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Holiday Giveaway #27: Belkin- 12.20.10

2-belkin.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Morgan in NYC!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #27 is here ~ and today our friends from Belkin are giving one lucky reader: a Belkin Flip Blade for iPad and a Belkin Conserve Valet!

For a chance to win leave a comment by midnight on Dec 24th (PST) ~ sharing how you help conserve energy with the abundance of gadgets we all have these days!

belkinflip.jpg Belkin Flip Blade for iPad

belkinvalet.jpg Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station Charge up to 4 devices at once Shuts off automatically and eliminates standby power Keeps cords neat

More info ~ check out my post unboxing this awesome charging device here

For a chance to win, a Belkin Flip Blade for iPad and a Belkin Conserve Valet from Belkin, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 24th (PST) ~ sharing how you help conserve energy with the abundance of gadgets we all have these days!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

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179 Notes

Unplug all switches and turn all lights of when not used.

----- Tony 25.12.10 01:13

I use LED fairy lights in my room, whenever I am doing something that does not need light. And it makes the room really atmospheric!

----- Tony 24.12.10 23:47

I always turn lights off after I’m done, never leave things plugged in if they don’t need to be (ie. charging electronics), and always recycle.

----- Jeff 24.12.10 21:17

i try to unplug things when they’re not in use and keep lights off until they’re necessary (ie, very little natural light), and turn them off when they’re not in use. :) even in these winter months, the heater is rarely turned on—we opt for blankets and fires ^__^

merry christmas!

----- ishheatherx 24.12.10 20:09

I’ve always tried to rely on the smallest number of gadgets, reducing the power I need to just a few items - my computer and phone cover just about everything I need. I also turn off power strips when they’re not in use.

----- Taryn 24.12.10 14:46

Unplug electronics when not in use!

----- Matt W 24.12.10 08:55

I unplug power cords when I’m away for more than 5 days to reduce/stop vampire power usage by my electronic devices transformers.

----- Paul 24.12.10 08:48

all of our computers have energy saving power down settings on. we are also in the habit of just turning them off when we’re not using them. we don’t have cable tv, so we’re not leaving tv’s on just to hear the sound of it.

----- audrey r 24.12.10 06:52

They need to make the for appliances.

----- Ben 24.12.10 06:12

They need to make these for appliances.

----- Ben 24.12.10 06:11

I picked up one of Belkin’s Conserve Switch AV units, and only keep lights on in the rooms we’re using.

----- The Slapster 23.12.10 19:58

I keep all of my chargers and devices attached to a simple on/off switch, so I can easily charge them when I need to, and conserve energy when I don’t. Hurray!

----- Jan 23.12.10 15:05

I turn off the heat before I go to bed. It not only saves energy and minimizes the dryness of the air, but also makes me snuggle more cozily under the covers.

----- stella 23.12.10 14:50

I unplug.

----- Vanina 23.12.10 14:24

I try to remember and adhere to the adage “light the task, not the room” as often as possible.

----- Brian 23.12.10 11:34

I unplug everything!

----- Tristan 23.12.10 11:21

I save energy by keeping my footprint as low as I can, it’s all about awareness people…

----- Jos 23.12.10 02:55

By keeping the plugs clear of course.

----- Ahmad Zaki 22.12.10 23:27

The best thing is to continue to learn what additional step I can take to help the green movement. Unplug, use the 3 r’s, change light bulbs, and teach my kids the importants of it all.

----- Gloria Garcia 22.12.10 22:53

mostly the little things — e.g., switching off power strips at home and at the office when i’m not using them

----- daniel 22.12.10 22:46

i’ve gone solar, with max panels so pg&e is paying me

----- eug 22.12.10 20:32

I unplug the device if i know it will not be in use for more than 5 hours.

----- jay p 22.12.10 20:02

To conserve energy, I try to unplug electronics as soon as I’m done with them - printer, coffee pot, laptop charger, etc.

----- Michelle H 22.12.10 18:40

Walking, turning out lights, unplugging unused lamps, etc., campaigning for reduced waste, emissions and ending commodification of our natural resources…

----- N Keitlah 22.12.10 17:36

I only keep things plugged in while I’m using them, including phone chargers, lamps, etc.

----- sarah 22.12.10 17:30

i try and unplug all my electronics when i dont use them.. :D

----- libys11 22.12.10 17:24

I’m a cord-cutter, ditched my cable TV service since they charge too much and since my cable box consumes the most electricity in my home.

