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Holiday Giveaway #26: MOR- 12.19.10

28-MOR.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Federica in Milan, Italy and Ryan in Vancouver, Canada!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #26 is here ~ and today our friends from MOR are giving two lucky readers: a Dear Mr. Partrdige Gift Set, or a Soap Opera Gift Set! I’ve long been a drawn in by MOR’s gorgeous packaging tins, and the blood orange scent is just divine! Aren’t these gift sets lovely? See more on the next page…

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 23rd (PST) ~ sharing why you need some MOR to clean up your world…




For a chance to win a Dear Mr. Partrdige Gift Set, or a Soap Opera Gift Set from MOR, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 23rd (PST) ~ sharing why you need some MOR to clean up your world…

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

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178 Notes

Because you can never have too much of a good thing - I need MOR!

----- Laurita 23.12.10 17:57

Because I have a very -very- dirty boy…

----- Jan 23.12.10 15:03

I recently bought a MOR lip gloss, just because I loved the tin so….have come to love the lip gloss too! Would be thrilled to try some of their other products!

----- Lana 23.12.10 09:33

I need MOR because its just so elegant, its fit for a queen, and who doesnt love to pamper themselves!?!

----- Jollene 23.12.10 07:05

because I really need to learn how to take care of myself! I have great difficulties with taking time for myself and say no to anyone. Something this luxurious would be an inspiration

----- Urmel 23.12.10 06:22

i need MOR because my room mates’ girlfriend uses all my stuff !

----- charlie 22.12.10 21:14

Because I should probably do a better job during my 5-minute showers (this is including shampoo/conditioning)…

----- Jen 22.12.10 20:59

these products are almost too pretty to use! i said “almost”… i think my wishlist just tripled in size. =)

----- lisanne 22.12.10 20:18

I need Mor to clean up my world because I’m terribly dirty. Well no, but I do like smelling nice.

----- N Keitlah 22.12.10 17:32

i’d love to get one of these to prep myself for my upcoming bday in january!!! :D

----- libys11 22.12.10 17:25

MOR is so elegant, and that’s what needs to clean me up.

----- Justin R 22.12.10 15:51

I am out in the garden often planting exotic plants i have found at a local nursery. Every girl needs to smell nice and feel clean after a day of dirt covered feet and hands not to mention under the nails!

----- Aleigha 22.12.10 13:05

I need to move house between Christmas and New Year’s. Definitely going to need some lovely bath products to clean up and relax afterwards!

----- Molly S. 22.12.10 13:03

I need to clean up with MOR because I always smell like the stinky customers I tattoo by the end of the day.. yuck.

----- Jenny! 22.12.10 12:55

Last year sucked! I want to start the new one feeling like a pretty princess. XD

----- Cill 22.12.10 12:43

I need MOR because my world is MESSY! Anything to add beauty and function. :)

----- Marie 22.12.10 10:18

Because my mom works so hard and could use a little pampering!

----- Jessica 22.12.10 09:03

I need some MOR to clean off the effects of the last two years!

----- Bruce 22.12.10 08:09

Bathing shouldn’t be just to get clean

----- Kristi 22.12.10 06:48

Because my partner started smoking again and my nostrils need some respite from his reek.

----- speck 22.12.10 01:05

nice, nice. would be happy if i win.

----- julie 22.12.10 00:38

Because I live with a boy.

----- Meagan 22.12.10 00:31

Because they are so elegant!

----- valeria 21.12.10 23:48

To clean my hands after watercoloring!

----- Miguel 21.12.10 23:23

I used to bake all the time, but working so many hours, I get stinky and tired. Give me the mor soaps with vanilla and nutmeg will not only make me uplifted, but will probably influence me to bake more often!!

----- Angela Nguyen 21.12.10 22:34

These soaps sound divinely sensual and I love decadant things all the MOR.

----- Fel 21.12.10 19:43

It would be given to my wife to enjoy.

----- Alan 21.12.10 18:41

‘cuz I work on a small organic market farm and even my dirt is dirty.

----- Christina Ward 21.12.10 18:15

As a nursing student i was he my hands what feels like hundreds ofttimes a day, this soap would make a good habit into a happy ritual once i get home!

----- AG Hellings 21.12.10 15:06

sugar and spice and everything nice - that’s what little girls are made of.

----- Katie 21.12.10 14:52

800 square feet of living space. Two mastiffs of 150+ pounds each.

----- Mary T 21.12.10 14:51

I am a dirty girl and need some MOR to clean me up!

----- Lilly 21.12.10 14:45

Because its the little things in life that make you feel beautiful.

