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Holiday Giveaway #18: Hard Graft- 12.11.10

20-hardgraft.jpg It’s holiday season here at NOTCOT, and we’re doing our annual Gift Guides, Coupons and Giveaways! Just our little way of giving a big hug to awesome brands and readers as we close out 2010!

UPDATE: Congrats to Jeremy in Alexandria, VA!

NOTCOT Holiday Giveaway #18 is here ~ and today our friends from Hard Graft are giving one lucky reader: a Phone Fold Wallet! So many luscious feeling wool felt/leather goods for your phones, laptops, ebook readers and more… these guys are still one of my favorites by far! Currently lusting after their new pocket phone case that just came out too!

For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight on Dec 15th (PST) ~ sharing what you love about your phone?(aka why it deserves such an awesome case!)

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My phone rocks!!! because of when I hear a song on the radio and they are to lame to tell me the song title which drives most of us furious. I can just use my phone to find out the song title, band, album, and year within seconds Why hasn’t this been thought of a long time ago!!!

----- Randy Niemann 16.12.10 00:01

It’s huge. Not very useful as a cellphone but perfect as a self defense device.

----- Valeria 15.12.10 23:30

So far I love its sleek look and design — I just bought it and haven’t had a chance yet to explore. :)

/it would look oh so much sleeker in this case!

----- Sharon 15.12.10 22:42

I love that i can call my bride to be at any time of the day

----- Sid Law 15.12.10 19:56

My phone deserves such an awesome case because it’s always there for me, and helps me find my way! Also, it should be safe in case I drop it!

----- Amanda 15.12.10 19:31

My phone does everything for me. It keeps me connected. It holds my calendar, lists, email, social networks. I’m able to respond to people instead of forgetting, to keep on top of the many many engagements I schedule (dog sit here, cat sit there, nanny then, etc.) and reminds me when I need to be somewhere! If it were a person, it’d be my secretary.

----- Catherine Chandler 15.12.10 19:04

I quite like how fast my phone charges (even though I think it lies to me). I also like how it tends to keep it’s charge.

You might say that I love how not annoying it is.

----- Nathan 15.12.10 17:33

My phone lets me stay in contact with all my family. Also work.

----- Jeremy 15.12.10 17:07

I love my phone because it’s gotten me through the hard times when I was nearly living out of my car with no real internet connection. That sounds ridiculous, but true.

----- Masa 15.12.10 15:59

I simply love my iPhone and it is the most experential tool in my everyday life. It deserves a quality product by Hard Graft simply because it is neat, elegant and subtle. Just what I am looking for (it’s still nude! :) )

----- Matteo 15.12.10 15:46

my phone is tired of being a nudist.

----- Joe B 15.12.10 15:36

Plants vs. Zombies - on the go.

----- Kristine 15.12.10 15:16

Love my phone because it is my connection to everything. I connect to work, home pc, pay bills, check balances, reminds me of birthdays, where I need to be and how to get there, connect to family, friends and dates

----- stephanie 15.12.10 14:24

Because my phone is currently naked!

----- Jan 15.12.10 13:51

I love that it doesn’t break when I drop it… So far.

----- Thomas 15.12.10 13:43

I love my phone because it is the only object in my house (despite the plethora of toys) that can keep my 9-month old still and entertained during those happy fun times that are diaper changes. An awesome case would keep it protected from 1) drool, 2) being thrown across the room, and 3) teething.

----- .tif 15.12.10 13:21

my phone is the best best friend that anyone could ask for. it reminds me of birthdays, easily recalls phone numbers, and email addresses, even guides me to friends homes for holiday laughter or the closest bar for that much needed drink away from extended family. my phone can resolve bar trivia disputes and capture moments that could be forgotten. best of all, it doesn’t get jealous of my other best friends.

----- edgar 15.12.10 13:00

This phone deserves such a rad case because its the best phone Ive ever had and been able to not break in the first week. It’ll need all the help it could get from not being destroyed in the next several years. The cool case would be a huge help!

My new phone just makes my life so much more simple its a real help day to day. The alarm is the best Ive had, I actually wake up to it! Also the camera is the bomb. Works in almost any setting.

----- John G 15.12.10 12:37

My 3 year old loves to write his name, you tube firetrucks and find car shows on my phone..
I dont even know why I have use it anymore.

----- damion 15.12.10 10:59

I love the fact that my phone doesn’t give up. Whether I’m at home, at work, in a bar, in the snow, it always gets the job done, never shows any fear. But it really ought to, which is why it could use a case. I’d like it to keep working after all.

----- Ben 15.12.10 10:12

GPS. Whenever I’m lost my precious iPhone finds the way home. I’m directionally challenged, as a child I always thought whatever direction you are currently facing is North…which gets confusing when we are all facing different directions…

----- Jnonymous 15.12.10 08:14

With a hard graft fold wallet, my phone will never have to compete with my real wallet. The value of my iPhone holds greater measures than anything else I own, from utilizable icons to cemented memories. I think it’s time to show gratitude to my three year old first generation iPhone and a nice warm fashion statement might just do the job.

----- DJ Trimor 15.12.10 07:32

I love my phone because it is how I contact those I love.

----- ZachZZ 15.12.10 07:16

I love the hard keys on my phone, especially when I’m tweeting hashtags like #twit2fit that require switching keyboards on touch screens. I like the centered home page among the home screens - and the customization of home screens vs app list.

----- Aprille 15.12.10 07:10

Virtually EVERYTHING is customized on my phone, from colours to my friend’s own shouts serving as ringtones! No wonder such a phone deserves an extraordinary sleeve!

----- Erika 15.12.10 05:02

Shoo, wrong comment. That was meant for the Baxter giveaway!

----- Linda 15.12.10 05:00

I am inspired almost every day as I love making stuff by hand. Today I stopped to copy the intertwining bars of a beautiful wrought-iron gate, to use the pattern on my upcoming messenger bag. It would look gorgeous stitched on leather!

----- Linda 15.12.10 04:59

My phone has a soul by itself, probably inherited from a previous life lived as the GooseBerry of City Watch Commander Sam Vimes of Ankh-Morpork. It is a queen on its own right, who needs to be crowned by cristal-clear background images and a mantel fit for royalty.

----- Linda 15.12.10 04:57

I think the iPhone itself is enough of a gift. I feel like everything is at my fingertips. And something that allows me so much creative control in a portable format deserves to be taken care of. The other day I simply felt inspired to film my world. And I had the device to do it easily. I think it’s something wonderful to have everything you need to record you ideas and situations in one device.

----- Leslie 15.12.10 03:06

I love my phone because that’s where I heard my baby cousin’s first words!

----- Charmaine 15.12.10 01:54

It’s loaded with pictures of my new daughter. Daddy’s modern love locket.

----- Matthew Ready 14.12.10 22:04

My phone is backup storage for my brain.

----- darcy Parrish 14.12.10 20:57

I love my phone because it’s perfect. So perfect in fact, it’s still in the box, at the Apple store, waiting for me to buy it. My current contract just ended and I will be purchasing an iphone asap and I’m so excited. I’ve been using an old phone (thats commonly mistaken as a brick) with only a few working buttons for 6 months. This case would be the cherry on top to the end of my painful wait!

----- Marissa 14.12.10 20:55

My phone deserves more respect. It’s old and dusty, not very good at what it does, but then again, who’s to blame? I carry him in my pocket next to old tissues (colds are so common this time of year here!) and dust from the drying machine. I think my phone would love me if I offered him this nice, sleek nest for him to slip in while I carry him around. Guess that’s the least I can do for my phone, right?

----- Gabriel 14.12.10 20:49

Of course I love the design and feel of my iPhone. I baby it so this case would be perfect!

----- neonsocks 14.12.10 19:22

This is actually perfect for my brother, and his iphone is fabulous because I convinced him to get the inception app! It’s like a changing ~soundtrack for your life~ it is fascinating, I actually borrowed it while he was sick to test it out! :D :D

----- ayla 14.12.10 17:51

My phone has Doodle Jump and a really sweet Zapp and Roger ringtone that I made in Garageband.

----- Ruby 14.12.10 17:36

Waited 5 generations of iphone to finally get my first one this year. A well designed phone needs a awesome crafted case to go with it!

----- Lindsay 14.12.10 16:21

I love my phone because it has tolerated my many bursts against the annoyance that is AT&T’s spotty coverage. That, and it still looks like a charmer despite many a sharp meeting with concrete surfaces.

