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Win It: WE LOVE CALIFORNIA by Baxter of CA- 05.03.11

candle0.jpg WE LOVE CALIFORNIA! OMG it smells like socal ~ i can’t explain it. It’s like there’s some fresh beachy goodness baked into this new “We Love California” Candle (in “Cruel Summer” scent) from LA based, Baxter of California, in collaboration with Parisian, Colette… their description? “Cruel Summer opens with a very powerful green, leafy top note accented with a citrus lemon undertone. The body of this complex blend is a floral, green bouquet starring brilliant hyacinth, tempered with notes of cyclamen, and accented with a fresh marine accord. These rest on an alluring white musk base, embellished with cedar wood.” As usual, the design is by Marc Atlan ~ and gorgeously minimal! This limited edition of 400 candles will be available at Colette in Paris and online, at the Baxter LA Barbershop and online.

When they reached out to offer us a giveaway, i simply had to smell it before agreeing. When it arrived today, i was won over (first by their awesome custom packing tape!) by the scent and design ~ and what could be more appropriate than to share a little california love with you guys? As a born and raised LA girl, and seeing as i just canceled all my May travel to hide out and enjoy at least a month of this lovely LA summer… this seems like the perfect giveaway! But before you enter ~ take a peek at the unbox and close ups of packaging and candle on the next page…

TO WIN: Leave a comment by midnight in cali time, Friday, May 6th, with what you love about California ~ and i’ll pick and email a winner over the weekend! Oh! And you most definitely do not have to be IN California to win!










How pretty is the blue wick? Sadly of course, it’s less blue as soon as you burn it… candle10.jpg

TO WIN: Leave a comment by midnight in cali time, Friday, May 6th, with what you love about California ~ and i’ll pick and email a winner over the weekend! Oh! And you most definitely do not have to be IN California to win!

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I love feeling free and always having something outside to do, along with fresh fruit and open air on the beach. Cali inspires me in many ways and is full of life! Surfing and long boarding to work and school and living carefree.

----- kelsie 06.05.11 22:56

Its simple… the smell of the ocean. Having grown up in West Palm Beach, FL and moved to the Desert of ABQ, Cali is my was of being one with the ocean again.

----- Jason 06.05.11 22:53

Born and raised Cali gurl/North San Fran! -Fi

----- Fina 06.05.11 22:48

California is great, Our state is grand-
We’ve got Napa Valley; We’ve got Disneyland

Snowy mountains with lakes, desert paradise too-
tall redwood trees, Sebastopol microbrew!

We love our sun, It makes surfing a blast-
biking, hiking, and gold rush days’ past

Pacific Coast Highway to Yosemite peaks-
Fisherman’s Wharf to Coachella Festival freaks!

La Jolla Shores and Hollywood fans-
Hot rods, sports cars, and girls with tans!

From coastal to mountains, our great Golden State-
We love it all! There’s nothing to hate!

----- Adam 06.05.11 22:45

Because San Diego is there.

----- Cory 06.05.11 22:44

I love California because this is the only state in the union where I can legally lane split on my motorcycle. Riding season is 51 weeks out of the year, 52 if you don’t mind getting wet (and I don’t). The state has THREE hockey teams, and I’m a fan of one of them.

----- Randall Tabula 06.05.11 22:32

I love California. I love Ed’s Coffee Shop in West Hollywood - still my favorite restaurant in my life. I love walking in San Fransisco - to any or no location. And I love to spend long durations of time shooting the magical golden gate bridge from any angle.

----- Deker 06.05.11 17:53


----- chloe 06.05.11 10:29

I love the beaches, a laid back drive along the coast, and how everyone seems to love being outdoors. And I really love how I’ll be visiting San Diego again this summer!

----- BethD 06.05.11 10:11

The best thing about California is enjoying the beautiful Coast while driving on PCH….as well as feeing so small and insignificant in Yosemite while hiking to the top being chased by bears :)

----- peggy Kovacic 06.05.11 08:50

“OMG it smells like socal ~ i can’t explain it.” You can’t explain LOVE.

----- Linda 06.05.11 00:07

I loved the feel of just laying out on the beach, the ocean’s breeze and Disneyland! Ha, California was a great place to live!

----- JayB 06.05.11 00:01

california has everything. diversity makes life better.

----- rich 05.05.11 22:55

I love CA because there is something for EVERYONE. You just have to find it…

----- Daniel 05.05.11 17:06

Despite not having had the chance to visit yet, I’m sure I’d love the smell of California - or at least I’d like to find out if I do!