----- Carly 21.12.10 14:40

I’ve been so stressed/busy recently I haven’t had enough time for myself. I just want to be pampered a little? Is that too much to ask for?

----- Meg 21.12.10 14:37

it would give me a Mor pickmeup, something to indulge in during a hard time with little rewards or special comforts.

----- Laura Perryman 21.12.10 14:20

All I want is MOR, MOR, MOR. Is this too much to ask for?

----- Zacharoo 21.12.10 14:11

I’m away from my family for the second Christmas in a row… MOR could really help put a smile on my face!

----- Anna C 21.12.10 12:01

because the ER is a very dirty place…

----- caleb 21.12.10 11:35

My budget limits me to cheap big box store knock offs. I would love to fancy up my hygiene goods!

----- Molly 21.12.10 10:39

Just looking at these makes me feel more feminine. I can only imagine how fresh and energized anyone who does use them can feel!

----- Liz H 21.12.10 10:28

i need mor soaps because my roomate is a mess, which leaves me feeling unclean!

----- curtis 21.12.10 07:11

Well, I haven’t bathed today. Final Fantasy VII is the culprit! (>___

----- Mari Baquir 21.12.10 03:02

I might be stuck at the airport tomorrow so it would be nice to smell good!

----- Iris 21.12.10 02:57

I really don’t need any of the soaps. I simply want. They are just too beautiful and I want to admire the packaging, and store it away (or on display) for reference and inspiration for design work in the future.

----- Leslie 21.12.10 02:28

As the a lady everyday is a new start and being ready and feeling beautiful is only possible if you are wearing more and more MOR! To be me as feeling beautiful I need to smell and be one!
Mor the feeling more the life

----- Elif 21.12.10 02:16

I would give these to my mom, that would be some X-mas present!
But first, i’d try a little myself. And donate some to my stinky housemate!

----- L4ur4nne 21.12.10 01:49

because my bathroom flooded with water two days ago.. :(

----- Francis 21.12.10 00:34

I gotta wash that man right out of my hair…

----- Leanna 21.12.10 00:07

I love beautiful things.

----- cindy kuo 20.12.10 23:23

I MUST have this soap or I fear retribution from the public. I’ve just started a full time job in another city, and let’s be realistic, when I get home it’s bathe or sleep….hmmmm…sleep…maybe if I had some super amazing soap I would be motivated to wash!

----- Tali 20.12.10 23:18

I haven’t gotten any gifts fir Christmas. This would more than make up for santa’s snub!

----- Laura l 20.12.10 22:50

I need some MOR to clean up my world because I need to be beautified!! and I’ve always LOVED the packaging.

----- Amanda 20.12.10 21:21

Oooh! I’ve always wanted fancy soaps and it would, with no doubt, clean me up well before my trip to California next year!

----- Jearv 20.12.10 20:32

I need a christmas present for my girlfriend and this looks like fun

----- Sid Law 20.12.10 20:18

One must care for themselves before they can care for others.

----- Danielle 20.12.10 20:08

because who doesn’t need some MOR time for themselves? Gotta take care of yourself before you can care for others…

----- Danielle 20.12.10 20:05

My skin gets so dry in the winter, and MOR cream is the best that I have found!

----- Christina 20.12.10 19:51

I don’t bother taking a shower unless I have nice soap… it makes me very earth friendly, less people friendly ;)

----- Valerie 20.12.10 18:40

because spending 1 hour in a bath tub, with luxurious soap products, is just my idea of a perfect hour

----- ioana 20.12.10 18:00

Because the holidays have left me broke as a joke…could use a little pampering!

----- Lisa 20.12.10 17:43

Because no matter how much I tidy the house, I can still smell the cat litter.

----- Kalina 20.12.10 16:50

After subsisting on drugstore soap for such a long time (yay for being a student!), something luxurious would be a great way to end the year.

----- Kath 20.12.10 16:12

Because I’ll need it after the Christmas run…

----- Smilla 20.12.10 15:56

I’m pretty sure that all this vindaloo I’m about to eat make me quite stinky. Mor: a challenger appears..

----- Megan 20.12.10 15:26

I haven’t showered today (yet).

----- Tooky 20.12.10 15:17

that would be a great gift for my mom or grandma (if I don’t keep all the pretty packaging for my self!)

----- somerset 20.12.10 15:01

Because she said so!

----- Jeremy 20.12.10 14:52

I love beautiful packaging, and I love it even MOR when there’s something beautiful smelling inside :)

----- Lauren 20.12.10 14:48

i could use some MOR because it probably smells better than the soap i currently have.

----- Bianca 20.12.10 14:17

After returning from traveling to be with family for the holidays, nothing is more relaxing, more wonderful, more enjoyable, just MOR than a long hot shower to wash away the stress.