----- Khanh 14.12.10 15:20

i love my phone. i want it to be safe and cozy

----- angela 14.12.10 15:07

I love my phone because it’s so heavy that I get a great workout for my legs everytime I go out!

----- Michal 14.12.10 13:57

I love my iPhone because I can communicate with my loved ones, play games, listen to tunes, and I always have a great camera with me! And it helps me stay organized and time efficient.

----- Victoria C 14.12.10 13:33

I love my phone cause it’s got my favorite people’s numbers on it so I can keep in touch, and photos of everyone I love, and my favorite songs and it hardly ever gives me any trouble!

----- Gabriela Oliva 14.12.10 13:21

i love the freedom my phone gives me to sneak away and enjoy a few moments alone, but I know if something dire comes up (POTUS calls, for example) I can be snapped back to reality.

----- brett 14.12.10 12:41

I love my phone because it’s simple, clean and easy to use! None of this super hundred dollar phones when I just need one to call or text.

----- Christina 14.12.10 12:23

I love my phone because I never feel alone with it.

----- Liliana 14.12.10 11:47

What I love most about my phone is never having to have an actual phone conversation again (thank you text function)

----- byron818 14.12.10 11:26

I love my phone because I can call people.

----- Ryan Braun 14.12.10 10:59

My phone is a great camera!

----- Tooky 14.12.10 10:37

I love my phone because it doesn’t judge me when I let calls go to voicemail, or let the battery die, or use it as a flashlight in the movie theater when I can’t find my row.

----- Meghan 14.12.10 08:59

A hard Graph case would make me want a phone worthy of its case!

----- Austin 14.12.10 08:49

I like my phone, because it makes nice recordings when I practice with my band. Because it’s only a phone not some fancy recording device we play completly relaxed and without nerves. If we think of some good material we have it on the record if not no fuss.

----- Aljosa 14.12.10 08:38

I love my iphone because everyone looks at it and says, “Wow! you’ve got an iphone! Cool!”

----- Adam Edwards 14.12.10 08:38

I love my smartphone because it makes me seem so much smarter than I actually am…

----- Jeremy 14.12.10 07:16

It is ever so shiny

----- Luuk Langenhoff 14.12.10 07:05

my phone need some protective steez. these cases look as if they could provide it.

----- francisco 14.12.10 05:45

My phone is a great source of entertainment and information. It also helps to keep me organized and connected.

----- James D. LaCroix 14.12.10 04:34

I love my iphone 4 like I love my fingernails: for protection (from disorganisation), for it’s practical uses and for how I can customize it!

----- Grace 14.12.10 01:02

Without my phone I could never play trivia games again, without losing my carefully buildup know-all reputation. Having the case doesn’t help me cheating. But at least then I can cheat in style…

----- Tim Geraedts 14.12.10 00:55

I’ve owned an iPhone ever since they became available and it has not disappointed nor has it been surpassed by it’s wannabes,atleast in my world. Who needs a Swiss army nife when you have an iPhone in your pocket. I can’t remember a day, hour, min, or second I’ve been without it.
It plays my music.
It displays my books.
It accompanies me to the toilet.
It lights up the dark for me
It guides me to were I need or want to go.
It makes boring not boring at all times.
It is my gateway to the world
It keeps my son entertained and keeps down his crying
It does what I need a smart phone to do and then some.

----- David 14.12.10 00:37

For my awesome mom, who bought me my awesome iphone4, for my awesome 21st birthday :)

----- Shan 13.12.10 22:43

I love my phone because without it, sitting on the toilet would be horrendously boring.

----- Max 13.12.10 22:35

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----- Replica Leather Handbags 13.12.10 22:29

I love how it keeps me connected. I use my iPhone to keep up with the news (google reader RSS), watch videos on youtube from my family in paris and hong kong, settle fights via wikipedia or google searches, keep in touch with my lovely girlfriend (txt and call her wayy too much), play Angry Birds (ohhh yess), listen to music and discover new songs (pandora, i love thee), take photos (i have 2000+ photos since i got the iPhone 4!!), record HD video (boy oh boy do i do this a lot now), take notes with its recorder (i’m a journalist afterall — need to save my quotes), as an alarm clock (wake me up for work) and more..

most of all i love my phone because its become an extension of my life. it’s vital to my existence. without it i would be an antisocial nobody. thanks iphone!

----- Ray 13.12.10 22:20

I love my phone for its simplicity.

----- Jeremy 13.12.10 19:49

i downloaded the cat sounds app…..my two cats and my dog cannot figure out how the poor kitten is trapped in small square box! :) I use my iphone to mess with my animals minds :)

----- whitney 13.12.10 19:32

Well this one really needs to be mine. I love everything about my phone but being naked like now it is, really does harm to it. This pretty thing would protect him.

----- Petra 13.12.10 15:59

What i love about my phone is that it is a hand me down from my lil brother as every phone i have had has broke.

This phone is held together by sticky tape and determination.

It can make phone calls and all the buttons work.

It lights up when someone calls or messages me. However it doesn’t vibrate anymore though it tries it’s little red self to do it.



----- Brendon 13.12.10 15:46

My iPhone is slowly dying. I am devastated. I’ve looked after it so well, nurtured it, kept it safe, but alas, it is a 3G and is slowly slipping into dementia.

I can think of no better way to honour it in its final days than to wrap it up in something as well-crafted and comfortable as the Hard Graft case. It deserves the best.

----- Ben G Morgan 13.12.10 15:39

We’ve just had the longest spell of snow and ice in my living memory and although I’m scared of falling and breaking a bone I’m even more scared of falling and breaking my iphone. A hard graftcase would keep it safe!

----- Eoin 13.12.10 14:54

i love my phone too (because it’s not angry with me for having dropped it like a million times, and still works for me), but i love my ipod touch even more, because daddy brought it from japan as a total surprise and it’s been a real lifesaver for innumerable times - be it music to help me through a bad day, the calculator(!), or for accessing some random wifi connection in the most random places when it was really the matter of life and death :D that’s why my friend ipod needs this supernice case to rest in :) (my phone already usually has the best and warmest place in my pocket!)

----- Liisa 13.12.10 14:10

I love my phone because it does everything it needs to.

----- Matt 13.12.10 13:18

I need to love my phone as much as I love my cash…which I keep in a hardgraft wallet. This will be a nice addition and hold me over till I can afford a 2unfold bag.

----- Jamie 13.12.10 13:11

I love my phone so much I barely use it to make calls. I think it should be all time inside a beautiful wallet like that, though I don’t have one. Wish there was an app for that. It would be so much easier to win a NotCot’s Holiday Giveaway.

----- Daniel Gizo 13.12.10 12:34

My phone has recently just gotten over a terrible substance abuse issue that has ruined relationships with other cellphones and other electronic devices (my phone attacked my MP3 player that was just sitting there minding its own business, and then slept with his wife). I’m happy to say my phone is now in step 4 of TA (Telephones Anonymous), and he has been struggling, but I have hope and belief he can make it through. If only he had a warm, protective environment, created from handmade leather and wool to relax and unwind in, I’m sure he could make it the whole way through step 9, *, and # (the steps are based on numeric keys on phones).


----- Taylor 13.12.10 12:16

I love my phone because of Hard Graft

----- Ken Wu 13.12.10 11:47

Despite having been dropped, forgotten, splashed with tea and curries, operated while under the influence, and dragged all the way from Atlanta to Amsterdam to Kathmandu, it still lets me hear my lover’s voice from over 7500 miles away.

----- Christine 13.12.10 11:33

My phone lets me call my mommy. Still important after all these years.

----- Kay 13.12.10 11:29

my palm pre makes my old phone feel like a fischer price kids toy, too bad I abuse it by just chucking it into my bag uprotected. Need to show it some love with an awesome case.

----- elena 13.12.10 11:23

What I’ve MOST loved about my phone so far is the Facetime calls with my baby girl when I’m traveling for work. That’s some powerful stuff. There’s hundreds of other things, but that sticks out head and shoulders above the rest.


----- Aaron 13.12.10 10:50

i love my phone because i can settle any debate instantly

----- spencer 13.12.10 10:40

I love my phone because it reminds me that the things I photograph most are the things I care about most (waaaayy too many pictures of the cat for comfort).

