my first Pretty Lights show at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Nighttime + rain + great lights + killer mix of new and old beats = awe-inspiring set.

----- Jared 29.11.10 15:43

hands down its Daft Punk 2007 tour with the giant pyramid at COney Island in NYC. Such an amazing show! Danced my face off!

----- devin 29.11.10 15:36

My best live music experience was during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics when Deadmau5 had a free concert. It was the first concert I ever went to and I was amazed at how I was up at the front of the stage and crowd surfing for the first time. What a way to start off my first concert experience!

----- Edward Wong 29.11.10 15:34

Best live performance to date has to been when I saw The Temper Trap play at Nokia live last month. They blew my mind, but Delphic is also one amazing band who played right before them. So if you ever get a chance, go check them out live, you’ll love it!!

----- Rico Larroque 29.11.10 15:29

Best experience ever would have to be Nine Inch Nails during the Wave Goodbye tour in Hollywood. They were scheduled to play September 3rd 2009, but trent got sick after the first show so it was rescheduled to September 8th. The first time around i was the 2nd person in line, the second time around i believe i was the 10th person in line. All together I believe i waited about 36hrs in line in the streets of Hollywood just to see them, I already had my tickets purchased, I was just standing in line to ensure i would have a spot at the front. I ended up meeting and making a few new friends after this entire experience, plus I ended up getting my spot at the front rail in front of the basest. It was Truly the Best Experience ever.

----- Andy M 29.11.10 15:26

One of my favorite live music experiences was The Decemberists promoting The Hazards of Love in Lexington, KY. Colin Meloy hopped off stage and sat down about 4 rows right in front of me to sing a song, it was incredible. (They also covered ‘Crazy On You’ by Heart and it was an awesome rendition.)

----- Lelia 29.11.10 15:25

For a field trip in 7th grade we went to wild adventures and the day we went reliant k happened to be having a concert. Best field trip/concert ever

----- Cortney Martin 29.11.10 15:16

My best live music experience happens to also be my first live music experience.
My college town is fairly small, so it’s not often that music groups will come through and play a show… But I was in luck! Submersed (a favorite of mine) and Fuel were playing a show at a local bar.
My brother-in-law and I managed to stand front and center, we got Submersed’s set list and a drum pick (each signed by all members), and we got to meet and greet with the bands afterward.
Regretfully, it was one of Submersed’s last performances before they broke up… So I count my lucky stars that I got to see them perform live (and it was epic).

----- Mikaela 29.11.10 15:11

I would have to say my best music experience thus far would have to be crowd surfing across thousands of people while on some o so special brownies when Matisyahu played Lollapalooza.

----- Michael 29.11.10 15:08

Ive been to many concerts, indie, grunge, rock and Im not ashamed to say that Lady Gaga concert was the most exciting live music experience Ive been too. Not only was her voice amazing live, but the special effects blew me away! I may only be game to sing along to her songs alone in the safety of my car but I will deffinately be going to one of her shows again!

----- Jessica 29.11.10 15:05

Has to be that time my friend broke out his guitar on a Oaxacan beach and started playing songs for the natives! Definitely reactions to remember.

----- Sean 29.11.10 15:05

I haven’t been to many concerts, but my stand-out experience would have to be a free Major Lazer show I went to in Santa Barbara earlier this fall. I’m currently in San Luis Obispo, and my friends and I had heard about the concert about a month earlier. We had talked about it and said how cool it would be considering what obsessive Major Lazer fans we are, but we didn’t really take the proposal seriously.
On the day of the concert, it was a boring day with nothing happening, when someone said: “You guys want to go?” We all said yes instantly. And that was it. The five of us got in the car and left without telling anyone we were leaving.
We were all pretty excited by the spontaneity of it, so I guess thats why we listened to Will Smith’s “Gettin Jiggy With It” on repeat the entire way there (and back). Call it dumb, but we were stoked.
When we got there, we were kind of late and one of my friends was so excited that he made us run. Good thing too as we made it just in time.
We screamed along with every song and danced without a care. We went ballistic at the mix of “Pon De Floor” and “Warp 1.9”. By the end we were soaked and exhausted. Parties were of no interest. Diplo and Skerrit Bwoy had made our Fall. We were satisfied.
Getting back home, people asked us where we had been and how the concert was. We replied only with grins and longing looks. Unforgettable experience with great music and great friends.

