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Holiday Giveaway #13: Ghostly International- 12.07.11

ghostly0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Wow, I can’t believe we’re up to giveaway #13 already! For lucky number thirteen, our friends at Ghostly International are giving away awesome AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones (without the mic) and The Ghostly International Complete Essentials Collection (Which includes Ghostly Essentials: SMM One, Ghostly Essentials: Avant Pop One, Ghostly Essentials: Remixes One, Spectral Essentials: Classics One, Spectral Essentials: Remixes One, Ghostly Essentials: Rarities One, and Ghostly Essentials: Rarities Two). The Ghostly guys also have one of my favorite logos ~ it’s so cute, especially as an AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones and The Ghostly International Complete Essentials Collection from Ghostly International, leave a comment with something that inspired you today before midnight PST on Dec 12th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more pics on the next page ~ as well as a Ghostly coupon!

CONGRATS to our winner, Kathria in Anaheim, CA!






For a chance to win AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones and The Ghostly International Complete Essentials Collection from Ghostly International, leave a comment with something that inspired you today before midnight PST on Dec 12th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!



633 Notes

Today I was extremely inspired while reading “Cracking the Whip”

----- Sid Law 12.12.11 18:19

“Harvard Beats Yale 29-29” You don’t always have to win to win.

----- Josh J 12.12.11 16:58

I just spent the whole day wondering around in Toulouse (south of France). On of the most beautiful cities for me and so full of new things to see every time ! :)

----- Amine 12.12.11 12:38

One thing that really inspires me, and makes me want to push myself into finishing creative projects, are best new artists lists. While the inspiration came from a music list for top 10 best artists from Fact Mag (dj / electronic / goodness) I couldn’t help but be inspired to check out best new indie authors (i love to write), which is only inspiring me further to finish my own stories.

----- Neil Spencer 12.12.11 12:36

I finished the book Quantum: Einstein, Bohr, and the Great Debate about the Nature of Reality today. I would say all of the ideas theories and how they were developed have been particularly inspiring to me since I started the book.

----- Christopher 12.12.11 11:48

Today one of the most inspiring things would be the girl sitting on the ground playing her instrument……..no … i don’t mean that one, but a hang (had to look it up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQXn5ba0aT8).
Made me stop and think in the hectic of Amsterdam.

----- Barry 12.12.11 11:09

Playing with my 3 year old brother (he is 16 years younger than me:D).
The joy and the ideas a child this age have is inspiring.
They are full of wisdom. And it was a very fun day with him. He is inspiring me every single day…

----- Alex 12.12.11 10:56

What inspired me recently, was from a sermon about the holidays. No matter how humble the beginnings of person, we can always still strive to do the best in life. The measurement of a person’s character isn’t really what they inherited/are entitled for, but the measurement of how a person can recover from the worst and shine towards the best.

----- Paul 12.12.11 10:35

HA, well, AIAIAI, those headphones are just the nicest i have ever seen… beautiful object it is and i see the sound is great also… as a dj this can be quite inspiring ! and so as usual notcot is where i found my inspiration today. Merci Monsieur NOTCOT : )

----- Ben 12.12.11 09:57

Today I was inspired by the little girl who found the one last crunchy leaf to step on (it’s raining over here) and the joy she exhibited for the simple things in life.

----- Stephanie 12.12.11 09:49

It’s still early, but this morning’s delivery of the MyFonts.com newsletter in my inbox is always a good way to start a productive day.

----- Adam 12.12.11 09:39

I was inspired by that movie Christmas Story.

----- mattyh 12.12.11 09:29

I am an inspiration fiend and wait for it to find me everyday, as simple as a tumblr journal I add images I find sorting through the digital clutters of the world wide web that inspire in ways to create!

My mother cleans houses and works a heavy load, I always thought how can one clean a mansion and not necessarily listen to music to make the day go by faster and work a lot easier. When I saw these headphones it inspired me to give my mom my pair of headphones and I bought her an iphone so I can upload her favorite music.

My mom is not all that into technology, but when I gave her a new phone and headphones accompanied with flowers to Thank her for all the hard work she does and helping to put me through college, I saw this “new beginning” kinda look on her face. It was a look in which one knows they have received something they have been wanting secretly, thanks to this post… I was inspired to give the good day and inspiration to my mother

----- Jennifer 12.12.11 08:46

I found my first grey hair …

----- Clarissa 12.12.11 08:28

My biggest inspiration is the heavy but falling softly snow out my window. It is like living in a snow globe. CANADA!

----- Mathew John 12.12.11 07:50

Hm. Tough one. My old advisor/friend. He has inspired me a lot lately.

----- Jake Jones 12.12.11 07:30

The way the streetlamps are bouncing light off wet asphalt.

----- Daisy 12.12.11 07:06

After a terrible day yesterday, waking up to a chilly, grey morning and hearing the birds sing was all I needed to remind me that life goes on. :)

----- Ali 12.12.11 07:01

I just started my day, so up to now, what inspired me are all the new post on Notcot.org. What?! It’s the first website I look at every morning…

----- PHiL D 12.12.11 06:53

some person was acting kind of strange this morning, no-one really noticed it except for me and this kid …. the kid also noticed the slightly strange look i gave the scene, and i saw the same strange look on the kids face. The kid and i than had a visiual exchange laughing to each other with the eyes : ) an exchange without words between strangers with big age difference, …. made me smile and i kept that smile for hours … inspiring.

----- Ben 12.12.11 06:50

Yesterday I was with my 5 year old niece who is really starting to enjoy reading, so she tries to read absolutely everything - it’s great to watch her find a new word and try and work out what it means. I’m inspired to find something new everyday that I don’t know or properly understand - to be more childlike.

----- Les 12.12.11 04:34

The determination of my God-daughter taking her first few steps today

----- Ollie 12.12.11 02:42

I was inspired today by Zee Avi’s cover of “First of the Gang…”

----- Jacquelynn 12.12.11 00:53

Today I finished reading the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Douglass’s effort in pursuing his love of literature really inspired me to do the same in my academic career.

----- Matthew 12.12.11 00:00

The presumably illegal immigrant who washes dishes at the restaurant I work at part time. I often wonder why I wait tables in addition to my full time desk job. Every time I see him busting his butt, working harder than I ever have to, I have my answer: because I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to do so.

----- Josh 11.12.11 23:16

I went rock climbing for the first time today. It inspired me to do more adventurous activities and be more active.

----- Wesley 11.12.11 22:06

A nice long nap with a weird dream.

----- Ray 11.12.11 22:02

My awesomely creative and passionate coworkers that inspire me daily!

----- Emily 11.12.11 21:48

The moon!

----- Megan 11.12.11 20:59

Before I even knew what electronic music was, when I was about 16 or so, I’d visit this shop on Queen Street West in Toronto called Black Market Records. I think the thing that pulled me in was just how hip everything looked; the turntables, the carefully laid out records. Today I played a couple of the titles that I bought then and still own now: Patrick Smaaland’s “Inner Strength” and Ghostly’s SMM Vol. 1. I love those records and the way that they can suspend time with their stretched out blip-phrases. Still very inspiring.

----- Chris 11.12.11 18:54

my cat inspired me today because he spent hours sitting in an empty box, loving it.
sometimes i need to be reminded that the simple things can bring profound happiness.

----- mindy h 11.12.11 17:24

My comic book collection is my favorite inspiration source of inspiration.

----- Crystal 11.12.11 16:33

new album by the Black Keys

----- Roman 11.12.11 16:30

learning that my final was a day earlier and in the morning.

----- Andrea 11.12.11 14:25

Having just started my new Etsy business, I’m inspired by all the amazing hand made items that people make. BY HAND. It’s all so fantastic.

----- Sharon 11.12.11 14:04

I suppose I’ve been reading a lot lately. Mostly books on graphic and web design. I have just finished How to Design Websites by Alan Pipes (a fairly new release) and I can’t help but love the design within the book. Also, Pipes suggests checking out Cargo Collective. That’s inspiring. It’s just creative freedom.

----- Ben 11.12.11 13:21

Today, I was in the passenger seat (been a while) and you get to see things you never did before when you’re driving.

----- Asenh Tsan 11.12.11 10:45

Going to my local coffee shop and people-watching while sipping a latte inspires me every time!

----- Katherine 11.12.11 10:41

The book: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Inspirational!

----- Lily 11.12.11 10:28

Today i read a quote from James Dean. that inspired me.

----- Joseph Sarti 11.12.11 09:13


----- Tony F 11.12.11 08:37

my girlfriend who has not stopped going for a week straight at 20 hour days trying to help her mother.

----- seAN 11.12.11 07:32

I’m inspired by my grandmother today. I found out that she passed away, but I’m halfway across the world so i can’t attend the funeral. She was 90 and a great woman who experienced so much.

----- Sharon 11.12.11 07:26

Something that inspired me today was the politeness of a little boy in the toy store.

----- Jon 11.12.11 06:37

I was inspired today by my niece, who at 17 months old has mastered the use of a small wheelchair, smiling and laughing in spite of her disabilities.

----- Anissa 11.12.11 06:00

today i was inspired by the things my buddy Jon Ozias is doing in LA (a retrofitting of music/design/promotion/ambiance). He worked with ghostly too so it is quite fitting

----- Michael W 11.12.11 01:35

My music, of all things. Haha.

----- nick 11.12.11 00:01

I’m inspired by the creative and interesting comments people have come up with on this post.

----- zhen 10.12.11 18:55

an unpleasant circumstance inspired me to buckle down into my studies today

----- Jamee 10.12.11 18:43

Opening a door in my Adventcalendar inspired me. That picture of a little toy remembered me of how much i miss my brother.

----- mirjam 10.12.11 17:26

Basically my rss reader. All its content from tumblr to notcot.

----- james 10.12.11 16:21

I saw a unique timelapse video of a waterfall that inspired me and opened up many new possibilities for photography.

----- Brett K. 10.12.11 15:38

My younger sister who made my a you-tube birthday clip! Go girl!

----- Stav 10.12.11 14:20

sunling inspired me today :)

----- dima 10.12.11 11:42

Wilhelm Sasnal

----- Piotr 10.12.11 10:22

Steve Jobs’ Quote ::

“I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good,
then you should go do something else wonderful,
not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.”

This inspires me today to go on making things better
for tomorrow and beyond.

----- THANANAN 10.12.11 09:31

Sheen on ice on a stone wall

----- Andrew 10.12.11 06:52


----- The Keith 10.12.11 06:44

Rain has stopped at last! So I don’t have to wash my dogs’ paws :-)

----- YulyaShenka 10.12.11 04:28

some sheep coated in a thick layer of snow. i don’t know why, but they looked pretty techno.

----- leo 10.12.11 02:15

I was watching some videos of soldiers returning home to surprise their families. It inspired me to write a short story!

----- Leslie 10.12.11 01:03

wind blow

----- William 10.12.11 00:05

I discovered Sepka Tekraw (Thai Soccer)… cannot get enough of it!!

----- Male 09.12.11 23:39

my friend in California

----- Tris 09.12.11 23:29

My girlfriend inspires me everyday.

----- Ariel 09.12.11 19:49

I saw a hubcap today that helped me unlock the solution for a logo I’ve been working on for like a week.

----- Greg 09.12.11 19:04

My cousin’s unabashed embrace of life’s possibilities today in the face of news that her cancer tumors had grown, this after losing her leg and numerous treatments. Her wicked humor and full blown laugh were simply inspirational.

----- Leigh 09.12.11 18:54

Rusko - Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)

----- Michelle 09.12.11 18:43

Today I was specifically inspired by Beryllium, the fourth element on the periodic table, that that sphere-shaped fuel they use in Galaxy Quest. I honestly can’t explain it though. Not that I’m incapable, I just signed a crazy non-disclosure agreement. ;)

----- Matt 09.12.11 18:19

I got inspired by the cracks on my car’s windshield. I want to use the texture for jewelry.

----- Julian 09.12.11 17:41

I’ve been inspired in so many ways over the last few months. I’ve recently started Improv classes, and joined a wonderful community in St. Louis. Everything about it; listening, accepting others’ ideas, trust, has made me a better person. I’ve also been getting into a TON of podcasts, and these headphones would be a welcome addition to the process of listening.