----- Andrew 05.05.11 16:48

What I love about California is that it’s home to me. What people call morning traffic- I call my quiet time to reflect in the car. I love everything about CA, from the spread out suburban neighborhoods, to the amazing food and of course, the fact that you can drive an hour or two and find yourself surrounded by a vast ocean, the mountains, the woods, or the desert. I love that each pocket of a city has its own culture and you can grow up and live there for 20+ years and always feel like you’re living in a new city- experiencing new things.

I also love California b/c I was born and raised there and that’s where my family is. :)

----- Jill 05.05.11 12:40

My husband being in the Navy, we got to live in San Diego for almost 4 years and pratically lived in Balboa Park. From the museums, dog park, Artisan Village,events etc. I miss just going being able to go there and meet amazing people and enjoy the tranquility…but most of all I love my nephews who live in the Bay area the most!

----- Kathleen 05.05.11 11:30

I love California because it always seems to look like you feel.

----- Zack 05.05.11 11:24

California is awesome! It has everything from beach to desert and there are so many places to go and see. Plus, all of my family lives there and that makes it even more special.

----- Christi 05.05.11 11:14

California gave me Love.
I did an Internship in LA and met a Girl there which is my Girlfriend now. Both of us living now in Germany since 2 Years. Without Cali we wouldn’t have met each other, that’s why I (better we) love California. It gave us love. It’s the place we love to go back, if we just would get a job there together we would move NOW.

----- Matzelinho 05.05.11 09:36

The Golden Gate Bridge

----- Gaetan 05.05.11 09:31

When I was 20 I moved to San Francisco for a year.
It was the best time of my life. Hard to explain, it’s a feeling.
Ever since I’m back in the Netherlands (October 2010) I miss California and San Francisco in particular a lot. I have dreams about it and the constant urge to move back. Too bad I can’t get a visa. So for now I have to keep dreaming. And a candle that smells like California sounds like the perfect addition for my room for when I’m daydreaming. For now I’m gonna close my eyes and think about that wonderful year.

----- Carolien 05.05.11 07:56

The sun, the ocean, the girls, you can drive up and down the coast and experience every season, snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, chilling.

----- Matty B 05.05.11 07:00

I’m from Canada and what gets me back to Cali is the beaches, I love the feeling of warm summer sand between my toes. ^_^

----- Mike H 05.05.11 06:28

I grew up in So. California but (sadly?) have spent the last 5 years off/on inbetween CA and Austin, TX for school and now Italy for work…I’ll be missing me some California sea breezes this summer while in Italia, this candle may soothe my twitching for surf….

----- Chelsea Ward 05.05.11 06:08

Early dawn patrol for surf with my neighborhood (Sunset dist. SF) buddies in the early morn. Something in the combination of crisp ocean air, not being so rushed, a cup of local motor fuel, and shitty, freezing, headachey, praying for surf makes it for me.

----- Michael 05.05.11 05:26

California - I’ve never been, but I want to go very much. My wife and I dream of renting an open-top Mustang and driving the West Coast, basking in the sun and chilling on the beaches!

----- Dann 05.05.11 02:46

California girls!

----- Carm 04.05.11 23:42

Big. Sur.

----- Brian R. 04.05.11 22:05

I love hot spring days in Cali and sunscreen year-round. I love living in a city everyone loves to hate. I love that there is always more to discover about this place and its constantly changing populace.

----- Noriko 04.05.11 21:51

desert, beach, farms, mountains, rain forests, and some great cities; what else could you want.

----- kelly 04.05.11 21:41

My California accept all shades, shapes and sizes.

----- Richard 04.05.11 21:11

California dreams!

----- cindy 04.05.11 20:36

I love me about California, because I am from there and I am awesome! Also, coincidentally, I smell great. And am flammable.

----- ZachZZ 04.05.11 20:30

I love California because California is my home town and it is familiar to me. Every time I am here in California I feel like I am home. It is my native land.

----- madison 04.05.11 19:03

i had to face many of the worst misfortunes i have happened across while in california, yet i want to go back.

in spite of all the troubles, i miss the sand, seals, breezes. in the bay area, there’s also an incredible climate, great architecture, scenic landscapes, and ease of walking.

----- C 04.05.11 17:42

I love the feel of the CA sun, like a warm hand on your bare skin. I love the rich, damp smell of the redwoods. And I love the salty, gritty feel your arms and legs get when you step out of the ocean and let the sun dry you off.

----- Jessica J. 04.05.11 17:07

I have only been once, and only to San Francisco, but I really really enjoyed the sidewalk graffiti.

