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Holiday Giveaway #10: Revolve Clothing- 12.04.11

revolve0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

I can’t believe we’re at giveaway #10 already! Today our friends at Revolve Clothing are giving away a Jack Spade Waxed Wool Tote! It’s the perfect size for tossing your laptop and basics in to ~ and a nice alternative to your usual messenger bag.

For a chance to win the Jack Spade Waxed Wool Flag Tote from Revolve Clothing, leave a comment with your go to holiday party essential before midnight PST on Dec 9th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! Take a closer look at the Jack Spade bag on the next page as well as a peek at our curated Revolve Holiday Boutique on the next page!

CONGRATS to Christina in Orange, CA!


For a chance to win the Jack Spade Waxed Wool Flag Tote from Revolve Clothing, leave a comment with your go to holiday party essential before midnight PST on Dec 9th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!

And check out a peek at our NOTCOT curated Holiday Boutique over at Revolve! hgg2011_notcot.jpeg


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----- Andrew 10.12.11 06:54

With my family? A flask full of Laird’s Applejack.

----- Greg 09.12.11 19:11

A question to draw out anyone I meet, from a new person to my best friend. And my listening skills to go with it! (backups: scrumptious red wine and coconut water to fend off the hangover!)

----- Thierry 09.12.11 19:07

A cardigan sweater.

----- Mike D 09.12.11 18:35

Holiday Essential - Meditation. Times are bound to get stressful… even fun times take planning! You need to unwind in order to be able to appreciate all of the holiday fun!

----- Michelle 09.12.11 18:18

Flat shoes! Nothing worse than falling on your face upon your entrance or falling backwards on your exit!

----- Yooney 09.12.11 18:14

Little Black Dress - to look fabulous
good book - to escape my family…

----- Claire 09.12.11 15:34

My go to party essential is my accessories incl. my iPhone!

----- risca 09.12.11 15:33

My holiday party essentials: faith, hope, and love. The rest is just details.

----- Robin 09.12.11 15:22


----- Amanda Brown 09.12.11 14:11

Drawings because I’ll probably still have work to finish after I get home.

----- Parker 09.12.11 14:09

My go to party essential is an usual accessory - not flashy, but interesting enough to be a conversation starter. Great style is all in the details.

----- Daria 09.12.11 13:16

My holiday go-to essential is Red Stag, black cherry bourbon whiskey. Add some vanilla vodka, grenadine, and coke(or diet) and magic happens.

----- becca 09.12.11 12:47

Party Essentials: Playlist, booze and camera.

----- linda 09.12.11 12:32

My go to holiday party essential is my group of friends. Would just not be the same without them.

----- Daniel 09.12.11 10:49

Holiday party essential = good pair of mitts/gloves, so you don’t have freezing hands when you arrive and need to hug/shake hands!

----- Robyn 09.12.11 10:35

!!!!!!!!The ESSENTIAL is to have my clothes ons (Except the very exceptional parties =D)!!!!

----- Andrew 09.12.11 10:00

spent holidays with my family and friends

----- Rihards 09.12.11 06:47

my DSLR and my kids

----- eddie 09.12.11 04:59

My hangover kit: 1xAlka Seltzer, 1xBerrocca, 1xMilk Thistle…

----- Adam 09.12.11 04:35

My holiday party essential is my dancing feet mixed with bloody mary’s. Yolatengo!!

----- Erik 09.12.11 01:16


----- daniel 08.12.11 22:06

go to party essential, plenty of ibuprofen

----- richie 08.12.11 21:47

my camera to remember it all :)

----- victor 08.12.11 21:09

Homemade Guinness gingerbread & a killer dress.

----- April Brooks 08.12.11 21:04

If I could only have one holiday party essential it would have to be my family! During the holidays I like to make sure everyone gets together and has a great time, and with all the chaos circling around in our lives it’s good to relax and have fun with people I love and feel comfortable with. Happy Holidays!

----- Chris Rands 08.12.11 20:57

A fully grown winter beard.

----- Josh 08.12.11 20:44

My party essential would have to be: A good playlist. Nothing keeps the holiday spirits brighter than a good song that everyone can sing or hum to. That, and some great drinks!

----- Kim Zhu 08.12.11 20:07

Good company!

----- Casey L 08.12.11 19:17

kindle, cozy seat, nice wine and mistletoe

----- ryan 08.12.11 18:12

Party Essential: Is a good playlist. Music sets the tone for the entire party.

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 08.12.11 17:23

A flask filled with something good - in case the good stuff runs out (or never existed), and to share with the host in a dark corner.

----- Steve H 08.12.11 17:21

my holiday party essential is friends, food, and my bag to put in my computer, phone, and wallet!! that bag is awesome!

----- Cecilia 08.12.11 16:33

My go to holiday party essential is usually an ornament I’ve made for all the partygoers. Each year I come up with a new design.

----- Isabel 08.12.11 14:45

My party essential is something glittery!

----- Jen 08.12.11 13:36

holiday music, can’t party without it!

----- jenni o 08.12.11 11:27

A special She with a twist of snow.

----- Kaur 08.12.11 10:58

I usually *have* to bring something to eat. Running out for food is lame and time consuming. Cooking party = better party.

----- Joe 08.12.11 10:46

$75.00 and a ride home

----- Kevin Walsh 08.12.11 10:13

My brown suede wingtips- they go with my casual and formal holiday party attire!

----- Matt 08.12.11 09:34

holiday party essential would be my dancin’ shoes! i’ll be jinglin’ & janglin’ all night long.

----- Susan 08.12.11 08:26

my cheap pink tie!!

----- Austin 08.12.11 08:16

My party essentials are my friends. Other than that, probably a computer and a separate room to use it in.

----- Jess 08.12.11 03:44

my holiday party essential has to be MUSIC played!

----- Aileen 08.12.11 01:54

O.O the bag loooks aweesommeee!!! i want!

----- Aileen 08.12.11 01:53

camera! ^__^

----- heather 07.12.11 22:56

Hey! party!
can’t leave my homeland without my ENTIRE makeup kit in travel pack size, of course! (with moisturiser, baby lotion, face cream, eye liner, fake lashes, red lip stick, Urban Decay eye shadow, etc….)

hahaha… gotta look my best before heading to party with the foreign beauties.

----- Jessica Ng 07.12.11 21:19

A bottle of a Islay single malt.

----- Mark 07.12.11 21:04

It depends on the party, but alcohol is generally involved.

----- Nicole 07.12.11 21:02

I know it sounds silly, but I can’t go to a party without nail polish. I’ll break out with my OPI ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’. I can go without lipstick and, if I had to, will wear awesome boots rather than heels, but nail polish is the easiest way to make me feel like a billion bucks.

----- Kristina 07.12.11 20:59

Holiday party essential: Peppermint Colored&Flavored condom | Just need one ;-)

----- Ananth 07.12.11 20:53

My Guy Fawkes mask. I don’t like getting my photos taken, and the mask is helpful in keeping me incognito.

----- OJ Desuasido 07.12.11 19:23

vegan food

----- josh 07.12.11 19:12

99 Red Balloons, each with a white LED in it & release them all at midnight.

----- Andrew Visconti 07.12.11 19:00

My headphone, in case the party got lame and some clothes for the sudden mood changes.

----- Eugene 07.12.11 18:53

Sparkly flats for dancing, darling.

----- Kay 07.12.11 15:54

good friends and good food. that’s all i need.

----- carol 07.12.11 15:33

bottle of jager with red bull
perfect for any party.

----- Martin 07.12.11 13:53

my iphone with instagram!

----- Rachel 07.12.11 13:37

grandma’s vintage punch bowl.

----- Tobias 07.12.11 13:32

Holiday party essential - the aspirins and water consumed before bed in an attempt to stave off the headache of the next morning.

----- Susanna 07.12.11 11:31

A bottle of prosecco and St. Germain — makes for a delicious party favorite!

----- Laylah 07.12.11 10:38

My empty stomach :D

----- Dave 07.12.11 10:30

champange and sparkly shoes!

----- Adilah Guiseppi 07.12.11 10:06

Good friends and good food!

----- Jenn 07.12.11 09:45

Well I think my holiday party essential would be the collection of the other 589 people’s below… hopefully my nice new Jack Spade Waxed Wool Tote from my friends at Revolve Clothing will be big enough to fit them all in…

----- Mark 07.12.11 09:32

My I-pod because good music can make all the difference between,”Yea, my whole family is going to be there,” and “Wait until you see my grandma do the Stanky Leg!”

----- Mel 07.12.11 09:15

Ugly Christmas sweater

----- Justin 07.12.11 09:09


----- JUSTIN R 07.12.11 08:32

A good book and a couch, blanket, and cat to cuddle up with at the end of the night… hah

----- Cameron 07.12.11 07:35

Taste and liquor.

----- Arthur 07.12.11 06:23

all my boys and girls and that’s all we need.

----- erick hilmansyah 07.12.11 05:57

my santa hat. ho ho ho!

----- andrew 07.12.11 05:39

My holiday party essentials are bright red lipstick and hugs! Yeah! Everybody likes a nice holiday hug!