----- Will Michul 29.11.10 15:05

N.E.R.D two years ago at Diesel in Pittsburgh. They played old songs and songs from their (then) upcoming album. Such and exciting show.

----- Hao 29.11.10 15:03

Seeing Faith No More at Sound Wave in Melbourne this year was mind blowing. Mike Patton is an absolute God. He was singing some Crowded House, then beat boxing through Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and then screaming his lungs out through Cuckoo for Caca.

25,000 people were singing Epic!

And the whole thing was on chat roulette, and at one point there was a 5 year old kid rocking out with his dad in their living room to Diggin the Grave!!!

----- Aidan 29.11.10 14:55

the black keys in NYC this summer! was absolutely amazing.

----- MR. HAYNES 29.11.10 14:53

My best live music experience would have to be Radiohead’s secret concert in London, in a private club

----- nolita*wanders 29.11.10 14:51

I went to a Casandra Wilson show at the Warfield in San Francisco. The lights went down right before the show started and a low colored light back lit the instruments so that all you could see were vague silhouettes. Then, before I could make out any musicians, I felt the sound of an upright bass in my chest. It was so strong and deep that I felt like it was going to take over my own heart beat. It did not expect this; it was almost like you had to submit to the music. Even before I heard Casandra sing a note they had my attention and proceeded to keep it. Casandra keeps good company - from musicians to sound engineers.

----- Danielle 29.11.10 14:47

I want one. Those look sick.

----- contempt 29.11.10 14:47

My best live music experience would be a toss-up between seeing The Pixies reunited at Coachella with 100,000+ of my closest friends (followed onstage by Radiohead) and watching Willie Nelson sing “Rainbow Connection” at a tiny music festival in my hometown.

----- Lori Hale 29.11.10 14:36

DEMF straight through Mutek. 10days of North American techno, year after year.

----- Thomas Schreiber 29.11.10 14:33

Living in North Dakota I don’t get too many chances to see big name live music. But my most memorable experience was November of 2008 when a car load of friends and I drove 200 miles one way to get to St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN where Cloud Cult was playing a free show that night. The venue was intimate, the music was fantastic, their on stage artists were painting up a frenzy of color and there was an electricity in the air, it was invigorating. I couldn’t have asked for a better night or friends to go with, it didn’t even matter that we got home at 4 am.

p.s. I’m so glad that someone else mentioned them too!! If there were ever a regional band that should make it big, it’s them. Plus the work they are doing with their record label (Earthology Records) incredible!

----- Alison 29.11.10 14:33

Garth Brook Kansas City before he announced the whole Vegas thing, electric!

----- Jeff 29.11.10 14:30

My favorite live performance was probably The Knife at Webster Hall in NYC about 4 years ago. It was only their 3rd live performance ever, but it was 100% amazing. There was an opaque screen in front of the duo for the entire show that had projected visuals to go along to their songs. It was totally mesmerizing!

----- George McMonigle 29.11.10 14:27

I was in town for Ed Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in Tucson, Arizona, at the Rialto theatre. The Rialto is a reasonably small venue, maybe about three hundred people were in attendance, but tonight there was a packed house and it was standing room only all the way to the door.

I’d arrived an hour or so before the doors opened and my friends and I secured a spot, front row center. The opening band; He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister came on and immediately garnered the audience’s full attention and soon had captured our hearts. They’re a four piece band, with a singer, guitar player, cellist, and tap dancer as their percussion section. The atmosphere was intimate even though the audience was sizable, and we were all saddened as they left the stage.