----- Daisy 13.12.10 10:14

Does my phone not deserve the warmth of felt.
In Canada, its get so cold, that our phone needs protection.
My phone is awesome. My phone with the hard graft phone wallet..whoa that saves me reaching for my phone and wallet!! yay!

----- Karan 13.12.10 10:14

I love that my phone allows me to video chat with my family even though they are far away!

----- Drew 13.12.10 10:13

If only it was because my phone was the quickest, most reliable and appealing phone there is.
Frankly its far from it and yet I love how it helps me be all those things instead.
If there only was something that could help care for it more than me…

----- Ava 13.12.10 10:08

I love my phone coz I lost it twice (Iphone 3gs)! both were becos I wanted to take out my wallet, if I have this case, then it won’t happen the third time (hopefully)

----- Andy 13.12.10 09:59

I love my phone. It let’s my brain rest and does all the thinking for me. ;-)

----- Anna 13.12.10 09:53

My iPhone 4 has been so deeply engraved into my lifestyle since I first bought it. It allows me to connect to friends and family at work (mind you, it does not make me a very productive employee), and keeps me posted on current events all around the world, including latest information from my favourite design blog at NotCot :) My motto for my phone is “I’ve got an app for that!”, though I might have heard it somewhere, I literally have an app for 80% of my functions, and I love it! Media, news, music, communication and more… all in one!

----- Norman 13.12.10 09:51

I love my phone because without it I would never know what time it is. Also, it feels like something is missing when I don’t have my phone

----- Iris 13.12.10 09:26

When mama misses her baby, she knows how to reach me; when my setting look unfamiliar, I know where I can find my way; when Cee Lo Green releases a new album, I’ve already got it; when a craving for burgers hits on a late night out with friends, we’ll know how to find the best spot; when I’ve got myself a great discount but I forget to print it out, all it takes is a swipe and a tap and the barcode can be scanned to save me 40%.

What I love about my phone is that it lets all of the above happen.

----- Samira 13.12.10 09:24

i’ve had a leather, pouch-like case for over two years, and it would be nice to have something new in which to house my iphone. thanks!

----- bekee 13.12.10 08:58

My phone actually sucks. But I plan on getting an iPhone 4 soon, which will need a case for sure!

----- Jes 13.12.10 08:52

My phone is the keeper of the most impromptu moments: videos, photos, and quotes that embarrass, anger, and bring tears to my eyes.

----- Anthony 13.12.10 08:49

My wife uses her phone night and day….for work, for texting, for music, and even as her alarm clock. She puts that bad boy through the ringer every day and it deserves a case that can handle the abuse and look as good as her in the process. The Hard Graft case fits the bill.

----- Adam Reed 13.12.10 08:48

This is the perfect incentive for me to upgrade my old 3G iPhone, to a new one!

----- Mike 13.12.10 08:45

I love that I was able to post this comment using my iPhone.

----- Shane Walsh 13.12.10 08:33

without my phone, I couldn’t look up trivia on wikipedia when I’m out to dinner. essential!

----- alex 13.12.10 08:25

My phone is awesome because it is an iPhone. enough said.

----- Allen 13.12.10 08:09

My phone knows me. My phone gives my hand something to hold and fidget with. My phone weighs down my pocket some days. My phone sings songs to me when I’m feeling blue. My phone talks to me when I’m feeling lonely. Ok so maybe those are my friend’s IMs via Meebo but still, my phone relays the messages. My phone has a rubber case currently, but it needs a better home. A more personable home. A more natural home. My phone would love it’s new sleeping bag / business suit / comfy pants / snow suit / bathing suit (ok maybe not).

----- Maureen Kelly 13.12.10 07:54

I love that I don’t really need to go on the internet at home anymore because of my phone..

----- Tran 13.12.10 07:50

I love my phone because it is in fact still a phone.

----- Kyle 13.12.10 07:37

Its the one i can afford…

----- Maria Lara 13.12.10 07:27

i have been loving hardgraft since i got my first macbook case have you seen the hats? their stuff is too good hardgraft/noco…be my santa claus

----- creez 13.12.10 07:06

It allows me to text my friends.

----- james 13.12.10 06:52

my iphone is so beautiful and fragile it needs a stylish case to protect its glass front and sweet wooden back

----- Matthimself 13.12.10 06:37

I love my phone because it keeps me connected to the world around me.

----- Maggie 13.12.10 06:12

I love my phone because it’s an easy and fast way to say “I love you” to my hubie wherever I am!

----- Camila F. 13.12.10 05:34

My phone is my social window, my business bridge, my boredom dissipator and of cos, my self defence device

----- Lik Sin 13.12.10 05:21

Mmm, it is cute? Also it is falling apart, so a case will let me use it a bit more…

----- Antoana 13.12.10 05:12

I love my phone because I have all my side job stuff there, I can text back and forth easily to my wife, and because I’m addicted to the crack that is Angry Birds

----- James 13.12.10 04:32

just moved to london and i have no family or friends (yet) here in london, so ill spend my holidays with my only companion, my iphone, and i want to give my iphone a cool gift, and what cooler gift than this hard graft case, just so i can show my appreciation and it can keep me company (and connected to may friends and family back home) for this holiday season.

----- Ivan 13.12.10 04:18

A U2 beat to pick me up when i’m down, a map when i’m lost, the bus schedule when i’m leaving uni, my first photo album with the most priceless moments in life, a gameboy and letting mum know i’ll be late for dinner… the friend that lives in my pocket.

----- Edward 13.12.10 03:22

I love my Nexus One because it hasn’t broken yet and this would case would only extend its life further. I probably just jinxed myself!

----- Gabriel G 13.12.10 02:43

I love my phone because it makes me superhuman. The whole world wide web sits in my pocket and comes with me wherever I go. It’s a camera, a recording device, a magic map and a door to another world. In my pocket! This is way better than a jetpack. I’ve got my future.

----- Tony 13.12.10 02:28

my phone give me access to the internet pretty much anywhere. this is something i could not do without!

----- Pete Hinchcliffe 13.12.10 02:15

My phone would love this case. Its gettin quite cold here and it should have something warm to wear.

----- steven 13.12.10 02:12

My phone has the last 5 years of my life in photos on it! whenever is miss someone i can flick through my old photos and reminisce… My phone definitely needs protection!

----- Sam Foster 13.12.10 00:55

I love my iphone because it helps me find cool restaurants in a pinch, especially when traveling!

----- Hoister 12.12.10 23:49

I ask and receive more from my phone than from most of the people in my life. is that sad? Oh, and I LOVE the Hard Graft wallet!

----- Jon 12.12.10 23:23

I love that my phone can be used in basically any situation. yes, it can do that too.

----- Josh 12.12.10 23:01

i love my phone because it has a beautiful, unblemished touchscreen. and i hope to keep it that way.

----- curtis 12.12.10 22:45

My wants need it. O and so does my phone.

----- Jon 12.12.10 22:43

My phone is everything I am not.
Punctual, organized and reliable
at the very least, it deserves a nice home

----- Leor Boshi 12.12.10 22:17

I just entered the world of smart phones and boy are my arms appreciative. so finally made the move to the world of iphones and as much i was was a bit of an ipod hater for a while, fears that the 1984 inspired original apple commercial would come back around to bite itself in the tush, with everyone in an ipod nation wearing little white earbuds in their ears, i bought one of them though too :). now i’m also an iphone user and man is it not grea! to have all these aps that help you stay connected, organized and efficient at the same time as being stylish and creative all at the sametime. i still have issues with my ipod cause its changed the way i listen to music, but so far i’m loving my iphone!!

----- eddie1212 12.12.10 21:42

Ahhh my phone. Its where my life lives. Contact info, dates, times, meeting notes , project plans, Facebook, twitter everything is at the touch of the screen. So, for being such a great instrument to me it should have a beautiful place to live.

----- Ty 12.12.10 21:36

I love my phoone because it makes the bus ride to work more entertaining.

----- Danielle 12.12.10 21:13

I love that my phone loves me…

----- eliot 12.12.10 20:44

I love my phone! It allows me to flip through all my favorite blogs before I go to sleep at night. Gotta stay up to date on my notcot! ^_^

----- laura 12.12.10 20:21

Best thing about my phone is being able to pick up and leave to somewhere with my wife without any hotel bookings or knowledge of a good place to eat and end up with a fantastic weekend.