----- Allison 07.12.11 04:48

a necklace that makes my regular clothes look very festive!

----- nic 06.12.11 22:38

Shin protectors (somehow someone in our family always gets kicked in the leg by my mother-in-law during the holiday party)

----- Roel 06.12.11 21:59

my holiday party essential is my talkative personality!

----- Brian 06.12.11 19:28

Definitely some solid hilarious competition, Cranium or Pictionary!

----- Derek 06.12.11 18:53

My toggle coat and Jack and we’re good to go!

----- John Guinto 06.12.11 16:56

Nars Schiap lipstick, heels and my two best friends

----- Hilary 06.12.11 16:41

my holiday party essential is ginger liqueur…

----- kenny 06.12.11 16:30

Family and friend who may as well be family

----- Tony F 06.12.11 15:54

red velvet pants

----- kelly 06.12.11 15:18

My camera and a whiskey are never far away from me during the holidays!

----- Tyler Benner 06.12.11 15:06

My holiday party essential is hot apple cider! Oh and wool socks :)

----- Allison 06.12.11 15:00

A nice bag bring a bottle of wine and a bow-tie!

----- Christopher 06.12.11 14:09

Towel, of course.

----- blue 06.12.11 13:21

i wouldn’t think of going to a holiday party without my vintage wingtips and bowtie on. and a bottle of wine: juan gil (so good)

----- guy l'orange 06.12.11 12:34

Warm friendly or family hug

----- Bojan 06.12.11 11:55

knitted red bow.

----- Kristina 06.12.11 11:41

Holiday essential eggnog with booze.

----- Oscar 06.12.11 11:40

Positive energy & joy - the essence of the Holiday season. Scrooge is never on the guestlist!

----- Bryce 06.12.11 11:35

love it

----- suzie 06.12.11 11:35

the Michael Buble christmas album

----- Andy Swafford 06.12.11 11:27

friends, some exquisite beverages, splendid music and your favorite gadget for some memories

----- zwotens 06.12.11 10:48

The Verve Remixed Christmas album.

----- Brian 06.12.11 10:44

A bottle of homemade kahlua, misletoe, ipod touch and portable dock. Basically I bring the holiday spirit where ever I go.

----- Nate 06.12.11 10:09

My holiday party essential is a good martini in hand. Gotta keep it classy no matter what

----- Dahan C 06.12.11 09:41

My party essential is a plate of mouthwatering cheese and tart apples. Add some deep dark chocolate to lure people into great conversation!

----- Annie Rasmussen 06.12.11 08:27

A bottle of good alcohol and a Christmas sweater found at the local thrift shop.

----- Sid Law 06.12.11 08:10

My new bluetooth pocket printer is my new fun party trick. It prints little sticky photos from cellphone pictures, and it entertains young children, elderly relatives, and everyone in between pretty equally!

----- Jeremy 06.12.11 07:28

I don’t celebrate the religious aspects on of the holidays and I’m not really a shopper, I look for good long lasting things…I hate deal mongering and going to the mall….and over the years I have completely dropped out of Christmas, I have no decorations, I don’t buy anything and no one buys me anything and this is exactly the way I want it….simple. Though it doesn’t mean my holidays are empty… I do go to parties, eat chocolate, prepare a meal and drink wine….but I would say my holiday essential is simplicity. Nothing is fun if it is complex and needlessly fussy…..so SIMPLICITY is my holiday essential…

----- Shanell 06.12.11 07:24

great friends to party with!

----- melanie 06.12.11 07:01

The Charlie Brown Christmas album on vinyl!

----- Libby 06.12.11 06:42

Pie. Pie pie pie pie pie.

----- Irena 06.12.11 06:14

Headphones, alcohol and a good excuse to leave early (so I can go watch “White Christmas” at home!).

----- Grace 06.12.11 04:51

Easy, my thrift store Christmas sweater vest….BOOM!

----- Ben Bubar 06.12.11 04:31

With white panties, to bring peace. =)

----- Talita Escher Massola 06.12.11 02:48

Hipstamatic and Instagram iPhone apps

----- KARI 06.12.11 02:47

My holiday party essential is of course My Partner in Crime, the one that could leash a little bit of fun devil inside of me. And yes, our holiday is somebody’s doomsday. >:)

----- atmanto 06.12.11 02:08

my favorite dark-as-night black cashmere scarf as the perfect complement to a fun dress, and for coziness during the inevitable excursions to the roof!

----- tasa 06.12.11 01:12

I bring Bison Vodka & Apple Juice…Gets the people GOIN’!

----- Sam Foster 06.12.11 01:12

Somesort of gimmick to to distract people from actually interacting

----- Grant 05.12.11 23:33

My go-to holiday essential are heels with spikes on them, so I can lightly tap them against those who are stumbling all over the place wildly!

----- Tatiana 05.12.11 23:31


----- Michelle M 05.12.11 23:21

Awesome sparkly party dress

----- christi 05.12.11 22:55

My holiday party essential would have to be the wii Just Dance game!!

----- Leanne 05.12.11 22:34

My essentials: Belgian quadruple ale and a good camera

----- J.D. 05.12.11 22:21

I’d bring my Grandma - she’s a hoot. She’d rock the Jack Spade Tote like none other.

----- Kimi 05.12.11 22:13

Glühwein, cantuchini, my family and friends!

----- Agnes 05.12.11 22:10

A bag of salted cashew brittle for the host.

----- Fiona 05.12.11 21:43

I bring a good mood.

----- Daniel F 05.12.11 21:41

wearing my black pearl earrings

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

----- Louis 05.12.11 21:16

Jesus cookies

----- Chris Pritchard 05.12.11 20:42

I’m starting to like bringing my 3-year old to parties. Obviously, I can’t take her to the kind of party where everyone is getting fall-down drunk, but for the family friendly affair, she’s way more interesting than I am!

----- rich 05.12.11 20:38

Apples to Apples (the game) and a cider (the alcoholic kind), can’t have one without the other.

----- Nicole 05.12.11 20:35

My holiday party essential is a safe way to get home afterwards!

----- Lisa 05.12.11 20:32

Holiday party essential = Love ones

----- Selina Wong 05.12.11 20:19

night vision googles. everyone loves to go outside and use them at night

----- michael higdon 05.12.11 20:05

family, of course.they make you comfort and safe. even we don’t go anywhere or do anything in holiday, just sleep beside them is a very precious holiday for me

----- dafira 05.12.11 19:59


----- Carrie 05.12.11 19:49

My Canon dSLR camera to capture the good memories!

----- Emily 05.12.11 19:43

My holiday party essential are my friends and camera to catch their stupid moments :)

----- SARAH 05.12.11 19:42

Go to the thrift store and buy a colorful tie for a couple bucks. Usually you can find something a little bold, perfect for a party.

----- Roller 05.12.11 18:42

Enough money to pay for a cab home in case I drink too much.

----- greg 05.12.11 18:36

My friends! they makes life interesting ;)

----- Helen 05.12.11 18:33

Definitely a sweater.

----- Ben M. 05.12.11 18:20

My go to holiday party essential has to be my friends, without them things are never as much fun.

----- Gregory 05.12.11 17:32

Being single and drunk.

----- Kylito 05.12.11 17:29

A bottle of vodka, to help me survive.

----- Jacob Jones 05.12.11 17:07

my naked palette my K5

----- Jane 05.12.11 16:50

Bourbon balls.

----- Jim 05.12.11 16:49

My holiday party essential? Good friends, and a camera!

----- Marlo 05.12.11 16:43

Lipstick and rum

----- Cherie nelson 05.12.11 16:36

My holiday essential has to be myself. It’s not Christmas unless all your loved ones are there!

----- Darrell 05.12.11 16:32

The “go to holiday party essential” is my Holiday Spirit which is the shine of my light and the warmth of the party.

----- Wil 05.12.11 16:17

Alcoholic gummy bears— I’m definitely making them for the next holiday party I attend.

----- Molly 05.12.11 16:15

Some Christmas spirit!

----- Dan 05.12.11 16:02

An overkill of love for all those people who once missed out on unconditional love

----- may 05.12.11 16:00

my holiday party essential would be good cheer and a reindeer!

----- LEE 05.12.11 15:31

For the past few years I have always been the one to hold the Christmas Party, so in my case it would be my house, pretty essential at this time of year.

----- Jane 05.12.11 15:27

A big scarf (pagmina sp?) because it’s dressy and warm in those over-air-conditioned rooms.

----- katalia 05.12.11 15:00


----- Jack Frost 05.12.11 14:58

My holiday essential is a better phone!!

----- Brian 05.12.11 14:56

thick socks cause my hi tops have worn thin

----- brian casler 05.12.11 14:46

My holiday party essential is definitely mistletoe. Definitely gets people in the mood to enjoy the party and get others involved.

----- Tyler 05.12.11 14:32

home drinking my fathers wine!

----- Austin 05.12.11 14:13

My holiday essential is chinese food and a movie… merry christmas!

