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Eisdieler: Verboden Lekker- 08.30.12

blackcone0.jpgSo it all began when we were wandering Linz on the first day and turning a corner saw a strange group of well dressed businessmen in a tiny covered shopping walkway ~ each eating an ice cream cone with such a childlike fixation ~ and each cone was extra long, thin, and BLACK. I had to have one. In fact we wandered down a few random roads in hopes of figuring out where they were walking from, and luckily found the spot! Unfortunately we were late for something else and filed a mental bookmark for later. And then, the next time we tried to pop by, it was already closed! Argh!

So today, with a million other things to do (mostly get the whole Free Universal Construction Kit display up and ready!) ~ it was a high priority, and we finally made it over to Eisdieler between finishing set up and heading to our first real meal of the day (at 7:30pm!)… and it was DELICIOUS. And the design of the store ~ from the cheeky photography by Erwin Rachbauer to the graphic design to the incredible ceilings to the delectable ice cream (all made of natural ingredients) in unusual flavors and served in the much coveted long thin black sugar cones! There is so little i could find about the store online, that you have to see the details of the store and the delicious cone on the next page… and definitely stop by if you pass through Linz!

UPDATE: We went back for more, and took pics of the menu too!

Here is the picture i took when we went by and it was closed… blackcone1.jpg

… then finally back today for a proper ice cream! blackcone1a.jpg

Look at that ceiling! blackcone2.jpg

And the cones! (and photography!) blackcone3.jpg

Love the simplicity of the menu! blackcone4.jpg

Waffle sticks! blackcone5.jpg

The flavors… blackcone6.jpg

We went with Bourbon Vanilla and Latte Machiatto blackcone7.jpg

See how long they are? That’s not a small scoop! blackcone7a.jpg

SO good. blackcone8.jpg

We decided they tasted amazing mixed together ~ and in our post display set up delirium, mushed them together to have a bit of each on both… blackcone9.jpg



Apparently i was so slow while shooting pics and trying to eat at the same time… it started to melt through the bottom, one drop at a time. Sucking it from the bottom was like drinking a milkshake… blackcone12.jpg



This is all i could find for a Eisdieler websiteblackcone15.jpg

And inside the store, i also found this incredible Urban Guide to the Linz Labyrinth… more to come on that perhaps ~ awesome typography! (And great finds like this ice cream spot!) blackcone16.jpg

UPDATE! - couldn’t resist going back for more, and this time we sat inside and ordered, noticing the menu! The pictures were too fun, take a peek at most pages below!

We also asked them about the black cones, and it turns out they only hand make the waffle cones, they purchase these as they are… and they aren’t really flavored, really it’s just a black sugar cone! (No real taste difference)











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4 Notes

Do they make the black cones or do they buy it?

----- Rowan 03.06.17 04:12

This has to be the best ice cream shop in the world!!! By far from the design ambience to the product everything to the last detail was accomplished.

----- Daniel Albers 26.12.15 16:48

It’s probably made by using a combination of food colors that resulted to the color black. I’ve seen different colors of Ice cream cones (red,green,yellow,pink,etc…) but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a black one. Pretty cool concept! It’s one of those “why-didn’t-I think-of-that?” moments.

----- blacksugarcones 30.08.12 08:41

What is the black cone made of? What makes it black?

----- Deb 29.08.12 21:15

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