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Holiday Giveaway #20: Fawn & Forest- 12.13.10

22-fawnandforest.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Jennifer in Indianapolis, IN!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #20 is here ~ and today our friends from Fawn and Forest are giving one lucky reader (or perhaps our lucky reader’s KIDS?): an absolutely stunning, mind blowingly cool Brinca Dada Emerson Doll House. I don’t think i even need to tell you how ridiculously awesome this house is… or how much i wish i could have a life sized version… But if you don’t know, you simply must see the pics on the next page!

For a chance to win leave a comment by midnight on Dec 17th (PST) ~ telling us who would live in this house if you were to win it…




Sadly the house we’re giving away does not come with the matching Classic Contemporary Furniture Set - but here’s a peek at what it COULD look like furnished! brinca4.jpg

For a chance to win the Brinca Dada Emerson Doll House from Fawn and Forest, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 17th (PST) ~ telling us who would live in this house if you were to win it…

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

p.s. For your shopping pleasure: fawnandforest.jpg

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234 Notes

The yuppie mice that live in my basement are looking for a vacation home upstairs. Something modern with a view.

----- Jamie Sachs 18.12.10 00:05

My action figures and my massive miniature food collection would look oh-so-good in this house!

----- Amelia 17.12.10 23:34

I believe the only ones stylish enough to flaunt th awesome power of this amazing pad are my She-Ra girls and their faithful bardic cabana boy, Beau. My two daughters inherited all my old friends (about 10 or em, I think there will be enough room, maybe even for th occasional Monchichi visitor) and they currently dwell in th planters on my bookshelf. Think of the joy when She-Ra, Angella, Flutterina, Netossa, Sweet Bee & the tribe discover their swanky new abode! Catra will have to live in a shoebox though.

----- anni 17.12.10 23:24

Ooh the paper people my 3 & 5 yr old just made could live here. And when the kids grow up and leave home… who know’s but it’d be staying right here!

----- Helen 17.12.10 23:15

Right off hand I can tell you that Natalie (a blonde polly pocket), Courtney (a positionable mini ballerina), Izzy (a small plastic sheep that lives with Courtney) and countless Littlest Pet Shops would reside here. Also the occasional Barbie or Disney Princess might stop by for an extended stay. I can’t decide who would have more fun with this, my 4 year old or myself! :)

----- Kristin 17.12.10 23:07

My daughter’s various dolls, from Disney to Barbie, would live in this house. But when she’s not looking I’m totally kicking them all out and bringing the Star Wars people out of the attic. Han Solo has always been a player in my mind.

----- Jason 17.12.10 22:55

I would play, play, play!!!! like a 5y’old with it!!!!!

----- Celeste Aguirre 17.12.10 22:51

I love the house! I would put in it tiny little plants and animals.

----- Tristan 17.12.10 20:35

Probably a mix of lego people and transformers.

----- Ryan 17.12.10 16:25

You know, this contest couldn’t have come at a better time. You see I’m an inventor and accidentally shrunk my 19 month old daughter last week while working on my shrink ray. The wife is so pissed about this and has me living in a tent in the back yard, but that’s nothing compared to my little (teeny tiny) daughter’s current living conditions. We’ve got her cooped up in an old Playmobile house a friend gave us but it’s not age appropriate - suggested age is 3 and up. That and it’s really hard to baby-proof a doll house I can barely fit my hand into. My daughter deserves a lot better and until I can figure out how to enlarge her I think she could use some 5 star accommodations… and some nice furniture and decor, most of the decor in the Playmobile house are stickers. Help out a Dad who seriously F’d up. On a side note, if you have anything big you want small get in touch. I’m running a special for the holiday’s, Shrink 4 things for $199.99 and get the 5th thing shrunk for free. Wanna eat a real pizza the size of a quarter? I can make that happen.

----- Chad 17.12.10 13:51

This would make a perfect home for my tamagotchi!

----- Gabriel G 17.12.10 13:31

i’m sure my daughter would love to put her lego people in there!

----- marsha 17.12.10 13:15

Well i know it would be a nice dwelling for a couple barbie princesses and a large Boston terrier.

----- Jeff Smith 17.12.10 08:52

My polymer clay creations would definitely feel at home once they step in the magnificent doll house.

----- Charlene Ngo 17.12.10 06:41

“Well we’re movin on up, to the east side! To a deluxe apartment in the Fawn & Foresttttttt!!” You wouldn’t want to make Mr. Jefferson pissed if he didn’t win, would you????????

----- David 17.12.10 06:15

oh well, small, little, tiny animals all over the place!

----- marieke 17.12.10 05:44

This would go to Angie, who is my 4 year young little niece.

----- Channdara Sin 16.12.10 23:06

I think this would be a great place for all of my old Fisher-Price people to live. I have lots of Sesame Street Fisher-Price figures that have been looking for an upgrade for quite some time.

----- April Brooks 16.12.10 21:27

I vote for the small fuzzy kitten
Whose human pet, Sylvie, is smitten
By his black fuzzy fur,
And his lawn-mower purr,
And the scars on his foremost left mitten.
If Fawn & Forest @ Notcot 
Find in their hearts a friendly spot 
For Girl and Cat to win the prize
Both gladly will adjust to size,
And live in graceful harmony,
In style most contempo’ry.  

----- Lynn 16.12.10 20:40

This home could belong to no one but the happy couple - Action Jackson and Ken. Their neighbors would, of course, include GI Joe (full-size only) and perhaps the Evel Kenievel doll.