----- Justin R 22.12.10 16:04

unplug them

----- T. W. Adler 22.12.10 15:51

I’m starting to use one device for as many things as I possibly can. My Tablet/Laptop has everything I need. From 3G support with Skype, to 24/7 online interactivity. Plus, I can control my inhouse audio and video system with it. The only thing it can’t currently do is run my Adobe suite so that’s where I need to use my desktop. It’s a bit unwieldy, but it works perfectly when you don’t want 3 different devices in your pocket.

----- Matt Hoving 22.12.10 13:49


----- Ryan Combdon 22.12.10 13:00

I work at home and spend half the day with all the lights and electronics off (save my computer) until the sun goes down.

----- Cill 22.12.10 12:45

I unplug the charger when I’m done (yeah, I know that’s what everyone else said.)

----- jimbobjoe 22.12.10 11:47

turn off lights that I’m not using… always helps.

----- christine 22.12.10 11:20

I only plug my phone to charge when I need it charged! Plus my husband and I share a charger taking turns. We used to just plug everything in once we got home from work and there would be several cell phones all plugged in a row.

----- Niki 22.12.10 10:52

I help conserve energy by keeping my windows curtain free and using natural light as much as possible.

----- Marie 22.12.10 10:23

I do my best to unplug what is not in use and reduce all my energy consumption. I try to reduce all my overall energy consumption—from products to packaging. I do my best not to buy new things if I don’t need it and I re-use things that can be reused. And I unplug anything not in use. I walk everywhere—no car, which works where I live!

----- Terri L 22.12.10 09:21

I unplug electronics that are not being used.

----- Victoria C 22.12.10 09:18

Shut down or unplug when you aren’t using an electronic thing. We saved tons of $ and energy once we started doing this.

----- Bruce 22.12.10 08:04

I plant trees!

----- Thalia 22.12.10 07:05

Unplug & Switch off: Unplug when not charging device. Switch off the lights & let the sun shine in.

----- Risca 22.12.10 06:35

I leave my lights off whenever I don’t need the extra light. :P

----- Jeff 22.12.10 04:32

We’ve removed the lightbulb from the fridge and use low-energy lightbulbs everywhere. And we do try to unplug all our cords, but for when we forget, the Belkin Conserve Valet would be a great help.

----- Olga 22.12.10 04:04

I installed LED lights (16watts vs 40-60watts) and solar tubes throughout my home and use lights only at night and in the room I’m in.

----- William 22.12.10 02:06

I never ever leave a light on when i’m not in a room. i unplug all aplliances when not in use. we have a boiler that is connected to solar panels so in summer our water is heated by the sun! in winter we turn the timer on for exactly the time it takes to have a quick shower. i take public transport which of course saves on some of our narural resources of power!

----- Tal 21.12.10 23:45

UNPLUG! I unplug everything I am not currently using.

----- Miguel 21.12.10 22:38

We adjusted our thermostat a few degrees cooler than usual and cuddle more and I try to unplug any small electronic/ appliance after I’m done using it. Also switched to CFLs and when those go out looking at some new LED lights.

----- justin 21.12.10 22:28

We plug into surge protectors then unplug the surge protectors when not in used

----- Christina 21.12.10 21:49

Mostly just unplugging everything and making sue all unnecessary lights are off.

----- Margaret 21.12.10 21:35

I try my darndest to only use energy efficient lights, appliances, and electronics, and turn these ALL the way off whenever I’m not using them. Whenever possible, I recharge via my computer’s USB ports or my car’s DC power outlets. The #1 thing I do to reduce gadget energy consumption is limit the number of gadgets I use and replace. Manufacture and disposal of small electronics is responsible for way more resource use than the energy consumed during use.

----- Ethan 21.12.10 19:36

I use my solar powered charger whenever I can.

----- neonsocks 21.12.10 19:27

I only plug inthings that i’m using and unplug when I finish using them

----- Danielle 21.12.10 18:08

i think i can i think i can

----- jb 21.12.10 18:01

i replaced every light-bulb in my house from incandescent to those energy saving ones. and also added water saving nozzles to my faucets. best of all, it was all free (city of seattle was/is running this initiative).

----- justin p 21.12.10 17:15

I finally got my mom to stop her magazine subscriptions and consolidate them on her iPad!

----- Lilly 21.12.10 14:46

In my house we conserve energy by unplugging unused electronics. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but in the long run the savings adds up.

