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Potamus Anarchy by Frank Kozik & K.Olin Tribu- 12.19.10

hippo0.jpg On going full circle ~ the toy movement has come back around to stunning luxurious porcelain figurines… French company, Art & Toy, has just started selling the new figures by K. Olin Tribu, who has worked with the finest porcelain sculpture modeler, great artists and designers to manufacture limited edition toys in Limoges porcelain. The beautiful Potamus Anarchy figures in black and red editions is a collaboration between Frank Kozik & K.Olin Tribu. There’s something so awesome about seeing the signature angsty cigarette wielding creatures of Kozik cast in porcelain… anarchy gone fine art? And in such beautiful packaging as well! See lots of detail pics on the next page…













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3 Notes

This is awesome.

----- Jollene 23.12.10 07:09

Whoops! Guess this isn’t a giveaway, must have been wishful thinking. I stand by my words. These are awesome pieces.

----- Scott Yates 19.12.10 18:56

Ok, I’ve entered most of the giveaways (not the baby stuff one) and most are really cool like the skateboards, giftcards, luggage & others. This is so cool & unique. To be honest, I love vinyl figures but don’t see too much porcelain figures. This one is so cool with the Anarchy symbol and cigarette. I don’t smoke but have always like the Smorkin Labbit vinyl figures I see on Kidrobot. This would be such a cool conversation display piece. Fingers crossed.

----- Scott Yates 19.12.10 15:31

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