----- Michael 05.12.11 14:12

Holiday party essential, a big appetite yoooooooo.

----- Jacob T 05.12.11 14:03

Our holiday essential is Scotch ‘Gift Tape’ - it does everything from wrapping presents to hanging baubles!

----- Dan Gilmore 05.12.11 14:00

A bottle of Holiday Spice wine, friends, and a cute new outfit with matching bag.

----- Amy Fazan 05.12.11 13:59

eggnog & mistletoe!

----- dave k 05.12.11 13:47


----- Jenny B 05.12.11 13:47

My holiday party essentials are sunglasses and smoke grenades so you can escape unnoticed when the things inevitably go south.

----- Jevaun 05.12.11 13:43

my holiday essential is a great bottle of wine.

----- jean 05.12.11 13:31

A bottle of Rittenhouse Rye.

----- Joe 05.12.11 13:23

A steaming mug of wassel and a sprig of mistletoe

----- Robert 05.12.11 13:02

My party essential is a copy of “White Christmas” and a blanket to snuggle under.Bing Crosby puts everyone in the holiday mood.

----- Daphne 05.12.11 12:44

A camera is definitely my holiday party essential

----- Stephanie 05.12.11 12:44

My goto is my my Persol folding sunglasses. Keeps the glare off of all that snow.

----- Justin 05.12.11 12:33

good friends around and crazy inner vibes which shine through a smile and eyes

----- vitalija 05.12.11 12:30

The ultimate tacky sweater.

----- Abbie 05.12.11 12:25

at least two thematically appropriate playlists - one with upbeat, dancey tracks and one with mellow tracks perfect for being background noise to conversation as the party winds down.

----- Allie 05.12.11 11:50

A healthy liver, for sure.

----- Ryan Wampler 05.12.11 11:40

My essential? A shocking story from the past year! A good laugh is the best icebreaker when meeting new people.

----- Tara 05.12.11 11:37

My go-to party essential is extra socks. Inevitably, someone spills a drink on your stocking feet, which can really put a damper on the evening. The more colourful your socks, the better!

----- Luke 05.12.11 11:33

The old family tradition. A bottle of Port and a James Bond marathon

----- Fraser Marshall 05.12.11 11:28

Can’t have a holiday party without Grey Goose.

----- OscarMartinez 05.12.11 11:27

Party essential = fashion blogger arm party = all the bracelets I own, on one wrist.

----- Daisy 05.12.11 11:21

my party essential are my fantastic dance moves and camera!

----- Tim 05.12.11 11:19

Billy Cosby Style sweater!

----- Dan 05.12.11 11:19

My holiday party essential would be cookies and games but I have to be wearing my old pocket watch as a necklace to the party.

----- Erica 05.12.11 11:18

Spicy mulled wine

----- Michelle 05.12.11 11:14

My holiday party essential musts (besides the obvious like my camera) are holiday music and candles!

----- Jenny 05.12.11 11:10

My holiday party essential is a bottle of Baileys accompanied by chocolate swizzle sticks!

----- Sarah Bee 05.12.11 11:10

Almonds - they have protein, work at all times, and don’t get one’s hands greasy.

----- laura 05.12.11 11:10

This year? Sequins!

----- Monica 05.12.11 11:05

Awkward dancing! Family and friends will all appreciate it :)

----- Karin 05.12.11 11:01

Case of Great Lakes Christmas Ale, yum yum!

----- Chris 05.12.11 10:57


----- janete 05.12.11 10:48

My holiday party essential is a nice handmade gift. I love to give away ceramic goodies to my friends and family.

----- danielle 05.12.11 10:42

A holiday essential is an iPhone to pretend to get a call to go somewhere else!

----- Jason 05.12.11 10:39

A bottle JD and a pack of Lucky Strikes.

----- Randy 05.12.11 10:37

A deck of cards to play drinking games with. Everyone loves a reason to blow through booze at a holiday party.

----- vu 05.12.11 10:33

Glow bracelets! They are such a fun item to pull out of my purse, share, and is a great conversation starter. I always have a stash of them at home. Plus they are fun to twist around the bottom of your wine glasses for markers. Cheers!

----- Ash 05.12.11 10:33

Mulled wine FTW! God I love this time of year.

----- Jenn 05.12.11 10:32

Some wonderful christmas cookies and candies to eat!

----- Thu 05.12.11 10:25

iPod - It’s not a party without good music!

----- Mae 05.12.11 10:25

My iPhone, fully charged, with Instagram ready to capture the mistletoe moments.

----- Allen Morris 05.12.11 10:23

MY holiday party essential is a bottle of freezing cold Jaegermeister!

----- Erika 05.12.11 10:17

Bacon quiche with lots of onions, fresh from the oven whenever possible.

----- Linda 05.12.11 10:16

Why my Red Plaid Jacket and matching Bow Tie…of course!!

----- Ben 05.12.11 10:15

For the past 20 years I bake thousands of cookies that are eagerly awaited by friends and foes alike. I think I get invited to parties just to get to the cookies…

----- Christina Ward 05.12.11 10:12

I host a couple holiday get-togethers each year and my essential piece of kit is actually an old white, swivel-neck G4 iMac. Remember those? I load up a USB stick with old X-mas specials and movies and drag them onto the iMac. It takes days to do it (no USB 2 on this old-timer) but once they’re on there we’ll make a little video playlist and it transforms this relic into one of the best decorations in the house.

----- Ted 05.12.11 10:12


----- Cody 05.12.11 10:04

Holiday Cookies!! As long as they are baked with love, they make everyone happy!

----- Drew 05.12.11 10:02

great hand muddled cocktails

----- carly 05.12.11 09:58

Snow tires for my holidays on the road!

----- Eloisa 05.12.11 09:57

A Camera. Hands down the must have for any party.

----- Jamie 05.12.11 09:57


----- Maria 05.12.11 09:56

forgetfulness for all the everyday’s angers, stresses and troubles. if I can leave all of that behind the door when I go in to the party, it might be the perfect evening.

----- Stav 05.12.11 09:53

Alcohol is a must!

----- Wen 05.12.11 09:45

My German stainless steel flask!

----- Mikell Johnson 05.12.11 09:45

Can’t go to a holiday party with our your ‘arm candy’ to show off. Please note, I would swap mine for this Jack Spade bag - equally stunning and impressive and less of a lush.

----- Casey S. 05.12.11 09:40

A nice bottle of Malbec. Makes a good last minute gift or good for drinks with friends.

----- Justin H 05.12.11 09:37

My iPhone and INSTAGRAM!

----- Johan 05.12.11 09:31

Egg Nog, Rum, and good music.

----- Matt Peckham 05.12.11 09:25

holiday party essential: jurassic park theme remix ! nothing says the holidays like chef goldblum

----- Alex 05.12.11 09:23

that’ll be high heels. and flats in my purse for after the pics.

----- Laura 05.12.11 09:14

Ugly Christmas sweater!

----- Brian 05.12.11 09:09

Holiday party essentials: A good playlist with plenty of family and friends.

----- Johnny M. 05.12.11 09:08

Mucho mucho dinero haha :)

----- Ali 05.12.11 09:05

Besides my dancing skills, I like to bring a some homemade cocktails. Even if it’s relatively simple, it gives others some more options between beer beer lite beer or this wine i’ve had since Thanksgiving…

----- Erastos 05.12.11 09:04

the mini bear boyfriend :D for whom the cub spirithood is a must!

----- Walter Orellana 05.12.11 09:03

Polaroid…with plenty of film!

----- Sarah V. 05.12.11 09:01

Steve Mcqueen Barbour jacket.

----- PhilSebbens 05.12.11 08:51

Jack Spade me please!

----- Spammy77 05.12.11 08:51

Holiday party essential? Glitter shoes!

----- Tran Nguyen 05.12.11 08:50

An iPod or iPhone packed with my music so I can commandeer the playlist

----- John Norman 05.12.11 08:44

Fujifilm instant camera with plenty of film.. snap, keep and remember the fun!

----- T 05.12.11 08:41

Big smiles, big heart. :)

----- RyanYX 05.12.11 08:40

Bacon, lots and lots of Bacon

----- Gino V 05.12.11 08:32

Water and emergen-c on my bedside table to make the next morning less torturous.

----- Jenna 05.12.11 08:31

A tartan shawl collared tuxedo jacket and a winning smile.

----- Jim B 05.12.11 08:30

No holiday party is complete without a bottle of Makers 46. Unbelievably delicious!

----- Evan O 05.12.11 08:29

A iPod filled with Christmas music!

----- Roy 05.12.11 08:23

christmas lights for my minivan!

----- Karan 05.12.11 08:12

Badder Santa.

----- Andrew 05.12.11 08:09

i’d bring a little bit of merry-juana. keeps my jolly.

----- don p 05.12.11 08:06


----- Jason 05.12.11 08:04

A bottle of Kracken rum.

----- Chris Wilkinson 05.12.11 08:04

packable flats! my feet will kill from all the dancing and walking home shoeless is no bueno.

----- ChloeDee 05.12.11 08:00

definitely: presents!!!