----- Brian B 12.12.10 20:19

I love my phone because it has a unicorn with a saxophone engraved on it.

----- Margaret 12.12.10 20:17

my phone sucks. this christmas, i am hoping for a much-needed upgrade to something that will actually make life easier.

----- rich 12.12.10 20:12

I love my phone because it keeps me connected to my lifelines-family

----- Natalie kay 12.12.10 19:56

My iPhone is my life. I love that I can connect with people, not just with the phone, but with email and games and chatting.

----- Jake R. 12.12.10 19:43

Even though my phone:
1. is three years old
2. is lacking in advanced technology i.e. apps
3. is scratched
4. has fallen multiple times from my slippery grips
5. is not as sleek as its peers
6. still has an old-school ringtone
7. has only a 2.0MP camera
8. has a so-so battery life
9. needs to be restarted every now and then
9. has been with me through thick and thin
10. is verging on being obsolete

So, why does it need such a luxurious protective phone wallet then? Of course the luscious feel of wool felt from Hard Graft will certainly make its life (or what is left of it) totally worth it, that is until I get a new phone. Hey, you surely cannot deny my dear phone some good ole’ luxury before it says goodbye to the technological world, no?

----- Gary 12.12.10 19:08

Apps! Trism, Kindle, Solitaire, Quordy, GPS, etc.

----- Julia 12.12.10 18:46

my phone is a minority, just like me. Its ‘technically’ a ‘white’berry. I’m a ginger, and my phone is the white edition blackberry. I may not have a data plan yet, but data plan or not this phone lets me do everything a phone should do. my phone is my partner in crime.

----- Justine 12.12.10 18:37

To put it simply, being a phone is not easy (all the knockings and droppings), let alone a smartphone. I’m not so much of a gentle person and it takes loads of energy to work for me. A gorgeous and comfy case will be the perfect christmas present for my sweet berry.

----- Addy 12.12.10 18:19

Not sure what type of phone will fit in there. If a droid 2 does please them I’ll enter as it would be a nice gift for my mom. Thanks.

----- Scott Yates 12.12.10 18:08

I love my phone because I’d be totally lost without it! The iPhone’s GPS capabilities have made my cross-country move an absolute adventure. As long as I have it with me, I’ll never be worried about how to find my way back home by bus, car, or foot even in this strange new city!
It deserves a lovely case like this just for how good it’s been to me. It’s made me a San Francisco local in a matter of months.

----- Jen Mussari 12.12.10 17:44

I love my phone because it helps keep in touch with my friends and family wherever I go!

----- Robert 12.12.10 17:31

I love the buttons.

----- Gaetan 12.12.10 17:24

What I like bout my phone? its more like what am I going do w/o it. my phone is stylish, modern, metal, do all kinds of stuff… help me deal w/ tons of daily tasks, calendar, alarm clock, keeps me connected w/ my friends….

----- jay p 12.12.10 17:22

i love my phone as its an escape from reality to virtuality nestled close in your pocket.

----- Sean 12.12.10 17:00

My phone takes ridiculously good pictures.

----- reva skie 12.12.10 16:32

i love that it’s all in one. if i were stuck on a desert island with the phone, i’d be ok.

----- kate 12.12.10 16:14

I love the fact that I can carry all my library of podcasts on my phone…

----- John 12.12.10 15:31

I love the ability to be able to speak to people who are physically remote from me.

----- Tim D. 12.12.10 15:29

Actually, my phone is the ugliest phone ever created, but that is exactly the reason I want to cheer him up a little. He has been bullied for his entire life till now and from my perspective he doesn’t deserve that. That is why I’d like to nominate my phone for a new outfit.

----- Jesper 12.12.10 15:28

My phone is a technologically advanced friend. From my excessively sized network of social media to my oversized repertoire of video games and photo/ typography applications, I can say he does more than get me through the day. He expands my world to the inth degree. A little dramatic, but really, the possibilities are endless.

----- Cody 12.12.10 15:20

Of all the features on my wonderful new phone, the one aspect I love the most, and could not live without, is the small eye-hole for attaching straps as decoration! I have a vast collection of different phone straps, and I cannot imagine ever having another phone that cannot accommodate them. Take note, Apple!

----- Jan 12.12.10 14:54

Even though my phone isn’t the best out there, it keeps me connected to my family and friends. I can text and call and that’s all I really need. I usually just keep it in my pocket, but it deserves a nice carry case.

----- Elaine 12.12.10 14:47

I’m hoping Santa will bring me a phone for this case—it’s true, I’m the last person on the planet without a phone. Sad, no?

----- eab 12.12.10 14:33

I love the ability to look anything up online (restaurant info, directions, how to build a satellite)in an instant

----- Hannah 12.12.10 14:08

Like all the people here…I’m obsessed with my phone.
But we all forget the main reason in which why the phone is used.

I love my iphone because it allows me to connect the my friends and family when I need them the most. Whether it is just a text or a simple phone call it reminds me of how much they care about me.

I’m thankful for having such an amazing technology in the palm of my hands.

I’ve been eyeing on this amazing case for a while! And plus the deadline date for this giveaway contest is my birthday!!

----- Rebecca 12.12.10 13:58

My smartphone makes me look professional. I’m a part time baker. (: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! X

----- EM OMEN 12.12.10 13:55

I love my iPhone because it’s more than just a phone! It’s a computer in my pocket that does just about everything I need. A Hard Graft wallet would help keep it safe.

----- Paul 12.12.10 13:09

My phone is great! It helps me to schedule my days/weeks/months/ and even my years. I try and have it on me at all times so I’m always in contact with friends and family. Though, I’ll admit, I do sometimes neglect it and I know it doesn’t like that I do either. In fact, when I’m not around, it shakes uncontrollably whenever I get a call, or text message. At first I thought it was angry at me, jealous at my friends and family, or simply wanted to get my attention. But, I’ve since learned that it is just incredibly cold! I think the Hard Graft case would definitely keep it warm. I look forward to the nights where I can tuck it in to it’s luxurious cozy leather-adorned wool felt cover replete with my personal assortment of business and credit cards acting as insulation…I may even hum a few ringtones to help it get to sleep…It deserves it!

----- Ryan 12.12.10 12:38

I love my phone because I’m about to get a brand new one. In the past 4 days, my current phone has cracked in the casing, lost the ability to use the camera, the end call button has stopped working and, as of last night, the screen stopped working so it usually shows a black and white blur. What better way to compliment and protect my new phone then with this amazing case.

----- Dave 12.12.10 12:04

I love my iPhone 4, it is my portal to entertainment at my lowly cubical. This case would keep my precious safe.

----- AJ Lawson 12.12.10 11:59

I love that my almost 70 year old just learned to text so I use my phone to talk to him all day.

----- mia 12.12.10 11:57

Just like me, my phone gets cold in the winter and can fall and break.

----- Miriam 12.12.10 11:55

I have wanted this prduct since I first saw it some time ago. I am a huge fan of Hard Graft products being in Canada I am only left ordering through their online stire. Please winnning this would mean a lot for a broke artist.

----- Beau-Brandon 12.12.10 11:53

I love my phone, but somehow have the fingers of a well-buttered croissant. I have broken, chipped, and cracked every phone that has ever been with me for more than a week. I am the kind of person phone cases were made for!

----- Mari Baquir 12.12.10 11:40

I LOVE HARD GRAFT! - do hope one day we will have it here in Denmark!

Why me? - EASY…-Because i have been a good boy and this is what I wish for(other than, peace on eart, healt&love for my friends and a Imac 27”), Love all the stuff from Hard Graft, and to have them around my beloved Iphone…-that would be ROCKIN’!

----- TAU 12.12.10 11:39

I love how NOTCOT is never further than my pocket!

----- Paul Clements 12.12.10 11:35

The surly bird gets the worm.

----- brad pearless 12.12.10 11:28

I love my phone for so many reasons but mostly for putting up with being handled constantly. It deserves to be pampered in this case.

----- melissa 12.12.10 11:24

This case is too good for my phone. My poor little kyocera needs to die a swift death, and what better reason than getting gifted the most bad-ass case possible? I promise that should I win this case, I will get a real phone and love it with all my heart. You’d be giving me a double gift - the best case out there, and the reason to buy the best phone out there!