----- Danielle 21.12.10 14:41

I unplug every thing thats plugged in when i leave for more than two days of vacataion!

----- AG Hellings 21.12.10 14:37

We (me and my roommate/boyfriend) do all that we can to conserve energy! We are huge in unplugging and turning off our electronics when they are not in use. I think that’s one of the best things that you can do. That and buying and solely using rechargeable batteries!

----- Meg 21.12.10 14:36

I unplug all the electronics I’m not currently using.

----- Iris 21.12.10 14:34

Letting the sun shine in and unplugging schtuff when not use.


----- Aaron 21.12.10 14:03

Power strips that I turn off when not in use.

----- holly 21.12.10 13:17

I try to turn off powerstrips if my gadgets aren’t in use or charging. And do my best to turn lights off as I go form room to room.

----- logan 21.12.10 11:55

I try to have one gadget that does a bunch of things and not a bunch of gadgets that all do the same thing…

----- Melanie 21.12.10 11:43

Between a programmable thermostat set at lower temperatures, shutting off lights and unplugging things not in use, we’ve done pretty well this year in reducing electric costs.

----- Mike 21.12.10 11:30

i try not to charge my gadgets until they’re almost out of power.

----- Jennifer 21.12.10 11:15

Walk (instead of drive) whenever possible.

----- Molly 21.12.10 10:33

i have all my lovely gadgets attached to one extension cord that i plug out everytime i leave the apartment

----- ellaqezi 21.12.10 10:17

Simple things, but I always make sure to turn off the lights when I’m done in a room.

----- Danny 21.12.10 09:22

E.g., I use an all-in-one charger so that in the morning both my cell phone & netbook are charged at the same time!

----- mastersson 21.12.10 09:04

Besides biking to work (or carpooling), I plug in all of my electronic gadgets to a surge protector that I turn off whenever not in use. It saves energy and actually helps prolong the life of your devices. As a general rule, if there’s no “on/off” switch on your device, you should unplug it (or do what I do) as it most likely sucks energy even when not in use. Every little bit helps!

----- Ed Kim 21.12.10 08:23

I allow my laptop and iPad to fully charge and full discharge as to not waste power with them sitting on an AC adapter all the time.

----- Forsythia Hopkins 21.12.10 08:14

Unplug chargers from the wall when not in use.

----- J Alexander 21.12.10 08:02

We try to make sure that everything is off when we are not using it.

----- James D. LaCroix 21.12.10 07:44

unplug everything when it’s not in use!

----- Leslie 21.12.10 07:34

I love me some Belkin products and to save energy, I keep the thermostat low and wear extra layers in the winter. It’s healthier than lots of dry forced air too!

----- Kent Boyer 21.12.10 07:27

im making my grilfriend run on a threadmill before breakfast. she doesnt like it when i want my toast well done…

----- TIm 21.12.10 07:22

i conserve energy by not using the electric heaters in my apartment. instead my home is warmed by the glow of leds and heatsinks

----- curtis 21.12.10 07:09

I am using my collection of gadgets to replace personal contact with my family at the holidays, thus saving a bundle on gas and therapy.

----- Kevin 21.12.10 07:02

i only charge my devices when absolutely necessary and never plug them in over night :)

----- Natalie Kay 21.12.10 06:54

I’m hammering it into my children that they have to turn out lights when they leave a room. We’ve switched to CFLs, unplug things when not in use, and do a lot charging of phones on the commute.

----- Raymond 21.12.10 06:52

I’ll use it to plug in my stuff and charge so I can unplug my life for a little bit and relax

----- Rudy 21.12.10 06:51

I charge my phone with a solar power output I made as a science project ;)

----- Ash Ng 21.12.10 06:46

I conserve energy with my gadgets by turning them off :-)

----- Adam Edwards 21.12.10 06:24

I have 95% of my appliances on timers, so there not running and sucking up electricity when I’m not home. I also use small solar panel chargers for my smaller devices, even with the little sun light we get during the winter it helps.

----- Morgan 21.12.10 06:16

Everything goes into a powerstrip. I turn the strips off whenever I am done using anything killing the energy vampires.

----- tony f 21.12.10 05:50

I unplug ALL transformers when not charging the device, appliance or battery they’re intended for due to there vampire power. I’m a bit nuts about it but have been doing it for a good 10 years so its second nature. One of the devices to com at this in the recent years that I have been using is two USB chargers i charge my iPad and iPhone with. They only get power when the device is connected. And automatically stop drawing power when unplugged.