Ed Sharpe came on soon after, and the intimacy grew stronger, with a feel the love, hippie sort of sound, the crowd pressed in behind us to get as close as they could. Ed Sharpe’s lead singer sat on the edge of the stage nearly the entire concert, and only got up to dance around, and let the music take him away. Near the end of their set, he jumped down off the stage to stand with us in the audience, and played a couple songs with us there.

After ending their set, The Magnetic Zeros left the stage, and only came back out after about ten minutes of explosive cheering. Their singer again took to the audience, and beckoned us to sit in a circle around him. By this time my camera battery had died, but with all the electricity in that room it felt like it could have charged itself just being there.

As we left the Rialto nearly everyone was smiling, introducing themselves to those around them, and generally spreading the love. We were all in high spirits. It had been a sublime evening.

----- Danny 29.11.10 14:23

My best live music experience was seeing Infected Mushroom live at the Fox. Those guys know how to work a crowd like no other: their lead singer ends up basically choreographing everyones movements while the music amps up. Crazy fun.

----- Zac Clark 29.11.10 14:22

coming from and artist that makes custom items i would love these. i make ceramic pieces and in my studio i listen to music non stop and these would really help with the constant ear aches that i get from the ear buds that don’t particularly fit well.
hope you are having a wonderful week
talk to you soon

----- mackenzie 29.11.10 14:21

Seeing/hearing The Decemberists play Los Angeles I’m Yours at the Hollywood Bowl.

----- Lauren 29.11.10 14:19

The best live concert experience I’ve ever had was my very first show: Rage Against the Machine. Originally, Wu-Tang was supposed to open for them, but they stabbed their manager or got Martha Stewart drunk on Steel Reserve or something, so they got replaced by The Roots (who I didn’t know at the time, but they were awesome and redefined what I expect from live hip-hop). The other opening act was Atari Teenage Riot, who made my ears want to bleed, but then Rage came out and absolutely killed.

To this day, I’ve yet to see a better live show (Atari Teenage Riot excluded).

----- Justin Ross 29.11.10 14:15

My best concert experience was when I went to a Baroque concert. It wasn’t the same as the other concerts which were loud and with lyrics. The Baroque concert was classic and peaceful.

----- Uyen 29.11.10 14:14

my best concert experience was U2 at the NEW YORK Madison SQUARE Garden. Bono jumped from the stage and started singing real close to the crowd.. i was able to shake his hands and he sang elevation… is a song that will always give me the chills.
I would love to have this crafted for my BF who is a DJ Trance Junkie so he can let me listen to my piano music out loud!

----- Walter 29.11.10 14:11

Kraftwerk live at the Docks in Hamburg back in the 90ies…even though Leonard Cohen live in Odense a few months ago is a close competitor!

----- Tue Romanow 29.11.10 14:09

My favorite live music experience was a euphoric My Morning Jacket show at a now defunct club in Salt Lake City called The Zephyr. Crowd was small-ish, but it wasn’t a big venue by any means. MMJ, in particular Jim James, seemed surprised the reaction from the crowd during the show, and by the end was calling the band back from the dressing room to play two additional encores, was jumping in to the crowd and hugging anyone he could get his hands on, and generally giving it all on the stage that night. Amazing experience, and yes, I did receive a hug from Mr. James. My friends and I then hung around and had a beer or two with the band to end the evening.

----- Talin 29.11.10 14:06

Best live experience I ever had happened one warm summer night in New Orleans, by the Mississipi. Just an old man with a saxophone, the river, the night and the music. I stand still for two hours listening to the incredible sound. Unforgettable.

----- Janez 29.11.10 14:06

my favorite live concert was definitely Interpol at the bill graham civic auditorium….. They were AMAZING live, better than recorded I think, and I was right in front. my first concert and the best one I’ve ever been to, I think!!!

----- Elaine 29.11.10 14:02

My favorite live music experience was a Modest Mouse concert in Chicago a couple years ago. They are my absolutely favorite band and I got a second row ticket through their fan club. It was an amazing experience and I ended up getting a drumstick at the end of the show.

----- Ryan 29.11.10 14:01

Beautiful, beautiful objects!