----- Marshall 09.12.11 16:36

Today I saw a girl at my college campus with a pink rolling backpack. She inspired me to not forget the kid inside.

----- Andy Swafford 09.12.11 16:34

my bf’s birthday!!

----- maria 09.12.11 15:54

This inspired me today: stumbled upon the Haptic Intelligentsia, a “human 3D printing machine that allows the user to tactually perceive the virtual object and to directly transform it into the physical” …If “Bringing Craftsmanship Into a Computerized Technology” isn’t inspiring, I dont know what is…

----- Lena 09.12.11 14:19

A 1955 Italian exhibition called “Combating Agricultural Pests” its beautiful.

----- Parker 09.12.11 14:17

My professors art exhibition. Very inspiring individual with inspiring artwork.

----- Amanda Brown 09.12.11 14:04

My professors art exhibition. Very inspiring individual with inspiring artwork.

----- Amanda Brown 09.12.11 14:04

I was reminded, for the first time in a long time, that the best feeling in the world is to feel perfectly content today, without certainty of tomorrow.

----- Leslie Zacharkow 09.12.11 13:03

A recipe for cranberry orange pancakes— this may be my Christmas morning surprise for my family.

----- becca 09.12.11 12:50

Finally getting cold weather here in Florida inspired me to get a jump on my holiday shopping! :D

----- Ashley K 09.12.11 11:24

My friend is playing a gig tonight for a sold-out crowd. It’s inspiring to see him live out his dream!

----- Laura 09.12.11 11:12

My inspiring moment of the day was notcot and seeing the “nervous system” creations…truly beautiful.

----- Robyn 09.12.11 10:45

My upcoming baby!

----- Stephen Fernandez 09.12.11 10:16

My Mother.

----- randy 09.12.11 10:15

Inspired by my teacher who taught me 10 years ago, who revealed my weakness all at once and tellng me it’s time to move on again.

----- Andrew 09.12.11 09:54

I was inspired by my 92 year old patient that did the jitter bug for me today.

----- Joe B 09.12.11 08:04

I was inspired by the frustration. So i need to change something!

----- Agnes 09.12.11 07:42

a blank sheet of paper

----- elliot 09.12.11 07:24

Inspired today by a psa I saw for a local arboretum. trees.

----- allen 09.12.11 07:04

today I was inspired by the first snow

----- Rihards 09.12.11 07:03

I`m currently inspired by my friends that have moved to Moscow. Going there too!

----- Ilshat 09.12.11 06:29

The passion that a fellow coworker spoke about his work. The guy was talking 100mph, you could tell he was psyched - it was infectious.

----- Fraser Marshall 09.12.11 06:14

The amazing complexities of human invention.

----- Doug 09.12.11 05:41

I woke up this morning at 6 am and went to check on my 4 yr old son. I was amazed to find him already up seating and on his desk and creating sculptures with his play-Doh and he greeted me with his big smile and a kiss.

----- eddie 09.12.11 04:53

i was at Rockit Room in Sf last night. it was the final Skratchpad of the year and a benefit for J-1’s family so they can bring him home from sweden (he passed away in sweden). the vibe was awesome. i hadn’t been to skratchpad since it moved a few months ago, even though i’m a resident #lame. but it felt good to connect with people i hadn’t seen in a while, and i was super impressed with everyone’s sets. Secret Sidewalk killed it. vibed out the whole time. but i think my favorite set of the night was Teeko / Max Kane / B Suave, their tribute to J-1 and then they had Mista B and B. Cause hop on in the end. incredible music and good homies make staying out till 3am on a workday all worth it.

----- dj brigidope 08.12.11 23:59

I was inspired by the William Sonoma Star Wars cookie cutters. Going to make some nerdy holiday gifts :)

----- Andy 08.12.11 23:29


----- Aaron 08.12.11 23:10

The breakfast I ate this morning, inspired me to do great things…
I couldn’t start my day without a good breakfast.

----- Mihai V. 08.12.11 22:31

Seeing a full parking lot at school at 2 am on a Thursday.

----- Tiffany 08.12.11 22:14

inspired by friends at Freeset in india, who are helping women escape cycle of poverty and sex trafficking.

----- daniel 08.12.11 22:02

today’s inspiration came from settling into the silver lake meadow. love having a place for quiet reflection!

----- kim 08.12.11 21:47

i was inspired by my cat’s ability to do nothing all day long

----- richie 08.12.11 21:43

Pantone’s color of the year is a yummy orange. Inspiring.

----- Sarah 08.12.11 21:39

i was walking home and heard one of my neighbours playing yiruma’s river flows in you on piano. it was really beautiful, this inspired me to learn it for myself :)

----- victor 08.12.11 21:17

I came across this steampunk store online and it stopped me for a while, this person takes the insides of watches and turns them into amazing pieces of jewelry, it was very inspiring for my art. Here is the link. http://www.etsy.com/shop/LondonParticulars?ref=seller_info

----- Chris Rands 08.12.11 21:16

The internet. I saw a picture of candied whole oranges this morning and I’m already planning to make some for the holidays.

----- jamie 08.12.11 21:05

I am about 4 months pregnant and felt my son kick for the first time today. I am totally inspired - to clean my whole house, to finish the nursery, to fast forward the next five months!

----- sarah 08.12.11 20:39

today I was inspired by the novel bright shiny morning by james frey

----- amanda 08.12.11 20:37

This website inspires me!

----- Dustin 08.12.11 18:37

Today I was inspired by the feeling of accomplishment

----- Spencer 08.12.11 18:11

If this video (http://vimeo.com/32071937) doesn’t chill you just a little as it did to me then well I dunno :)

----- Vince 08.12.11 17:51

I’ve been inspired today by the weight loss stories on some blogs I follow often. I think it’s my time to follow in their footsteps. I need that inspiration.

----- Brandon 08.12.11 17:34

The /r/GetMotivated subredddit never fails to inspire.

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 08.12.11 17:28

Nothing like cold winters to inspire me to move across the country.

----- Miles 08.12.11 17:25

Fashion photographer Zhang Jingna.

----- Derik Strattan 08.12.11 16:47

i am a college senior who’s uncertain about my career path post graduation. today i talked to my friend about finding my passion. he told me that it isnt something that i need to look for, rather it will come to me as i push myself to do things i like, that if i put aside all my excuses for starting new things, these experiences will lead me towards my passion eventually.

----- Cecilia 08.12.11 16:39

inspired by Radiolab like always.

----- Jake 08.12.11 16:24

At work listening to customers open up about themselves, it’s good to listen.

----- Matt 08.12.11 15:36

Random acts of kindness inspired me today… unexpected happy things make me want to be better.

----- Pam 08.12.11 15:29

Today I saw a barbershop that also sells fruit smoothies. It inspired me to say “golly.”

----- Tim 08.12.11 15:23

Richard Avadon’s Borrowed Dog’s.

----- Andrew Visconti 08.12.11 15:23

Waking up!

----- Neil R. 08.12.11 15:19

My coworker inspired me to be careful with my body he is on is way to have his larynx and tongue removed because of cancer, jeeez man life if fragile

----- victor hypolite 08.12.11 15:09

I was inspired by how fast you gotta run some times to keep up with the time

----- Jim 08.12.11 14:23

Good evening Bros,
The cause for my inspiration today was the moment when the postman rang at the door to hand me my ordered book.

The book is a great book.
The book is a famous book.
The book is a book without pictures.
The book is Steve Job’s biography.

Before i read this book i thought like most people:
“Steve Jobs is a man who sells stylish over-prized products with a fruit on it.”
But i gotta tell you: “That’s not the whole truth.”
The man invented the computer mouse.
He introduced the most famous mp3-player.
He brought the smartphone to the masses.
And he is the reason why you recognize an iPod-user from distance becuase of the white earbuds.

…and because books get boring after time,
no matter what they are about,
and because I’m tired of these crappy iphone-earbuds
I decided to check the facebook-site of AIAIAI
to look at some pictures of their great headphones.
So I came to your site…and it’s pretty mind-blowing :D

----- Maximilian 08.12.11 14:03

Notcot. Period.

----- Talita Escher Massola 08.12.11 13:30

The newly decorated beer bottle Christmas tree that my flatmates built today inspired me. We’re all students, so we can’t afford decorations or to spend much on presents, but knowing that we’re doing as much as we can with practically no budget (improvising said tree, paper chains out of scraps, £5 secret Santas) has really made this one of the best Christmases yet and brought back the childhood fascination that jaded ‘grown up Christmases’ tarnished.

----- Dian Saxon 08.12.11 13:27

The sun peaking out after a week of cloud cover is definitely inspiring me to kick butt on my organic chemistry final tonight!

----- Victor 08.12.11 13:11

My daughter is inspirational because she can find wonder in simple things. She genuinely can play with water and towels. It is a joy to watch a young mind unhindered and free. She reminds me especially at this time of year to be little less materialistic.

These would replace some aging headphones that are seeing their last days of usefullness. These look like the will last a long time!

----- Holly Natasha 08.12.11 13:10

Today’s inspiration? Like most days it comes from all my design peers, showcased on http://designspiration.net/

----- Andrew 08.12.11 12:57

The quality in the construction of my baseball. Lovely stuff.

----- Tom G 08.12.11 12:46

The sun rising on the glistening white fields while listening to “A Better Daughter/ Son” by Rilo Kiley.

The paper white scenery reminded me how we always have the chance to start from scratch.

----- SION 08.12.11 12:34

Today I was inspired by the same thing that inspires me each and every day, my amazing wife.

----- Josh Rufer 08.12.11 12:29

Im inspired by the music i listen to every morning… nothing is greater.

----- Alberto 08.12.11 12:00

a great quote: “Truth is nothing, what you believe to be true is everything.” -WFF

----- JORDAN 08.12.11 11:47

I’m inspired by my friends. They are hands down some of the most generous and kind people I have ever met and I try to be more like them, every day.

----- alexandra 08.12.11 11:46


----- JORDAN 08.12.11 11:45

My girlfriend inspires me to be the best person I can be every single day. Her motto is “Play is fun but success is better”. I need this kind of motivation in my life. She is a super supportive partner that is also motivating. This morning, after quietly creeping out of bed, I couldn’t help but give her a kiss on her cheek (which made her woke-up). She makes me feel inspired everyday.

----- Micah 08.12.11 11:37

Really not inspired at all right now, because i am at my job and it sucks being at my job right now. (except for browsing NOTCOT)

----- Jahooris 08.12.11 11:30

the freedom to be able to do something completely new today is very inspiring.

----- Brandon 08.12.11 11:25

Inspired by my lecturer with the sincerest love for science and its creative applications. People like that make this planet bearable.

----- Kaur 08.12.11 11:24

Kid Cudi’s Music inspired me today.

----- OscarMartinez 08.12.11 11:18

Q: What inspired you today?
A: The bacon in my salad. Haven’t had bacon in a really long time. It tasted so good! It inspired me to try out new eateries in LA. I’ve become a foodie!

----- Ria 08.12.11 11:15

I’m inspired by my parents. Even though we had some ups and downs and got into little or big arguments, now I realize that it was for the good of our family. Being immigrants who didn’t speak English or didn’t have a stable job, my parents had to start from the bottom in the United States. They took this big leap of faith and just for me and my brother’s education, they gave up everything in their homecountry for US. When I was young, I didn’t realize how much courage it take to do that. Therefore, my parents, out of everyone, inspires me the most in everyway.

----- Jung Woo Lim 08.12.11 11:08

I thought today how its important to do well but not to forget who you are in the process of achieving your goals.

----- Ken 08.12.11 11:01

the cold cold wind…

----- christine 08.12.11 11:00

I was inspired today by my little sister, who broke her arm and yet still manages to be one of the cheeriest, most optomistic people I know. I wish I could be more like her.

----- Ryan Moore 08.12.11 10:51

I found a nedroid comic today to be pretty inspiring.

----- Joe 08.12.11 10:49

I was inspired with how big life is, and still the smallest things are the most beautiful

----- Bojan 08.12.11 10:23

Peeling a tangerine this morning - So much natural life happening on such a small scale. Sometimes it is the small things that we normally pass by everyday.

