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Coffee “Machine” Roundup!- 05.04.11

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Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! This time Leo researched SO many devices that could make coffee we didn’t even know where to start narrowing them down. Well, we’ve decided to roundup some of the prettiest, cordless, coffee/espresso makers ~ from stove top to vacuum to portable… these are all intriguingly beautiful enough to leave out with pride. Ready to take a look at what we found? Check it out on the next page!


Pour-over coffee makers are such a simple concept, yet they can look so elegant. The Chemex glass handle coffee maker paired with the Coava Kone steel coffee filter is a gorgeous way to hand-make your morning coffee. Another great combination is the Hario V60 coffee dripper with a Hario XGS-60TB glass kettle.


Bringing the coffee maker from the kitchen to the tabletop, there’s the awesomely shiny Turkish coffee set from Objects for Sawaya & Moroni by Wilmotte & Associates and the adorable Menu A/S ceramic press pot, complete with a coffee-bean-shaped knob on the lid!


Good design isn’t a new invention, as the Alessi Neapolitan coffee maker shows. It’s based on the old-fashioned Italian coffee pots that were the norm before automation hit in the 1950s. Also looking beautiful while staying refreshingly and effortlessly low-tech is the Pascucci ceramic “drop” coffee maker and the Valira black induction coffee maker.


Espresso is intricate and easy at the same time with the Otto espresso maker and Bellman CX-25. Classic design that is so basic to “operate.”


Everything is fun when it’s mini and ridiculously portable! Espresso is no exception, as the battery-powered Stelton Simply Espresso or the amusing hand-pump action of the Handpresso show. The mypressi TWIST seems like you could just slip it in your pocket for espresso anywhere.


The Bodum Santos stovetop vacuum coffee maker and the Yama coffee siphon give you a little show with your cup of caffeine. The water heats in the lower chamber, creating vapor pressure that forces the boiling water up to mix with the coffee grounds. Once the coffee maker is removed from the heat, vacuum pressure sucks the brewed coffee downward, through a strainer, and into the bottom chamber for serving. Science!

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