----- Matthew K 21.12.10 05:40

I don’t watch TV (it saves energy and my sanity)!


----- Camila F. 21.12.10 03:41

During winter I leave my thermostat to a freezing 65 degrees when I’m home, and turn it off when I’m not. Brr! Luckily I have a lot of thick sweaters and socks!

----- Mari Baquir 21.12.10 03:06

I try and limit my electricity use by turning off excess lights, unplugging electronics not in use etc. But I also just try and charge things a less as possible. The more you let your battery go down until it dies, the less you charge, and the battery will also have a longer life-span thus making not necessary to buy new ones. This saves you having to replace them.

----- Leslie 21.12.10 02:32

I open the curtains and let the sun light my day and put on an extra layer if I get cold.

----- James 21.12.10 01:09

Beware of vampire gadgets that stay plugged in and suck energy. If you aren’t using it, unplug!

----- Leanna 21.12.10 00:05

Turn off things that aren’t being used! :D Its awesome.

----- cindy kuo 20.12.10 23:21

let’s be honest, the only necessities are a laptop and a credit card.

----- mooni 20.12.10 23:14

These are elegant and functional. The perfect home for my iPad.

----- Laura l 20.12.10 22:48

best way is not to even own the gadgets in the first place… however because i’m a sucker for them i charge them in the car one the way the work.

----- bailey 20.12.10 22:37

i do my conserving by joining the darkside! i love it when my lights are low or better yet off.. it gives me peace and sanity :)

----- Kenny Garcia 20.12.10 22:14

I unplug things I am not currently using.

----- Megan 20.12.10 21:58

unplug coffee maker when done with it in the morning and easy enough turn stuff off when not in use like lights, tv and computers

----- Edward 20.12.10 21:49

I use a powerstrip and unplug my cables as soon as soon as my gadgets are done charging. Flick off all the lights. Open the curtains to use natural light.

----- Ray 20.12.10 21:38

I am definitely picky about turning the light off after leaving a room…no need to waste money on lighting/energy when you’re not in the room to use it!

----- Anh 20.12.10 21:38

I only have one tv.

----- Carlo 20.12.10 21:34

i live in an apartment with 5 other guys and i am the only one that knows how to turn the lights off at night [we don’t pay for utilities]

----- Kye 20.12.10 21:24

I try to make sure I always unplug everything when it’s done charging!

----- amanda 20.12.10 21:20

unplug it! turn it off! … when not in use or needed, pretty simple really

----- lish 20.12.10 21:06

I try to keep myself to as few essential gadgets as possible, rather than running the whole plethora of the latest toys.

----- Zac Clark 20.12.10 21:01

Keeping my standby times short so that my screens go dark faster. Also, I make sure I have a screensaver where applicable.

----- Gaetan 20.12.10 20:51

I have plugged everything in my home into various remote controlled sockets, so I can turn on and off all devices easily.

----- lucas Lund 20.12.10 20:48

I save energy by unplugging appliances when I’m not using it, and also turning off lights we’re not using.

----- Jearv 20.12.10 20:34

I am going to save energy this coming year by getting rid of my ipod and use my new iphone for that, also I’m getting rid of my second computer so i dont have to power both of them

----- Sid Law 20.12.10 20:25

i run my gadgets on dog power. my puppies run on treadmills.

----- Steven 20.12.10 20:07

Awesome! I just got an iPad for Christmas, so I need a stand for it!

----- Maurice Cherry 20.12.10 19:43

Actually, having a USB connection to my phone in the car when I use it as my iPod has actually pretty much eliminated the need to charge it any other time. Kill two birds with one stone!

----- Ben 20.12.10 19:24

LED Christmas lights this year!

----- Paul R. 20.12.10 19:24

I only charge when necessary and will unplug the charging adapters from the socket once I am done using it.

----- Gary 20.12.10 19:15

to conserve energy, if i’m gone for a weekend or a few days, i unplug everything in my apartment, down to my electric toothbrush.

----- Morgan 20.12.10 19:13

Ride a bike.

----- Yoshio 20.12.10 18:51

I hear that having gadgets plugged in when not in use slowly uses power. I have my wall socket / power bar on a switch now so I flip it off when I leave the apartment along with the lights.

----- Ryan J 20.12.10 18:31

I set auto off/on settings for my BlackBerry and MacBook Pro just in case I pass out while I’m up late working.

