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Holiday Giveaway #25: Skip Hop- 12.18.10

27-skiphop.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Lesley in London, England!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #25 is here ~ and today our friends from Skiphop are giving two lucky readers: a Night and Day Discovery Toy, a Friendly Forest Mirror, and Zoo Bookends. Skip Hop has some of the nicest designed baby goodness ~ and we just did an interview with the Skip Hop founders on American Express’ site for Small Business Owners, Open Forum!

For a chance to win leave a comment by midnight on Dec 22st (PST) ~ share your favorite forest animal!

skiphop1.jpg Night and Day Discovery Toy

skiphop2.jpg Friendly Forest Mirror

skiphop3.jpg And just for fun… here are a few of my other favorites from Skiphop!

For a chance to win one of the sets of a Night and Day Discovery Toy, a Friendly Forest Mirror, and Zoo Bookends from Skiphop, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 22st (PST) ~ share your favorite forest animal!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

p.s. For your shopping pleasure: skiphop.jpg

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Christmas Critters! :)

----- Gabriel G 22.12.10 22:44

fave forest animal is the deer. peaceful, graceful

----- eug 22.12.10 20:34


----- Maria 22.12.10 17:49

I’m gonna have to respect my Indigenous heritage on this one and say wolves.

----- N Keitlah 22.12.10 17:29

I like owls!

----- Justin R 22.12.10 15:44


----- Tatiana Hernandez 22.12.10 14:42

The FLYING SQUIRREL! Such a fantastic animal! They have a way to glide across the forest canopy from tree to tree using excess skin connecting the outter side of their arms and legs together, like a person with a hang glider. The flying squirrel eats anything and everything when they are hungry kind of like some people I know!

----- Aleigha 22.12.10 13:20


----- Ryan Combdon 22.12.10 12:59

I really love squirrels (:

----- Rhiannon T. 22.12.10 12:03

Squirrel! So adorable!!

----- Marie 22.12.10 10:17


----- Mech 22.12.10 03:24

A rabbit! They are cute! and I would give this to my niece who is due any day now!

----- Miguel 21.12.10 23:24


----- Jim 21.12.10 22:39

Definitely Owls though I’ve never seen one in the wild. They’re just mysterious and beautiful.

----- neonsocks 21.12.10 19:26


----- justin p 21.12.10 17:18


----- BL 21.12.10 16:50

Raccoon. So adorable and naughty. Woodland creature in a masquerade mask.

----- jess 21.12.10 15:19

Definitely a Red Panda. It’s a forest animal, right?

----- Meg 21.12.10 14:37

Hedgehogs are the cutest forest creatures of all!!!!

----- Amy Peterson 21.12.10 13:45

I hope the lemur counts! They are my favorite. They’re great at climbing trees and they can walk like odd little humans.

----- Susan Kelley 21.12.10 13:33

Red Pandas! Their big faces are sooooo adorable I wanna bite them.

----- JH 21.12.10 11:54

Owls! Although I’ve never actually seen one…

----- Molly 21.12.10 10:36

the TARSIER!! (dolby digital background)

----- ellaqezi 21.12.10 10:19

Favorite forest animal hands down: Raccoon!

----- Tami 21.12.10 10:05


----- Ori Eyal 21.12.10 09:51

beavers are the best. cuddly tree chompin beavers

----- Mike 21.12.10 08:27

wild boars.
well, someone has to protect them from Asterix and Obelix:)

----- Burçin Yüksel 21.12.10 07:54

my favorite forest animal is the possum! its so strange and its got a prehensile tail!

----- curtis 21.12.10 07:14

I’d have to say my favorite forest animal is a puma.

----- Morgan 21.12.10 06:24

my daughter would love these! i think my favorite woodland creature is the deer. so graceful.

----- shawn joy 21.12.10 05:03

The rabbit is absolutely adorable! But I feel about rabbits the same way I do about lambs: I love them and wish I could keep one as a pet, but if I ever got hungry I would slaughter it because it’s flesh tastes delicious :]

I, Mari, had a little lamb…
‘Til I got hungry!

----- Mari Baquir 21.12.10 03:09

Ayeaye. It has really long fingers. And they have sticky stuff on their fingers. What’s not to love?

----- Ray 20.12.10 21:47

My favourite forest animal is the hedgehog, they’re adorable!

----- Jess 20.12.10 19:50

my favorite is definitely the owl! and we’re having our first baby in March and hoping to owl up the nursery! :D

----- Lisa 20.12.10 19:19

Not sure if this counts but my favorite forest animal is Tortoro haha. But if I had to choose a nonficticious one, I’d have to say the squirrel. Come on bookends!!!

----- Lance Chiu 20.12.10 18:34

Hoot hoot!

