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Manly iPad 2 Cases- 04.06.11

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Let’s face it, there are a lot of girly looking ipad cases out there. And if they double as a bag they often get a bit too man-purse like. And it’s really not a good look - regardless of gender! So, in light of the new iPad 2 (see our unbox here), we decided to take a peek at what new options are out there (and which old ones are iPad 2 updated)… From machined wood and thick hand-stitched constructed leather to stamped and CNC metal to ballistic nylon and even water repellent twill and tough canvas, there are so many well crafted gadget protector options these days. And most importantly, It should age well, do its job and make you look good! Browse over a dozen options on the next page!


The ingenious Miniot Wooden Cover (top) protects your iPad 2 with Ultrasuede microfiber lining and converts to a three-way stand. The machined wood rolls and bends so you can use it to support your iPad in any position. The Bruda case (center) conceals your iPad in a simple yet elegant cabinet that serves as a stand when you open it. Wood gives a vintage look to your tech, but another fun way to go is a smart combination of wood and leather like Grove’s iPad2 case (bottom). It’s made of solid bamboo and American vegetable tanned leather, with magnets to automatically wake the iPad 2 and finely detailed engraving on the case’s leather cover. You can pick one of their artists’ images design your own!


For a more classic leather look, the iPad 2 case by Saddleback Leather Co. (left) is made of 100% full grain boot leather and has no breakable parts. Another tough but stylish option is Temple’s leather case with detachable shoulder strap (right), which features upcycled WWII canvas and saddle leather.


The iPad Smart Cover and Case by J.W. Hulme Co. (left) is an American Heritage full-grain durable leather sleeve in deep saddle brown, hand-buffed and antiqued to give the look of aged or gently distressed leather. Another tough and timeless look is Makr’s iPad Attaché in Bark Chromexcel (right), a sleeve/multi-use carrier hand-sewn with one large piece of leather, edge painted and polished.


For those who love leather and minimalist styling there’s Autum’s ‘Turncoat’ iPad case (left), featuring only thick tanned leather and four hand-fastened duty Snaps or the iPad case by Tuch (right), with premium-grade leather, laser-cut with extraordinary precision and hand-assembled with no stitching and no glue.


A more contemporary option with the right amount of detail and color is the Bill Amberg case (above), a tan leather iPad case with a yellow colored press-stud fastening flap and yellow lining and trim or the Marni stone leather iPad case (bottom) with a subtle contrasting black and red cotton tab.


Hard Graft is a always a good bet for quality and clever use of materials, perfectly combining thick wool felt with leather. Their Tilt iPad Case (left) available for the iPad 2 cleverly rolls into an adjustable position for comfortable typing and web browsing and then folds back into a slim and lightweight protective cover. The Selvedge sleeve by MS&Co. (right) combines raw selvedge denim with heather gray wool lining.


Moving into performance and advanced textiles, the German-made 3A-11TS iPad bag with a removable shoulder strap by Acronym (right) lets you shift freely between horizontal and vertical modes while keeping your device secure and at hand. The Cobra courier XS by Booq (left) features Tough 1680 denier ballistic nylon, durable Nappa leather, an abrasion-resistant water-repelling rubberized bottom and nylon twill interior. Also by Booq and crafted from Twylon and Nappa leather, the slimmer ‘Boa push’ (center) equipped with a wide seatbelt nylon shoulder strap and a sturdy snap button flap closure.

Both the Boa and the Cobra push is tagged with a gunmetal-framed Terralinq serial number you can register so Booq can help reunite you with your bag, should you lose it.


The Classic Original Wax iPad 2 case by KillSpencer (right) is made with original wax, a military spec, water-repellant fabric designed in 1837. The neoprene padded lining and shiny black bullhide handle add function and a little style. For a messenger-bag-style iPad case, there’s the Messenger Bag by Vaja (left) with ample pockets and an adjustable cloth strap.


For a more sleek and high-tech look in addition to functionality, the ZAGGmate iPad 2 case (top) is made from aircraft aluminum with a bead-blasted, anodized finish that matches the look and feel of your iPad. It also features an embedded wireless Bluetooth physical keyboard and only adds about ¼” to the iPad. The AViiQ Smart Case (bottom), is made of rugged ABS plastic encased in a solid aluminum plate anodized to match the colors of the Apple Smart Cover.

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4 Notes

Good round up of cases, a nice variety in there.

----- Ben 06.04.11 17:08

Hey. Ran across this site and after looking around a bit I thought to suggest you check out the PadPivot product on Kickstarter. Bet you’ll think it’s as awesome as the other 4822 people aside from me that backed it do.

----- Ken Daniels 06.04.11 15:06

Oh, Matt, what to say? Shall i label these as “more neutral than having pink bows”? There are certain bags i definitely feel more resemble purses that are directed more towards women, and there’s nothing wrong with that, so many are designed for a particular style or purpose… adorable ones that would make a perfect clutch to go with evening wear perhaps? This list just isn’t that. What would you have preferred? And we’ve had quite a few requests asking for manlier bags, so that was what we had in mind when making the list! :) no harm/judgement intended!

----- Jean/NOTCOT 06.04.11 15:05

Thanks for further engendering design, we certainly don’t see enough of it from people outside the design field. Its nice to know the fight to deliberately label things as girly versus manly, or feminine versus masculine, is still strong. It makes designers all very comfortable.

----- Matt 06.04.11 10:30

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