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Operation Window Seat: Monaco-NCE-MUC- 09.25.11

ncemuc1.jpg On amazing little journeys ~ we started at the dock/house/helipad area on the water where we originally met the group of Mercedes-AMG SLS Roadsters… and our bags were waiting for us to head to the airport… via helicopter! So i have some video of the quick flight along the Cote du Azur as well as the landing (i felt like i was in a toy as we came in to land, it’s fun riding shotgun!) Then on to a quick Nice to Munich flight… over the alps, which are always stunning. The shadows. The way the snowy mountain tips peek through the fluffy clouds. The melting snow into lakes. The tiny green towns tucked between it all… and before landing there were amazing amounts of teeny tiny sail boats below out in a lake! Take a peek at all of it on the next page!



Flying around ~ its beautiful, a little long, but leaving it all there for those who want to experience it! I loved watching all the gauges and lights flicker as well as the view!


LANDING! At Nice Airport…


Then it was on to the tiny Lufthansa city plane to hop from Nice to Munich… the alps are just SO amazing to fly over ~ every time of year! Watching the snow capped mountains melt into lakes at all altitudes fascinated me…







The towns tucked between the mountains were incredible little green oases… ncemun14.jpg


… and i was absolutely mesmerized by this golf course at the foot of the mountains… such straight holes too! golf2.jpg


And then the sail boats! Tons and tons of little white dots on the water! ncemun16.jpg


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