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Holiday Giveaway #31: This Is A Limited Edition- 12.26.10


It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

I can’t think of a more perfect way to bid adieu to 2010, and kick off 2011! Our final NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway of 2010 ~ #31 is here ~ and today our friends from This Is A Limited Edition are giving 3 lucky winners, 3 Cups & Saucers from their latest Series 2 Collection. The first winner will receive the John Burgerman, Kozyndan, and Ron English sets. The second winner will receive the Amy Sol, Gary Baseman, and Mode2 sets. And the third winner will receive the Yoksay Yamamoto, INSA, and Silvia Ji sets. “These demitasse Cups and Saucers are all made from Staffordshire Bone China, lovingly produced in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Each is shipped with a A6 Fine Art Print - signed by the Artist & sequentially numbered. They are also shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity and we only produce 250 of each design available. Making them incredibly collectible.” See more details of these beautifully functional pieces of art on the next page! (As well as a coupon!)

For a chance to win, you can EITHER leave a COMMENT or TWEET @NOTCOT with #TeaTime by midnight on Dec 31st (PST) ~ sharing who you would have over for tea, if you could invite 2 people living or dead, or yet to come! (A twist on the classic interview question of who living or dead you could have dinner with?)

I’ll pick random winners (that actually tell me who they’d have tea with!) from from the tweets and comments! (If it’s a commenter they will be emailed, if twitter, D messaged, so make sure you’re following!)


Tea time really is more lovely with these beautiful cups & saucers… teacups2.jpg

Each comes packaged in a gorgeous box, showcasing the print! teacups3.jpg

Every cup holds unexpected surprises… teacups4.jpg

Each is numbered… teacups5.jpg

… for a matching set, of course! teacups6.jpg

A peek at the mini, signed, postcard sized prints… teacups7.jpg

Tea time! teacups8.jpg

And if you want a first hand peek ~ my favorites are my Kozyndan Cups & Saucers and PILLOWS!

For a chance to win one of the 3 sets of 3 Cups & Saucers from the Series 2 Collection from This Is A Limited Edition, you can EITHER leave a COMMENT or TWEET @NOTCOT with #TeaTime by midnight on Dec 31st (PST) ~ sharing who you would have over for tea, if you could invite 2 people living or dead, or yet to come!

And check out the rest of our 2010 Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Happy Holidays!

P.S. For your shopping pleasure: clickforart.jpg

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314 Notes

Very pretty! Jane Austen and either of the Brontes!

----- Liz warner 31.12.10 18:16

Since I love photography, I would invite one of my idols, Ansel Adams. For the other guest, I would probably invite Lady Gaga. Hoepfully Adam’s art in photograpy and Gaga’s art in fashion would bring them together? Haha, it is definitely an odd pair but I’m sure that they will make a very interesting tea party!

----- Jearv 31.12.10 14:04

With a deep love for art and music I’d invite John Paul Jones and Banksy. I’d probably melt before tea was ever served!

----- Blair 31.12.10 13:26

I would like to have Björk and Imogen Heap over for tea. With any luck they would write me a song and leave the teacups intact.

----- Jeff S 31.12.10 12:50

I’m addicted to three things in Life - Tee Shirts, running shoes and Coffee cups - these would look so amazing in my kitchen.
2 people that I would love to sit down and have tea with would be Anthony Bourdain and Hunter S. Thompson. I have no idea where the conversation would take us, but I have a feeling it would be good…

----- Rob 31.12.10 11:38

Man, I know it may sound cheesy, but I was in Cairo recently and I’d use one invite on a Pharoh, Khufu perhaps to really just find out how they did those pyramids! The other would be a comedian, maybe Dave Chapelle, just to pick his brain too and it’s always good to have a laugh over tea.

----- Emily E 31.12.10 11:09

Definitely Falkor (from The NeverEnding Story) and the second guest is a toss up between Lil’ Wayne or Rambo. I’d also invite Nic Cage, but wouldn’t let him join in so Falkor, Weezy or Rambo, and I could watch Mr. Cage lose his cool in epic style as only Nic can. (By the way, I’ll be serving rice tea if anyone was wondering.)

----- Brian K. 31.12.10 09:44

I’ll like to have a cup of PG Tips tea with my sis and Arthur Brooke, the founder of PG Tips, and tell him how both of us love his tea!

----- I Hsuan 31.12.10 06:56

I love the tea sets. I would dine with Samuel Adams and several top chefs to discuss beer, food, and tea.

----- Amelia 31.12.10 04:56

I would have tea with Dave Chappelle, and Richard Pryor

----- Mauricio Urquilla 31.12.10 04:34

I’d throw a Mad Hatter type of party and invite all my friends where we’d share the cups!

----- oksana 31.12.10 03:44

Tina Fey and Malcolm McLaren

----- Mai 31.12.10 00:13

Love that Sylvia Ji set… For tea, I’d have tattoo artist Valerie Vargas so I could get some ink done by her, and Daniel Radcliffe!

----- Jesi 30.12.10 21:29

jon stewart and jonathan swift.

----- asha 30.12.10 14:55

Lovely Tea Gromit, id tea with Bob Marley.

----- Theo Miller 30.12.10 14:40

Charles Eames and Marc Newson

----- Oner 30.12.10 14:22

I would have my grandfather who just passed away a week ago over for tea, and my friend from Norway since it’s so hard to see him!

----- Mari Baquir 30.12.10 12:05

id invite my darling Shafak and Joseph Nicephore Niepce that he could tell to my dear about the first photography he made.

----- indregru 30.12.10 10:07

Oh my goodness. These are beautiful. I’ve inherited some antique cups from my great grandmother, so I think I’d have a few pots of earl grey white tip with the local literary scene, with some homemade shortbread, and talk books.

----- Cole 30.12.10 09:50

I would invite Tom Waits and James Joyce…. PEHDTSCKJMBA

----- Choi 30.12.10 07:48

I would like to invite my best friend Kristin over for Tea, if she is not too busy solving crime and murders and hanging out in the morgue, she would likely tell me her thrilling tales as a forensic scientist and I would bore her with my stories of being a video artists.