----- Luke 12.12.10 11:22

very nice

----- jb 12.12.10 11:14

My iPhone definitely helps me in my day to day routines for sure, but especially comes in handy when I’m out of town on a fun trip, or off on an adventure!

----- Stacy B. 12.12.10 10:56

My phone is the portal to all of my friends. It can map me to anywhere I want to go. It entertains me in times of boredom. It makes me feel safe.

----- James 12.12.10 10:08

my phone saves me from going crazy while I’m travling with the train for ours and ours… every day

----- Eddi 12.12.10 09:51

I don’t really like my phone, but I really love my boyfriend how would be very happy to receive this case as a gift.

----- Stav 12.12.10 09:44

My phone is at home in the palm of my hand,
and holds her own amongst her piers.
She becks and calls at my demand,
and when she rings…..
ahh, sweet music to my ears.

----- charles mattoch 12.12.10 09:27

My phone tells me that everything is okay

----- Austin 12.12.10 09:24

I love it: it’s my memory!

----- Agnieszka 12.12.10 09:06

I keep thinking how did we ever manage before cell phones? And then along came the iPhone and that changed everything we knew about cell phones-who knows where we are headed? Thank you iPhone-you have made my life a lot more connected to people in ways I never imagined!

----- jacqueline 12.12.10 08:43

I do not love my phone. Without my phone… my life would go on-and maybe even be better. My phone makes calls, but usually when I don’t want it to, then proceeds to leave long and annoying ‘pocket’ voicemails on others phones. It drops calls, like nobody’s business, especially when I finally get through to the customer support, (who, by the way, doesn’t even speak English), or during an important job interview. My phone (tries) to send texts… but often times my contacts will receive a text of mine hours and even days later, making texting totally pointless. My phone is not attractive. Yes, it’s seen the pavement as well… My phone’s email feature is cool, telling me when I have an email, but really, not being able to open the message… hmmm… remember pagers? What’s the point? It powercycles on its own, and let’s not even mention the battery life… scratch life… it has a battery… cool! extra weight that really won’t hold a charge! My phone is a totally, unreliable POS.

My phone does not need this cool, beautiful sleeve, but I’m a humiliatingly poor college student, who has no money for holiday gifts. If I was granted this phone sleeve, I’d make sure I made someone smile this holiday, and find whomever deserves it most.

----- Will Gibbons 12.12.10 08:33

actually, I hate my phone. it’s an unbelievably old nokia, and that’s why I’m planning to get a new one for this hristmas:P

----- zsofia ginter 12.12.10 08:16

it is convenience packed into a compact sleek form. convenience that connects me to the world

----- Pei 12.12.10 07:48

I love my phone or, should I say, my phones, because I have two, but I’m a mess! Which is why I need this! I mean, imagine taking care of one phone and trying to leave it dent and scratch free and multiply that by two! It’s haaard! So, I need protection!

----- Beatriz 12.12.10 07:27

If I was to win, I would give this as a Christmas gift for my best friend since high school. He deserves something of such high quality and great design. He is the friendliest IT Support person you’ll ever meet, and he LOVES his phone. He makes IPhone apps in his spare time. I think this case would become his second favorite possession (right after his smart phone). Thanks for the contest!

----- Deanna 12.12.10 07:19

Honestly my phone and I have been spending too much time together: games, twitter, random apps of dinosaurs repeating people words… What I would love even more would be this brilliant case. That way when I go for a distracting app I’ll be stopped by Hard Graft. I can admire its craftsmanship, decide not to remove my phone from its cozy house, and go on with my day.

----- Joseph Gentry 12.12.10 07:07

Yeah so, last Christmas my mother bought me an iphone. Woop-tee-doo. After opening the box I quickly stashed it aside as to hide my disinterest and guilt over a gift with an excessive cost and no purpose for my life whatsoever. Seriously, what on earth did I need that for? I didn’t listen to music, I didn’t obsessively check my email, I didn’t play games, I didn’t text, I barely talked to anyone. One year later and I’m an obsessive email checker with a 26g music collection who obsessively texts through all meals, including holidays and family events, and if you disturb me during a game of angry birds God help you. Thanks Mom.

----- Nan 12.12.10 07:00

My phone has been with me through the tough times.
I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s still amazing!
It stores my entire life.

----- Ling 12.12.10 06:45

what I love about my phone… is that now and then I have the opportunity to put it away. The iphone is all powerful and for everything great that it does, it is so nice to slide it into a case a forget about it, even just for a few hours.

----- Zack 12.12.10 06:38

iPhone, oh how I love thee… Let me count the ways:
1. 2. 3. It takes the licks to get the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop. But how would I know that without my iPhone?

----- Danny 12.12.10 05:09

My iPhone is my third hand. I can read my emails, tweets and facebook’s status wherever I am. I love to develop applications and put them on it. I like its design and its easy way to use graphical user interface. But one thing like more than the other points : Hard Graft Fold Wallet, it will perfectly fit with my iPhone !

----- Pierre 12.12.10 04:31

My phone is my gate to the world. I can go everywhere with it.

----- Grete 12.12.10 04:04

i love how my phone takes pictures without sound…

----- Eric 12.12.10 03:55

My phone needs a case like that because I simply love it and it is always in danger when I put it inside my bag, among keys and everything else that could scratch it. I don’t know if it is possible but I feel affection for my phone, it has been with me for some years now saving me in many occasions, so i would LOVE to give it a proper case!

----- Marieke 12.12.10 03:55

Whilst I do love my phone and the joy it brings, my favourite thing about it is the off button. Sometimes just being able to drop off the map and get some me time is the most important thing off all and said me time would be greatly enhanced if I had any Hart Graft product to revel in. And even if there’s 50 messages asking where I am when I turn the phone back on, it’s still worth it!

----- Will VB 12.12.10 03:49

OMG … it’s my exterior organ with a seventh sense!!! as sad as my dependency on it is … the great love i have for it makes it even more inappropriate.

it’s my soundtrack
light in the dark
path to an answer
where friendly voices lurk
and faces:) (face time is the shiznit)
keeper of momentos
keeper of time
keeper tracker of ‘er
thief of always
my compass when i am lost (thank you NASA for GPS)

did i mention i LOVE Hard Graft?

peas n carrots

----- lish 12.12.10 03:24

The thing I love the most about my phone is that it has amazing battery life. My previous phone kept dying when I needed it the most, but I’m extremely happy with my iphone 4 because it stays alive and it works well even after I continually use it for 1-2 days.

----- krisella 12.12.10 03:21

I love the fact that my phone allows me to be in contact with the people I love even though I’m away from them most of the time.

----- Carl A. Kessen Sverdrup 12.12.10 02:38

My iPhone is AWESOME! It talks like Samuel Jackson and shoots friggin’ laser beams. It will do things so dirty and graphic to that Hard Graft case, that the only place you’ll hear about it is on Wikileaks.

----- Ashish 12.12.10 02:15

such a beautiful phone wallet, i could only wish to craft such a piece.

----- Tim Nolan 12.12.10 01:56

my phone sucks! something super nice has to cover it up!

----- Bili regev 12.12.10 01:54

mostly for the random photos i snap throughout the day!

----- daniel 12.12.10 01:44

i think of myself as an accessory to my phone. that is exactly how much i depend on it

----- benny 12.12.10 01:06

I love my phone cause I can speak to my granny, even though she lives in another country. I think my phone deserves to have a nice comfy phone home to snuggle in at night, instead of shiverring on my desk all on its lonesome.

----- Dale Hutton 12.12.10 00:48

My phone makes calls, which is probably the most important part of a phone regardless of it being a smartphone or not.

----- Matt 12.12.10 00:45

my phone deserves the bestest bestest bestest case ever because it’s so damn smart, it makes up for the inadequacies of the user(i.e. Me)

----- ellaqezi 12.12.10 00:43

i love i-phone

----- mr. valentine 12.12.10 00:14

My first generation iPhone which has been loved and cared for more than three years definitely deserves its first case, as I have kept it in great condition from pocket to pocket. Hard Graft makes absolutely beautiful cases. Definitely deserved for an aged original device.

----- Jonathan 12.12.10 00:14

It really is just the most beautiful way to organize your money, credit cards and phone.

----- Mickey McMahon 12.12.10 00:07

My iphone is my tool for expression.