----- Kevin 16.12.10 16:30

I would get a shrink ray and shrink myself and live in it near a pond.

----- Angela 16.12.10 16:08

Since I was a child, I have dreamed of living in a house as beautiful as the Brinca Dada Emerson Doll House. My imagination and I will occupy it just perfectly.

----- Ethel Manibo 16.12.10 15:26

my turtle, houdini

----- Michael H. 16.12.10 12:31

A old vintage barbie from the 1950’s and Ken doll from the 1970’s
With a set of My pony’s from the 1980’s in the front yard

----- Mark Y. 16.12.10 09:18

I love this house! I would totally live in it, lol. I’d pull a “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and live here. It is too bad that it’s unfurnished though :(

----- Jordan K 16.12.10 06:31

I designed a special machine that can make you smaller, according to the place you want to explore…I’d love to dwindle myself to live in there. If we all were so tiny, maybe the planet wouldn’t be so polluted.

----- Federica 16.12.10 02:13

I’d have my army of Pinky Street figures live in that house!!! They’d totally be living it up in style then!

----- nikita 16.12.10 00:16

definitely all of my daughter’s stuffed animals!

----- daniel 16.12.10 00:09

My miniature Rodys would probably have a lot of fun in that house. They’re not too keen on their overcrowded home on my shelf.

----- Jess 15.12.10 22:07

A family of pet gerbils?

----- Joe Wasserman 15.12.10 20:31

Oh My God, i would live in this house, but because of size restraints, i would let my cousin jackson park his hot wheels out front while his lego men and gi joes occupied the interior

----- Sid Law 15.12.10 20:00

Lego Minifigs dressed in black with Buddy Holly styled glasses.

----- Alain Melancon 15.12.10 19:09

besides my dogs fleas, I think that the lego men my son has would move in and likely get to work as it looks like a home for happy builders :D

----- Amelia 15.12.10 18:59

i would live in it because it seems far more spacious than my ridiculously small student dorm :(
I hope it comes with a mini beer pong too.
Gorgeus details and finishing.

----- ignacio garcia 15.12.10 17:26

oh my, my daughter would go nuts over this! although I think I would too.

----- paula 15.12.10 15:54

My Harry Potter Lego figurines. It will combine my two loves - Harry Potter and design!

----- Kristine 15.12.10 15:15

My niece, Lydia, and of course a Boba Fett action figure.

----- Jan 15.12.10 13:48

No one would “live” in it; I would make dolls out of broccoli stalks, walnuts and dried chilies. They could lounge around the house without making it messy.

----- Lisa Townley 15.12.10 13:39

Probably my cats… :)

----- Marie 15.12.10 13:00

Im 34 and have some collectible toys that would ROCK that pad out!

I wouldnt be playing with it, but it would be funny to see Batman and a couple of friends just chillin’ in it.

Yes Im a nerd. And I agree this is the best doll house EVER!

----- john g 15.12.10 12:39

This dollhouse is simply breath taking! I would try to squeeze into it myself LOL! I would definitely equip it with modern mini furniture.

----- Forsythia Hopkins 15.12.10 12:27

I think if we were to win this house, we’d have to get some new friends. The plastic little people inhabiting our current dollhouse would look out of place in this amazing house.

----- lace 15.12.10 12:03

My flea circus would love to leave their wandering behind and settle in this mansion!

----- Valeria Mezzano 15.12.10 11:36

This stylish house would be home to my son’s origami creatures and LEGO Minifigures, my daughters’ Vogue dolls they inherited from my childhood…and a video camera. Since my son could express himself he’s said he wants to be a movie director…this house would create many a scene and set the tone perfectly for his work thus far! And as a homeschooling family it would get loved 24 hours a day!

----- Shannon S. 15.12.10 11:05

I have a great collection of miniature modern chairs that would look awesome in this house!

----- Megan Lane Patrick 15.12.10 10:34

our collection of japanese bear bricks would live here, lucky them!

----- becky 15.12.10 10:33

My Niece, Baby “S” would totally rock this dollhouse. Her mom is an architect so there is a great chance that she would be too!

----- Tracy 15.12.10 10:15

My dreams would live in this house. Terrorized by (relatively) gigantic cats.

----- Ben 15.12.10 10:03

I’d totally grow miniature plants in it…

----- Jen 15.12.10 08:20

Thank you so much, it was bothering me that I could not figure this out. Thanks again!

----- Marcos Yonemori 15.12.10 05:01

i’ve got to have it!!!! as an architect, i was trying to build a doll house village for my girls and this will surely advance me quickly. ;)

----- jeanie lim 14.12.10 21:57

If I had this house, I would use a shrink ray so I could live in it.

----- Darcy Parrish 14.12.10 20:50

My parents would definitely live in this house. They’ve been living in the same house for too long and it’s gotten all cluttered, and I think it’d be so nice for them to start off their sexy 60s with a fresh new home!

----- Grace.L 14.12.10 20:04

Sadly all I have are my G.I. Joe figures but their fully posable, kung-fu grip would help them sit naturally in the most amazing doll house I’ve ever seen!

----- neonsocks 14.12.10 19:26

I think I would have to get my daughter a pet cricket for this house. I would have to have a living being in this it is so beautiful. Maybe a praying mantis…

----- J Alexander 14.12.10 18:59

my little frank lloyd wright doll could cozy up in there. or maybe all my hopes and dreams…

----- Craig crogdor Phillipson 14.12.10 17:56

My cat, Bridgette would protect this house.