----- Amelia Winger 29.12.10 22:26

I don’t know the name of the person I’d have tea with, but it’d be the Master of Tea Making, whoever he or she might be. And we’d be in Japan, so there’d be a geisha there as well. That’d be awesome.

----- taryn 29.12.10 20:48

Would totally invite Thom Yorke and Jeremy Lipking (artist) for tea. Lady grey anyone?

----- Elise 29.12.10 20:41

I would have tea with alphonse mucha and neil gaiman.

----- Amanda 29.12.10 18:44

oh wow. i would ask my fiancee and his mom, who passed away when he was 12, to tea. i would do anything to meet her, and i know he’d love to see her, too.

----- sarah 29.12.10 18:34

I would tea with Darby Crash and my maternal grandmother, Rita—both interesting people, both with lots of secrets, one crass and one uber polite. I’d be drinking Throat Coat, btw.

----- jen c 29.12.10 17:55

I would invite my dad’s mother and Bill Murray. Perfect.

----- alison 29.12.10 17:12

I would have a cup of tea with the dude who figured out how to brew tea & the dude who first made a cup. That’d be trippy.

----- Jenny! 29.12.10 14:29

I’d invite Audrey Hepburn and Ke$ha- hopefully she’d learn some class.

----- Elizabeth 29.12.10 13:19

I would do tea with the current patriarch of the Urasenke school of tea in Japan, Mr. Sen Soshitsu, because he is my tea hero!

----- Jan 29.12.10 13:17

tea w/ santa sounds divine!

----- Jeff 29.12.10 12:52

Albert Einstein and my dad’s mother (my late grandmother) Caroline Congdon. She once saw Einstein sailing with a paper bag over his head to prevent sunburn— they are two people I look up to that have passed, and I would love to hear the conversation and stories!

----- Charlotte 29.12.10 12:15

i’d invite judy garland and abe lincoln

----- brett 29.12.10 11:11

I would invite a member from the Guelph family and from the Grosvenor family.

----- costa 29.12.10 10:55

tea with starck and ferran adria

----- roberto 29.12.10 10:36

For my tea party I’d invite John Pemberton and Jack Daniels

----- Colin 29.12.10 10:24

Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci

----- Zach 29.12.10 10:06

Katharine Hepburn and Ching Shih would definitely make for interesting conversation. And I know they both drink tea!

----- Lisa 29.12.10 09:41

My love,
my treasure.
And my grandmother
to introduce my love to her.

----- Elina 29.12.10 09:14

My mother and her deceased mother, so she could talk some sense into her.

----- Jane 29.12.10 07:29

#TeaTime I would invite my mom & dad~

----- Andy 29.12.10 06:47

I think I’d invite Frank Zappa and Jony Ive, set down a MacBook and Garageband and see what happens, while I drink my tea.

----- Gary 29.12.10 06:45

I would invite Roald Dahl and Tim Burton (whose made 2 movies from Dahl’s books). Tim Burton may even be more excited than I am to meet Dahl.

----- Jeanie Chang 29.12.10 04:39

I would love to have a tea party with Sufjan Stevens. That sounds kinda dirty, but I think he is interesting and has a real point of view.

----- Leanna 29.12.10 00:31

I’d invite Judge Dredd, and John Spartan for tea.

----- Danielle 28.12.10 23:54

i would invite my grandfather and grandmother i never had the chance to get to know. i’m assuming they both would like tea, and they could tell me old stories, and all the nicknames they had for my brothers and sisters. i bet they would have really intense southern accents, and a lot to talk about judging of my other relatives.

----- liz y. 28.12.10 23:30

Paulo Coelho and the Virgin Mary.

----- Aida 28.12.10 23:26

Nikola Tesla and Harry Houdini

----- Rose 28.12.10 23:22

I would invite my great grandfather (a Italian tailor) and the Duke of Windsor to sit down and chat about style for an evening.

----- Daniel 28.12.10 22:12

I would invite singer Willie Nelson, and my late father, Harry S. Chandler, for tea! We would share many many stories about music, horses, and the ‘wild west’. I would die a happy woman, for sure.

----- catherine chandler 28.12.10 22:01

I’d invite David Foster Wallace and Simone de Beauvoir.

----- Kate 28.12.10 21:35

Having tea with Willy Wonka and a friend of mine would be awesome.

----- #TeaTime 28.12.10 21:29

Without a doubt, I’d invite Ricky Gervais & Karl Pilkington.

----- John B. 28.12.10 20:26


----- jay p 28.12.10 19:22

I would invite Eleanor Roosevelt and Jane Austen to tea. I love strong women and couldn’t imagine a more inspiring conversation.

----- Samantha 28.12.10 19:12

my tea picks would be banana yoshimoto & the cure’s robert smith

----- becky 28.12.10 19:10

I would invite Mussolini so I could have tea with Mussolini, and the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland. Hmm, fictional counts?

----- amy 28.12.10 18:33

Wow, those cups are SO cool! I would invite my Grandma Marg and Grandma Marcella to tea if I could invite any two people.

----- Sara 28.12.10 18:27

Zelda Fitzgerald and Mata Hari. ‘Twould be one hell of an afternoon.

----- Meghan 28.12.10 18:21

For tea? I suppose Edward Gorey and Christopher Walken would make good company.

----- Cill 28.12.10 18:13

Nerd alert: I’d go with Frank Lloyd Wright and Paul Rand. Two brilliant minds with strong abrasive personalities. I get a warm feeling just thinking about their conversation. I, of course, would be saying nothing.

----- Sergio 28.12.10 14:06

I would invite two versions of me conditioned in different time environments (alternate universes, perhaps): two people with my identical genetic makeup born in 1800 and another (to be) born in 2200.

----- Lisa 28.12.10 13:32

Tea with Matt Damon. Guy’s a boss.

----- Jeff 28.12.10 13:25

TERENCE MCKENNA - perhaps best known as the most eloquent of the patron saints of psychedelia & BILL HICKS - the most wonderful stand-up comedian/philosopher ever. Would love to bring those two back to life for some magical tea :)

----- Liisa 28.12.10 13:14

I would invite Oscar Wilde and…my sister.