----- David Lee 11.12.10 23:58

I love my phone for the wear and tear it shows. It looks used but now it’s time to show it some well deserved love and care and let it rest in a beautiful soft bed made from felt and leather.

----- RoaldB 11.12.10 23:49

I love my phone because it is my tool for expression.

----- David Lee 11.12.10 23:48

My iPhone is probably the most versatile piece of technology commercially known to man right now, almost too much possibility with this little device!

----- Michael 11.12.10 23:42

My phone is my third hand, he did lot of things I can’t.

----- Pol 11.12.10 23:35

I can’t get this casing from where I’m staying. An iPhone we could multitask. I think the iPhone deserves a casing that has multi compartment. It beats the ones that Head Porter came up with. This casing wins hands down

----- Susan lee 11.12.10 23:34

i just bought an iphone knowing some day i would get a hard graft case,
help me reach this goal quicker.

----- yariv goldfarb 11.12.10 23:31

My phone is the awesome sauce that deserves a tight package like only Hard Graft can supply.
Please pass it on over.
Keep up the great work yours is the only site I visit more than Facebook.

----- Shan 11.12.10 23:27

My phone is my sun, it rises and sets as I do.

----- Andrew 11.12.10 23:12

I love my phone because it allows me to talk to my family back in the U.S. of A. for free from Europe. Which means that even when i’m out of money, in a far away place, i can always call home.

----- Luca 11.12.10 23:05

I love that my phone keeps me company during what would otherwise be a depressing bus ride on the way home from work.

----- Joe Wasserman 11.12.10 22:46

My phone is like a mini computer that I carry around and I do a lot of things on it.

----- Alan 11.12.10 22:29

Everyone has a dream phone and I have mine. I had mine. Sadly, a friend of a friend stole it from me. After the terrible days of grieving over a lost phone(yes, how shallow of me), my uncle brought me a new phone. A phone I had no intention to love, only use. I have loved and lost and I will love no longer. But days, weeks, months has passed and this new phone has given me back the chance to love another mobile material thing. For this christmas, I want to give it a casing that would protect it as I have not given it any protection at all. For this christmas, I would like to give my phone a gift.

----- lene 11.12.10 22:25

Having moved to Portland, I am far from my family, so the iPhone 4’s FaceTime feature has been been very comforting, to me.

----- Tom 11.12.10 22:24

My iPhone is my best friend!

----- Andrew 11.12.10 22:19

I love that I can do all my favorite things on my iPhone. I watch movies via netflix, play games, entertain my kids, take pictures and video, and read my beloved reddit.com pages. Good times!

----- Mikell Johnson 11.12.10 22:01

My current phone sucks, actually. However, I’ll be getting the new Google Nexus S when it comes out next week. That’s when I’ll want to use this awesome phone case.

----- Carlo 11.12.10 21:57

I love my phone because it brings together a diverse range of people like Stefan Sagmeister, Devendra Barnhart, Joe Strummer, Jonsi, Tim Armstrong, Q-Tip and a whole lot more together. And that’s just through the music player alone.

----- Rafiz Raman 11.12.10 21:57

I love that my phone is more powerful than every computer of my childhood, and it has technology that I don’t even understand. Yet it is so much fun to use and can fit in my pocket.

----- Roger Penguino 11.12.10 21:49

My NOKIA E71 deserves this wonderful case, not just because it looks gorgeous but also it survives from dropping into beers. NOKIA deserves more credibility though symbian sucks.

----- Lihuan 11.12.10 21:49

My iPhone is my life—I record where I’ve been with Instagram (Foursquare/Facebook/Twitter), know where I need to be with Google Calendar and Google Maps… and keep in touch with friends using Gmail and Google Voice SMS. :) My phone is the center of my life.

----- Justin R 11.12.10 21:24

In the market there are very few phone covers for/fits HTC phones, much less gorgeous ones. My phone needs a gorgeous cover for being so brilliant, allowing me to access any item in the menu in 2 steps, meaning i can supercharge my life. My phone definitely deserves a present this Christmas more than I do.

----- Dawne 11.12.10 21:22

I’ve kept my Iphone Original nice and safe since I got it in ‘08. It’s in fair condition and works like a bell. It deserves respect, and therefore deserves this beautiful case.

----- Ian S. 11.12.10 21:18

it’s my lifeblood!

----- Jacob 11.12.10 21:17

My phone… well, it has its moments. As my first phone, it was the cheapest one my parents could buy me. It has no Bluetooth, no games, no video, a dodgy camera, barely any memory space and a horrible range of bleeping, tuneless ringtones that make my brain haemorrhage. In fact, I’m pretty sure it didn’t even come with an instruction manual. But it does have its amusing points. The auto text, for example. Instead of writing ‘Mum is picking me up from home’, it writes ‘Nun is shaking of up from good’, drawing the occasional laugh from me. (Seriously, which phone company would honsetly think that people use ‘nun’ more than ‘mum’ while texting?!). It also comes with an annoying but useful alarm that gets me up every morning, and allows me to call my parents when I’m in need, saving me from walking miles in the rain from the bus stop, half-drowned and raving mad, only to collapse on the front doorstep and pass out from hypothermia whilst mumbling something about ‘sunshine and fuzzy blankets’. (Ok, so I may have gone a bit overboard, but you get the general idea.) I can also lug it at a passing cat when in a fit of rage and it won’t break. So even though my phone might not be the greatest in the world, over years of asking parents ‘Where are you?’ and texting friends during a school assignment emergency, I maybe, just maybe, have developed a soft spot for it, and maybe, just maybe, it has finally earned a stylish leather and felt case to call its own.

----- Maddy 11.12.10 21:16

I love the fact that my phone keeps me organized. I dont know what I would have done without it but it works wonders, its my life. I think this case would help me protect it and keep it much more safer for my use. Plus I can keep my cards and notes all together.

----- Miguel 11.12.10 21:14

I love my iphone because I recently realized that besides all the cools aps, besides it being an ipod, a camera, an alarm clock and piano, it also makes PHONE CALLS!

----- Trevor 11.12.10 20:44

Drooling…nothing but drooling over this case. Sigh if only…

----- Adam Jossem 11.12.10 20:39

I love my phone because it helps my husband keep in touch with his daughter. We pass pictures, videos, and messages back and forth with her mother and it helps us all feel close despite geographic locations.

----- katalia 11.12.10 20:34

I’m about to get the iphone 4 and when I do, it will be my everything + so much more. Currently, my ipod touch serves me the best it can, doing everything else that my blackberry doesn’t. I NEED this fabulous case to protect my new phone (and my current ipod)!

----- Anh 11.12.10 20:29

I don’t own a phone. The craft looks great and I have a bunch of friends who could use this.

----- Anders 11.12.10 20:20

My phone is sexy.

It relishes in its metal and glass casing while it makes off-putting remarks about his plastic counterparts. Unfortunately, it is so ridiculously good looking it refuses to be put in a sub par case, and as a result has suffered a few battle scars from the pavement. This case is gorg. and needs to be his.

-Evan, on behalf of Evan’s phone.

----- Evan 11.12.10 20:18

I love my phone because it is so much more than a phone. Not sure why it deserves a new case.

----- Scott B 11.12.10 20:03


----- Erick 11.12.10 19:57


----- Erick 11.12.10 19:57

It would actually be for my fiance as her phone needs the protection from the constant face time it is having with the gound

----- philip 11.12.10 19:56

My phone deserves such a lovely case because it’s been my life line to all my family since they are all so far away. It’s been a trying year and my phone is what keeps me happy reading all my blogs everyday.

----- Lindsay 11.12.10 19:37

i have a really old phone that i’ve had for 5 years. everyone laughs at me when they see it but i love it… if i had a cool hard graft case for it… i know people would be even more suprised with what phone is in the cool case !

----- david 11.12.10 19:33

it’s almost christmas and this is what my phone has been asking for.

----- quinn 11.12.10 19:30

I love my phone because it has full keyboard and takes great pictures. I use it instead of a camera. I don’t know what I do with out my phone!

----- Brie 11.12.10 19:17

i’m getting another phone this winter break because my current phone stopped working. i’m excited to finally be able to text easily and have it fit in my pocket!

----- Leslie 11.12.10 19:12

my phone deserves a brand new case because its beauty needs to be protected.

----- Bianca 11.12.10 19:05

My phone is my waker-uper, music giver and time waster. I haven’t invested in a case to protect my phone because I do not want to detract from the beautiful design, but the phone fold wallet looks amazing!