----- Chimaera 29.11.10 13:59

Best musical experience would have to be getting in the front row of a huge venue for a great show by way of a friend was a bouncer. Great time, with good friends.

----- Evan Bowers 29.11.10 13:57

My best live concert experience was the Stone Temple Pilots. I don’t think the show was that great, but it was my first so that makes it the best.

----- Ben 29.11.10 13:54

Seeing Sigur Ros play live was the closest I’ve ever felt to spiritual; funny thing is, I fell asleep for a few seconds. How could I not, with the bow-played guitar sweeping over me, and the 20’ tall shadows of backlit Jonsi swaying on the scrim. Simply beautiful.

----- Cameron 29.11.10 13:52

I attended a Dave Matthews concert two years ago. After the concert I was actually invited on the bus (I was one of a few people hanging out near the bus waiting for autographs) and did a little sing along with Dave. Unreal.

----- Mitch 29.11.10 13:50

so so def

----- Jacob Wells 29.11.10 13:49

I believe my best music experience was my first Maschinenfest, which was their 10th anniversary edition. A 4 days festival packs with most of my favorite artist, in an old industrial building in Germany.

I was just blown away!

----- Kate Lecours 29.11.10 13:49

Both times I saw Foo Fighters, hands down. I am also a musician and Would just Die if i could have a pair of ultimate ears! I’ve been reading about them for quite some time now but i just can’t afford them! (I am paying for music college after all) anyways, thanks for the opportunity!

----- Corey Fitzgerald 29.11.10 13:45

My best live music experience was when I attended the Arcade Fire Madison Square Garden Concert that was broadcasted live via internet stream! My first concert ever!!

----- Collin Banko 29.11.10 13:44

Best live musical experience: Front row seats to see the Magnetic Fields a few years ago. I could see every grimace on Stephin Merritt’s face.

----- Alana 29.11.10 13:42

I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert in 2000 or so — I love them so much that I went two out of the three nights they were playing at the Giants Stadium. On the first night, Dave played his new album, which didn’t have a lot of momentum yet since it was relatively new. It simply wasn’t as awesome as the second time I attended, when it rained and he played the best show ever. It was totally worth getting drenched for. I still vividly remember us having a great time and running for the bus back to NYC while dripping wet. :)

----- Tamar 29.11.10 13:39

My best live music experience is a two part story: I was introduced to Cloud Cult when I saw them live for the first time in an auditorium in Michigan usually reserved for symphony concerts. It was amazing. When back in Brooklyn, I found out they were playing at the Bell House on their tiny stage. The 8 member band squeezed on and played a show at a whole other level than I had seen the first time. The change in venue truly brought out different aspects of the show.

----- Erin 29.11.10 13:39

Best live music experience would probably be NIN at VirginFest a few years ago. It was on the tour when they were running visuals using their own custom-built gear and software, and I’ve never seen anything else like what they had going. Even the two shows I’ve seen of theirs since then have paled in comparison.

----- Ira 29.11.10 13:37

Best musical experience. That’s hard to say. I hope it can be an event. Every year during Labor Day weekend part of my family, mostly the cousins and young aunts/uncles, trek out to George, WA. At the Gorge Amphitheater Dave Matthews Band plays every single year. Until this upcoming year sadly. For the last 10 years we’ve been going as a group. It’s always a core group of us but boyfriends and girlfriends come and go as well. It’s become just as much about the music as it is about our time and traditions there. The venue could not be more breath-taking. We are all mad DMB fans so that can’t be beat either. That group is comprised of some of the best musical talents around. The whole package makes it a weekend we look forward to the entire year time and time again. It’s a can’t miss, drop what you’re doing, you BETTER be there kind of time.

----- Kristy Bolsinger 29.11.10 13:36

Best live experience was seeing Modest Mouse on Cinco de Mayo. Outdoor concert with burritos and everyone there had a great time, especially the band.