----- Lauren 28.12.10 12:27

I would invite Alexander the Great because he’s so awesome, and also Tesla because that dude was whacky.

----- Elaine 28.12.10 12:26

I would have tea with Paul Banks and John Reis(Speedo)

----- Michael 28.12.10 12:19

I’d invite Natalie Portman and Gandhi. I’ve heard they both like tea.

----- Allen 28.12.10 12:05

I just got two new tea pots recently and really need some cups! I would invite James Franco so I could win him over to be my girlfriend and Iron chef Morimoto to give me some cooking pointers and maybe cook while he is over.

----- Kate 28.12.10 11:52

John Wayne and Leonard Cohen. I would be very, very happy.

----- Meghan 28.12.10 10:02

Fantastic, fanciful creations!

----- Kelly Jameson 28.12.10 09:22

The devil, the devil the devil,

----- Drew 28.12.10 09:21

mmm bet any tea’d tastes good drinking from these cups.

----- dima 28.12.10 09:03

Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love. That would be a hell of a tea party!

----- Camila F. 28.12.10 07:49

I would definitely want to have tea with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and one of my best friends who also happens to be a Sherlockian like myself

----- Emily Anne 28.12.10 07:36

i would invite jesus and gandhi…
wait i would invite the tea party….no the mad hatter…
wait…Teddy Ruxpin and Teddy Roosevelt.

----- jake dockter 28.12.10 07:20

The two people that I would like to have tea with are Thutmose III and Bill Clinton.

----- Alan 28.12.10 06:33

i would have tea with Albert Einstein and Lady Gaga—think it would make for really good conversation!

----- Steffany 28.12.10 06:19

I’d invite Leonardo Davinci and Eistein

----- Chris Wilkinson 28.12.10 05:53

I would have my mum and grandpa over one last time. They’re the two funniest people you could have ever met.

----- Deanna 28.12.10 04:46

i’d invite JR the photographer because I admire his work and would love to meet him and anthony kiedis from 1991, from the bloodsugarsexmagik era… maybe he could even stay after we had some tea :D :D

----- zsofia ginter 28.12.10 04:36

I would have high tea and invite my Aunt and Sister that I haven’t seen in many years.

----- Jimbo 28.12.10 04:05

Easy: Johnny Depp and Nikola Tesla!!!

----- Grace 28.12.10 03:36

The Mad hatter because what is a tea party without fancy hats and trippy conversation?
And my 2 year old, because tea parties with imaginary friends and fancy hats are totally awesome in her book! :)

----- Sherry G. 28.12.10 03:07

Tea with Marlon Brando. There will be no conversation, he’ll just ignore me and I’ll just stare.

----- George 28.12.10 01:49

Two designers I highly admire and would love to have a conversation with: Stella McCartney and Patricia Urquiola.

----- PATTY 27.12.10 23:40

alan turing and oscar wilde

----- Jess 27.12.10 23:37

Einstein and Basquiat. If they were to decline I’d go with my child self and my future older self.

----- Julie 27.12.10 23:24

Wanna stay cozy with that gold

----- Will Goodan 27.12.10 23:01

tim ferriss
snoop dogg


----- tom 27.12.10 22:34

I would have tea with my girlfriend, as she’s the one who appreciates it more than anyone else I know.

----- Brian 27.12.10 22:04

If I could have anyone to tea it would have to be myself at age 10 and at age 50 (I’m currently 21). I think it would be eye opening to see what we’d have to say to each other.

----- Maggie S 27.12.10 21:50

Lady Gaga & Margaret Thatcher. Wouldn’t they make an interesting afternoon over tea?

----- Gary 27.12.10 21:22

I would invite T.S. Eliot and Tom Stoppard. Or Emily Dickinson and Jane Austen. Or Scott Schuman and Marcel Duchamp. But mostly T.S. Eliot and Tom Stoppard.

----- Michelle 27.12.10 20:43

Louis Kahn and Bryan Ferry.

----- Anthony 27.12.10 20:37

Wouldn’t invite anyone for tea…I like these cups, and I like tea.

----- slaing 27.12.10 19:51

I would have tea with Neil Patrick Harris and Bret Easton Ellis.

----- Stephanie 27.12.10 19:46

Frank Herbert and the Dalai Lama. I’m pretty sure my head would explode listening to them, but what a way to go!

----- The Slapster 27.12.10 19:30

Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey. Oh, the hilarity…

----- Maddy 27.12.10 19:24

The cups and saucers are simply too divine. They beg to be in the possession of a true tea connoisseur who would cherish them and properly show them off. I am imagining what teas go best with each design….

----- Erica Liscano 27.12.10 19:03

mom, dad and bro for a tea party.

----- diana 27.12.10 18:15

My late grandmother Shizue, and Isaac Asimov, oh the topics of conversation!

----- Momoko Ito 27.12.10 17:40

How about Calvin and Hobbes? They count, right? :) Although after building an army of awesome snowmen weʻd probably go for hot chocolate and marshmallows instead of tea.

----- Nami 27.12.10 17:30

I would invite Madonna and Monet - two of my favorite artists :)

----- MaryBeth I 27.12.10 17:10

The Old Spice Guy and the Dos Equis Guy. However it goes, it’s bound to be epic.

----- Rabbit 27.12.10 16:38

Probably myself from the future, so he could beat me up and criticize what I’ll do wrong in the next years..!

----- Vinh 27.12.10 16:13

mad hatter and rasputin

----- lookimawave 27.12.10 15:50

I would love to have tea with Kurt Vonnegut and my deceased Grandfather.

----- MrOKBarBar 27.12.10 15:49

Would have to be Batman and Robin! POW! BANG! ZAP!

----- Matt 27.12.10 15:45

If I could invite any two people for tea it would have to be my grandfathers from both side of the family. One passed away long before I was born and the other soon after. I never met either. My dad always says his father would have loved me because I’m the only one in my family who is American born and so I have more the personality of an American than a Chinese person like the rest of my family. My grandfather loved America after working at Mass General Hospital during a part of the communist revolution. I hope he liked watching me work there too as an intern. It’s amazing that our family made it’s way back to Boston.