----- Mia 20.12.10 18:23



----- Jan 20.12.10 15:20

probably a squirrel, or maybe a cute little bunny with a twitching nose, too cute!

or large scale, a wolf!

----- somerset 20.12.10 14:59

Praying mantis!

----- Jeremy 20.12.10 14:52


----- Samantha 20.12.10 14:24

Mongeese! Mongooses??

----- JD 20.12.10 14:07

Fox of course.

----- Stavti 20.12.10 13:42

Owls! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this today, my uncle sent me an iPod Touch for Christmas and I needa a new way to repay him back. I figured if I win this, I could send his kid a new Christmas toy P:

----- Amanda T 20.12.10 13:32

i love skip hop products…they make great gifts for kids too! My favorite is the owl.

----- Laura 20.12.10 13:31

Skunks! They’re so under appreciated and the waddle is so cute.

----- Jessi 20.12.10 12:24

The one who’ll lead me to the five-star hotel.

----- Bontemps 20.12.10 11:56

R.O.U.S.! and foxes :-)

----- Anna 20.12.10 11:20


----- Ryan 20.12.10 10:51

it would have to be a deer - they are graceful and peaceful

----- marsha 20.12.10 10:15

Favorite forest animal has definitely got to be the timeless, the classic, but never equalled: wolf.

----- Stacy B. 20.12.10 10:12

raccoons of course!

----- elena 20.12.10 09:33

Monkeys rock! They are super cute and playful and are the theme for my daughter’s nursery.

----- Angie 20.12.10 09:16

I love the hedgehogs that come visit my yard! But the owls on these baby items might have them beat!

----- Emma 20.12.10 09:14

It used to be a northern red squirrel…with all his cuteness and spunkiness and so much tinier than the gray squirrels. Then he moved into my attic because it was cold and he’s not as awesome now. He chews up wires and insulation…But I guess he technically is now my favorite attic animal.

----- Jessica 20.12.10 08:44

I love rabbits because they are so fast and adorable with their little noses…awww…=3

----- Elaine 20.12.10 08:35

Owls! They noises they make are great and both of our kids first words.

----- Ella 20.12.10 08:32

I love the innocent, big-eyed deer. Also, my brother just announced yesterday that his wife is pregnant with their first child and my first niece or nephew. I would love to give this to them for Christmas!

----- Courtney 20.12.10 08:21

Gotta love the ape!

----- Chris Wilkinson 20.12.10 08:03

Are the african plains considered a forest.. because my favorite animal is a giraffe!!… hmm.. actual forest animal… deer.. but not bambi.

----- Tran 20.12.10 07:46

I like any forest animals that kill mosquitoes.

----- Adam Edwards 20.12.10 07:26

My favorite favorite forest animal is the sleeplees owl

----- Liliana 20.12.10 06:54

don’t judge me but i like the possums!!

----- ricardo garza marcos 20.12.10 06:50

It’s a tie- between the hedgehog and the fox- foxes because they are wise and clever and have red hair, like me. Hedgehogs cuz they “just won’t share the hedge.” (swiped that last bit from a t-shirt that made me giggle)

----- Betsy 20.12.10 06:48

I can tell which one I don’t like: squirrels. They’re plotting something insidious.

----- Don Taylor 20.12.10 06:13

My favorite forest animal is the box turtle. They’re so ludicrously out of place plowing through the leaves and bracken - like little tanks.

----- byron 20.12.10 05:53

i love those foxy foxes.

----- sarah 20.12.10 05:42

Forest Hobos- elusive and possibly dangerous

----- tony f 20.12.10 05:30

A gruffalo!! Just been blessed with a God-daughter who would love this!

----- Ollie 20.12.10 05:22

i looove love love love me some black panther and white tiger!

----- Kenny Garcia 20.12.10 04:51

My favorite forest animal is the deer! They look so lovely and innocent!

----- Camila F. 20.12.10 04:08

My favourite forest animal is the squirrel. However, my heavily pregnant wife says Owl. I was going to point out this isn’t an animal but as she’s 5 days over our due date so didn’t want to stir the hormonal hornets nest.

----- Adam King 20.12.10 01:59

Moose :)

----- Ashley 20.12.10 01:51

fox and owl

----- morgane 20.12.10 01:04

hedgehog - since i’ve first feed it when i was a kid

----- martins 19.12.10 23:26

I discovered this site by mistake when I had been going through Bing

----- Larissa Amesbury 19.12.10 23:24

Pandas are awsome, plus black and white are my favorite colors.
P.S: My one year old son would love these!