----- Jacob 29.11.10 13:32

Ack I have so many best concert experiences!!! When I was in middle school I used to go to the Warped Tour EVERY year. As a girl just over five feet and two inches, I used to think I was SO tough when I stage-dived during a Vandals set in 7th grade! I always had such a good time at the Warped Tour shows. More recently, seeing Paul McCartney at the Hollywood Bowl was SO AMAZING!! I have listened to the Beatles since I was a newborn and going to see an idol perform after all these years was just magical. He rocked!

----- Tam 29.11.10 13:32

I’d say my best live experience so far is The Violent Femmes at the Moore in Seattle in the early 90’s. Ended up seeing them two nights in a row. Fantastic show.

----- Thomas 29.11.10 13:27

Not the best, but certainly the most interesting: Radiohead’s Amnesiac was the first concert I went to.

I’d never smelled weed before, and had no idea what was going on.

Now every time I smell it, I’m like: “Huh, is there a Radiohead concert nearby?”

----- Cole 29.11.10 13:27

Seeing Cake in the late-afternoon at ACL 4 or 5 years ago. We’d been rocking pretty hard through the day, and the opportunity to listen to the band jam out to their best tracks with an entire audience of enthused-fans singing-along was incredible.

----- Kevin 29.11.10 13:23

Have an older, cheaper verison of these headphones and they are really great! Probably heard this many times before but I think Radiohead has been the best music experience ever (live).

----- Marc Espowood 29.11.10 13:20

best live music expirience whas a garcia concert, really great :)

----- densha otoko 29.11.10 13:19

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers performs the best live music of any generation. Period.

----- T. W. Adler 29.11.10 13:19

2000 or 2001, The Roots did a 2 hour set for free on the New Haven Green (CT) full of covers of the latest hits and their own jams.

----- Anders 29.11.10 13:17

Perhaps outdated now, but I hit up a couple of fun DMB concerts in college.

----- amongmany 29.11.10 13:16

I saw Kelis this year and she was AMAZING!

----- Lorenzo 29.11.10 13:16

Best concert experience is hard to choose from. but most memorable was the faint back in 2007 with someone who I thought the world of. Oh how I was wrong; but the Faint live was great. I don’t listen to them anymore— flashbacks.

----- hy 29.11.10 13:16

the best music experience i’ve ever had, and i’ve had a lot of them, was summer ‘01 in Milwaukee, WI. D’angelo had just release Voodoo, one of my favorite albums in the whole world and was on tour. It was hot out, we were outside in an amphitheater, he took his shirt off and sang every song with a passion i’ve never seen. He is such an amazing singer and piano player and I got to see him before he disappeared from us. that was definitely the best experience i have ever and will ever have.

----- Katie P 29.11.10 13:15

I went to a Journey concert just last September (2009). A friend had an extra ticket and offered to take me with her, but I was worried I wouldn’t have fun because I knew barely 2 songs at that time. Big mistake. I never had so much fun experiencing new (old) songs, the mood among the concert-goers was pure giddyness, and because we had decided to wear flourescent wigs to the show at the last minute, we blended in quite nicely too :)

----- Edward Kim 29.11.10 13:12

Seeing Swans live. Incredibly loud and intense set.

----- Jared 29.11.10 13:07

dj shadow at house of blues san diego several years back. the opening act was horrible, but shadow made up for it.

----- rich 29.11.10 12:54

Best live music experiences have to be when the band makes their was out onto a catwalk right in front of me. I got to see Green Day, Coldplay, and the Foo Fighters this way, but Green Day outperformed the others when they pulled a kid from the audience onto the stage to play a full song with them. Ridiculous.

----- Christopher Murphy 29.11.10 12:49

+++ hands down was the death cab for cutie concert in san francisco when they did a cover of bDork’s “all is full of love” - beer in my hand, good friend by my side, everyone was feelin it while i was lookin around in disgust of all the dirty looking urban hipsters with their skinny jeans, dark rings around their eyes & greasy hipster hair - i need to move to the burbs where people’s spirit die slowly +++

----- dan 29.11.10 12:49

Watching the Dirty Projectors in Terminal 5. Their voices are ridiculous.