----- Mason 08.12.11 10:17

Inspired by comment overheard from a pre-teen in an art gallery: “That’s sad , like Eminem”. “Exactly!” I thought

----- Anonymous 08.12.11 10:17

The cold weather inspired me to finally get my first sweater.

----- Arthur Kosasih 08.12.11 10:14

The thought of death has inspired, live for the moment.

----- sam 08.12.11 10:07

Inspired by a video someone posted on FaceBook.

----- Scott B 08.12.11 09:52

I woke up to the song Son’s Gonna Rise by Citizen Cope. The lyrics and whole mood of the tune inspired me to have a great day no matter what happens. Music to me is my main inspiration weather it be my own creations, mixes, or others works of pure awesome. Thanks for the chance to get these amazing piceses of kit. d—b

----- Jesse Andrade 08.12.11 09:47

Found out that a guy I’ve been working with for almost a year is from Peru and has been sending back money to his wife and children back home so they can afford to come to America and join him. Had no idea he was doing that and he is such a hard worker. He never complains about anything. Put everything in perspective and inspired me to work that much harder at school, my music career, and my crappy day job.

----- Matt Future 08.12.11 09:44

I was on my way to the supermarket wanting to buy crisps, saw this little boy eating an apple, ended up buying only fruit. I really should eat healthy more often.

----- Mikki 08.12.11 09:38

Today(and any day I happen to look at it), I was inspired by Keith Newstead’s Automata Blog. His genius and ease with mechanical things is awe inspiring. He always seems to be coming up with yet another great moving piece of art.

----- Vinny W 08.12.11 09:35

the James side table. I saw it today on notcot.org. yeah.

----- Adam Edwards 08.12.11 09:00

I love furniture design, so I was inspired by your post and the designs from Gridy.

----- Smyth Kowalczyk 08.12.11 08:58

Music inspires me. The pressures we are under is constant. The moments spent with family are swift. The pace of life relentless.

Buy when I play my music, i feel free, i feel happy, i feel like all this shit is worth it.

Turn it up xxx

----- Ollie 08.12.11 08:55

Woke up today to the bitter chill of the morning, I didn’t feel like waking up but I did because I have a screen printing class to get to. While on the buss, I check out notcot and keep my eyes open for fresh new ideas. Thanks world. #inspiration,#screenprinting,#publictransit

----- Mario Rosado 08.12.11 08:23

I was inspired by Miss Bala, Mexico’s entry in this year’s Foreign Film Oscar race. Its a great film.

----- Jeremy 08.12.11 08:23

I just heard the live set of EPIC show at Alexandra Palace and HELL YEAH, that was inspiring !! :)

----- Iman Hashemi 08.12.11 08:02

NOTCOT inspires me every day.

----- Dan 08.12.11 07:45

I’m inspired everyday by the resiliency of the youth I work with in a juvenile justice setting.

----- Jenn 08.12.11 07:08

tickets for a bjørk-concert inspired me today!

----- oliver ackerschewski 08.12.11 07:04

I am inspired to do my best and help out as many people as I can with music. I am thankful for all my friends and family who support what I do. With that 1ove I give back to the community and EDM scene as much as I can. I support others just like me because good karma is what life is about.

----- Adam Stewart 08.12.11 06:45

just a simple thing - flags in the wind. amazing.

----- martins 08.12.11 06:38

listening to tUnE-yArDs has been like a breath of fresh air

----- Christina 08.12.11 06:37

Today deep house music of the Ministry of Sound Radio inspired me pretty much ;) I’ve nice layout now for my architecture project.

----- Atilla Ali Tasan 08.12.11 06:34

I was inspired by a giant glowing ball of burning gas in the sky that I hadn’t seen in several days. That thing is bright!

----- Dustcrumb 08.12.11 06:29

Its the small things that inspire me every day and i’m impressed by the huge impact they have on me. Like this free city card I found in my drawer today which says “One night in Paris”. It took me back into my memories about my last and first trip to Paris. And I instantly started writing a message and send it to my beloved friend who accompanied me.

----- Deniz 08.12.11 06:25

i am inspired by my drive to finish college!

----- Derek 08.12.11 06:18

I was inspired by waking up to the sounds of ‘Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nuthin to F**k With’, showing my mom some love, warming up a piece of chicken parm and washing it down with some lipton tea, typing up a recommendation letter for my boy. I thank God for every second i get. Today was a good day!

----- Gerald 08.12.11 06:06

My IB art teacher inspired me today by showing me a orange that he kept in his class room for 27 years. It looked so inspiring that I’m basing my next piece on it.

----- Niclas 08.12.11 06:05

Cheese on toast and soup

----- Tommy J 08.12.11 06:03

today i was inspired by peopel on my design team using powerpoint… and was inspired to never use that program again, really what is it 1990 all over again ?

----- Austin 08.12.11 05:55

My flight from ORD -> LGA inspired me as I had the worst turbulence of my life. All that makes you think of every new idea (product, book, film, etc.) that I want to create before my untimely death. Nothing like forced inspiration.

----- Sung 08.12.11 05:55

A great quote!!!!!

----- Graham Potts 08.12.11 05:51

Today I was inspired by all the awesome things people were sharing over on @Gimmebar

----- Chris 08.12.11 05:50

A lack of temperature inspired me this morning to get up early, fix my heater and go outside and do some Jogging. Unfortunately my WESC headphones has a loose contact and so my music is switching mono-stereo-mono-stereo with any step I made. Please help me out and stop my getting abused. AIAIAI will save my day!

----- Ferdinand Preuss 08.12.11 05:47

The same thing that inspires me day after day. Coffee.

----- Dan 08.12.11 05:41

My cat!

----- Sascha 08.12.11 05:33

Happiness inspired me this morning, as the sun rays raced through my windows. It sparked me to start a new design which I’ll be placing on my portfolio website by end of this week. Check it out when you have a chance to already see the madness we do at our design studio http://www.clinyc.com/ ;)

----- Jonathan McIntosh 08.12.11 05:27

I was inspired by reading the comments and discovering the many different ways people are inspired and how inspiration can be found anywhere.

----- Nathan 08.12.11 05:07

As per usual, Notcot inspired me ;)

----- cole 08.12.11 04:58

paper, how to make it and then how to silkscreen it! do a bit more to get a bit more!

----- Yannick 08.12.11 04:47

Waking up on my day off from work, with my Wife, 18month old Daughter, and the Dog all curled up in bed with me, the Suns shining through the shutters on a cold winters Day, whilst we are all huddled up warm. My Family inspires me.

----- Eric Hall 08.12.11 04:40

THE RAIN!!!!!!!!

----- Juliana Wong 08.12.11 04:29

This inspired me when i woke up to really push the limit today!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57v3xDKT25g

----- Nick 08.12.11 04:14

I need a drink.

----- MARK 08.12.11 04:13

ok.. under the circumstances that i didn’t slept this night my brain is a little bit fucked up… so there are a lot of things which inspire me. But at most: My bed! It says: “Get in. Watch The Warriors. Get stoned and have a sleep..”! So.. my bed wants me to dream about a nice giveaway.. i guess..

----- Johann 08.12.11 04:10

A House record I just bought from 1992 by Flow called Another Time (Universal Mix) inspired me today. It’s one of those records that just makes you smile & feel happy :)

----- Jason 08.12.11 04:00

This morning as usual there were three sources of inspirations: espresso, music and notcot.com

----- Przemek 08.12.11 03:58

Just watched The Art of Flight. Need i say anymore?

----- Adrian 08.12.11 03:55

Today I was inspired by the word ‘subtle’ - how do these words get these sneaky silent letters? How did they manage to sneak their way into that word? Inspirational!

----- Anthony Ford 08.12.11 03:44

After driving around with a cracked windshield for the past two months I finally had it replaced today. I must say, having a clear view on the road ahead of you can be pretty inspiring!

----- Lev 08.12.11 03:42

today i was working on some organic chemistry problems and was inspired by the shapes they formed. i love how the hexagons (six membered carbon rings) form tidy little patterns. they might make a nice fabric print…

----- Codi 08.12.11 03:40

Not being able to see the carpet floor in my bedroom this morning inspired me to clean my room!

----- Sam Foster 08.12.11 03:35

I’m writing a big paper in High School about The Democratic Republik of Congo. More I read about it, the more I find out how bad they have it. It makes me want to make a difference - and help them.

----- Gökhan 08.12.11 03:31

For some, weekends and holidays are spent working instead of pure reveling.

In my case, djing for the whole of the upcoming festive season and while the likes of Matthew Dear’s new EP “Headcage” come in handy for sets, a new pair of AIAIAI TMA-1 would just be the best gift.

Made my day seeing notcot and ghostly spreading some love. doesn’t matter who wins as long as its someone who appreciates it!

----- johnny 08.12.11 03:27

today i was inspired by a great track by Amirali, out on Crosstown Rebels earlier this year. I didn’t know it, so I was glad to find it. It’s called “My Way”… great tune.

----- Fabian 08.12.11 03:23

An acquaintance of mine just got asked to work for a international designer in London. It has inspired me to think I can achieve that one day too.

----- Kieran 08.12.11 03:22

Today I watched like 10 videos on TED. I guess I got enough inspiration to keep me going through 2012

----- Milad 08.12.11 03:21

Walking across “Campus” (not much of a Campus really here) on a sunny winters day, listening to great music and meeting beautiful friendly people.

----- vncnt 08.12.11 03:21

Listening to Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street inspired me today! The album artwork is also very inspirational, as I like coloured American 70’s and 80’s comics a lot.

----- BARD 08.12.11 03:19

Today, the pictures of all sorts of different styles on this site inspired me for my study assignment!

----- Christian 08.12.11 03:19

Today I was inspired when I read about the principles and works of Dieter Rams…his works reflect my ideal philosophy of life: simple, honest and creative

----- Aadarsh Parahoo 08.12.11 03:18

I was inspired by the sun to be bright and cheery today!

----- Tyler Benner 08.12.11 03:18

Deadlines always inspire me.

----- Donald 08.12.11 03:18

when frequencies of bass drums and pitch of bass tones perfectly in resonant of each other,imagine listening to it in the club, that already makes me some goose bumps.

----- akira 08.12.11 03:17

looking at old pictures from holidays.. and recognize how time flies..let me thought about doing the best on every day..and also i wonderes how places i´ve been for holidays years ago will have changed..time to plan a trip to those places again!

----- Jessica 08.12.11 03:16


----- Jonas 08.12.11 03:15

I heard the Zelda Medley by Lindes Stirling (Stomp) yesterday - after that my inspiration was so hug he that i made a track for the upcoming party weekend. Music and atmosphere are the only inspirations in my life!

----- Gowryrahm Mohan 08.12.11 03:15

Music inspires me from the time i’ll woke up till i go to sleep and beyond.

----- Dimitris 08.12.11 03:14

This inspired me today, I hope it inspires other’s too http://soundcloud.com/r_co/3-chairs-gilles-peterson-show-december-2007

----- Daniel Bartha 08.12.11 03:14

This Danish electro duo Rosemary inspired me to push it to the limit while working out today: http://www.musikmigblidt.dk/rosemary.html

----- Søren Korsgaard 08.12.11 03:14

My inspiration today as is everyday is my amazing beautiful wife and my wonderful son. The love and joy they share is truly inspirational.

----- Shane 08.12.11 03:13

Just listen to the sounds of life… they are mix and mastered by something greater… a purpose that pens something more poetic and with melodies that spark light in the heavens. Let all things walk to the beat of life.

----- Moe Hafeez 08.12.11 03:13

My ispirations list is endless!! Sunsets, rain, footprints in the sand, my kids laughing, surprise proposals on youtube, and music, lotsa music! It inspires me to run faster, workout longer, train harder, and best of all, it makes me smile! :D

----- Anita 08.12.11 03:13

This morning when I woke up and looked out from the window I saw that it had been snowing during the night. White snow forming patterns on still green grass…I found it very inspirational.

----- Ulla 08.12.11 03:10

A hot coffee under a cold sun.