----- Hannah 20.12.10 14:16

my sister, who, if we are lucky, bathes weekly, is back in town. Therefore to counteract her stench i would like to smell twice as nice to cancel her out

----- maggie 20.12.10 12:53

I’m a dirty, dirty girl.

----- Kay 20.12.10 12:04

I work with a bunch of lawyers.

----- Bontemps 20.12.10 11:51

I need soap because I’m dirty. duh.

----- Allen 20.12.10 11:46

i’ve been looking after a newborn and a 2yr old. i’m exhausted and need a shower!

----- Anna 20.12.10 11:18

I have the bad habit to swear sometimes, this could wash out my dirty mouth.

----- Brandon OLarey 20.12.10 10:52

To smell good so I can get some from my wife!


----- Aaron 20.12.10 10:29

To smell wonderful, of course!

----- Lisa 20.12.10 10:19

Being that I’m a metalhead and dress pretty grungy normally I’d love to “goose” the people around me by smelling like fruity goodness one would want to eat :)

----- Stacy B. 20.12.10 10:11

i work in the ad industry. enough said.

----- janete 20.12.10 10:06

I never buy fancy soaps for myself it’d be nice to treat myself or others as a gift.

----- Kelsey J 20.12.10 09:44

This would make very appealing bathroom decor to use when having guests over. The packaging is beautiful and,of course, who wouldn’t want to wash their hands with a blood orange scented soap?

----- Christi W. 20.12.10 09:33

I just want to smell like a girl. My nice soaps always get used up before I can enjoy them. I would love something that is truly “mine.”

----- Pamela 20.12.10 09:29

i could use a little pick me up soap after my surgery on Dec. 28th. Gonna be sitting around at home for two weeks and this would really make me feel less like a bum.

----- elena 20.12.10 09:25

Who doesn’t need blood orange scented soap?

----- sonya 20.12.10 08:58

I need MOR so I can clean up my act and be a proper lady in 2011!

----- Elaine 20.12.10 08:34

i need MOR cuz im such a dirty dirty boy :)

----- keith messina 20.12.10 08:33

I need some MOR because it’s simply beautiful!

----- Emma N 20.12.10 08:20

i need it because i hate washing my hands (but I still do).. maybe some MOR will make me start to like washing my hands..

----- Tran 20.12.10 07:50

my world is covered in bike grease.

----- Jason 20.12.10 07:31

we just moved into a 105 year old brick victorian in pittsburgh- there is still coal dust in the attic and the whole house hasn’t been touched or updated in decades. Some beautiful soap would help keep us clean and motivated while we tackle the long long list of items to fix and restore.

----- rori zendek 20.12.10 07:31

I got really dirty playing soccer yesterday. REALLY dirty.

----- Adam Edwards 20.12.10 07:21

Because I’m one of those broke student types who lusts after pretty things, reads notcot voraciously, and can afford.. well, none of it!

----- Betsy 20.12.10 06:45

i need a shower

----- ricardo garza marcos 20.12.10 06:43

After running around all day, planning a decent wedding for my sister in three weeks flat, I’m the one that need a little TLC.

----- Anh 20.12.10 06:16

My new years resolution is to shower at least once a month. I figure this might help.

----- brett 20.12.10 06:12

I need some MOR - because too much is never enough.

----- byron818 20.12.10 05:49

Would love it!

----- Celeste Aguirre 20.12.10 05:42

MOR bubbles, please! getting married this spring and we’ve started collecting honeymoon treasures.

----- sarah 20.12.10 05:41

Gotta clean up all that dirty language for when I spen the Holidays around family.

----- tony f` 20.12.10 05:29

I could use MOR for this friday when my inlaws are coming to a christmas diiner along with my parents.

----- Aljosa 20.12.10 05:29

because I need to start the new year fresh and clean!

----- Grace 20.12.10 05:13

I need to clean up my world by treating my wife more!

----- Ollie 20.12.10 05:02

oh MOR is just perfect for when i get my hands a little DIRTY! ;) if you know what i mean!

----- Kenny Garcia 20.12.10 04:54

I really need to win this giveaway! I need lots of beauty and neatness for 2011!

----- Camila F. 20.12.10 04:11

the little luxuries that can set your day right … i love mor products! but alas i only ever have this lip balm that i hold on to forever because i can’t afford to buy them at the moment.

like fine alcohol, the candles you never burn burning, the good shoes, the special parfume etc…

i could use a little to enrich my daily routine … meditation and indulgence for the senses

----- lish 20.12.10 03:56

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It doesn’t show signs of stopping,
And I brought some corn for popping;
The lights are turned way down low,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

When we finally say good night,
How I’ll hate going out in the storm;
But if you really hold me tight,
All the way home I’ll be warm.

