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Where in the World… 9/11-9/27/2011- 09.25.11

sept11-27a.gif This one is for everyone who keeps asking me where i am… and an excuse as to why i’ve been so behind on emails/everything. 9/11: FLY Los Angeles to Frankfurt. 9/14 FLY Frankfurt to Paris. DRIVE Paris to Reims. TRAIN Reims to Paris. 9/15 DRIVE Paris to Ouistreham. FERRY to Dover. 9/16 DRIVE to Chichester. DRIVE to London. 9/17 FLY to Mallorca. 9/21 FLY to Barcelona. FLY to Hamburg. DRIVE to Bremen. DRIVE to Stuttgart. 9/22 DRIVE to Affaltarbach. DRIVE to Stuttgart. FLY to Frankfurt. FLY to Nice. 9/23 DRIVE to Monaco. DRIVE to Ventimiglia. DRIVE to Monaco. 9/24 FLY (Helicopter!) to Nice. FLY to Munich. Which is where i am now! Hiding out, catching up for a day ~ then more adventures and hopefully on 9/27 FLY home to LA. As to what comes after that ~ a few things up in the air, but hope you understand why it’s been a bit crazy! So far its been planes (and helicopters) and trains and cars (both super vintage and SUPER new) and a ferry…


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NOTCOT is my business ~ and that includes writing/sharing what i love ~ so i guess that is pleasure. Is there really a difference between the two? And as for details, they are all over NOTCOT and my other sites, twitter, facebook, etc.


----- Jean/NOTCOT 25.09.11 04:55

THat’s a lot of traveling, was this pleasure or business? I’m thinking business…got more details?

----- Julien Denoyer 25.09.11 04:23

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