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DonQ Master Of All Skills - MIXOLOGY!- 12.13.10

donqspons.jpg Sponsored by DonQ Rum ~ We were recently tapped to help them for a contest called Master of All Skills. The goal? To create playful Liqurious themed quizzes aimed at finding the Masters of Mixology! Complete all the Masters challenges for a chance at the grand prize ~ a trip to the DonQ Rum distillery in Ponce, Puerto Rico, where you’ll learn how they make rum first-hand! Anyhow, all the details are over at the the DonQ Master of All Skills site ~ but first things first, ready for the first of the NOTCOT/Liqurious quiz? Check it out on the next page!

moas.jpg DonQ Master of All Skills!

Now for the first Mixology QUIZ! Are you ready? Take a stab at it below… then they will prompt you to register and keep going till you are a Master of Mixology! Good luck!


3 Notes

This is amazing! i have added it to my favorites.

----- משחקים 24.12.10 04:57

Daisy - move to a state that allows alcohol-sponsored contests? ;-)

----- Ann 15.12.10 04:23

Love it, but Jean, you can’t enter if you’re from CA. What are we to DO! :(

----- Daisy 13.12.10 13:37

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