----- Ruby 14.12.10 17:38

I would live in this house to show the world my love for the environment!

----- Lucas Lund 14.12.10 17:22

My niece’s barbies would now have an awesome house to live in or it’ll been a good bachelor’s pad (work in progress) at least that’s what I will tell the ladies. :)

----- Alan 14.12.10 17:06

i would have to say my daughters barbies.

----- jay p 14.12.10 16:47

Wow! I suppose I could put a few nendoroid figures in there, but I’d rather keep it empty to appreciate the architecture without distraction!

----- Monica 14.12.10 16:07

this is way way way cooler than the barbie dream house i had

----- angela 14.12.10 15:05

my son’s random collection of animal figurines and dinosaurs would probably live in this home if we win this. too bad i can’t shrink myself, or i’d be living in this thing for sure.

----- caroline 14.12.10 15:00

Nice! It’s only slightly smaller than my apartment.

----- Matt 14.12.10 14:57

Now that He-Man is older and more refined, he’s been looking for a classy upgrade to his dingy old Castle Greyskull. Time to settle down and make some He-Kids with his He-Wife, you know?

----- Stephane Goulet 14.12.10 14:47

This dollhouse would live on my coffee table as it is a work of art! Inside would live 3/4” scale miniatures of my own family so we can bring the dream one step closer!

----- Amira 14.12.10 14:42

I’d fill it with little chocolate figures in the evening and eat them all throughout the next day only to reinhabit the house with new chocolates in the evening again!

----- Michal 14.12.10 14:01

Well I guess that would be up to my daughter, but I think it would most likely be a toss up between her dolls or fairies.

----- Jenn 14.12.10 13:44

If my family were to win this, I believe my daughter would move “Kittie Kat” and “binkie” in immediately. Thanks for such a unique giveaway.

----- Kyle Valentic 14.12.10 13:40

I will move in there my self! and if it will be to small for me, I can create a mini me to enjoy it.
any way- it will be the most perfect thing to make me real house feel a bit better. a dream in realty.

----- Stav 14.12.10 13:35

if i were to win it, i would immediately begin to search for that potion that Alice found to make herself quite small and I would live in it, and shrink some lovely friends to come and visit …

----- brett 14.12.10 12:37

I have a miniature japanese pulip doll and a handful of viynl toys that I think would work well with the ultra modern minimalist look of the dollhouse. While I’d love to say that a kid of mine could own this dollhouse, it would be a travesty to subject it to the abuse that a small child would inflict. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

----- Audrey R 14.12.10 12:17

This would be perfect for my 2 year old son and would house my collection of mini modern designer chairs.

----- Marlo 14.12.10 12:06

My miniature designer chair collection

----- Liliana 14.12.10 11:42

Wow. I have a doll-house my dad made for me when I was a kid; my kitten Starbuck spends a lot of time getting in through the front door and investigating the downstairs rooms. So with that fabulous open-out front, I’m guessing it’ll house my four dolls with no problem, as well as accommodating the occasional kitty visit.

----- byron818 14.12.10 11:35

this could be my new baby’s (due on january) first modern toy!!

----- ricardo garza 14.12.10 11:33

I would totally gift this to my niece if I didn’t think she would have her Strawberry Shortcake Dolls invading it.

----- lindsey k 14.12.10 11:30

Who would live in it? Well, I’m sure my cats would *try* to live in it. Being such a modern, gorgeous creation that it is, I would either have to commission an artist to make appropriate peoples to live in it, or make them myself. I love it! Of course, if I could find someone with a shrink ray, then I could live in it….

----- Catherine Chandler 14.12.10 11:26

Hipster leprechauns

----- Steve 14.12.10 11:17

um…my whole family is moving in! makes my real house look like a shack!

thank you for the giveaway!

----- jennifer 14.12.10 11:15

woah…holy comments! but who can be blamed?! this doll house is gorgeous and i’ve been stalking their progress in making them since february of 2010. i would die to have this dollhouse in my house. and my little girl would have something beautiful to play with.

----- katie 14.12.10 11:11

All the otherwise nonsense miniature figures I buy in my trips would have a place to hang out now…

----- fatima 14.12.10 10:58

This has got to be the coolest dollhouse I’ve ever seen. My nieces Polly Pockets and my nephews Hotwheels would have a great time in here until we have children’s little toys of our own!

----- Brittany Platts 14.12.10 10:46

My tiny little action figures!

----- Tooky 14.12.10 10:43


----- Steve M 14.12.10 10:29

The protective spirits of my house would live in it…like a Thai spirit house ;)


----- Robert 14.12.10 09:11

Decades ago when I took the architectural prep courses in high school, we had to build a house from the foundation up. It was done in woodshop, so everything was out of wood. It gave me an understanding of construction but my aesthetics fell short. This model fills that gap. If I won the model, I would be the one living in it, if only in my mind for I have been homeless in the past and having a dream helps one get through.

----- Igor Pismensky 14.12.10 08:56

If I get this doll house, I would let my dust bunnies live in there. I chase them away from everywhere else in my apartment :)

----- Aljosa 14.12.10 08:49

My needle felted creations would live in this house.

----- Angel 14.12.10 08:26

this doll house just make me wish I had an evil genius uncle with crazy hair to shrink me so I could live in it.

