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Holiday Giveaway #16: Dead Zebra- 12.10.11

zebra0.jpgHappy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Love these annual holiday androids from Dead Zebra! This year it’s a Android Mini Special Edition Toy Soldier! “Artist Gary Ham is back this holiday season with this Toy Soldier special edition Android mini collectible! It features a removable decorative key accessory along with movable arms and head.” We’ll be giving away 10 of these cute little guys ~ and an 11th will be paired with Andrew Bell’s beautiful Love the End Print Set - which is a limited edition of 40, and includes print editions of original paintings One More Try, The New Horizon, imsorryforitall, The Only Way and a unique design just for this print set, The End.

For a chance to win one of the 10 Android Mini Special Edition Toy Soldier by Gary Ham, or a chance to win the Love the End Print Set AND a Android Toy Soldier from Dead Zebra, leave a comment with what you love about the holidays before midnight PST on Dec 15th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winners by email! See more close ups of these fun pieces on the next page as well as a coupon!

CONGRATS to our super winner, Robin in Surrey, UK, and our Android winners: Tyler in Lake Stevens, WA, Christina in Cincinnati, OH, Ian in Dartmouth, NS, Canada, Finn in Orange, CA, Matt in Waco, TX, Paul in Southington, CT, Jane in Champaign, IL, Hoi Ning in Redwood City, CA, Marie-Claude in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Erin in Des Moines IA.







For a chance to win one of the 10 Android Mini Special Edition Toy Soldier by Gary Ham, or a chance to win the Love the End Print Set AND a Android Toy Soldier from Dead Zebra, leave a comment with what you love about the holidays before midnight PST on Dec 15th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winners by email!



329 Notes

The weather, the food, and the friends and family I surround myself with

----- Karina 16.12.11 11:33

Family friends and new toys

----- Kat 15.12.11 21:54

Preparing food as a family. My daughter is always excited and grateful even when times are tough.

----- J Alexander 15.12.11 19:35

ok, i know i’m cutting close to the deadline, but here it goes! i really didn’t want to start with a sob story, but it ties in with why i love the holidays. this year has been a rough one. my father died in may. since then my sister has been dealing with alot of depression over it. she also is on disability because of past cancer treatment(although she did beat it!). as for myself, about 3 months ago my job cut my hours by about half. so this year we are not doing Christmas at our house. neither of us can afford to really buy anyone anything so her 13 year old daughter is going to her fathers and her adult boys are spending Christmas with their girlfriends. but the reason i love holidays is just the simple good feeling you can get from just small things. my main example is that on the KR forums we just did a Secret Santa. i was able to have a lot of fun buying complete strangers little gifts to give them for Christmas! it makes you realize that things aren’t so bad and happiness can be found in small gestures. also, i think my sis and i will drive the few hours to go see our mother on Christmas day and that will be enough. to boil it down,as a kid you don’t realize it, but giving is really the fun part of the holidays. and just being there for each other makes a lot of the other stuff in life not so bad! Merry Christmas!:)

----- shaun goucher 15.12.11 15:20

I love getting to see my brother and my mom, having family dinners and decorating our always small Christmas tree with beautiful and unique ornaments. I love Hot Apple Cider, and the chill of the cold weather.

----- Catherine Chandler 15.12.11 15:00

Famliy, Food, and Alcohol

----- randy 15.12.11 10:51

All the food and drink recipes that I forget about the rest of the year

----- Brian 15.12.11 09:23

time with family and friends, shiny pretty decorations … even the music!

----- katalia 15.12.11 08:06

Toys! Toys, toys and more toys!
Especially Androids!

----- Ian Gillis 15.12.11 04:51

I love spending time with my family and watching them open presents and seeing the smiles on their faces. I love making people happy and surprising them. Such a great feeling during the holidays

----- Mike Sullivan 15.12.11 00:51

I love the holidays to get away from the stress of life and spending time with family.

----- Lucas lund 14.12.11 23:17

Good food and good company :) being done with my exams doesn’t hurt either

----- Victor 14.12.11 22:34

I love holiday dinners with family and friends :)!

----- Sara Wong 14.12.11 22:33

I live in Australia so I really love being able to spend some time hanging out at the beach with my (gorgeous)little boy and teach him how to boogy board.

----- steven 14.12.11 22:15

Winter break! And the holiday spirits.

----- Emily 14.12.11 22:09

family under one roof.

----- Mohit 14.12.11 20:48

family under one roof.

----- Mohit 14.12.11 20:48

Holiday means spend time with Family and a lot of delicious Feast!!

----- Risca 14.12.11 20:02

This is my second holiday I have spent with my 5 year old son, and what I love is we both become kids. Do you know how many variations Candy Canes there are?! We want to try them all :P. Snow is no longer just a reason to be late to work, or a road hazard; its a sign of magic. We want to believe, therefore magic exists. Even in our small family of two.

----- Jacen Sp.ector 14.12.11 14:23

The holidays bring family together, that’s the best.

----- Edgar 14.12.11 13:18

as someone who does not celebrate the holidays, the only thing I really like about the holidays (aside from the great notcot stuff!) is that song about grandma getting hit by a raindeer…

----- blue 14.12.11 12:18

Christmas music!

----- Jacob 14.12.11 10:09

Peace of mind…

----- Burçin 14.12.11 08:37

It’s boring to say, but hanging out with family. Used to give the parents our very own mini Christmas concerts and plays when we were younger. Finding weird “instruments” around the house has never been more fun.

----- Jali 14.12.11 08:30

I ALWAYS look forward to fruit-cake (I promise I’m completely sane) and the 24hr marathon of A Christmas Story :)

----- Delshad Salhi 14.12.11 08:13

The transcendental, magical moments and pure nostalgia that they bring.

----- Bryce 14.12.11 08:07

everything, the cold in teh air, the hot chocolate, the lights, teh smells, the family, and cookies, teh gift giving and getting (lets be honest) it is all someting i love.