----- Bianca 29.11.10 12:27

I think my most favorite live music experience had to be HIM @ The Wiltern December ‘04. During their first major U.S. tour. They came back for the encore & right before the last encore song (3 of 3) they asked the fans what they wanted them to play. I kept shouting “In Joy and Sorrow” & everyone else kept bringing up newer songs. Whether it was planned (they were waiting for someone to scream it out) or not, they played my request. Til this day it’s the best experience my friends & I talk about when reminiscing on old show memories.

----- Al Morales 29.11.10 12:20

Cold War Kids: Lollapalooza. The year was 2009, it was a sweltering summer day at Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois. As my friends and I pushed to the front of the crowd before Cold War Kids began to play at the Life Water Stage, we really couldn’t care less about the weather. Opening with “Something Is Not Right With Me”, we danced, shouted, and spattered water all over everyone (you know how it goes). By the third song we were covered in a mixture of water, sweat, and beer. With the sun hammering down on us, our heads in clouds of smoke, and the rush of the crowd pushing our bodies to the beat of the music, one could understand the situation. It wasn’t the most comfortable scenario. And like some one had turned on the universal air conditioning unit of the Lollapalooza fairgrounds, the Windy City proved it’s title. The sun was setting against the skyline and a gush of wind hit our faces and we cheered for being consumed with the most amazing feeling. We were suddenly relieved and overjoyed all at once. As they finished with “Saint John”, we felt that dramatic baseline flow down our spines.

----- Angela 29.11.10 12:10

In addition to my previous comment, because I am the first one to write in…and I’m never that person. And also I’ve never won a contest in my life. And I love music. And technology. And notcot…why else?

----- Enoch Morishima 29.11.10 12:00

I bought tickets to go see Muse at Staples Center in LA when I was in the area. I ended up getting an internship gig in the SF Bay Area, but still decided to drive down to see them since it was on Saturday. Opener Passion Pit was spot on, and Muse blew me away. Lights, smoke, tossed guitars, everything I expected from a Muse gig and more!

----- Enoch Morishima 29.11.10 11:56

Favorite live music experience? It’s like picking between your children? Rush at the Cow Palace? Tool at the Warfield? Ahhh, if pressed I might have to say an old favorite, Cocteau Twins at the Warfield in San Francisco back in the 90’s. Or more recently, RIchard Hawley at Cafe Du Nord…amazing intimate show.

----- RH 29.11.10 11:33

live music? whats more thrilling than seeing kyo (lead singer of dir en grey) stumble around stage with a bucket on his head reading ‘rape me.’ music to my eyes

----- hannah dam 29.11.10 11:33

My best live music experience was watching Daft Punk join Phoenix at MSG, during an already amazing concert, after not performing live for 3 years!

----- Ryan Neuffer 29.11.10 11:22

My best live music experience was probably when I went to see AC/DC with my family—for my entire life, my dad had waited for them to tour around us again, because he’d seen them so many times when he was a teenager/twenty-something. My mom, dad, sister and I all drove to see them, and I could tell that my dad was so happy to be able to share something with all of us that had been so important to him. It was a great show and a great family memory.

----- Liz 29.11.10 11:09

I see a lot of live music, so it’s hard for me to pick one “best” experience, but here are a few memories I love:
- When I saw Pulp in LA in 1997, I noticed a tiny, hand-written sign on the merch table that said if you bought the CD, you could meet the band after the show. My friend and I both bought CDs, and in addition to meeting the band, we somehow wandered into the greenroom unsupervised for my first real backstage experience. I got nervous and hid in the ladies room while she chatted up the band.
- At Outside Lands in 2008, I went from limited access so I could do my job of running things back and forth between people to being the one with the credentials and access to the VIP cabana. I got to watch Rodrigo Y Gabriela from a nearly empty cabana, and they were breathtaking.
- Seeing Justin King play live. His hands move so fast that I literally thought he had 6 fingers on one hand and had to count them when I met him.
- Seeing Chromeo for the first time. I have never wanted more to jump into a crowd and be part of a moving mass of people. What an amazing show!
- Flying to San Francisco for one night to see Vincent Gallo and Sean Lennon. It was so spontaneous that I would have loved it even if the show hadn’t been good. The night was fantastic all around.