----- Michael 11.12.10 19:01

My phone is like a new born child. It needs warmth and protection. Please help. :)

----- David Nguyen 11.12.10 19:00

i owe this to my phone ‘cause it has gotten me out of many terrible dates.

----- mooni 11.12.10 18:45

Haha! Well, maybe it’d be less about what I love about my phone and more about what my phone would love about me…putting it in a sweet case like that and protecting it better than I currently do :x

----- taryn 11.12.10 18:45

my phone would like to be cozy for the winter…

----- dee 11.12.10 18:22

+++ I

----- Nadnart 11.12.10 18:15

My phone has become something essential for my person just as a good pair of boots or a well-made wallet and deserves something as beautiful as this and anything else Hard Graft makes.

----- Matt Fry 11.12.10 18:08

The thing I love most about my crackberry is that I can drop it countless times and it holds together. This case would be the perfect way for me to reward my phone for all it’s hard work and survival!

----- Mundy Hackett 11.12.10 18:05

I love my iPhone because it has just about everything I could need in it. I bought the first one the day it came out and even then I had no idea how reliant I could be on a device. I really don’t understand how people got around a new city before the iPhone.

----- Casey 11.12.10 18:05

It’s my alarm clock in the morning, so it keeps me in school! Haha

----- Zoe 11.12.10 18:03

cool phone cool case

----- ORESTIS 11.12.10 18:03

i’d still be driving lost around pasadena if i didn’t have my phone!!! i need to take care of that baby!

----- leisha 11.12.10 18:03

I love my phone because it keeps track of all my texts and calls. it’s like a scrapbook almost. I love being able to go back and remember things by scrolling through old texts or photos or call histories.

----- Allie 11.12.10 18:02

My phone has become something I never really thought I’d be using my phone for… and that would be work. I use it as a hub to allow my to write note or send many emails across three accounts. A perfect case would make it worth exposing to the public in a busy coffee shop or even just on my own. It would also add a great level of protection in a stylish way.

----- Peter W 11.12.10 17:56

My phone goes everywhere with me, my friends even make fun of me because I use it so much. It nearly replaces my laptop for most functions, I am even writing this comment on my phone. Without my phone always with me I would miss meetings, get lost and forget things I have to do. I love the moments I capture with it and the people it allows me to stay in touch with. Many breakfasts, lunches and diners have been spent reading my RSS feeds or the daily news on my phone. The Droid X is a strangely shaped phone due to its camera bulge and becasue of such there are not a plethora of interesting cases made specifically for it. I have been long searching for a suitable holder for my android device, but to no avail. I have been enamored with Hard Graft products since they first appeared on NOTCOT and I have always wanted something from their site, but being the poor college student I am, I can rationalize the expense. Not only that, but last week I lost my wallet on my way home so this phone fold wallet would be perfect.

----- Alex Blugerman 11.12.10 17:56

What would I do without my iPhone… It helps me navigate everywhere, recommends restaurants, takes excellent photos, keeps me connected to my friends and family, amuses me when I would be bored, helps me remember everything… it’s basically an external brain, hah.

----- April 11.12.10 17:53

I typically like it naked but this case would convince me to put some clothes on… it, of course. My phone reminds me daily… hourly… okay every few minutes how design can be sooooo satisfyingly desirable and functional.

----- Melissa 11.12.10 17:52

Beautiful case! I love my phone because it is fast…and I can always browse NOTCOT when I need to escape reality.

----- Sandra 11.12.10 17:37

Materials looks both felty and leathery; remarkable.
Besides, it will hold both your phone and cards.
Excellent craftmanship and nice photos.

----- Kristian 11.12.10 17:33

I LOVE my phone. When I drop it, it never cries. When I sneeze upon it, it never cowers in disgust. It still looks at me on the morning after, and does not judge. Phone…you are my best friend. Please help me find my partner a jacket to keep her warm.

----- Daimian 11.12.10 17:26

My phone needs this because it sizes ductwork for me, tells me if things are level, takes pictures, virtually launches birds that are angry, plays music, and sometimes I talk to people through it.

----- David 11.12.10 17:25

I love my phone because it gets me where I need to go, maps, good music on the way and connection to my friends that live far away. It’s also a good diversion for my children when needed!

----- kali 11.12.10 17:23

Because the angrier the bird, the more content the commute.

----- Amar 11.12.10 17:21

There’s a void in my life when my phone isn’t in my pocket. It’s not the radiation withdrawals my right hip feels, it’s a feeling of not knowing what to do with myself now that I can’t pretend to be busy on my mobile. The emails and texts I get aren’t of the slightest importance, but I will not stand to receive them a second late! Make sure my mobile is protected with Hard Graft’s lovely phone case!

----- Jacy 11.12.10 17:20

It’s countlessly saved my butt while getting lost abroad,
which I do on purpose compulsively.

----- Chris Wronski 11.12.10 17:16

let me see what i love about my phone. i love that i can talk, text and email my friends who have since graduated and work all over the country. i love that when i’m abroad on vacation i can simply swap a sim card and use it locally [now that it’s no longer illegal to unlock an iphone]. i love the hours of entertainment it offers me when lectures get too boring [you know how oncology gets]. i love the sheer convenience of having the internet at my fingertips. i love having gps in my pocket. i love being able to listen to each and every one of the thousands of songs on kyePhone. i love the way it looks, still white and gorgeous and pristine. i love that it’s always with me and, in a sense, that my loved ones are always with me. it does so much for me, i think it deserves a beautiful home.

----- Kye 11.12.10 17:15

I love my iPhone because it does everything I need it to… I can stay on top of work emails even when I’m not in the office, I can find out where I am if I’m lost, I can find out what font is being used on an ad I saw in the subway, I can read PDFs and tweet the not so interesting details of my life. I can take a photo of something important so I don’t forget it, I can find out what song is playing on the movie I’m watching and I can control my tunes on my laptop while laying in bed.

----- Beth 11.12.10 17:14

If you’re having Droid problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a case ain’t one.

----- Amar 11.12.10 17:11

my phone can’t live without me - yep, it’s the other way around.

----- jay 11.12.10 17:08

Well I just got a new phone an LG. I had enough points with my cell phone company, so after 4 years a new phone!!! Why do I love it? Let me list the ways, 1. It’s new, 2. It’s shiny, 3. It has a camera and video camera, 4. It has games!! 5. It has a slide out key pad, so I can type properly, 6. It has Unlimted alarms ( I think ). 7. I’m still figuring out how to use it. 8. It has bluetooth and last but not least it is a PHONE!!!! Did I mention internet connection too?

----- Seb from Palm Tree Decor 11.12.10 17:06

my phone deserves a case because it has so much glass

----- dylan 11.12.10 17:05

I love my phone because it lets me receive pictures of my niece and family when I can’t be near them.

----- Mikaela 11.12.10 17:04

Ah Hard Graft…pure tactile goodness. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my phone. In the snow. On the sidewalk. Bowl of soup. In the tub (don’t ask).

----- Adam Brackney 11.12.10 17:03

My phone deserves such an awesome case because it has saved me from being lost in the middle of nowhere countless times, because my schedule (and any other bits of information I need) are constantly on it, and because I have been seriously procrastinating about getting a case ahahah. My phone is sexy as hell, and deserves an equally sexy case. It has low self esteem, this would really perk it up for Christmas. ;)

----- Isaac V 11.12.10 12:15

Phone I love you
What would I do without you?
Call, Text, Tweet, Mail, Pic

A haiku of my love for my iPhone

----- Khoa Phan 11.12.10 12:04

First, before the phone-love, I have to say HARD GRAFT is just sublime - gorgeous design, totally nailing the details, I would buy a phone just to be worthy of this case!! The colors, leather/wool-combo, everything is like it was personally designed just for me!! And I love my iPhone 4 for the same reasons - beautiful succinct design inside and out - everything I need from communication to app-love and music music music. It’s my imaginary friend from childhood all grown up!!

----- leigh 11.12.10 11:58

I love that my phone brings everything into my pocket, from Internet, entertainment, as friends, music and porn!


----- Gabriel Diaz 11.12.10 11:54

My phone deserves this case because it took me 3 weeks to actually get my hands on a new iPhone 4, and it remains in “mint” condition, but I haven’t found a case I like yet. This case is amazing. :)

----- Zach R 11.12.10 11:53

It would go awesome with my 2Unfold bag.