----- maggie 14.12.11 03:34

Most of all, I love to see the excitement on my sons face when it gets dark enough for him to ask to turn the Christmas lights on… and if I “forget” to turn on one of the sets of lights, he takes great pleasure in reminding me which ones I have forgotten. :)

----- Greg Gerv 14.12.11 01:57

I love visiting Candy Cane Lane in Seattle!

----- hoister 14.12.11 00:30

Unlike most people, I have to work through Christmas and New Year’s. However, there’s no crying or pouting to be had since it will be with my coworkers at one of the greatest companies in the world. We’ve decorated our cubicles and loaded our Nerf guns in preparation for the merry-making. I won’t get to go home for the holidays as my family would like, but I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful, geeky surrogate family 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

----- Anna 13.12.11 23:28

all the holiday parties!

----- Tris 13.12.11 22:26

I love being with my family in the holidays. It’s a good reason to get together, everybody are trying to be nice, and there is always good food. I’m not going to see them this year, so just writing that here makes already a bit sad.

----- Stav 13.12.11 19:48

I love decorating. My wife and I actually had Thanksgiving to ourselves this year, so we just brought up our four bins of Christmas decorations from the basement after we ate the turkey she made, and just went nuts. It took us forever to decorate for Halloween this year, so spending over a month in our holiday wonderland is a welcome change.

----- Greg 13.12.11 19:31

The best part of the holidays is spending time with my family and friends and warmly remembering the ones I love who are no longer here to share the holidays with us. The smell and taste of certain foods that we like to eat during the holidays, the Christmas movies and music, and all the wrapping paper and decorations bring back great memories.

----- Kevin 13.12.11 19:12

The smiles on peoples faces.

----- Mark 13.12.11 18:42

Family is best ini the Holiday season

----- Tony F 13.12.11 18:33

I love that eggnog is back!

----- Victor Hypolite 13.12.11 18:29

sleep would be the biggest highlight of the holidays for me this year, spent too many nights at the studio in school this semester. I finally get a chance to baby my brain and get some sleep. In addition to that eating proper food at a decent time would sum up a couple things I look forward to during the holidays, away from school and work.

----- Mehrdad 13.12.11 17:11

I love presents - not to get, but to give. I start hunting as early as August for that strange something a person would never think to buy for themselves, but they really do need. For me this makes the holidays last all year, and makes my season all the brighter when people really enjoy their gifts.

----- Chris 13.12.11 16:50

I love the holiday spirit. Everyone seems nicer this time of year!

----- melissa 13.12.11 16:30

What’s not to love? I love the baking, the food, being with family and friends, the beautiful lights and decorations, the giving spirit, and just being cozy inside on a chilly day…

----- Diana 13.12.11 14:19

I love all the holidays smells like pine and homemade gingerbread men.

----- Brenda I 13.12.11 13:42

oh, how cute! I love spending time with family and eating shortbread.

----- Amanda 13.12.11 12:56

Spending Christmas day with both my parents at the same time. (They’re divorced)

----- Dave 13.12.11 12:15

I love hanging out with friends and family, making christmas cookies, and driving around to see all the awesome lights.

----- Toni 13.12.11 12:13

cold air and warm clothes

----- eliot 13.12.11 11:47

What I love most about Christmas?

In highschool, when you were supposed to write about youre favourite season everybody wrote about the summer. So did I.
But now, after a coiple of years, I truly can say that i mostly like the winter, the cold, harsh days when youre not at work and you stay at home with youre family, with youre friends, the holidays, the gifts, the parties, the friends, Christmas, New Years Eve, friends, family…

This is the season in which you get closer with the ones you love and the ones who love you, this is the season in which although the weather is harsh and cold, you sincerely and with all love do help others without expecting nothing in return, this is the season when you slow down and forget about all the problems and stress, this is the season when you can make the biggest, most funny snowman with your friends, when you are in war but with snowballls, when the kids are all pure joy, when a hot cup of wine and all your friends and family are with you, this is truly the most beautiful season.

And the most important part of the whole season is of course the magic of Christmas when all past, bad things are forgotten, and when all of the above and many other beautiful things are happening.

For this I can say I love winter, I love Christmas, I love you all.

Merry Christmas everybody!

----- Mugurel 13.12.11 11:21

Planning exotic trips with my mom! We never actually fly to Monaco or book a romantic cruise down the Danube, but choosing flights, hotels, and writing out our itinerary gives us the weirdest shits and giggles. Love that woman. :D

----- Lorien 13.12.11 11:14

i love that i get eleven days off work and can spend it with my family and people i love.

----- bekee 13.12.11 11:04

I love giving gifts. To everyone I can.

----- Jennifer 13.12.11 10:21

Toys! Toys! Toys! :D

----- Marie 13.12.11 10:01

I love the moment when the day goes from feeling like just a regular day to one where you can actually feel the holiday spirit around you.

----- Lynette Schauwecker 13.12.11 09:51

I love being with family and giving to others during the holiday season. :)

----- Nora 13.12.11 09:47

I love everything about the holidays!! The songs, the lights, decorations, the smells of pine trees, cinnamon, and baked treats! I love making and eating Christmas cookies and spending time with my family. Oh yeah, and my month long Christmas break!!!

----- Nicole 13.12.11 09:27

The best thing about holiday is the precious time spent with friends and family. And… some amazing contests!!! :D

----- Maxime Belanger 13.12.11 08:53

My favorite thing about the holidays is the love that you share with people. It’s the one time of year where people remember to say please and thank you…it’s the little things sometimes.

----- Louise Louguet 13.12.11 08:46

Christmas toys

----- Ron Hollatz 13.12.11 08:10

I Love being able to see all the fam.

----- Jay 13.12.11 08:04

I love quality time with family.

----- Justin R 13.12.11 07:43

I love the gift of ANDROID!

----- Terry 13.12.11 07:38

I love the time off of work, relaxing with my family, and giving/receiving presents!

----- Jen 13.12.11 07:14

For its truly the season of giving but more importantly thanks giving.