----- Leona 29.11.10 10:59

My best music experience was in 1996 at a Beastie Boy’s concert in Santa Barbara… the show was great, lots of energy, everyone was super friendly, and we even found a ticket on the ground on the way in that we traded to some hippie kid for 15 bucks and a food stamp. Haha… good times.

----- Mikell Johnson 29.11.10 10:57

So.. on twitter (@thinktran) I said my favorite song for the moment is Dynamite by Taio Cruz.. but in the spirit of Christmas.. my favorite Christmas song for the moment is A Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney… “The mood is right.. the spirit’s up…” :-)

----- Tran 29.11.10 10:46

My best live music experience…. hmm… perhaps may have been Radiohead at Lollapalooza ‘08. Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity!

----- Ainsley 29.11.10 10:36

I’ve seen 311 numerous times and they’ve always been great but the best concert I’ve been to by far was the Wave Goodbye Tour NIN show at Terminal 5 in NYC. Amazing experience. I had never been to a NIN show and I was not a big fan of the band but after the performance I instantly became a fan of the band. Amazing lights, powerful sounds and the stage show was awesome. Best concert experience I’ve had yet.

----- Timothy 29.11.10 10:35

I am having a great live performance every weekend as a DJ and currently doing Argentina.
Have always used the Sennheiser DJ headphones but am ready to go with in ear like all the bands!

----- Anthony 29.11.10 10:35

Concerts are always fun, but the most recent LIGHTS concert was the best, mostly because it was at a small venue and we got to meet LIGHTS after the concert.

----- edgar 29.11.10 10:33

My best live music experience was Sigur Ros at the Bass Concert Hall in Austin. They were just fantastic on all levels and it was a beautiful show.

----- Charles 29.11.10 10:26

Best live musical experience was see Guns N’ Roses Use your Illusion tour. IT was big and loud and a band at their rock and roll arrogant best.

----- Bryan 29.11.10 10:19

My best live show was Rammstein this summer, period.

----- Etienne Richard 29.11.10 10:18

I’m not a big live music goer, as I’m not a huge fan of crowds, but I sucked up my jostle-provoked scowls when I saw that Daft Punk was playing the Greek Theatre in Berkeley a few summers ago. I gathered a few friends and started listening to their live set obsessively.

When the day finally arrived, SebastiAN opened. Little did I know the group would be one of my favorite acts in a few years’ time. We were all so excited that we didn’t even notice the SebastiAN set was going on, because we were staring at the mainstage, wondering how the interstitial music was so damn good. We only realized later that SebastiAN HAD been playing. D’oh.

Somehow I had completely ignored the fact that there would be an AMAZING visual display along with Daft Punk’s set, and I was stunned into silence (while, I might add, being completely sober) when Robot Rock/Steam Machine started pulsing with lights along the giant pyramidal structure. The moment when the lasers kicked in (2:20 in on that track on the Alive 2007 album) was heavenly. Shivers, goosebumps, heart-swelling elation, the whole thing.

But the best moment absolutely must have been about three quarters of the way through the show when I caught Guy-Manuel and Thomas bobbing their own robot heads to their own robot music. I realized then that the joy in live music is the infectious passion that can ripple from a single artist all the way through a massive crowd. We were all united in that moment, and it was total badassery.

I listened to the album for days and days, reliving those moments. And I just got to relive them again. Sweet!

----- Daisy 29.11.10 10:16

I saw Ok Go earlier this year and they were amazing!! I don’t know what was better, the entire song played on hand bells or the furry lazer guitars!

----- Drew 29.11.10 10:09

My best musical experience would have to be seeing Justice live in NY for the first time. Amazing show and good times before and after the concert.

----- Christopher Williams 29.11.10 10:07

Best live music experience has to be Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s last week in Denver. A perfect start to winter break.

----- Alex Meade 29.11.10 10:01

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