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Bourbon Balls and Ice Brains- 12.22.10

bourbonball1.jpg Ice balls are definitely a huge 2010 trend! Down to the last week of 2010! From The Macallan Ice Ball Machine to the Muji Silicone Ice Ball Mold… and freshly arrived from Maker’s Mark, Bourbon Ball Mold! Also i recently acquired some Fred & Friends Brain Freeze ice brains as another ice ball alternative for scotch and bourbon sipping. So check out the Maker’s Mark and Brain Freeze variations on the next page!


Though i don’t have ice balls ready yet, looks like they will have Maker’s Mark logos in them… bourbonball3.jpg


It’s definitely a bit messy when you force them together and water spurts all over… bourbonball5.jpg

Though kind of fun as the water squirts out the tops of each sphere… bourbonball6.jpg

A peek at the collection of ice ball silliness in my freezer! bourbonball7.jpg


As for the brain balls - love these Fred & Friends Brain Freeze ~ a fun alternative to the ice balls in scotch and bourbon… bourbonball8.jpg


Update! Here’s a peek at the ice balls… you can barely make out the logos… iceball.jpg

Though i was a bit premature, and then dropped it and it shattered spilling water out… so more like a rain globe of sorts… iceball1.jpg

Back to the freezer!

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5 Notes

So you can’t buy these? What a tease! And the Muji silicon ice ball makers are all sold out :(

----- Jason 29.12.10 17:07

As a long time Ambassador for Makers Mark, I’ve been receiving their Christmas gift for a long while now and I look forward to it’s arrival every year. It is one of the great marketing/relationship campaigns I’ve ever seen. The ice ball tray was a great idea for this year. Now I need an official Makers Mark crowbar to get the little buggers out of the tray.

----- Ben 28.12.10 21:24

I would like to try it

----- Marcus Edwards 23.12.10 16:30

You can just make ice balls with a balloon. Just fill a balloon, tie it off and place in the freezer. When it is frozen, just tear the balloon away.

----- Sinproph 23.12.10 05:31

ice in bourbon!? oh no!

you should find and drink some George T. Stagg… if you can.

----- chris 22.12.10 18:15

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