----- evi listiani 14.12.10 07:54

I wouldn’t put anything in it. As a design student, I would simply admire the house.

----- Marc Tessier 14.12.10 07:52

Paper cutout people that I would draw in different scenes every time a different mood strikes. They would hopefully just as stylish as this lovely house.

----- Joey 14.12.10 07:48

My righthand… walking around in there on his two fingers.

----- Luuk Langenhoff 14.12.10 07:03

Perfect for my lego guys! obviously hahaha

----- J 14.12.10 01:45

my dunnys, gashapon, figurines. they can throw parties

----- steven 14.12.10 00:10

In this house will live James Jarvis Figures collection… amazing !!!

----- Pol 13.12.10 23:51

“Life is but a dream”. I’ve always wanted a doll house but I never had one. I’ve always dreamed of living in a decent home with my family and I still am. This house would be a perfect fit for my parents and for my younger siblings especially for my dad. It’s like having his dreamhouse come into reality. I think my dad wanted to be an architect but he never had the luxury and opportunity to pursue his passion. When I think about it, my strange fascination with houses (both miniatures and life-sized) came from him. I still remember when I was nine or ten years old that I would secretly read his design magazines of houses and look at the photos of the interior and exterior with immense admiration. It would take a great amount of time carefully flipping through the pages and absorbing every detail of it. He only had four or maybe five old design magazines that probably someone had handed down to him but I never got tired of it. Everytime I see a doll house display or any miniature design I’d imagine shrinking myself and living inside it. I always find myself in pure awe and I can never really put into words how I feel. Probably, It’s like eating vanilla ice cream or riding a roller coaster. Just priceless.

This would be the perfect holiday gift to have for my dad and for the whole family. I’d make a miniature version of ourselves and place it inside the house. It would serve as an inspiration to all of us that someday, somewhere, we will be able to live in a decent place, in a house that we can call home.

----- Nine 13.12.10 23:46

This is has to be the best dollhouse in the galaxy.My paper mâché Batman figure that I made way back which I gave to my son will ditch the batcave in a heart beat for this great dollhouse.

----- David 13.12.10 23:30

Very happy sporks would lounge around this house.

----- Laurita175 13.12.10 20:17

Lego Boba Fett.

----- Jeremy 13.12.10 19:47

If only someone made a little Philip Johnson doll that could prance around the wooden floors admiring his surroundings. Him and his partner David would have little dinner parties inviting the elite of society. What tiny fantasies could ensue on such a perfectly beautiful modern estate.

----- Ivan Dutton 13.12.10 19:44

If this doll house were to come to live in my house… my three children’s hands would live inside… holding a variety of dolls, Star Wars figures, Barbies, ponies, etc. Bonus would be my 2 girls and 1 boy would learn something about good design through play… 100% win!

----- Mikell Johnson 13.12.10 19:29

One year I got a dollhouse for Christmas. Santa wrote me a wonderful note about how it is just a starter house, and that I would have to do all the work with help from my dad. Add the shingles, paint the walls, build the furniture etc. Only half the roof got covered with shingles, and the rest of the time I would just play with the dollhouse in it’s bare wood. The reason that the dollhouse was never completed was because life got in the way. My dad was in and out of jobs, we ended up moving, then at some point I outgrew the dollhouse phase. I still loved having it, but slowly it made its way out of my room, into the garage and then finally into the attic. Now that I don’t live at home anymore my parents gave the dollhouse away to a family friend. This modern dollhouse is beautiful- far surpassing my simple two story wooden one with four rooms. I would share this with friends and family who bring their children to my house. I don’t have children of my own yet, so my house isn’t child friendly-with toys and such. This would be a wonderful way to share with other children what I miss most from my childhood- a dollhouse.

----- whitney 13.12.10 19:27

My many toys from the 80s that clutter many of the shelves arount my house. Trrolls and ninja turtles need nice houses too.

----- Danielle 13.12.10 19:23

My Steve Jobs action figure would live here! (http://micgadget.com/9634/phenomenal-steve-jobs-figure-hands-on/ )

----- Justin R 13.12.10 19:22

I would make sure plumbing, electricity, and cable was set up then pay a Russian scientist to replicate the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” machine so i could hang out in it on the weekends with my girlfriend. It would also be great for parties because the clean-up would be minimal (when life size, of course.) Wine and cheese events, no ragers. I try to stay classy.

----- don kang 13.12.10 19:04

My daughter’s little doll family of course!!!

----- Tricia TZel 13.12.10 18:39

I would let my tribe of Borrowers to live here. Currently they are slumping behind the refrigerator, not a good place to live let alone raise a family. This would definitely upgrade their lifestyle to a whole new level which I hope will stop them from borrowing (a.k.a. stealing) from me anymore.

----- Gary 13.12.10 17:59

my Steve Jobs action figure, and Edna Mode. Just seems right

----- eug 13.12.10 17:14

Wow, this is spectacular! I am not sure I could tear myself away from playing with this long enough to let my kid have her turn! However, if I did so, it would immediately be furnished with a combination of Polly Pocket dolls and furniture (so…..pink plastic…sad, but true) and homemade construction-paper-and-popsicle-stick creations. :)

----- Jen 13.12.10 17:10

my be@rbrick collection

----- Elsie 13.12.10 17:05

With the The Smurfs and Gulliver’s Travels coming out soon, I would think most would consider having Smurfs and Lilliputians move in. However, I’d have the Littl’ Bits live in this house: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Littl%27_Bits- They’re eco-friendly too!