----- maja 05.12.11 07:56

Gotta have a camera and a good bottle of wine on hands at all times!

----- David 05.12.11 07:56

My FACE! Haha. And a freaking delicious batch of spinach and artichoke dip that happens to be the best appetizer ever.

----- Kendra 05.12.11 07:47

Holiday party essentials for me: caramel upside-down cake with prunes, which is absolute hit for all my friends since i’ve found the recipe, good wine and my camera.

----- Kate 05.12.11 07:40

a stocked dessert table

----- candice 05.12.11 07:26

My polaroid :)

----- Alexandra 05.12.11 07:22

spiked punch

----- jenna 05.12.11 07:18

My warmest sweater.

----- Christina 05.12.11 07:11

A pillow and blanket for the over-night crash :)

----- kimberly 05.12.11 07:11

A cute coat!!! There’s nothing worse than getting all dolled up for a party and then realizing on your way out you should probably put that coat on even though it makes you look like a mint marshmallow.

----- Jessi 05.12.11 06:58

My Holiday essential is A huge carton of eggnog and spiced rum. Sante X1000!

----- Mackenzie Putici 05.12.11 06:58

My go-to holiday party essential is a case of home brewed beer! This season it’s a delicious Chocolate Honey Porter!

----- Jon Rees 05.12.11 06:58

My brownies! It’s a recipe I’ve been making since I was 12, and it doesn’t matter how many times people say they’re on a diet, those brownies disappear quite quick. And I always get another invite to a shindig. ;)

----- Ayla 05.12.11 06:56

Adding pomegranate seeds to guacamole will turn any holiday party into a holiday par-tay. It will also increase your chances of choking on a pomegranate seed.

----- Cole 05.12.11 06:56

A finely crafted cocktail.

----- Scott B 05.12.11 06:48

All I really need is great company. But a good wine makes it sparklier!

----- Johanna 05.12.11 06:45

A nice bottle of wine & a homemade dish or dessert for the hosts!

----- Kimberly M 05.12.11 06:44

I come with a fresh shave and cut—gotta look fresh! Oh and chocolate, a big bag of it.

----- eddie 05.12.11 06:34

My smile. ;)

----- Jasper 05.12.11 06:29

My Triple Aught Design Vanguard jacket, a modern Harrington jacket perfect for every occasion

----- Andy 05.12.11 06:26


----- Matt 05.12.11 06:26

Beer and cupcakes.

----- Evan remington 05.12.11 06:14

My Groucho glasses! Whatever shenanigans I get myself into, at least the photos can’t prove it was me!

----- Cesar 05.12.11 06:11

Just be myself and enjoy the fun!

----- Leslie 05.12.11 06:09

My go-to holiday party essential is a bottle of interesting wine. You can never arrive empty-handed, and there’s a bottle for every occasion.

----- Bill 05.12.11 05:33

Every year me and my family cut down a Christmas tree and once it’s lit and decorated the glow it gives off with a nice glass of wine or bourbon and card games.

----- Keith 05.12.11 05:27

A new recipe.

----- Sarah 05.12.11 05:11


----- Nick 05.12.11 05:10

Sex, design and rock’n roll …

----- Dorian 05.12.11 04:57

My iphone, for certain.

----- Maggie 05.12.11 04:54

my party essential has to be my awesome husband and his camera ( because i like have great pivctures of me)

----- Dagne 05.12.11 04:40

My holiday party essentials are wine, women and song … and maybe waterproof shoes for getting home in the snow!

----- Tony 05.12.11 04:39

Camera (to make fun videos afterwards) and great mood!

----- Anna 05.12.11 03:36

Ho and if there is just one essential to pick … music of course!

----- emma 05.12.11 03:07

Camera - Super cheeky mood - a bit of lip gloss - my friends - some snow (!) - a Xmas tree - loads of candles

----- Emma 05.12.11 03:05

My holiday party essential: good excuse to not kiss your aunt under the mistletoe.

----- K. 05.12.11 03:03

No Photos Please!

----- Steve 05.12.11 02:43

The essential things during the holidays aren’t things. But if i’d have to pick I’d go with the good gear to keep me warm during the in-between-diner walks through the snow and cold!

----- Tim 05.12.11 01:47

Always in good compagny

----- Julie 05.12.11 01:31

Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer and a bottle of scotch!

----- matteo 05.12.11 01:27

candy canes, hot chocolate, and baileys. I never leave home without a cane in my mouth and one in my pocket, and i never am home without a hot chocolate and baileys within my reach.

----- Dani Dirks 05.12.11 00:54

holiday essential? eggnog. with lots of nog

----- Kelvin Yu 05.12.11 00:41

Lots of delicious food!

----- Emily 05.12.11 00:16

Bottle of wine and a board game!

----- BoyJaime 05.12.11 00:12

champagne, egg nog, great music, lots of little finger food - my boyfriend and good friends around

----- Iarina 04.12.11 23:56

My favourite accompaniment is Lipstick Queen’s Red Sinner. A perfect red that really brings on the Holiday spirit.

----- Joanna 04.12.11 23:53

camera, big smile, happy mood, gifts for friend and realtives, christmas tales to be told to my niece and cousins. moreover, be yourself is the most essential part to enjoy the party! ^^

----- maria 04.12.11 23:49

My holiday party essential (well, pretty much all-party essential, but anyway) is a good scotch. That warm, fuzzy feeling is very important during this season, even when it is chemically induced.

----- Courtney 04.12.11 23:32

A nice warm cup of hot chocolate in hand seated by the fireplace.

----- Marshal 04.12.11 23:17

A bit of lip gloss and a big big smile!

----- Tamara b 04.12.11 23:07

Vodka soaked gummy bears!

----- Brennan Nicks 04.12.11 22:55

Adding pomegranate seeds to guacamole will turn any holiday party into a holiday par-tay. It will also increase your chances of choking on a pomegranate seed.

----- Cole 04.12.11 22:42

my holiday party essentials is a glass of holiday spiced wine, two bottles to spare, and friends to enjoy it with in front of a warm fire.

----- Amy Fazan 04.12.11 22:40

Lots and lots of holiday cheer.

----- Stephen 04.12.11 22:34

My closest circle of friends, of course!

----- Zaki 04.12.11 22:33

Music, friends, & a camera!

----- Ayumi 04.12.11 22:25

My wife, I wouldn’t have any fun without her…

----- Mihai V. 04.12.11 22:17

Booze booze booze and the perfect LBD.

----- Ruth 04.12.11 22:16

Stickon bows for instantly transforming friends to festive friends.

----- Colby 04.12.11 22:00

my F3!

----- viktoria papp 04.12.11 21:58

Good Music

----- Jia Hui 04.12.11 21:57

The most awfully awesome holiday sweater!

----- SETH 04.12.11 21:57

bubbles and cigarettes! put them together and you get smoke bubbles :P

----- lilian 04.12.11 21:56

Holiday parties can only be accomplished by having multiple essentials: food, alcohol, killer shoes and a great outfit.

----- Sharon 04.12.11 21:53

Party holiday essentials: an open heart with the courage to try everything and have fun!

----- Juven 04.12.11 21:53

Every party I attend must be accompanied with an assortment of shiny objects found on the way to the party. This bag would be great for a place to put the shiny objects.

----- Andrew Chau 04.12.11 21:49

A flask of whiskey!

----- Lacey 04.12.11 21:48

With friends: good champagne. With colleagues/family: a heaping portion of restraint.

----- Callum 04.12.11 21:37

Some kind of holiday dessert (apple pie, cookies) and my camera to capture everything!

----- JON WANG 04.12.11 21:25

“The” holiday essential fruit cake, southern comfort eggnog, and Grandma got run over by a reindeer playing in the background…ahhh good times!

----- carlisa 04.12.11 21:13

ginger beer.

----- jay panelomo 04.12.11 21:00

A cute outfit and presents!

----- Iris 04.12.11 21:00

A sixpack of artisanal ginger beer for me and the other non-alcohol-drinkers (and whoever can make a charming case for me to give them one for a Dark&Stormy), and my leather leg-holster for phone & credit card & keys.

----- Larisa Mann 04.12.11 20:57

The holiday essential has to be fill a lot of free stuff!!!
Free Hug
Free Beers
Free Cupcakes
Free Live band
Free Jack Spade Waxed Wool Flag Tote

----- Mellissa 04.12.11 20:51

My holiday party essential is a bottle of Tanqueray (can’t risk them not having my brand), preferably carried inside a beautiful bag that totally makes my outfit.

----- oscar hidalgo 04.12.11 20:50


----- Ryan J 04.12.11 20:50

My D7000. Always have to have to my camera on me!

----- Jason 04.12.11 20:33

Wedges to be comfortable the whole day and a camera to capture the moments.

----- Kate 04.12.11 20:32

MY essential is alcohol . i mean wine.

----- Joseph Sarti 04.12.11 20:21

Shopping list, wallet, passport, kindle fire, beats headphones, moleskin notepad, iphone, and japanese pens, and maybe vinyl toy.

----- Alexis 04.12.11 20:13

harmonica of course.