----- Lisa Pan 27.12.10 15:20

I would invite Mark Zuckerberg and Nikola Tesla…

----- dylanb 27.12.10 15:15

I would like to share a pot of tea with Rachel Carlson and Michelangelo. Thanks!

----- Rachel 27.12.10 15:15

I would invite Lady Gaga and John Lennon and we could have an engaging discussion on tea, tea cups, music and art. I would brew Gen Mai Cha and if I could have a fourth (assuming Lady Gaga brought her own tea set) I would invite Richard Blais from Top Chef and ask him to bring a showcase in Molecular Gastronomy celebrating tea and traditional tea service items. Liquid Nitrogen Petit Fours, anyone?

----- Veebs 27.12.10 15:01

I would invite Joss Whedon and my boyfriend. Love these teacups so much!

----- Tooky 27.12.10 15:00

My mother - she left too early, and her best friend, because I know she would love to see her too.

----- Alyssa 27.12.10 15:00

I would invite Voldemort and Vincent Connare- So I could watch them battle it out. Evil Wizard vs. Comic Sans creator. It would make for an awfully interesting evening! X

----- Naomi 27.12.10 14:43

I’d have tea with my lovely wife.

----- Darrel 27.12.10 14:07

I would invite my Mom and my sister.

----- Gaetan 27.12.10 13:57

I would invite my grandmother—she collected tea cups and saucers and I was too young to understand and appreciate what an amazing lady she was. I would also invite my Aunt, another woman I admire immensely.

----- Sadie 27.12.10 13:51

Time for Tea I’d pick my boy and my dad. I haven’t talked to my dad in years (complicated), but I think it would be nice for my son to have at least one memory of an experience with someone who was part of my life.

----- Gloria Garcia 27.12.10 13:36

I would invite Colin Firth and Jane Austen, to see if he was who she had in mind for Mr. Darcy.

----- Hannah 27.12.10 13:35

I wouls definitely have my grandma who passed away two years ago, and my sister, because we used to have tea parties together all the time and I miss how ridiculous they were.

----- Danielle 27.12.10 13:30

hmm for tea I would have over Oscar Wilde, and michelangelo…

----- ben mouch 27.12.10 13:23

Love love love those tea cups.

----- KEVIN WIER 27.12.10 12:41

Bob Marley and John Lennon. World peace in one room. Bliss*

----- Trish Lopez 27.12.10 12:18

richard feynman and david foster wallace

----- Jason 27.12.10 12:04

James Joyce and Banksy.

----- Rosie 27.12.10 12:04

I would invite Paul Farmer and John Piper to tea, it would be the most encouraging tea time in history!

----- AG Hellings 27.12.10 11:55

these are tea porn. my kettle is totally boiling for these.

----- ian 27.12.10 11:50

I would love to have tea with Jay-Z and Beyonce!

----- Carmen 27.12.10 11:30

For tea it would be me and my boyfriend (obviously:)) because either if we are going to win the tea set or not, this is the perfect way for me to enjoy tea

----- maja 27.12.10 11:22

I would invite my mom, and her (now passed) grandmother to tea. I never met her, but my mom talks about her all the time.

As my mom’s “liitle bunny”, I so need a set of those bunny tea cups to give her!

----- somerset 27.12.10 11:10

Haruki Murakami (contemporary Japanese author) and Murasaki Shikibu (Lady Murasaki, author of the Tale of Genji).

----- Genevieve 27.12.10 10:37

Richard Feynman & Jean Prouve

----- Keno Leon 27.12.10 10:26

my tea parties will benefit greatly from this and feel a little more fanciful than they already do.

----- AnnaMaria Fasciana 27.12.10 10:17

These teacups are amazing. I would like to invite Joan of Arc and my Grandpa over for tea.

----- chrismay 27.12.10 10:09

Anaïs Nin and Oscar Wilde.

----- Gina 27.12.10 10:08

I’d have Katherine Hepburn and Madonna over for tea. Those are 2 amazing trail blazing women that I would be PROUD to have for tea. Then they can give me all their secrets ;-)

----- Jennifer M 27.12.10 09:16

Oscar Wilde and Stephen Fry! Who would both appreciate the tea, I’m sure.

----- Margaret 27.12.10 09:16

Ummm this is a very difficult question, but after much consideration I believe the best guests would be Meret Oppenheim, who may or may not cover everything in fur! and Claes Oldenburg whom I hope will bring his Floor Cake because cake is best enjoyed with tea!

----- Daniela 27.12.10 09:11

I’d have tea with James Krenov, to talk wood working, and Eddie Izzard, to see how Mr. Stevens (head of catering) is doing.

----- Mike 27.12.10 08:30

I’d love to have tea with Princess Diana. She’s the ultimate tea partier.

----- Selina Wong 27.12.10 08:28

I would invite over Bradly Manning and Obama over for some tea so we could talk over the leaks while having stylish tea.

----- Angela Nguyen 27.12.10 08:26

Bill Murray and Chris Rock. Pure Tea Party Hilarity!

----- JB 27.12.10 08:23

Living, Neil Gaiman. he strikes me as a lovely chap to drink tea with. My other guest - M.R. James. Perhaps he could tell us a ghost story after.

----- Byron818 27.12.10 08:19

I would invite my grandma Eva and Beethoven and I might use the cups to serve hot fudge sundaes.

----- Amanda 27.12.10 08:05

I’d love these cups. Specially as my housemate dressed up as Maria from Sylvia Ji’s design for halloween this year, I think she’d quite fancy that cup too!

----- Mitra 27.12.10 08:01

The sucklord (http://suckadelic.com/Realms2.html)
Matty from smash tokyo toys (http://seismicaces.blogspot.com/)

These guys are a riot to watch and read. Although, the Sucklord would probably fill his cup with beer….

----- tony f 27.12.10 07:58

Tea with Jesus Christ and Barry McGee. Awesome.

----- Aaron 27.12.10 07:50

I would invite my Grandma who passed away a few years a go and my Grandad who I never had the chance to meet.

I would love to win the Jon Burgerman one, that looks awesome!

----- Jonathan 27.12.10 07:50

I would probably invite Elizabeth Taylor, and John Lennon. Both passionate people with a lot to talk about.