----- Lisa 13.12.10 16:47

With the The Smurfs and Gulliver’s Travels coming out soon, I would think most would consider having Smurfs and Lilliputians move in. However, I’d have the Littl’ Bits live in this house: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Littl%27_Bits

----- Lisa 13.12.10 16:46

That is the greatest doll house ever! My niece Ava (whose middle name is actually Emerson) would definitely be living in here, with some of her friends named Barbie…

----- Michelle 13.12.10 16:42

there’s a very modern and stylish family that lives in the top drawer of my 3-year-olds toy bin that is looking to relocate to a place that better fits their aesthetic.

----- justin p 13.12.10 16:40

I’d like to, but until I get a working prototype of a shrink ray my guess is Lizardy-Lizard (my sons’ Leopard gecko) and maybe some of his cricket “pals”. I’m only half kidding. I know they will put Lizardy Lizard in there at least once.

----- Danica 13.12.10 16:40

Me and Barbara Walters.

----- ashley 13.12.10 16:38

Well, my Gundam Wing mechs would certainly love to live here. You see, they are from Japan and they are super into all that modernist/minimalist stuff.

----- Brian 13.12.10 16:30

That is one impressive dollhouse! I occasionally dolls, so I suppose one of my handmade ones would have to go there.

----- Margaret 13.12.10 16:26

My pet shops, barbies, and hello kittys will all live in this house! And they will be overjoyed as I will be! :DDDD
This house is awesome. I am amazed.

----- Jaime 13.12.10 16:17

All of my daughters tiniest friends would live in this house, in addition to a tiny spoon, a tiny piece of plastic cake, and perhaps a tiny pillow.

----- Amanda 13.12.10 16:11

OMFG. I have a four year old sister, but I’m not trying to win this for her… this is all for meeeee! I love this doll house! I never had one when I was kid, I just was just stuck looking at the pictures of the dollhouses that I wanted. If I were to win this house… I would live in it with my best friend… we have this deal that we would get an awesome house or condo in the future then just live in it until one of us gets married. We even have this bet that for 100 bucks, I bet that she will get married first and she, vice versa.

----- Francis (The girl with a boy's name) 13.12.10 15:53

This is absolutely a place where I’d accomodate the family of crickets I have. They’ll be no more chirping from the vivarium, this is way better!

----- Petra 13.12.10 15:48

Because we’re so cool, last year for Christmas my best friend and I made little doll versions of ourselves and gave them to each other. We’re always talking about how awesome to be if we could be room mates and live in a giant house and have it all to ourselves. So long story short I’d have our doll selves live there living our dream!

----- Nic 13.12.10 15:20

I didn’t grow up with sisters and doll houses, but this is a stunning house, and I know my 2 nieces would have a hey-day with this house if I won it for them, and I would enjoy watching them live in it!(-:

----- daniel 13.12.10 15:08

My girls would fill it with russian nesting doll nativity figures… At least until i can pry them away from their hands to put the Christmas decor in the attic.

----- Cole 13.12.10 15:01

My sisters is an architect and her daughter would love this super cool dolls house for her toys!

----- Eoin 13.12.10 14:57

The imaginations of my two daughters would live and grow in this house. Also, their dolls.

----- Joshua 13.12.10 14:30

I think this is a great place where my cat can feel very comfortable. A little borgouise home with all the right aquipment.

----- Shay 13.12.10 14:23

I would house the broken dreams of my misspent youth within this lovely home.

----- Noel 13.12.10 14:08

I must say that with five small boys in my house, the most likely inhabitants include vintage Star Wars characters (from my husband’s ill-spent youth), LEGO characters, dinosaurs, and just possibly Little People (but only if the baby gets to it before his brothers).

----- Kelly 13.12.10 13:53

My fiance and I live in a small apartment now, but dream of building a house like this someday. For now we’re settling for a miniature gingerbread version, but I would love to surprise him with the real deal! His miniature Eames chairs would be right at home, and so would his inner child.

----- KERRY 13.12.10 13:48

The doll house looks amazing!!!

----- Tingting Shan 13.12.10 13:35

This house would be loved so dearly by my three (and a half) year old twins. Equally inhabited by dinosaurs and fairies, diggers and ponies, trains and baby dolls. A dream house come true!

----- Drew 13.12.10 13:11

What a gorgeous example of modern design to share with a child! My budding artist, only 5, would have hours of fun with her creative imagination throughout this lovely home.

----- Jennifer 13.12.10 12:59

My boyfriend and I would promptly move in and throw a modest yet stylish doll party. tea would be the hardest drink, of course.

----- Ian S. 13.12.10 12:19

wowww this doll house is uhhhhmazinnggg! none of my toys are living in it, im just gunna have to find a human shrinker so i can move in! ;)

----- Kenny Garcia 13.12.10 12:15

*** This guy would live in there! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v430/anarfkchy/IMG_0021.jpg Coolest Hamtaro in the world. He appreciates modern architecture. He was adopted and he also likes star wars and would let all the other star wars geeks come over for BBQs ***

xoxo, Lisa & Remy

----- Lisa Kat 13.12.10 12:09

I think Tim Gunn should live in this house.