The fire is slowly dying,
And, my dear, we’re still good-bye-ing,
But as long as you love me so.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It doesn’t show signs of stopping,
And I brought some corn for popping;
The lights are turned way down low,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

When we finally say good night,
How I’ll hate going out in the storm;
But if you really hold me tight,
All the way home I’ll be warm.

The fire is slowly dying,
And, my dear, we’re still good-bye-ing,
But as long as you love me so.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

----- MARTA MASK 20.12.10 03:26

Being a bar back at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver (Canada) means you get plenty dirty on a regular basis. A little suds and scent could do wonders after a long shift.

----- Ryan J 20.12.10 02:53

It’s so cold and snowy here - having a steaming hot bath and using MOR soaps would be a perfect way of warming up for a bit.

----- Rosie 20.12.10 02:49

I have bee allergic to all soaps and such products all my life. Thanks to some new medicine I now for the first time I can actually use soap!!! This would be a great place to start x x x

----- natalie 20.12.10 02:16

It’s the holidays, so I get lazy and forget to shower, to the peril of my family. These amazingly packaged soaps might encourage me otherwise…

----- Maddy 20.12.10 01:51

Because i am a starving art director for a new magazine and I need to regift!

----- Patrick Delaney 20.12.10 01:48

my friend bodypainted me…I need a wash up…

----- federica 20.12.10 01:16

I would gift this were I to win it, but I need MORe because I love experimenting with different scents!

----- Joe Wasserman 20.12.10 00:35

So that I too can say things like, “I’m on a horse.” while looking and smelling good.

----- Allison 20.12.10 00:32

I would give them to my grandma, who is constantly gardening and makes fingernail dirt look chic.

----- clementine 20.12.10 00:16

just having that gorgeous packaging around would make my home seem cleaner and fresher

----- maz 20.12.10 00:03

i will try to catch the Santa himself for a decent bath :)

----- martins 19.12.10 23:24

Because I would like to be wrapped in luxurious scents and feel divine when in reality i’m just another poor art student.

----- Becky 19.12.10 22:36

I need MOR to make my girlfriend jealous!

----- Juan Carlos 19.12.10 22:17

I have a lot of dirty mouths to wash out. This would help greatly.

----- Carlo 19.12.10 21:52

I need this to wash my dirty self good after working the lawn and garden of my new home.

----- David 19.12.10 21:33

I need this soap! All my hotel single servings are running out. Time to travel again.

----- Daimian 19.12.10 21:18

I could use some MOR to scrub all the christmas glitter I’m sure I’ll be attacked with when opening gifts and cards this season.

----- Sean Matthew Leary 19.12.10 21:17

I need it so I can have some products that are nice so I can smell fancy

----- Justin 19.12.10 20:58

Will meet my husband who works in other part of our country’s archipelago. Must smell nice & clean to greet him ^_^

----- Risca 19.12.10 20:50

So I can wash the dirty grime that covers me from living in this city.

----- Gaetan 19.12.10 20:47

similar thoughts to the rest: i would gift this to my wonderful mother!

----- xtina 19.12.10 20:40

I’m a computer scientist. I need all the help I can get.

----- alex 19.12.10 20:17

I live with a straight dude and a hippie. every little bit helps.

----- Allie 19.12.10 20:09

I would give this to my wife. I think I would then be a very happy man, later.

----- Thomas 19.12.10 19:58

I need more ladies’ things because you know, I’m a lady.

----- Nina 19.12.10 19:56

Haven’t take a shower in days because I was in a road trip. Need it!

----- EtienneR 19.12.10 19:41

This time of year, I’m washing my hands more than ever — shopping, baking, at work — my hands are suffering and the thought of using luxurious MOR soups sound like a dream. especially citrus joy like blood orange!

----- Audrey R 19.12.10 19:28

My parents in law have requested soap and moisturizer for Christmas, so I need a gift pack luxurious enough to impress them!

----- Mack 19.12.10 19:25

I would love to give these beautiful products to my mother. She is a hardworking woman, whom like many modern women, spends almost all waking hours at her job. She works at the hospital, and often takes the stress of her work home with her. It would be nice if instead she could relax and decompress.

----- Jess 19.12.10 19:18

Oh, I need some MOR because a mom of 3 kids needs to make those showers count! Yum!

----- Sandra 19.12.10 19:09

What beautiful packaging! Would certainly brighten up my space!

----- Sara R. 19.12.10 19:04

I need some MOR soaps to relax and unwind in luxury after my extremely long and un-luxurious days at work!