----- eliot 04.12.11 20:11

My ear filters. Never go to a party without them. I know safety’s boring but I appreciate my hearing.

----- Emily 04.12.11 20:08

My ear filters. I don’t really go to a party without them. I know, safety’s boring but I appreciate my hearing!

----- Emily 04.12.11 20:07

my holiday party essential is a purse that can hold all my stuff, but not be bulky!

----- amanda 04.12.11 20:01

A good cold weather brew for sure!

----- Aaron 04.12.11 19:50

My holiday party essential is my chain mail necklace.

----- Wehaf 04.12.11 19:46


----- Matt Ryan 04.12.11 19:42

Fondue, Gin & Tonics, a gift for the host, and the next day off.

----- Noelle 04.12.11 19:37

My black baseball cap.

----- Joe S 04.12.11 19:33

Time. You never seem to have enough of it, but it’s the best thing to give to the ones you love during the holidays.

----- Justin C. 04.12.11 19:26

My holiday party essential is the deep-rooted understanding that I must ask not what this party can do for me, but what I can do for this party.

----- Michael Levy 04.12.11 19:23

Beers and Cigarettes!

----- Thinh Le 04.12.11 19:16

Holiday party essential? Host(ess) gift for sure.

----- Mary 04.12.11 19:08

holiday party essential— ugly christmas sweater!

----- Rachel 04.12.11 19:07

Little black dress and fun head gear

----- Wolfie 04.12.11 19:06

A good dessert to share, a nice bottle of red wine, and a glittery top!

----- Nicole 04.12.11 19:02

My holiday party essential is a fireplace. Some say its outdated or it’s a waste of wood but the truth is without that cheery, cracking fire to warm the house up the holiday season just isn’t the same.

----- Patrick 04.12.11 18:57


----- jacob 04.12.11 18:49


----- Gaetan 04.12.11 18:37

A bar of Dark Chocolate.

----- Twinkle 04.12.11 18:37

My fiancé.

----- Paulo Gabriel 04.12.11 18:36

Simple… Hot Hard (spiked) Apple Cider!

----- Chris 04.12.11 18:36

Posi ‘tude.

----- John 04.12.11 18:29

My favorite IPA (Ranger for the moment)

----- Alex 04.12.11 18:27

My go to holiday party essential is family because spending any time with them is a holiday in itself. This will be my first Christmas away from home and more than anything I would bring my family, or go to them, for ultimate party essential! No holiday party is a party without the creepy uncle who gets a little too friendly, your nonstop worrying mother asking about your entire life since you’ve been gone and the time you spend cracking jokes, about your weird but somehow amazing family, with your siblings long past the time when everyone has left

----- Natalie M 04.12.11 18:26

My holiday party essential is my wingman LOLOL Two is always better than one

----- Juliana 04.12.11 18:25

My holiday party essential is a bottle of champagne!

----- Christina 04.12.11 18:23

My Holiday Essential is my calm presence. At this time of year especially, it is so easy to get caught up in the stress and material chaos of the season. Being calm and present helps not only with my sanity, but others’ sanity as well.

----- Jessie 04.12.11 18:22

A white elephant!

----- Matt 04.12.11 18:21

Muppet Christmas Carol or corresponding Buffy Christmas episode!

----- Greg Weaver 04.12.11 18:21

My holiday party is a North face windwall2 jacket

----- Jason 04.12.11 18:01

Including as an holiday essential, my Iphone 4 is always essential in any occasion :) And it would feel even lovier in such a cool bag!

----- Careolyn 04.12.11 17:52

A warm bed ( with new sheets), my kitties and a good book - holiday done!

----- Tim 04.12.11 17:52

My date! :]

----- Steph 04.12.11 17:51

Has to be a silk bow-tie

----- Derik S 04.12.11 17:36

Bow tie. Best way to stay classy and unique at any Christmas party.

----- Philip 04.12.11 17:32

mascara,lipstick for touch-ups and my camera!

----- sindy murray 04.12.11 17:25

My party essential will be 1 bottle of red wine, some cheese and some crackers. Which will fit nicely in this jackspade. =)

----- Joshua Lim 04.12.11 17:25

My wife…she’s the social one :-)

----- Almin 04.12.11 17:17

Q: your go to holiday party essential?
A: my iPod! share some of my favorite music with others :)

----- Ria 04.12.11 17:16

My holiday party essential are great friends

----- trinh 04.12.11 17:13


----- Dave 04.12.11 17:12

food wise - my go to holiday party essential would be my grandfather’s rich hot chocolate recipe. He only makes it in the holidays and it always makes me feel that it really truly is Christmas when I drink that cup of deliciousness. Then of course, what I think is essential for a holiday party is have a lot of to-go boxes for my big family, so they can take leftovers for home.

and of course, it’s not a party without games. so holiday themed games is a must! PLUS my camera so I can take pictures of EVERYTHING!

----- Francis 04.12.11 17:11

Patience, love, and good cheer.
And a great microbrew.

----- lex 04.12.11 17:08

Holiday essential has got to be vodka

----- Kevin 04.12.11 17:06

Santa Hats, duh. It’s not a holiday party without them!

----- Alex Haas 04.12.11 17:05

My holiday party essential has to be my D90!!!

----- Richard 04.12.11 17:02

My holiday party essential is a mistletoe! Gotta keep things exciting.

----- Angela Nguyen 04.12.11 16:59

Apple cider and maker’s mark.

----- Clayton Dodd 04.12.11 16:58


----- Diana 04.12.11 16:57

Sparkling wine and sparkling wit.

----- Mel 04.12.11 16:56

A great pair of tights- I can wear the clothes I want without freezing!

----- Betsy 04.12.11 16:56

A nice bottle of wine.

----- Stacy B. 04.12.11 16:55

I think cheerful music is the perfect holiday party essential!

----- kathryn 04.12.11 16:43

fabulous music.

----- Allen 04.12.11 16:43

A shiny pair of heels :)

----- Kristie 04.12.11 16:38

My finest Christmas sweater.

----- Jon 04.12.11 16:34


----- Yoshio 04.12.11 16:31

My holiday essential is a smile and lots of hugs to give out to all my friends.

----- Jane 04.12.11 16:30

A bottle of nice, but not cheap, red wine.

----- range 04.12.11 16:22

Good food cooked by someone else.

----- Alice 04.12.11 16:20

Velvet Blazer.

----- Spencer 04.12.11 16:20

Holiday essentials: my guitar and family.

----- Jonathan 04.12.11 16:17

My iPod full of music playlists!

----- SK 04.12.11 16:03

friends - you can’t have a party alone!

----- Monika 04.12.11 16:02

MY essential is always a bottle of whiskey!

----- Devin Vermeulen 04.12.11 15:58

Some good drinks and dessert would be all I need!

----- Jen D 04.12.11 15:58

Disposable Camera(s) to be left at the Host’s after it’s all used up.

----- Kane 04.12.11 15:56

A bottle of single malt scotch and my honey

----- ushka shakhnis 04.12.11 15:55

Gotta have that Patron

----- Robert Fielder 04.12.11 15:55

An excuse to leave early… just in case.

----- Allison 04.12.11 15:54

Holiday party essentials: Canton ginger liqueur and good stories!

----- Daniel 04.12.11 15:51


----- John S 04.12.11 15:50

a camera & some cranberry vodka

----- Crystal 04.12.11 15:49

Bourbon, silly holidaze socks, a smile, and bright red cheeks!

----- Ethan 04.12.11 15:45

Family and friends of course, but a holiday party essential…. a strong eggnog, irish coffee, or hot tottie with Amaretto, Southern Comfort, brandy, or alcohol of your choice!

----- Harlem 04.12.11 15:45

Definitely a spare pair of stockings and some bandaides!

----- Kat 04.12.11 15:45

Holiday party essential: my smile and comfortable clothes :)

----- Sharon 04.12.11 15:45

My holiday party essentials: Bottle of Baileys or a box of Richard chocolates for the host/hostess. Bag big enough to store an extra pair of socks or flats for when my feet be aching!

----- Jennifer 04.12.11 15:43

I agree with Ronan that snow is a holiday party essential. Unfortunately the weather doesn’t always agree. So I bring a pair of scissors for when my friends and I decide it’s time to make paper snowflakes. (And yes, this has happened at enough holiday parties that it’s an essential the scissors be brought to the party, preferably in an awesome tote.)

----- Sarah 04.12.11 15:34

wear your nicest underwear!

----- Amy M 04.12.11 15:31

My holiday essential: My boyfriend (Nick) and a fuzzy blanket.

----- Kaitlynn 04.12.11 15:30

My party essential is a bottle of wine and an exit plan in case of boredom.

----- Kaylia 04.12.11 15:24


----- Megan 04.12.11 15:24

Anything that has my name on the gift tag hehe ;)

----- nikki 04.12.11 15:10

warm snow boots for the walk home!

----- Sarah 04.12.11 15:09

A carton of eggnog, a good book, and a warm bed with lots of blankets!

----- Emily Clark 04.12.11 15:06

Eggnog, a good book, and a comfy bed with lots of blankets!

