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Solaris Shipping Container Bar in Linz- 08.30.12

shippingcontainer.jpg We’ve been spending a lot of time at OK “Offenes Kulturhaus” while here in Linz - especially today, since i was helping set up Shawn and Golan’s Free Universal Construction Kit project for the CyberArts12 exhibition (sneak peek coming in a few!) that opens tomorrow! In fact, spending all day there, both staring out the window and walking through the courtyard numerous times, we couldn’t help but be fascinated by the magical shipping container that at the push of a remote control, the corner lifts up and turns into a BAR! Take a peek at our view of it from the exhibition out the window on the next page!


shippingcontainer2.jpg For a bit more context… and this kid cracked me up when i saw the picture up close!

Here’s how it looks closed!



(side note - these pics were taken on my HTC One S!)

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