----- Trisha 13.12.10 12:08

If I was fortunate enough to win this doll house, I’d want the new tenants to be all of the mini figure toys that adorn the store/gallery-Pinky Street figures, Re-Ment sets, Uglydolls action figures, Dunnys, Mechtorians, UAMOU figures, etc. I’d find them artwork for their walls as a housewarming gift. They’d make it their Home Sweet Home.

----- Laura Kuenzli 13.12.10 12:07

lego men…

----- dylan 13.12.10 12:04

my 7 year old cousin lauren would love this. she’s half-chinese and half-irish and she lives in japan and could use a dollhouse that looks similar to their apartment haha. she can have her dolls in the house while her brother bryce keeps his dinosaur toys and action figures and cars ouside

----- Kye 13.12.10 12:03

My daughters Nora Lea (2) and Dottie (1) would have a place for their cars, their dolls and their precious objects to live.

----- Helen Jane 13.12.10 11:55

My niece Harper would love this doll house! I think I would have to buy her the Edward Cullens barbie to go in it!!

----- Devin 13.12.10 11:48

My niece Harper would love this doll house! Maybe I would buy her the Edward Cullens doll to go in it;)

----- Devin 13.12.10 11:46

doll house looks like a real house .

----- david 13.12.10 11:45

I have absolutely no use for this beauty, but I want it soooo bad!

Perhaps, if it were mine, the little pet mouse my son has been begging for could live inside.

----- Speck 13.12.10 11:25


----- Thomas 13.12.10 11:20

I know just the little girl who would love this home with which to play with and in. Her name is Avia, and she is quite the charming, intelligent, and inquisitive little 4 year old whose parents (my dear dear friends) have come upon some harder times this year. I think this lovely little home could brighten their christmas this year.

----- Dana K. 13.12.10 11:08

I would love to get so tiny to be able to live in that house….! Oh, well, my cat may try and get in there, he’s got a good sense of style… Need it, want it!

----- Piergiorgio 13.12.10 10:57

I think my daughter would put Domo, some random fabric scraps she finds, and the dog from her nativity set in the house. What a cute family.


----- Aaron 13.12.10 10:54

This would be absolutely amazing to have, and if it were a real house it would be myself and my girlfriend, but since it is not, it would be our hopes in designing and building a house of our own like this to enjoy our lives together…

----- Scott Melanson 13.12.10 10:50

There is a Santa!!!!! How did you know this is what I wanted!?!?! So so so cool and so so so unnecessary. I would probably get carried away and try to live in it myself. Interesting mental picture. I’ll let you know how that works out if I win…

----- Jessi 13.12.10 10:38

Oh man, the fun I would have finding and making scale furniture for this…
I would be living here with the boyfriend, we are both architects so we’d be able to adjust pretty quickly to the modern house life. ;)

----- Caitlin 13.12.10 10:30

Without a doubt, my smurfs. who would celebrate their new lack of attachment to the humid, dark fungi that used to house them. Now they would look up at the sky through those tall clear walls.

----- Bernardo 13.12.10 10:28

I would probably loan it to the four little girls who live down the street. They’re in love with Greek mythology, so I would imagine Zeus and Hera would make this dollhouse their home. I don’t quite think their styles match, but who am I to protest?

----- Allison 13.12.10 10:24

I would love to let all the California sun in through all those windows!

----- Drew 13.12.10 10:11

My best friend is about to have my goddaughter any minute and I’ve sworn that I’ll be buying her her first fashion doll so this would be an amazing place for her to play with them when she’s old enough.

----- Laura Perryman 13.12.10 09:55

I would live in this beautiful house!!!

----- Anna 13.12.10 09:50

marcel the shell with shoes on. it’s time he got a nice pad.

----- janete 13.12.10 09:49

If i win this house my little monkey figure will live in it

----- Bianca 13.12.10 09:35


----- Austin 13.12.10 09:32

This is insanely cool. Honestly, it would suck to have this in my home. It would remind me of how small and crammed full of stuff my own house is. I would have to give it to my neighbor Charlie who is 8 years old and who I once saw make an entire neighborhood of modern ramblers out of blocks. It was mind blowing. As for living in it? I would. Fantasizing, and weeping.

----- Daimian 13.12.10 09:23

My TY Beanies would love to stay in this house and they would look so cute just lying on the floor.

----- Iris 13.12.10 09:20

All of my Batman action figures along with Data and Geordi from Star Trek. Oh, and Darth Maul.

----- Matt 13.12.10 09:08

I think I would have to make some figures to live in here. Barbie just isn’t cool enough.

----- Daniel F 13.12.10 08:58

The imaginary me would live there and invite other imaginary friends over to hang out and converse about relevant issues and contemplate building a larger version for the real me.

----- justin 13.12.10 08:57

Unlike normal children, Clayton will likely use it to house his family of small lizards. He is presently using a vague representation of a home in tacky pink plastics. I think this would make his year and many that follow.

----- Anthony 13.12.10 08:52

Oh man, my daughter LOVES dollhouses. I have not seen one yet that doesn’t make me ill to look at. This one is amazing.

----- D'Arcy O'Neill 13.12.10 08:46

my miniature terrariums would live in here. they’d get so much sunlight and would be the perfect decorative objects in this slick house.

----- HSQUARED 13.12.10 08:46

As the landowner, I’d really like to see the space occupied by those who could give back to the community (my living room). I’d really love to see a photographer reside here. I have some dunny friends who have been looking for a place that reflected their creative sensibilities and this could be perfect!

----- Cill 13.12.10 08:44

Call of the Small has nothing on this house! so beautiful!