----- Valerie 04.05.11 16:47

What is there to not love about California? We’re spoiled with beautiful weathers and sceneries. There’s a great diversity of people. Lots of places to eat, laugh, and play. It’s a wonderful state, and I am proud to say that I am born and raised in California.

----- Zha 04.05.11 16:30

I am a Virginian, but am soon becoming a Californian. For years my family visited Cali on holidays, searching for a place to call home. Unfortunately, we never made it. Now, a graduating senior from James Madison University, I am fulfilling our dream to move to the west coast. For reasons as selfish as “I don’t want to shovel snow if I don’t have to,” to those as profound as “Happiness is a form of courage” (quote by Holbrook Jackson), I am making the move on my own. The rest of my family can’t make the move, and aren’t sure any more if they even want to. I love the weather, the atmosphere, the culture, and the smells of the beach. I would love to be able to leave a candle behind for my parents so that they may light it when they miss me, and perhaps, remember why they once wanted to be in Cali, too.

----- Janey Junker 04.05.11 15:14

We stroll wondering and wandering through
isles of contemplative wives, husbands, and babies
looking for the items on Ginsberg’s grocery list
the peaches, the tomatoes, neon fruit, writers.
In the produce we see what we came for
The Lost America of Love, shining on its tissue paper pedestal
waxed to perfection
always in season
always in this California grocery.

----- Maud W. 04.05.11 15:10

It’s Cali. The only place a major motion picture actor can also become a respected politician and then comfortably return to the big screen. If the state is anything compared to how the candle is described then there’s no doubt its degree of awesome!

----- Jose 04.05.11 15:06

I love the usa and the california (:

----- Kévin 04.05.11 14:21

I visited California for the first time last year and can’t wait to return. I have never witnessed such an immensely diverse group of people that all seem to share a common love and identity to a place. It seemed no matter where somebody grew up or spent most of their lives they subscribed to being identified as Californians and wore the name proudly by representing the creativity, drive and warmth attributed to the state.

----- justin 04.05.11 14:09

I’m a California native and even in a city like NY I can’t WAIT to move back to gorgeous, happy California. CALI LUVIN!

----- Chie Tamashiro 04.05.11 14:07

I love the burritos. I love the hot men. And I love never, ever, ever having to wear a big coat or gloves. “Let’s show these fools how we do this on the west side, cause you and I know it’s the best side.” - 2Pac

----- J. Boogie 04.05.11 13:23

Everything.I’m stuck in cold and rainy Montreal. It stinks like cold winter rain. harrumph.

----- Riccardo 04.05.11 12:58

California is everything anyone could ask for. Plain and simple. The food is amazing and I’m talking the best authentic Mexican to the freshest seafood to awesome Chinese food. I mean even vegetarian and vegan food to the “hole in the wall” places. Amazing! The weather is phenomenal. Even when Los Angeles is 100 degrees plus, you can count on Arizona being way hotter. I love the rainy overcast days along with the windy Santa Ana days. I grew up in Oxnard and moved away when I was 16 (sad I know) but I can say that nothing is better than taking a deep breath at the beach or a shopping fix at the thrift store or some kind of crazy adventure anywhere in Cali really. California is raw and pulsating and its where you should be. I miss it dearly.

P.s my birthday is on Monday and it would be so rad to win :D

----- Jessica 04.05.11 12:42

California is where I lived out my childhood. It’s where I could enjoy splashing in the pool in the summer and making snowmen by it in the winter (I miss the snow now that I’m in Florida). It’s where I first watched my favorite children’s movie, The Swan Princess, next door with my best friend, Anna. It’s where I had my first cat, White-out. It’s where I fell down a flight of stairs and cracked open my head, and all the neighbors came over with gifts and get-well wishes as soon as they had heard the news that I had gotten stitches. It’s where I want to return to one day and make a living as a designer. It’s where I want to try to make a name for myself; to make it big. Now that I’m older, there’s a whole new side to California that I want to experience and I can’t wait to return.

----- Julia 04.05.11 12:37

I moved from Brooklyn to Cali and was able to rescue two pitbulls to live with my cat (found on the streets of brooklyn) All of these animal smells warrant a California candle!

----- mia 04.05.11 12:29

I love the wide variety of environments I can see in one car/train/bike ride: snowy mountains, sandy beaches, giant redwoods, rocky coastline, rolling hills, glittering cities, and peaceful valley towns. Beyond calling California my home, it will always be my paradise!

----- Tomiko 04.05.11 12:28

I love picking lemons off my friend’s tree. I love the ever-restless adventurous spirit…

----- xtine 04.05.11 12:04

My best friend moved to Victorville, California 2 years ago and I miss him. He talk to me about the beaches there and I can’t wait to go (After university)
And eat some In n Out because it’s apparently awesome.

