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Acura Gingerbread “House”- 12.20.10

ginger3.jpg “It’s a 60’s post modern gingerbread house. Although I hesitate to call it a house… It’s more of a Palazzo.” And then i can’t help giggling. And then once i stop… can’t help but note what an awesome gingerbread palazzo that is! The whole Acura Season for Reason ad campaign by RP& is pretty cute ~ though there’s a tiny part of me that wants the ridiculousness they mock in the ads more than reason! See the chestnut roaster and the awesome xmas tree/live reindeer/etc, as well as the Gingerbread Palazzo ad on the next page!




Chestunut roaster is hilarious too:

Awesomely massive xmas tree/live reindeer/etc:

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I love those ads myself. I’d love that chestnut roaster. I think it’s the funniest ad. Love it when he calls the chestnut a “fickle beast”. I laugh every time.

----- Gaetan 21.12.10 07:14

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