----- Kai 13.12.11 07:04

nog, sweet delicious nog!

----- JB 13.12.11 06:58

My favorite part of the holidays? Having time to do stuff like go out for a walk in the snow on a cold late afternoon with my sweetie, come home to a mug of hot chocolate and look at the lit-up Christmas tree without my glasses: the little lights look about 10 times bigger with great big shimmering rays coming out of them — pretty awesome special effect, while I wait for my glasses to defog!

----- Marie C 13.12.11 06:44

I love finding the perfect gift for someone. And the smell of the Christmas tree. This year will be fun because my niece is old enough to open gifts and enjoy more than just the wrapping paper.

----- Marin 13.12.11 05:56

I love that I’ll be going home for the holidays. I just started my first job earlier in the year and it will be good to spend some quality time with my family who I haven’t seen for a length of time.

I love the good food and snow that the holidays in the midwest always seem to bring!

----- Gordon Higelmire 13.12.11 05:39

Just hanging out with all the family, sitting next to the christmas tree (with real candles!).

----- Annie 13.12.11 05:16

Cool special edition Androids!

----- Neil 13.12.11 03:55

I’m going to be honest and say it’s a tie between spending time with family and eating delicious food. But more often than not, those two things are synonymous with the holidays anyways! I hope everybody has a great one!

----- Jay B. 13.12.11 02:44

I love the excitement in my kids faces. I love enormous “thank-you Daddy” hugs. I love not working and just chilling with my family. Oh, and did I mention Christmas pudding with cream and sugar?

----- Robin 13.12.11 01:12

I love finding the perfect gift for somebody (and I work on that all year) and watching them open it on Christmas morning. It’s the best feeling in the world when you’ve hit the mark and given them something they wouldn’t have expected, but is The Perfect Gift!

h4schaffer at gmail dot com

----- Heather! 13.12.11 01:05

I love eating the cookies left out on a plate that were supposed to be for Santa.

----- Brent 13.12.11 00:51

I wouldn’t call it love, but I absolutely enjoy a fresh coat of snow early in the morning on Christmas day. No sound, just white…

----- Tim 13.12.11 00:08

Love the holidays because nobody minds being warm and fuzzy around colleagues, neighbours, long-lost aunts and even strangers. But most of all, love it because it’s the only time for years now that my mom would cook her lovely spaghetti for us to enjoy on Christmas Eve dinner :)

----- Ellen Bautista 13.12.11 00:04

The Charlie Brown Christmas Special!

----- Eric Resnick 12.12.11 23:23

My favorite part of the holidays are family, friends and eggnog.

----- Jim B 12.12.11 23:07

Lights on the square.

----- Thu 12.12.11 23:02

I like the smile I get after giving someone a gift that they are very happy about.

----- Patrick Maher 12.12.11 22:48

Having the license to eat, drink and do all sorts of tomfoolery with abandon! :-)

----- Trish 12.12.11 22:45

Really easy question, I just love the sheer indulgence of Christmas, the food, the drink the festivities!

----- Tain 12.12.11 22:13

I love holidays because I can stay away from the work!!!

----- Mico 12.12.11 22:12

I love seeing thick layers of snow on the trees, and how anywhere you point your camera magically becomes a stunning photo worthy of a frame.

----- ElleOCS2007 12.12.11 22:09

I love the chance to see all my family and friends, and then try out new recipes on them! This year I am making Sour Cherry Bread Pudding and Bourbon Sweet Potato Pecan Pie!

----- Matt Menefee 12.12.11 22:02

I love to breath the air in this moment of the year.

----- songpol 12.12.11 21:41

I enjoy the time spent with family and friends, giving and sharing, playing games and singing songs.

----- John Fruge 12.12.11 20:52

I love how excited my kids get at the of Santa coming to our house. I also love the twinkle in their eyes when they see Christmas decorations.

----- Michael 12.12.11 20:47

Watching the dogs play in the freshly fallen snow for the very first time.

----- Adam Engle 12.12.11 20:42

I hope 365 days, every day is Christmas …… We always believe that there is a Santa Claus will send a gift to us

----- Robinson Chen 12.12.11 20:40

Spending time with family and calm finish to the workyear

----- Amir 12.12.11 20:39

Food and family!

----- Andrew 12.12.11 20:38

Best thing about the holidays… the food of course!

----- Andy 12.12.11 20:34

I love the specialness. (It is a new word.) People decorate their homes, treat each other better, sing fun songs…and it only happens for a few weeks each year.

----- Sandra Dee 12.12.11 20:34

The peace of sitting darkness except for the light of the Christmas tree.

----- Erin 12.12.11 19:39

giving and receiving

----- tivonne nguyen 12.12.11 19:22

Sun and beach!

----- Diane 12.12.11 18:53

the decorations and ambience in department stores. People generally being more gracious and friendly. No work!

----- Hilary 12.12.11 18:24

Watching the Charlie Brown holiday special :)

----- Mark 12.12.11 18:02

Eating. Sleeping. Sparkly lights.

----- Claire 12.12.11 17:47

Hoping for cold enough weather for snow, even though it’s Texas. Hoping is still nice =]

----- Anna Hinojosa 12.12.11 17:21

Drinking whiskey in the sauna!

----- Tyler Benner 12.12.11 16:31

Gifts of course

----- Josh 12.12.11 16:28

Some good ol’ family time!

----- Kelvin 12.12.11 15:57

Definitely my sweaters, music, lights, gingerbread house, giving gifts… what’s not to love?

----- Nat R 12.12.11 15:55

I love that this time of year, love between the human race seems bigger. Everything is forgiven. Everyone is happy. At least for one day.

----- Ethel 12.12.11 12:31

lights & music :] & sweaters ^^

----- heather 12.12.11 12:04

I love Pie! Particularly apple… mhhhmmmmm

----- Christopher 12.12.11 11:55

Hmmm, tough to pick just one thing, but probably the lights

----- erastos 12.12.11 11:37

I can’t love anything else out of ‘the holidays’, just the life, the children’s’ dreams, old people hopes, my family small things which became a smile, my boyfriend and my house, just full of lights, christmas crafts, friends and hot chocolate, i love it all, it’s just our life to be loved.