----- Nadia 04.05.11 12:01

The think I love most about California is the EPIC strand down in Manhattan Beach! Nothing like taking my longboard out and cruisin’ the beach :)

----- Meegs 04.05.11 11:55

As a small kid from Texas vacationing here with my family, I would always forget the name of California, but never the place. Once I could finally remember this place with amazing nature, weather, people, and secret nooks and hideouts, I knew I wanted to come here. I truly believe it is the best state of them all—and I’m from the hyper-prideful Texas (Texas is obviously second hehe). Now I’m here for school and I’m not planning on leaving any time soon. I hope to live here for as long as possible, in all the major cities up and down the coast so I can see all of Cali (I’ve already lived in San Diego, now I’m in LA).

----- Claudia 04.05.11 11:53

I LOVE the San Clemente Pier! The BEAUTIFUL SUNSET, the gold flecks in the sand at Coronado beach, the ocean kayaking at La Jolla, the drive down the 5, the beautiful, warm and inviting smiles, Killarney’s in Temecula, my family, the opportunity,the love of life!! OHHH and not to mention the smell of the So Cal beach!! I LOVE SO CAL BECAUSE OF THE AMAZINGNESS OF IT!

----- Sarah 04.05.11 11:32

I ♥ Cali because the beautiful weather, its amazins scenery, the taste of the grapes and the flavor of the wine. Its bohemian style, artistic nature and high tech spirit :)

----- Carmen Iriarte 04.05.11 11:30

I’m all about the best coast.

----- Megan Nuttall 04.05.11 11:30

I have Multiple Sclerosis and the heat and humidity effect me tremendously. What I love first and foremost about California is the weather!

----- Sharon Gelfand 04.05.11 11:10

ever changing coastline from north to south.

----- mary fielder 04.05.11 10:47

I love visiting California, especially Santa Cruz. It always serves as a nice reminder that it’s ok to slow down the pace of life a bit (I’m from NYC).

----- Jenn 04.05.11 10:29

People watching!


----- Aaron 04.05.11 10:24

The Warmth and the Girls.

----- fredrik bull 04.05.11 10:13

Free vitamin D. What is a “sun lamp”?

----- Megan 04.05.11 10:12

Cali is rad. I especially love Venice, there is no where else you can sit between a homeless person and a trust fund kid and not know the difference, while drinking a tall boy looking at the sickest sunset ever.

----- nike chapman 04.05.11 10:09

Southern California is the feeling the rest of the country gets when the snow melts away. Around this time each year people get happier as they shed their winter clothes. The beautiful part about living in a place like this, is we’re happy year round. Can’t wait to smell this candle.

----- Brad 04.05.11 10:09

Blue sky all day, everyday!

----- Mike C 04.05.11 10:06

Sunsets over the ocean and Disney. In that order.

----- Ray Saunders 04.05.11 09:59

full of amazing people!!

----- Andreas 04.05.11 09:59

What I love about California is that one can ask $30.00 for a candle and get it.

----- eric 04.05.11 09:45

Dodger Stadium / All you can eat pavillion… epic.

----- sean 04.05.11 09:41

What is not to like.. its a candle… and I love candles, and its Mother’s Day

----- Alexis 04.05.11 09:37

Born and raised in LA, I grew up wanting to leave and travel the world. After an East coast stint and trips all over, I’ve come to realize that my hometown and my homestate are pretty special. Beautiful landscapes, sunsets that make me tear up no matter where in the city I am, the best people overall, and the attitude that you really can be and do anything here all contribute to that feeling. I always identify as a Californian first. It’s my idea of the perfect country.

----- annabel lee 04.05.11 09:36

California is love.

----- Kendra 04.05.11 09:31

A place you can call home.

----- Jose_G 04.05.11 09:28

I would eat this candle. Smelling it wouldn’t be enough. Might be a waste? Maybe worth it. You decide.

----- Drew 04.05.11 09:26

I love CA for the not weather it has.

----- Joe Birdwell 04.05.11 09:21

What I love about California specifically involves my past visit to San Francisco. I was on a mission to find the infamous red parrots, and not only did I find them, but I also ran into the man who takes the time to study and feed them on Telegraph Hill.

----- Marc 04.05.11 09:18

I love California because my family live there

----- Jenny 04.05.11 09:14

Cali = beaches, bikes, bikinis, blue skies, breezes and beautiful people!!

----- kristen lauren 04.05.11 09:12

A continent in a State - what more could you ask.