----- Razvan Scurtu 08.12.11 03:10

I woke up today and got in my car to drive to a job interview and the first song to play off my player was Once in a Lifetime - Talkingheads. It made me think that every day will be a new experience but at the end of the day it will be same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

----- Aaron 08.12.11 03:09

Right this second? I’m inspired by the thought of (potentially) winning these headphones!! Nothing compeled my more to comment than this, and of course my love for your site!
I manage to squeeze in so many minutes in a day to get my daily dose of NotCot! Thanks for being my vice :)

----- MJ 08.12.11 02:57

My friend went straight from an exam to the library for more studying. That inspired me to work harder!

----- Iris 08.12.11 02:50

the sounds of my coffee machine, sliced them up and made a beat

----- gingus 08.12.11 02:46

Having great friends to hang out together,family that cared each other and listening good music with my buddy Sennheiser HD201. Though it’s kinda old now ;( but it still works good.

----- Hafiq Zulkepli 08.12.11 02:37

Notcot.com inspires me everyday!

----- Frederik Hvorslev 08.12.11 02:30

I’ve been pretty impressed and inspired by a collection of beautiful images by graphic designer Nacho Ormaechea.

----- FRED 08.12.11 02:12

ESKMO on my headphones this morning

----- Markus 08.12.11 01:50

my internet got disconnected last night, got a flat tire this morning, late at work and gosh a lot of things goin on today, but still, I was inspired to do things productive for this week because someone smiled at me.

----- runelp 08.12.11 00:46

Today was my 21st birthday. I go to college. Today, I had a 9 hour final. Finals and the irrational construction of our social education system are not the way to real learning. Only the true pursuit of knowledge motivates me. Read because it is truly interesting and not because someone tells you to.

----- Anonymous 08.12.11 00:46

I found inspiration today, which was the second time I’ve been to our local farmer’s market.

----- Lisa 08.12.11 00:42

Grabbing a cup of coffee inspired me.

----- Jerry Lin 08.12.11 00:11

My partner (in crime, in life) inspires me every day.

----- Michael P 08.12.11 00:09

Today I began planning a project; writing a list inspired me to think of it from a different perspective.

----- Betsy Bull 07.12.11 23:49

Today I met with an old friend to discuss new projects and was both excited and inspired.

----- Clayton 07.12.11 23:47

various things on notcot & pinterest.

----- heather 07.12.11 23:31

Today the weather really inspired me to paint today. It was an unusually cold and rainy day with a thick fog. Definitely gave some beautiful scenes in the city.

----- chris williams 07.12.11 23:31

Music on the morning transit, with sun blaring through the windows. If that isn’t inspiring and an awesome sight of nature, I don’t know what is… well that’s a lie. There are so many amazing inspiring things in nature, but today that was my inspiration.

----- Justin Ma 07.12.11 23:29

Music! Always an inspiration.

----- Ben M 07.12.11 22:47

An asian woman running around raining downtown berlin in a lion costume.

----- Sven Koerbitz 07.12.11 22:45

enjoying morning sun. life can be so simple

----- kresimir 07.12.11 22:25

my niece.

----- Joe S 07.12.11 22:13

inspired by the robo-warrior rainbow spray painter.

----- mig 07.12.11 22:02

My Birthday was today and my fiance gave me a snap fish calendar of photos with the past few years inserted into dates significant to our relationship. It is the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. I’m inspired by her thoughtfulness.

----- Justin H 07.12.11 22:02

My Birthday was today and my fiance gave me a snap fish calendar of photos with the past few years inserted into dates significant to our relationship. It is the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. I’m inspired by her thoughtfulness.

----- Justin H 07.12.11 22:01

I just gave a demo of my final project for my final class at my final year at college. I have never felt so close to the real world before. Feeling super inspired to take on the world.

----- Mathew 07.12.11 21:55

I was inspired by the nurses and doctors in the ER today. They constantly had nothing but smiles on their faces and politeness in their voice.. made me smile all day

----- SARAH 07.12.11 21:47

I just got in a shipment of old brass hardware and I loved the campaign furniture aesthetic it evoked so much that I spent the rest of the day coming up with new ways to play with the antique aesthetic.

----- Kaeo 07.12.11 21:45

I just got a shipment of old brass hardware for a project I’m currently working on and I loved the old campaign furniture aesthetic it brought to mind. I spent the day coming up with new ideas to play around with the historical aesthetic of the hardware.

----- Kaeo 07.12.11 21:44

Cutting into my first spleen. It was truly incredible.

----- christi 07.12.11 21:40

Waking up to realise my Long Island Tea from last night, totally eased my period cramps this morning! :)

----- Jessica Ng 07.12.11 21:32

my dogs slept in a different are of the yard they’ve never slept in before. I then decided to skip work for the day :)

----- darren 07.12.11 21:23

The following quote inspired me:

“the betterment of the world can be accomplished, through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct.”

The following quote is by Baha’u’llah.

----- Sina Vodjdani 07.12.11 21:08

A cupcake.

----- Carrie 07.12.11 21:07

Today I was inspired by the patterns in the frost on my window.

----- Nicole 07.12.11 21:04

best coast fo’ life.

----- christopher 07.12.11 20:58

In all honestly, this inspired me to get inspired. You have no idea how long I have wanted these headphones. Quickly, I think of when I get up every morning and listen to my music, look at the sky on the drive to work, how sublimely everything meshes together when the right song plays and the right colors of the day make you want to be a better person.

----- Victor 07.12.11 20:51

Singing “Deadbolt” in the shower.

----- Marc D 07.12.11 20:43

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of these comments and realizing that people actually notice and are inspired by the amazing little things in life. Sometimes I get sad thinking that only characters in movies notice those things.

Besides that, my cat’s assiduous practice of sitting nuzzled up to my ear with her ticklish whiskers and wet nose rubbing my face as she purrs loudly at 7am is truly inspirational. I know very few people dedicated to doing anything as much as she is bent on waking me up like a ticklish, vibrating clock with claws each and every morning.

----- Cecile 07.12.11 20:40

I was inspired by one of my students desire to take a year off from college and help impoverished children. I wish I had done that at their age.

----- neonsocks 07.12.11 20:40

We had a storyteller come to school today, and she inspired quite a few of us. She’s a professional storyteller, and she told stories related to the holidays, and different traditions by different religions/groups around the world.

----- Gaetan 07.12.11 20:20

So I work for Apple. And I just today discovered that they’re opening a store in Grand Central this week. Inspired to see it? I think so. Inspired to never ever ever transfer to a New York store? I think so.

Also, I had a customer (a pair of them) who told me I was funny. My mother always tells me I’m not, so it’s great to hear it. Especially from people I’m just meeting.

----- Allison 07.12.11 20:07

My co-worker who came to work the day after breaking both of his wrists! If I win, these will be going to him.

----- Devin 07.12.11 19:53

tastespotting inspired my cornbread tonight

----- kelly 07.12.11 19:52

tastespotting inspired my cornbread tonight

----- kelly 07.12.11 19:52

I saw this on my G+ feed and was immediately inspired by the OP’s quick sense of creativity and morality.
By just standing on the street corner with her sign, the lady in the post probably would only be able to reach a small number of people. But thanks to the OP who took a picture of her & her sign and put it online, she’ll now have a much better chance of gaining at least temporary work. I am also inspired by the lady in the post because she wasn’t just asking for a handout; she wanted to put her skills to use and honestly earn a living. Much respect for both the OP and the lady.

----- Stephanie 07.12.11 19:49

My sisters! They know how to cheer me up when things have me down!

----- Kylene 07.12.11 19:47

My baby brother.

----- Yoshio 07.12.11 19:45

Today I was inspired by a professor to reconsider a film I watched and criticized ages ago. I liked it the second time. It may even have inspired me also, but let’s not get too carried away.

----- Michael 07.12.11 19:43

Nice holiday season give away!

As a designer I can find inspiration in anything and everything around me (including the internet which seems endless to me), I also find inspiration from what has been done in the past too. I have stacks of old mags that I often go to and books too on art and culture from societies around the world!

Most of all though, my parents are my greatest inspiration.

Happy Holidays everyone everywhere!!

----- Neil 07.12.11 19:39

My boyfriend always inspires me. Today it was his ambition and passion to try to land the job of his dreams.

----- Jen D 07.12.11 19:36

Just finished a full marathon. I was only at the halfway mark when I see the Kenyan runners on the opposite road, on the way back to the finish line. Their determination, stamina and strength is so inspiring for me.

----- Jaymz Yong 07.12.11 19:36

I was inspired by hard work. By believing in myself and in training very hard every week, I reached my goal. I participated in my first swim competition and I exceeded my goal :)

----- Mo 07.12.11 19:29

sometimes my 3-year-old infuriates me, but overall, her view of the world makes me a lot less cynical.

----- rich 07.12.11 19:28

thinking about the holidays inspire me to clean up my floors!

----- sindy murray 07.12.11 19:28

Today I was inspired by the Victorinox video you guys posted, featuring Rob Ryan making some beautiful papercut art.

----- Josh 07.12.11 19:21

My girlfriend won something. Inspiring! Maybe I’ll win, too!

----- Greg Weaver 07.12.11 19:20

after a meeting with colleagues from a different team, a team whose manager cant make decisions, and has accomplished almost nothing in the last six months, I was inspired to work really hard so as not to be confused with anyone on that team.

----- josh 07.12.11 19:20

This morning I saw a street kid run across a six-lane highway full of speeding cars. I guess with enough courage, a little skill, and a heckload of luck, anyone can do anything. And THAT I find inspiring.

----- OJ Desuasido 07.12.11 19:10

todays inspiration is brought to you by this creepy old hobo, that to tally was drinking a Big Bear (Canadian Malt liquor). So I got up and went to work. Nothing inspires you to work hard like seeing the bottom.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

----- Matthias Smale 07.12.11 19:04

Most inspiring are the people in my life. My girlfriend, storyteller and comedian Hillary Rea. My bosses, Paul Jungwirth and Keya Dannenbaum, CTO and CEO of ElectNext dot com.

----- Jake Wells 07.12.11 18:58

When I got up this morning and opened the window, the cold wind came inside the bedroom. It was to be a foggy day and I didn’t want to go to work. But looking through the window trying to see somehow through the fog, a song rang weakly in my head. It started to sound louder till I could realize which song was: “Mike Flowers Pops - Debase (Soft Palate)”. The song energized me completely and I managed to be very active the rest of the day. It remained around my head all the day and still can listen to it. So this wonderful and powerful song has been my inspiration today.

----- David 07.12.11 18:56

Today I was inspired by bestmadeco.

----- Brandon 07.12.11 18:55

I was inspired by Carl Sagan’s videos about his point of views. He changed the way I think of this world.

Thanks to my friend Hafiz who shared them to me

----- Joel Wong 07.12.11 18:51

Today I was inspired by the way my heart was beating right as I first woke up. My eyes opened slightly and I saw two figures standing at the sides of my bed. I immediately jumped up, wide awake, only to realize it was my coat hanging on it’s peg and my lamp on it’s stand. It just looked like a man and woman watching me sleep which scared me. My heart was beating so hard, it shook my entire body, each pump felt like I was being punched.

----- Hailey 07.12.11 18:45

Top Chef. It make me want to cook more often.

----- Andy 07.12.11 18:40

Listening to Yo-Yo Ma and James Taylor’s version of “Here Comes the Sun.” Drab winter be gone!

----- Erin 07.12.11 18:38

strange shape clouds i saw before get into the office - inspire me the shape of Artworks in my project.

----- Noon 07.12.11 18:35

Today I was inspired by forgiveness. A broken relationship healed by humility. Inspires me to be humble with all those around me.

----- Annie 07.12.11 18:30

Today I was inspired by a broken relationship with my brother being healed and on its way to full restoration. Forgiveness is inspiring. :)

----- Annie 07.12.11 18:28

Bright blue sky, warm sun on my back as I rode into work. still have a summer cold though.

----- Fletcher Woolard 07.12.11 17:56

I’m inspired by the brave sales people at the malls, dealing with angry holiday shoppers.

----- Martin 07.12.11 17:49

its one of the small things…. i woke up today and noticed a beam of sunlight coming through the window…. it cast this beautiful light on my amp and guitar…. enticing me to play it… so today after work im going home to give it justice!