----- Tyler W. 20.12.10 18:25

I use energy conserving lightbulbs, I turn off the TV rather than leaving it on stand-by, I always turn lights off in rooms that are not in use AND I just bought and installed anti-door draft strips and window strips in every room so no heat will escape!! oh and I try and buy local produce! Do I win the swag? =]

----- James 20.12.10 18:00

unplug, turnoff, leave home

----- dylan 20.12.10 17:59

I always sleep my macs before leaving the house, leave lights off most of the time, and unplug things whenever i leave for more than a day or two.

----- tim reynolds 20.12.10 17:43

Turn everything off! (And, some stuff gets unplugged.)

----- John 20.12.10 17:39

i unplug most of my electronics and chargers whenever im done or bout to sleep

----- Winnie Lam 20.12.10 17:30

In our home, we turn everything off all the time. Also having come from the UK recently it’s often the case that our neighbor’s heating is enough to keep us warm enough too (so we barely turn it on!)

----- Spencer 20.12.10 17:17

Because of how absent minded I can be I ensure that any gadgets that gadgets that don’t need to be on or don’t have any power saving options are plugged into a surge bar with a kill switch. I shut it off whenever I don’t need it, and thank god for that!

----- Rui Melo 20.12.10 17:06

I definitely turn off the power strips for all my chargers when they aren’t in use. No wasting all that idle power! I even try to minimize that standing in front of the fridge time, and make sure I know what I was aiming for before standing there with the light on inside the door!

----- Emily E 20.12.10 16:55

I try to unplug everything when I’m not using it, since even unactive devices use electricity.

----- Joe Wasserman 20.12.10 16:19

I always try to keep everything plugged into one power strip that I can turn off when nothing is charing.

----- Jeremy 20.12.10 16:08

I switched all my christmas lights to LED’s…. and they look great!

----- Gunner Tierno 20.12.10 15:25

I also turn off my power strip when it’s not in use and use leds.

----- Tooky 20.12.10 15:15

Are LED xmas lights considered a gadget?

----- Darrel 20.12.10 15:08

I turn them off don’t leave stuff on standby, and I have switches that turn off every 30 minutes so whe not in use they dont’t use electricity.

----- Aljosa 20.12.10 15:02

have short time limits set for devices to go to sleep, i do my best to get the most out of each charge so i’m not trickling enegery by charging when battery is full.

----- somerset 20.12.10 15:02

I tend to consider energy use when I’m figuring out which gadget to buy. So, I’ve got very efficient things.

----- Jason 20.12.10 14:56

Turn off everything that isn’t in use. Use powerstrips that cut off power to vampire devices. Keep the thermostat low.

----- Anon 20.12.10 14:52

I conserve energy by turning off my gadgets when I am not using them!

----- Jeremy 20.12.10 14:50

I plan to conserve energy by turning my devices off for a few hours and getting outside to exercise …

----- brett 20.12.10 14:42

We keep our heat set to a low 65 or lower all winter. We also installed a hot water on demand system that uses a ton less energy and gives us unlimited hot water. The new storm doors go on next week.

----- Peter Taylor 20.12.10 14:39

I’ve been trying to unplug things when I’m not using them… so far so good!

----- Kashyap 20.12.10 14:34

I applied dimmer switches to all the light fixtures in my home.

----- Shane Walsh 20.12.10 14:24

I unplug devices after they’re done charging and make use of solar power when possible

----- Hannah 20.12.10 14:18

I don’t leave my gadgets charging longer than they need to be charged

----- Bianca 20.12.10 14:14

A universal battery type and charging mechanism/slot would allow us to have just one device to charge all gadgets. Not everyone realizes that even if the device is not in use, keeping it plugged in consumes small bits of electricity. The less we need to plug-in, the more efficient our power usage can be.

----- AJ 20.12.10 14:12

I unplug the chargers when not in use and use the battery powered devices until they run out of juice. Great giveaway - cheers!

----- Peter D 20.12.10 14:07

We have a device that lets you know how much juice is being used in our house at any time and the $ value. It’s prompted us to get a new oven/stove and it’s pretty cool to see kW decrease as we learn to use less electricity.

----- Fel 20.12.10 13:49

I don’t have blinds. Sunlight.

----- Adrien 20.12.10 13:37

I have all my consoles hooked up to a surge protector that I turn off whenever they aren’t in use. It saves on phantom power use.

