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Wiesmann at IAA 2011- 09.28.11

wiesmann5.jpg Going through the many pics from the last month of euro-madness ~ i couldn’t stop staring at these pics from the Wiesmann booth at IAA. If i were a Batman: the Animated Series character, i’d totally drive a matte metallic GT MF5. It’s so cute. I couldn’t stop staring at the show ~ and looped by the booth a few times for unknown reasons… it just pulled me in over and over. And now i can’t stop staring at the pics, so clearly they needed to be shared! And the jeweled lizard logo is just stunning and brings out the little kid in me too… take a peek at them on the next page…










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It’s definitely got the Bugatti touch of class. Not just the front grill, but the profile with the “weighty” front end and the up-sweep of the front fenders. Very… elegant, but with a statement of speed.

----- karl 16.11.11 22:49

So Euro, I see hints of BMW Z, Jaguar, possibly Bugatti along with the times of an earlier era. Elegant vehicles, nice look of what’s to come.

----- Michael 29.09.11 21:10

It’s like a TVR and a 911 made sweet, sweet love and yoinked the grill from a Bugatti. It’s hard to see these as unique cars and not a patchwork of at least three other cars.

----- TM 29.09.11 13:16


----- Watch_Dog 29.09.11 01:07

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