----- Sean 07.12.11 17:42

Listened and studied some jazz in class today, and it inspired me to take up swing dancing or at least learn

----- Sarah 07.12.11 17:37

Listened and studied some jazz in class today, and it inspired me to take up swing dancing or at least learn

----- Sarah 07.12.11 17:37

My mom’s little dachshund, she’s just so happy and a goof when ever I get to see her, inspires me to not get grumpy, even when I’d really like to some days.

----- Dan 07.12.11 17:34

Watching a little 8 yr old girl collecting money on the street for those less fortunate

----- gino v 07.12.11 17:26

Aunt Becky from ‘Full House’

----- BRENDAN 07.12.11 17:11

What inspired me today is how terrible my second job is. I am quitting on Monday and moving on.

----- Justin D. 07.12.11 17:07

A slim mold time lapse camera on a belt driven actuator.

----- Eric 07.12.11 16:58

The Santa Ana winds inspired me to ride my motorcycle to work today.

----- Jon 07.12.11 16:58

One of my friends just had her baby. It’s great that they’re starting a family. It inspires me to love more and be grateful for my family!

----- Jay B. 07.12.11 16:55

A strip from Calvin and Hobbes.

----- Henry 07.12.11 16:52

The snow gently falling in front of a bright sun today inspired me to get out there and build a snowman!

----- Neal 07.12.11 16:50

I found some old pictures of Aurora Borealis that were exactly what I needed to see to push me in the right direction for a logo I’ve been working on… thanks nature!

----- Tim Rolls 07.12.11 16:32

The smile of my 5 mo. old baby girl!

----- carlos 07.12.11 16:19

Watching the “Eames” doc trailer today got me really inspired!

----- Thinh 07.12.11 16:11

a dream during my afternoon nap

----- Daniel 07.12.11 16:06

I was inspired by the smile I saw when I helped a stranger pick up some things she had dropped.

----- Ryan 07.12.11 15:56

I was in my codes class (for interior design) and i was looking at this squiggle that I had drawn randomly on a piece of trace… so it kind of inspired me. I took the squiggle, made the curves more nicer and defined, and flipped it, reflected it, arranged it, and tiled it… I started making a pattern and I ended up with a really cool wallpaper design!

funny how a squiggle can inspire you.

----- Francis 07.12.11 15:54

My friend completing her PhD!

----- Kay 07.12.11 15:52

The song “light it up” by blood red shoes inspired me today.

Burning bridges is not something I like to do, but today I’m burning the bridge that leads to the door of a certain X…… Now that’s done, time to build a new bridge! Happy days :)

----- Simon 07.12.11 15:50

Moran Cerf’s great story about how he was inspired to say yes to more things and go to university.

----- Chris 07.12.11 15:44

Last night i was woken up by a phonecall just an hour after i had fallen asleep. Now that was 23:00. Usually I sleep like a baby!, but this time I had serious trouble falling asleep again. I actually spent a hours tossing and turning to a point i was really frustrated. Then i decided to get up, get dressed, do something nice. And after awhile i was really surprised that i was actually enjoying it, after I stopped fighting with the situation and just went with the flow. There was this magical atmosphere, it was as if ideas were floating in the air. I listened to music, read books, cut awe-inspiring pictures from magazines and sticked them to my walls + had some really good idea-flashes, before i finally got some sleep after 7 hours! And I am still amazed how inspiring it was :)

----- Liisa 07.12.11 15:39

A 2 year old came to me in class with a little toy pig. I asked her “what do you want me to do with this.” She told me to eat it, and that it was a carrot. she inspired me to thing outside the box and use my imagination.

----- carol 07.12.11 15:37

My grandmother diagnosed with brain cancer. The fight that she has is unbelievable, I am inspired by her.

----- Nick Ulrich 07.12.11 15:32

I was inspired by playing Cee Lo Green’s “F*ck You” with my band, not having played it for months, but absolutely nailing it in first attempt. Our band is not that bad afterall. :-)

----- David 07.12.11 15:31

I was inspired today to find joy in the unusual. My best friend’s toddler was completely entranced with trying to shove a juice box straw into a chihuahua’s nose hole. When I asked what she was doing….she replied…”I want to breathe for her”. What an altruistic sentiment….albeit poor delivery!

----- Kim 07.12.11 15:30

The piercing pain in my lower back inspired me to take more Vicodin today.

----- Patrick 07.12.11 15:25

I take back my last comment. What truly inspired me today; was the man in just a towel waiting for a tram. A nice crisp white towel. Nothing else.

----- Andrew Chau 07.12.11 15:25

The Rain, on my way with my Bike to the University.

----- Chris 07.12.11 15:21

I was really inspired by my mom today. She called me and blew me a kiss over the phone. I’m 40.

----- Riley 07.12.11 15:11

I was inspired today by the simple silver band on my finger, and the tears in my boyfriend’s—er fiance’s eyes when he asked me to marry him. (i said yes)

----- Jessie 07.12.11 15:10

Not usually a fan of the guy, but today I was inspired by this post from John Mayer http://jhnmyr.tumblr.com/post/13865661961/if-you-want-to-be-truly-intimidating-if-you-want

----- AndyJScott 07.12.11 15:07

the remarkable bang of two belgian F16 jet fighters breaking the sound barrier. not knowing what it came from at that time we allgot creative.

----- zwotens 07.12.11 15:04

Watching “A Christmas Carol” showed me the similarities we have with 19th century Britain. It inspired me to donate my winter coats. Even a little counts because you we fail to realize how much a little can go.

----- Ryan 07.12.11 15:03

Remember those floppy discs that you could buy from markets for $2. They contained shareware games. One of those games was Commander Keen. Commander Keen inspired me today. I bought numerous copies via Steam and gifted them to friends. Do you want a copy?

----- Andrew Chau 07.12.11 14:56

Genuinely, being jobless is what inspires me everyday. I just get to live life without any stress and just go on with the flow.

----- Richard Cabigao 07.12.11 14:54

I stumbled upon my battered, old copy of Jitterbug Perfume while looking for something in the basement this morning, and remembered all over again what an inspiring book it is. “A tale that begins with a beet will end with the devil. That is a risk we have to take.”

----- Josephine 07.12.11 14:53

genuinely, being jobless is what inspires me everyday. i just get to live life without any stress and just go on with the flow.

----- Richard Cabigao 07.12.11 14:52

A new book.

----- MARGUS 07.12.11 14:52

i am inspired by the sunset and the view of my pregnant wife next to me. I figure i can put those on the belly and let the little one get her tunes on early.

----- ushka shakhnis 07.12.11 14:50

Today, I was inspired by the the moon that was present throughout the day in London.

----- William 07.12.11 14:45

Twitter post from @Diplo:
“even if you suck at music you gotta own it.. cause u cant sell it if you dont own it… and im not talking about ownership”

----- Matthew 07.12.11 14:44

I was inspired today after watching a class of students see four new words for the first time and by the end of the period they were able to use all four correctly! Peruse, Adroit, Insouciant and Cataclysm!

----- Q. Miller 07.12.11 14:44

My friend Tom inspired me today. There’s a good chance he’ll succumb to the cancer he’s battled for 15 years, yet in his frail state, he continues to be upbeat.

----- BruceS63 07.12.11 14:43

My bus driver’s friendly banter!

----- Hilary 07.12.11 14:43

Today I’ve been inspired by Earl C. Tupper’s original Tupperware product line. Amazingly innovative!

----- BEN C. 07.12.11 14:37

My client loved the project!

----- Sarah 07.12.11 14:35

Inspired by my workout today!

----- Dennis 07.12.11 14:33

Finding my dog Winston underneath the covers on the floor

----- JAVI 07.12.11 14:29

Today i was inspired by a backhanded complement that i had received from a famous architect. I now think he is a pretentious elitist jerk who doesn’t deserve the time of day, all the while he inspired me to be better than that. The most daunting review of my life helped me transcend into a further phase of my development. while it was personal to my experience I found it incredibly inspiring.

----- Ben 07.12.11 14:28

The brainstorming session I had with my sister today about a short film.

----- Lucius 07.12.11 14:27

I had a rough morning at work. It’s really windy outside today and I glanced out the window to see a little bird struggling, but managing to fly against the gusts. That inspired me to power on through the rest of the day.

----- Justin 07.12.11 14:24

Jesus Christ,
give away some free stuff and everyone becomes inspired all of a sudden.

----- DustBuff 07.12.11 14:22

Snow. When the last three days of rain finally transitioned to giant snowballs falling from the sky it transformed the grey of the day to one of smiles.

----- Michael 07.12.11 14:19

My inspiration today: this zine page by Amber Forrester, “ONLY BORING PEOPLE GET BORED, or, the Fight Boredom Manifesto” (sorry, could not find the original posting)


----- Merrick Monroe 07.12.11 14:16

This blew my mind today:


it reminded me how much I love and miss djing and making music. After a 3 year moratorium some new gear would definitely help keep the inspiration flowing.

----- Jericho Diaz 07.12.11 14:15

What inspired me? Learning. And when someone is offering up free learning, well, then that’s even better. I’m going to start relearning higher math again.

----- Victor 07.12.11 14:09

My class of fifth grade students.

----- Andy 07.12.11 14:04

I was inspired by my girlfriend’s little brother who said his first word today. It was really cool watching someone’s first word.

----- Teresa 07.12.11 14:03

Today, I was inspired by the the moon that was present throughout the day in London.

----- William 07.12.11 13:59

The new Black Keys album!

----- Savio 07.12.11 13:59

Hillary Clinton’s speech, ‘Gay rights are human rights’

----- Ross Harrison 07.12.11 13:56

Today I was inspired by my desk mate Kirstin who brilliantly stood up for herself with a client!

----- Natalie Kay 07.12.11 13:51

I have been inspired by the flipbook app for iOS, I downloaded it for the first time today, and I wish I’d built it. It lead me to this very article.

----- Glen 07.12.11 13:49

Fractals and Chaos in nature are my inspiration lately. :)
The Koch curve and the Mandelbrot set are the best.

----- Casey L 07.12.11 13:40

My cat: she just doesn’t let things get her down…

----- TQ 07.12.11 13:40

I sat in a train for 2,5 hours today without any form of connectivity. That offline time has seriously inspired me today.

----- Dries 07.12.11 13:40

The rain outside.

----- Zaira V 07.12.11 13:37

Haven’t been inspired by anything in particular today. However, there is a night to look forward to!

----- Meghan 07.12.11 13:30

I went out to my car this morning to warm it up cause it has been cold. The entire car was covered in a film of the most beautiful frost crystals. I looked at them for a good five minutes studying the various shapes and how they combine.

Then of course I had to scrape them off and be on my way, but it really got my head going this morning.

----- Dylan B 07.12.11 13:26

Every morning I am inspired by the view form my apartment over Japantown and the Mission in San Francisco. Today was especially inspiring as I woke up just before sunrise and got to see the sky and clouds change color several times.

----- Spencer 07.12.11 13:18

I’m inspired by the fact that finals week is almost over! Wohooo!

----- Alison 07.12.11 13:14


----- Jared 07.12.11 13:11

My Wife!!!!

----- Levi Montez 07.12.11 13:07

My new building manager. He’s like a young Croatian Tom Hanks. Has quite the spring in his step and pleasant as ever.

----- Lish 07.12.11 13:07

I was inspired by a boy in my capoeira class who used every break to drag together some mats and practice backflips and somersaults, while the rest of us were huffing and puffing and guzzling water. He does that every class and has achieved in a year what others can’t do in three.

----- Olga 07.12.11 13:06

As I hustled and bustled to get ready for a long day in the kitchen at culinary school, my thoughts wandered to the millions of people preparing for their days as well. I know it sounds childish, but it really is hard to get yourself up and out of bed every day.

We go to school, we work to feed ourselves and pay the bills, and I was inspired by the thought that so many people are working so hard to make the world a better place every single day. :’)

----- Lorien 07.12.11 13:05

I am inspired to write and win this giveaway. Pretty please!

----- Jin 07.12.11 13:05

I participated in a National Video Conference where I watched a gentleman get up with his head held high and state what was on his mind. While I honestly believe, as did everyone else in my office, he committed a career ending manuver I at least admire his conviction to state his mind. As such I’ve been inspired to continue to stand up for what I think is right as well.

----- Mike 07.12.11 13:03

Herman Cane using a Pokémon quote to suspend president candidacy.

