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Vu: Southern-ish Molecular Gastronomy?- 12.10.10

vu0.jpg Is molecular gastronomy ready to go main stream? Tucked in the rear of the new Marina del Rey Jamaica Bay Inn on Mother’s Beach (where we were quickly warned not to go in the water!) ~ there is a newly opened restaurant, Vu. With the look of an all-american restaurant in a business hotel perched on the marina, it is so well lit, we felt no shame in grabbing a camera for a few food snap shots! My friend kept joking that if we were going to do the molecular gastronomy thing, we may need to go for burgers after… but the dishes here were far more filling than we expected! With deep fried grits, pork belly, bacon powder, collard green fluid gel, goat cheese hush puppies, micro cilantro/arugula/basil, aerated cream cheese, apple roe, sweet tea poached lamb, chicken fried watermelon, coffee-glazed cous cous, and more… it’s a fascinating experiment to taste! Chef Kyle Schutte has crafted quite the mix of comfort foods and local socal deliciousness! See some of the dishes we tried on the next page… and here are the Vu menus.







And just because i’d feel remiss not to share this… i wasn’t feeling the 3 cocktails we tried… and our chicken was unfortunately raw in the center of the drumstick, but Chef Schutte kindly came out to apologize, and brought us some of the deliciously dense home made (air free!) mint ice cream! The must tries if you find your way to Vu ~ definitely the Lamb Lollis and the Chicken Fried Watermelon… also the Pork belly strangely reminded us of jelly donuts for some reason, and they were less intense if you try it with just Root Beer Jelly on Crispy Grits! You can also see some of Chef Kyle Schutte creations.

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Oh my… that looks soo delicious! My favorite (I can tell so far by your photos): the lamp lollipop! Amazing, and great ideas!

----- Markus reuter 11.12.10 05:59

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