----- Emily Clark 04.12.11 15:05

my camera - to capture all the memories! it never leaves my side anyway :P

----- minnow 04.12.11 15:03

I shall bring my lofty ideals and scurrilous opinions…and a bottle of Pimms No. 1…

----- Valiant 04.12.11 15:02

My holiday essential is a safe word. I get dragged along to all sorts of trite parties by my partner. We always settle on a safe word before we leave, so we can scram if one of us is feeling uncomfortable/awkward/bored/annoyed/hungry/drunk/tired/horny.

----- Samantha 04.12.11 14:54

My holiday essential are home made pecan pralines. Simple and yummy.

----- Adrianne 04.12.11 14:53

Good beer!

----- Tom V 04.12.11 14:53

A designated friend to grab cell phone in case of imminent drunk texting.

----- Scott 04.12.11 14:48

An address book to note phone numbers of all the interesting people I meet!

----- Michal 04.12.11 14:48

That’s easy! An extra pair of underwear in your purse. Because YOU NEVER KNOW. Hahaha. Actually, that’s gross, sorry. A pair of comfortable shoes to change into when your heels start hurting!

----- Lorien 04.12.11 14:47

Not to be unoriginal, but yes, alcohol. Copious amounts of alcohol.

----- Meghan 04.12.11 14:46

My go to holiday party essential is definitely a designated driver!

----- Victor 04.12.11 14:43


----- Yuri Martins 04.12.11 14:40

A Camera and a Bowtie. Because, bowties are cool.

----- Arthur Li 04.12.11 14:40


----- Geoff 04.12.11 14:33

A bottle of sparkling red wine and 12-hour sleep after.

----- Helen Soke 04.12.11 14:31

Rum cider and my camera. This bag is incredible!

----- Pete 04.12.11 14:28

Holiday party essentials is some sort of food offering. Cheese/crackers, homemade cookies or muffins, etc. At least I know I have SOMETHING to eat. Just in case.

----- Jamie Grace-Duff 04.12.11 14:21

a pack of breathmints.

----- Kristen 04.12.11 14:19

A bottle of wine and good conversation.

----- Stephanie 04.12.11 14:08

My holiday part essential is my favorite v-neck sweater, it goes with pretty much everything. And I’m thinking this bag would look perfect with it.

----- Jay B. 04.12.11 14:01

camera! for all the great moments!

----- michelle 04.12.11 13:59

goodwill towards men

----- Marie 04.12.11 13:56

What’s essential for any holiday party? Good company!

----- Olympia 04.12.11 13:54

love this gift so bad, hopefully i can get it, it is so cool,man

----- qiang huang 04.12.11 13:51

Tinsel for sure. not only is it a holiday multi-tasker (trees, center pieces, ribbons, hair ties ect.) but there is something wonderful picking it out of the vacuum in June, and remembering all the yuletide cheer:)

----- Heather L 04.12.11 13:42

A few hanks of different coloured paracord so I can sit and put sinnets on the zipper pulls of peoples bags for them while we chat.

----- Thomas 04.12.11 13:42

My significant other that’s for sure!

----- Jacky Leung 04.12.11 13:42

A glass of wine and a slow dance

----- martina 04.12.11 13:41

favorite holiday party essential: eggnog!

----- kaylee 04.12.11 13:40

An elephant

----- Adamvv 04.12.11 13:39

An empty tummy to put all the yummy party food in!

----- Kaeo 04.12.11 13:37

My red Y-fronts.

----- Orestes 04.12.11 13:36

My go to is a ridiculous fair-island christmas sweater that I got some years ago. Its gaudy but still fairly stylish

----- Alex 04.12.11 13:36

An big empty tummy to put all the party food in!

----- Kaeo 04.12.11 13:36

close friends

----- Brenda 04.12.11 13:33

Hoodie. A gangsta-street hoodie. Warm and cozy.

----- Adam Edwards 04.12.11 13:30

Party essential: Campari!

----- Nir Tober 04.12.11 13:29

Gaffa tape. Fixes anything, and might as well save some x-mas emergencies!

----- Victor 04.12.11 13:28

My holiday party essential is a hot cup of Bailey’s hot cocoa!

----- Natalie 04.12.11 13:15

family & friends

----- alice 04.12.11 13:15

Proper attitude will do the magic.

----- Przemek 04.12.11 13:13

Inside Out Champagne Glasses

----- Blake 04.12.11 13:13

my part essential is shiny / blingy rings! always an eye catcher!

----- Natalie Kay 04.12.11 13:11

My holiday party essential? Probably home baked cookies :)

----- Jessica J. 04.12.11 13:08

Gotta be the camera!

----- Clarence 04.12.11 13:08

Holiday party essential…a cheerful attitude, nothing beats that!

----- Randahl 04.12.11 13:06

Definitely eggnog.

----- Michael 04.12.11 13:01

Dress Shirt and Jeans. Simplicity.

----- Collin Banko 04.12.11 12:56

Everything else falls away as long as you’re in the company of family and friends. They’re my holiday party essential.

----- Calvin 04.12.11 12:50

A pineapple

----- Tom 04.12.11 12:46

Peewee’s Playhouse Christmas Special video

----- A.V. 04.12.11 12:44

a bottle of wine

----- Jennifer 04.12.11 12:43

With all the snow and Christmas parties, you can’t leave the house without your Swims slip-ons!

----- philip gundersen 04.12.11 12:43

an extra pair of nylons

----- Mindy H 04.12.11 12:36

Bacon, somehow gatherings with my friends just aren’t the same unless we have bacon.

----- Christine 04.12.11 12:36

A couple of Mini Grey Goose in my pocket.

----- Brenner 04.12.11 12:30

During holiday party hopping you have to remember the four C’s.
- Camera
- Cocktails
- Condoms
- Cars keys left at home.

----- Vinnie 04.12.11 12:29

gin and tonic!

----- Mike 04.12.11 12:29

A bottle of wine and a cute little handmade gift for the host

----- Ollie 04.12.11 12:28

Big dinners with my family!

----- Gretchen 04.12.11 12:21

Mulled wine & anything that sparkles!

----- Heidi 04.12.11 12:19

A well-swept Persian carpet, because by the time we’ve sabred 32 bottles of champagne, eaten all the stuffed mushrooms and cold pea soup and cheese straws, danced all the bobby-purify-nameless-bluegrass-daft-punk dances, I’m going to be walking on someone or another’s back.

----- Christine 04.12.11 12:17

Party essential for the Australian summer holiday season is a swim suit (‘swimmers”) - nothing clears the head like a dip in the pool or a plunge in the surf after a hard days night. Look great while feeling like crap.

----- Lisa McKenzie 04.12.11 12:16

Killer shoes. I always feel more in partying mood if I have some new shoes

----- Cyn 04.12.11 12:15


----- James 04.12.11 12:15

A great playlist on the iPod

----- Tris 04.12.11 12:14

Holiday party essential: my camera, Hendrick’s gin, a christmas playlist, and obviously my friends!

----- Yolanda Hernandez 04.12.11 12:13

My holiday party essential is the perfect red lipstick :-)

----- Domi 04.12.11 12:09

You can’t go wrong with a bourbon and honey infused hot toddy and cinnamon stick to stir.

----- Aaron 04.12.11 12:07

Home made goodies for the host/hostess

----- jon 04.12.11 12:06


----- Speck 04.12.11 12:06

My holiday essential is some super glue because something ALWAYS breaks.

----- Robert Queton 04.12.11 12:05

a polariod camera!

----- Darren 04.12.11 12:02

My holiday party essential is stromboli. My family loves it.

----- Chloe 04.12.11 11:50

vodka infused gummi bears!

----- steven 04.12.11 11:48

My holiday party essential is my damn camera 0_0 !

----- nazaury Delgado 04.12.11 11:44

60’s holiday classics, eggnog, and the yule log on loop on my iMac.

----- andrew 04.12.11 11:44


----- Levi montez 04.12.11 11:43

Alcohol! To help me survive the family members that annoy me, and celebrate with the ones I love

----- Will 04.12.11 11:42

Friends happen to be invaluable at parties!

----- Kylene 04.12.11 11:42

Secret stash gingerbread cookies and booze. And pants. And a scarf. And a hat. “I get specific, ‘cause my [holidays] are that vivid”

----- William 04.12.11 11:42

I like to bring my pet mountain lion… and eggnog.

----- Zach 04.12.11 11:41

No holiday outfit is complete without the perfect scarf. I’m shocked no one has said that yet. It can be cozy, fashionable, can make (or break!) an outfit, and reminds people that hey, baby its cold outside and the holidays are upon us. I’d never show up to any festivities without one around my neck~

----- Brandon 04.12.11 11:39

Definitely a great pair of comfortable, stylish shoes. I always feel like I spent twice as much time on my feet during the holidays—at parties, shopping for gifts, whatever. I’ve got to be comfortable, but I love holiday parties for the fabulous clothes—so a great pair of shoes that can get me and my feet through the season are essential. Right now I’m counting on a fantastic pair of ankle boots that go with everything from jeans and a sweater to a fitted suit.