----- Collin Banko 07.12.11 13:02

What inspired me today? I saw a really cool data visualization application which inspired me to put away Outlook for a while and get back to basics. Almost done with the coding…

----- Andreas 07.12.11 13:01

My 16 Month old niece always inspires me. She’s got so much, for lack of a better word, WILL! She needs to know everything, she needs all her senses occupied at once. When they are she’s THRILLED. She makes we want to LIVE, not just exist!

----- Laszlo 07.12.11 13:01

Sponbebob squarepants inspired me today

----- Kamil 07.12.11 12:58

Woke up this morning to an email from a local (Chicago) musician who I hadn’t heard of before. Nothing quite like discovering awesome new music to start the day!

----- Joshua 07.12.11 12:57

Waking up, is inspiration for everyday. Awareness spawns inspiration and action. Open your eyes and look around. The endless roads will lead you in different directions but will all have a purpose.

----- Nate 07.12.11 12:55

Music, always music. And warmth from the sun

----- TJ 07.12.11 12:50

My son.

----- Nick 07.12.11 12:43

Something that inspired me today was my adorable little puppy. He’s so carefree and fun and it reminds me every day to be thankful and just remember the important things in life.

----- april b. 07.12.11 12:43

My students inspired me today - I am always amazed by their capacity to ask creative questions and understanding information.

----- Cianán 07.12.11 12:36

The Roots’ new album UnDun inspired me today.

----- Brenner 07.12.11 12:31

I’ve been making music for a while but only my close friends would listen and comment. However, today someone actually liked one of my songs uploaded onto youtube and suscribed to me after. I thought she might have been a bot at first but I found her blog and she’s definitely real. Even though it’s just one person, it inspires me to make more music/videos.

----- Eric 07.12.11 12:26

Battles’ limited edition Ice Cream 12” which I got yesterday. me materialistic? nah…

----- Denise 07.12.11 12:25

I work at a community center and an older mother of three asked me to help her find a way to go back to school so she can obtain a college degree. What inspired me is that she wants to do it so her youngest son can get over his fear of school and know that you can follow your educational goals at any age!

----- Natalie 07.12.11 12:23

The sunrise :)

----- Jaclyn Rodriguez 07.12.11 12:21

My creative team inspires me.

----- Naoya 07.12.11 12:07

Today, one of my students (I teach French at university) told me he started trying to read his first French books last night. It took him an hour to read five pages, but he’s sticking with it. It’s easy to forget why I do this, but things like that remind me. (It helps that it’s my favorite French novel!)

----- JCG 07.12.11 12:07

Watching a guy run through the streets (in the rain) with a huge smile on his face… not a care in the world.

----- EricP 07.12.11 12:06

Running in to the office through the rainy weather of Washington DC, the lights peaking out of the fog in the distance was just amazing. Rain seems to make even muted colors explode.

----- Garrett 07.12.11 12:03

A picture of my friends son, after 16 days in the hospital, from a motorcycle accident, finally eating! Amazing!

----- Debi 07.12.11 12:01

the announcement from NASA that the 10,000th scientific paper based on Hubble Space Telescope data has been published. So amazing!

----- tasa 07.12.11 11:55

Sleep inspired me… but thankfully I overcame it… with even more awesome coffee

----- Patrick 07.12.11 11:53

most inspiring today were the first little snowflakes. so beautiful.

----- Hon-Tan 07.12.11 11:52

Today I was inspired by my little sister, who asked for a cinnamon broom and “real washable chopsticks” for christmas. The world is in her hands.

----- Cas 07.12.11 11:50

A screen printed calendar from friends, telling me it’s December.

----- Mary 07.12.11 11:44

Inspiration for today courtesy of my 2 1/2 year old grandson’s eyes.

----- Shelley 07.12.11 11:43

These headphones inspired me. They are gorgeous. Give it to me.

----- Dig 07.12.11 11:43


----- Andrew M 07.12.11 11:42

I’ve been inspired by my wife today. It’s only 2:30pm and she’s had 3 volunteer/freelance work meetings already and found the time to go grab us groceries as well. One more meeting on the schedule as well!

She’s even found the time to look over some articles and documents for our own business as well. I’m simply and constantly amazed by her drive. I try to take every moment I can to use her diligence as fuel for my own internal fire!

----- Burton Posey 07.12.11 11:39

I was inspired by an video I just watched that encourages people to “keep drawing”. Made me want to bust out the sketchpad and start drawing again.

----- Geoff 07.12.11 11:38

My morning nordic ski through the mountains.

----- Blake 07.12.11 11:36

I was inspired by watching my mom figure out her new smart phone on her own.

----- Christina 07.12.11 11:36

seeing my students succeed in the classroom inspires me every day.

----- Seth 07.12.11 11:34

today i was inspired by gold panda (this happens every other day as well), and seeing a huge pile of coins on my table. i actually came up with what i think is a good idea. thought it was a perfect fit, as this giveaway is from ghostly. i probably did not get the other headphones being given away before, so ill keep my fingers crossed for these ones, plus, the essentials collection would be the sweetest gift for my ears and mind (dog knows they deserve something).

----- Gerry 07.12.11 11:33

inspired by words of my roommate:

----- Monika 07.12.11 11:28

I was inspired by the 10 minute walk I took today. Saw so much.

----- John E 07.12.11 11:27

An elderly man gave up his seat on the train for another elderly passenger. It was a brief, silent exchange but it resonated with so much wisdom.

----- Lee Yew Wan 07.12.11 11:24

The fact that I will be graduating in ~ week. Really going to miss college.

----- Samuel 07.12.11 11:22

NOTCOT #44862 Mark Bendow´s sideboard “Friends”

----- Chris 07.12.11 11:22

there’s a cave near my house with some cool bats that i love to watch

----- Thu 07.12.11 11:21

Talking to a friend today happened to inspire me to get my work done so I can look forward to better things.

----- Jeff 07.12.11 11:20

Today I was inspired by my mom that is dealing with a lot of loss of close friends and family lately. She is staying so strong and positive about life so I feel I should do the same.

----- Chana 07.12.11 11:17

Seeing this video for “Deep in the Woods” by Tennis: http://youtu.be/1NEmE6fkMVA

I love this band and I’m so excited for their next album to drop soon!

----- Greg 07.12.11 11:15

Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.

----- Ian 07.12.11 11:15

Walking through NYC with wind gusting and music blasting pretending I was traveling through a movie. It felt great to take a step back and look at life from the outside, truly inspiring.

----- Nick M 07.12.11 11:14

I was inspired by some of my favorite food blogs today (including tasteologie!)

----- Diana 07.12.11 11:14

I have endless inspiration from my morning coffee.

----- Ashley 07.12.11 11:14

I was inspired by all the downed trees still scattered throughout the Southland—-like Mother Nature did some gardening with a pair of giant loping shears.

----- Chen 07.12.11 11:12

Today I was inspired by my cat. Only do things you want to do.

----- Craig Janzen 07.12.11 11:12

I was inspired hearing my friend’s stories about the work she’s doing making a difference in lives of teenage orphans. Amazing!

----- kathryn 07.12.11 11:10

When I just stepped outside to grab lunch I saw a toddler splashing in a giant puddle that had collected next to the sidewalk. He was wearing his little rainboots and raincoat, and was having the best time just kicking around the water on all the passerbyers. His mother didn’t look to happy, as he was completely drenched, but was cool enough for letting him go nuts and have a good time. I couldn’t help but smile. It was a nice juxtaposition against the sordid expressions and gray, melancholy streets of NYC. That inspired me, on this rainy day, to loosen up and live in the moment.

----- Bryce 07.12.11 11:07

the website www.societyofdogooders.org inspires me to be a better person on a daily basis.

----- osterhausb 07.12.11 11:04

i inspired my-own-damn-self by sneaking into the conference room and reconfiguring the win7 display pc; so it wasn’t so horrendous over the following two hours

----- frank 07.12.11 11:02

“Time finishes in the future.” This was said by a 5-year old featured on a documentary I viewed today for a client (an international school). I work in advertising, an industry that, sadly, always runs out of time. Here is a child reminding me (us) that as adults, we’ve surely lost our grasp of time.

----- Ellen Bautista 07.12.11 10:59

That first gasp of freezing, winter air when i left the house this morning for work. …inspired me to walk brisker!

----- Tain 07.12.11 10:58

today i got inspired to study more by my husband.. because he is so smart and knows everyting..

----- Dagne 07.12.11 10:55

it stormy and the sea if wild… natures unbelievable power!

----- jeroen 07.12.11 10:48

The temperature. It was so cold on my walk to work I planned new cozy scarves to knit and mittens with a pocket on the inside for my hand warmers.

----- Vivian 07.12.11 10:46

I had an awesome lunch with some old friends from an old work :D

----- Francisco 07.12.11 10:43


----- Jon 07.12.11 10:36

She is 89 years old, head to toe Chanel, has twelve events to attend in a day, has gifts, donations, and an exact schedule for each. This woman inspires me every day to attempt even half of that level of organization.

----- Anthony 07.12.11 10:36

the friendliness and kindness of strangers (particularly the cabbie who brought me to work today) especially this holiday season.

----- melanie 07.12.11 10:36

Brewing my coffee and getting ready for some adobe action I was inspired by my daily dose of Adam Carolla “GOT to get it on, NO CHOICE but to get it on, MANDATE. Get. It. On!”

----- dave A 07.12.11 10:35

I just woke up, so probably the fluff the is flying around in my room.

----- Keno Leon 07.12.11 10:33

The thought of you crossing my mind inspired me

----- Khoa 07.12.11 10:32

today I am inspired by the melting snow and the sun finally coming out…even if only for a brief while.

----- allen morris 07.12.11 10:28

going home to miami for the first time in a year, everything changes, family doesn’t, its the one consistency in my life

----- egon 07.12.11 10:25

a fortune cookie told me to suck it.

----- Allen 07.12.11 10:24

Today I am inspired by the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, his essay on Self-Reliance exemplifies his ability to connect to the soul of humankind and point out the truths that innately exist in this world. These truths push me to live simply, design smart, and seek to improve my life and those around me by living with integrity and character. I often get inspired to do things that complicate my life, Emerson however inspires grandiose goals through simple principles getting back to what really makes life so meaningful and impacting.

----- Andrew 07.12.11 10:18

notcot.org inspires me everyday!

----- Edgar 07.12.11 10:17

argyle socks!

----- janete 07.12.11 10:15

i saw this picture of a chimp bottle feeding a tiger in a thai zoo. so awesome.

----- sean 07.12.11 10:15

I was inspired by the Christmas decorations I saw on my morning walk!

----- Abigail 07.12.11 10:15

I just finished reading City by Clifford Simak and I found it inspiring

----- Domi 07.12.11 10:14

I was inspired by this post on Regretsy about the resolution of their issues with paypal.

----- Megan 07.12.11 10:14

This morning I was inspired to sleep when I finished writing my paper. Stayed up all night writing that thing

----- jane 07.12.11 10:14

I am inspired to get the rest of the dental work done that I need to do, after getting a root canal yesterday, and not feeling bad today!

----- Charles Worthington 07.12.11 10:11

I am constantly being inspired by how many knowledgable and awesome people out there spend so much time just sharing what they know via the internet.

----- Valerie 07.12.11 10:07

Hero shots of products! looking at every little nook and crany of the design and detail can’t get enough of it!

----- Graham Potts 07.12.11 10:04

Today NOTCOT inspired me to actually create something online, too many times i’m just a passive user, but this time i almost use the full capacity of my computer by typing a comment online , i guess this is a good start , maybe tomorrow i’ll start twitting .

----- ben 07.12.11 10:02

A bird inspired me to be less angry at bacon :S

----- Walter Orellana 07.12.11 09:59


----- Daimian 07.12.11 09:59

“I do what you won’t today so I can do what you can’t tomorrow.”

----- Jasper 07.12.11 09:59

Got inspired by posts from notcot.org!

----- Dan 07.12.11 09:58

I woke up to a very promising email from my future boss

----- Alex 07.12.11 09:57

The view from the jury room in the King County courthouse. Amazing.

----- joe 07.12.11 09:53

I inspired myself today.