----- Cathy 27.12.10 07:14

Hoops and Yoyo!

----- Wei 27.12.10 07:11

I would have Andy Warhol and Martha Stewart over for tea. It would be an extraordinary tea session about pop art and pop tarts!

----- Pei 27.12.10 07:09

If I could have anyone over for coffee & tea, I’d have to choose Townes Van Zandt as he’s one of my favorite musicians and Whoopi Goldberg because I think she’s a great actress and just seems like lots of fun.

----- Maggie 27.12.10 06:45

Tea with Prince and Alice Waters!

----- Sonja Lopez 27.12.10 06:38

I would invite my husband because he is the greatest and our “father” (inside joke) AC Slater.

----- elena 27.12.10 06:28

I would invite Ghandi and Buddah and talk about the intricacies of life. Though I may need more tea since it would probably be a while.

----- Jasper 27.12.10 06:15

My Tea for Two choices would be: David Bowie and Steve Martin. It would be super cool to be a part of the conversation about art and music with two of our generations premier collectors and renaissance men.

----- Christina Ward 27.12.10 06:09

I’d definitely invite myself and me! :)

I had a little tea party
This afternoon at three.
‘Twas very small-
Three guest in all-
Just I, myself and me.
Myself ate all the sandwiches,
While I drank up the tea;
‘Twas also I who ate the pie
And passed the cake to me.

----- Eloisa Perissi 27.12.10 05:27

Abraham Obama is THE hottest cup in this collection.

----- Margrét Einarsdóttir Long 27.12.10 04:59

robert f. kennedy and heath ledger

----- Jenny 27.12.10 03:34

For tea hmmm… Well tea is different to having somebody over for dinner.
I would invite Edweard Muybridge, and Edward Gorey for a suitably gothic cup of tea

----- Mark Joyce 27.12.10 03:28

I would invite my two younger cousins and whichever one of their stuffed animals they decided to bring.

----- Jennyris 27.12.10 03:17

Jim Morrison and Freddie Mercury…brilliant people always die too early…it’s a weird law of nature…so we remember them for having been young, fresh, eccentric and beautiful…thanks

----- federica 27.12.10 02:38

George Orwell (the famous author of ‘A Nice Cup of Tea’) and C.S. Lewis.
Mostly for the former to mock the later for saying that ‘tea should be taken in solitude’ :p

----- Rico 27.12.10 02:24

These tea cups are sick! I love them!
I would first invite my brother, who’s a Marine serving our great country in Afghanistan right now. (Not sure if he likes tea, but would Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka count?) Then… I would invite Chuck Norris. My brother met the bad-ass himself in Iraq and asked Chuck to round-house kick him in face. Chuck Norris declined, but I want to have a second try to make my brother’s dream come true of being the #1 most watched video on YouTube. (And why wouldn’t I want to see him get round-house kicked in the face… by CHUCK NORRIS?! I never had the guts to kick him when he deserved it.)

----- Heather Bailey 27.12.10 02:03

The designers of the other two cups - since I’ll be using one - now this could get interesting…or awkward!

----- Hui 27.12.10 02:02

They would be Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat! What’s a tea party without them?!

----- Addy.C 27.12.10 02:00

I’d invite Steve Jobs and Socrates over for tea—I’d love to see them both go at each other! :)

----- Justin R 27.12.10 01:52

wow… these cups are, actually they are just right for our future home with my girlfriend. we would invite to tee Philippe Starc

----- Martins 27.12.10 01:35

I’d have my mom and dad come over for tea. Thankfully, they’re both living!

----- Roy Reid 27.12.10 01:24

I think I should like to invite Mr Oscar Wilde and Mr Alfred Hitchcock

----- Christine Marie Probert 27.12.10 01:09

Jesus of course and marilyn monroe

----- christi 27.12.10 01:00

I’d go with Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and the Mad Hatter ;D

----- Kristina S 27.12.10 00:43

I would invite the Queen of England and John Lennon.

----- Aljosa 27.12.10 00:21

I would invite to my tea party, Christopher Moore and Michel Gondry so they can meet and then make a whimsical and artsy yet gut bursting funny film together.

----- lily 27.12.10 00:17

Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld and Akira Creator Katsuhiro Otomo

----- ZeroBaBo 26.12.10 23:59

thomas edison and nikola tesla…as david bowie?

----- leeroy 26.12.10 23:49

i’d have tea with my grandpa (sadly no longer able to have tea). he always loved tea, but its taken me years to enjoy it. now i do, and i can’t have a cuppa with him.

----- eban 26.12.10 23:35

edgar wright and simon pegg

----- Matthimself 26.12.10 23:31

tea with Bono and Obama

----- eug 26.12.10 23:28

I would invite Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Mark Rothko, and Alain Delon. Perfect.

----- Nina 26.12.10 23:21

I’d invite my dear friend Erin—she’d go nuts over these cups—and my parrot, Tobias. Both LOVE tea, but he’d soon tire of my twitterpated state and fly off, leaving just the two of us.

----- Patrick 26.12.10 23:01

Missy Elliot and John Lennon!

----- Michael 26.12.10 22:53

I’d love this!

----- LimeCake 26.12.10 22:45

I’ll leave the chance to others

----- Ernest 26.12.10 22:30

I would invite the Queen of England, on principle, and then I would also invite Da Vinci.

----- David 26.12.10 22:17

charly chaplin! gotta lot to talk with him!

----- tom 26.12.10 22:07

\(@o@)/ {please let me be victorious!)

----- Shanell 26.12.10 21:51

I would love to have Audrey Hepburn and Carl Sagan over. Weird mix, but the conversation would probably be well worth it. :)

----- Kath 26.12.10 21:41

Tea party with Irenee Riter. I would sponge up her wisdom on colour and design.

----- Fel 26.12.10 21:38

Jesus & Cleopatra

----- Zac Clark 26.12.10 21:35

So many people to choose from! Off the top of my head, Zhang Ziyi and the Japanese tea master Sen Rikyū who redefined the tea ceremony in the 1500’s.

----- Robert 26.12.10 21:22

If I could have tea with anyone alive or dead I would invite Maynard James Keenan and Anthony Bourdain. I could imagine a more awesome way to spend an afternoon.