----- chiara 12.12.11 11:14

I love enjoying the holiday decorations surrounded by people I love! Who doesn’t get warm fuzzies from tinsel and twinkle lights?

----- Abbie 12.12.11 11:14

Snow forts!

----- Christina 12.12.11 10:59

I love my mom’s tamales and my mother in law chritsmas german cookies!! :D BTW.. Greetings from Costa Rica!!! :D

----- Maria 12.12.11 10:17

I love to decorate with my sister and spend time with my family.

I love waking up to the smell of turkey, everyone smiling and exchanging gifts.

I love the fact that I get two(2) days off of work ;)

I love pigging out.

I love seeing my relatives from out of town

I love giving gifts.

I love that feeling that you get when you know someone loves the gift you gave them.

I love the end.

----- Robert Holmes 12.12.11 09:57

No other time of year is so intensely nostalgic for me. I have at least one single memory from every Christmas since 1976.

----- Kimmi 12.12.11 09:56

I love finding the perfect gift for someone and seeing their face light up when they open it. When possible, I also try to visit family in NYC and enjoy all Bryant Park has to offer and the Macy’s window display. And no Christmas is complete without watching A Christmas Story, Meet Me in St. Louis, and White Christmas.

----- Deanna 12.12.11 09:52

I love all the decorations and having my family all wearing matching Christmas flannel monogrammed pajamas. So much fun! Also love the smell of fresh pine!

----- Alyssa 12.12.11 09:48

NO Work

----- Gino V 12.12.11 09:16


----- John 12.12.11 09:09

The holidays seem to be the only time of the year when people remember that all of existence is devine and should be celebrated. Would that we could remember thoughout all the year…

----- YuenMe 12.12.11 08:19

I love the atmosphere that only the holidays brings like the different smells, the cold air, the warm fire, the music and the kindness of all people.

----- Tyler 12.12.11 08:18

I love enjoying the holiday decorations surrounded by people I love! Who doesn’t get warm fuzzies from tinsel and twinkle lights?

----- Abbie 12.12.11 08:10

I love feeling like a kid all over again, the music, the movies, family and the toys!

----- Leida 12.12.11 07:57


----- cla 12.12.11 07:31

Holidays = friends + food + sleeping in….love that!

----- Solmaz 12.12.11 07:27

Watching the kids open presents…. and opening presents.

----- Morgan 12.12.11 07:21

I live away from all of my family now, so I love coming home and seeing everyone! Thanks for the contest!

----- Kimberly M 12.12.11 07:21

I love homemade Christmas goodies—the smells bring back so many memories!

----- Jessi 12.12.11 07:07

I absolutely love seeing the looks on my family and friends’ faces when they open unique gifts from me, that they otherwise would have never treated themselves to, but they deserve it. Love and friendship.

----- Paul Serafino 12.12.11 07:00

I love taking a break from work and enjoy each day with my friends and family. I also like having more time to play video games :P

----- PHiL D 12.12.11 06:41

all the excuses to eat up!

----- jenna 12.12.11 06:39

I love how happy a lot of people get and spending time with my family and friends

----- chris wilkinson 12.12.11 05:52

I love holidays so i get more time to do my personal stuff my interets activity!!!!!!!!

----- Kain 12.12.11 05:38

I love holidays so i get more time to do my personal stuff my interets activity!!!!!!!!

----- Kain 12.12.11 05:32

I love waking up on Christmas Day and knowing that my wife and I will spend the whole day together totally relaxed.

----- Dan Gilmore 12.12.11 04:55

Lights, food, and no work for 2 weeks.

----- Jeff 12.12.11 04:53

christmas lights! i went out last night and drove around the neighborhood where ‘home alone’ was filmed 20 years ago.

----- sarah 12.12.11 04:32

All year, I just give, give, give. Every once and awhile it would be nice to receive.

----- Steve 12.12.11 03:53

The best part of the holidays are the great times you spend with your family! You forget about all the bad that happened and only care about the good during the holidays!

----- Mitchell 12.12.11 03:41

Friends as their are like my family too ;P

----- jia ying 12.12.11 02:58

OMG is soooo cute :3 x

----- jia ying 12.12.11 02:08

I love the holidays because I get to do ALL THE stuff I never got to do during term time! And holidays mean presents too! :)

----- Han Yang 12.12.11 01:57

Holidays mean travel for me :)

----- Dorian 12.12.11 01:48

What I love about the holidays:
it makes the coldest, harshest season of the year oozes with warmth and happiness :)

----- Grace Lin 12.12.11 01:37

I love it that everybody seems to have forgotten what is really celebrated during Christmas and enjoys the amazing gifts and tons of delicious food! Santa Claus is my homeboy!

----- Tim 12.12.11 01:30

Home, Family and the fact that everyone is generally happier and love one another

----- John Norman 12.12.11 01:10

I love those reindeer antlers people put on cars… they look so silly I can’t help but smile when I see them.

----- Jacquelynn 12.12.11 01:00

The freedom to drink excessive amounts of alcohol without being called an alcoholic.

----- Dan Byrne 12.12.11 00:39

christmas are always special, but this year are even more because are the first with my little daughter. she remembered to me the real reason: family. it’s the only important thing.

----- Guillermo Díaz 12.12.11 00:38

I love free stuff that websites give away, even if I never win.

----- Psychomar K. 12.12.11 00:22

quality time with the family. and good food!

----- melanie 11.12.11 23:23

I love the awkward family arguments

----- kim taing 11.12.11 23:02

Being at home, spending time with family & friends and lastly, endless amounts of food.

----- Derrick P. 11.12.11 22:59

I love baking cookies for all my family and friends! I can’t wait to get started baking for Christmas. A lot of love is baked into every cookie so they are extra delicious!