----- David 19.12.10 21:40

I love all forest creatures, but an opossum stole my heart one morning during a walk-of-shame, taking a shortcut through the woods. Approaching me from a distance, I saw the possum walking directly towards me… doing the same thing! Since they’re nocturnal, he/she looked just as woozy and wobbly as I must have. It walked right past me as if it didn’t notice me.

Possums are not cute in person.

----- Jane 19.12.10 20:16

My favourite forest animal is the common twoyearoldis, or the feral two year old child. Nigh on impossible to tame, they are not a likely candidate for domestication. They are known for their wild eating habits, frenzied outbursts and of course their well known call; a short and sharp “mine! mine! mine!”. Although undoubtedly a wild animal, I do have one and I love him to bits.

----- Amy 19.12.10 20:12

My favorite forest animal is probably a tie between owls and raccoons :) can’t resist that ninja-mask face!

----- Sam 19.12.10 19:28

The elf, of course. ;-)

----- Sandra 19.12.10 19:10

Anything fuzzy. Oh, and owls.

----- Stephanie F 19.12.10 18:15

owls. I have soo many owls around my house.

----- Danielle 19.12.10 17:56

one of the best kids brands on the market!

----- Alejandro 19.12.10 17:43

Seeing that I am from Malaysia, I have to give props to the man of the Jungle, the Orang Utan!

----- Gary 19.12.10 17:40

Owls are my favorite!

----- steven 19.12.10 17:30

I am loving the owls… too cute!

----- Laura Andry 19.12.10 16:31

hmm favorite forest animal…..squirrels! they are so cute!! their fluffy little tail and they way that skimper along! CUTE!

----- Jessica Duvall 19.12.10 16:31

I hate when my actual preferences happen to ride the end of the latest trendwave… . Owls and hedgehogs.

----- Speck 19.12.10 15:07

Foxes, for sure! Although deer are pretty sweet too.

----- Les 19.12.10 15:04

Hmm my favorite forest animal would be… male deer, the stag. So grand.

----- Emily E 19.12.10 14:54

I love owls! so cute!

----- Ginny 19.12.10 14:41

This would be wonderful for my sister who was supposed to have her first child last week. Favourite woodland animal is clearly a lost penguin.

----- Martin 19.12.10 14:38

Hedgehog is the best!!

----- Aljosa 19.12.10 14:23

very nice!

----- jb 19.12.10 14:21

Wolverine :) It has fascinated me since I was 10 or so..

----- Michal 19.12.10 14:10

Right now it seems like everyone is int owls, but I think foxes are going to be the next big thing.

----- Lauren 19.12.10 13:53

The badger is my favorite woodland animal, it looks so cool and gives me the impression that it is always chilled out.

----- Luuk Langenhoff 19.12.10 13:26

Hmm…my favorite forest animal would have to be the Golden Eagle. They are gorgeous, gigantic birds and so majestic! I had the privilege of living in an area during high school where I got to see them mate and fly around above us. I even had one sitting on the road in front of me while driving down our mountain/hill, and it flew really low to the ground in front of the car for a good 1/4 mile! Amazing!

----- Catherine Chandler 19.12.10 12:57

Favorite forest animal = owl but of course!

----- Aaron 19.12.10 12:40

It may be boring, but we have a little herd of deer in our small forest, and they are my favorites.

----- Kim 19.12.10 12:16

I love the barn owl with its haunting eyes and soft wintry colors :)

----- Gina 19.12.10 10:29

Owls, hedgehogs, marmosets, elephants, frogs and red pandas. My favourite, though, are the marmosets.

----- Charlene Ngo 19.12.10 10:25

Has to be the lynx! An awesome feline, much like my cat!!

----- Stephanie 19.12.10 09:29

Gotta be a deer - beautiful and graceful - and even cuter if it’s a baby fawn!

----- Rosie 19.12.10 09:11

The owl (always a hoot!)

----- Adele 19.12.10 08:59


----- Anna 19.12.10 08:57

Porcupine. I always thought they looked cool.

----- J Alexander 19.12.10 08:50

Woody the Woodpecker!

----- Syif 19.12.10 08:47


----- young 19.12.10 08:43

Orangutan! Smart animal ever. Sadly, now, they’re endangered species..

----- Risca 19.12.10 08:43

I love deers.

It started from the movie Bambi and I grew to like it more after seeing them in real life!

----- Pei 19.12.10 08:36

Love the Owl! :D

----- Martin H 19.12.10 08:01


----- James 19.12.10 07:52

I love owls! Skip Hop stuff is fantastic- would love to win something for my 2 month old baby boy!

----- Lisa 19.12.10 07:45

gota’ love fire ants!

----- jay 19.12.10 07:32

red panda

----- Jason 19.12.10 07:18

Favorite forest animal has to be the Jaguar.

----- Gaetan 19.12.10 06:57

Great giveaway! Rabbits!