----- Laura Perryman 26.12.10 21:21

Jacques Tati and St Augustine would make for interesting tea party guests. I suspect Tati might prefer coffee, but I’m sure the conversation would be enlightening!

----- Kasi 26.12.10 21:21

I would invite Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet :)

----- Sarah 26.12.10 21:21

I’d love to have tea with Issac Asimov and Frank Lloyd Wright, though I am not entirely sure how that conversation would go!

----- Caitlin 26.12.10 21:14

Chris Farley and David Spade. Dream team reunited.

----- Susan Nguyen 26.12.10 21:00

I would invite my evolution professor, and Terry Pratchett.

----- Megan 26.12.10 20:42

If I’m allowed, I’d like to expand this to include fictitious characters…

Arthur Dent of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fame & John Steed, the quintessential British Gentleman…

if I’m sticking to real people, alive or dead…

Thomas King, indigenous author & my good friend Genevieve, who lost her battle with cancer last month.

----- N Keitlah 26.12.10 20:25

I’d invite Andy Kaufman and J.R.R. Tolkien.

----- er.aka.blo@hotmail.com 26.12.10 20:25

I would have tea with David Choe and Tupac

----- Desiree G 26.12.10 20:08

The Marquis de Sade
The Lady Gaga

are formally invited to tea.

----- Jeffrey 26.12.10 20:02

Two who popped in my head first: Tina Fey and Abraham Lincoln.

----- Jen 26.12.10 20:00

I think I’d have Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris over, but I think I’d laugh so much that I wouldn’t actually get to drink any tea.

----- Liz 26.12.10 19:47

patti smith & robert mapplethorpe. I also just join a tea club, which would make all this perfect.

----- Nestor Jaz Dutan 26.12.10 19:40

These are amazing, I wish the one I wanted wasn’t sold out!

----- Rebecca 26.12.10 19:19

For tea I would invite Sou Fujimoto and Vincent Callebaut - my eternal inspirations!

----- Monica 26.12.10 19:18

awesome! i’d love it.

----- boz 26.12.10 19:06

Dolly Parton and Julie Andrews, hands down.

----- Maggie 26.12.10 19:02

Lady Gaga, gurrrl loves herself some tea and maybe the Queen. What’s a tea party without the Queen?

----- Nicholas Sipes 26.12.10 18:56

DaVinci and Hitler.

The latter for why. The former for why not.

----- J Alexander 26.12.10 18:52

I would invite Bill Murray and Mark Twain. I think this would only end in snarky, dead pan hilariousness.

----- Kim J 26.12.10 18:49

omg! i would have michael jackson (the 80’s version) and my great grandmother and we’d have chinese tea and yumcha!

----- tina 26.12.10 18:40

I would the Queen of England and Johnny Rotten. Cause they are both British and I’m sure it would make for lively conversation

----- Jeremy B 26.12.10 18:37

Hunter S. Thompson and Alexis De Toquville

----- Max 26.12.10 18:36

I would invite the Buddha and Michael Chabon.

----- Josie 26.12.10 18:33

Abraham Lincoln + Albert Einstein. Totally!

----- Johng 26.12.10 18:20

AH! I wanted the Kozyndan one so badly, but its sold out now! I would invite Kozyndan (because they are awesome) and maybe Richard Neutra (he is one of the reasons why I become a designer).

----- Eliza Alkire 26.12.10 18:19

For tea, I’d like to invite my grandmother, and her father, my great-grandfather. She misses him terribly, and I never got a chance to truly meet him while he was a live.

----- Aaron 26.12.10 18:15

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost :D

----- Sarah 26.12.10 18:12

I would invite James Jean and Audrey Kawasaki! Two artists whose work inspires me.

----- Becky 26.12.10 18:05

I would invite Josh Goldfischer and Alyx Mark. They are my two best friends and I miss them.

----- ZachZZ 26.12.10 17:59

I’d invite Jerry Thomas and Harry Craddock

----- Scott 26.12.10 17:54

The queen of England and one of her corgis obviously.

----- Nic 26.12.10 17:52

mel chin and my mom

----- Michelle 26.12.10 17:48

i’d love to have my grandmom and my future child (once old enough) to have tea together. this is something that will not be likely to happen and that fact makes me a bit sad.

----- Audrey R 26.12.10 17:46

I’d invite Carl Sagan and Stephen Fry. The conversation would not only be captivating and engrossing, but whimsical and amusing too! Also: those teacups are stunning.

----- Dian Saxon 26.12.10 17:45

I would invite 2 of my lovers for tea and then we would have a delightful menage a trois.

----- cathy 26.12.10 17:38

god n’ my soul mate!

----- betsy 26.12.10 17:37

I would have to have tea with two men who have had a great influence on my life; my husband - who I love to tiny little pieces, and Sir Terry Pratchett - whose books have helped shape my world view and sense of humour.

----- Witchylana 26.12.10 17:34

I would have my best friends over of course!

----- Bianca 26.12.10 17:29

my grandpa. and jesus.

----- Jacob 26.12.10 17:25

My sister and the most interesting man in the world (the Dos Equis guy)

----- Tran 26.12.10 17:03

I’d clearly have to have the artist who is responsible for the cup over for tea! And my best friend! We used to make tea parties for credit in college. This would totally be our cup of tea!

----- Sean 26.12.10 17:01

I think I would invite William Powell and Frida Kahlo, but maybe she would prefer a Mexican hot chocolate instead.

----- kelly 26.12.10 17:01

Albert Einstein and Billy Herrington.

----- Leslie 26.12.10 17:01

I would invite Einstein and J.R. Oppenheimer.

----- Emily 26.12.10 17:00

Johnny Depp & Nicolas Tesla— now there’s a hot tea party!

----- Susan kelley 26.12.10 17:00

Hmmmmm… I would go with Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep.

----- Johnny 26.12.10 16:58

I would invite Aaron Sorkin and Tom Stoppard. It would be amusing.