----- Nolan 11.12.10 11:51

It is all about minimalism right? Nothing more, nothing less. That’s what my phone is, and that’s what a good case should be. As for a design- chapeau bas! I can imagine it added to my mobile with a pair of dark grey UrbanEars Tantos. Perfect harmony. Best wishes from Easter Europe

----- Peter 11.12.10 11:47

My phone is the thing that makes it possible to stay in contact with my family 24 hours a day even though we do not live 24 hours from each other. Also it is leather and that makes any phone better.

----- NoelTaylor 11.12.10 11:44

My iPhone is the perfect companionon for my digital self, and it deserves a perfect case.

----- Nir Tober 11.12.10 11:40

when i asked my phone if it needed a Hard Graft case it started bouncing up and down, flashing bright colors, and making loud cheerful noises…i guess it’s a sign

----- Adam 11.12.10 11:38

I can’t live without my phone. It tells me when i have appointments and important meetings! It would be nice if i take care of my phone with pocket phone case!

----- Dan Yoon 11.12.10 11:31

To be perfectly honest, I don’t talk on my iphone all that much. What I love about the thing is how it allows me to continue to be a creative person no matter where I am in really neat ways.

----- Cill 11.12.10 11:30

I can hear it shivering in this winter breeze, help the little bugger out. Cheers!

----- Christian 11.12.10 11:21

this would clothe my phone if i had one. this will either house a touch or be my excuse to get iPhone 4. good luck to all entrants.

----- matthew harrison smith 11.12.10 11:20

I have a beautifully designed and incredibly well thought out iPhone 4. A case from hard graft that is as beautiful and well designed as my phone would be a perfect compliment to it.

----- Cory 11.12.10 11:19

spotify/twitta/text/email/tilt-to-live/photos/fbook/instapaper/simplenote/reeder/fubiz/instagram/4sq/swish/and that’s only the beginning… it needs a nice hardgraft home to feel complete.

----- joe 11.12.10 11:16

Hard Graft has some of the best accessories out there! Would love to grab a phone case from them

----- Ryan Scullin 11.12.10 11:14

I love my phone because it has an app for everything I need!

----- Sara 11.12.10 11:11

my new N8 has such a beautiful skin it’d be downright awful if it were to get roughed up, that’s why it needs a fold phone wallet - to keep it looking sleek and slim when sat next to one of those common as muck iphones!

----- bailey 11.12.10 11:10

I like how my phone has lasted this long. This is the longest any of my phones have lasted. It like the energizer bunny it just keeps going!

----- Ben mouch 11.12.10 11:09

this perfect phone case would be the perfect motivator for me to get the perfect phone to match it. it would be simply perfect.

----- Tab 11.12.10 11:09

My phone has become my digital swiss army knife of sorts. I use it for everything from banking, social network updates to cookbook and paper weight. I spend too much on apps to afford a nice case so I have an ugly hand me down that has seen better days. Winning a new case would bump up my style cred a few points and protect my investment.

----- Justin 11.12.10 10:59

What I love is that it’s more then one device - I can play music, play games, use it as a journal, sketch on it and of course call people :)

----- David Nguyen 11.12.10 10:59

this is really sweet i would love this for my iphone

----- Brandon Hodges 11.12.10 10:58

my phone is my mini computer, camera, remote, gps, note pad, sketchbook, my alarm you name it…

----- keith messina 11.12.10 10:56

Before I owned an iPhone, I carried my laptop EVERYWHERE (and do i mean everywhere). Today, my phone serves as that connection to the world. My daily check as i walk out the door is phone, keys, wallet. I do everything but design on this thing!

----- Katrina 11.12.10 10:49

I love my phone because it’s like a portal to almost anything I could ever need: music, directions, information, contact with friends/family, games, I could go on and on.

----- Anne 11.12.10 10:49

I love cheating at trivia night!

----- Dan 11.12.10 10:48

I love my phone not because it keeps me connected with people (honestly, I go a month without texting or calling someone) but because I feel just a little bit more complete with it. If my computer conks out, I wouldn’t freak out just yet as long as I have my phone (and free Wi-fi ;D).

----- Nina 11.12.10 10:47

My phone is my main point of contact: not just for communication with other individuals, but for everything. The majority of blog posts I write are written on my phone in coffee shops, as are the majority of non-business email or notes. When the battery dies, or I leave it at home, I feel as though I’m missing a sense.

----- Jon Crowley 11.12.10 10:46

I love my phone, because its a do everything multi-tasker. Unfortunately, everyone else seems to think the same thing so I see my phone everywhere!

----- Lucas Lund 11.12.10 10:36

I hate to say it, but I do depend on my iphone for so many things that go far beyond just talking and texting. Calendar, To Do lists, Shopping lists, Google, games, music, work, email, travel/gps, note taking, fitness and food tracking are just some of the things I use it for on a literal daily basis. It’s more like a mini computer than a phone and i heart it.

----- Audrey R 11.12.10 10:36

I love my phone because it’s more than a phone! I use it for music, games, email, etc

----- Sandy 11.12.10 10:36

I love my iPhone 3Gs because it is my livelihood, without it a business idea would have never came to mind. It was the start of the business I currently work for, uBreakiFix. We loved our phones, and knew others did too, so we set out to make it possible for everyone to have their phones repaired regardless of what happened to it, and regardless of what Apple considered repairable. My phone has made it possible to provide for me and my girlfriend, so it would only be fair to provide it with an awesome case :)

----- Ryan W. 11.12.10 10:26

I love my phone because it wakes me up every morning, and can keep me entertained all day. It takes a beating because I am careless, but never breaks or cracks from its falls on concrete sidewalks. It’s a great thing, really.

----- KASHYAP 11.12.10 10:25

My phone is always there. It doesn’t leave me at the end of an argument. It will always cuddle with me at night. It distracts me from the mundane. It loves me and I love it!

----- Collin 11.12.10 09:59

I could lie, and say my phone has awesome media functions, or it’s fast, or something like that, but I’m not. I’m going to be honest: it looks nice, it’s able to take quite a beating, and if it’s going to do something well, it’s going to do it excellently.

My BlackBerry has seen more than a few concrete-impact-induced gouges, yet no matter how rough the impact, it keeps on ticking. I just hit the lock key, and it’s back to being master of e-mail and rocking the house with SocialScope. And I’ve been pretty rough to it, and its first party belt case (which, irritatingly has no accommodation for the headphone jack, so you can’t use it to secure your BlackBerry *and* use conventional headphones at the same time, leading to either damage to the case or the BlackBerry… or both). So having something to treat my hard-warn smartphone right would be a good complement to the (unscuffed) piano black casing with silver accents. I figure, maybe I ought to do something nice to the device I’ve been abusing for a while.

And that’s it: that’s what I love about my phone: it’s durability and its high tolerance to my usage style. Jumping in, mashing out a dozen e-mails, flipping through a hundred combined Facebook statuses and Tweets, landing on the sidewalk, then getting right back up and getting back to work as if nothing ever happened. Something no other phone has been able to do quite as well.

----- Ivan Kowalenko 11.12.10 09:54

My phone is my ultimate companion and best friend. I love that it keeps me company in dire times, in clubs for example, when my friends leave me to tend the crowd or the opposite sex and I’m left alone for hours on end (because I’m not social like that, I like to have actual conversations where I don’t need to shout over the thumping bassline) so I browse the Internet and twitter myself and pretend that I’m a high flying corporate who is constantly busy on his blackberry needing to sign some million dollar contract. Or when sitting in the waiting area of a clinic (no STDs please, pray) avoiding the eyes of the curious other people, I use my blackberry to take random pictures of patients and imagine why they are there then tweet them with funny captions. Not only my phone is a communication tool to the outside world (besides my own) but it is also my source of entertainment.

----- Grey yeoh 11.12.10 09:51

I love my phone because it’s a great recording device. I no longer need to struggle to remember the antics of the night before.

----- Sunny 11.12.10 09:49

i need to love my phone cause i cant afford to buy another one! this awesome case might just make my phones life longer :)

----- Kenny Garcia 11.12.10 09:47

My phone is my connection to the world, to my family, my friends and all the information I need. The one thing I hardly use it for, making phone calls…..

----- Martin 11.12.10 09:45

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