----- Jessy Jenkins 11.12.11 22:50

I love the cheeseball covered in nuts.

----- Finn 11.12.11 22:42

Definitely Christmas lights. There’s no other indication of a coming holiday like holiday lighting. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, I can’t help but pass by a little slower. Some of my favorite lighting displays are the naked trees wrapped up in lights in Manhattan! :D

----- Chari 11.12.11 22:13

The feeling in the air that the year is ending and a new one is beginning.

----- Arthur Kosasih 11.12.11 22:04

I love seeing my family and all getting together… even just for the one day each year.

----- Nick Curtis 11.12.11 21:30

I love the food and being with my family and loved ones :) Also gifts are great!

----- Daniel 11.12.11 21:21

I love the food and being with my family and loved ones :) Also gifts are great!

----- Daniel 11.12.11 21:21

I know I’m supposed to say “time with family” or something heartwarming like that. And I do love time with family. but I also love ginger snaps. They’re my favorite part of the holiday season!

----- Wehaf 11.12.11 21:16

I love having a reason to get together with friends and family and to give gifts. I also love seeing everything all lit up.

----- alice 11.12.11 21:14

I love that no matter how far away my friends and family might be, sharing in celebrating the holiday—with or without each other—makes us remember how much everyone means to one another.

----- Tony 11.12.11 21:12

The smell of christmas trees. Easily one of the best things about the holidays.

----- Leo Baghdassarian 11.12.11 21:11

I love the decorations and getting buy cool gifts for family and friends!

----- Jason 11.12.11 21:10

I love the decorations and getting buy cool gifts for family and friends!

----- Jason 11.12.11 21:10

I like that Andrew Bell releases a special holiday edition Android around this time every year. I already prepared a spot on my shelf for his newest one.

----- Bob Li 11.12.11 21:07

The family bond will always make the holidays special to me. Preparing food with my mother, aunts and uncle while listening to classic Christmas music is something I look forward to every year. I love the holidays!

----- Al Briggs 11.12.11 21:00

I love the atmosphere and the family bonding moments that seem more prevalent during this time of year!

----- Sean 11.12.11 20:52

What I love about the holidays is the food and family (who cook the food)! :P

----- Aaron 11.12.11 20:52

What I love most about the holidays is the random acts of kindness. Plus the extra time with family.

----- Chris Clinton 11.12.11 20:27

Specially love the festive atmosphere that’s happening around me although there isn’t any snow here. I love having to think up of what gifts each of my friends might like or need and the many hours of card making and writing for each of my awesome friends and family members. ^^

----- Zyann 11.12.11 20:24

Spending time with family.

----- scott 11.12.11 19:51

Spending time with family and friends, especially those I don’t get to see often.

----- Dan 11.12.11 19:17

Tom and Jerrys

----- Yoshio 11.12.11 18:55

I love utterly working my bank account to the bone because I found something perfect for someone, and had to get it for them. It doesn’t have to be anyone I expect a gift from. It just has to be The Right Thing. It’s marvelous to have a time of year when one feels free to just do that.

----- Rabbit 11.12.11 18:12

I love utterly working my bank account to the bone because I found something perfect for someone, and had to get it for them. It doesn’t have to be anyone I expect a gift from. It just has to be The Right Thing. It’s marvelous to have a time of year when one feels free to just do that.

----- Rabbit 11.12.11 18:12

I love baking up a storm for the holidays!

----- Robyn 11.12.11 17:35

love the ambience, the decorations, the songs, the weather, and most importantly, the love and warmth.

----- Varinnia 11.12.11 17:28

Endless excuses to have fires in our fireplace.

----- mindy h 11.12.11 17:21

Waking up at 12pm, playing computer games until 3am, and then doing it again.

----- Andrew Chau 11.12.11 16:43

I love driving around in the dark with a thermos of hot coco, searching for the most insane holiday lights.

----- Crystal 11.12.11 16:25

I love giving back during the holidays!

----- Jasper 11.12.11 16:23

I love the one day that i dont have to travel and i can stay home to relax with family. Oh… and gingerbread.

----- Matthew 11.12.11 16:04

Gathering with friends and family during the holidays is the best!

----- Gary 11.12.11 16:03

i love the time off to spend with my little kids. it’s nice to have the entire year behind me with no deadlines hanging over my head, free to enjoy the family.

----- rich 11.12.11 15:15

I love the love.

Cheesy but true.

----- Antoana 11.12.11 14:53

the smell of pine, the spirit of good cheer, and getting together with old friends and family.

----- Andrea 11.12.11 14:23

what i love about the holidays is that everyone gets some time off from work, school, etc to be with family and friends. we all get together to talk about the past moments that we spent together, like the holiday season in the previous year and discuss the possible time we will spend together. i think its a great time to be grateful for what we have especially family, friends, and health.

----- Cecilia 11.12.11 14:06

Going home to food that actually tastes like humans eat it!

----- Karin 11.12.11 13:59

I love christmas music and having time to bake cookies.

----- Iris 11.12.11 13:44

I love how everyone is thinking about what they can do for someone else.

----- Domi 11.12.11 13:12

I love the food of my mother, from Naples and the coffee with friends!

----- andrea sghedoni 11.12.11 13:12

I love being with family and homemade tamales. MMM MMMM Good

----- christi 11.12.11 12:56

I love getting presents!

----- Russ McIntosh 11.12.11 12:53

I love seeing family altogether the most.

----- James 11.12.11 12:37

I love the love and joy people have at Christmas time. Coming together to laugh and spending time together, along with a great meal, is a wonderful thing.

----- Sharon 11.12.11 12:33

love the holidays… from the delicious Starbucks drinks to the beautifully decorated city to wrapping presents for loved ones and then watching their joy in opening them

----- Christina 11.12.11 12:28

the caaaaandies!

----- Talita Escher Massola 11.12.11 12:20

friends, family, food and santa

----- jmoney 11.12.11 12:16

the lights!

----- Tiffany 11.12.11 12:14

the lights!