----- Allison 26.12.10 16:56

I’d for sure have my Maternal Grandmother for tea, whom I never got to meet, and then I’d pick a distant distant great great great great grandmother from my fathers side. I always think its so interesting when people know so much about where their families came from and how they got to where they are. I’d love to learn from them…over tea :-)

----- Danielle 26.12.10 16:44

I would invite comedians David Cross and Patton Oswalt so we could discuss how very badly I’d wasted my choices.

----- Cole 26.12.10 16:39

I’ve already invited Jimi Hendrix and Elvis and they both RSVP’d so make sure they come!

----- Joe 26.12.10 16:31

I would invite C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein. I’d like to observe the famous literary friendship and rivalry that they carried on at Oxford, and I’d ask them for a little story inspiration so I could write the next great English-language epic novel.

----- Becca 26.12.10 16:31

Paul Newman and Steve McQueen
have em duke it out for my amusement

----- Leor Boshi 26.12.10 16:31

I’d have tea with Princess Diana and my daughter Christie.

----- Jill Day 26.12.10 16:28

I would invite my long lost cousin who is currently studying in Germany, and my god father from heaven to join me for the tea party…

----- Ruth 26.12.10 16:24

Bill Clinton and Ellen Degeneres. Both are completely interesting in their own right but come from completely different facets of life.

----- Wyley 26.12.10 16:16

I’d invite Marie Antoinette & Louis Carroll.

----- Mina 26.12.10 16:11

I would invite two captivating gentlemen for tea: Matthew Bellamy of Muse whose lyrics are interesting and multilayered, and Johnny Depp; I enjoyed his recent Vanity Fair interview.

----- Giselle 26.12.10 16:10

I would have tea with Alfred Hitchcock and Wong Kar Wai.

----- Tab 26.12.10 16:02

I would invite Jason Schwartzman for his witty personality and Bjork, for an oddly creative afternoon tea.

----- Leia-Fahe Villeneuve 26.12.10 16:00

I’d invite Jesus Christ to get some straight-forward answers, and also for fun Albert Einstein.

----- Stacy B. 26.12.10 15:59

I’d have tea with my neighbor Ellie. She makes the best scones!

----- Belle 26.12.10 15:54

I would invite Buster Keaton (silent movie genius) and Andrew Wyeth (artist). We would play some movies, Andrew would give me painting tips, and we would drink tea in those fabulous tea cups.

----- Laura Wattles 26.12.10 15:51

i would invite my dad who passed away 8 years ago … maybe i could find some peace!

----- tracy 26.12.10 15:51

I would invite Jules Vern and John Waters. Ideas for conversation would be endless.

----- Crystal 26.12.10 15:51

I would have tea with Johnny Depp and Audrey Tatou.

----- Kelley Robison 26.12.10 15:46

I think I would invite Salvador Dali, and Man Ray. I can only imagine what the conversation would be like, and I think they would appreciate these limited editions.

----- Justin 26.12.10 15:46

I would choose to have tea with my future husband. I haven’t met him yet, but it would be neat to have tea for one afternoon and then part ways with the knowledge that somehow, somewhere, we’d meet again. The second person would be Russell Brand for no particular reason other than he would appreciate the ridiculousness of the situation and make us both laugh.

----- Megan 26.12.10 15:41

i would have tea with my mom and my mother in law because we just don’t get to spend enough time together. all of these teacups are beyond amazing, and i am in art-love with kozyndan.

----- colleen 26.12.10 15:40

I’d invite Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. It could go 2 ways, my tea party could prevent war, or I could end up with front row seats to the biggest sh*t fight in history. Then for years to come artists and historians would relive the tale of Shane’s Tea Party. O_o

----- Shane V.E 26.12.10 15:40

The Brontë Sisters! Charlotte and Emily Brontë.

----- Joyce 26.12.10 15:34

My parents, who lie so far away that popping over for tea is impossible…

----- Mack 26.12.10 15:32

Robert Capa and Kanye West, because both would probably have a lot of interesting things to say about art, relationships, and feeling like their lives are active war zones.

----- Allie 26.12.10 15:32

I would have tea with Blackbeard so he could tell me where he buried his lost treasure… and for the living, I would have tea with Bill Gates and hope to land some funding for my philanthropic activities I want to grow.

----- Mikell Johnson 26.12.10 15:29

I would have over my paternal grandparents for tea. I miss them…

----- Joe Wasserman 26.12.10 15:23

I would have tea with myself as an old man and myself as a young child (caffeine-free, just in case). As long as the old guy doesn’t give away the ending I think we could really take care of some business at that meeting.

----- Zack H 26.12.10 15:21

if I could have two people over for tea (separately, I’m assuming?) it would be Nikola Tesla, probably, and Joss Whedon. Heh.

----- Liana 26.12.10 15:20

If I could have two people over for tea, well they’d have to be british I supose, to make it that much more awesome. No question about it, guest # 1 would have to be Eddie Izzard (tea and cake or death!). No one is as funny as that man, and you know he’d be faboulsly dressed. Not only is he a brilliant comedian, but he also knows a great deal about history. My second guest, would have to be Richard Dawkins. He awoke in me a love of science that I should have found at a younger age. I also really respect his passion and dedication to his ideals.

----- Lexie Little 26.12.10 15:17

I would invite both my Grandfather (died when I was 7) and my Grandmother (died this February). I’d like to know more about them in their own words.

----- Jake Sepulveda 26.12.10 15:17

Oooh, love these! I would invite Alfred Hitchcock and Grace Kelly over for tea. And if they couldn’t come I would just watch Rear Window and To Catch a Thief and drink tea all by myself!

----- Camille 26.12.10 15:16

Gorgeous cups. I would invite Polly Verity an artist who currently lives in England and makes incredible wire and paper artwork and Rick Steves as I love to talk to people who have seen so much of the world.

----- christine edison 26.12.10 15:10

Tori Amos and Jesus Christ. Though I think Tori would want black and Jesus would want green tea. I have both. Just need the cups.

----- Phillip 26.12.10 15:03

I would invite Santa Claus+1; I don’t think he would show up without my cup!

----- Ayca 26.12.10 15:00

I would have my boyfriend and Oscar Wilde and we would have a light and jolly tea!

