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Kraken Rum: The Gift Guide!- 12.12.10

kraken0.jpg Amazing. I’m literally in complete awe as i write this post, under the glow of the Kraken Lamp, while sipping some Kraken Rum on ice. There’s just something too awesome about great things feeding and inspiring each other ~ in this case Kraken Rum coupled with incredible design studio, Dead As We Know It, and launching quite possibly the coolest product line yet! The product line is lustworthy on its own… but still noteworthy, when’s the last time a Rum inspired you to redecorate? Rum inspired housewares, art work, and wearables? Even handkerchiefs for the dandiest fellow on your gift list… Take a peek at some of my favorites from the new Kraken Rum Store on the next page… and i can’t wait to see what else the Kraken will inspire in all of us!

krakenbox1.jpg Here’s opening box 1 of 2 boxes and a tube that arrived… got to love the touch of a handwritten note!

krakenbox2.jpg Inside the box ~ tote, notebooks, shirts, handkerchiefs, and shower curtain ~ in the other box - LAMP! and in the poster tube ~ the prints! Seriously, they went all out on the quality of each of the items, and the printing is just beautiful! Shirts are American Apparel 50/25/25s… prints are on the nicest, thick hand made paper…

kraken1.jpg Ultimate gift for just about anyone this season? Limited Edition Kraken Gift Kit The unique set includes a long sleeve shirt (available in S, M, L or XL), Kraken scroll poster, genuine Kraken tooth, the famously amusing and informative book, and a DVD of Kraken stories! All items are packaged in a unique Kraken-print box… and for your other gifts, you can even wrap them in the Kraken Gift Wrap!

kraken2.jpg How can i not be giddy when my favorite rum goes into Housewares?!?! Kraken Shower Curtain and Desk Lamp - Beyond the black and white goodness, there’s something so fun about spinning the lamp shade between a Kraken watching your every move… and seeing his skeletal system glowing back at you…

kraken3.jpg Famous Kraken Battle Hankies come in two options - Kraken vs The Night of the 1000 Piranhas and Kraken vs Robert McCrae

kraken4.jpg Kraken Tote Bag ~ groceries just got instantly more exciting.

kraken5.jpg Release The Kraken Tee

kraken6.jpg Ok, i don’t usually bring up prices here on NOTCOT, but i’m surprised they only priced these posters at $13 each! They are on such incredibly lovely paper, complete with hand torn looking edges… and not at all tiny at 24”x11”. Here are the Kraken Internal System and Outer Shell posters

kraken7.jpg Kraken Size Chart Tee

kraken8.jpg For all the Kraken inspires… Kraken Moleskine

kraken9.jpg Kraken Long Sleeve Tee

kraken10.jpg A classic framed on my wall the last year… Kraken Size Chart Poster and The Evolution of the Kraken Poster

And just so we don’t forget… seeing as these products are quite awesome on their own… these are all inspired by one of the most delicious (and definitely the BEST packaged) rums! Kraken Rum!!! krakenbottle4.jpg


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9 Notes

Hello from France
Since twenty years my nickname is Kraken …
So when i found Kraken …wow !!
How can i buy your products ? T shirts , etc etc ..

Au revoir à Bientôt

----- Pierre JACQUET 16.12.12 11:47

I love the Kraken! I first saw it on your site and tracked down a bottle. Strong but smoooth! And the packaging is amazing. I am tempted to buy myself the gift kit. lol

----- Mikell Johnson 14.12.10 11:47

I want to drink that rum just based on the bottle.

----- Ty 12.12.10 21:37

Whoa. Best branding ever.

----- Amelia 12.12.10 19:22

You will find most of these Kraken products in our pop up gift shop @ Gitana Rosa Gallery in Williamsburg. The lamp looks awesome, there are some posters, t-shirts, notebooks and hankerchiefs come see them in person and take it home with you! For more info on Gitana Rosa hours and even check out the website. www.gitanarosa.com

----- Vanessa Liberati 12.12.10 18:23

Just got the Release the Kraken Shirt, AMAZING design, love it!

----- Taryn Zychal 12.12.10 10:02

SO want that shower curtain! Added to Amazon Wish List, come on family - do the right thing!!

----- The Slapster 12.12.10 08:26

I’m sure rum inspired room “redecorations” are more common than you think, though probably not nearly as stylish ;)
I need that lamp!

----- James 12.12.10 07:54

That evolution poster is a must buy for me. Want! (I’m a sucker for torn edges)

----- Brad 12.12.10 02:15

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