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Deeplocal/NatGeo Mission Expedition- 03.28.11


In a TV near you, there is an upcoming TV show, National Geographic Expedition Week. Far, far away in a room… there is a tiny train track - that goes through the Himalayas, London, Ancient Rome, and Papa New Guinea… and on this track, is a tiny train… with a tiny camera. A camera that YOU control through the internet. And when you find artifacts while driving this tiny far away train… you can take pictures. Then a person in the far away room with the tiny train looks at your picture, and decides if you found something. And he tells you through the internet, and if you DID… he pulls a REAL life-sized artifact off the shelf, and packages it up, and it appears on your REAL doorstep. Where you might be sitting on the couch, watching National Geographic Expedition Week.

PHEW ~ did you follow that? so that’s… digital - physical - digital - physical - digital - physical - digital? How many layers of real world/digital interaction is that? I love Deeplocal. Oh, and if you do win a real world artifact, and then proceed to photograph it, and feed it back to the internet… bonus interaction layers?

So, to recap, National Geographic Channel and Deeplocal, the team behind GAP’s Project Reindeer, have teamed up to create Mission Expedition where viewers can go on a photo safari using telepresence cameras to explore miniature sets… and it’s AWESOMEly fun! See more about the project, the artifacts, and behind the scenes on the next page.

p.s. OH, and to know its real, when i had a call with them this morning pre-launch ~ they even waved their giant hand at me via the tiny train’s tiny camera while we were talking!

The experience takes us inside four miniature sets inspired by a remote Papua New Guinean village populated by cannibals, Victorian London during the time of Jack Ripper, the Himalayan Mountains where Yeti sightings have been reported, and the Roman Coliseum during the gladiator era. Viewers will be able to log on at www.natgeotv.com/expedition from 2pm to 2am EDT from March 28th to April 9th and control the strategically placed train-mounted cameras for sixty seconds, collecting photos of hidden artifacts.

Here’s a look at the website for Mission Expedition! exped1.jpg

Just like with Nog Pong ~ where one user can go at a time, so queue up soon! And when it’s your turn, you hear the countdown noise, and get 1 minute to drive around, or until you take your first pic. exped2.jpg

Instructions on how you drive around… exped3a.jpg


And you can win real artifacts! Just spot them, take a pic, and highlight them in the pic! And you can share your pics via facebook or twitter too. exped5.jpg

And for a super secret sneak peek… artifacts! Waiting to go out to winners…



A peek at the track itself… and the tiny train!





Making of vids!

READY TO PLAY Mission Expedition? Good luck!

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