----- Ian S. 26.12.10 14:53

The Queen of England and Madonna! How quintessentially British ha ha

----- Jorge Almeida 26.12.10 14:51

I would have over Alice [so she can have a proper pot of tea for once (I hope fictional characters count too…)] and Leonardo da Vinci so we can discuss his life and work.

----- Victor 26.12.10 14:48

i would invite my twin sister and my mother … two individuals who are most dear to me

----- lish 26.12.10 14:41

Jon Burgerman & Ron English

----- Jason Jones 26.12.10 14:40

Beautiful :) I’d love to have tea with Frida Kahlo because she’s just plain rad, and Paul Simon for a little afternoon tea ditty.

----- Emma W 26.12.10 14:40

Oh, this decision is difficult. Do I go for a fangirl choice or a genuine awe choice? Maybe one of each? I think I would choose Joseph Gordon-Levitt so I could pick his brain about hitRECord and his views on life, acting, art, collaboration, and dedication. Then I would also invite Oscar Wilde because I admire his writing and would love to just be in his presence for any kind of conversation.

----- Leslie 26.12.10 14:36

This might sound cheezy but it’s honest. I would invite my parents for tea. I don’t get to talk with them that often and people would tend to start conversations about those lovely tea sets. Plus tea is good for your health and it warms the hearts during winter! Cheers

----- asenh tsan 26.12.10 14:34

OMG PLEASE LET ME WIN! I would invite my Mom (who died when I was 4 yrs old from cancer), and my future daughter (who we hope to adopt in 2011).

----- Mundy Hackett 26.12.10 14:33

I would invite my grandma and my fiancée, because she always used to say that she wanted to see me get married. Unfortunately, she passed away this summer.

----- Magdalena 26.12.10 14:30

I would invite Confucius and Mengzi………to see what happens….!

----- Kay 26.12.10 14:28

These cups are amazing. I love them all!

----- Ryan 26.12.10 14:26

I would invite my mom who passed away and my future daughter so they could get to meet afterall.

----- Sandrea 26.12.10 14:25

I dig the tea cups (Sylvia’s set is especially nice). Tea with only two people living, dead or other is a tough crowd to pin down. My first guest would be former president and conservationist Teddy Roosevelt. He just seems like a character. What kind of guy gets shot in the chest and still manages to delivered a campaign speech… The second guest would be Johnny Cash. I really dig his music and he just seems like the type of person you wouldn’t normally have a chat with while drinking tea.

Pinkys Up!

----- Jared Kaufman 26.12.10 14:24

I’d have tea with Frida Kahlo and Stephen Hawking, the way to my mind and soul.

----- Daphne 26.12.10 14:24

Beautiful cups dreeeeewl :). I think i would love to share a pot of tea with Bette Davis & Joan Crawford. It may not be the most relaxing cuppa but god would it be entertaining.

----- stevie.b 26.12.10 14:24

Tea with Aimee Mann. Preferably on a rainy day.

----- Jami 26.12.10 14:24

I love these cups… My grandfather and my soon (hopefully) to be children.

----- Ginny 26.12.10 14:19

Jorge Luis Borges and Bruce Chatwin.

----- Marie 26.12.10 14:19

Britney Spears and Karl Lagerfeld!!! I know quite the eclectic pair :D

----- Damoy 26.12.10 14:16

I would invite my two daughters.

----- Amy Brewer 26.12.10 14:16

Gosh those are gorgeous!
If I could have tea with any two people…
It would be my two grandfathers. One of whom I never got to meet as he passed away before I was born, and the other who passed away a few years ago but was always an inspiration to me. He would have loved those tea cups.

----- Mikaela 26.12.10 14:16

High tea would be served at Office of Johnston with guests Harry Belafonte and Emma Goldman.

----- Kelsey J 26.12.10 14:13

i would invite Queen Elizabeth II and Lady Gaga for tea. i think it would make for an interesting afternoon!

----- Ashley 26.12.10 14:11

I would invite Ghengis Khan for planning world domination and Craig Ferguson for laughs.

----- Daimian 26.12.10 14:07

I’d invite my Grandmother on my mom’s side and my grandfather on my dad’s side to tel them I’m gay. They’ve both died fairly recently and I never told them.

----- MIchael S 26.12.10 14:06

I would host a tea party with guests Samuel Adams and Sarah Palin to discuss the makings of a good tea party.

----- Austin 26.12.10 14:06

Kukla and Ollie. Fran’s lips moved when she talked, did you notice?

----- EB 26.12.10 14:01

cecil rhodes
john galt

----- dylan 26.12.10 14:00

I would have tea with ODB and John Henry.

----- Michael Wallace 26.12.10 13:57

I would have tea with Walt Disney and Hayo Miyazaki. That would be one interesting table to sit in. But it would need someone to translate OR a power of understanding japanese! awesome.

----- Maarit 26.12.10 13:57

I’d invite my two daughters, but should they decline my invitation, I would send a transdimensional telegram to Einstein asking him to build a time machine and then politely inquire if he would be so kind as to collect Jane Austin on his way to my “Tea for Three” party.

----- Helen Grant 26.12.10 13:57

Amazing sets! If I were to invite anyone the first person would be Angelina Jolie. She is incredibly attractive to me & I think she’d be so interesting to have a conversation with. The second person would be Micheal Jordan. One of the greatest competitors of all time.

----- Scott Yates 26.12.10 13:55

There are two women that have been a huge influence on my life the past few months both are alive and young artist. One is actually a tag team herakut is what they call themselves amazing graffiti artists. The other is Charmaine Olivia wonderful painting I can look everyday at her work and be amazed every time.Two different style but both made a huge impact on my life.

----- Emily Howe 26.12.10 13:53

Wow, stunning teacups! Hmm, my tea time would include Andy Warhol and Michael Jackson. I thin I’d just shut up and listen to the exchange of words between them.

----- lara 26.12.10 13:52

I would have Hans Zimmer and Niccolo Paganini over to discussion musical composition amongst other things.

----- pete hinchcliffe 26.12.10 13:49

Mr T and T.S. Eliot.

Alternates: T. Boone Pickens and T-Pain.

----- james.sachs 26.12.10 13:42

I would invite my future wife and my future daughter.

----- Collin Banko 26.12.10 13:40

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