----- Tiffany 11.12.11 12:14

I love baking cookies & giving them to friends or taking them to family gatherings & seeing how much everyone enjoys my baking !

----- April B 11.12.11 12:12

The Food!

----- Laura 11.12.11 11:39

i love eating soup and wearing winter clothing…

----- Leslie R 11.12.11 11:35

I love seeing friends and family and waking up to the coffee maker.

----- Adam Edwards 11.12.11 10:59

I love it when everyone (almost) has some few days off so we can catch up and eat/drink like there was no tomorrow!

----- Asenh Tsan 11.12.11 10:49

The addition of peppermint and cinnamon to everything!

----- Vicky 11.12.11 10:48

These days
cars drive by and their wind trails’ rustle leaves
it may shower and i may see a rainbow or two
geese honk loudly while ibises growl
ducklings hatch and trail their parents side
in a few weeks time, however, ducklings disappear.
also, yards begin to rival the night’s sky

In another time and place
days are darker
air cuts my cheeks
people seem larger by the layers they add on
noses are crimson
and when snow falls
i realize what i always come to realize in the winter time

no matter where i may be
my insignificant life is humbled by the nature i see
happening before me, after me, and without my medling

the holidays arrive giving all the chance to draw closer together
to reach out and give to those in need
to love more fervently, more passionately
time to celebrate the holidays, to end the year with a bang!
all the years’ crud will turn to a thing of the past,

cheers to the moment that happens once a year
what is there not to love about the holiday’s?!

----- Maribel Cardona 11.12.11 10:38

Fires and Christmas trees! But not together. Never together.

----- Katherine 11.12.11 10:37

i love that holiday gives more time to:
to be with family
visit friends
good food making
read books
ride a bike to nowhere
take longer walks with dog
clean the house
do something for what you can never find a time

----- Monika 11.12.11 10:34

hot chocolate

----- nick robles 11.12.11 10:21

Love getting to see and spend time with family

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 11.12.11 10:17

I love wrapping gifts and then watching the recipients tear the paper asunder.

----- Wyley 11.12.11 10:03

Love the snow muffling sound outside with a hot drink and warm fire inside.

----- Stacy B. 11.12.11 09:50

I like the that people come together, have fun and add to the happiness during the holidays.

----- Ashlie 11.12.11 09:49

I love so many things about the holidays: Filling the house with the scent of baking cookies, and giving those cookies away so I don’t eat them all. Planning and making a special meal with the man I love (who loves all things Android, by the way). Showing up at family gatherings with a bag full of presents and watching everyone open them. Getting extra time off work. Watching “Elf.” And last but not least, eggnog.

----- Holly H 11.12.11 09:49

When my boyfriend gets to come home :)

----- Heather 11.12.11 09:22

I love Christmas music and getting to put my Android Snowman I got from Andrew Bell front and center for the season!

----- Nathan 11.12.11 09:15

yellow snow

----- Bill Jones 11.12.11 09:06

My favorite part of the holidays is the moment on Christmas when you recall as a kid running down the stairs and finding something highly unexpected under the tree. Even if the gift isn’t for you, you share the excitement of the gift with that person. They never wrote it down on a list of wants, but the giver just seemed to know that it would be perfect.

----- Elizabeth 11.12.11 08:57

walking around NYC. it’s beautiful this time of year.

----- Amanda 11.12.11 08:34

eeeeasy! no work! :D anyhow, shopping, family, relax and really nice foods!

----- laszlo dobrovolszki 11.12.11 08:08

holiday get-togethers!

----- steven 11.12.11 08:05

The two F’s: food and family. Mind as well make it three and add ‘fun’ to the mix.

----- Gaetan 11.12.11 07:52

The chill in the air, and of course the presents.

----- OJ Desuasido 11.12.11 07:06

What I love about the holidays is the festive, benevolent spirit that permeates the atmosphere.

----- Jon 11.12.11 06:40

I love the weather and the music.

----- Daniel 11.12.11 06:38

Spending time with my parents…..:)

----- wolfie 11.12.11 05:29

I love seeing my family and grandpa and relatives!! :)

----- Liisa 11.12.11 05:03

I love that all the family gets together for once a year, eat and drinks deliciousness! And also I love to make up new ways of giftwrapping!

----- Johanna 11.12.11 04:14

I love the cheesy christmas movies and the carols, also that feeling that only December knows how to bring, it’s like when you wake up one morning, you look out the window an suddenly the streets are all white, covered in snow, you turn on the tv just to see Christmas specials, and in your house, the smell of hot chocolate is one of the reasons why you get out of your room. Those Christmas breakfast with the family, and the feeling of spending all your money in well thought gifts for the family, trying to imagine the face thy will have as soon as they open them, and the surprise. These are a few reasons why I love Christmas.

----- Jean Michael Coronado 11.12.11 03:55

i love getting presents

----- Dor 11.12.11 03:49

family time during the hildays is cool…but I LOVE the parties! wup wup!!

----- Thinh 11.12.11 03:22

love the holiday drinks!

----- Michelle 11.12.11 03:19

Love candy canes and the decorations!!! :)

----- kelly 11.12.11 03:19

More time with people I love, good food, flannel, and all the pretty lights.

----- Lish 11.12.11 03:13

Relaxing, having fun and eating well

----- J_Walrus 11.12.11 03:11

Love to see happy people around and also spend some time to prepare presents for the closest family and friends.

----- Taras 11.12.11 02:30

That last crazy shift working Christmas Eve, I mean seriously where do all these customers come from.:)

----- Simon 11.12.11 02:05

I love snowball fight’s!

----- Agnes 11.12.11 02:04

6am christmas morning, in front of the tree with presents in pajamas. I’m 27 and it’s still the same routine every year.

----- Allen 11.12.11 02:04

I love not having to plan anything and being able to be spontaneous!