----- Jessica 13.12.10 08:43

Our very real and very small cat would certainly visit the house regularly, as he does the doll stroller & pram. However, the real inhabitants would be the small “vintage” mice of my childhood that have been passed to our daughter, as well as the wonderful array of hand made people and animals that she’s created from clay & pipecleaners. She’s 5 and this doll house would rock her world!

----- danielle w. 13.12.10 08:42

It would have to be my papercraft Steve aka “The Minecraft Block Guy.”

----- Brian 13.12.10 08:35

With a house this size, my Justice League action figures and Gundam Wing models could retire from crime fighting.

----- Carlo 13.12.10 08:34

I’d use it to remind me that I’m stuck in my existing house and will never be able to aford it. It will be just a happy dream…

----- Mike 13.12.10 08:26

That’s just wonderful!
If I was to win that house, my army of little teddy bears would soon conquer this modern castle.

----- Grete 13.12.10 08:20

My guy who lives halfway around the world right now.

----- Pei 13.12.10 08:19

I would get to work on my shrink ray DIY I’ve been planning for some time now so I could live in it!

----- Alexis 13.12.10 08:15

My nephew is obsessed with LEGOs right now, so many LEGO people will more than likely be living in this house when *hoping* I win it. I’m sure they would be more comfortable their than in all those blocky boxey angled houses.

----- Allen 13.12.10 08:05

I would make a little me to live in this house… and I would live vicariously through it.. wish i could afford a lifesized version!

----- Tran 13.12.10 07:51

I would leave the decision about who live in this house up to my niece because she is BRILLIANT.

----- John 13.12.10 07:43

My neice “Mads” collects Barbie dolls. I’m thinking this would make a great home for one part of her collection—the cast of “Dynasty.” Joan and Linda can scratch each others’ plastic eyes out in haute modern style!

----- Mike H 13.12.10 07:38

My Andy Warhol figure would host dinner parties there.

----- scott 13.12.10 07:33

Wow, that is FABULOUS! My daughter has a 70s/80s era Barbie Dreamhouse which isn’t cool enough for her… I think this would do it!

----- Matt Peckham 13.12.10 07:29

Love it! what a great Doll house!

----- Don harvey 13.12.10 07:24

I would live there! It’s a great place to teach kids minimal living and respect for your things. plus its beautiful.

----- J Fischer 13.12.10 07:20

My fingers…

----- Maria Lara 13.12.10 07:13

If I can’t live in the big grow up world in a house like this, at least I could play with this one!

----- Dee 13.12.10 07:09

Me! Um, I mean my 3 daughter’s dolls. However, we’ll have to change their names from Snowie, Emily and Tabatha to Don, Peggy, and Betty. Can you tell me where to get tiny, tiny Martini glasses?

----- Mark Maidique 13.12.10 07:09

My daughter would go nuts for this…she’d probably try and put her pet chinchilla in it instead of dolls

----- Jeremy 13.12.10 07:04

Gorgeous! My miniature, alter ego would inhabit this house for sure. When I need to “get away” and pretend that at least in miniature, my house can be clean and perfect at all times.

----- A.D. 13.12.10 07:03

My geisha red dunny. She would have a nice place to accommodate all her dunny customers for some wild stuff.

----- Calvin 13.12.10 07:02

My small collection of mini Hello Kitty keyring models would LOVE to stay in a house like this!

----- Meredith KB 13.12.10 06:54

clearly dolls that need clean butts, thanks to the bidet addition.

i’d give it to an interior design friend. i hope she’d love it.

----- james 13.12.10 06:50

I’d let my friend who is an architect live in it. She’s trying her hardest to make it studying architecture and deserves something to inspire her. Two all-nighters in a weekend? Must be rough. I want to cheer her up!

----- Ray 13.12.10 06:50

Probably some Lego Star Wars figures as my 5 years old only plays with them right now or some Barbapapa from my year old son.

----- Tania 13.12.10 06:49

TEDDY would totally live in this house and hold up its aesthetics…!

----- Natalie Kay 13.12.10 06:47

my imagination

----- Jacob 13.12.10 06:28

reaallllly nice. my daughter would love this.

----- jb 13.12.10 06:25

I would end up living in it if I don’t shape up on Game Day!

----- Mundy Hackett 13.12.10 06:25

My daughter Camilla would be the primary resident of this home, though I expect she’ll have many visitors.

----- Alex Yust 13.12.10 06:18

Let Ken and Barbie duke it out! May the best “doll” win!

----- SUN 13.12.10 06:17

my mini domo doll will be stylin’ in this house!

----- Becky 13.12.10 06:16

As my son is showing true selfish capitalist values in his playgroup at the moment (3 yrs old) I would expect him to move in to the property with his toys for only a short while. Then rent it out on a short term basis on a hugely inflated price to some of his more discerning friends. I would further imagine that after a few years and once he has the wherewithal in computer skills he would auction it on ebay. It is because of this likelihood that I would therefore have to install my very own militia of Star Wars figures to prevent this from happening. They would also ensure that the general upkeep and maintenance of the property was forthcoming and report to me and my wife if any plans were afoot by my son. I may be painting him in an unfavourable light but last Saturday he stole my teddy.

----- stewart heaysman 13.12.10 06:11

My little French bulldog and my huge black cat would vie for ownership of this lovely home.

----- Maggie 13.12.10 06:11

If I won I would then re-gift it to my two wonderful nieces. They would find lots of fun people and things to live in it.