----- James 19.12.10 06:33

always been a fan of lizards…

----- bailey 19.12.10 06:10

Wolves. - Mysterious/fast/moon light howlers. So devastatingly cool, especially the one in Fantastic Mr. Fox!

----- Vespa 19.12.10 04:42

lynx, dandy and elegant while moving in the snow …

----- federica 19.12.10 03:36

My favorite forest animal is the Northern flying squirrel!

----- Mundy Hackett 19.12.10 02:04

the wise owl …. whooooo else?

----- lish 19.12.10 01:48

The gray wolf! this animal is so wonderful and strong…too bad extinction caught him, there are only a few left in reservations.

----- Alexandra 19.12.10 01:44

I rather like bears. They seem sensible to me.

----- BKC 19.12.10 00:47

Pine martens!

----- Tooky 19.12.10 00:33

Owl, for sure!

----- Hoister 19.12.10 00:24

owls please

----- David 18.12.10 23:55

chameleon!!! :D

----- sueen 18.12.10 22:54


----- Michelle Kaplow 18.12.10 22:22

I love owls…are they forest animals? I think they are, and I love owl decorations!

----- Rivkah T 18.12.10 22:12


----- Sabina 18.12.10 22:07

Fox :)

----- Yen 18.12.10 22:00

The cutest, and therefore best forrest animal, is the liger.

----- ZachZZ 18.12.10 21:58


----- Bianca 18.12.10 21:42

lions, and tigers…n bears…oh my

----- keith messina 18.12.10 20:56

This would be perfect for my friends baby shower gift that i can’t afford to get because i just got laid off. I love Skiphop everything is bright and fun without being tacky.

----- Stefania 18.12.10 20:27

Owls are by far my favorite forest animals, so I LOVE these products by SkipHop!

----- Loraine Hale 18.12.10 20:18

Mice. Especially the ones with swords.

----- Carlo 18.12.10 20:11

i love owls.

----- kim 18.12.10 20:11

Owls are not what they seem. But they are my fav anyway.

----- Audrey R 18.12.10 20:05

The fox!

----- Robert 18.12.10 20:04


----- Sean Leary 18.12.10 20:00

Totally hedgehogs. Spiny yet adorable!

----- Marie 18.12.10 19:49

deer are my favorite :)

----- Leslie 18.12.10 19:34

Squirrels. They’re just so cute.

----- Karen 18.12.10 19:29

Bears! Saw a baby black bear up a tree in a rhododendron forest a while back - we got the heck outta there, fast!

----- Christina in Eugene 18.12.10 19:23

I’m gonna say Tanuki… japanese raccoon. They’re mysterious, jolly, and cute.

----- Sam 18.12.10 19:09

the moose :)

----- kathryn 18.12.10 19:06

Owls are the BEST!!

----- Dan Yoon 18.12.10 19:01


----- Jacob 18.12.10 18:39

My favourite forest animal is the deer. I saw one recently in a wildlife park and he licked my hand.

----- Shaina 18.12.10 18:38

Owls! Though I’m fond of raccoons, too.

----- Amanda Davis 18.12.10 18:34

owls are cool but gotta love the little chipmunks

----- Edward 18.12.10 18:27

The fox. Quick, swift, redhead.

----- Kelsey J 18.12.10 18:17

My favorite forest animal is a Red Panda. They are one of the cutest animals out there, like a racoon and a panda had a baby.

----- Justin 18.12.10 18:02

I love owls

----- trami 18.12.10 17:48

Favorite animal? That would be the brown bear. Strong and powerful, yet they are still likable.

----- Alan 18.12.10 17:39

I too am a fan of the fox.. Sleek, sneaky, quick lil’ guys. I can relate.

----- Gregory R 18.12.10 17:17

Owls have been my favorite since my parents started reading me Winnie the Pooh books when I was little. I love seeing them on everything these days!

----- Leah 18.12.10 17:15

best animal? owls not only are they awesome on animal planet shows but they make even more awesome craftable stuff :)

----- b 18.12.10 16:07

I am partial to owls although I have never observed (just heard) them in the wild.

----- matthew harrison smith 18.12.10 16:03

Wolf! I love wolves, they are so powerful and mysterious.

----- Grete 18.12.10 15:37

Does a Sasquatch count?

----- Gregobro 18.12.10 15:29

This would be perfect to give to my sister who is expecting again!
My favorite forest animal is definitely the owl. We used to have a family of owls that stayed outside my house, and they were all sorts of characters!

----- Mikaela 18.12.10 15:22

sooooo cute!!! My favorite forest animal right now is a FOX :)

----- Katie 18.12.10 15:09

Hedgehog all the way! :D

----- David 18.12.10 15:07

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