----- Graham 11.12.11 01:12

I love that almost everyone has something special considered by them and theirs a holiday. And that it makes no difference who they are or where they might be but all of them create an extraordinary atmosphere for themselves and their dearest to honor the celebration. Be they bonfires and costumed dancers or lighted strings at Christmas parades, people world-wide make amazing displays to delight themselves at special times. That this phenomenon is both universal and beautiful brings our existence into focus for me and makes me smile.

----- Michael Holden 11.12.11 00:22

I love the special holiday drinks Starbucks has! So delicious :D

----- Tatiana L 11.12.11 00:19

What I love about the holidays is my uncle gets drunk and starts singing Hanukkah songs at the top of his lungs (he isn’t Jewish).

----- Brian 11.12.11 00:05

I love my mom.

----- larri 10.12.11 23:55

The scents, nutmeg, pine,

----- Eug 10.12.11 23:38

My favorite part is knowing that I am going to see all my friends and family together.

----- Chris Rands 10.12.11 23:23

Drunken tree tossing !

----- Ren 10.12.11 23:05

Drunken tree tossing !

----- Ren 10.12.11 23:05

My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with my family. My family has both grown and shrunk over the last year so I’m making sure that I cherish these moments more than ever before.

----- Jeremy Stewart 10.12.11 23:04

The snow! :)

----- Bartal Djurhuus 10.12.11 22:52

Food fun and family and good times.

----- jeremia 10.12.11 22:52

The thing I love the most about the holidays is the seasonal treats that come along with them.
Particularly fruity and delicious mince pies or as I love to call them the crack of Christmas.
So yum.

----- Brent Singer 10.12.11 22:11

I love the collective effort to make the holidays beautiful.

----- Kylene 10.12.11 22:07

consumerism. just kidding. Making gifts for the ones I love has to be the topper.

----- Nate 10.12.11 22:06

christmas music and picking out that perfect gift for someone. Like Leslie Knope said, “buying Christmas presents is like a sport to me… and I always win”

----- Heather B 10.12.11 22:02

christmas music and picking out that perfect gift for someone. Like Leslie Knope said, “buying Christmas presents is like a sport to me… and I always win”

----- Heather B 10.12.11 22:02

I love spending time with my family and the hours we spend talking and laughing while we eat Christmas dinner.

----- Alison 10.12.11 21:58

I love the food!

----- Carrie 10.12.11 21:36

the smell of a fresh cut pine and the anticipation of Christmas morning. The shiny boxes of mystery promising untold wonders. die hard.

----- Devin 10.12.11 21:28

I love getting to spend time with the family, eating lots of chocolate and of coarse watching my daughter open her gifts.

----- Garry Hannah 10.12.11 21:25

Mines got to be the Christmas movies, even though we see the same ones on t.v. each year and they all have the same meaning… things start of good, then takes a sad grey turn, then BOOM christmas dose it again… but they always bring back that those past time Christmas sprite to me and my family, especially after the the hugh Christmas dinner

----- Robin Callan 10.12.11 21:19

Spending time with family and friends

----- Jim 10.12.11 20:58

The smell of a REAL Christmas tree at home! And shopping for gifts for my friends and family!

----- Pitka 10.12.11 20:58

My favorite thing about the holidays is FOOD! I looove all the holiday recipes! SO YUM! NOM NOM!

----- Dani 10.12.11 20:46

I love baking holiday cookies and making up new lyrics to all the Christmas songs.

----- lisa g. 10.12.11 20:40

The Old Man’s Major Award, from A Christmas Story. “The soft glow of electric sex.”

----- TimD 10.12.11 20:38

My favorite thing about the holidays is the decorations. I love how all-out some people go with decorating their lawns and inside their homes!

----- Elora 10.12.11 20:34

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Everything seems warmer, smells yummier, and people are nicer. I especially love returning to my childhood home to be with my family.

----- Jenn 10.12.11 20:33

I love that family gets together and friends reunite. The best thing about the holidays are the relationships and not the gifts.

----- Angela Nguyen 10.12.11 20:31

Disaster themed gingerbread houses. Last year was earthquake themed. :)

----- Sean Monaghan 10.12.11 20:24

Oh god, I love so many things about the holidays I could go on forever about them all! I love Doctor Who Christmas specials, wonderful food, special Christmas items and going overseas and observing what the holidays are like in different cultures. I think the thing that makes the holidays so special, though, is being able to witness most people just unwind and take a break from what they’re usually extremely busy with, and be able to enjoy the company of others and/or just relax and let time waste away without worrying about it. :)

----- Tatiana 10.12.11 20:22

Christmas lights on a snowy night.

----- Ed 10.12.11 20:21

ever since i was a little boy i have always loved christmas time because of all of the cool decorations everyone puts up. they light up, sing, they’re bright and shiny and everyone goes over the top I LOVE IT!

----- Edward 10.12.11 20:08

Generally, the best thing (and what I love) about the holidays is you have the opportunity to spend it with your family and loved ones. It’s also the time of year where a bunch of people get the chance to sloth around and hibernate. Then there’s this social phenomenon where most people tend to be a little less uptight and a lot more forgiving.— “The sights and sounds! The good feeling all around!”—HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!

----- NY 10.12.11 20:07

Holidays is the time of a year, when you can manner not like human. you can dance, you can travel, you can spend your quality time with your beloved, and you don’t have to think when the next meeting will start. I love that kind of moment,so yeah that’s what I love about holiday. I wonder if NOTCOT has ever giveaway a time warp for holiday, sure I will join (:

----- EMILIANA K 10.12.11 19:57

FAMILY. My brother just got engaged tonight, so this Christmas get together will be amazing. I’m excited to have a new family member, and it would be amazing to have a new family member for my Android family collection!

----- Brianc 10.12.11 19:34

I love real Christmas trees, The Grinch, JImmy Stewart, gingerbread, Baileys, Pot of Gold chocolates, opening presents, putting together toys, Bing Crosby, board games,Boney M’s Christmas album and dinner with my parents.

----- Joyce 10.12.11 19:28

Eggnog and cookies

----- Marc D 10.12.11 19:25

I love having to do NOTHING!