----- Scott B 13.12.10 06:07

My niece would go crazy if i gifted her something like this, and her dad (my brother) would be ashamed that his girl is a houseowner before him. Yeha :D

----- max 13.12.10 05:53

My 4 year old niece is about to welcome a new sister into her family. This would be a great distraction and place where she can act out the new family dynamic

----- karen 13.12.10 05:48

Contemporary living for Jamungo’s Crappy Cat!

----- tony f 13.12.10 05:44

Is this really a doll house? No way, I want to live there!!! Since I’m a little too big, I guess my Tin Tin miniatures would have to do the job!

----- Camila F. 13.12.10 05:40

with all those windows and balconies I’d populate it with minature succulents and small bowls of beta fighting fish. (i dont have kids yet haha)

----- elena 13.12.10 05:33

My designer nieces! They are 7 and 4, and I am determined to make them mid century savvy!

----- JB 13.12.10 05:33

Obviously my scale models from architecture school!! And it would probably live in my office and be enjoyed (coveted) by one and all architects who work with me or come to visit.

----- JulIann 13.12.10 05:29

A flamingo called Floyd and a lion called Leonsio. They would love a summer home, particularly since I usually leave them on my bed.

----- Sele 13.12.10 05:07

Matchbox people: with matchboxes for the body, matches for legs and hands and lollipops for heads: I still have some horrible ones from Halloween…

----- Antoana 13.12.10 05:07

Though he proved himself to be a no good swindler, my Lando Calrissian action figure would finally have a place to relax and bring the ladies. And by ladies I mean my Cheetarah from the Thundercats action figure.

----- Cole 13.12.10 05:05

well first it be occupied by the Cat in the Hat and quickly be followed by One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!!
Home sweet home for the imagination:)

----- peter 13.12.10 05:02

My lovely nameless daughter who will be born in April would love to fill this doll house with all of her creative little thoughts…probably some dolls also!

----- brado1977 13.12.10 04:50

Whatever my daughter wants to live in it!

----- James 13.12.10 04:37

The highest bidder would live in this house. There would probably be a three-way bidding war between Bernie, my first stuffed animal, my son’s Star Wars Action figures, and my daughter’s Barbie.

----- David Rieman 13.12.10 04:30

This house would provide a safe-haven for my vintage Blythe dolls. Since adopting a very curious sausage dog, he’s targeted their rooted scalps ever since he first met them. I won’t just be giving them a life of glam and luxury, but a shelter from the elongated beast.

----- Jessica Bagnall 13.12.10 04:27

This is the most beautiful dollhouse ever! I’m sure that a very mixed population of dolls, mini dinosaurs, little people, and hello kitties would feel right at home.

----- Hazel T 13.12.10 04:26

My collection of Momiji dolls of course! I can see them lounging around the place instead of my dusty bookshelf right now! Safe them from dust … give them a home where they can breathe … and where my daughter can play with them of course ;) maybe …

----- Rudi 13.12.10 03:59

my wife’s many Blythe dolls would definitely welcome this! they’ve been wanting to move out already :)

----- jay 13.12.10 03:59

This is amazing! For lack of a more suitable option, I’d populate the house with Imperial Storm Troopers.

----- Lance 13.12.10 03:49

my sylvanian dolls can stay in a modern house now!

----- Lee Yue Yun 13.12.10 02:51

If I were to win this amazing miniature house, Lei, my beloved homeless Blythe doll, could stop collecting dust living on a bookshelf.
Gosh, I’m drooling all over my keybord!

----- Eloisa Perissi 13.12.10 02:40

First and foremost, total agree that is the most awesome doll house ever! love love love!

----- Jennifer 13.12.10 01:47

The insatiable need to be miniature has arisen as all these photos of this mini house. It just looks so damn cozy.

----- Brad 13.12.10 01:41

i loooove miniature!
and it would be perfect for my mini paper figurine!
just like an artsy kind of maquette, i guess… ;)

----- genoveva hega d. m. 13.12.10 01:13

Sweet merciful baby Jesus! This house was featured over on Elements of Style in a gift guide, and the moment I saw it, I instantly envisioned it spread out magically on my (sadly non-existant!) mantle, filled with all kinds of tiny, magical things, which I would dreamily rearrange whenever I got bored….and here you are GIVING IT AWAY! As for who would live in it…I hadn’t given it much thought…Oh! I know! Tiny Margot Tenenbaum and her adopted daughter and their lhasa apso, Charlie. And of course Tiny Richie Tenenbaum would keep birds on the roof, so he could have a good excuse to come over and gaze longingly at Margot.

----- Rose 13.12.10 01:08

Need I agree with you how cool this doll house is? I think not. It’s a amazing. Daniel and his bro/sis will LOVE to put both dolls and matchbox cars in and around this piece ofplayable art.

----- Rachel S. 13.12.10 01:04

I have a 1 year old daughter and i worry for her values no more.

With a house like this my kid could grow up with better expectations and aesthetic values than a new build made of plastic. Of course, she may never afford a real house like this (daddy cant). All in all a lovely idea - all architect model makers should exploit this market! Bespoke eco doll-homes made from FSA wood. Almost laughable but still completely desirable and lovely. Shame it does not include the furniture as it will no doubt end up being filled with plastic awfulness and stuffed tigers by the lucky adult / kid.

----- Benjamin H 13.12.10 00:54

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