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Geneva Sound System XS : Unboxed- 12.07.11

geneva0.jpg I’ve always had a fondness for the high gloss all in one audio boxes of Swiss Geneva Lab. They just look stunning! And the way the digital displays always illuminate from behind the speaker grill just makes me smile. So of course i couldn’t resist featuring the new tiny clamshell bluetooth, alarm clock, radio speaker ~ Geneva Sound System XS… and when they offered to send one over so i could check out the audio and packaging first hand ~ i couldn’t resist! So full unboxing on the next page… all the tiny design details in the packaging and design…

… and being curious about how it measures up to the Jawbone Jambox i unboxed poolside as well as Logitech’s new Mini Boombox… comparison with those on the next page as well!

Super clean packaging design… geneva1.jpg

Here’s the travel bag for the speaker… geneva2.jpg

… though you’ll also have the power adapter to carry ~ and possibly the line in cable if needed. geneva3.jpg

The red really is stunning ~ and the leather like clamshell case is reminiscent of the retro travel alarm clocks and radios. geneva4.jpg


I just love the way the display looks… geneva6.jpg

Subtle buttons on the top… only the power button can be felt with the indention… geneva7.jpg

Like how it needs to be in the correct position to stay on… geneva8.jpg


The buttons illuminated… geneva10.jpg

And for the radio, you can pop out the antenna… for the alarm clock you can even choose between radio or buzzer. geneva11.jpg

For a size comparison ~ you can see the Logitech Mini Boombox, Jawbone Jambox along side. geneva12.jpg

Here’s how they look from the top ~ both the Mini Boombox and XS has the buttons illuminated ~ normally they are nearly invisible. geneva13.jpg

As far as comparisons go ~ sound quality ~ the Geneva Sound System XS sounds just a bit better than the Jawbone Jambox, and the Logitech Mini Boombox barely compares to either. However, it’s important to keep in mind, as far as features, both the Jambox and Mini Boombox can double as speakerphones, which the XS can not do… but the XS does serve as a stand alone radio and alarm clock.

The other one in the space i’m intrigued by ~ but is also only a bluetooth speaker is the Bose SoundLink which is a bit larger than the ones above. The Geneva Sound System XS is Width × height × depth (when opened): 6.2” × 4” × 4.5”. Bose SoundLink is Height 5.1” x Width: 9.6” x Depth: 1.9”. Curious how the sound compares too…

Overall ~ i love the Geneva Sound System XS ~ especially in the gorgeously glossy red! What night stand isn’t instantly lit up by it?

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Hi. Would appreciate more comments on the sound quality as compared to the Jambox. The XS gives out 12W output from One 2.25 inch square woofer and Two 1 inch tweeters. The Jambox gives out 4W from Two 1.5 inch drivers and a bass battery radiator. The specs show that the XS goes down to 80Hz whereas the Jambox goes to 60Hz. But the XS would do this with a proper speaker, whereas the Jambox would rely on the passive radiator. Thanks in advance for a detailed reply.

----- brian 12.12.11 03:36

love it! So sexy. Can you take it out of the case?

----- Iva 07.12.11 14:22

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