----- Matt 10.12.11 19:15

I love that it is the only time of year that it is absolutely excusable to endulge in cheesy Christmas music by Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and 98 degrees. They all have fantastic Holiday albums :)

----- Amanda Brown 10.12.11 19:10

Baking lebkuchen and springerle!

----- Tom 10.12.11 19:00

i love going back home and eating my moms cooking and getting fat!

----- carol 10.12.11 18:52

I love the seasonal baked goods.

----- rey 10.12.11 18:44

The smell

----- Levi Montez 10.12.11 18:43

I love getting to tell those important to me just how much they mean and getting to spend time with my lovely family

----- Natalie 10.12.11 18:40

I love that everybody drinks a little bit more :)

----- Steven S. 10.12.11 18:35

I love the feeling of stillness - the city gets very quiet when everyone is away for the holidays.

----- Ralitsa 10.12.11 18:20

I love eggnog!

----- Ryan J 10.12.11 18:16

I love giving gifts and seeing people happy!

----- T.CHOU 10.12.11 18:08

It’s the time of year when people slow down and appreciate all that’s good in their lives.

----- Robert W. 10.12.11 17:59

I love the Christmas music and the killer sales!

----- Maurice 10.12.11 17:54

I love spending time with my Family and decorating the tree knowing that every ornament we put up symbolizes that we are family and nothing can break us apart.

----- Rainer 10.12.11 17:52

I love the holiday music..and the christmas lights.. and the baked goods.. pretty much everything about christmas!

----- Tran Nguyen 10.12.11 17:48

I love giving gifts. Looking for things I know people will like, sometimes even making them. It’s so much fun to give someone a present they love.

----- Rachel Bain 10.12.11 17:47

I love getting an actual opportunity to relax

----- alex 10.12.11 17:32

Going to get a Christmas tree with my family!

----- Brian Belida 10.12.11 17:28

I love pumpkin pie and candy canes.

----- aldo 10.12.11 17:11

All the holiday related scents! We don’t have a real tree so I had to buy a balsam air freshner, but boy does it smell nice. I’ve got spiced apple, cranberry, and peppermint scents in the other rooms.

----- Lara 10.12.11 17:08

Wearing itchy/ugly sweaters.

----- Joe B 10.12.11 17:03

I love getting to see family - and the spontaneous generosity of strangers. It does happen other times of the year, but the winter holidays seem to bring it out of people even more.

----- Mary 10.12.11 17:00

I will be completely materialistic here and say that my favorite part of the holidays are the gifts. Not only receiving, but giving as well (as I like to think that I pick pretty good gifts!).

----- Geek in Heels 10.12.11 16:53

I love the warm fuzzy feeling!

----- Kristin 10.12.11 16:49

waking up to the smell of the christmas tree and the sensual feeling of nothing’s wrong.

----- Kristen 10.12.11 16:48

I think people are generally happier. I like that.

----- tane 10.12.11 16:47

Seeing family that I only get to see during the Holidays… Oh and the food!

----- Matt R. 10.12.11 16:46

I love the holidays because now that my son is old enough to understand what is going on we can create traditions and make memories that will last forever

----- Josh 10.12.11 16:44

eggnog and cookies!!!

----- noel drumbor 10.12.11 16:44

The festive lights decoration around the world.

Long live tin toy (-_^) (-_^)

----- Trinh 10.12.11 16:40

Being from the Midwest I couldn’t imagine Christmas time without the warm glow of white Christmas lights and the indescribable smell of a fresh snow fall. Something about it turns me in to a little kid every single year!

----- Davey P. 10.12.11 16:33

I love everyone’s good moods!

----- Jeremy 10.12.11 16:28

I love that I get time off of work to hang out with friends and family I don’t get to see very often.

----- Geoff 10.12.11 16:18

Family, Friends and Food!!! The three greatest things in life.

----- Adam Daniele 10.12.11 16:18

I love the extra time off work that you get…

----- Victor 10.12.11 16:14

What I love about the holidays is the feeling and memories of childhood it brings back. Most of us are fortunate to have had some good memories about Christmas or playing in the snow and it’s around this time of the year that we’d want to recreate or help some children experience the same happiness we did back then. Thank you NOTCOT for this opportunity!

----- Careolyn 10.12.11 16:12

My favorite part of the holiday season is baking tasty treats to share with others! :)

----- Andrea Ball 10.12.11 16:01

My favorite part of the holiday are all these cute little androids that are going to be lining my bookshelves :)

----- Eric Ochoa 10.12.11 15:59

I love having opportunities for quality time with friends and family. The holiday season offers a number of those opportunities.

----- Tom 10.12.11 15:55

I love seeing the houses that are decorated, seeing those lights and other things always brings me back to my childhood.

----- Justin Cheah 10.12.11 15:51

What I love about the holidays is giving! If I won this I know exactly who’d I’d give these to!!

----- Jonsey 10.12.11 15:50

I love that friends and family really try to make time to see each other. I enjoy going to parties and dinner to see everyone I adore!

----- Ashley 10.12.11 15:47

my favorite part of the holidays is baking cookies!

----- kenny 10.12.11 15:37

I love getting the family together:)

----- paul 10.12.11 15:33

Thinking about surprises to buy for family and friends while walking around the decorated streets of New York with snow falling.

----- Brett K. 10.12.11 15:31

Getting to see my family again, and stuffing myself with food.

----- Paul 10.12.11 15:29

Other than spending time with family, what I like best about the holidays is all the bad a** custom vinyl that gets pushed out.

----- Joseph 10.12.11 15:27

My favorite part of the holidays is being with the person you love and sharing all your joy with them. Presents don’t hurt, either! ;)

----- Joe Crowley 10.12.11 15:26

I love that I’ll be going home this holiday, and that it’ll be the first time it’s just me, my Mum, and my sister, and we’re just going to do what we want and make it as warm and snug as possible. I love the anticipation of it all

----- Hazel 10.12.11 15:22

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