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Inspiration: Linz Part 2- 08.31.12

morelinz0.jpg More fun crazy inspiration i’ve run into in Linz that has been captured on my cell phone (all of these, once again, are on the HTC One S which i finally got unlocked, so some pics popping up on instagram/twitter while i’m here now!) The first batch of craziness can be seen here.

This time we have everything from subtle MUSTACHE building! To a peek at the behind the scenes set up of the F.U.C.K. Project… fun signage and typography… toy store adventures… the super bright colors of Ar Electronica at night… stamping my arm with infographics… the solar sintering contraption in real life… and more! See it all on the next page!

morelinz1.jpg … found these in the hotel…

morelinz2.jpg Shawn overseeing the final touches…


morelinz4.jpg I love how careful these guys were ~ also how many it took to put the plexi cover on!

morelinz5.jpg Great A!

morelinz6.jpg More warning signage i had never encountered! Will cause death to trees and fish? And also possibly blow up?

morelinz7.jpg All you need is a tiny mustache to see the face?

morelinz8.jpg I’ve been running to the toy store to buy toys to add in to the F.U.C.K. Project display - this guy is especially cute.

morelinz9.jpg While taking pics of the lego hippie - it is SO nice to see how all the little kids take to the toys… the sides of the plexi are constantly getting covered in tiny handprints and nose prints.

morelinz10.jpg … i want one.

morelinz11.jpg … but for the sake of my suitcase, i gave in and only bought the sound making key… euro car sounds are so much better than american ones - you can actually hear the engine rev and the gears shift…

morelinz12.jpg Imagine having a wall of these…

morelinz13.jpg Here’s Golan up close with the led screen in the main square

morelinz14.jpg Ars Electronica lighting up!



morelinz17.jpg Had a bit of fun playing with stamps from Occupy George

morelinz18.jpg and it all begins!!!

morelinz19.jpg The solar sintering device!

morelinz20.jpg Concert going on at Ars last night…

ok and on to more Linz adventures ~ more silly pictures to come!


1 Notes

these warning sings and infographics are pretty common in Germany and Austria … and the one on the truck means that the oil, if littered, will cause environmental damage…

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