----- Daniel 07.12.11 09:53

I drove by an unusual mail box today. It had one normal box and another about 10 feet above it labeled “Air Mail”. Guess it reminded me that life can get way too serious if you don’t find time to joke around a little (or a lot).

----- Bill Jones 07.12.11 09:52

i was inspired by my fellow crossfitters at class this morning, and the 90’s rap we had going to motivate us…

----- brian 07.12.11 09:52

I am being inspired by this beautiful sunny day that is today in my city.

----- Pedro 07.12.11 09:52

I was inspired by an awesome peptalk from a friend over breakfast this morning. Just what I needed!

----- Jeremy 07.12.11 09:51

A good friend who I see almost everyday sent me a hand made card via post. I forgot how nice it is to get letters in the mail so I’ve been inspired to send everyone I adore a block printed card this year.

----- Rachel 07.12.11 09:50

This quote from 1968 street wall: “The future will only contain what we put in to it now.”


----- Riley Spiller 07.12.11 09:48

The bight softness of a sunrise.

----- Chris E. 07.12.11 09:48

I was inspired by an essay in Good Magazine

----- lauren 07.12.11 09:47

The sunrise through the openings of the blinds in my room.

----- Dave 07.12.11 09:46

Steve Jobs Biography!

----- Yuri Martins 07.12.11 09:44

I finally got the nude model (from art class) away from the mob so I could see here face outside in the wintery snowstorm. What a pleasant, and forever memorable moment it was.

----- Mikael André 07.12.11 09:41

I was inspired by the weather. I live in Tennessee. It is warm here, however, it does, or at least is supposed to, get cold in the winter. It has been a constant 70 degrees fahrenheit here for the last two weeks. Today it dropped below 40 and I couldn’t have been happier and more ready to leap out of bed, grab my cup of tea and have a great day.

----- David Rieman 07.12.11 09:36

I was listening to a Richmond Fontaine gons this morning that really hit me. The song is about the woods, the lifestyle of poor down and outers and as I drove there was a misty fog. I am gonna paint that song this weekend.

----- jake dockter 07.12.11 09:31


----- Elena 07.12.11 09:30

I work in a creative environment so everyday i step into work i am inspired by the people surrounding me.

----- Joanna 07.12.11 09:30

I was inspired by the fact that I just finished my Christmas shopping more than a week before Christmas, very unusual for me.

----- Matt 07.12.11 09:30

Looking out the window of a coffee shop, a three-legged dog passed by, bounding happily with its owner. I figured, if that dog can make it work, I should be able to sort it out, too.

----- Marko 07.12.11 09:29

Today I’m inspired by the crisp 34 degree weather with no wind.

----- Alex 07.12.11 09:28

The night sky was a beautiful navy purple ombre.

----- Kathlyn 07.12.11 09:25

Jumping on to Tumblr and seeing some great artwork :)

----- David Nguyen 07.12.11 09:24

This morning I was having trouble getting my day started. Listened to survivor’s Eye of the Tiger and it inspired me to greet the day head on.

----- JONATHAN 07.12.11 09:23

Good Design is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit!

----- Marvelous 07.12.11 09:19

the sun hitting the purple houe next door and lighting up the green curtains inside one of the windows…great view to wake up to

----- Sebastian 07.12.11 09:19

It is raining today… always get much more done when it is raining…

----- Ryan Nemwan 07.12.11 09:18

Tough, tough time getting my act together and off to work today post-sickness earlier in the week. 45min. late and standing in line at the coffee shop Modern English’s “After the Snow” came on my ipod and two seconds later the little girl in front of me with her mom gave me the sweetest wink. Turned my morning around.

----- Noelle 07.12.11 09:17

My coworker’s new puppy puggle. So cute and new, it makes me want a fresh start with everything.

----- Jennifer 07.12.11 09:16

I’m inspired that I can finally see the surface of my desk again instead of stacks of unfinished work!

----- Ryan 07.12.11 09:16

Today I was inspired by a colleague who made it to work despite having to walk 2 miles because she was snowed in

----- Craig 07.12.11 09:13

I was inspired by the fact that I’m wearing shorts on December 7th. Oh, and also by those who gave their lives in Pearl Harbor 70 years ago.

----- Matt Peckham 07.12.11 09:12

it was beautiful early this morning and now its raining. and tonight it might snow.

----- dylan 07.12.11 09:10

The mountains

----- eric 07.12.11 09:10

The little green frog sitting on porch plant this morning.

----- Amber 07.12.11 09:09

Inspired by the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

----- Evan Huwa 07.12.11 09:09

a rapping 2 year old on youtube

----- nick robles 07.12.11 09:09

Today the song “Joy to the World” inspired me and I sang at the top of my lungs.

----- Erastos 07.12.11 09:05

I attended a portfolio seminar at school today, such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and in it’s place a new zest for life and exploring all the world has to offer, such fun!

----- Michael 07.12.11 09:05

You article on PowderJets wooden snowboards got me siked for the upcoming season. I live just outside Toronto in an area called Collingwood that has a few decent ski hills and we haven’t really been hit by snow yet. Its #1 on my wish list but those headphones would come in handy for a day at the slopes.

----- Dunham 07.12.11 09:03

Listening to John Maus’ album (‘We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves’) which came out this year, has inspired me.

----- Stacy B. 07.12.11 08:59

“The Little Drummer Boy” Christmas Song inspired me this morning to improve my talents.

----- Tyler 07.12.11 08:59

Today I photographed a family who have had a rough year, two of theyre children diagnosed with terrible illnesses. Yet they were never without big smiles on their faces, and openly overjoyed with their love for each other. We as humans can make it through anything if we’re willing to try. Always smile.

----- Jen Strachan 07.12.11 08:57

Today I was inspired by all the mothers on the subway braving the angry morning rush to care for their children.

I was just in Dijital in WIlliamsburg, BK yesterday DROOLING over these. I got some Skullcandy Aviators for Christmas last year any they have fallen apart already from day-to-day use. These look not only very durable but all parts look interchangeable.

----- Taylor 07.12.11 08:57

My scale inspired me today. It told me that I weighed a pound less than I did the same time the previous day. It’s been telling me this for 4 days now. Time to go cycling…

----- Kevin 07.12.11 08:57

A discovered box of 3.5-inch floppy disks. I promptly organized them by color to show off the floppy disk spectrum! http://i.imgur.com/o6chO.jpg

----- Brian Belida 07.12.11 08:55

Today I was inspired by my self. My own potential never stops amazing me.

----- Mel 07.12.11 08:52

A good, supportive conversation with my boss this morning inspired me to do a new experiment.

----- blue 07.12.11 08:49

My bus driver was wearing reindeer antlers had a smile on his face when i got on this morning at 5:45.

----- SARAH 07.12.11 08:45

I’m inspired by a friend from high school that I reconnected with via Facebook. She’s choosing to do what’s best for her and her kids even though the decisions aren’t easy ones to make.

----- katalia 07.12.11 08:44

I was inspired by the amazing storm that is raging outside. I love storms!

----- Grace 07.12.11 08:44

As usual, I come to notcot for all of my daily inspiration. first and last thing i check on the internet every day.

----- Mickiah Broomfield 07.12.11 08:41

a rerun of the A-team playing at a local cafe.

----- andrew 07.12.11 08:39

I was inspired by an aunt of mine, who died many years ago, but was an accomplished artist, writer, poet and model back in her day.

----- Robert W. 07.12.11 08:36


----- JUSTIN R 07.12.11 08:35

Tasteologie. Woke up alone, but with a message on my phone from my girlfriend saying that she´d be back for lunch…

----- Karl 07.12.11 08:35

Totally inspired by this video today - amazing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFt6MyiVx54&feature=youtu.be

----- D'Arcy 07.12.11 08:34

Today a DJ saved my life. Or was that last night? Ok then, today my kitties rocked me.

----- rey 07.12.11 08:34

The trailer for TIMEDUCKS: http://youtu.be/evAcp7SX-9A

----- Daniel Green 07.12.11 08:34

On my bike at 7am with the crisp morning air blowing I crested the hill on my way to work to a beautifully clear view of downtown. It reminded me of exactly why I gave up my car over 2 years ago. A perfect start to the day.

----- Brandon 07.12.11 08:33

There’s nothing I hate more than a rainy day in NYC. And today was just that. But I always find the colorful reflections in the disgusting puddles that form on the street corners to be so beautiful. Little glimmers of inspiration in the drab and dirty city.

----- Colleen 07.12.11 08:33

I was reading a blog and it had a link to the “Old Love” tumbler. There was something inspiring about the old photographs and couples who used to be in love.

----- Ayumi 07.12.11 08:31

I was inspired that today may be the last day we have to spend with our friends and family.

----- Rusty 07.12.11 08:31

Watching Frozen Planet and seeing the vast, icy and solitary landscape of Antarctica made me feel that we are truly blessed of having our loved ones close to us.

----- Mish 07.12.11 08:29

a montage of “actors acting” with beautiful lighting

----- Allison 07.12.11 08:27

Watching this video at 3AM: http://vimeo.com/33066471
It makes me want to be better!

----- Karin 07.12.11 08:26

Inspired by my Scout Troop doing a local street cleanup on a frosty evening!

----- Tim D 07.12.11 08:26

music inspires me all the time

----- tommy rose 07.12.11 08:26

I was inspired by the red-tailed hawk hunting vermin outside my office window.

----- sethernicus 07.12.11 08:26

inspired today by my 8 year old daughter who left for school today dressed as queen elizabeth I for part of a living wax museum at her school. such joy and freedom through experience and learning… very inspirational!

----- guy l'orange 07.12.11 08:24

Inspired by the Jonah Mowry story, the 13-year-old gay teen who made that amazing, heartfelt amateur video about his life, fears, plight and hope, that touched millions.

----- mm 07.12.11 08:24

Reading the last 4 chapters of the book of Revelations.

----- Ben Bubar 07.12.11 08:24

Watching a little girl laugh while learning to count to 20 with her mother on the train this morning.

----- John 07.12.11 08:22

Socal SUNSHINE!!! It inspired me to wake up for work today.. even though i don’t really like going to work…

----- Tran Nguyen 07.12.11 08:21

My boss.

----- Spencer 07.12.11 08:21

Negativity as it’s the best form of realism

----- John Norman 07.12.11 08:20

I was inspired by the frosty trees and snowy ground

----- J_Walrus 07.12.11 08:18

as always the day starts off being in sired by my daughter and music

----- Craig.M 07.12.11 08:17

The beauty of earth at night from 35,000 feet while flying home to New York.

----- Kirk P. 07.12.11 08:14

Inspired by today’s task analysis. People are fascinating.

----- andre jolivette 07.12.11 08:14

my son brought home a list of things to bring for a Gingerbread House making party he’s having at school. my mind is racing with different colorful candies and how they could be used.

----- tane 07.12.11 08:14

I am inspired today by the love and devotion of my girlfriend while we are 1000’s of miles apart this holiday season.

----- Chris 07.12.11 08:11

Inspired by task analysis. People as fascinating :)

----- andre jolivette 07.12.11 08:10

This article in Nature about simulating the Earth’s core and the magnetic fields it generates inspired me. Its amazing how little we actually know/understand about the planet we live on and take for granted.

----- Kevin Weddell 07.12.11 08:06

I just finished my last exam for my Bachelors. That inspires me to go out into the world!!!

----- Angela Nguyen 07.12.11 08:03

Modern science inspires me on a daily basis!

----- Tony 07.12.11 08:03

my aunt inspires me.

----- Gulruh Mamatova 07.12.11 08:02

My friend’s new website design. I really need to get mine up and running again!

----- Kat 07.12.11 08:02

on my way to work i’ve got a xmas muffin from a stranger today.

----- viktoria papp 07.12.11 08:01

Today, I was inspired by a piece of lace I found in a box in my closet. I’d completely forgotten about it.

----- Rachel Bain 07.12.11 08:01

Little kids who walk around dressed in superheroes who just don’t give a shit what you, me or anyone thinks of them - they inspire me.

----- Adam King 07.12.11 07:59

Today, a fragment of the BBC Frozen planet series inspired me.
They somehow managed to film the growing of snowflakes, which geometry is so complex it makes you wonder
at the stunning beauty of nature all around us.