----- Daniel F 20.12.10 13:34

Smart meters - tells you when you are using the most energy and then do the “heavy” drain stuff during off hours…

----- patty 20.12.10 13:28

I’d committ to using rechargable batteries in all gadgets going forward

----- Eoin 20.12.10 13:20

i turn my phone off at nights and have changed most of my incandescent lightbulbs to leds

----- ricardo garza marcos 20.12.10 13:18

turn off power strips

----- The Ivan Bravo 20.12.10 13:03

unplugging chargers when nothing’s being charged!

----- Quinn 20.12.10 13:01

I unplug things I don’t use much, like the microwave, and I keep my tv and dvd player on a power strip.

----- Byron818 20.12.10 12:57

It’s really tough as a web & iPhone developer to conserve energy with the loads of different devices I use. At one point I had 4 iPhones so I could test!

But, I do make sure to not plug in things when they don’t need to be plugged in. I make sure to turn them off when I am done. I use only one computer at a time, unless absolutely necessary to use another. I never watch TV while I am working.

I think the most obvious one that people forget to do is open the curtains instead of turning on a light!

----- Zach Allia 20.12.10 12:51

A smart electronic thermostat allows for the temperature to be automated to save energy!

----- Sandy 20.12.10 12:51

turning off power when not home

----- lau 20.12.10 12:42

First we bought a house that was only as large as we needed. We use a watt meter to keep tabs on energy use in real time. Only a very few appliances stay plugged in all the time.

----- Rich 20.12.10 12:42

Definitely would enjoy this so much! I have so many plugs going around me macbook pro, ipad, iphone, harddrive, and etc.

I hate having so many plugs in the wall… all the kilowats I’m paying for!!!


----- Khoa Phan 20.12.10 12:33

I unplugged all my electronics before I left school for winter break.

----- Vicky 20.12.10 12:31

We have no Xmas tree or house lights this year, so I assume we’ve saved some energy that way!

----- jenni o 20.12.10 12:27

This seems archaic but I turn off lights when I leave a room just like my momma taught me. Hopefully that will help balance out the plethora of things with little green lights that are plugged in all over my house!

----- Jessi 20.12.10 12:21

I unplug everything when I’m not currently using.

----- Grete 20.12.10 12:15

No Christmas Tree. :(

----- Daimian 20.12.10 12:14

To conserve energy, I use a Belkin power bar with a timer that shuts off automatically, cutting down phantom power usage.

----- Luke 20.12.10 12:11

I charge on the go as much as possible. People don’t realize just how much energy an automobile wastes. After the alternator has filled your battery, the rest of the energy is lost. I recapture as much as I can through as many devices as possible. I charge very few items from the outlet.

----- bbates 20.12.10 11:58

I do most of my work at home in the sunniest room without using lights for electricity.

----- Marc 20.12.10 11:55

THank you for all you do, The only site I check as much as FaceBook and you can quote me on that.

----- Shan 20.12.10 11:54

unplugging cords, and simple things like turning off the lights when leaving a room.

----- janete 20.12.10 11:52

there is no need to preserve energy in Costa Rica, all the energy is green….

----- Maria Lara 20.12.10 11:50

I’ve got one of those anti-vampire powerstrips. The others I unplug.

----- Kay 20.12.10 11:49

I turn off everything I’m not using every night and when it is not in use, and ride my bicycle as much as possible to try and offset my personal impact.

----- Taylor 20.12.10 11:49

will definitely be turning off all the lights my parents leave on around the house (seriously.. why does the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen light need to be on when you’re in the den??)

----- Tran 20.12.10 11:49

Use the Belkin Conserve Valet. Oh, wait…

----- Bontemps 20.12.10 11:46

We have the power strip that stops vampire energy sucking. Awesome!

----- Stephanie F 20.12.10 11:43

Unplug cords when not charging.

----- stephanie 20.12.10 11:37

turning off power strips when not home

----- Jacob 20.12.10 11:31

I like the dark, so I leave most of the lights off in my house all the time. And I unplug my phone charger when I’m not using it :)

----- Allen 20.12.10 11:22

We try to put the wall warts for our gadgets on power bars so we can switch everything off when they’re not in use.

----- Ed 20.12.10 11:20

I use solar panel lanterns/lights as often as possible.

----- Anna 20.12.10 11:14

I try to unplug that tangle of cords when the gadgets aren’t plugged in.

----- Ryan 20.12.10 10:56

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