----- JC Grant 04.12.11 11:35

I’m Swedish so no holiday party is complete without Glögg (mulled wine). Glögg is seriously Christmas reincarnated as an alcoholic drink!!!!! God Jul and hopefully skål!

----- Kayla Case 04.12.11 11:34

My holiday party absolutely needs games, in specific a great party game; like Say Anything.

----- Jennifer 04.12.11 11:29

Thermal longpants - for sure! It’s cold in London.

----- Simon 04.12.11 11:29

Mulled wine or hard cider!

----- Jason 04.12.11 11:29

A lovely gift for the host.

----- Krista 04.12.11 11:27

Elvis Presley’s Christmas album, there can’t be a holiday party without the King.

----- Joyce 04.12.11 11:25

Fuck Parties.

----- Spencer Lindstrom 04.12.11 11:24

I think my holiday essential is my family, and a good attitude.

----- Angus Macmillan 04.12.11 11:23

Home made bacon mac&cheese, cause anytime is a good time for that

----- Jeremy 04.12.11 11:16

ME! I’m kinda awesome. A nice bottle of red for the host/ess is also a good accompaniment.

----- Momoko 04.12.11 11:14

Absolute vodka….it makes anything cheerier and comes in tons of flavors + my SLR camera = Drunken party fun and pictures they’ll either love or regret the next day.

----- MIchael Senkow 04.12.11 11:13

keyboard cat shirt + old man cardigan of course

----- Patrick 04.12.11 11:11

A good bottle of bubbly.

----- Kathy R 04.12.11 11:00

Home-made apple crumble bars! Always a crowd pleaser ;P

----- Rahni W. 04.12.11 10:58

My film camera is an essential for everything.

----- Holly 04.12.11 10:57

My party essential is homemade soda! It’s fun to make and people are sort of fascinated by it. (And I would LOVE to carry it in this bag!

----- Liz 04.12.11 10:53

Something I made. I love going out looking great and knowing I actually contributed to the look, instead of just buying it all.

----- Rachel Bain 04.12.11 10:50

Hip flask

----- John 04.12.11 10:42

Door gifts! If I’m hosting :) Little party favours, from sweets for the kids to mini fruitcakes and even discretely wrapped condoms for an all-nighter-just-in-case :) If I’m attending, gum! Helps keep the breath fresh all night :)

----- Ellen Bautista 04.12.11 10:41

a goofy smile and money for the taxi home =)

----- Liv 04.12.11 10:39

home made waffles would be the beauties to bring.

----- martins 04.12.11 10:38

The John Denver Muppet Christmas album on vinyl. Perfect!

----- Sarah 04.12.11 10:36

Hot chocolate and peppermint snaps

----- Nick Robles 04.12.11 10:35


----- Ian Adams 04.12.11 10:35

The girlfriend, of course =)

----- Mark 04.12.11 10:30

a baby. every part needs a baby.

----- Leif Miltenberger 04.12.11 10:29

Yule log. And a good exit strategy.

----- Zack 04.12.11 10:26

Simple but strong: A kiss.

----- Chris 04.12.11 10:24

my holiday essential is a great bottle of wine. right now i’m drinking rhone varietals from a variety of locations; spain, france, california, arizona.

----- brian 04.12.11 10:22


----- rey 04.12.11 10:21

Has to be The Squirrel Nut Zipper’s Christmas Album. Nothing says Christmas like Olde Tyme Grandpa on a scratchy gramophone.

----- Tim Driscoll 04.12.11 10:20

Flask of Bulleit and a good haircut.

----- Brandon 04.12.11 10:18

Lots of pies and ugly sweaters

----- Michael Huynh 04.12.11 10:14

My holiday essential is the Jack Spade Waxed Wool Flag Tote. That tote looks magnificent.

----- Shawn 04.12.11 10:10

home-made cookies! it works for any party: with family, friends, classmates, or co-workers, etc…

----- Pamela W. 04.12.11 10:04

A Christmas sweater, preferably with as many cats as possible.

----- TQ 04.12.11 09:59

Hip flask!

----- Daniel 04.12.11 09:55

My go to holiday essential is a nice haircut. Nothing makes me feel fresher and ready to meet and greet than a clean shave and fresh trim.

----- Juan C Soriano 04.12.11 09:48

Shoes that are fun to look at, in case things get embarrassing and I have to look down for quite some time.

----- Jon 04.12.11 09:43

The Ventures Christmas album and a well made cocktail.

----- Robert W. 04.12.11 09:41

This bag! Give it.

----- Daimian 04.12.11 09:37


----- Quinn 04.12.11 09:35

a stiff drink and comfy clothes

----- Matt 04.12.11 09:34


----- Sarah 04.12.11 09:32

A great cup of Glögg (mulled wine)

----- Bartal Djurhuus 04.12.11 09:30

Extra pair of underwear

----- Michael Simon 04.12.11 09:20

Mulled cider and gingerbread cookies.

----- Dustin 04.12.11 09:19

Apart from good food, bottomless drinks and great music surrounded by people who can exchange with my ideas agreeably, an extra t-shirt and prescribed medication would come in handy.

----- NY 04.12.11 09:16

Hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps— perfect winter drink!

----- Christina 04.12.11 09:10

Got to agree with cookies!

----- hanna 04.12.11 09:10

The Get Easy! Christmas collection (Soul and jazz greats play original selections and renditions of xmas classics). Because Jesus was black.

----- Dion 04.12.11 09:09

Lots of strong, warm punch!

----- tiffany 04.12.11 09:07

Moustache wax. How else will people know you’re ready for action?

----- Andy 04.12.11 09:06

shortbread and apple juice!

----- Will 04.12.11 09:03

My go-to holiday essential is a camera.

----- Geek in Heels 04.12.11 09:02

A camera and a martini.

----- Tash 04.12.11 09:00

smoked salmon, oysters, champagne, ferrero rocher, and a spliff
couldnt chose just one

----- Tib 04.12.11 08:59

I’m going to spend fun time with family

----- Lyudmila 04.12.11 08:57

Wanting to get to know people. Listening. Everything else is just an accessory.

----- Flo 04.12.11 08:56

Spiked eggnog, for sure!

----- Amber 04.12.11 08:53

my holiday party essential has to be a good pair of shoes

----- catu 04.12.11 08:53

A multipurpose corkscrew. Gotta help out with the stubborn wine corks, beer caps, and impossibly stuck labels.

----- Mikaela 04.12.11 08:51


----- alicia 04.12.11 08:46

Good cheer! Happy holidays everyone!

----- Ted 04.12.11 08:45


----- James 04.12.11 08:43

A thick Christmas-y sweater (it’s cold here in Ottawa!), and/or a nice festive porter or ale!

----- Isaac Vallentin 04.12.11 08:42

It’s not a holiday party without mistletoe…Unless it’s a family party, in which case, leave it at home!

----- Tony 04.12.11 08:41

Wow, that’s a gorgeous bag. Perfect for a graphic designer like myself.

----- Laura Wattles 04.12.11 08:36


----- Liz 04.12.11 08:35

My grandma’s Danish pastry. It ensures I get a warm welcome :)

----- Clementine 04.12.11 08:26

I bring along a game or backup fun activity just in case the party starts to die down a bit but the night is still young.

----- Vinny 04.12.11 08:26

My holiday party essential is a flask to keep me warm.

----- kristin 04.12.11 08:23

Lagavulin 16 Year

----- Richard Kim 04.12.11 08:14

Vegan pumpkin muffins.

----- Anders 04.12.11 08:12

Some tums for all the liquor, food, and fun!

----- Anne 04.12.11 08:10

Definitely music! You gotta set the mode! :) Mistletoe, good second place choice ;)

----- Riley Spiller 04.12.11 08:09


----- Marc 04.12.11 08:03

First and foremost, good company of my boyfriend and/or friends, combined with my tiny old Olympus XA2 camera (w/o flash) for candid shots. Dressed well, but suitable for the purpose (overdressed is sometimes a bad choice).

----- Chris 04.12.11 08:03

Citrine [my birthstone] teardrop necklace that my mother gave me—always reminds me of my family.

----- Julie 04.12.11 08:01

Holiday Essential: My Crockett & Jones Bradfords

----- Sean 04.12.11 07:55

Eggnog (with just a touch of bourbon) ;)

----- Ian S. 04.12.11 07:50

all I need is my beautiful wife on my arm! :)

----- Steve 04.12.11 07:49

Tartan wool bowtie, yo. It’s the reason for the season.

----- Chris Jennings 04.12.11 07:48


----- Leslie 04.12.11 07:46

Comfortable party shoes. I have one particular pair of great heels that I can wear for hours and hours, drunk or sober. They’re beautiful, never fail to get compliments, and most importantly, I’ve always still got them on at the end of the party, ages after all the other heel-wearers have kicked theirs off. I like to end the night looking as good as I did at the beginning.

----- Josephine 04.12.11 07:45

good food and company - tis the season to feast with friends and family!