----- StefandeVos 07.12.11 07:54

The smell of fresh coffee at the morning remembered me on some old photo concept i made a few years ago but. now i have the inspiration and the idea ;]

----- Artur Jelonek 07.12.11 07:54

My Wife’s kindness and patience inspires me.

----- dan 07.12.11 07:53

the upcoming year

----- brian casler 07.12.11 07:53

my classmates! i dont know how they find the time in their lives to still spread holiday cheer,ace tests, and still be great friends!

----- minnow 07.12.11 07:52

Inspired by Skrillex this AM after a break from dubstep for a bit …

----- Aaron 07.12.11 07:52

My brother inspires me.

----- Becca 07.12.11 07:52

A lot has changed for me in the past few months, and I have even bigger things ahead of me in the very near future. While a certainly level of anxiety has kicked in, I’m simultaneously inspired to work hard and make sure that I am prepared to face my new beginnings.

----- Mikaela 07.12.11 07:52

Walking up 6 flights of stairs

----- black_cloud 07.12.11 07:49

The myriad responses to this question.

----- Bella 07.12.11 07:47

I was inspired today by the busdriver today! He was getting an earful by a passenger, but he stayed calm, cool and collected throughout. Now that’s something to aspire to be.

----- Ayla 07.12.11 07:46

Today I was inspired by a great studio mix by Marcel Fengler (German dj)

----- Fabio 07.12.11 07:46

My dad inspires me every minute of every day

----- Jason 07.12.11 07:46

I was inspired by the warmth of the people in a small village in China on the border of Russia. A true contrast to the deep and unforgiving winter cold!

----- Jeff Low 07.12.11 07:44

cali sunshine!

----- Mike 07.12.11 07:41

I was inspired by my son. He woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me he loved me and then went back to sleep.

----- Matthew 07.12.11 07:40

Watching the sunrise on the snowy Rockies inspired me as I walked in to work this morning.

----- Anders 07.12.11 07:38

I am inspired today by Robert Frost’s poem ‘Birches’- i’m inspired everyday bu that one actually.

----- Alice Palmer 07.12.11 07:37

I’m far away from home. Something like 6000km. I’m alone at my desk, somewhere very high in this skycraper full of people I don’t know.
Now put this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vsl3tuhauk in your headset, pretty loud, as I was doing a moment ago. Then turn your head to the window, and discover it’s Snowing.

----- Laura 07.12.11 07:35

I am inspired by the fact that I have a lot of work to get done!

----- Emily 07.12.11 07:35

This large cup of coffee certainly is giving me the inspiration I need today!

----- Marc 07.12.11 07:34

On my bike ride this morning I was inspired by the urban landscape created by the oil holding farm in the Provport and how strange large white objects reminded me of giant snowballs scattered about.

----- Jonah 07.12.11 07:34

Last night I dreamt of a city deep within a endorheic basin of a mountain range. A monorail on impossibly tall tracks built high up into the clouds ran around the city and the view from it was spectacular.

----- Cill 07.12.11 07:33

I always feel inspired by the music I listen to while creating, even if my headphones are pretty crappy, so a nice change would help inspire me much more :)

----- Maxime 07.12.11 07:33

Inspired by the glorious sunrise from high in our office tower.

----- Ed 07.12.11 07:31

Peter Jellitsch and his hand drawn wind diagrams

----- Cameron 07.12.11 07:31

I’ve been working on some graffiti style artwork today and I’ve been really inspired by the work of Neils over at calligraffiti.

----- Dan Gilmore 07.12.11 07:31

What inspired me today: the news that that the discovery of Kepler-22b is already inspiring people to invest more in discovery (and thus the future) - SETI has already recieved grants from USAF!

----- Alex Møller 07.12.11 07:31

NOTCOT.org :)

----- Mark 07.12.11 07:28

I was inspired this morning by the sound of birds singing on such a gloomy day.

----- Steven 07.12.11 07:27

I’m inspired by payday!

----- Tom 07.12.11 07:27

The feeling of riding my bike to work this morning (it was about 36 degrees F)

----- stephe kamykowski 07.12.11 07:26

The cooler weather outside is inspiring me today. :)

----- Lara 07.12.11 07:23

Sitting at my desk, looking out the window, I was inspired by the first snowfall. I grabbed a tray from the cafeteria and went ‘traybogganing’!

----- Rav 07.12.11 07:22

Nothing yet. So I guess NOTCOT inspired me to write this :)

----- Bartal Djurhuus 07.12.11 07:22

My friend taking time out of her day to send me a care package.

----- Winnie 07.12.11 07:22

My friend taking time out of her day to send me a care package. Totally made my day.

----- Winnie 07.12.11 07:21

This morning I was inspired by this song called, “Y” from iamamiwhoami—“Little hope, little home of heavenly. Come and save us from this ugly truth. Little hope, sprung from necessity. May all good things in life come to you…Little ghost, so innocent and carefree. They would never stop hunting you. Little voice, life got the best of me and in time that’s what awaits you too.”

----- NY 07.12.11 07:19

I got inspired after watching Teletubbies with my friends son. It’s amazing to have a build in tv in your belly. My only question is: How do you actually benefit from that yourself when you have to watch it upside down? If you want to place a tv inside your belly, think about your self and not other!!!

----- thomas 07.12.11 07:19

My Health

----- Jamie 07.12.11 07:18

Kindness and thoughtfulness of people inspired me today.

----- Goldfish 07.12.11 07:18

Adam Carolla’s podcast!!! so funny

----- John L 07.12.11 07:17

The sweet smell of laser on sweet oak wood…. What an incredibly good smell.
Feels like a campfire in my workshop.

----- Mathias Archambault 07.12.11 07:15

My daughter telling me a joke this morning.

----- Eric 07.12.11 07:14

I’m inspired by the possibility of snow today.

----- James D. LaCroix 07.12.11 07:14

The smell of bruned wood as I am cutting it with laser.
Hmmmmmmm….. lazer’s are the shiznit!

----- Mathias Archambault 07.12.11 07:14

The feel in your hands of working with wood.

----- Luis 07.12.11 07:13

The rainy streets of Boston during my business trip as inspired me again to shoot the urban streets I run into.

----- Adam 07.12.11 07:13

Seeing a country like the Filipinnes implementing something as simple as a water bottle skylight (using a mixture of water and bleach to refract light into a space) to solve their electricity issues in less fortunate areas of the country really inspired me to think of alternative, simple, cost effective means to help solve third world issues. I would love to invent simple solutions for lifes most devestating problems - everyone should be given a fair shot at a better life and that was my inspiration.

----- Justin Astro 07.12.11 07:12

I was inspired, again, by Utada Hikaru’s last studio album before calling an indefinite hiatus. Simple in harmony, lyrical delivery, art direction and even photography, it’s really nice to see her change it up with something so clean, light-filled and non-ornate.

----- Mickey 07.12.11 07:04

My husband just recently bought a Nespresso machine. He showed me how to use it, but I haven’t had to touch it once - he graciously makes me a latte at any moment. Such a lovely gesture that inspires me to be generous with my time as well!

----- Julie 07.12.11 07:04

Listening to Mayer Hawthorne’s new A Long Time on my commute to the office this morning… music always inspires.

----- Pete 07.12.11 06:57

A cloud of freezing fog moved through town this morning, so now everything outside looks like it’s coated in powdered sugar :)

----- Ian S. 07.12.11 06:55

I actually was inspired by the crisp cold air outside this morning! Not often we get this wintery weather in texas. Just put a little skip in my step!

----- Charlie Price 07.12.11 06:51

Seeing my friend complete her goal of writing a paper is inspiring me to get my stuff DONE. (Yay accountability plans.)

----- Sarah 07.12.11 06:47

the beauty of walking to work on park avenue in the rain….

----- wolfie 07.12.11 06:46

Today, after realising I only have 50 days left until I move away (I have been waiting to move for several years and started counting down the days at the start of this year), I was inspired and put to ease at the thought that, if we really want it, we can just pack up, walk away and leave and start all over again.

----- Tatiana 07.12.11 06:45

I just watched Jason Mraz’s webseries “In Search of Incredible” and am inspired to DO something today!

----- Russ McIntosh 07.12.11 06:44

I was inspired by the biscuits smell coming out from a factory nearby

----- martina 07.12.11 06:42

Today I called to check on the status of my car and haggle them about the price because I wasn’t sure how I could afford $1000 to fix my suspension after breaking down in the middle of the busiest street in town. Thankfully my tow was covered by insurance, but after being unemployed for the past two months and only being at a new job a week I was worried. But when I called they said they had already started work on my vehicle. I was furious, I hadn’t told them to start, I wasn’t sure I could afford to do all the things they wanted fixed. He could tell in my voice I was uneasy. And then he said, stop worrying, Santa Claus already took care of it. You can pick up your car tomorrow. I was in complete shock and still can’t figure out who did it. I am inspired to be a better person.

----- Abbie 07.12.11 06:28

Today i was inspired by the rain falling down outside…

----- dorian 07.12.11 06:22


----- laszlo dobrovolszki 07.12.11 06:06

A good friend of mine has worked really hard at his music & has earned a really great opportunity. It’s always inspiring when someone who is talented & works hard gets their chance to shine.

----- Kimberly M 07.12.11 06:04

I am inspired by my daughter. Currently, she is 19 months old and she inspires me on a daily basis.

----- Matthew Harrison Smith 07.12.11 06:00

I was inspired by my family this morning

----- Chris Wilkinson 07.12.11 05:55

Today I was inspired by a mother singing and smiling to her little girl into a crowded bus,filled with grumpy people who did not stare look at each other.

----- Stathis 07.12.11 05:49

The guy I always see on my commute who sprints to get his preferred seat on the subway. Dude’s a fighter.

----- Jason 07.12.11 05:48

My son is getting his braces off this morning and I forgot how exciting that was! A teenager excited is an inspiring thing.

----- Joyce 07.12.11 05:26

The incredible poster / phrase: 1 in 5 teenagers will experiment with art.
This is an incredibly positive statement in my opinion.

See: http://manmadediy.com/chris/posts/1480-this-is-your-brain-on-art-school-brilliant-advertising-for-creative-education

----- Raphael 07.12.11 05:21

Today I was inspired by a video Gestalten posted interviewing Ken Barber of design studio/type foundry House Industries. I’ve always been interested in hand lettering and typography and I am going to school for design but after watching that short clip I think that I have made up my mind in pursing lettering and typography as a specialization in design. It’s just an amazing thing, letters are and I don’t know what my life would be like without them or design.

----- Antonio 07.12.11 05:01

Yesterday I had lunch at my parents apartment. They live in the fifth floor of a six-store building. While leaving I got into the lift and pushed the button. The voice of a man was heard from above. “Just wait a minute, I’m fixing the cables so you can push the button”. I thought it was God or something. It was just the repairer.

----- Daniel Gizo 07.12.11 05:00

My lucky numer is 13, I’m born on the 13th of september, and it’s giveaway #13
maybe this is inspiring enough for you guys to give me the headset ;)

----- olivier 07.12.11 04:42

My lecturer who is also my Final Year Project supervisor. She is truly a remarkable individual, defying the odds of becoming a successful scientist in a male-dominated field. It goes to show that relying on one’s own capabilities and knowledge are sufficient in attaining success.

----- Gary 07.12.11 04:35

During a lecture on death and bereavement in my psychology of aging class, a thought experiment inspired me to really think about and perhaps change my life’s goal.

----- Alice 07.12.11 04:01


----- Steve 07.12.11 03:59

Today I was inspired to be training even harder for the Olympics when watching Al Pacino in “Any Given Sunday”: Life is a game of inches and the inches we need are all around us!


----- TIM 07.12.11 03:41

It’s the beginning of December in Taipei, and the sun was out. It was 26C. As I peered up at the sun, while I was walking off campus, the trees created an interesting surface. The sun was warming me up like a heater.

----- range 07.12.11 03:32

There were two people with balloons strapped to their back on my walk to work.

----- Brenna 07.12.11 02:53

I launched a small shop recently and whilst it’s doing okay business could be busier. From nothing I got an e-mail from a person that had done cross-browser testing, checked for typos, and suggested some copyrighting improvements. That someone I don’t know would put all that effort in to help me is pretty inspiring.

----- Andy 07.12.11 02:48

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