----- Anissa 19.12.10 18:56

I enjoy smelling great, these soaps could shake things up a bit.

----- Carly 19.12.10 18:52

I need MOR soaps because after 8 months, our new bathroom is finally usable!

----- Susan Kelley 19.12.10 18:48

My New Years resolution is to do a random act of kindness everyday for the next year. I reckon I should start by writing you a little ditty:

Christmas season
Gives me reason
To soap and clean
For this Christmas I run off
to places I’ll never seen
Of all the things I didn’t but could
Taking soap of sandalwood
was not one for we do not part
Cause cedarwood is the scent of my heart
The opera sings of watercress and kale
Of I how doubt these soaps will ever be on sale
My pockets are spent on tickets to leave
But one day I’ll make it big I must believe
Until that day I’ll dream of emporium snow
Oh how I am sure it will make my body glow!

----- Arizo 19.12.10 18:44

I need more MOR; my last bit of lotion is almost gone!!

----- anita 19.12.10 18:18

I doubt you can find a site that really has unlimited background checks, other than Researchanyone.com, not unless you are using another site I know of. Seriously.

----- Krista Blue 19.12.10 18:17

it probably smells as good as it looks

----- dylan 19.12.10 18:13

I just got back from Vegas… and I feel DIRTY!

----- Stephanie F 19.12.10 18:03

I just got back from Vegas… and I feel DIRTY!

----- Stephanie F 19.12.10 18:03

I use a lot of washable marker marking what I’m sewing, and I live with a boy. I can always use more soap.

----- Margaret 19.12.10 17:59


----- Holly 19.12.10 17:57

Would be nice to pamper myself!

----- Sara 19.12.10 17:54

i have 3 dogs, my hands get dirty often. I could smell nice when i have time to stop thinkin about them haha. I love them

----- steven 19.12.10 17:32

MOR makes the world a better place. MOR makes me happy.

----- Rose James 19.12.10 17:27

I need MOR for a touch of luxury in my otherwise luxury-free days as a grad student!

----- Amelia 19.12.10 17:23

I need MOR to clean my dirty mind!

----- Ed 19.12.10 17:19

To have my little girl smell girly and be proud.

----- J Alexander 19.12.10 17:07

Luxury smells good.

----- Kristen 19.12.10 17:06

I’ll come clean, if I win these I’ll use them.

----- tudza 19.12.10 16:56

One word: bubbles!! Even better MOR bubbles!!

----- Adele 19.12.10 16:55

I like to smell classy at all times!

----- Rose 19.12.10 16:51

My boyfriend’s stinky snowboard boots and socks. Who says you sweat less in the cold!

----- Sarah 19.12.10 16:50


----- Kelly 19.12.10 16:36

Because Zest doesn’t smell like Blood Oranges.

----- Jeffery 19.12.10 16:14

My feet, they stink. My wife, she’s brave.

----- George 19.12.10 16:08

Cleanliness is next to godliness so I need some MOR!

----- Robert 19.12.10 16:05

my wife needs this to relax and unwind.

----- rich 19.12.10 16:03

Sand, Salt water, bike grease… it’s all dirt and it’s all on me.

----- Brandon 19.12.10 15:51

to smell MOR like my lovely wife

----- Jacob 19.12.10 15:47

I’ve just finished with finals and I really need a relaxing bath!

----- Ming 19.12.10 15:42

it always feels perfect to have new scents for the coming year. one never knows can last a life time.

----- Nestor Jaz Dutan 19.12.10 15:32

My mom would love those. She’d share with my grandma also. I can’t smell so they wouldn’t be as appreciated by me.

----- Scott Yates 19.12.10 15:23

I need to wash that man right out of my hair (and skin).

----- Daisy 19.12.10 15:04

I would use this set to get all my nuts and bolts and odds and ends and what nots in my workshop organized.

----- Mundy Hackett 19.12.10 15:00

I don’t want to smell like Irish Spring anymore. Thank you!

----- Amanda Davis 19.12.10 14:42

between finals and packing for vacation, i haven’t had a chance to sleep or bath and could definitely use some freshening up before leaving the country. also, some of my roommates could REALLY use a nice clean up.

----- Kye 19.12.10 14:21

Cause every woman wants to feel like a beautiful goddess

----- luyba 19.12.10 13:53

two kids, something always spills on me!

----- kali 19.12.10 13:42

I would give this gift set to my friend Mel, someone died in her building and her tiny place still smells bad!

----- harmony 19.12.10 13:40

my last final’s tomorrow morning. i haven’t bathed in days!

----- Sandy 19.12.10 13:27

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