----- d 04.12.11 07:45

Emergency alcohol. Necessary to get through work and family parties.

----- neonsocks 04.12.11 07:44

Good friends! Without them, nothing else in the world will make a good party!

----- Mike 04.12.11 07:44

When requested: my cheesecake. Because everyone needs some delicious dessert.

----- Paul M. 04.12.11 07:43

Hold Me Now

----- Catherine 04.12.11 07:42

Parking myself under the mistletoe!

----- black_cloud 04.12.11 07:42

My holiday essential? Family and friends!

----- Yenn 04.12.11 07:41

Eggnog. It’s not the holidays without it.

----- Lara 04.12.11 07:39

My holiday party essential is with my dog and my favourite film.

----- Gianluca 04.12.11 07:36

glass of wine

----- Allison 04.12.11 07:36

My go holiday party essential? Confidence! When you feel great, you look great and there’s no better way (or reason) to celebrate !!! :)

----- Diana 04.12.11 07:32

Christmas carol sing along cd and lyrics book

----- Seth 04.12.11 07:32

My holiday party essential: an extremely happy holiday mood accompanied with a big happy smile.

----- CJ 04.12.11 07:31

My homemade white chocolate and raspberry mousse torte.

----- Tom 04.12.11 07:29

camera is a must, to cupture all the fun!

----- yariv 04.12.11 07:29

limoncello and sugar cookies!

----- Sandra 04.12.11 07:28

No holiday is complete without some quality time spent in a christmas sweater sipping on a snifter of brandy… Simply divine

----- craig v 04.12.11 07:26

A bottle of bourbon to share with friends

----- Kathryn 04.12.11 07:23

My holiday party essential are sparkly shoes. Can’t go wrong with a little sparkle!

----- Sara P. 04.12.11 07:23

Snow is essential!

----- Ronan 04.12.11 07:19

My holiday party essential has to be tasteful single malt stcotch!

----- J-F 04.12.11 07:18

Holidy Party essential - Champagne cocktail

----- Michael P 04.12.11 07:17

A glass of mulled wine.

----- Ed 04.12.11 07:17


----- dylan 04.12.11 07:17

Sexy Red Lips.

----- Melissa 04.12.11 07:15

The ultimate holiday essential: your loved ones… sitting around a table with good food and a few bottles of wine!

----- Ann 04.12.11 07:10

My iPhone for live-tweeting of said party.

----- Andy 04.12.11 07:03

What else but a Santa hat? The perfect (yet least recognized) party essential ever.

----- Gary 04.12.11 07:00

Deffinately my camera. No greater opportunity for honest candid photos than a party.

----- Jamie 04.12.11 06:57

a sparkly holiday dress, of course!

----- lisa 04.12.11 06:55

It isn’t a holiday party without a homemade Yule log! (Mulled wine is a close second)

----- B. Fuss 04.12.11 06:54

My party essential is lots of cheap toys (pop guns, paddle ball, foam swords, etc) - I wrap them up and give ‘em out. Doesn’t matter who gets what -they work great as ice breakers when a party starts to hit a low point!

----- Lindsey 04.12.11 06:51

A bad cold and a warm blanket, so I can stay in bed and watch non-holiday movies.

----- Laura Z. 04.12.11 06:48

My holiday party essential is relaxing and having fun with loved ones

----- J_Walrus 04.12.11 06:46

My holiday party essential is a nice yummy cocktail or two to help me deal with my crazy family & friends !

----- April 04.12.11 06:35

A Towel.

“A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. Partly it has great practical value - you can wrap it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta; you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V, inhaling the heady sea vapours; you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon; use it to sail a mini raft down the slow heavy river Moth; wet it for use in hand-to- hand-combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes or to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (a mindboggingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can’t see it, it can’t see you - daft as a bush, but very ravenous); you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough.

More importantly, a towel has immense psychological value. For some reason, if a strag (strag: non-hitch hiker) discovers that a hitch hiker has his towel with him, he will automatically assume that he is also in possession of a toothbrush, face flannel, soap, tin of biscuits, flask, compass, map, ball of string, gnat spray, wet weather gear, space suit etc., etc. Furthermore, the strag will then happily lend the hitch hiker any of these or a dozen other items that the hitch hiker might accidentally have “lost”. What the strag will think is that any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is is clearly a man to be reckoned with.”

- Douglas Adams, Hitchikers Guide the the Galaxy (RIP)

----- colin Schless 04.12.11 06:34

My holiday party essential: Hostess/Host gift.

----- Kelsey Johnston 04.12.11 06:33

Nothing more essential than a good time!

----- Jo 04.12.11 06:31

My go to holiday party essential is the music of the lovely Billie Holiday. Perfect for any mood.

----- Morganne 04.12.11 06:30


----- laszlo dobrovolszki 04.12.11 06:30

It’s not a party unless I’m sporting my 100% genuine circa 1984 faux polyester “Santa(r) et all” Christmas tie!

Merry Christmas!

----- Erik 04.12.11 06:26

some nice music on the ipod !

----- Hon-Tan 04.12.11 06:20

sugar, in some form, preferably mixed with butter.

----- Stephanie 04.12.11 06:19

Booze, lot’s and lot’s of booze.

----- Daniel 04.12.11 06:15

My holiday party essential is white wine usually yellowtail in the big azz size of course

----- Victor 04.12.11 06:09

Flask of Jameson.

----- Evan 04.12.11 06:06

A flask of vodka.

----- Sung 04.12.11 06:06

My holiday party essential is a bowl of mulled wine or wassail. Whether I’m hosting or bringing, it’s a lovely addition.

----- Taylor Black 04.12.11 06:00

i always try to bring a sincere smile with me! ;)

----- Liisa 04.12.11 05:56

My holiday party essential is surprising others: what really makes me happy is seeing happiness in people I love. This doesn’t mean big and expensive gifts, but giving each person something they really need and desire…

----- FEDERICA 04.12.11 05:44

i would take my camera and film.

----- Sina Vodjdani 04.12.11 05:34

My holiday party essential is an empty stomach.. can’t wait for a few amazing home cooked meals!

----- JANE 04.12.11 05:32

Mywife is my party essential!

----- Elliott 04.12.11 05:30

My holiday party essential is Rum …it goes great with Egg Nog!

----- Russ McIntosh 04.12.11 05:27

My holiday party essential is definitely layers of clothing. It’s the only time of year in the south when you can really bask in layering!

----- Cianan 04.12.11 05:25

My holiday party essential is getting tipsy before going to the party so i can look like i enjoy being there

----- canan 04.12.11 05:22

my holiday party essential is getting tipsy before going to the party and so that i can look like i enjoy being there.

----- canan 04.12.11 05:20

Easy~ Fuji Instax camera. Everyone wants to pose for a picture.

----- Sharon 04.12.11 05:20

My holiday party essential? Roll of duct tape: savior of many a wardrobe malfunction and dull moments.

----- Sarah 04.12.11 05:17

Oh yeah that would be nice for all my camera gear. Leica worthy.

----- Christian 04.12.11 05:10

My holiday party essential is a bag full of creativity to inspire my self and succeed in the next very difficult year!

----- Rui 04.12.11 05:10

Holiday party essential is to my opinion good spirit. Holidays are to socialize, have fun and enjoy being surrounded by friends and family…

----- ken 04.12.11 04:52

Holiday party essential: loose pants. (so I can eat like a pig) :-)

----- ANNA 04.12.11 04:45

My essential is music. I’m always the person who does the music at parties.

----- Teresa 04.12.11 04:45

My holiday party essential is my chapstick.

----- Alicia 04.12.11 04:43

Holiday party essential - got to have a friend you can conspire to leave with

----- Chris 04.12.11 04:41

Good cheese, though it is kind of a general life essential for me.

----- Wm. 04.12.11 04:36

My holiday party essential , is ME MISELF AND I.
because the holiday party are very difficult and I use a different approach … Or personality !!! To be a SOCIAL person
But in the bag I have a good book ! Only if the party are no fun ( ^__^)

----- Gianfranco 04.12.11 04:26

My holiday party essential is my Canon 50D. I take pictures of just about everything!

----- Rebecca 04.12.11 04:18

Definitely my camera! I’m a shutterbug around the holidays!

----- Giant Sis 04.12.11 04:16

My go to holiday party essential is my iphone - it has everything I need: camera, music playlist, and directions if you need to move on because the party stinks…

----- Lena 04.12.11 03:59


----- Hans 04.12.11 03:58

My holiday party essential is a nice corner to hide in.

----- Ginger 04.12.11 03:50

A super duper ‘shut-up and dance’ playlist ready to go, accompanied by a bottle of good bourbon such as Bulleit or Bookers with an amazing old fashioned recipe that has a secret ingredient.
(which I will tell you even if you don’t pick me)

----- Lish 04.12.11 03:42

I like to turn up early and bring some headphones for if the music is awful.

----- Ben 04.12.11 03:35

my holiday party essential HAS to be my camera!

----- Ashley 04.12.11 03:35

My holiday party essential has to be my boyfriend, Ben x

----- Craig 04.12.11 03:34

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