----- Tomos 04.05.11 09:00

so many amazing cities in one state. love the laid back feel and the weather!

----- TIM R. 04.05.11 08:33

California It’s a goal I have to accomplish before i turn 30! (I’m from Costa Rica)

----- Maria Lara 04.05.11 08:30

I love that my 4 year old neice and 2 year old nephew get to grow up in a place as beautiful as Newport Beach.

----- Matt 04.05.11 08:28

I live in Oregon and usually find myself traveling to California three to four times a year. This year I have not been able to get away and I would love to have a Cali reminder in my living room. Thanks for the giveaway!

----- Pamela 04.05.11 08:20

I MISS CA. I just don’t know if there is anywhere else in the lower 48 with more diversity and natural beauty. I miss the soupy fog in the mornings. I miss the excitement of a San Fran weekend in the city. I miss the El Camino Real and the trail of missions. I miss a Sunday drive to Solvang to poke around. I miss convertibles everywhere :). I miss that “Hollywood” sign and the California poppy and those ice plant succulents along the freeway. I remember fondly passing Santa Clause on 101 in Carpentaria and deep sea fishing off Moro Bay and Disney Land before there was a Disney World, and the flower fields of Lompoc. I loved the Red Wood Forrest and I loved Yosemite and the drive up to Tahoe after a snow, and the breathtaking beauty found in every direction.

But with all I saw and all I experienced growing up in CA, my favorite memory was when I snuck off by myself away from my family, north of Santa Barbara near Point Conception, and found a magical spot right on the edge of a cliff where wind and nature had carved out this perfect little nook just about the size of a large throne. I sat on that throne and looked out into the Pacific and the only sound anywhere was the faint sound of birds and the waves of the mighty Pacific Ocean. I remember vividly every sensation. I remember thinking that if I were King Neptune; this was where I’d sit and marvel at my kingdom.

Ooops, I got carried away. :)

----- Jeani 04.05.11 07:56

Cali? Yes, please.

----- Eden 04.05.11 07:23

I may be one of the few people who say this, but what I love about southern California is the Santa Ana winds. I love the hot dry air and how everyone’s hair gets soft and flowy. Plus those days with Santa Ana winds have some of the best sunsets.

----- kate 04.05.11 06:50

What I love (and dearly miss) the most about Califoria is that the only expectation it has of you is to enjoy every beautiful thing it has to offer, on your time.

----- Kari 04.05.11 06:35

What I love about California is that even as an east coast born and raised Canadian, California still represents endless opportunities and promises. Like some sort of magnet deep in my soul, I have always been drawn to California and feel a sense of comfort and belonging while exploring this storied land.

----- Mel Hennigar 04.05.11 06:23

What do I love about California? the food, the weather, the wine and the Pacific water!

----- Valerie Theberge 04.05.11 05:50

I’ve lived in Connecticut my whole life and have NEVER been to the West Coast. Nonetheless I’ve always had a fascination with California. I hope to get out there someday, but until then maybe I might win a litle piece of sunny California!

----- Bernadette LeBel 04.05.11 03:43

I love feel free in California with a mustang and see gorgeous beaches, eat fish and ships…

----- Damien 04.05.11 00:57

Living in Chicago, a city whose colder months (this year that includes May) leave a lot to be desired- the sun, the parties, and the sense of life! But what I love the most about California is what it symbolizes to someone who wasn’t lucky enough to grow up there- new beginnings, making dreams happen, summer, and life.

----- Patrick 03.05.11 23:35

I really want to take something of SoCal with me when I leave for Japan and the study abroad for the next four years.

----- Tyler 03.05.11 23:30

Born and raised in LA.. been here the past 22 years. Love the perfect weather.

----- Jen 03.05.11 23:22

the laid back feel, the sunny weather along with the fog, i left my heart in San Francisco

----- Winnie Lam 03.05.11 23:12

I love California because it isn’t Missouri! When I’m turning my heater on in April because of a sudden snow storm, I can rest easy knowing at least one state is getting it right. Thank you, Cali!

----- Tess 03.05.11 22:51

What do I love about California? Let me count thee ways: redwoods, wine tastings, cool Pacific water, hiking, and bigger freeways than all those other states.

----- Emily Goligoski 03.05.11 22:44

gorgeous beaches, happy cows, rolling green hills, hwy 1 llamas, steep cliffs, breathtaking desert, sunshine all the time, snow when you want it, redwood forests, wine country…so much to

----- Nidhi 03.05.11 22:43

California welcomed me with open arms 10 years ago and I am happy to call San Diego home.

----- Toshira 03.05.11 22:35

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